Coyne Reference Set


  Practical Electricity Simplified

Coyne Electrical and Radio School reference set revised edition from 1934.
Practical Electricity Simplified
for easier understanding
and permanent reference
for Coyne Students and Graduates
Table of Contents
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Coyne Reference Set
Lesson Lesson Name
Section A Elementary Electricity
SectionB Electric Signal Systems & Circuits
Section C Electrical Construction and Wiring for Light & Power
Section D Illumination, Lamps, Fixtures, Layout
Section E Refrigeration, Principles, Machines
Section F Armature & Stator Winding, Testing & Repairing
Section G Direct Current Power Machinery Principles, Operation & Maintenance
Section H Alternating Current & A.C. Power Machinery
Section I Automotive Electricity, Ignition, Starting & Lighting
Section J Electric Storage Batteries, Operation, Care and Repir
Section K Radio Principles, Vacuum Tubes, Receivers, Operation, Testing & Repair
Index Full Index
Electricity, Motors, Radio