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2014 Additions
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12/28/14 Hobbyist Special Editions  New Section: Electronics Hobbyist Special Editions. 99 IC Projects, 101 Electronics Projects, Budget Electronics, Electronics Hobbyist, Radio Craft
12/27/14 KWTO DIAL Added the July 1950 issue of the KWTO Dial magazine from Springfield, MO
  RCA Catalogs Added the 1936 catalog for the RCA ACT 200 transmitter
  Modern Electronics Added the July 1990 issue
  Station Related Publications Added a new section for "things that don't fit anywhere else" but that relate to radio or broadcasting and are too short for the "Bookshelf" section. The first addition is the 20th Anniversary booklet from BMI "1940 to 1960"
  Broadcast Equipment Exchange NEW SECTION: From 1977 until it became Radio World, Broadcast Equipment Exchange published classifieds and news of interest to radio engineers. A few very rare issues have been obtained.
Television Quarterly
Added a new section for TVQ Published by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, since 1962, Televsion Quarterly features in depth articles about the TV medium, Volume IV from 1965 is the first addition to this section.
12/26/14 Engineering Handbooks Added a new section for miscellaneious radio reference handbooks and sourcebooks. It now contains the 1924 "ICS Radio Handbook" and the 1946 Federal Telephone "Reference Data for Radio Engineers" 2nd edition
  Station Albums Reorganized this growing page. The "Radio at War" albums have their own separate page now, as do the longer books about stations and Radio and TV Network Publications and the Storer Story magazine
  Enjoyment of Radio Added "Who's Who in Radio" from 1936, a directory of radio artists and performers in alphabetized order with many pictures.
  Technical Bookshelf Added "ALLOCATION STANDARDS FOR VHF TELEVISION AND FM BROADCASTING" from a joint committee to the FCC from 1948
  Radio Logbooks Added the 1925 Radio Index log (not the same as the Radex magazine)
  Radio Logbooks Added the "Radio Log Book" from around 1934. This was a promotional booklet from Alka Seltzer and other patent medicines and was apparently given away at drug stores.
  Radio Ratings Added the 1998 August - November ratings for the 6 regions of Puerto Rico from Asesores, Inc.
  Station Books Added the 128 page "Welcome South Brother" which details the first 50 years of Atlanta's WSB.
12/24/14 Modern Electronics Added a new section for Modern Electronics magazine, published "in the style of Popular Electronics" from 1986 to 1991. 6 issues are available.
  Hands-On Electronics Added a new section for Hands-On Electronics, published between 1984 and 1989 and posted 33 total issues on the site.
  Searches Added search to Modern Electronics, Hands-On Electronics and the M Street Journal.
12/23/14 Radio Engineering Handbook After seeing the large number of page views for the "Radio" magazine "Radio Handbook" we just added another title from the genre: Henney's "Radio Engineering Handbook". Two of the five volumes are online, and the others are on the way.
  Station Albums "Radio War Guide" is a booklet from 1942 with suggestions for radio coverage of the war and the wartime economy.
  Radio Guide Added the January 21, 1939 issue featuring Carole Lombard on the cover
  Radio Life Added Nov 7 1948 and Dec 14, 1947
  Enjoyment of Radio Added a section for hard to classify books, booklets and pamplhlets about how to use radio, how to ejnoy radio reception, understanding the technology and getting to know the stars of the big radio programs.
  Enjoyment of Radio The first addition to Enjoyment of Radio is a 1922 book "The Standard Radio Guide" from Popular Science magazine. It explains how radio works and how to hear radio programs.
  Catalogs and Manuals Our time machine's readouts were a bit blurry when we went back and grabbed a little manual for the EditAll tape splicing block. I'm guessing that it came from the mid-70's but we were all splicing tape on those things for several decades. So I listed it as "70's"
12/21/14 The Gavin Report Added ten more issues ranging from 1985 to 1993. They are highlighted in red on the listing page.
  Radio Album Added a Spring 1950 Supplement honoring Arthur Godfrey
  Electronics Catalogs Added Allied Radio catalogs from 1956, 1958, 1960 and 1963 to the collection.
12/19/14 M Street Journal New section opened for this publication which lists FCC applications, format and call letter changes and other station information. Issues from 1990 to 2002
12/18/14 WHB's "Swing" Added 1952 and 1953 to the WHB Swing collection. Of particular interest is the June July 1952 issue with a large pictorial artical celebrating the station's 30th anniversary. Similarly, the June July 1053 issue has even more content on the occasion of the 31st anniversary.
12/17/14 WHB's "Swing" Added a new section with the entire print run of WHB Kansas City's "Swing" magazine which was both a station promotion and a general interest magazine. 1945-1953
  Station Albums Added the KDTH Barn Dance Album frome the post-War 40's with details on the personalities of this Dubuque, IA, live music show.
12/16/14 Radio Electronics Added Jan Mar Apr 1972, Jan 1985, Annual Special Editions 1984 1985, Aug Dec 1984 Jan Oct Dec 1988 Sept Oct 1987 Jan 1989
  Pacific Radio News Added all 12 issues of Pacific Radio News from the first volume. Issues 1 to 5 were from 1917 and the rest from 1920 as the magazine suspended publication during the First World War, but picked up with Vol 1 #6 afterwards.
  Radio TV Experimenter Added Aug-Sept 1968, Oct-Nov 1966 Apr.May 1967
  The Gavin Report Another batch of Gavin Report issues, all from 1999, have been added making 43 editions the count added over the last two days. The new additions are highlighted in red... and in the next few months, as many as 200 issues will be added.
12/15/14 Station Albums Added three books from famed 60's British pirate Radio Caroline. They are "Radio Caroline Annual", "Radio Caroline and its Stars" and "About Radio Caroline".
  Gavin 35 Years Added the Gavin Report 35th Anniversary special edition from 1993. Includes a year-by-year chronicle of events and charts of pop music from 1958 to 1992 as well as country from 1967 onwards. With thanks to Annette Lai, member of the great Gavin staff.
  Radio Stars Added January of 1938
  Station Albums Added "The Sound of your Life",a 1950 CBS celebration of its history and broadcasts.
  The Gavin Report Added the first 16 issues of a major contribution from Annette Lai. They are from the mid to late 90's and are identified by red highlighting in the list
  The Gavin Report Added the oldest Gavin we have been able to find: July 3, 1964.
  Station Albums Added "Close Up" a 1949 book from CBS showing the detailed and complex steps in putting a network radio show on the air. Courtesy of Michael DeMeo.
  BBC Year Books "25 Years of British Broadcasting" commemorating the 1947 Silver Anniversary of the BBC with many pictures including excellent ones from W.W. II.
  Bookshelf Added "First Quarter Century of American Broadcasting" by Shurick from 1946 and "A Decade of Radio Advertising" by Harrick from 1933
  Bookshelf Added "The Complete Broadcasting Sales Guide by Jay Hoffer from 1975.
  Bookshelf Added "The Story of Broadcasting" from 1924. From England by a BBC staff member.
  Bookshelf Added "The Radio Decade" from RCA published in 1930 and the NAB's 1938 "The ABC of Radio"
  Radio Mirror Added missing 1953 issue from April.
  Communications World Added COmmunications World from 198o with White's Radio Log.
12/12/14 Radio Doings Added a large number of issues from 1930 to 1932 to the collection of this Pacific Coast radio program guide with articles about stations, programs and personalities.
12/11/14 Station Albums Contributor John Schneider has provided five new station brochures
"Behind the Scenes at WLW" from the 30's
WTAG Worcester, MA album when power increased from 500 to 1000 watts
WJR Detroit "Book of Personalities" with lots of program and talent pictures.
WHO Des Moines. Two booklets, one a 1940 "Tour Through WHO" book and the other a "Iowa's Only Clear Channel Station" from the late 30's.
12/9/14 City Magazines Added Nashville's Broadcast News for April 7, 1932.
12/02/14 Radio Life Added another 65 issues, mostly from 1946 and 1947. Since everything on the page is new, I will not detail them one by one.
  Station Albums Added an early "Station Tour" album from WOC, Davenport, IA. This is Dr. Palmer's "World of Chiropractic" station.
Added the 1937 Barn Dance Frolic picture album from WHO in Des Moines, Iowa.
Added a 20's era album from KFNF in Shenandoah, Iowa. All are courtesy of John Schneider.
12/01/14 Radio Life Added 113 issues from 1943 to 1947. This Los Angeles radio program weekly contains both the daily programming of LA stations and articles about stations and personalities. And there are plenty of ads for the stations and their programs.
  Radio TV Experimenter Added Feb-Mar 1967 Apr.May 1969 Aug-Sep and Oct-Nov 1965 issues- Also added an issue from 1955
  Modern Electrics Added July 1909
  Station Albums Added a collection of documents from KMMJ Clay Center, NE from 1929 and an anniversary booklet from WWNC Asheville, NC from 1928
11/30/14 Station Albums WOOD Radio At War album for this Michigan station
KPO KGO "Radio's Riches" sales brochure from before W.W. II
KPO KGO pamphlet listing Public Services from prior to W.W. II
  Radio Handbooks 20th edition from 1975.
  Station Albums NBC Presents. October 1938 to April of 1940. Monthly program grid and articles about NBC's "Programs in the Public Interest".
  Radio Electronics Added Apr 1978, Mar Feb May 1975 Jan June Sept 1976
  Technical Bookshelf Added a 1955 edition of the FCC's Study Guide for Commercial Radio Operator License
  Radio Mirror Added January 1944 leaving just 3 issues missing to complete 1933-1953
  Modern Electrics Added June 1911
  Television News Added March-April edition from 1932
  RCA Catalogs Added an early 70's RCA Audio Broadcast Equipment catalog. The date is not marked, but this catalog has some interesting early automation systems that make it worth perusing.
  Station Albums Added a 1967 issue of Louisville Magazine with a 40+ page section devoted to the radio and TV stations of this Kentucky city.
11/28/14 R&R Program Suppliers Added 12 editions of the R&R Program Supplier Guide and R&R Promotion and Marketing Guide from the 80's and 90's
11/26/14 RCA Review Added December 1947 and September and December of 1949
11/25/14 Western Electric Added over 30 Western Electric catalogs, brochures, manuals and miscellaneous items courtesy of collector and historian Stanley Adams.
  Citizens Callbook Added the two 1923 editions from May and November.
11/24/14 Radio Review Added issues from May 1925 and June, 1926
  Citizens Callbook Added November 1922 edition. This very early publication includes lists of amatuers as well as point to point and broadcast radio stations.
  High Fidelity Added August, 1970
  Western Electric Added the brochure for the 1938 Western Electric 705 A Speech control bay.
11/23/14 Station Albums Added post-W.W. II "Going Forward with Radio" album for KFRC San Freancisco, a Don Lee network station.
Added "Don's Other Life" The personal life story of Don McNeil as written by his wife in 1944
11/22/13 Modern Electrics Added a new section for this 1908 to 1913 publication
11/20/13 Radio Handbooks Added the International Correspondence School "Radio Handbook" from 1924
11/18/14 High Fidelity Added Apr Jun Nov Dec 1962 May Jun Aug 1961 Jan Jul Aug Dec 1960 Jan Feb Mar Apr Jun Aug 1965 Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Oct Nov Dec 1966 Jan Feb Mar May July (Special FM issue) Aug Sept Oct Nov 1967 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Sept Nov Dec 1970 May Jun 1967 Jan May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct 1969 May Jun Aug Nov Dec Oct 1968
All new adds this week are underlined.
  Radio Electronics Added February 1972
  RCA Television Book Series Added Volume V covering 1947 to 1949
  R&R Ratings Summeries Added an R&R Supplement with ratings trends from 1975 to 1978 by each market.
Station Albums Added an album from WKMH Dearborn / Detroit. Undated, it appears to be from the late 40's
11/17/14 The Gavin Report Added July 27 and September 21 of 1990
11/16/14 FCC Filings Added KLAS (TV) Las Vegas application for license from 1976 and KPNG Port Neches TX application for change of AM site from 1972
  Arbitron Metro Maps Added Arbitron MSA maps from 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1999, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 1011, 2012
  Short Wave Added the Sept 1950 issue of the British Short Wave Magazine.
  Radio TV Experimenter Added issue 555 from 1958 and April May of 1964
11/13/14 High Fidelity Added Feb, Mar, Oct 1962  Oct, Nov 1963 Feb Mar Oct Nov Dec 1959 Jan Feb May Sept 1957  Jun, Sept, Oct, Nov 1960, Oct Nov 1961
  Radio Handbook Added the 14th and 19th editions.
  Station Albums Added a 1951 photo album showing the career of Arthur Godfrey
  Technical Bookshelf Added Herold Ennes' "Television Broadcasting: Equipment, Systems and Operating Fundamentals"
11/12/14 Wireless World Added 23 issues from 1981 to 1986.
  Station Albums Added albums for WXKW in Albany, NY and KSTP in St Paul / Minneapolis MN courtesy of John Schneider.
11/11/14 Wireless World Added January to July of 1927 to the collection.
  Gates Manuals Added manual for the 1956 Gates 500 GY 500 watt transmitter
Added M5693 Modulation monitor from 1953
Added SA 39B Limiting Amplifier from 1952
Added Gates SA line of audio amps and meters from 1948
  Electronic Age Added Spring of 1958 with one of a multi-part series on the history of RCA.
  Wireless World Added 9 issues from 1980
11/10/14 Strays Added a new section for single or small quanitity issues of magazines that either did not last long or which are hard to find. Started with 4 different titles including a Spanish language radio and TV magazine from Cuba with ratings for early 1951!
11/7/14 CBS Network Programs Added the 1937 to 1946 issues of the "CBS Program Book" detailing network shows with scheduled time, sponsor, weeks on air, agency and other details. Collection is searchable
11/06/15 Radio Handbook Added 1st edition from 1931 as well as 17th and 18th editions from the 60's.
All issues now searchable
  Western Electric Oscillator Added issue #9 from September of 1947. It includes a special section on AM and FM station design with many pictures and floor plans.
  When Radio Was Boss Added this book about the Boss radio Top 40 stations of the West Coast
  Station Albums Added the "Radio at War" album from KQV, Pittsburgh, PA
  Equipment Catalogs Added SMC Carrousel 350 manual from 1976
  Radio TV Experimenter Added issue from December 1968-January 1969
  Bookshelf Added CBS's opinion piece about 1941 regulations imposed on networks "What the New Radio Regulations Mean"
  RCA Television Added a set of white papers from RCA entitled, "The Philosophy of our TV System" from 1949
11/05/14 Radio Broadcast Added issues from November 1930, March and May 1931
  Technical Bookshelf Added Broadcast Antenna Systems Handbook from 1973
Added Television Systems Maintenance from 1967
11/3/14 Radio At War albums Added a second and different WXYZ Detroit Radio At War album from W.W. II.
  Radio Handbook Added the 4th edition from 1936
  KTNQ - KLVE Added a 1996 sales brochure for Los Angeles' market leading Spanish language stations.
  WOR Added a 1978 sales brochure with rate card and personality profiles from RKO's WOR in New York
11/2/14 CKY Manitoba Calling More issues of the CKY Winnipeg Manitoba "Manitoba Calling" magazine have been added, bringing the total number up to 102 from 1939 to 1948
10/30/14 Radio Handbook Added the 6th, 9th, 13th and 15th editions.
  R&R Magazine Added April 1 1977 and July 8 1994.
  Radio TV Experimenter Added Feb-Mar 1964
  Station Albums For those who believe radio morning entertainment shows are something recent, here is the 1946 "Your Morning Matinee" show album from The Nation's Station, WLW.
  Radio Logbooks Added an interesting 1936 log from "Radio Today"
  Radio Log Magazine New section added for Radio Log with weekly program listings. 10 issues added.
10/29/14 Broadcast Weekly Added Jan 27 1934 edition of this West Coast program guide.
10/28/14 Radio Broadcast Completely reprocessed all issues from 1922 to 1930 and redid the search files. Severely discolored issues were processed in grayscale to enhance readability and to improve search accuracy.
  Television: Seeing by Wireless This British 1926 book is among the very first about the new invention of television.
  Musicians and Petrillo Added this 1953 book about James C Petrillo of the American Federation of Musicians who had a major influence on how recorded music was used on the radio. This is part of what will become a new section about Petrillo.
  Broadcast Advertising This is a 1931 book that explores the use of the relatively new medium of radio advertising.
10/26/14 Radio TV Experimenter Added 1958, Spring 1960, Winter 1961, Spring 1962, Spring, Summer, Fall 1963
  Radio Handbook Added the 16th edition from 1962.
10/25/14 Radio Electronic Engineering Added December 1954 and April 1955 to this collection of the engineering supplement to Radio News
  Channels Added October 1986 issue.
  Radio TV Experimenter Addeed Feb-Mar 1966, April-May 1968 and Feb-Mar 1969
  Radio Guide Added Jan 5, 1940
  Broadcast Catalogs Added 1988 Harris catalog
10/24/14 Radio Stars Added November 1936 and April 1937
  Electronics World Added June & Aug 1968, Feb 1963, Jan 1961, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Jun, Sept, Oct, Nov 1971. This completes the Electronics World collection with the immense help of Steve Rosenfeld.
  Radio Electrtonics Added July & May, 1967, December 1958, Oct 1978, Nov 1970, Feb 1976
  Broadcast Engineering Added April 1965 and March 1963
  CKY Manitoba Calling Added a group of Manitoba Calling from CKY Winnipeg and CKX Brandon from 1945 to 1948
10/23/14 Radio Handbook Added issues from 1940, 1941, 1948 and 1949
10/15/14 WLS Stand By Finished adding the WLS Stand By issues, and now all but one issue is missing while 175 issues are now viewable.
10/13/14 Alphabetical Section Index Added an alternate home page where all publications on the site are listed alphabetically. For future use, there is a link on the home page called "All Pages Alphabetical Order" near the top of the page.
10/11/14 WLS Stand By Added over 30 issues completing 1937. 100 more will be added in next few days courtesy of Steve Rosenfeld.
  WIBW Round Up Added 24 issues from the 50's from the collection of Steve Rosenfeld
10/9/14 General Radio Experimenter Added 45 years of the Experimenter, a technology monthly from General Radio. While this publication is widely available on the web, I believe this is the first time it has been globally searchable.
10/7/14 Radio Handbook Added the 11th edition from 1947
10/6/14 WOW Tower News Added a new section for the mid to late 60's WOW Omaha, Nebraska station
10/4/14 Radio Electronics Added the Feb 1952 issue
  Radio Logbooks An interesting Eveready radio log has been added. It is from 1924 and not only gives station listings, but an hour by hour chart that shows what stations are on which wavelength at any given time!
  R&R Forum R&R Briefly published a monthly magazine called R&R Forum, which was the same size as the "Penthouse Forum" magazine that was popular in that era. I've obtained just one issue, June 1976, and it is online now.
  Technical Bookshelf Added a British edition "Stereo FM Radio Handbook" from 1974
R&R Top 40 Story Added a new scan of a much less weathered copy of this R&R Special Edition about the history and state of Top 40 radio dated 1977.
  KTWO Dial Added a new section, but just one issue of the 40's and early 50's KWTO Dial from Springfield Missouri's farm station.
  Communications World Added Fall Winter 1974 and Fall Winter 1977
10/3/14 Radio Handbook Another new section has been added for Radio Handbook from the publisher of "Radio" magazine. This annual which began in the 30's featured radio theory and application and as the collection grows it will chronicle the development of the art over several decades.
10/2/14 RCA Equipment Catalogs Added 1963 catalogs for Color TV Equipment and Color TV cameras, and 1966 catalogs for Television Cameras, Television Tape Equipment, UHF Equipment and FM Transmitting Equipment.
10/01/14 Television News Added three issues of Hugo Gernsback's early 30's magazine about the developmental medium of television: May-Jun of 1931, Sept-Oct of 1932 and Jan-Feb of 1933
  Wireless Age Through the kindness of Steve Rosenfeld, these issues of Wireless Age have been added: 1925 Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug. 1924 April Feb Mar Aug and 1923 Nov Dec
  Duncan's American Radio The "American Radio Trilogy Vol. 1" from Jim Duncan tracks the ratings market by market and station by station from 1975 to 2004. A fresh and clearer scan has been added at
  Station Albums Added station albums from WSPA, Spartanburg, SC, WMBD, Peoria, IL, KNAK, Salt Lake City, UT, and WCCO, Minneapolis, MN.
9/28/14 Elementary Electronics New: Jan-Feb 1976, Jan-Feb 1978, Jan-Feb 1969, May-Jun 1970, Summer 1964, Sept-Oct 1969 and Mar-Apr 1971
  Radio Electronics New: Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sept, Nov 1979, Aug 1973,
  Radio Age Added Vol 1 No 1 from October 1941. Inside the issue is a card stating that this is the first edition and there is a history of this particular issue.
  Radio Guide Added July 20, 1940 issue featuring Ann Sothern on the cover.
  Radio Logbooks Added the 1923 "Radio Directory and Trouble Finder" This is among the two earliest logbooks on the site.
  Station Albums Added the WLAC Nashville TN "Radio at War" album from the early 1940's.
  Radio Stars Added the November, 1934 edition.
  Radio Life Added our earliest edition of Los Angeles program guide "Radio Life" with a date of November 8, 1942
  Channels of Communication Added a new section with 3 issues of the 1980's "Channels of Communication"
  Radio Album Addes Summer, 1949 issue
9/27/14 Byte Magazine Added 1982 to 1984 (3 issues missing out of 36) of Byte.
9/25/14 Byte Magazine Added 1977-1981 and created search index for the first 7 years of the magazine
  Station Albums Added an album from CBS affiliate KROY in Saacramento, CA This is from 1948 and comes from the collection of John Schnieder.
9/24/14 WIBW Round Up Added 32 editions of this 40's era station magazine from one of the major farm stations of the American "Heartland"
9/23/14 Radio Added 24 additional issues from the 40's: June, May, Aug 1943, Aug, Mar, Feb, Nov, Jul, Apr, 1944, Jan 1941, Dec 1942, June 1946, And from the 30's: Jan, May, July, Aug, Nov, Oct, Dec 1935, Apr, Sept, Nov, Dec 1934
  Radio TV Experimenter Added a section for this hobbyist publication with 4 issues from the late 60's
  Wireless World Added the full year of 1954.
  Elementary Electronics Jan-Feb 1974 issue was added
  Television (UK) Added a second issue of this early British televsion publication from the late 20's. The first and third issues ever published are now on the site.
9/22/14 Radio Added 20 issues from 1944 to 1946 and the Sept 1935 issue.
  R&R Special Editions Added the 1988 R&R 15th Anniversary edition with a synopsis of events in radio and music from each of the first 15 years of this publication.
9/21/14 Radio Guide Added Sept 2, Sept 9, Oct 7, Nov 11, Nov 18, Dec 23 1933, June 9, June 23, 1934, March 2, 1935
  Radio Stars Added December 1934 and December 1935
  Elementary Electronics July August 1970 was added
  Radio Electronics Feb 1957 and Aug 1970 were added
9/20/14 Technical Bookshelf Added the 1965 book "Planning the Local UHF Station"
  Technical Bookshelf Added AM FM Broadcasting: Equipment Operations and Maintenance
by Ennis from 1974
  Radio Life Added the June 8 1947 issue of this Los Angeles area radio guilde.
  Radio Electronics Added Oct 1958, July 1965, Aug Oct 1967, Feb, Jun 1971, Jan Mar Aug Sept Dec 1974, Jan April Jun 1979
9/19/14 Station Albums Added another KSFO album from San Francisco. This is from 1946 and comes from the collection of John Schnieder.
9/18/14 Hardware update day
No new additions
We spent 36 hours moving everything to a new computer, installing software and drivers and testing. The old "main computer" was an Alienware M17x 4 and the new one is an Alienware M18: i7-4810MQ with 32 gb memory, 3x1tb Samsung SSD drives, dual AMD video cards and a nice 18" screen.
9/17/14 Radio Electronics Added 1976 Aug, 1971 Jul, Oct, Mar, May, 1953 Oct 1961 Aug
  Radio Mirror Added the March, 1944 issue. Only 4 issues are missing to complete 1943-1953.
  Elementary Electronics Added 4 issues from 1967
  Radio Stars Added 7 more issues: Sept  Nov 1933, Oct May 1934 Mar Jun 1935 and Nov 1937
  Radio Logbooks Added Communications World Spring/ Summer 1976 and 1978
  Station Albums Added KSFO station album from 1942
  BBC Year Book Added volume for 1963.
9/16/15 Updates After scanning and processing nearly 700,000 new pages for the site so far in 2014, we took a short break from the scanner. More new material will begin appearing later this week.
  Searches Completely rebuilt the searches for all the audio-related magazines such as Audio, Hi Fidelith, db, Studio Sound, R.E.P., Tape Recording and Modern Recording. All work and are completely updated
  Searches Rebuilt the search indices for the 50's to 80's electroinic hobbyist and experimenter magazines such as Popular Electronics, Electronics World, Radio-Electronics, Electronics Illustrated and Elementary Electronics. All searches work now!
  Radio Electronics Added 1976 Aug, 1971 Jul, Oct, Mar, May, 1953 Oct 1961 Aug
  Radio Mirror Added the March, 1944 issue. Only 4 issues are missing to complete 1943-1953.
  Elementary Electronics Added 4 issues from 1967
  Radio Stars Added 7 more issues: Sept  Nove 1933, Octy May 1934 Mar Jun 1935 and Nov 1937
  Radio Logbooks Added Communications World Spring/ Summer 1976 and 1978
  Station Albums Added KSFO station album from 1942
  BBC Year Book Added volume for 1963.
9/10/14 Radio Stars Added a new section for the 30's radio fan magazine, Radio Stars
9/9/14 Studio Sound Added 32 issues from 1992 to 1995.
  Station Albums Added CKRC Winnipeg, Manitoba album from early 50's.
  Bookshelf Added the Armed Forces Radio and Television Broadcast Guide from 1961 detailing the philosophy of AFRTS as well as building a station and the proper operating procedures.
  BBC Year Book Added BBC editions from 1937 and 1939. Issues from 1963 and 1999 are on their way, leaving only 3 editions missing from 1928 to 1999.
9/8/14 Station Albums Added two station abums from Chicago area stations from the 20's: WEBH and WLS
9/7/14 Electronics Illustrated Added 1959 March and a special edition "Electronics Guide"
  Magazine Special Editions Added a 1978 "The Burkhart Abrams Story" from Record World.
  Radio Doings Added November 25, 1928 issue
9/5/14 Special Editions Added the Fred 1980 Directory of radio and music.
Added four issues from 1976 and 1977 of the Hamilton Quarterly Report.
  Popular Electronics Completed the entire Popular Electronics collection with the addition of the November, 1975 issue. It is online now!
  Magazine Special Editions Added a new section for special editions of broadcasting related publications. It includes anniversary editions of "Broadcasting" and a number of Hamilton annuals and quarterlies and will contain all such material in the future.
  BBC Year Book Added books for 1985, 1996, 1988, 1991 and 1995
  Arbitron Historical Documents Added Radio USA for Fall 1980 and Spring 1981. Radio USA has a summary of each rated market's "numbers" and was published by Arbitron.
  Radio Guide 12-29-1939. 11-10-1939, 5-13-39, 12-8-39, 8-4-39, 2-9-1940, 10-20-39, 10-17-36, 9-15-39, 2-27-37, 10-23-37, 1-23-37, 11-14-36, 11-6-37, June, 1943
  Studio Sound Added 51 issues between 1997 and early 2000.
9/4/14 Electronics Catalogs Added Allied Catalogs from 1929 and 1933
  WIBW Round UP New section features the WIBW Topeka, KS, magazine which began in 1945
9/3/14 Studio Sound Added 22 issues from 1986 and 1987
  Mediatrix Added the rest of Rollye Bornstein's Mediatrix from 1986-87. Each has a profile of a major market and some very insightful industry commentary.
  RBR Source Guide New section for the Radio Business Reports "Source Guide" quarterly directories with ratings summaries and market data.
  Electronics Illustrated Added Vol 1 No 1 from 1958 and March 1963 issues.
  Arbitron Historical Documents New section with Arbitron market definition booklets, descriptions of methodology and Radio USA summaries from the past. If you have any 60's to 90's Arbitron publications, please lend them or donate them.
  KMA Guide 29 more issues of the KMA Guide were added. This listener magazine was published by the Shenandoah, IA, farm station from 1944 until the early 30's. It was so listener focused that, instead of putting pictures of studios and transmitters on the cover, we see blue-ribbon hens!
  White's Log Added Fall 1825, Edition #8
  Station Albums Added the WGY "Up the Years '22" from General Electric's Schnectady, NY, station.
  Popular Electronics Added the February 1975 issue. This is another of the Altair feature article issues from that year. Just one issue is needed to complete the collection and it will be added later this months.
9/2/14 Studio Sound Added another 66 issues, from the mid-80's, 90's and 00's. There are still 4 boxes of 'em waiting to be scanned, all from Doug Pomeroy.
9/1/14 Duncan's American Radio 29 more Duncan publications from the collection of Rolly James have been added. They include the Relationship of Ratings & Revenue for 87, and 91 to 96; Radio Market Guide for 1987-1996, Group Ownership for 1983, 1995, and 1989, The Facilities of Radio for 1997, and ratings summary reports for Summer 93, Winter 91, Summer 91, Winter 90, Summer 90, Winter and Summer 1989 and Winter 1985
  R&R Ratings Report Added 32 editions. 1979 Fall and both Spring and Fall from 1981 to 1996 plus Fall 1998 and Spring 2002. This nearly completes the R&R Ratings Report & Directory collection thanks to Rollye James.
8/30/14 Duncan's American Radio Added 27 different volumes to the collection
95 Winter, 95 Summer, 95 National, 95 Small, 94 Summer, 94 National, 94 Small, 93 Winter, 93 National, 93 Small, 92 Summer, 91 Small, 90 Small, 88 Winter, 88 Summer, 88 Small, 89 Small, 87 Winter, 87 Summer, 87 Small, 86 Winter, 86 Summer, 86 Small, 85 Small, 76 Spring, 90 Fall, 84 Small. More than 30 more Duncan books to come. 
8/28/14 Studio Sound Added most issues from 1985 and 1986 and Jan Feb 1987
8/27/14 Popular Electronics Added the January 1975 issue featuring the Altair personal computer
  Radio Guide Added October 20, 1939 issue
  Recording Engineer / Producer Added June 73, June 78, Oct 84, Feb 81, April 84
8/26/14 Radio Life Added a new section for Radio Life which listed programming for the Los Angeles area. Lots of ads for LA stations, too.
  What's on the Air Added February, 1930 issue.
  Popular Electronics Added July, 1966. Only 3 issues are needed to complete the PE collection.
  Electronics Illustrated Many of the missing Electronics Illustrated issues have been added, and they cover the 1958 to 1960 periiod. 1960 Jan, Jun, Nov, Dec 1959 Dec, Nov, Jan and 1958 Dec  1961 Jan Sept
  Radio Album Added a new section for this quarterly magazine with profiles of the big stars, singers and bands of radio starting in 1942
8/25/14 Radio Dial Added a section for this short-lived weekly detailing the programming on Cincinnati's radio stations. Most issues from June of 1931 to December of 1931 are included.
  KMA Guide Added the first few issues of the KMA Guide. More will be added soon.
  Station Albums Added a 1939 album from WCAO in Baltimore.
  Radio Logbooks Added Communications World Spring / Summer 1973 with White's Radio Log
  Electronics World Added January, 1965
8/24/14 Station Albums Addded a WCAO Baltimore album from 1939.
8/23/14 Wireless World Added Sept-Nove 1949, all of 1957, all of 1962, all of 1963, all of 1965
8/22/14 Studio Sound Added 30 issues from February 1980 to September 1982, bringing total issues of this title to 264.
  Electronics Added first issues from 1943 and 1948.
  Popular Electronics Added issue from March 1976
8/21/14 Station Albums Added an extensive WGAR Cleveland album from 1939 with local staff and facilities as well as CBS stars and shows.
  Station Albums Added the KFDI Wichita KS album from 1951 with pictures of the station, local personalities and farm reporters as well as ABC network show details.
  Popular Electronics Added the three missing issues from 1971: June, Sept, Nov. Only 4 issues are needed to complete this collection.
8/18/14 Studio Sound Added 57 issues from 1971 to 1979, filling most of the blanks in those years. Another 160 issues will be gradually added in the next few weeks.
  Bell Laboratories Record Added 12 issues from 9/1931 to 8/1932.
8/17/14 Popular Radio Added Nov 1924 April Feb Aug Sept Nov 1925 Jan 1926. The Popular Radio collection is now complete.
8/16/14 Popular Radio Added July, Sept, Oct, Dec 1922 and Jan, Sept 1923
  Electronics Illustrated Added July Oct 1958, Feb, May, June Sept 1959, Feb, Mar 1960
  Electronics Added Sept 1942
  Radio Mirror Added October, 1944
  Station Albums Added a 1933 souvenir booklet from WOK, Homewood, IL with many pictures of studios and equipment.
8/14/14 Modern Recording Added an additional 63 issues of this publication. Our online collection is only 3 issues short of 100% complete!
  Modern Recording Activated the global search function on the entire collection.
8/13/14 Modern Recording New section of 1975-1986 issues of Modern recording and added 52 issues from 1975 to 1980. More coming in next few days.
8/12/14 Studio Sound Added 142 more issues of Studio Sound and its predecessor, Tape Recorder from the 1959 to 1971 period. Searchable.
8/10/14 Wireless World Aded April to September of 1923, Jan to June of 1929, Jan to June of 1932, Jan to Dec 1931, Jul to Dec 1925, Oct 1922 to March 1923, Jan to Dec 1926, July to Dec 1927
8/9/14 Station Albums Added a unique sales brochure for a Latin American Beautiful Music syndicator called "Música en Flor" from 1983
  Equipment Catalogs A less remembered part of many studios and production rooms in the 80's was the ubiquitous Tascam 122 "professional" cassete deck. The sales brochure and the user manual are here now.
8/6/14 Radio & Records Added 21 issues ranging from 1983 to 2006. They are highlighted in Blue on the R&R page listing.
  Bookshelf Added a 1970 book from Elkins Institute called "You as a Broadcast Employee" detailing the basic operations of a radio station in that year.
  Wireless World Added 1955 from Jan to Dec
  Radio Electronics Added November, 1968
8/4/14 Electronics Catalogs Added Heathkit 1958 and 1967, Burstein-Applebee 1967, McGee 1967 and Radio Shack 1967 courtesy of Art Holt
  Station Albums Added a Radio at War album from WSYR in Syracuse
  Gavin Report Added just under 150 issues from 1986 to 1992 courtesy of Jordan Harari, whose father was a regular contributor to the magazine
8/3/14 Studio Sound Added a new section for Studio Sound magazine with an initial 35 issues. I am looking for more of this title, so please assist if you have any.
8/02/14 Radio Electronics Added 112 issues ranging from the late 50's to 1979, completing many years and filling out other "empty" ones. There are now over 400 issues available.
  Wireless World Added Jan to December 1928, July to December 1929 and Jan to June 1933. While the publication was a weekly in that era, I have assembled the issues by month to make downloading easier.
8/01/14 Audio Added 1954 Jan Jun 1964 Sept Dec 1958 Apr Mar
7/31/14 Western Electric Oscillator Added the April, 1946 issue which is #3 in the series.
7/30/14 Recording Engineer / Producer - R.E.P. Added over 50 issues of REP, courtesy of Doug Pomeroy.
  Station Albums Added the oldest station booklet on the site, a September 1922 pamphlet from KSD St. Louis explaining how the station was founded by the Post Dispatch
7/28/14 Popular Electronics Added December, 1964. Only 8 total issues are still missing, and 6 of those have been purchased and will be here soon.
  Station Albums Added beautiful KGW Portland "Radio Stars" booklet with pictures of all the local and NBC stars from mornings, afternoons and evenings along with a full 7-day program grid. Believed to be from 1945.
7/27/14 Recording Engineer / Producer - R.E.P. Added 37 issues of REP mostly from the 70's and early 80's with more to come in the next week.
  The Gavin Report Approximately 150 issues are being added over the next few days. These are mostly from the mid to late 80's and the early 90's.
7/23/14 Radio Guide Added two issues, March 4 1939 and December 27, 1941
  Wireless World Added all 12 issues from each of the years 1951 and 1952.
  KFYR Dialites KFYR Bismarck, ND station monthly magazine from 1950 to 1955. 30 issues added.
7/22/14 What Goes On at a Radio Station A high school level "career guidance" book that is presented here because it is a perfect "snapshot of a station and its operation in the early 1980's.
  Radio Electronics Added January 1961
  Electronics Catalogs Added catalogs from Heathkit for 1968, 1969 and 1971, Olson from 1968. Lafayette from 1968 Spring and Summer. Radio Shack 1968, Conar Kits 1966
  Audio Added all 12 issues from 1965
7/20/14 Elementary Electronics New section for this 60's to 80's hobbyist magazine. 36 issues now online.
  Electronics Illustrated Added issue from October 1958.
  Whites Radio Log Added Spring 1955, June and Feb 1942, Jan and March 1941, October 1939, April 1935, Fall 1930
  Radio Round Ups If you did not live through the Golden Age of network radio, many of the names may be unfamiliar. Here is a 1932 book that identifies the stars of the day and gives a brief sketch of each
7/19/14 Electronics Catalogs Added Allied Radio 1939 catalog.
  Wireless Age Added April, 1924 issue which inclueds an in-depth article about the difference between music publishers and the radio industry.
  Popular Electronics Added 1982 April and Sept and Nov from 1974. We are now within 9 issues of completing this collection.
7/18(24 Wireless World Added all issues from April 2013 to March 1923. All issues are now searchable.
If you find AmericanRadioHistory.Com useful, please click the FaceBook like button. This helps to "spread the word" about all we have on the site.
7/17/14 Electronics Illustrated Added 76 out of the 112 issues ever published of Electronics Illustrated between 1958 and 1972
  Wireless World Added full year of 1937 consisting of 52 weekly issues divided into 12 monthly listings on the page. Further, purchased more than 20 volumes of this magazine, ranging from 1922 to 1952 and they will appear in the next few weeks.
  Station Albums Added a beautiful 50th anniversary album from WWVA in Wheeling, WV. "The friendly voice from out of the hills of West Virginia"
7/16/14 Wireless World Continued to expand this new section for this British magazine. Added issues from 1932, 1948 and 1950. 
7/15/14 Popular Electronics Added 33 issues from 1980 to 1983. Only one issue remains missing from these 3 years. Also added Oct 1961, Aug 1962 and Jan 1963.
7/11/14 City Guides Added the site's first two issues of Chicagoland Radio Waves from Summer 1988 and Spring Summer of 1989.
  Pacific Radio News Added a new section for the 1919 to 1921 publication which was the predecessor to Radio
7/10/14 Communications World Added Commmunications World with White's Radio Log for Spring / Summer of 1977.
  Allied Radio Added a new section for Allied, Olsen, Heathkit and other catalogs
7/8/14 Station Albums WCCO at 40. A nice album full of photos and narrative about Minneapolis' big clear channel station.
  Popular Electronics Aded May 1978 and February 1978
7/7/14 Radio Electronics Added 67 issues.  1950 Mar Sep 1951 Apr May Aug Sep 1952 Jan Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec 1953 Jan Feb Jun Sept Dec 1954 Jan Feb Mar Jul Sept Dec 1955 Jan Feb Oct 1956 Jul 1957 Mar Jun 1958 Feb Mar Apr May Aug Sept Nov 1959 Jan Mar Jun Jul Sep 1960 Jan Dec 1961 Mar May Jul Sep Dec 1962 Mar Dec 1971 Dec 1975 Nov 1976 Apr May Oct Nov Dec 1977 Apr May Jun sep 1978 Sept
  Popular Electronics Added September 1977
  Electronics World Added 1968 Jan Mar Jul Nov
  Electrical Experimenter Added December 1916
  Radio Added December 1949, November 1939, May 1938 december 1941
Wireless World Added a new section for Great Britain's Wireless World, 1913-1984
  Station Albums Added a short book on the history of Xavier university station WVXU
7/4/14 Electronics Added a new section for this magazine published by McGraw-Hill from 1928 until the early 40's.
7/2/14 Popular Electronics Added Jan Mar May Nove 1969.
  Wireless Age Added October 1924
  TV Factbook Added the services volume of the 1995 TV Factbook
  Station Albums Added 1988 book "WBBM Yesterday and Today
  Radio & Records 38 more issues from the 90's have been added. All the issues with blue link color are those added in the last 4 weeks.
  Radio Electronics Added 1975 Nov 1971 Dec
7/1/14 Popular Electronics 36 issues from the late 70's were added, including all of 1979.
Radio & Records Added 40 issues, including a large group from the 90's and a few missing ones from 2008-2009 including the last issue opublished. Newer issues are highlighted in blue.
6/28/14 Radio Engineering Added Radio Engineering 1924 Nov 1926 Apr-Dec, 1927 Jan-May, 1928 Jan, 1929 Feb Jun 1934 Mar 1935 Dec 1936 Aug 1937 May Jul Aug
6/26/14 Radio Added 77 issue from 1921 to 1943.
  High Fidelity Added 1964 Jan, Mar Oct, Nov, Dec, Feb and 1963 Mar April, Jan
6/24/14 Popular Electronics Added 1967 Feb Apr 1962 Sept Oct Dec July Nov 1976 Apr May Jul Dec 1975 Apr Mar Jul May Aug Oct
  Radio Electronics Added 9 issues from 1978.
  Radio & Records 19 more issues added. They are highlighted in blue.
6/23/14 Electrical Communication Added ITT's technology journal from 1922 to 1966. It is completely searchable.
  Electrical Experimenter
Science & Invetion
Added all missing issues of Electrical Experimenter from 1918 to 1921. Added issues of Science and Invention, the sucessor publication, through April of 1922
  Popular Radio Added April 1928, June, August, September, November 1927, February, May 1928
6/22/14 Radio Logbooks Added the Wonder Radio Log from 1926 and National Chain (a network show listing) from 1933
Added White's Radio Log for Oct 1969 and Jan 1971 in full editions of Science & Electronics magazine.
  Station Albums Added the WKSR Story, a history of WKSR in Pulaski, TN.
  RCA Television Added Goldsmith's Television Status and Trends from 1948
  Radio Guide Added July 27 1935
6/20/14 Radio News Added the issue from January, 1945 which completes the entire 477 issue collection of Radio News from 1919 to 1959
  Communications Added January, 1942 issue
6/18/14 Radio & Records Added 30 issues of R&R, ranging from 1991 to 2009. This batch includes a nice group of issues from the consolidation years of 1996 to 1999.
6/16/14 Radio Electronics Added 30 issues of Radio Electronics: 1966 Apr, 1969 Nov 1964 Aug. 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1976  all three listed issues, 1975 Jan.
  The Crypt
Real FCC filings
Added a complete license renewal application for a smaller market Texas station from 1977 showing the huge amount of paperwork formerly required every 3 years! (KPET - Lamesa, TX, courtesy of David Stewart)
Also added a License Transfer application, a new FM application and a directional AM proof of performance.
  WLS's "Stand By" Added 51 issues of the WLS listener publication from 1935 to 1938
6/15/14 History of Broadcasting Added Gleason Archer's "History of Radio to 1926", a narrative of radio up to the year prior to the creation of the Federal Radio Commission.
  Electronics World Added June and July 1963
  Popular Electronics Added 1969 Sept and 1967 Jan Feb Mar May
6/14/14 Radio & Records Over 30 issues of R&R have been added, including the first significant batch from the 1990's. As usual, the newer additions are highlighted in blue.
  Popular Electronics Added June to September 1969
6/10/14 Radio & Records Added 5 more issues from 2008-2009. As with all new additions to the R&R page, they are highlighted in blue
  BBC Year Book Added 1981 Year Book issue
  Technical Bookshelf Added a 1976 book "Directional Antenna Engineering" by Jones
  High Fidelity Added 6 missing issues from 1956 completing the entire year.
  RCA Review Added September and December 1946
  RCA Engineer Added Oct-Nove 1968
  Ratings Documents Added Paul Lazarsfeld's "Radio and the Printed Page" from 1940
  Radio News Added "500 Radio Wrinkles" from 1926 with construction tips and circuits.
6/8/14 Radio & Records Added 4 issues from 2008-2009. They are highlighted in blue on the page.
  RCA Broadcast News Added issues 6 and 7 from January and April of 1933
  Radio Electronics Added 1967 Apr 1964 Oct 1965 July 1966 Feb Mar 1954 May 1960 June
  Wireless Age Added the March, 1924 issue
6/7/14 History of Broadcasting Added a new section for the book collection called "History of Broadcasting Radio To Television" with 9 of the titles in the 33 book set.
  The People Look At Radio Noted researcher and sociologist Paul Lazarsfeld published two volumes ine 1946 and 1948 analyzing research into the publics perceptions and opinions of radio
  BBC Year Book Added a 1932 pictorial tour and description of Broadcast House, the BBC headquarters.
  Communicantions Research 1948-1949 A further examination of the state of communications research and part of the 1941-1943 publications by Paul Lazarsfeld and CBS's Frank Stanton
  Electronics World Added Jan and May 1963
  Popular Electronics Added 1965 Aug Sep Oct 1966 Apr June Aug 1969 Oct 1974 May
6/5/14 BM/E Added 1980 Oct May Dec Jan 1977 Aug 1979 Jan 1975 Jan Dec 1976 Jan 1981 Aug Feb 1971 Jan Sept 1970 Apr
  Broadcast Engineering Added 1965 Oct Sept1960 01 1981 Apr 1971 Apr 1980 Jan 1979 Dec July 1983 July 1970 Apr
  Broadcast Communications New section created. with 5 issues.
6/1/14 Radio Electronics Added over 40 issues. 1952 Jun 1954 Apr May 1956 Oct 1958 June Nov 1959 Apr Aug 1960 Mar Apr July Nov 1966 Jul 1969 All except Apr and Nov 1974 Oct Nov 1975 Jun Jul Sept oct Dec 1977 Jan Feb Mar Jul Aug oct Nov Dec
  Bookshelf Added "Radio Start to Finish" from 1942 A "how a radio station works" book.
Added "Frequency Modulation" by Hund from 1942
5/31/15 Tele Tech Added 1954 Nov 1955 Feb Mar Apr 1956 Sept Oct Nov Dec
  Radio Electronic Engineering New section with 9 issues of this supplement to Radio television News which was also produced as a separate title.
  Electronics World Added 1963 Apr, Aug, Sept, Oct, Dec. 1965 Feb 1968 Feb Apr May Oct Dec 1971 May July Aug Dec
5/30/14 BBC Year Book Added volumes for 1980, 1983 and 1957
Added a Non-BBC publication "British Television 1947-1948" in the sidebar
Added BBC's "The beatles on the Beeb 1962-1965" in the sidebar.
  Radio Research 1941
Radio Research 1942
Added first two volumes of this colaboration by Frank Stanton of CBS and noted sociologist and research specialist Paul Lazarsfeld.
  Station Albums Added NBC's 1928 Broadcast Advertising guidebook for potential advertisers in the new medium of radio. Also added was the follow up publication about merchandising and media mix, from a little over a year later.
5/29/14 Audio Added 20 issues from 1929 to 1964. They are highlighted with underscores in the issue listings.
5/28/14 Popular Electronics Added the first part of about 100 additional issues of Popular Electronics covering 1964 to 1974. More will be added over the next few days until this decade is almost completely covered.
5/26/14 Radio Review & Radio Listeners' Guide and Callbook Added 4 more issues from 1928 and 1929. Added search function to this section of the site.
  RCA Televsion Publications Added a 1953 volume on understanding color television called Practical Color TV
  Citizens Radio Callbook Added a 1926 listing of Amateur stations. Look under the year and click the "amateur" link.
5/25/14 Oscillator Added 10 issues of the Western Electic Oscillator from 1938 to 1948
  RCA Broadcast News Added 11 issues of RCA Broadcast News, courtesy of Scott Horner. New issues are highlighted in black
  Radio Review & Radio Listeners' Guide and Callbook Added a new section for these two publications which began in 1925 and merged in 1926. 14 issues are online now, with four more coming soon.
5/22/14 Communications Added 1943 Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept 1946 Oct 1949 Sept 1947 Mar 1948 Sept
5/20/14 Communications Added 1939 Feb Apr May Aug Dec 1938 Mar May  1946 Mar July
1940 Jan Mar Apr May Jun Aug Nov 1941 May Jun Aug Nov Dec
5/19/14 BBC Year Book Added editions from 1988 to 1997, bringing the total to over 50 different volumes from 1928 to 1997.
5/18/14 Popular Electronics 1965 Feb, 1966 Jan and 1968 June were added.
5/17/14 Popular Electronics Added July to December, 1972, March 1962, Aug, Feb, May, Oct 1968, Feb, Jan, Mar 1964, Sept 1967
  Radio Electronics Added 1953 Mar 1951 Oct Feb Jan 1952 Aug
  Electronics World Added Feb Mar Apr May Jun Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 1965
5/15/14 Popular Electronics Added July-Sept and Nove-Dec 1961 and several 1968 issues.
Radio Electronics Added issues from 1951 and 1952. All issues in those years are new.
  Station Albums Added WOW Radio at War and KMED: the First 50 Years
5/13/14 Popular Electronics Added some issues from 1962 and 1964.
  Gavin Report Added 3 issues from 1995.
  LA Radio Guide Added May 1989 issue
5/10/14 RCA Television
Added Vol I and Vol II of the RCA Television set from the 30's and 40's.
  Electronics World Added full year of 1967 to the site.
  BBC Year Books Added 1943 BBC Year Book with many W.W. II photographs and articles.
  Bookshelf Added Gleason Archer's Business & Broadcasting from 1939
Also new: "Measurement in Radio" from 1934 about radio audience surveys and measurement.
  Equipment Catalogs Heathkit assembly instructions and manual for 1955 Signal Generator
Spotmaster Catalog 102 from 1979
  Broadcast Weekly Added a new section with 6 issues of this Pacific Coast program guide.
5/9/14 Popular Electronics Added all issues from 1960. Also added three issues from 1961 and three from 1964.
Added July 1959 and February 1962
  Electronics World Added full year of 1966 to Electronics World, the sucessor to Radio News
Added search capability to the Electronics World collection
  Bookshelf Added Radio Station Treasury 1900-1946 in the Bookshelf section
  Radio Logs Added Radio Stars and Stations from Cunningham Tubes
Added International Short Wave Club log from 1938
  Station Albums Added WWVA, Wheeling, WV 25th Anniversary album
Added WSVA Harrisonburg, VA, Radio at War album
5/8/14 Popular Electronics Added issues from 1958 and 1959 to the Popular Electronics section.
  RCA Frequency Modulation Added the FM volume from the RCA technical developments book series from 1948. This covers the state of FM and the technology.
  Radio Engineering Added the oldest issue so far of this title, dated November 1924
  Radio World Added July 19, 1924, Feb 28, 1925, Oct 4, 1924
  Guide to Broadcasting Stations Added the 5th and the 15th edition of this European Medium Wave and international short wave directory.
  Radio Added 1923 July and 1934 Oct
5/7/14 Popular Electronics Added a new section for this famous publication and posted all issues from 1954 to 1957... 39 total issues. They are also searchable.
5/6/14 BBC Year Book Added 28 editions of the BBC Year Book / Hand Book from 1938 to 1987. There are now 39 volumes available from 1928 to 1987
  RCA Television
Added Volume VI of the Television series, covering the developments in TV from 1949 to 1950.
5/4/14 Audio Engineering Added 9 issues of Audio Engineering. 1952 Sept and 1951 Oct, Sept, July, May, April, Jan, Nov.
  Communications Added 1945 Aug  Dec 1943 Dec 1944 Jan Mar May June July Aug Sept Nov
  Chicago Radio Guide Added Vil 1 No 1 of Chicago Radio Guide from May, 1985.
  Radio & Records Addedd 12/8/78. 08/05/77. 09/09/77. 05/12/78. 06/23/78. 11/03/78. 01/19/79
  R&R Added 6/24/04. 3/25/05. 03/03/06. 05/04/07. 1/18/08. 1/25/08. 11/30/07. 03/23/07. 4/15/05. 4/13/07. 6/20/08. 8/12/05. 12/31/04. 12/8/06. 9/21/07. 3/30/07. 03/16/07. 3/09/07.... and others for a total of 33 new 2000's issues. All are highlighted in BLUE for next 30 days.
  Guide to Broadcasting Stations Added Wireless World's Guide to Broadcasting Stations numbers 17 from 1973 and 18 from 1980.
  RCA Television Book Series Added Volume IV of the multi-volume set that includes TV, Facsimile and FM. This one covers the development of TV from 1942 to 1946
  Radio Log Books Added a 1941 Stromberg Carlson station list showing all the NARBA channel changes.
Added Tung Sol World Radio log from 1935
Added Radio Directory and Trouble Finder from 1925 (15th Edition)
5/3/14 Broadcasting Magazine We have spent the last week working to make the search functions even more useful. Since the Broadcasting search is the most used on the site, we added metafile data to each year's pages... 330,000 total pages. Searches can now be sorted by year, ascending or descending (look for little arrows on the search order line).

In future updates, the site search will be sortable by year ascending or descending and the name of the publication will be much more clear.
Television Magazine
Television / Radio Age
US Radio
These publications now have date sorting enabled. Other searches will be updated over next few weeks and months.
4/30/14  The Crypt Our section full of examples of different kinds of FCC filings and applications just grew witht he addition of Dave Stewart's contribution of documents for real Proof oF Performance (AM and FM), Monitor Point change, new FM station, direct measurement of AM power, FM power increase, AM diplexing and even an FM feasability study.
  Radio Daily Added issues from April, May and June of 1937, completing the issues for that year.
  Station Albums While not technically an album, we've added a 1993 prospectus for the sale of KUSK TV in Prescott, AZ with a description of the station operation and facilities.
In addition, sales brochures from the 80's for KYOK in Houston and WZGC in Atlanta are available.
4/28/14 FCC Rules Added 1998 FCC Rules Parts 70 to 79
  Audio Thanks to a donation, the September 1952 isssue of Audio was just added.
  Citizens Callbook Added September (Fall) 1926
  Bookshelf Added "Directional Broadcast Antennas" 1974
4/26/14 R&R 40 issues of R&R Magazine from 2000 to 2004 have been added. All are listed on the R&R page in BLUE instead of the normal red to make finding them easy.
  Radio Guide Added 1938 2/19, and 1937 3/13
  Bell Laboratories Record Added complete years of 1958, 1959, 1960 and 1961
4/25/14 Audio Magazine Added 10 issues from 1963 and 1964
  LA Radio Guide Added June 2 1989 issue of LA Radio Guide
  Radio Engineer's Journal Opened a new section for this publication which began in 1933 and continued into the mid-40's 4 issues have been located and are viewable.
  RCA's "Television" book set Added Volume III of the 5 volume set chronicling TV's development from the 30's to the late 40's. The other volumes will be added soon and are in shipment now. Also included is one edition of RCA's Operations and Technical manual for TV stations and some miscellaneous RCA TV material.
  RCA Review Added all 4 issues of RCA Review from 1948
  Wireless World's Guide to Broadcasting Stations Opened a new section for England's Wireless World "Guide to Broadxcasting Stations" which lists European and Mediterranean medium wave stations and international short wave facilities. 4 issues added, with more on the way.
  Equipment Manuals Added another, and different, manual for the Dorrough DAP multiband audio processor from the 70's. This is for the DAP 610 from 1984
  Radio Daily 25th Anniversary Added the 25th anniversary special edition of Radio Daily from 1962.
4/19/14 Station Albums Added what is the oldest album on the site from WMAF, South Dartmouth MA from 1923. Wonderful pics of antenna, studios and building.
  Bell Labroratories Record Added complete years of 1950, 1951, 1952 and also made these years searchable.
4/17/14 R&R Added a large number of R&R issues.
1992 05 01  1993 07 02  1997 03 07
2003 1 10, 1 31, 2 14, 2 28, 3 14, 3 21, 5 02, 7 18, 11 28
2004 1 30, 2005 5 06, 7 08, 6 17,  11 04, 12 06
2007 8 03, 10 05  2008 5 09, 6 27, 7 11, 7 25, 10 10, 10 17, 12 05
2009 3 13, 4 09, 5 15
4/15/14 RCA Review Added a new section for the RCA Reviw with radio and engineering contributions from RCA starting in 1937: 6 late 50's issues are here and many more to come.
6 PM Tuesday addded 20 more issues from 1952 to 1957
  White's Radio log Added 1946 Fall edition
  Radio Mirror Added Jan and May 1944, bringing us closer to completion of this hard to find year.
  Broadcast Engineering June 1967 issue added.
  Bookshelf Added Television Tape Essentials by Ennis from 1966
Added Radio Station Development by Wilson from 1975
Added Playing in the FM Band by Post from 1975
Added The American Radio by White from 1947
Added Ad Age "Radio at 75" special edition from 1995
  BBC Year Book Added the 1956 Year Book
  City Magazines Added LA Radio Guide April 21 1989 featuring Scott Shannon
4/13/14 Radio Daily Added 8 months of issues from the first year of publication, 1937
  Citizen's Radio Callbook Added issues fom April and Feb 1932, Sept 1930 and Spring, 1926
4/12/14 Communications Added 9 issues of Communications from 1945
  NAB Engineering Handbook Added 7th edition from 1985.
4/10/14 Radio Index
Added RaDex issues Jul 41, Apr 38, Mar 38, Jan 41, Jan 26, My 41, Mar 41, May 38, Feb 38, Sep 36, Jan 36, Feb 32, Summer 31, Summer 38, Feb 37, Mar 37
  Bell Laboratories Record Added all issues from 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949.
4/9/14 Wireless Age Added 1915 Feb, Sept, Oct Nov, Dec 1916 Jan Feb May Jun Jul 1921 Oct Nov Dec 1922 Jan Feb May Jun Sept.
  BBC Year Book Added editions for 1930 and 1944
4/8/14 Bell Laboratories Record Added all issues from September 1937 to December, 1945.
4/7/14 Bell Laboratories Record Added all issues from September 1925 (Vol 1 No 1) to August, 1937 except Sept 1931 to Aug 1932 which will be added later. The issues from 1937 to 1961 are now here and will be processed in upcoming weeks.
4/6/14 Television Factbook
These two sections had not previously been searchable. As of this posting on Sunday evening all the Telecasting Yearbook issues and many of the Television Factbooks can now be searched and the rest will be enabled in the next day or two. Because both are TV directories, searching on either page will search both collections or you may limit searches to one or the other by decade.
  BBC Year Book Search capbilities have been added to this section, also. The 20 editions currently on the site can now be globally searched or searched by decade.
4/5/14 R&R Added. 1990 6-01, 1992 9-18, 1993 03 12, 12-31, 4-09, 7-16 1994 4-22, 4-29, 5-20, 8-12, 8-26, 1995 3-17, 3-24, 4-28, 5-19, 12-15, 11-24 1992 07-31 1999 2-5, 2-12, 3-12, 8-13, 10-8 2003 2-7, 9-01, 9-08, 2004 01-23
4/4/14 Mediatrix Opened a new section for this market profile publication from 1986 to 1987 and added the Dallas and Houston editions.
  Radio Ratings Added a 1988 Birch survey of El Paso, TX to the collection
  Audio Engineering Added issues from 1947 Dec, Nov, Sept, Aug, July  1948 Dec, Nov, Sept, Jun, Mar, Apr 1949 Aug, May, Jan, and 1952 Nov, May and April.
  Broadcast Engineering Added June 1971 issue
  Radio News Added July, 1943 which brings the collection to within 1 issue of 100% completion. The one we need: Jan 1 1945
  R&R Ratings Report Added the Spring 1989 issue, with ratings for Fall 1988
  Radio Electronics / Radio Craft Added Radio Electronics May 1950
  Television Age Vol 1 No 1 of this magazine has been added. It is August, 1953
  RCA Equipment Added Television Equipment Theory & Operation A manual for TV following the lift of the TV freeze.  Nearly 600 pages of detailied TV theory and practice with lots of pictures and schematics.
  R&R Added May 14, 1976... a rare old issue.
Other adds to R&R: 11/26/99. 11/05/99. 06/18/99. 08/27/99
  Station Albums Added a WHFS Washington DC program guide from 1963. station was one of the earliest FM stereo stations in the US. Includes a 1963 DC-Baltimore dial card listing all stations.
4/3/14 City Magazines Added one issue of Boston Radio Waves from 1983.
  On the Air Added a new magazine section with four issues of this 1925-26 programming and station feature magazine
  Short Wave Radio Added 11 issues of Short Wave from 1925 to 1926
  Bookshelf Added a volume from a reference series about different areas of business and industry; this one is about Radio & Television and how it operates.
Look for Reference Series: Radio & Television
4/2/14 Radio Added 9 issues from 1942 and 2 from 1939.
  TV Factbook Added Television Factbook Station Edition for 1979
Added Television Factbook Station Edition for 1988
  Recording Engineer/ Producer Added REP associated publication, Audio Production for Broadcasting, for Spring, 1983
4/1/14 Radio Craft Completed the Radio Craft collection with October 1936 issue.
Added a reproduction of the 50th Anniversary of Radio special edition
  Radio Index Added Radex issues for Jan 1936, Feb 1936, sept 1936
  BBC Year Book Added the 1929 edition, the second one ever published.
  R&R Ratings Report Added 1993 Edition 1 with ratings for Fall, 1992. and 1992 Edition 2 with Spring 1992 ratings.
  Radio World Aded 25 additional issues of Radio World from random dates. More to be added this week.
  Equipment Catalogs Added BSW 2000 General Catalog
Added Olson Electronics 1974 Catalog
Added Sennheiser Catalog. No year. If you can identify, please let me know the date. (Bottom of left hand column)
3/25/14 Short Wave Radio Added a new section and one issue, Vol 1 # 1 of this mid-30's short wave and international radio publication.
  Audio Engineering Added an annual article index for each year the site covers. Click on the year, and the index will display.
3/24/14 BBC Year Book Added Year Books for 1940 and 1955
3/23/14 Audio Engineering Added December 1947 issue
  Radio Mirror Added November 1944.
  Radio Guide Added November 13, 1937 and August 30, 1941
  RCA Radiotron Added RCA Radiotron Log from 1936
  Station Albums Tom Brenneman's Kellog-Sponsored morning show "Breakfast in Hollywood" (1943).
  Station Albums Added a  mini-poster with music charts for KTNQ Los Angeles from it's Top 40 era.
  Equipment Catalogs Added Marti Electronics catalog from 1990
  WLS Page Added 1933 "WLS at the Fair album from the 1933 World's Fair and Exposition
3/22/14 Radio Index Added the January 1926 edition of Radex.
  Gavin Report Added the 25th Anniversary special edition. Includes #1 songs for each week from 1957 to 1982
3/21/14 R & R 56 issues have been added:
1999 10-15, 2000 4-21 2001 4-6, 4-13 2002 2-15 2-22 3-22 2003 4-11 4-25 6-13 12-12 2004 5-14 2005 3-31 6-03 6-24 11-25 2006 5-26 9-15 8-19 10-13 10-20 12-22 2007 1-26 4-06 5-11 5-18 5-25 6-01 6-08 6-22 6-29 7-20 8-17 9-07 10-26 11-16 11-23 12-07 2008 2-01 2-15 2-22 3-07 4-04 4-11 5-30 6-06 6-13 7-18 8-15 9-19 10-24 11-14
3/19/14 Short Wave Craft The remaining issues... 22 in number... to complete this collection from 1930 to 1941 have been added.
3/17/14 Radio Craft Added August and November, 1930 and May, 1940.
  All Wave Radio Added: 1937 Jan, Feb, June, Sept, Dec, 1936 April, May, July, Sept, Oct, 1935: Nov and Dec. This completes the collection of all issues ever published.
3/16/14 Radio News There have been no additions to the site in the last week because the Radio News section has been significantly reconstructed. By Monday morning, more than half the issues will have been rescanned and new search pages created. The objective is to have clearer, better copies since this section is now in the top 3 or 4 on the entire site.

In coming weeks, more issues will be redone and replaced. If you notice a bad issue link, please report it!
3/9/14 Radio Listeners Call Book Added March (SPring) 1927
  Citizen's Radio Call Book Added Fall of 1924
  BBC Year Book There are now 17 different BBC Year Books or Hand Books from 1928 to 1986 on the site. Another 6 are arriving shortly. If you have one you do not want, contact the site.
  Bell Laboratories
Added September 1928 to August 1929 and September 1930 to August 1931. There are now 41 issues available to read.
  Radio Station Albums Added two issues of the Storer Story from Storer Broadcasting
  CBC 50th Anniversary Special edition of the CBC magazine from 1986. Direct list from the home page.
3/8/14 Station Albums Added KOL Seattle "Radio at War" W.W. II album
  WLS Family Album Added 1932 edition, completing the collection
3/7/14 Broadcast Engineering The June 1965 issue was added
  Radex Issue 144 from July, 1941 was added
  White's September 1941 was added
  Stevenson's 1934 DX Season issue was added
  All Wave Radio January, 1936 has been added
  Station Albums WBBM album from 1927 and KTWO from 1940 have been added
  WLS Family Album 1931 issue is on the site.
  Radio Guide Added June 12, 1937, September 19, November 21, November 7 and October 17 1942, June 30, 1934, August 6, 1938, Nov 21, 1936, feb 17, 1940, Dec 18, 1937, Dec 5, 1936
  Radio News Added August 1925
  Radio Engineering Added Jan, Feb, March, April, 1937, March 1936
  Radio Mirror Added January 1934
  Electrical Experimenter Added Septermber 1919 and Jan, April and June 1937
3/01/14 Radio Craft Added August, April, May 1938, March, Sept, Oct, December 1944, Sept 1942, Jan, July, December 1940, Aug and Sept 1935, April 1937, December 1936
2/28/14 REP Recording Engineer / Procuder Added 30 issues from the late 70s, 80's and 90's with another 20 to be added over the weekend
2/26/14 Bell Laboratories
Added two volumes of this publication, from September, 1934 to August, 1936.
Two additional volumes are arriving soon, as noted on the page. Any further acquisitions for this section will depend on whether there is interest in this "sidebar" addition to the site.
  Electronic Age Added Winter 1958
  Radio Craft Added December and January, 1940
  FCC & Regulations Added a booklet with CBS's commentary about 1941 changes in FCC Rules
  Radio News Completed the 1920's with the addition of January 1927 and May, September, October, November 1921 and January 1922. There are now only two issues missing out of 574 ever published.
2/25/14 BBC Year Book 1928, 1932 and 1945 editions have been added to the BBC section.
2/23/14 Radio World In the process of adding over 200 issues of Radio World from the 20's and 30's.
2/20/14 Radex Radio Index Added Jan-Feb 1941 issue, with interesting pre-NARBA content.
  Radio Mirror Added years 1952 and 1953
2/19/14 Equipment Catalogs Added the manual for the Western Electric 6 B manual from 1930. Complete instructions and full schematics.
Added catalog brochure for Western Electric 443 A transmitter
Added RCA Catalog for the 1-C transmitter from 1932
  Station Albums Added a 1934 brochure from Westinghouse's KYW in Philadelphia celebrating the new NBC and KYW building and studios
  WLS Family Album Added the earliest WLS Album known, from 1930
  Log Books Added an unusual
  Radio Engineering October 1936 added
  RCA Electronic Age Added several of the missing issues covering 1958
  What's One The Air Added the first issue of What's on the Aire from January 1929
2/18/14 BBC Year Books Added a new page for the BBC Year Book volumes, from 1928 to 1969. Two are already posted, 1931 and 1933, and nearly 20 more are set to arrive.
  Bookshelf Principles and Practices of Television Operation from 1953 by Harold Ennes is now online. An interesting view of TV in the year the Freeze ended.
2/17/14 Audio Engineering Added more issues: 1949 Jul, Oct, Nov, Dec, 1950 Jan, Feb, Jun, Jul, May, Apr, Oct, Nov, Dec. 1951 Mar, 1954 Nov
  Television News Added our 6th issue of 30's era Television Magazine, April-May 1931.
  Short Wave Craft/
Radio & Television
Added Jan 1940 issue of Radio & Television
  Radio Craft Added 4 issues of Radio Electronics, the sucessor to Radio Craft, in 1949 and 1950
  Electrical Experimenter The last issue ever published of this title was in July, 1920. I have obtained a clean copy and included it both on the page and in the search index.
  Broadcasting Magazone Added entire year of 1999. Search index will be updated later tonight.
2/16/14 Audio Engineering 16 issues of Audio Engineering ("Audio" after early 1954) are added. They are 8/50, 6, 7, 8, 12 from 1952, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11 from 1953, 1, 3, 4, 11 from 1955. 16 more issues are ready to scan, including rare late 40's ones.
  Communications & Broadcast Engineering New section for this 1934-1937 publication, the predecessor to Communications, with many articles about stations and broadcast technology.
Every issue is now available.
  Broadcasting 1996-1998 and 2001-2002 have been added to the search database.
2/15/14 Broadcasting Added the full year of 1996 to the Broadcasting Magazine collection.
Added the full years of 1997 and 1998 to the Broadcasting Magazine section
2/13/14 Radio Guide One issue added from 1936 dated October 10
2/12/14 R&R Added 22 issues from July to December 2006 and late 2007.
1/11/14 Popular Radio Added 10 issues from 1926 and 1927
2/10/14 Short Wave Craft Added issues from march, 1934, January 1938 and March 1937
  db Sound Engineering Added 22 issues of db, nearly completing 60's, 70's and 80's and adding first two 90's issues.
2/9/13 Electrical Experimenter Added new section for Hugo Gernsback's 1913-1920 Electrical Experimenter magazine. While many issues are available elsewhere, this set will include over a dozen previously unavailable ones and is fully searchable.
  R&R Added 22 issues from 2004, 2005, 2006 to collection.
  Station Albums Added a booklet from WSM about the Grand Ole Oprey from the mid-59's.
Added a 1947 book from WGAR in Cleveland
  Western Electric Oscillator Added the first issue to a new page for this 40's publication from Western Electric.
  Audio Added August, 1951 issue of Audio Engineering
2/6/14 FCC Added a little study guide for FCC commercial license elements 1,2 and 9 from 1974. This was the booklet lots of radio people used to get their 3rd Class License
  Station Albums Added an early 70's booklet from CJOM in Windsor, Ontario.
  FM Atlas A cleaner scan of FM Atlas #18 has been added
  R&R Added 20 issues from 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004
  Radio World Added two issues from 1938 and 1939 (Not today's fine engineering magazine... this is the one from 1920-1939)
  Mexico Added ten photos of Mexico City stations taken in 1963
New York FM Guide Added May 1969 issue of FM Guide. Program listings and station ads.
  Radio Logs Added an unusual radio log from around 1926 issued to promote reelection of a Queens borough president.
2/4/14 Station Albums Added a 1929 WBBM station brochure with pictures of the on-air talent and performers and a complete radio log with "new" FRC channels
2/2/14 Radio in the Home Added 10 issues including Oct Dec 1923, Jun-Jul, May, Jan, April, May, Mar and Feb of 1926, Jan 1924
1/31/14 Radio Craft Added July, 1946 issue
  Electronic Age Added 16 issues from 1967 to 1971.
  Radio News Added the November, 1959 issue of Electronics World.
  Short Wave & Television Added September 1936 and January 1937
  R&R Added 4 issues of R&R from 1998
1/30/14 Electronic Age Added 14 issues of RCA Electronic World from 1959 to 1964.
  Radio Mirror Added the first issue ever published from November, 1933
  Radio Guide Added issue from December 7, 1940
1/29/14 RCA Broadcast News Added 16 editions of the publications, numbers 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 29, 30, 32, 39. Onlly 15 issues are needed to complete this collection.
  Radio News Added the issue for July, 1944 which includes the magazine's 25th anniversary insert.
1/28/14 The Microphone Added 27 issues of this mid-30s programm and station paper.
1/27/14 Station Albums Added a 40's era album from CFCF Montréal
Added a profile of Gene Autrey issued in 1970 by his company, Golden West Broadcasting
  Equipment Catalogs Added Gotham Audio catalogs from 1959 and 1966
  R&R Added 3 issues from April, 1998.
  Gavin Report Added issue for 12-13-1991
  Radio News Added the missing 6 issues from 1920, completing that year.
  Movie Radio Guide Added November 29 1941 issue
1/25/14 KHJ "Boss Radio" The format's first anniversary in 1966 album from LA's KHJ.
  WLW Morning Show A morning show album from WLW from 1946
1/24/14 WHO Barn Dance A souvenir booklet from 1937 for the WHO Barn Dance Frolic with many pictures from this live music and variety show from Des Moines, IA.
  Panorama TV Completed the collection with March, 1981 issue
1/23/13 Station Albums Added two "Radio at War" booklets from the W.W. II era. One is for KMO in Tacoma, WA and the other from WXYZ in Detroit, MI.
  All Wave Radio Added 1938 Feb & March, 1937 May, 1936 Nov & Dec, 1948 June, Nov & Dec, 1949 June, Sept, Nov & Dec.
  Radio News Added Electronics World for 11 / 1959
  Short Wave Craft Added November, 1936
  Radio Engineering February 1928
  Popular Radio October 1925
  Audio Engineering Added Feb, Jun, Dec 1951 and May 1950
  Radio Craft Added 1949 Aug, Nov & Dec, July 1937, May 1938, May 1948, 1943 Jan & Feb
1/22/14 Radio Craft Added 5/1945, 1/46, 7/43, 1/43, 11/44, 10/43
  REP Recording Engineer Producer Adde Sept 1991 and April, June, July, Aug, Sept 1992
  Electronic Age from RCA Added 6 issues from 1959 to 1961.
  Minnesota Minnesota Broadcasters Association 40th Anniversary scrapbook and member directory.
  Radio Guide Added one issue from June 7, 1941
  Not to be Broadcast Added 1937 book. An "expose" of the behind the scene interests of broadcast.
  Audio Magazine book Added an Audio Magazine book "Tape Recoring and Recorders" from 1956 with many illustrations and information on this "new" technology.
1/21/14 Popular Radio Added 9/1926, 4/1927 and 6/22
  Short Wave Craft Added 1/1935, 2/35, 3/35, 4/35, 5/35, 7/35, 8/35 thus completing that year.
  Radio Craft Added 8/1944, 2/43, 7/38, 10/48, 4/48, 9/47, 7/44
  Radio Mirror Added 9/1944, 4/1934, 8/1944, 3/1934. Vol 1 No 1 coming soon.
  Television News Added a new section for Television News, an early publication about TV from Hugo Gernsback beginning in 1931. 5 issues are available
  Recording Engineer / Producer Added REP for January, 1971
  Radio News Added October 1956 issue
  Air Line Log and Directory 1931 list of stations and networks. (Look under "1931")
  Equipment Catalogs Added 1980 era catalog for Sparta Electronics
1/20/14 Radio News Added September 1923.
1/15/14 Recording Engineer Producer Added 6/80, 10/78, 12/78, 8/90, 8/91, 10/91
1/12/14 White's Radio Log Summer 1948 was added
  Radio & Television Added issue February, 1940 in Short Wave & Television
1/11/14 R&R Added editions of  from July 1986 and January 1987
  Radio News Added  12/40 and 3/42.
  Radio Craft Added 7/40, 9/40, 6/40, 1/41, 2/41, 3/41, 4/41, 2/35, 11/36, 8/41, 2/35, 9/41, 10/41, 4/42, 7/42, 6/42, 3/33, 10/29 (de Forest cover), 1/44, 3/45, 6/47, 1/47 (de Forest 40 Years of the Vacuum Tube special issue), 6/46
  All Wave Radio November 1937
  Audio Engineering 11/1953
  Audio Engineering Audio Anthologies #1 and #2 from  1950 and 1953. Click on icons in left column.
1/10/14 Popular Radio, Opened a new section for Popular Radio, a large-circulation journal from the 20's with construction, theory, opinion, station and programming data and regulatory comment. 47 Total issues
  Radio Craft Added  10/42, 12/45, 8/45, 2/37. 5/46. 2/47, 5/43, 11/45, 10/34. 12/43,
  All Wave Radio Began a section for this short-wave and international broadcasting magazine from 1935 to 1938. 12 issues are available.
  R&R Added 9 issues of  from September to November 1986
1/9/13 R&R Added 8 more editions of R&R to the Radio and Records page, all from 1986.
1/8/14 Short Wave & Television Added a booklet "Short Wave Quiz" from 1938 to the  page
  Radio News Added November, 1942. Special edition for the Army Signal Corps
Radio News Added 4 issues of Electronics News from 1960 to 1962 to the  page
  Radio Electronics Added three issues of this, the sucessor to Radio Craft from 1949
  Radio Craft Added  December, 1947
1/7/14 BM/E Added two issues of  from 1978 and 1977
  Recording Engineer / Producer Added 7 issues
  Broadcasting Magazine Added 47 issues from 1995
  Television Engineering Aded  November 1950 and December 1962
1/1/14 Tape Recording Added 4 issues  ranging from 1953 to 1967
  Radio Age Added a new section for the 1992-1927 editions of Radio Age, an early construction and station information monthly. All issues are searchable. Very good monthly station listings!
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