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2015 Updates
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12-31-15 PF Index / PF Reporter Added 30 issues from the 1950's and 1960's. They are highlighted in red on the magazine's page.  
  A.R.B. TV Ratings Added what is believed to be the oldest existing TV ratings in the US, the A.R.B. suvey of Washingon, DC from August 8 to 15 of 1949  
  NRI News Added 17 issues from the 30's to the 60's. All new issues are highlighted in red.  
  Radio Retailing Added March 1934 and June and July of 1936  
  Electronic Servicing Added 19 issues of this title, a continuation of PF Reporter, from 1969 to 1977  
12-30-15 Broadcast Engineering Added Jan to Sept of 1962  
12-29-15 Movie Radio Guide Added January 19. 1940 thus completing another full year of this publication.  
  Wireless World Added March 1945, completing that year thanks to Dave Andrews.  
12-28-15 Electronics Industries New Section for this industry magazine beginning on November, 1942. There are quite a few articles about radio stations, broadcast technology, FM, etc. as well as general wartime and industry concerns. This magazaine split,w ith one part becoming Tele-Tech in 1947. Courtesy of Hue Miller.  
12-27-15 Radio Constructor Added May, June, July, September and October, 1980.  
12-25-15 International Television Almanac Added 1977 edition  
  Wireless World Added 1945 Jan Feb and 1941 Sept  
12-24-15 Tele-Tech Completed 1949 with the addition of the May and December issues.  
  PF Reporter Added June 1957 and December 1963  
  Radio Today Added March 1943 and January 1944 of the later name for the magazine, "Radio Retailing Today"  
  Billboard Added the 1946-1947 Encyclopedia of Music Look for it in the Left Hand margin, just below the magazine description.  
  Science And Invention Added August and October of 1925 and January of 1926 to the collection of this Gernsback magazine  
12-20-15 Electronics Today International New section: Electronics Today International.  
12-19-15 Radio Electronics Replaced nearly all issues from 1980 to 1993 with new scans of cleaner issues. Quality is quite improved on both text and illustrations / photographs. Over 12,000 pages were rescanned and processed.  
  Televiser Added November of 1948  
  Television (UK) Added 46 issues from 1928 to 1941 of this "First Televsion Magazine in the World" from the UK  
  Practical Television Added March and April of 1954.  
12-18-15 Radio Craft Radio & Television Reference Added the 1940-1941 of the Radio Craft Radio and Television Electronics Reference book, with 4 volumes between 1941 and 1948 now available at the bottom of the page.  
  Picture Book of Radio and Television "Cute" is not an appropriate word for most of this site's content, but this just-added title is a fun and creative lay explanation of how radio and TV work. It's still valid today.  
  Practical Television Completed 1963 and 1953 and added two issues from 1954. All courtesy of Dave Andrews.  
12-17-15 Radio-Electronics Added one of the two missing issues of Radio Electronics: August 1953. Now only need December of 1951 for a complete run from October, 1948 to Decmeber 1999 (Including Electronics Now). 734 out of 735 issues!  
  National Radio News Added several additional issues: Oct-Nov 1948, Sep-Oct 1949, Apr-May 1949  
  Electronics Added a partial Jan 1944 and full April 1944  
  Amos 'n' Andy "All About Amos 'n' Andy and their Creators" by Correll & Gosden. This 1930 book about the very popular NBC radio show is a book that should be viewed in both the perspectives of radio as well as social history. Such a show would never be "green lighted" today yet it was highly rated 85 years ago. The book is on the site as history can not be rewritten but I ask that its reading be accompanied by the necessary reflection.  
  International Television Almanac Added issues for 1998 and 1995  
  Television & Religion Added "Television and Religion" from approximately 1964 published by the Southern Baptist Convention detailing the use of TV for the ministry.  
  Bookshelf - History Added: A pictorial History of Television from 1969, Histoire de la Radio
et de la Television from 1972, A Pictorial History of Radio in Canada from 1964, The Musicians and Petrillo from 1953 and How Sweet it Was from 1966
  VHF UHF Allocations Federal government hearings on allocation problems 1956.  
  Broadcast Engineering Added June, 1959, the second issue ever published.  
12-16-15 Burgess Index Added the 1926 edition of this radio station listing and logbook.  
  Television Magazine Added April 1934 issue of this early British TV publication  
12-15-15 Television Almanac Added editions from 1986, 1988 and 1975  
  Low Power TV Added "Low Power Community TV" from 1981 to 1987 and "LPTV Report" from 1986 to 1990  
  Station Albums Added two from WWVA,"The friendly voice from out of the hills of West Virginia" One is the tenth anniversary booklet and the other is the 8th anniversary one for the WWVA Jamboree.  
  Radio Dealer Added a new section for the first two volumes of this radio retailer's journal. April 1922 to March 1923 are now available.  
  Tele-tech Added December 1954  
12-14-15 Radio Constructor Added Jan 1980, July 1978, July and December 1979, Mar, May, Jun, Oct-Nov 1977 and Mar 1973  
  PF Reporter  Added Jan 56, Apr 58, Nov 66, Oct 56  
  Radio Added Dec 1943  
  Movie Radio Guide 1940 Sept 28 and 1942 Dec 26  
  RCA Catalogs Added these utens: Addenda to TV Field Pick-Upo, TSD-2B Microwave Sound Diplexing, TM 27 Color Monitors  
  Equipment Catalogs Added Alford TV Transmitting Equipment from 1957 and Raytheon 250 watt AM from 1946  
  Practical Wireless Added Dec 1946  
12-12-15 Radio Broadcasting News Added all the missing issues between January 1 of 1922 and March 31 of 1923.This collection is complete; after March, 1923 the magazine converted to a Pittsburg Post column and ceased separate publication.  
  Practical Television Courtesy of David Andrews we have added April 1950 (first issue) and Jue and September of 1951  
12-11-15 Radio Constructor Added 10 issues from 1963 from Peter Merriman  
  Billboard Added July 3, 1965 and Sept 20, 1969 courtesy of Arie den Dulk from the Netherlands  
12-7-15 Practical Wireless Added 60 issues from 1985 to 1989.  
12-4-15 Televisor Site contributor Art Ellis has provided 23 additional issues of Televisior, ranginf from 1946 to 1952. This is an interesting title running from the pre-freeze years until nearly the end of the new application and licensing freeze at the FCC.  
  Radio Constructor Jim Jobe has provided us with 5 more issues, July to November of 1969  
  National Radio News Addedissues from 1942 to 1945. They are highlighted in blue.  
12-3-15 Gavin Report Added 5 issues from 2001 which are highlighted in red on the page.  
  Radio Constructor Added March, Apr , May 1969 and Jan Feb 1970  
  Harris Broadcast Catalog Added the radio studio and transmitter and accessories catalog from 1980.  
  Collins Radio Added a catalog from either late 50's or early 60's. It is highlighted in blue lettering.  
  Billboard Added Feb 15 1969  
  Radio Guide Added July 4, 1942, Nov 28, 1936, Apr 13, Jan 26 1940, Jun 28, Oct 25, 1941  
12-2-15 International Television Almanac Added annual editions for 1963, 1968, 1990 and 1996.  
  Radio Merchant New section for this radio and electrical device retailer magazine. I know very little about the history of this publication and would appreciate any data site users may have.  
12-1-15 Gavin Report Added 35 issues from 1999 and 2000. They are highlighted in red lettering so you can see at a glance which are the new issues.  
  PF Reporter  Added issues from 1956, 1957 and 1960. They are highlighted in red.  
  White's Radio Log  Added February 1937  
  Broadcast Equipment Catalogs The 1933 brocuhure for Blaw-Knox, the fabricator of the iconic inverted triange tower, has been added.  
  TV Radio Life  Added March 1, 1958   
  Radio Broadcasting News  3 additional issues from 1922 are in the collection. They are highlighted in red.  
  Science and Invention  Added Jan 1929   
  Practical Television  Added April, August and October of 1965  
  Radio-Electronic Engineering  Added the February, 1952 issue of this supplement / separate edition from Radio News.  
  Western Electric Added the 1939 405-B1 5 kw transmiter manual, and brochures for 1934 to 1939 equipment including 8-A Plate Rectifier, 82-A Amplifier. 81-A Amplifier, 268-A Wire Panel , 260-A Telephone Panel, 754 Volume Indicator, 23-A Line EQ, 269-A Attenuator Panel , 170-A Output Switching, 443-A 1kw AM transmitter  
11-29-16 Electronics Added Aug Oct 1945, July 1946, Nov 1950 and Sept 1952  
  Western Electric
Added May 1936 and September 1938.  Please let us know if you have access to any of the other issues of this publication.  
  Practical Wireless Added Jan, Mar, Apr,MayJune and July of 1957. Thanks again go to Peter Merriman for the contribution of these issues.  
11-26-15 Radio Log Added Aug 21 and Oct 25 1931 and Sept 11 1932 of this Boston program guide  
  Practical Wireless Added 1980 to 1984, 60 issues and a number of supplements. Also, each year has an index accessable by clicking on the "Year" heading of each column from 1980 to 1984.  
11-25-15 National Radio News Added 41 issues from 1962 to 1973
Added 37 issues from 1974 to 1980
11-24-15 One to One Added a new page for this mid to late 80's magazine about mastering, duplication and pressing from the publishers of Recording Engineer / Producer  
  Electronics Added Feb 1947, Jan and Dec 1949, Feb 1952, April 1950.  
  Torn & Missing Pages I get many emails compalining about frayed pages or missing pages. Often the publications I get have been in libraries where some pages eere torn out or damaged. Others have had coupons cut or pictures removed. Still others have become brittle with age and are missing corners and edges.  If I could get perfect copies, I would. But I'd rather add what I can get than wait for the unattinable.  
  National Radio Institute Added the "Practical Radio" course from 1930. 47 out of 49 lessons were obtained, making this 85-year-old course nearly complete.  
11-21-15 Practical Wireless Added Sept Dec 1969 and Nov 1966, completing the collection from 1960 to 1979.  
  Radio Constructor Added Aug, Sept, Oct and Dec of 1965.  
11-22-15 International Television Almanac Added the editions from 1956, 1958, 1966, 1968 and 1982 as a sample of what this publication contains. I there is interest in this series (1956 to 2014) we will consider adding more of the older volumes (1954-1989) as they are fairly easy and inexpensive to obtain.  
11-21-15 Radio Constructor April, May, Jun and July of 1965 joined the set.  
  Broadcast Weekly Added two issues from 1926 and 1947  
11-19-15 Radio Retailing Added Jan, April, August and December of 1942 courtesy of Juan Mendoza.  
11-18-15 Site Search The "Whole Site Search" is back. Our search software provider has released an alpha test version which we are testing. It allows searches of over 1 million pages of PDF files and many, many millions of unique words. Check it out and report any issues to the webmaster. Because the search looks through millions of pages, it is slow... that is because we don't have hundreds of thousands of blades in a server farm like Google. But it works! (Again, this is an early Alpha test and may have bugs)  
11-16-15 RCA Catalogs Added manual for RCA 5-DX AM transmitter with full schematics and photos, including one three-foot-wide full system schematic. Courtesy of Hue Miller
RCA TR-22 Video Tape Recorder from 1961
RCA UHF Antennas (no date - listed as 1960)
RCA Transmitting equipment with price sheet from 1956
  DeForest's Training School Added a late 40's Basic Electronics correspondence course from the De Forest school (which later became DeVry Institute)  
  Radio Added Nov Dec 1925 and Jan and April of 1926,  
  Radio Mirror Added June 1944 leaving only one issue from 1933 to 1953 still missing.  
  PF Reporter Added Aug Dec 1960 Jul 1961 Jun 1967 Jan, Mar, Apr, May, Oug, Sep, Oct, Nov Dec 1954, Oct 1958, Apr 1957  
  NRC Radio Log Added the National Radio Club AM Logbook, 9th edition, from 1988  
  Audio Added December 1959  
  Science and Invention Added June, Sept 1923, March 1924, May, Nov 1929, April 1930, July 1927, Nov 1928  
  Elementary Electronics Added July/August 1968  
  Wireless World Added May Jun Jul Aug 1971 and Nov 1978  
Ampex Catalogs Added the 1974 AVE-2 manual  
  General Radio Catalogs Added the 1938 Catalog "K" from General Radio.  
  Radio Guide Added May 12, July 14 and July 21 1934 and Dec 5 1942  
  Raytheon Catalogs Added brochure and manuals for both the BF 250 AM transmitter and the RA-1000 1 kw transmitter as well as a 1948 price sheet and the brocjure for the "Studio Console".  
11-14-15 Radio Constructor Added Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr 1965  
  National Radio News Added 10 issues of this newsletter / magazine from the home study school NRI. They are from 1958 to 1961 and are highlighted in blue type.  
  Billboard Added Feb 1 and Feb 8 1969 courtesy of Arie den Dulk from the Netherlands who kindly scanned these from his collection.  
  Practical Wireless Peter Merriman provided Dec and Oct 1979, May and June 1972 and Jim Jobe Provided June, 1943  
11-13-15 Radio Constructor Jim Jobe has contributed his scans of the issues from Jan, Feb, March, June, July and November of 1966 and Feb and Mar of 1968  
  Radio Guide Added several dozen issues of Radio Guide from 1932 to 1933. They are listed in Blue numbers. In addition, about 20 more issues from the early 30's were scanned in grayscale instead of faded color, making them more readable and searchable.  
11-12-15 Broadcast Weekly All but one or two issues from each of the years 1932, 1932 and 1933 have been added. In total, over 300 issues have been added this week.  
11-11-15 Broadcast Weekly Added over 200 issues of this Pacific Coast program guide published from 1922 to 1935. There are single issues from 1926 and 1928, and the rest cover 1929, 1930, 1934 and 1935. We are processing another several hundred issues from 1931, 1932 and 1933 and they will appear in the next few days.  
11-10-15 Searches Over the last 4 days, the searches for the Blue Section (The Business of Broadcasting ) have been completely rebuilt and are now searchable by section and by title. For the section searches, click on the binocular in the section header. The full section search will return soon (it grew to large for our search engine but a new version coming this week will make the 1,0000,0000 pages in the Blue Section searchable from a single click!  
11-5-15 Gavin Report Added July 16, 1993 and July 14 2000  
  KRAB & KSER A series of newsletters from Seattle's KRAB and KSER from the early 90's.  
Shortwave Club
Added 11 issues of the club magazine from 1934 to 1937  
11-4-15 Seattle Radio Guide An assortment of Seattle's "Radio Guide" publication from the early 90's was added to the City Magazines section, and they are available courtesy of Hue Miller.  
  The Radio Retailer Added 12 issues from 1922 to 1923 of this early publication for sellers of radio sets.  
  Television International New section for this magazine started in 1956 and focused on the international market.  
  Spot Radio Rates & Data The November 1968 edition of this media buyers' guide is now available.  
11-3-15 Wireless World Added 18 random issues from 1934 to 1938. These are indicated by underlining.   
  PF Reporter Added Jan, Feb and Sept to Dec of 1957  
  Popular Electronics Added May and June of 1989 courtesy of Gary Carlson  
  Electronics Illustrated Also from Gary Carlson is the August, 1959 issue of Electronics Illustrated  
  Radio Retailing Added all 12 issues from 1930 and 4 issues from 1931. There are now 96 issues on the site.  
11-2-15 Radio Constructor Added July 1967, Aug, Sept, July, June, Nov, Oct April, May 1968 and Jan 1969  
11-1-15 Wireless World Added  Oct 1983, Oct 1985, August 1986 and April, July and May 1984
Also added August to December of 1970
  Elementary Electronics Added July-August 1975  
  Electronics Hobbyist Special Editions Added Experimenter's Handbook from 1959 and 1984.. These are also linked from the Popular Electronics page.  
10-31-15 RCA "What It Is,
What it Does"
Added 10 of the annual editions of RCA's "What it is, What it does" booklets explaining in "Q & A" format the business of RCA and its dimensions.  
10-30-15 Audio Engineering Added July and August of 1948, completing the year.  
  Electronics Added 23 more issues from 1941 to 1950  
19/28/15 Audio Record Audio Devices, the manufacturer of AudioDisks and AudioTape published a magazine about applications for their products and recording in general. A number of issues from 1954 to 1958 have been obtained and we are looking for the earlier ones dating back to 1944.  
  Wireless World Added Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan of 1982, Sept of 1983, Apr and Aug 1971, Sept 1974, Mar 1977 and May, 1968  
  PF Reporter This magazine, (1950-1968), contained information and articles aimed at the TV and radio service professional. As it is related to the listener and viewer experience, I thought it was a useful addition to the site and it may be of help to the vintage radio and tv collection community. 84 issues from 1954 to 1968 were added today.  
10-27-15 Radio TV Life Added Oct 12, 1951, Jan 2 1954, Oct 31 1952, Aug 1 1952, May 15 1953  
  I Love Radio The first issue of San Francisco's "I Love Radio" magazine from 1976, featuring news stations and coverage plus information on all the area stations.  
  The Radio Decade RCA (NBC) Publication from 1930. Located in the "Network Albums" page.  
  DX Verifications Added your webmaster's own collection of QSLs and Verifications from California as received in Ohio in the early 1960's. Look under CA and "my own veries"   
  Engineering Handbooks Added Radio Operator's Questions and Answers 7th edition from 1940 and 13th edition from 1964.  
  Station Related Albums WSM - Grand Ole Oprey History & Picture Boook from 1972  
  Billboard Magazine Added May 24 and October 25, 1975  
  NRI Journal Added 11 issues of this publication of the National Radio Institute home study school.  
  Electronics Hobbyist Special Editions Added TV Repair 1968, Electronics Experimenter's Handbook 1966 Spring 1966 Fall, Electronics Hobbyist Fall Winter 1978  
10-26-15 Radio Broadcasting News What started as a bulletin about KDKA in January of 1922 gradually added schedules and features about other stations. 59 issues from 1922 and 1923 have been added courtesy of Donna Halper  
  Radio Constructor Added Sept May, Aug, Oct 1966 July 1963  
  Radio News Added "1001 Questions and Answers" special edition from 1930  
10-25-15 Modern Electronics December 1988 and December 1989  
  Electronics Added a reprint of the first edition from April, 1930. This is a complete edition, missing only the color in some of the ads.  
  Recording Engineer / Producer (REP) Added April of 1985. The 80's and 90's issues are now complete and only 4 editions from the 70's are missing still.  
  Radio Guide Donna Halper has contributed issues from December 5 and 19 of 1931 and July 9 and April 23, 1932  
  Radio & Records Added Jan 23 1992, April 26 1991, May 3, 1991 and Dec 22 1989.  
  Gavin Report 1995 June 23 and the special edition "40 Years that Shaped American Music".  
  Rural Radio Added the March 1938 issue of this magazine for listeners of America's clear channel and wide coverage radio stations.  
  Radio Doings Added July 3 1927  
  Elementary Electronics Added the 1963 issue  
  Radio Dial Added 13 issues from April to July of 1932 to the collection.  
  Radio TV Experimenter Steve Rosenfeld has contributed the June July 1968 issue, closing out this publication.  
10/23/15 Radio Retailing Added Aug Nov 1950, Feb, Apr, May, Nov 1941, Feb, Mar, Jul 1940, Apr, 1949, Jun 1947 Jul, Aug 1939 Apr, May, Jun, Aug 1934 and Jul 1933  
10/22/15 Radio Constructor Added August to December of 1967 courtesy of Jim Jobe.  
  Wireless World Added July to December of 1948 and August to December of 1953  
10/20/15 Radio Constructor Added 7 editions from 1967 and 1968  
  Radio Magazine 1925 Jan, Feb, March, Aug, Sept and Feb 1926 were added  
10/18/15 RCA Catalogs Added the 1937 sales brochure for the 5D 5 kw air coolled transmitter including schematics.  
  Collins Manuals Added the Collins-20V-500w-1kw-AM-1953 equipment manual. This nicely compliments the sales brochures for this model already on the site.  
  3M Digital Tape System You get an A+ in failed technology if you remember the 3M-HCDATM-3000-Digital-Audio-System which was supposed to be better than DAT. Here is the brochure under the year 1987  
  Bookshelf - Technical Added "TV Stations A guide for Architects" by Reinhold from 1954. Ideas for station design for professional architects, with lots of "Freeze" era station photos.  
  Bookshelf - Biography "50 Fabulous Years" by H. V. Kaltenborn details the career of this newsman and commentator from 1920 to 1950.  
  Broadcast Engineering Added 21 issues from 1986 to 1997  
10/5/15 Radio & Records Added 10/22/2004, 11/14/2003  3/28/2008  
  Radio Retailing June 1935 August 1936 July, August 1933 April 1940, October 1941 (Special "FM The Rising Star" issue)  
  Radio Logs Added several 2001 and 2002 National Radio Club and IRCA logbooks, pattern books and Mexican logs.  
  Bookshelf Added the 1924 bookm "Broadcasting from Within" by the Programme Manager of the BBC  
  Hands On Electronics March 1987 was added.  
  Electronics Illustrsated January 1969  
10/04/15 The Gavin Report Added 46 issues from 1997, 1998, 2001 and 2002. All are courtesy of former Gavin team member Annette Lai who has now contributed over 100 issues to the collection.  
10/01/15 Science and Invention Added March 1928, Feb 1931, Aug 1930, July 1929  
  Electronics 1947 Sept, 1948 Nov, Feb, Jun, Dec 1952, Apr, Jul, Aug, Dec 1955, July 1956,  
9/29/15 Radio Electronics Added September 1971 and April 1967 leaving just two missing issues needed to complete the collection.  
9/28/15 Radio Guide Added all the missing issues from this year and replaced all but two of the other issues with new, cleaner scans from better originals. This year is now complete!  
  Radio Guide Added Jan 16, 1943, Dec 26 1936, July 28, 1939  
9/26/15 Practical Wireless Added Jan, Feb, Mar 1966, Feb, Sept, Nov 1972, Mar, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sept 1974, Dec, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, 1973, Mar, Apr, May Jul, Nov 1975.  Courtesy of Alex Hiley  
9/23/15 Radio Added May, Jun, Jul, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 1926, Apr, May, Jun, Jul 1925 courtesy of Steve Rosenfeld  
9/19/15 Radio TV Experimenter Dec 1966 / Jan 1967,  Oct / Nov 1968,  
9/16/17 Radio Operating Questions and Answers Added the 5th edition from 1933, the 6th from 1936, the 10th from 1950 and the 12th from 1955  
9/15/15 Radio Retailing A total of 60 issues from as far back as 1927 and as recent as 1952 have been added. More issues are on the way and any contributions of scans or magazines will be most welcome!  
9/14/15 Radio TV Experimenter Spring 1961  
  Billboard May 9, 1970  
  Gates Manual Addded a new scan of the BC-1-J transmitter manual from 1955. I was able to obtain a "like new" copy of the book to replace the Xerox(c) copied one I had. I did insert the faded addendum from the old one, though, making this a very complete manual with all schematics and photographs.  
9/8/15 Radio Retailing Added 8 issues from 1950 to 1952  
  Broadcast Engineering Added July Aug 1955, May 1996, Sept 1990  
  Radio Life November 9th 1947  
  BM/E Added May 1984  
9/7/15 Equipment Catalogs RCA Added: RCA Switching Console BCS 11 A which seems to be from the late 40's (if you know the exact year, please let me know!)  
  Station Album When is a station a program or a program a station? It's when the program is the Grand Ole Opry and the station is WSM in Nashville. Here is a souvenir booklet about the Opry from 1952 about one of American's classic radio shows.  
  Station Album "It Happened Hear" is a brief history of KDKA in Pittsburgh.  
  Science & Invention Added August 1931, July, 1931, May and February, 1920  
  Radio Logbooks Radio Dial Logbook from 1930.  
  Tune In Tune In March 1943  
  Radio Logbooks In the 20's, radio logbooks were often used as promotion for brands and retail outlets. RCA and Burgess promoted their brands with logs. And we have an example of a radio retail chain that issued its own log; Wathal's stores, one of which was apparently on New York City's famous Radio Row. Look under "20's" in the log section. .  
  The Crypt Added the KYOK Proof of Performance from 1981, the KINT El Pso 1992 power increase application and the accounting paperwork behind the 1975 WIND transmitter site construction in Chicago,  
  Hobbyist Special Editions Added four issues of Popular Electronics "Electronics Experimenters Handbook" from 1969, 1964 and Spring and Fall of 1965  
  Andrew Catalog Added the Andrew catalog from 1969. Only 9 more and the collection is complete.  
  Western Electric Catalogs Western-Electric-6071-RF-Amplifier  
  Elementary Electronics New: 1965 Summer edition  
  Modern Electronics Added May 1978  
  Gates Catalogs Added the second edition of "Gates Studio Review" from 1936
Added Harris general catalog from 1985
  Bookshelf: Proftessional Added a 1951 booklet from Capitol Radio Engineering Institute "Your Future in Electronics" and the British book, "Television and Radio as a Career" from 1963  
  Electronics Illustrated Added the September 1959 issue.  
Note What's wrong? I have added very little to the site in the last 10 days, and that which was added came from processing older scans. About a week ago, while having solar installed on the roof, one of the workers stepped on an unreinforced area and came down into my office, buckets of roofing tar and all. Fortunately, he was not injured beyond some scratches and bruises. But one of my scanners was severely damaged, and many items waiting to be scanned were damaged or ruined. The floor has to be resurficed, and I lost my comfy chair. It is taking a while to repair it all, but we have lots of neat new stuff to start adding soon once the fixing is done.  
9/5/15 Television Quarterly Added 5 issues from 1968 and 1969  
  Radio News Added the last missing issue to complete the Radio News collection spanning 4 decades. It is the August, 1948 issue.  
  Radio Operator's Questions and Answers This title was publshed from 1921 to at least 1964 and is in Q&A format covering radio regulations and technical knowledge. I just added the 1946 edition, and have found a souce for 11 more of the 15 known editions. As a collection, they show not only changes in technology, but also those in radio regulation.  
9/4/15 Electronics Added Aug 1946, Sept 1948, Apr, Jan 1941, Dec 1949 Mar Jun 1947, Oct 1934  
9/03/15 Engineering Handbooks Added Sterling's "Radio Manual" Second and Third editions from 1928 and 1938, respectively.  
  Television Quarterly Added Spring 197'0  
  DuMont Catalogs Added the catalog for the 1947 Master SeriesTV transmitter, as well as the 1956  
  Equipment Manuals Added the 1982 manual for the Ellason 200 broadcast color radar unit.  
  Byte Magazine Added the 1977 compendium, "The Best of Byte" with over 350 pages of "the best" content from the magazine's first two years.   
  Passport to World Band Radio Sad news as the legal representative for this publication has asked all content be removed from this site. Despite a diligent search, I was unable to contact Larry Magne, the author in the past. As with many ceased publications, we decided to include it on the site with the caveat expressed in our "Site Information" section that we would "cheerfully" remove it if requested. Unfortunately, this title has been removed from nearly all public and university libraries and is otherwise unavailable for research, review and simple entertainment. Hopefully, as the publisher seems to wish to protect the content, we may expect them to make it again available in some easily accessable fashion.    
9/02/15 Monitoring Times Added all missing issues from  1990 to 1993. They are shown with an underline.  
  Radio & Records Added 11 of the 12 missing issues from 1999.  
9/01/15 Station Albums Added the 1982 WAPI Birmingham, AL 60th anniversary album.
Also added the W.W. II "Radio at War" booklet from WLOL in Minneapolis / St. Paul
Another album comes from WQAM Miami and it is also part of the Radio at War series.
8/30/15 Station Albums Added a 1938 Station Personalty album from WMBD in Peoria, IL  
  Station Promotional Items Added the 1937 and 1936 marketing albums freom KSTP in Minneapolis
Added a one-sheet for Westinghouse`s Nebraska repeater station  from the 1920`s
Added an example of the KEWB, Oakland, CA station newspaper from 1965 and a KSTP newspaper from 1943
8/27/15 Radio & Records Added all the missing issues from 1998. As usual, the newest adds to the page appear in blue, while the older content is in red. .  
8/26/15 Radio & Records All issues except one from 1955 added.
All issues from 1966, the year of consolidation, were added.
All of the missing issues from 1997 were added.
8/22/15 Radio & Records Added issues from 1994 to nearly complete this year... just one issue is missing. Akso rescanned all other 1994 issues from new copies, producing much cleaner files as a result.
Added six issues from 1990.
Added five issues from 1991. All adds appear with blue lettering.
  Practical Wireless Added Jan, Feb and June-Dec of 1956.  
Notice Font Errorrs We have just done a mass change on all pages to fix some font display issues on some tablets and mobile devices. If you notice any strage font behaviour, odd and inapropriate font sizes, etc. please contact me and tell me what page and what words or position on the page looks odd.  
8/20/15 Popular Electronics Added all the remaining "missing" issues of Popular Electronics and Poptronics from 1990 to 2003, completing that period.  
  Collins Manuals Added the 1975 manuals for the Collins 310 Z exciter and the 831 G 20 kw FM transmitter.  
  International Short Wave Club Added 6 sample magazines from this radio DX club which operated from 1929 until the late 50's when it moved to England.  
  Television / Radio Age Added three issues from 1982 and 1983  
  Bookshelf - Business of Broadcasting Added a 30-year-old NAB publichation, Careers in Television.
Added the Encyclopedia of Radio and Television Broadcasting from 1967
  Gates Catalogs & Manuals Added the 1949 manual for the BB 11 turntable and the 1953 manual for the CB 11 and CB21. Also added an interesting set of typed pages detailing the equipment needed for a 250 watt AM station in 1960 right down to the tower and ground system. With prices!  
  Radio & Records 52 issues from 1993 were added.  
8/19/15  Radio & Records 31 issues from 1992 were added this morning.  
8/18/15 Radio & Records Added 16 more issues from 1988 for a total of 46 issues.  
  Radio & Records 43 issues have been added from 1989.  
8/17/15 Radio & Records Added Octover 10 and November 28 of 1986 as we work to scan hundreds of issues we acquired this weekend. They will appear over the next few weeks, and cover 1987 to 2003.  
  Radio & Records R&R Update. Added 25 issues from 1987 and 31 from 1988. They are identifiable from the older issues by means of blue highlighting.  
8/14/15 Broadcast Engineering Added Aug 1979, Aug 1982 and Jan 1983  
  Broadcast Management / Engineering (BM/E) Added Jan 1978, Dec 1982  
  Broadcast Communication Added Feb 1983, Mar 1981 Dec 1982  
8/13/15 Station Promotional Publications Added a section for radio station sales and promotional brochures and leaflets. There are 14 different publications in the section.  
  DX QSL Collection Added a collection of QSL cards and verie letters from the early 79's from a New York DXer.  
  Popular Electronics Added Poptronics issues from April, July, Nov and Dec 2000, Aug 2002 and Popular Electronics from December 1999,  
8/12/15 Station Post Cards Added 33 post cards from radio and TV stations.  
8/10/15 Station Albums Added an album from WSLS in Roanoke, VA courtesy of  
  Radio Constructor Added Jan 1950, and a number of issues from 1966 to 1969 where we had no previous issues on the site, and April, 1977  
  Station Albums We have many copies of Going Forwared With Radio, a "syndicated" concept purchased by many stations. Now we have found the first example of "Looking Ahead With Television" which profiles early TV stations. In this case it is WBKB in Chicago.  
  DX QSL Collection Added the collection of a DXer from PA with verifications from 1929 to 1931 including one from WLW signed by Powell Crosley, the owner and famed radio manufacturer.  
  Handbooks Added Cherry & Hooper¡s 1968 Amplifying Devices and Low Pass Amplifier Design  
8/9/15 WLS Stand By Added tjhe March 19, 1938 issue, completing the collection!  
  Wireless World Added 7 issues from 1930, the first from that year in the collection.  
  Hobbyist Special Editions Added Electronics Hobbyist 1967 and Fall/Winter 1970 as well as Electronics Theory Handbook 1977 and Electronics Handbook Vol 10  
  Radio TV Experimenter Added Jun/Jul, Aug/Sept, Dec/Jan 1964 and Apr/May 1965  
  Station Books Aded "A Voice Under Every Palm" the story of Liberian Christian station ELWA.  
  Bookshelf: Biography Added "You're On The Air" the 1926 autobiographical story of sportscaster Graham McNamee, perhaps radio's first real star. The story, read today, vividly recreates the amazement that the new medium of radio created in its very early years. McNamee broadcast on WEAF in New York.  
8/6/15 Station Albums Added a post-War 40's "Moving Forward with Radio" booklet from WBAL in Baltimore  
  High Fidelity Added Vol 1 No 1 from Summer of 1951. We have recently completed the High Fidelity collection all the way into 1958.  
  Science & Invention Added Feb, Jun, Dec, Nov, 1929, Oct 1923, April 1924, Jan, May 1931, Nov, Dec Sept 1926, April 1928 and Nov 1927  
  Studio Sound Added May 1995 issue as we close in on completion of this collection.  
8/3/15 Radio Stars of Today In the Golden Age of Radio, there were quite a few "annual" guides to the stars on the network shows. Most were just pictures and a short bio. Today we've added an exception volmue from 1937 called Radio Stars of Today by Robert Eichberg. It even has Foreword statements from Lennox Lohr, President of the NBC (Red and Blue) and Wm. Paley, president of the CBS. There are the customary bios and photos, but there are some fascinating articles about the big network stations including some great studio shots and stunning transmitter scenes. There is a generally good discussion of how radio works and how it got to the listner. It's well written and makes one of the best reads on the site. I recommend it highly.  
  Radio Best Added January 1950  
8/2/15 Science & Invention Added June 1927, May 1928 and Sept 1930  
  Radiotron Designer's Handbook Added the 4th Edition of the Radiotron Designer`s Hanbook, called by noted electronics writer and designer Don Lancaster "This is by far the single most significant radio book of all time"  
  Radiotron Designer's Handbook Added the 3rd editon from the 40's (there were various printings from 1941 to at least 1945) to complement the already added 4th edition.  
  Radio Life Added July 13 1947, Sept 21, 1947, Sept 7 1949, Oct 26, 1947  
  Radio Craft Added the 1947 and 1948 Radio Reference Manuals  
  Radiotron Log List Added two issues of the RCA Radiotron station log book from 1931.  
  Radio Revue New section with the four known published issues of this fan magazine from 12/19 to 3/30  
  Radio World Aded November, 1935,  
  TV-Radio Life Added March 3, 1951  
  National Radio Institute Added 12 issues of the NRI News. 1932 Oct, Dec, Sept, 1933 Dec Feb Aug 1934 Aug Oct, 1935 Oct June  
8/1/15 Gates Catalogs Added a full product line Gates catalog from around 1939 to 1940.  
  Shure Added two items. 1) Collection of one-sheets and small brochures from 1964 to 1971 including price lists. 2) 1981 microphone and related item catalog.  
  ARB Los Angeles 1952 Special Survey In a rare find by ratings researcher Chris Huff we find a radio report published by ARB in 1952 and commissioned by ABC Radio. This is an example of ARB radio research before it moved exclusively into TV, not to return until 1965!  
7/31/15 Popular Electronics May and December 1998  
  Radio Best Added October 1950 and Volume 1 No 1 from October 1947  
7/30/15 Radio DX Verifications In the earliest days of radio, when stations were few, many listened to stations hundreds or even a thousand miles away. Distant listening was a part of radio. And a hobby developed among those who tried to hear the most far-away stations.
Those hobbyists reported their reception and stations responded with verification letters and cards. A collection of these, ranging from the 40's to the 70's, is now in a new section which will detail this pastime which was an integral part of the development and history of radio.
7/2915 Growth and Errors We have added nearly 100,000 pages this month. We have added new sections, and reorgainzed the entire book collection. That means there have to be mistakes. If you spot any of them, please email us and we will correct them!  
  Western Electric Added 29 brochures for Western Electric broadcast products issued between 1938 and 1945.  
7/28/15 White's Radio Log Added Spring 1950  
  Radio Varieties Added May 1940 issue  
  Radio Electronics "Special Projects" Added these special editions: Summer, Spring, Winter 1983, Spring 1984, Fall 1981, Summer 1982  
  Experimenters Handbook Added 1992 and 1974-Winter issues  
  Radio Best Added new section for this title and added 15 issues of this 1947 to 1950 fan magazine with radio star stories and many inside radio features.  

Reorgainized book collection into themed sections and added more than a dozen new books. Among them is an extract from the course material of the famous DOn Martin School of Broadcasting in Hollywood.
Others include "The Art of Advertising" from Manuel Rosenburg, 1934's "Broadcasting Abroad", Bill Ballance´s "How to Cope", Dunlaps's "1000 Men of Science", Huff's dissertation on AM and FM stereo from 1988, Kitross's "Television Allocation Policy" from 1979, Dunlap's "The Stroy of Radio" from 1935, "Daylighter" a collection of documents from the Daytime Broadcasters proposing 9 kHz frequency separation in the US.
  Assorted Annuals A new section with a variety of yearbooks, annuals and directories from the US and England.  
  Network books and albums Added Radio Advertsing for Retailers by C. H. Sandage, sponsored by the Columbia Broadcasting System  
7/27/15 High Fidelity Added Spring 1952 and Nov-Dec 1952, completing that year.  
  Practical Wireless Added over 40 issues from 1971 to 1978. The newest editions are underlined on the Practical Wireless page  
  Radio Doings Added two issues from 1926, the first from this year for the West Coast radio guide.  
  Billboard Added May 13, 1978 and March 21, 1992 (MIDEM issue)  
  Radio Log Added 4 issues of this Boston / New England radio program listing magazine from the early 30's: 1932 Mar 13, Jun 26 July 27 and Oct 30.  
  Wireless World Added: Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul 1976, 1973 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Aug Sept Oct Nov 1981 May  
7/25/15 Modern Electronics Jan, Mar Nov 1990 July Aug Nov 1989 Jun Sep 1988 Oct 1987  
  Passport to World Band Radio Added 1989 and 2007 issues.  
  Popular Electronics Added Feb June,Jul  August, Nov, 1996  
  Radio TV Experimenter Added Jun/Jul 1967 and Jun/Jul 1969, Both with White's Radio Log  
7/24/15 Tape Recording Added October 1960 and February 1961 issue,  
  Popular Electronics Added Computers & Electronics last editon from April, 1985, as well as the November 1982 issue. Also added these issues of Poptronics from 2000: Also Popular Electronics May 1996  
7/23/15 Radio Electronics Added October and September 1973,  Nov 1992 and Sept 1978. This leaves just 2 issues missing (2 others are on the way) from 1948 to 1999.  
  Modern Electronics Added 21 more issues.mostly from 1984 to 1986, but including the February, 1978 Vol 1 No 1 of the first period of this magazine  
7/20/15 Practical Wireless Completed the year 1979 with all 12 issues  
  Wireless World Added Sept Oct 1975, Jan and Aug to Dec 1976 and Jan, Feb 1977  
7/19/15 Popular Electronics Added Jan 2000 Poptronics  
  Station Books Added Susquehanna at 50, a history of Susquehanna Broadcasting  
  Broadcast Equipment Catalogs Added REL 518 1 kw FM Transmitter and REL 600 FM Frequency and Modulation Monitor, assumed to be from late 40's.  
7/18/15 Pittman's Radio Yearbook Added the 1926 Yearbook from the UK. Fascinating view of radio broadcasting and technology 90 years ago.  
7/17/15 Popular Electronics Added Feb to Aug 1999, Feb, Jun, Sept, Oct, Nove 1997 and Jan, Feb, Mar, Jun, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov 1998  
  Elementary Electronics Added Sept/Oct 1979  
  Studio Sound Added July, Oct, Nov, Dec of 1999  
  Movie Radio Guide Added 1939 March 18 issue  
7/16/15 Elementary Electronics Added Fall 1965, Mar-Apr 1979, Jan 1981.  
7/13/15 Computers & Electronics Added December 1982. (This publication is included on the Popular Electronics page)  
  Practical Wireless Added Feb 1970 and Jan 1971  
7/11/15 Studio Sound We added a significant number of missing issues: June, Oct, Dec 1993, May Jun Aug Dec 1993 May , Jun, Jan 1994, Jan, Aug, Sept 1999 and Jan Jun 2000  
7/10/15 Practical Wireless Added 7 issues from 1979 and various others from the 70's, All are highlighted in blue and underscored.  
  Station Albums Added two different station albums:
WWVA Jamboree album from 1969 with many country music star photos
WAGE Syracuse station album from 1946.
  Elementary Electronics Added Mar/Apr 1970 (featuring "35 years of FM"), May / Jun 1971, Nov / Dec, Jan / Feb and May / June of 1972, and Jan / Feb and Mar / Apr of 1973  
7/8/15 FM / TV Magazine Added April, Jan 1952, Jan, Oct, Aug, July 1951 of Milton Sleeper's magazine  
  Wireless World Added 18 issues from 1935  
7/8/15 IRCA Mexican Log 2012 edition of the International Radio Club's complete list of Mexican Radio Stations  
  IRCA Foreign Log Added Volume 10 from 1981 of this International Radio Club of America publication  
  Radio Guide Added 38 issue. Many are new to the collection (they are underlined and in blue) and others are new scans of some very clean and well preserved copies we obtained.  
7/7/15 Radio TV Experimenter Added December 1965  
  Tower Radio Added a new section for this mid-30's radio fan magaze about the stars and the programs.  
7/6/16 Elementary Electronics Added May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sept/Oct of 1977  
  Wireless World Added full year 1972  
  Popular Electronics Added 9 issues from 1996 and 1997.  
7/5/15 Billboard Added the 1969 July 19 issue  
  Electronics Now Added Jan 1995 and full years of 1997, 1998 and 1999. They are on the Radio Electronics page at the very bottom. All courtesy of Robert Dahm.  
  Poptronics Added all of 2001 and all but August of 2002 to the Popular Electronics collection. Thanks to Robert Dahm for these issues  
  Monitoring Tmes Added 19 issues of Monitoring Times from the 90's. They are underlined and in blue on the listing page.  
7/4/15 Popular Electronics Added Sept to Dec 1989 and full sets for 1990,1991,1992,1993 and 1994. All from Robert Dahm.  
  Computers & Electronics Added all issues from 1983 and 1984 and Jan to Mar of 1985 of this "renamed and repurposed" version of Popular Electronics. Also provided by Robert Dahm.  
7/3/15 Television Magazine Added the June 1964 issue featuring television station facilities design. This was, during the 60's, the sister publication to Broadcasting Magazine  
  Odds & Ends Added a new section which includes a number of "unclassifiable" items I have accumulated. Among them are manuals for early (80's) music scheduling software, the Daytime Broadcasters proposal for 9 kHz spacing and the manual for ABC's Superadio satellite Top 40 format as well as the famous 70's RKO sales course for radio.  
  Popular Electronics Added 1994 and 1995 from the second era of Popular Electronics. More issues and years coming soon.  
7/2/15 Western Electric Pickups Added 7 issues from 1938 to 1942 of Pick-ups, including editions from Feb 1938, July,  Oct and Dec 1939, April and August, 1940 and May 1942  
  Monitoring Tmes Site contributor Hue Miller has added 7 early issues of Monitoring Times from 1982 and 1983 to the collection.  
  Wireless World Added July to December of 1968 to the collection.  
  Markets of America
Advertiser's Sketchbook
Added voilume 4 from 1941 of Manuel Rosenberg's "Market's of the Americas" which is the "yearbook issue" of The Advertiser, a publication that predated Broadcasting magazine.  
7/1/15 Broadcast Engineering New addtions: Aug, Buyers Guide 1996, Mar, Apr, May, July Aug, Jun 1991, May, June, Feb, Jan 1994, Aug, Apr 1993, Sept, July  1997  
6/29/15 Hands On Electronics Adde Nov-Dec 1985 and Jan-Feb 1986  
  Electronics Today Added a new page for this title, but with only one issue available.  
6/28/15 Equipment Catalogs Added the REL 1947 1 kw FM transmitter manual  
  Equipment Catalogs Added the Marconi 1982 catalogs for high power shortwave transmitters.  
  Equipment Catalogs AEG Telefunken 300, 600 kw and 1.2 megawatt AM transmitter catalog was added.  
  Harris & Gates Catalogs Added the 1970 Harric CC II Cart Machine manual  
  Passport to World Band Radio Added the 1986 and 1987 editions of the predecessor to Passport: Radio Database International  
  Station Albums Added a post-W.W. II "Going Ahead With Radio" booklet from KMAC and KISS (FM) in San Antonio.  
  Equipment Catalogs Added the 1975 EIMAC catalog and the data sheet for the 5CX1500A tube and the 1969 general catalog  
6/26/15 Logbooks Added 30's Stuarts Log, Keller Call Book 1929, Radio Doings Call Book 1930, 1944 Stevenson's Log, and 7 editions from 1973 to 1979 of the International Radio Club of America's "IRCA Foreign Log"  
6/25/15 Modern Electronics Added Oct 1989, Oct 1988, Mar Apr 1985  
  Station Books Added "Commercial Broadcasting Pioneer; WEAF" and "Dream House: The
Story of KRLA" to the station book section.
  Passport to World Band Radio Added 1995 and 2009 issues.  
  Markets of America Manuel Rosenberg's third edition of his "Advertisers Sketchbook" and market guide.  
  Wireless World Added Jan to June of 1967  
6/24/15 Radio & Records Added 20 isues from 2005 to 2009. New issues are highlighted in dark blue.  
6/23/15 Studio Sound Added July 1991 issue.  
6/18/15 Wireless World Added full year of 1964 and July-Dec 1966 and July-Dec 1967  
  Station Albums Added the WBBM Chicago "Logbook" from 1929, the 1941 WMMN Fairmont, WV, "Family Album", and early WLW "Nation's Station" booklet and the WJJD Chicago edition of the syndicated "Radio at War" booklet.  
6/17/15 Wireless World Added entire years of 1956, 1958, 1959, 1962 and 1960  
6/16/15 Electronics Now Added Feb Apr 1997, Aug, Oct 1994 and Apr 1993 of this title, the sucessor to Radio Electronics.  
  Network Publications Added the NBC employee publication, "Chimes" for 1947, 1948 and 1951 to 1956.  
  Network Publications Added the complete preliminary operations manual for Rick Sklar's ABC Radio "Superadio" syndicated Top 40 format from June of 1982. With an introduction signed by Mr Sklar.  
  Wireless World Added complete years of 1946, 1947, 1980 and 1961, almost all of 1970, 1975, 1977 and 1978 as well as Jan and April-July of 1953  and miscellaneous 1883-1985 issues to the collection.  
6/16/15 Broadcast Engineering Added 10 issues from 1995 and 1996.  
  Station Albums Added WBBM album from 1930  
6/15/15 Monitoring Times Added about 40 issues from the 1990's.  
  Monitoring Times Added another 8 issues, from 1992 and 1993, to the collection.  
  Practical Wireless Added many issues from 1944 to 1948. They are listed in BLUE and underlined in the listings. All are courtesy of Jim Jobe.  
  Modern Electronics Added Jun, August, Oct, Nov,  Dec, 1986 Sept, Dec, May, Nov, Oct 1985  
6/14/15 Passport to World Band Radio Added 18 out of 25 editions of this guide to short wave listening from the 80's through 2009.  
6/9/15 Radio Stars Added all the missing issues and completed the collection of this 30's radio fan magazine.  
6/4/15 The Radio Station Added, with the consent of Michael Keith, the first editions of "he Radio Station" the most significant radio textbook of the last three decades.  
6/1/15 Practical  Wireless Added issues from 1936, 1942,1943 and 1944  
5/23/15 Radio Constructor Added January to August of 1959.  
5/20/15 Radio Constructor Completed 1958.  
5/17 Radio Guide Added Aug 14, 1937, Dec 17, 1938 and July 14, 1939  
5/16 Radio Constructor Completed 1957 and much of 1958 thanks to contributor Jim Jobe.  
5/12 CREI Television Course Added the Capitol Radio Engineering Institute "Specialized Television Engineering" course from 1946.  
  May 2005 We're moving: the "home" of is moving. While we relocate "scan central" there will be no new scanning, but many items scanned in advance of the move will be added. We are not ceasing in our search for rare publications and items that are being discarded at most libraries. When we set up in the new location, expect new things every week... just as always.  
  Station Albums Added the late 40's album from WKBB Dubuque, Iowa and its sister FM station WDBQ.  
  Electronics Now Added June 1995.  
  Radio Logbooks Added the National Radio Club 1978 AM station log and the Dustin Logs from 1925 and 1927.  
  Radio Stars Added September 1937 issue with a beautiful Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy portrait on the cover.  
5/8/15 Network Albums NBC's 1968 "Picture Book" of the news events of the year was added.  
  Elementary Electronics Added 1969 Jul/Aug and 1971 Nov/Dec  
  Radio Guide Added May 8, July 10 and Aug 21, 1937 and Feb 17, 1934 and May 5, 1935.  
5/6/15 Electronics Now Added November, 1993,  
  Radio Constructor Another year is on the site courtesy of John Jobe... all 1956 issues are ready to read.  
5/5/15 Radio Constructor Added full year 1955.  
  Radio Stars Added February 1938  
5/04/15 Electronics Now In 1992 "Radio Electronics" became "Electronics Now".We have added most of the issues from 1993 to 1996 and they are on the site now.  
5/03/15 Radio Constructor Completed 1953 and 1954 and updated search index with new issues  
  Television Quarterly Added Winter 1974  
  Network Albums Added NBC's "35 Hours a Day" which is a small 55-page book from 1937 detailing with many pictures the extensive 17 1/2 hour a day operations of NBC's red and Blue networks.  
5/02/15 Tele Tech Completed the entire year of 1950  
  Practical Wireless Added June, 1959, Sept, April 1960, Feb, Niv, Dec 1957. All of 1951 except June and September. 1952 except for November 1953 except April, September 1955, May, Jun 1950, May to October and December, 1950, September 1958, Jan 1957  
05/01/15 BBC Year Book Replaced the partial scan of the 1934 Year Book with the complete edition, cover to cover.  
  Electronics Illustrated Added July 1959 and November 1961  
  Elementary Electronics Adde Mar-Apr 1968, May-Jun 1973, May-Jun 1978, May-Apr 1969, Mar-Apr 1972, May-Jun 1968, Winter, 1965, Jul-Aug 1973  
4/29/15 Technical Bookshelf Added Larner's Practical Television from 1928  
  Radio Constructor Added the rest of 1951 and all of 1952.  
  Station Books Added the 1978 book "Towers to Eternity" with the story of Trans World Radio  
  Stray Magazines Added more items to this page which features ssingle copies or limited issues of magazines. One issue of Radio Progress from 1925, a copy of Radio Vision from 1946, Watts New from 1937, Wireless Constructor from 1926, Popular Wireless (England) from 1926, Media & Music 1994, and Radio Announcers from 1933  
4/27/15 Practical Television Added February 1952  
  Coverage Maps Added a set of coverage maps for Rhode Island  
  Radio World Added August 10 1926  
  Radio TV Experimenter Added Issue 559 from 1959. This was the last year when Radio TV Experimenter was an annual or semi-annual supplement to Science & Mechanics magazine.  
  Practical Wireless Added December 1945  
  Radio Constructor Added August, Sept, Oct, Nov 1950 Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sept, Nove 1951, Mar Apr 1952, Apr 1956 and Apr 1947  
4/26/15 Electronic Age Added Summer of 1963 to the nearly complete collection of this RCA technology self-promotion magazine. (Sorry about listing this as 1973 yesterday)  
  Heathkit Catalogs Added catalog for 1966  
  McMartin Electronics Added the 1979 General Catalog, a 1978 company profile, technical white papers on FM and SCA from the 70's and a collection of 1981 One Sheet sales brochures.  
  RCA Added the RCA Transmitting Tubes book from 1962 and a 1947 brochure for the FM 10 kw transmitter and for UHF Pylon antennas.  
  Electronics Added July, Dec, Sept 1941 April May 1942  
  Gavin Report Added Aug 24 1990  
4/25/15 Monitoring Times Added 73 issues from 1985 to 1993 of this monitoring, DX, Utility and SW listener magazine  
4/24/15 Station Albums Added a collection of four flyers and brochures from WADC in Akron, Ohio  
  Billboard Magazine Added full year 2009.  
4/23/15 Enjoyment of Radio: Bloopers Added Blooper Tube, Super Duper Bloopers and Typo-Bloopers  
  Capitol Radio Engineering Institute Added 75 lessons from the 1949 CREI Radio Engineering course, including broadcast transmitters and antenna systems.  
  Billboard Magazine Added the full year of 2008 as well as a all but one of the missing issues from 2000 to 2007. Also added a few issues from 1941 and 1946. Note: as the Billboard page is a work in progress I do not list every added issue and will not until the bulk of the 1942-2009 issues are added and new additions become more infrequent.  
  Practical Wireless Added issues from 1932 including first isse, as well as one from 1936  
  Radio Constructor Completed the full year of 1948  
  Coverage Maps Added collections of coverage maps for the states of WI, MT, MD, PA, NY, MN and TX.  
4/22/15 Television Digest Added a new section for the Television Digest and FM Reports newsletter which began in 1945. We have obtained all issues from March 1946 to February of 1947 and they are now available. We request help in locating more volumes of this informative publication.  
4/21/15 Amateur Tape Recording Added 75 issues of this Australian journal published from 1959 to 1967 featuring content for home and hobbyist tape recording.  
  Tape Recording May of 1957 added  
  Billboard Magazine Added Jan 13, 20 and 37 as well as Feb 3 and Dec 15 and 22 of 1945 . Also added were Sept 28 and Oct 5 of 1946  
  Radio Guide Added Jun 9 and Oct 30, 1937, Feb 2, June 22, Jun 29 1940 and May 30 1942  
  Station Albums The 65th anniversary of Radio Prague is documented in this album from the Czech state broadcaster.  
  Radio Constructor Every day our amazing contributor Jim Jobe scans and sends to several more issues of Radio Constructor. Check regularly as the earliest issues from 1947 into the early 50's are added.  
  Enjoyment of Radio: Bloopers Added three vollumes: Celebrity Bloopers, Bloopers Boopers Bloopers and The Blunderful World of Bloopers  
  Radioland Added January 1934  
  Television Quarterly The Summer of 1973 issue of Television Quarterly features an article by Robert Sarnoff entitled "Must We Accept Government Intimidation?"  
  TV Radio Mirror Added the 1953 TV Radio Annual  
4/19/15 Network Albums CBS TV's book with the unusual title of "10:56:20 PM 7/20/69" is the story of the network's broadcast of the first lunar landing and how the broadcast was conducted.  
  Radio Constructor Courtesy of contributor Jim Jobe we have added the first 8 issues of Radio Constructor from 1947 and 1948  
  Billboard Magazine 68 of the missing issues from the 70's have been added. They are mostly from 1975 to 1979. We are still looking for the large group of early 70's and late 60's issues that are not presently available.  
  Technical Bookshelf Marcus & Marcus' 1943 edition of Elements of Radio has just joined the engineering bookshelf collection.
Rheinfelder's 1970 CATV Systems Design
  Bloopers Added three volumes of the 50's to 70's "Blooper" books to "Enjoyment of Radio.  
  Bookshelf Added News By Radio by Charnley from 1948 and Radio Broadcasting by Hilliard
Also added Newton Minnow's "Equal TIme" from 1964
  Radio Bookshelf Added Hilliard's 1970 "Radio Broadcasting" and Charnley's "News by Radio" from 1948  
4/14/15 Billboard Magazine Added all years from the 2000's from 2000 to 2007 and included them in the search index. There are now 304,000 searchable pages of Billboard available!  
4/11/14 db Sound Engineering Added a batch of 90's issues including July/August, May/June, Feb/Mar, Sept/Oct 1991 and May/Jun, Sept/Oct 1992  
  Station Albums A picture of the financial aspects of a local radio and TV operation is contained in the 1957 annual shareholder report for WJIM TV and radio in Lansing, MI  
  Recording Engineer Producer Added January 1989 and June 1989.  
  BM/E Broadcast Management Engineering Added Feb 1966, Dec 1984, Dec, May 1971, Dec, June, May, Jan 1970, Jan 1965 and June 1972  
  Radio Constructor Added a new section with nearly 50 issues of the British hobbyist magazine "Radio Constructor" from the years between 1958 to 1976.  
  National Radio Club Added the AM Radio Logbook for 1996  
4/3/15 KTWV Added 20 issues of the station's newsletter and mini-magazine from 1995 to 2001.  
4/1/15 Radio Logs & Lists Added the very accurate 1970 "NRC AM Log" published by the National Radio Club (a DX club).  
  Practical Television Added many issues from 1956, 1957, 1961, 1962, 1963 and 1964. (When the added issues are all of the content in a particular year, I do not list the individual issues.)  
  Station Albums Added the 1992 6th anniversary album from LA's hard rocking KNAC.  
  Bookshelf Barnouw's 1960's trilogy of the history of radio and television has been added, with "A Tower in Babel" "The Golden Web" and "The Image Emplire" forming the pre-1933, 1933-1953 and post 1953 segments.  
3/30/15 Billboard Magazine Completed the decade of the 80's with the addition of all 1989 issues as well as the complete years of 1990, 1991 and 1995 as well as additional missing issues from the 70's  
3/28/15 Recording Engineer Producer Added a large percentage of the missing issues: Feb 1988, April, May Feb 1989, July 1991, Aug, Nov, Dec 1990, Jan 1992 and Sept 1993 (Please help us find the remaining 7 issues needed to complete the collection)  
  Practical Television Added 54 issues of this publication from the UK ranging from 1958 to 1968. Additional issues from 1962 and 1963 will be added in a few days.  
  Technical Bookshelf "Low Power Telecasting" from 1957 has been added to the Harold Ennis colection of engineering titles.  
3/25/15 Billboard Magazine Over 500 issues of Billboard from the 1980's have been added or will be added in the next two to three days. Adittionally, over 100 previously missing issues from the 70's are now available. All are searchable individually and globally.  
3/17/15 Rural Radio Added May and June of 1938 and May of 1939  
3/16/15 Practical Wireless Full years of 1958, 1960, 1964, and 1962 and many issues from 1959, 1950, 1951, 1947 and 1948 just added  
  Station Books Added "Out of Thin Air" the story of Prince Edward Island's CFCY.  
  Early Radio Ratings Added Richmond, VA Hooper ratings from 1945/1946  
  Radio Logs & Lists Added the official FCC stationlist from March, 1941  
  Radio Journal Adde Jan, April and May of 1924  
3/14/15 Technical Bookshelf Added Harold Ennes' 1977 volume, Digitals in Broadcasting.  
  Station Books Added Rebel in Radio The story of WQXR New York  
  RCA Review Added complete year of 1962  
  Rural Radio Added an undated special edition, the "Album of Stars" featuring the performers on the nation's high power clear channel stations.  
  Station Albums In a rare coincidence, we've received albums from two different Toledo Ohio stations. One, from WTOL, comes from 1939 (courtesy of John Schneider) and the other is for WTOD and is from the post-War years.  
  RCA Catalogs Added the 1973 Radio Equipment Catalog with prices.  
  Modern Electronics Added 1987 August  
  Radio Logbooks Added the December 1925 issue of Stevenson's radio log, issue 12 in the publication's first year.  
  Radio Mirror Added the December 1933 issue, the second edition published for this title. There are now only two issues needed to complete the first 20 years of this magazine. Like all titles on the site, we hope to comple all collections as additonal issues are loaned, donated or purchased.  
  Radioland Added March and April of 1934... one featuring the thoughts of Eleanor Roosevelt about Radio.  
  Radio Log Added the November 15, 1931 issue of this program guide.  
3/12/15 Radio World Added 71 issues from 1928, 1930 and 1932. Of particular interest: the new FRC allocations and assignments in September, 1928 issues.  
  Tape Recording Added September 1959  
  Radio TV Experimenter Added Aug-Sept 1966, Dec-Jan 1965/66, Jun-Jul 1965, Feb-Mar 1965, Winter 1965, First issue 1959, Fall 1962 and the 1957 issue.  
3/10/15 Radio Added May and December 1939 and Feb 1936 and  Jun 1941  
3/9/15 WOW Tower Added 7 issues from 1952 and 1953. The publication by those dates also included WOW-TV  
3/8/15 Radio Added 24 issues from 1923 and 1924 to the collection. All issues courtesy of Steve Rosenfeld. We'll be sequentially growing this collection year by year in the next few months.  
3/7/15 1956 Ratings Report When did Top 40 start impacting the major US cities? A slice of the story comes from the 1956 Hooper radio ratings for Cleveland where Top 40 WERE got as high as a 60 share in the evenings with DJs like Bill Randle and Phil McLean. About 18 months later, WHK would be sold by The Plain Dealer and become Color Radio; KYW was already a pseudo-Top 40 aiming at adults more than teens. Enjoy the whole story with the picture in numbers in this ratings book Thanks to Chris Huff for the report!  
3/5/15 National Rado News Added 74 isses of this technology and self-promotional magazine from National Radio training schools.  
   Practical Wireles Added full years of 1952 and 1965 and all but May of 1967 and all but August of 1961 plus 9 months from 1969  
3/04/15 Technical Bookshelf Added a collection of books by Milton Sleeper including; 1922 Radio Hook-Ups; 1920 "Radio Experimenter's Handbook; 1922 Make Commercial Apparatus; 1922 Design of Modern Radio Receiving Sets; 1920 Design Data for Radio Recievers & Transmitters; 1922 Design Data for Radio Recievers & Transmitters; 1922 Construction of New Type Transatlantic Receiving Sets; 1922 Radio Phone & Telegraph Receivers  
  Station Albums Added "A Tour Through WLW" with details on its superpower operation and lots of pictures.  
  Billboard Magazine A significant poretion of our time in the last few weeks has been absorbed with the preparation of the 180,000 pages of Billboard that are on the site now. I have all issues from 1980 to 2010 ready to scan, for another 150,000 pages that will be added soon!  
3/03/15  Practical Wireles Added full year 1949 plus index, 1955 and 1963 as we construct this new section. All 6 years are searchable. Another 6 years of this publication are coming in the next week to 10 days  
  RCA Review Added complete years of 1960 and 1961, and now there is only one issue needed from 1936 to 1961.  
  Radio Engineering Added full year of 1925, courtesy of Steve Rosenfeld  
2/26/15 Modern Electronics Added February 1989 and November 1988  
  Practical Wireles January to November of 1968 are now in the collection.  
2/25/15 Station Albums Added two new post-war 40's albums courtesy of John Schneider. One is the KXL Portland. OR, "Going Ahead with Radio" album and the other is another "Going Ahead" booklet from WHUM in Reading, PA.  
  High Fidelity Added July 1964  
  Enjoyment of Radio Added "A Pictorial History of Radio" from 1960 and "The Golden Years of Broadcasting" from NBC dated 1976  
2/24/15 Enjoyment of Radio Added the General Electric 1941 "Frequency Modulation Primer" which explains the new band to consumers.  
  Bookshelf Added "How to Become a Disc Jockey" from 1977  
  Bookshelf Added "Radio & Tellevision Announcing" from 1953, a workbook on professional announcing with practice scripts and guidance.  
  Bookshelf Added "Radio & The Law" from 1947, a discussion of radio regulation int he post-War years  
 Practical Wireles
Starting with the full years of 1953 and 1954, the Practical Wireless section is now open. More years and issue will be added soon for this magazine that began in 1932. It's searchable, too!  
2/22/15 Station Albums Added a late 30's album from XER in Villa Acuña, Mexico. This was the famous "Border Blaster" built by "Doc" Brinkley to promote his clinic and the infamous goat gland treatments when he was stripped of his license in Kansas.  
  White's Radio Log Added Vol 31 No 3 Summer 1954.  
  High Fidelity Added the Summer, 1952 edition  
  Network Albums Added the 268 page indexed volume, "Radio Personalities" from 1935 with photos,  profiles and bios of hundreds of radio talents from CBS and NBC.  
  Elementary Electronics Added Nov-Dec 1968 and Mar-Apr 1966  
  Electronics Illustrated Added September 1960  
  Hobbyist Special Editions Added Electronic Experimenter's Hanbook 1969  
2/19/15 BBC Page Added "Daventry Calling the World" profiling the international shortwave transmitter site.  
  Billboard Added all 1994 issues as well as many issues from 1975 to 1979  
  Radio Life Added first issue from 1941 and a second issue from 1942.  
2/18/15 Early Radio Ratings Added Hooper ratings summaries for Norfolk 1943 to 1950 and an interesing 1965 audience profile done exclusively for WKNR.  
2/17/15 Radio Postcards Added another 25 postcards from radio stations and networks. They are the horizontal cards at the page bottom and the vertical ones at the end of the vertical set.  
2/16/15 Rural Radio Added February 1931 (First Edition), December 1938 and April 1939  
  Television News Added two issues from 1932, May-June and July.August  
2/15/15 Radio Guide Added April 4 1936, September 24 1938, January 28, 1939 and March, 1943  
  Engineering Bookshelf Added the 12th edition of Radio Operating Questions and Answers  
  Hobbyist Special Editions Added a dozen more publications to this section including Electronics Hobbyist for Summer 1991, Fal/Winter 1976, Fall/Winter 1977, Fall /Winter 1976, Budget Electronics for 1976 and 1978, Everyday Electronics for September 1983, Electronics Handbook for October 1986, 101 Electronics Projects for 1976, Experimenters Handbook 1989 and 1991 and the Radio Electronics Surface Mount special edition  
  Radio Electronics Added February, 1967. This completes the 60's issues and leaves ounly 7 total issues missing for a complete run from the beginning to 1992.  
2/14/15 Modern Electronics Added Apr Oct 1986 Jan Feb 1987 Jan Mar Aug 1988  
  National Radio News Added all issues from 1931  
  Network Albums Added "Mass Media and Mass Culture" a book containing Frank Stanton's 1962 lecture at Dartmouth College  
  Channels Added the July-August 1983 edition  
  Radioland Added May of 1935  
  RCA Catalogs Added the 1956 "RCA Transmitting Tubes" databook. This joins the 1941 edition of the databook already on the site.  
  Billboard Added May 2, 1960, Mar 30, 1963, Jan 26, 1959, July 7, 1958, Aug 11, 1958, Aug 25, 1958, Sept 29, 1958, Mar 2, 1959, Mar 16,1959, Feb 23, 1959, Feb 16, 1959  
  Billboard Added year-end issues for 1990, 1991, 1994 100th Anniversary  
  Radio TV Experimenter Fall 1960 has been added  
  Radio Journal Another new section has opened for Radio Journal magazine. Beginning in 1922 as a circuit hobbyist and technical publication this publication gradulally changed focus to radio set sales and retail electrical appliances.  
  Broadcast Communications Added Jan 1983 of this very hard to find title.  
  Elementary Electronics Add July-August 1980 and September-October 1980  
2/13/15 Billboard Update on this "section in construction": Now have all or many editions from 1942 to 1974 and all are searchable by decade or by individual year. Plus, there are links to Google Books for the years not directly available.  
  National Radio News A new section for the bulletin of National Radio Institute, the correspondence school. It includes technical articles of broad interest and also has "pep talks about the future of radio (and jobs for NRI traned technicians, of course) by A. Atwater Kent, Powell Crosley and Lee De Forest among many other famous names of the time.  
2/11/15 Radio Electronics Added April 1974  
  Modern Electronics Added March, 1978 and September 1990  
  Radio Album Added Winter 1942, the second issue.  
  Elementary Electronics Added March/April, Sept/Oct 1975, Jan/Feb and Mar/Apr 1977 and Mar/Apr 1980  
  Hobbyist Special Editions Added Experimenters Hanbook 1977 and 1978, 99 IC Projects 1984, Special Projects 1983  
  RCA Review Added March and June of 1946  
2/10/14 Tape Recording Added Jan 1968 Jan 1969 (listing of all tape recorders in production) and Mar-Apr 1969  
  FM Magazine Added April May June July Aug Sept Dec 1948 June July Aug 1949  
  Radioland Added Sept 1933  
2/9/15 FM Magazine Added Aug Oct Nov 1946 May June July Sept Dec 1947 Jan Feb Mar 1948.  All are from  the collection of Steve Rosenfeld.  
2/7/15 Radio Electronics Added Feb May Jun 1974, July Aug 1979 July 1976  
  Hobbyist Special Editions Added Electronics Hobbyist Handbook 1973 Fall Winter, 1974 Fall Winter, 1974 Spring Summer and 1975 Spring Summer an Experimenter's Handbook 1963  
  Radio Handbooks Added Allied Radio Data Handbook from 1943  
2/6/15 Radio News Replaced the December 1921 issue with the "real deal". A site user pointed out that the cover was correct but the contents were from 1920. So a brand new scan was done and it is now on the site.  
  Radio Engineering Added all issues from 1924  
2/5/15 Radio Review Added all issues of this British publication from 1919 to 1922. Radio Review was absorbed by Wireless World effective in April of 1922, and the 28 issues available now are the complete collection. They are listed on the Wireless World page, and appear at the bottom of the left column. Issues are courtesy of Steve Rosenfeld
(There was an unrelated Radio Review in the US later in the 20's)
  WDAY Station Album Added the 1939 station album for WDAY, Fargo, ND.  
2/1/15 Technical Bookshelf Added the 1846 title "Television and Color" by Tyler  
  Billboard Added 1957 and 1958.  
1/31/15 Station Albums Added a 1951 album from WCOP in Boston with lots of station pictures and photos of Boston's post-War progress. Another contribution of John Schneider.  
  Billboard Added 1950 to 1956 to the editions availble directly, and added links to Google Books editions from 1974 to 2010.  
  Network Albums Added "The Fourth Chime" an NBC book detailing the web's coverage of breaking news in the 30's and 40's including W.W. II and published in 1944  
  Network Albums "The Longest Night" is a book with a moment by moment chronicle of the network coverage of the 1962 mid-term elections and it is profusely illustrated. While the book was purely promotional at the time, it now shows how the existing technology was used to cover breaking news 52 years ago.  
1/30/15 Radio Added Jan to Nov 1929, March 1925, Jan March May June July Sept 1934  
  Billboard Began rolling out Billboard Magazine collection. Added issues from 1942, 1943, 1944, 1949 and chart collections from 1960 to 2010. Will be adding issues regularly over next few months as we scan and index over 300,000 pages.  
1/29/15 Guide to Broadcasting Stations Added Edition 14 from 1964  
  Modern Electronics Added Feb 1988  
  Radio Stars Added Jan & Oct of 1937  
  Radio TV Experimenter Added Aug/Sept 1969, Dec 69 / Jan 70, Apr/May  and Jun/Jul 1966,  
  Television Quarterly Added Fall 1964  
  Radio & Records Added September 1, 1978  
  Bookshelf Added "Commercial Broadcasting Pioneer: WEAF 1922-1926" to the collection  
1/28/15 Tape Recording Added March, 1959 issue  
  Audio Magazine Added Auguust 1962, August & May 1961, Nov 1957, May 1954, March & Sept 1950  
1/26/15 Radio Engineering Steve Rosenfeld has scanned and provided all 8 of the issues published in 1923.  
  Station Postcards Added 24 more postcards from radio stations and networks.  
1/23/15 RCA Technical Book Series Added all of the remaining RCA Technical Book Series:
Electron Tubes 1 1935-1941
Electron Tubes II 1941-1948
RCA Facsimile 1938
Radio At Ultra High Frequencies I 1940
Radio At Ultra High Frequencies II 1940-1947
  Rural Radio Added August and September 1938 to this magazine's collection  
  Enjoyment of Radio Added Jack Gould's 1953 book, All About Radio & Television. Gould was Radio / TV editor of the New York Times and this is a layman's introduction to how radio and TV technology work.  
  Radio Varieties Added Jan and Feb 1940  
  Radio FanFare New Section for this 1936 to mid 40's magazine with programming and articles about Northern California / San Francisco radio.  
1/21/14 KTWV "The Wave" New Section (be sure to refresh your browser) with 37 issues of the KTWV Smooth Jazz MusicLetter from 1998 to 1995 courtesy of Steve Thompson  
Technical Bookshelf Added three four titles:
Calibration of Field Strength Meters National Bureau of Standards - 1951
NAB: Practical 26 mHz Remote Pickup 1958
Radio Wave Propagation IRE 1942
Radio Telephony 1918 Goldsmith
  Bookshelf Added "Deceptive Practices in Broadcast Media" 1959 Department of Justice report to the President.  
  Enjoyment of Radio Added "Who's Who in Radio" from 1947  
1/20/15 KWFT Listener Added new section for this station magazine from Wichita Falls, TX  
1/19/15 Radio Engineering Steve Rosenfeld has contributed all the Radio & Model Engineering (later just "Radio Engineering) from 1921 and 1922, beginning with the first issue from May of 1921.  
  Radio Added Jan 1947, May Jun 1944 and Jul Aug, Sept, Oct 1946, Nov 1943  
  Audio Added the first issue of Audio Engineering following its coversion from "Radio". The issue date is May, 1947  
1/18/15 Gavin Report Added August 7, 1992, July 26, 1985, June 12. 1987, Marc 23, 1990, Jan 25 1991  
1/17/15 Rural Radio Added five more issues, bringing the total to 7 for this very rare publication which promoted the wide coverage clear channel broadcasters.  
  Television Quarterly Added Fall 1972, Spring 1968 and Summer, 1964,  
Gates / Harris
Added Gates catalog 95 from 1964, 96 from 1966, 98 from 1979, Amplifiers 1964, Broadcasting Accessories 1982, Design of a Solid State AM 1977, Manual for MW-1A 1978 revision.  
  Equipment Catalogs Added General Electric Audio Equipment catalog from 1962 and GE "Audio Data Book" from 1959 as well as Continental Electronics General Catalog 1987, General Catalog 1981 and FM Transmitter brochures from 1987-
Also added CBS 600 Program Monitor, Rust Autolog (1964) and Meltron Modulation Monitor brochures.
  Catalogs: RCA Added Radio Broadcast Equipment 1967, New Products for 1960, and Cartridge Machines 1961. Also added was a 1964 price list, but no catalog.  
  FCC Rules and Regulations Added the 1939 FCC book on "Standards of Good Engineering Practices" complete with graphs and charts and the 1961 description of Field Strength Measurements.  
  Station Books Added 59th Anniversary WCCO Minneapolis "Good Neighbor to the Northwest" book from 1974
Also added the book "Radio Zaracay" commemorating the life of the founder this important rural radio station in Ecuador, Holguer Valástegui. (In Spanish)
  Station Related Albums Added a 1932 booklet of Who's Who on the radio from retailer Ludwig Baumann, a major radio retailer.  
  Modern Electronics Added June and July 1990  
  Wireless World Added Jan-Apr 1968, full year 1969 and Jan to -Aug 1970.  
  Radio Varieties Added December and November of 1938  
11/15/15 FM Magazine Added a collection of early issues including May Mar 1942 Jul Apr Nov Dec Oct 1941 Sept 1948 Feb 1944  
  Radio Electronics Added April Jan 1989  
  Wireless World Added April to December of 1945  
  Tape Recording Added Jan 1962 and Jan 1957  
  Television Quarterly Added all four issues of 1962's Volume 1 of the publication.  
  Federal Telephone Reference Data for Radio Engineers Added Vol 1 from 1943 and Vol IV from 1956  
Gates / Harris
Added these: 1997, 1979 and 1847 General Catalog, 1976 Transmitter catalog, 300 FM antenna, 1996 Automation Catalog, Cycloid FM antenna brochure, FM3G brochure  
  Catalogs: Collins Added brochure from 1962 FM Stereo Generator, general catalogs from 1966, 1962 and Catalog 42 with prices  
  Catalogs: RCA Added "Latest Developments in Stereo" from 1959, Microphone Catalog from 1961, Catalog 4 from 1959, General Catalog 1967  
  Rural Radio Added March 1939  
  Radio Handbooks Added 1st and 4th editions of Federal Telephone "Reference Data for Radio Engineers"  
11/14/15 Station Albums Added WBEN Buffalo, NY "Going Forward with Radio" from the post W.W. II years. Courtesy of John Schneider  
11/12/15 Station Post Cards Added a new section for radio station post cards from the past. Each one has a small view and can be seen in a large high resolution version, too.  
1/11/15 RCA Review Added all 1951 and 1952 issues  
1/10/15 RCA Ultra-High Frequency Added RCA's 1940 volume "Radio at Ultra-High Frequencies" about over-30 mHz transmission and reception.  
  Enjoyment of Radio Added the 1937 book "On the Air, The Story of Radio". Profusely illustrated, it tells a simplified story of how radio broadcasts, how radio programs are produced and broadcast and covers a bit of TV and communications. Foreword by David Sarnoff.  
  RCA Review Added March 1949, Mar June Sept Dec 1950,  
Television Quarterly
Search in all issues globally and by decade is now enabled.  
1/9/15 RCA Review Added March June and Sept 1947: June 1949, July Oct 1936 Jan Apr 1940 July Oct 1941 Jan Apr 1942 courtesy of Steve Rosenfeld  
1/3/15 Station Albums Added the "Cecil Adams Album" dedicated to the WCCO Minneapolis Personality and newspaper columnist from the mid 50's.  
  Enjoyment of Radio Added a glossary of 1946 radio terms called "The Radio Alphabet"  
1/2/15 Enjoyment of Radio Added a 1971 special edition of Life Magazine "TV at 25" with pictures and stories about television's first 25 years.
Added a reprint of the 1888 book, The ABC's of Electricity with a note from Thos. Edison.
  Technical Bookshelf Added Milton Sleeper's 1950 "Mobile Radio Handbook"  
1/1/15 Happy New Year Thanks for visiting and look for loits of new additions this year  
  Western Electric Manuals Added the manual for the 450 A and 451 A 100 and 250 watt AM transmitter from 1941. This addition is from WJMA in Orange, VA.  
  Radio Engineering Handbook Added the Fourth Edition from 1950  
  Radio Engineer's Handbook Added the First Edition from 1943  
  Reference Data for Radio Engineers Added the 4th edition of this book from Federal Telephone  
Television Quarterly
Added 28 issues from 1977 to 2000.  
  Radioland Added November 1934 edition.  
  Radio Stars Added April 1938  
  Tape Recording Added February 1959  
  Modern Electronics Added January 1989 issue  
  Gavin Report Added June 27, 1986 issue  
  Technical Bookshelf Added the 1970 "AM FM Broadcast Station Planning Guide" which details the construction of all aspects of a radio station including the transmitter site and studios. There are many pictures of typical equipment of the era and examples of floor plans.  
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