2016 additions to AmericanRadioHistory.Com
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12-31-16 Billboard Added seven more issues from 1937 to 1941
12-30-16 Record World Added over 20 issues to the collection. They all have the "new" flag on them.
  Electronics Added Jan, Feb, April, July and September to complete the year of 1945
  Radio News Replaced Jan 1951 issue which was missing pages from several important articles. Note: since most of publications on the site are "used" or "circulated" copies, there are occasions when pages are missing. Let us know if you find issues like this; if you have the missing pages, send a scan and we will edit our copy.
  Science and Invention Added Oct 1929 and Oct 1924
12-28-16 Cash Box Added 28 additional issues from 1968 and 4 issues from December, 1969
  Index Page With the help of David Andrews better organized the magazines from the UK under their own area in the "Purple" section rather than scattering them about the page. This should compliment the addition of the alphabeticl listing of titles in the left column.
  Popular Wireless Added issues from Oct 25, 1924, Sept 21, 1929, Nov 1, 1930 and Oct 29, 1932,
  Wireless Constructor Added May 1932 adn Nov, 1930
  Modern Wireless Added June 1926
12-27-16 Early Radio Books
Added a new section for technical books about electricity, telegraphy and radio from the early 20th Century up to W.W. II. This includes books previously in other sections as well as these new titles: Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity Volumes I to VII (Vol II on its way soon) from 1912, A Chronological History of Electrical Development from 1946, Wireless Experimenter's Manual 1920 and Practical Wireless Telegraphy 1917
  Experimental Wireless Added all editions from October, 1923 through December, 1924 and the full year 1926
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added the 4th edition of Waldo Abbot's Handbook of Broadcasting from 1957 courtesy of Jerry Clegg.
12-23-16 Hobbyists & Experimenter Books Added a new section for books for hobbyists, constructors and experimenters. Subjects range from detailed construction projects to "understanding" books about Silicon Diodes, coils and ICs. Started the section with over 100 different books. More to come. And all are through the help of Graeme Zimmer.
12-22-16 Short Wave Magazine Added Feb & Jul, 1963 and Mar & Apr 1959 and Aug 1950
  UK Books & Brochures Added a page for books, booklets, brochures and single issues of publications from the United Kingdom
  Station Albums Added a 1947 station album from KTRI, Sioux City, IA, and one from 1955 from WBBW in Youngstown, OH.
  Network 40 Added over 30 issues from late 1994 and early 1995 to the collection.
  TV-Radio Life Added Feb 5, 1954 and Dec 12, 1952
12-20-16 Hugo Gernsback Added Technical Library $52, The Oscilloscope, to the Gernsback page.
  Record World Added 37 issues ranging from 1964 to 1981. All are marked with a red "new" flag.
Please help us complete this collection by lending, donating or selling any amount of missing issues. CONTACT
  Radio Television and Appliance Sales Added a page for this Canadian service dealer magazine from the late 40's and 50's.
  KMA Guide Added April, Feb, 1958; Nov, July and Feb, 1957
Hobbyist Specials & Annuals Added Electronics Hobbyist Handbook for 1989, 1993, Spring 1994 and Fall, 1994 and Fall of 1995. Added Electronics Experimenters' Handbook 1994 Summer and Winter, 1995 Summer.
  WSM Added Grand Ole Opry "Picture-History Book"for 1966, 1972, 1984, 1994, 1992, 2000, 2004.
  GE Camera Manual Added Part II (of 3) of the Color Camera Channel 4PE350A3
12-19-16 Short Wave Magazine Added Feb 1957, Jan 1959, Jan, 1963,
  Bookshelf: Alfred Morgan Added a Bookshelf section for a group of the educational and hobbyist books by Alfred Morgan
  Bookshelf: R H Warring Added another Bookshelf section for books by R.H. Warring with titles about construction and "how to" from this prolific author.
12-18-16 Tower Radio Added the Sept 1935 issue which was published in large tabloid format.
  Wireless Constructor Added July and August of 1927
  RCA Manuals Added the 76-C consolette, BC-6A and BC-6B console manuals.
  Practical Wireless Added two issues from 1938, the first from that year.
  Popular Wireless Added Aug 23 1930
  Modern Wireless Added Aug 1929
  Amateur Wireless Added June 25, 1932
  Hugo Gernsback Added #6, Fun With Radio, to complete the "Gernsback's Educational Library" collection of 10 booklets.
  Radio Doings Added April 19, 1924, the earliest issue on the site.
12-13-16 Cash Box Added many missing issues from 1980, 1981, 1984 and 1985 as well as a few fromt he 70's that were missing.
  Hard Report Added the first issue of this music and radio airplay report. It is dated October, 1986 and contains a lengthy editorial about the fragmenting of rock music into separate radio formats and the need to report on each one separately.
  FCC Rules Added the 1964 edition of the Part 73 (Broadcast) rules and the 1963 edition of Parts 0. 1, 13 and 17 which include the FCC organization and operator licencing.
12-12-16 Short Wave Magazine Added Mar to Sept 1956 and January, 1968 courtesy of Peter Merriman.
  Wireless Constructor Added Feb 1928 issue
  Hobbyist Project specials and annuals Added 1981 99 IC Projects, 1993 and 1983 Electronics Experimenters Handbooks,
  WSM Added the WSM Grand Ol Opry History Picture Book from 1961. Lots of station and Opry pictures and photos and bios of Opry performers.
  Hugo Gernsback Added #3 from the Gernsback Educational Library "Alternating Current". This is a series of small booklets each explaining a fundamental of electricity and electronics.
  Radio World Addded missing issues from September to December 1929 and from January and February of 1930
  Rider Books Added 1934's "Servicing Superheterodynes"
  TV-Radio Live Added the July 19, 1952 issue of this LA electronic media guide.
  Microphone Added the Oct 7 1933 to the collection.
  Telecast Begun in 1949, Telecast was one of a variety of fan and story magazines that appeared as television began its earliest growth.
12-11-16 PF Reporter / PF Index Added Jul/Aug and Sept/Oct 1953 and Aug 1958
  Radio Dial Radio Dial is known as a Cincinnati radio program guide from 1931 to 1939. But the name was also used as a radio log and listener guide from 1928 to 1930. One copy is featured in the sidebar on the radio dial page. 
  Radio Service Dealer Added Dec 1950
  Billboard Added April 16 and 22, 2011 completing the year. Added Jan 4, 11 and 18 of 1936. Also added Jan 2 and Jan 30 1937 and Aug 17, 1940
12-9-16  **
Redesigned the Home Page to include an alphabetic list of page links on the right-hand side. Because the number of individual publications on the site has increased significantly, we hope this will make it easier to find the one you want to peruse.
Please let us know if any links do not work or do not work correctly. .
12-7-16 Album Network Added a new page for this album rock (AOR) radio music tipsheet. Included the the extensive 20th anniversary edition from 1998.
  Amateur Wireless Added Sep 22, 1928, Dec 6, 1930. Se´19, 1931 amd Kam 1. 1933
12-6-16 Billboard Added the 1966 "Music on Campus" as well as complete copies of the March 4 and March 25, 1972 issues and the QApril 1, 1972 issue. 
12-4-16 Radio World Added missing issues from March to December of 1928, and all issues in 1929 through September 14
  Wireless World Added April 1924
  Bell System Technical Journal Added all the years from 1947 to 1959
12-3-16 Cash Box Added nine issues from May to July of 1970.
12-1-16 Bell System Technical Journal Started new section and added years 1922-1942 UPDATE: The section now covers 1922-1946 and search function is being uploaded as I write this. 1947-1960 will be added over the next few days.
  Cash Box Added almost all issues from the first five months of 1981 and some of the missing Jan to June 1985 issues.
Added 30 issues to the 1984 year, including all of the second half of the year.
Milestone Build it and They Will Come Any moment now we will see the page view counter hit ten million. It took five years to reach the first million, and now we are receiving more than three hundred thousand page views a month! Thanks go to all the world-wide contributors of publications who have made this possible.
11-30-16 CRTC Decisions Added 8 volumes of the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (Conseil de la radiofiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes) from the period from 1979 to 1985.
11-29-16 Electronics Today Added "Electronic Circuit Design #1"
  Radio Guide Added Dec 21, 1935
  Radio Service Dealer Added November 1954
  Billboard Magazine Added July 24, 1948 and Dec 10, 1938 and Jan 7 1939
  Radio Retailing Added August 1932
  Radio & Appliance Dealer Added Oct, 1946
  PF Index Added Jan-Feb and May-June of 1953 of this magazine which later became PF Reporter and then Electronic servicing
  KMA Guide Added four issues from 1958, one each from 1959, 1961 and 1962
  Electronics Today Replaced all issues from February 1978 to December 1980. These are clearer scans and are all searchable. Thanks to Neal Crook for all 35 issues!
  FCC Documents Added 1938 Ground Conductivity map and mVMile chart
11-28-16 Radio World Added issues from June and July of 1928
  Various Publications from the UK Added a section with a varied array of Directories, program gudes, magazines and books that relate to the broadcast industry.
  Modern Television & Radio Added a page for this fan magazine from Dell starting in December, 1948. We have the first issue.
  The Crypt The Crypt is where examples of FCC applications from the past are "burried". We just added an application for a daytime directional system for KELP in El Paso from 1959
  Television & Short Wave World Added the July 1927 edition
  WSM Souvenir Albums Added 4 issues of the WSM Album offered for sale at Oprey Shows.
  Station Promotional Albums Added a DJ profile of WNOE in New Orleans from its Top 40 years
  Technical Enhancements of Radio Added 3 booklets from RCA dated 1941 about the development of FM radio
  Short Wave Magazine Added Aug, Sept and Oct 1955
  Radio Logbooks Added the 1920's "Experimental Wireless Radio Call Book" including all types of radio licences in the UK and many worldwide.
  Gernsback Publications Added the 1938 "little books" named "The Beginners' Radio Dictionary" and "Television"
Also added #87 from the Gernsback Library (Technical books) "Practical Auto Radio Service". Also added a directory of all books in the series (which we will try to add soon).
  World Radio Added a section for World Radio, the official foreign and technical journal of the BBC. Three issues are now available, including the very interesting 10th anniversary issue with a good deal of history of the publication and the BBC foreign and Empire services. 
  Popular Wireless Added the December 11, 1926 issue featuring a Christmas theme and "a chat with Marconi"
11-27-16 RCA Catalogs Added late 40's manuals for the 70-C2 Turntable, the 76-B2 Consolette, the 76-B2 Console, the AR88 Communications Receiver and the BN-2A portable remote amplifier.
Television Age Added Aug 17 and Nov 23 of 1964 NOTE: this is one of our most wanted publications. Any site user that knows of available issues, such as a library willing to discard them or sell them,
  Collins Catalog Added the 1952 manual for the 213-E-1 console
  Schematics & Diagrams Added "20 Radiophone Diagrams" from 1927
  The Microphone Added March 20 of 1936 issue of this radio program guide and news weekly about ratio.
  Radio World Added the 4 missing issues to complete the year. They are highlighted in blue and underlined. Also added June 2 and June 9 of 1928.
  Gernsback Publications Added the Gernsback Radio Service Manuals Vol 3 which includes an extensive preface about radio service techniques and practices.
Added the 1938 "All about Aerials"
Added the 1919 Experimental Electricity Course Edition 3
11-26-16 Cash Box Added 17 issues from 1985; these are the first on the site from that year.
  Short Wave Magazine Added June, July, Nov 1955 and Dec 1948
  Station Promo Added an early 60's sales presentation for KBTR in Denver with DJ profiles, news department, coverage, packages, sponsor list. Very nice example of the genre from that era
  Technical Bookshelf Added May's "The Boy's Book of Crystal Sets" from 1964
  Practical Electronics Added Feb 24 Mar 4 and 18 and April 7 1939
11-25-16 Cash Box Added over 30 random issues from 1984: May 19. May 12, May 5, Jun 9, Jul 28, Jul 21, Jul 14, Jul 7, Feb 28, Apr 28, Apr 21, Apr 14, Apr 7; 1970 Apr 25, Apr 18, Apr 11, Apr 4,; 1967 Mar 11, 1971 Jul 24; 1967 Feb 04.
11-21-16 Wireless World Added Dec 1939 and April 1940
  Logbooks The Radio Red Book from 1928 showed one of the best listings of stations in the US immediately following the Federal radio Commission reassignment of AM radio frequencies. It also shows the major network affiliates and other North American stations.
  Radio Journal Added Nov 1943 and May 1944 of "Radio and Television Journal"
  Chicago Radio Weekly Added a new page for this early 30's Chicago area program and station guide. Please help if you have additional copies. Contact
  Station Albums Added the 1946 WGY Farm commemorative booklet and the late 40's WIBX Utica, NY station album.
  FMQB Added the first two issues of Kal Rudman's FMQB music sheet for radio programmers and music directors. These so-called "Tip Sheets" were a major force in programming new music.
  Radio World Added 7 issues from March to May of 1928
  Short Wave Magazine Added Se´t and Oct of 1947
11-20-16 Science and Invention Added Jan 1925 and Oct 1930
  Audio Record Added Oct 1958
  Gernsback Collection Added #3 from the Radio Craft collection, "Superheterodynes".
  Billboard Magazine Added a full copy of the issue of Nov 15 1969, replacing an incomplete one. Also added June 24, 1967 "World of Soul" special edition,
Added Jan 9, Jan 23 and Feb 6 of 1937
11-19-16| Short Wave Magazine Added 1953; Jan, June: 1957; Jan: 1964; Jan, July through Dec; 1066: Sept; 1990; June
  WNYC New York Added issues from 1941 and 1945 of the "Masterwork Bulletin".
  Practical Wireless Added Apr 7 1942, Jul 22 1939 and Feb 4, 1939
  Radio World Added 1924; Feb 2  (year now complete); 1925: Mar 28 and July 25 (year now complete); 1926: added 16 issues from June to December; 1927: 30 issues
  Radio Retailing Added June, 1931
11-17-16 Radio World Added Spetember 1935 from the year when the magazine transitioned from a weekly to a monthly publication.
  Beitman Manuals & Books Added TV schematics of TV from 1956, 1948, 1958 and 1955. Also added the 1959 Radio Servicing Course, the 1047 Advanced Radio Servicing Methods and Ideas and the 1968 Television Servicing Course.
  Billboard Magazine Added May 10, 1941.
  Broadcast Engineering Added May, Jun, July, Sept, Oct, Nov 1967 to the collection.
11-16-16 Billboard Magazine Added issue for Aug 3 1968 and the Gospel Music special issue from Oct 4, 1967
  Radio Dial Added two issues from 1936 of this Cincinnati radio program guide.
11-15-11 Radio Flash Added two of these early circuit publications, one from 1922 and 1923.
  Practical Wireless Added October 1940
11-14-16 Hugo Gernsback Created a section with books and publications by Gernsback and links to the magazines he founded and published.
11-13-16 Short Wave Magazine June 1964 added.
  Television (UK) Added the Electronic Engineering issue from August, 1942 reflecting the title this magazine had in that year.
  Practical Wireless Added 1040 Dec; 1941 Mar Jun Jul.
11-11-16 WNYC New York Added the first publications in a collection of WNYC program guides and Magazines. There are 26 issues in all from 1940 to 1996
  Equipment Manuals Added a variety of LPB TIS and low power equipment from 1980 to 2006.
11-10-16 Short Wave Magazine Added 1970 Mar; 1964 Feb, Mar, May: 1946 Dec
  Practical Wireless Added:1944 Dec, Jan; 1942 Oct;
  Diagrams & Schematics Added the Canadian Rogers "Replacement Parts and Circuits 1926-1934"
11-9-16 Cash Box Added issues from April to June of 1980
11-8-16 Cash Box Added issues from Jan to Mar of 1989, and May to December of 1991 as well as several missing issues from 1992 and 1993
  Short Wave Magazine Added August, 1966, abd Feb 1973
  Beitman Supreme Added Morris Beitman's 1941 book 'Cyclopedia of Television" and his manual collections for TV-1957-Early and TV-1955-Early
  Science & Invention Added June 1928
  Billboard Magazine Added the Dec 29, 1962, Dec 26 1964, Dec 28, 1968 and Dec 30, 1967 Talent supplements, and added The World of Country from October of 1972, 1975 and 1978
Added 13 issues from July to September of 1938
11-7-16 Radio World Added issues from April to June 1926
  Practical Electronics Added December 1976
  WSM and the
Clear Channel Broadcasters
Added a section for a significant number of documents from the early 60's when the Clear Channel Broadcasting Service attempted to prevent the "breakup" of the clears and achieve powers of up to 750 kw for the 25 1-A clear channel stations.
11-6-16 Radio Life Added Jun 22, 1947 and Jan 9, 1953 and Feb 9 1951
  Network Albums Added a 1931 booklet from NBC detailing an advertising campaign for Vaseline in 1928 and showing the measure of audience via mail response... in an era before ratings existed. This is also a very good example of early consumer research.
  Hard Report Added July 7, 1995
  Television Quarterly Added Winter 1983 edition of this publication of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.
11-5-16 Practical Television Added an issue from the first era of this title, November of 1935.
  Popular Communications Added 19 issues from 1997 to 2003
  Bookshelf Technical Added the 1940 RCA Vacuum Tube Design.
11-4-16 Television Age Added July 20, 1954. For some reason, we have not been able to fill the hundred of missing issues of this magazine. Anyone with access to collections: please contact us!
  Cash Box Added the first 15 issues from the year 1961
  Graybar Manuals Added a set of Graybar radio set manuals from 1929
  Electronic Age Added Spring 1958 edition of this RCA promotional magazine.
  Bookshelf Technical Added the extensive 1953 "Practical Television Engineering" by Helt. This was published in the year when the US "TV Freeze" was lifted and it details all aspects of TV broadcasting as well as reception issues.
11-3-16 Radio World Added all of the remaining missing issues from October to December of 1925. Also added missing issues from January to April 17, 1926.
  Aerovox Researcher Added about 130 issues between 1929 and 1967
  Cash Box Added 19 issues from 1996, the final year that Cash Box was published.
11-2-16 Radio Constructor Added the remaining 6 issues to fully complete the collection of this magazine from 1947 to 1981. This collection was made possible in its totality by an initial contribution from Mitch Buchman and the long and hard work of collecting and scanning hundreds of issues by Jim Jobe from the UK. Many thanks to them for helping us to preserve radio's history.
  Brochures and Diagrams Added a new section for brochures for early radio lines and models and model-specific manuals or schematics. The first offerings are a book of circuits from New Zealand, Philco schematics and a brochure from 1934 for the Ferranti line of radios from the UK.
  Billboard Magazine Added Jan 24, 1953,
  Equipment Manuals Added the manual for the Hammarlund HQ 180 receiver. It appears in the "60's" location in the right-hand column
11-1-16 Billboard Magazine Added two missing issues from 1948, three from 1952 and one from 1957. They are highlighted with a "New" banner.
  Radio World Added another 15 issues of Radio World from Jun to October of 1925
  Technical Bookshelf Added a complete copy of Morgan's "The Boy's First Book of Radio & Electronics" from 1954. We also have a partial copy of an earlier 1941 edition.
  Beitman Manuals Added radio manuals for 1939, 1941, 1942, 1948, 1949 and 1946 and TV manuals for 1957, 1959, 1959-"Additional", 1953-"Early", 1953, 1952, 1963, 1962-"Additional", 1954.
10-30-16 Wireless Constructor Added Nov 1924, Dec 1932 aand Jan, Jun 1933
Wireless Magazine Added April 1926
  The Hard Report Added 14 issues from 1991 to 1995 from this rock FM airplay and music report.
  RCA Service Data Added the combined volume for 1923 to 1942, in three sets of pages, A,B and C.
  Rider's Basic Electricity Added Vol 1 to Vol 5 of this 1954 course in basic electricity. The books are also available on the Rider page.
  Beitman Manuals Added TV Diagrams from 1951 and 1962, Radio Diagrtams for 1926-1928 (one volume) and 1951 and 1952 and 1943 Record Players, Changers and Recording Devices
  Radio Constructor Added December 12 and Jan, Mar, Apr, May and August of 1962. They are underlined on the page. We are now just 6 issues short of completing this set, thanks to the immense contribution of Jim Jobe and additional scans from Peter Merriman and an original contribution from Mitch Buchman which started the collection! Thanks!
  Short Wave Magazine Added Apr 1996, June 1978, and March to July 1966
10-29-16 Cash Box Added all but one of the remaining missing issues from 1973, Added Jan through Feb 14 and mid-May to December of 1976 except for one missing issue.
10-27-16 Beitman Manuals Added 1964, 1965, 1966 and 1967-1968
  Cash Box Added many of the missing issues from 1973, 1974, 1992 and 1993.
  Technician Added June 1954 and Jan 1954, Oct and Nov 1954 and Jan 1954 to this later title for Radio Retailing Magazine.
10-26-16 Cash Box Added three missing issues from 1975, added 21 issues from 1992 and 48 issues from 1989
10-25-16 Wireless Constructor Added February 1933
  Short Wave Magazine Added July to September, 1991, May 1995, Jan and Feb 1965 and Jan 1958
  Gavin Report Added 20 issues from 1989 to 1993. They are highlighted in red.
  NRI Radio Course 1921 Added our earliest radio home study course. This is an NRI course, and includes many lessons, the tests and even the student's exams. This is now nearly 100 years old!
  Technical Bookshelf Added Allied's Technical Data Handbook from 1956
  Rider Manuals Added the Vol 26 Transistor Radio set and the Vol 26 Home Radios set from 1953
10-24-16 Service Magazine Added May 1946
  Radio Service Dealer Added August 1948, Sept 1949, Oct 1950, Nov 1950, Jan 1950
  Radio Technician Added April 1954,
  Radio Maintenance Added 8 issues from February to October of 1949.
10-23-16 Radio Logbooks Added the 1928 Milwaukee Journal Radio Log, showing the changes following the recent FRC reassignment of frequencies.
Akso added the 1935 Philco Radio Atlas of the World with station lists and maps showing their locations.
  Murray the K Tells
it Like it Is
Added this biograpical book about New York City DJ Murray Kaufman, known as "The Fifth Beatle".
  Broadcasting & Television Opened a new page for this Australian broadcast industry news weekly.
  Wireless & Television Review Added a new page for this mid-30's UK construction and hobbyist magazine.
10-22-16 Short Wave Magazine Added Nov, Dec 1956, Jun 1954, Apr 1952, Mar, Jun 1950. Jun 1967
  KMA Shenandoah Added issues of the KMA Guide from 1968 to 1970 as well as January, 1951. Also added the 50th anniversary newspaper supplement from 1975
Aerovox Research Worker Added a new section for this journal of the Aerovox Corporation, maker of capacitors. It was published from 1929 to around 1967. The magazine showed circuit designs, particularly incorpoating Aerovox components.
  Radio World Added 11 issues from April to June of 1925. They are shown with underlines.
10-21-16 Wireless Magazine Added Dec 1934 and Jan, Feb, Aug, Sept, Nov 1935
  Billboard Added 11 issues from 1957 to 1959. They are highlighted with a "NEW" banner, and are a courtesy of Rob Hawkins. Also added the 2006 Billboard Buyers' Guide and the 1972-1973 Buyers' Guide
  Technical Bookshelf Added the original first edition of "The First Radio Book for Boys" from 1941. The series was later renamed to "The Boy's First..." and there are now 3 of these volumes on the site.
  Technical Bookshelf Added 8 volumes from the Bernard's publishing house electronics books from the UK. They cover 1946 to 1977
  Technical Bookshelf Added "How to Make a Transistor Radio" from 1972, Popular Mechanics' "How to Make a Wireless Set" from 1918, THe Buffalo Evening News "Radio Guide" from 1918.
  Broadcasting Added a first issue. Oct 1994, of Telmedia Week, a multimedia / new media publication from the publshers of Broadcasting. It's linked from the left hand sidebar.
  Cash Box Added issues from June to December of 1975
10-20-16 Radio World Added all the remaining issues for 1924 as well as 7 issues from Jan and Feb 1925 They are highlighted in blue and underlined.
  Cash Box Added 47 issues from 1990
10-19-16 R&R Radio & Records; added April 20, 1984, Jan 11, 1985 and April 6. 1984
  PF Index Added Mar-Apr 1952, and Jul-Aug 1951
National Radio Institute Journal Added 15 issues from 1962 to 1966. They are highlighted in blue and underlined.
  National Radio Institute Added four issues, from 1951 to 1954, of the NRI "Radio & Television Data" which was an annual booklet of articles for alumni of NRI. FInd them in the left column on the linked page.
  RCA Equipment Added a new copy of the 1966 Television Tape catalog with the full price list.
  Dealer Catalogs Added the Broadcast Supply West 1989 catalog of Broadcast Equipment
  Science & Invention Added December 1924
  Cash Box Added 41 issues from 1993.
  Station Albums Added "Counting Stars and Kilocycles" published to commemorate the 25th anniversary of WFAA.
  Network 40 Added 27 issues from 1994 and 1995
10-18-16 Cash Box Added 39 issues from 1995 and all but 4 issues from 1994
  Amateur Wireless Added June 23 and July 7 1928 and Nov 9 1929
  Short Wave Magazine Added Aig. Se´t 1969. Jan, Feb 1961. Feb 1962, Mar, Apr, May, Sept, Oct, Nov Dec 1967, Jan, 1958
  Popular Wireless Added the Jan 28. 1928 issue
  Wireless Magazine Added March 1931 edition
  Billboard Added Nov 30, 1946 and 21 more issues from 1947
10-13-16 Cash Box Added 19 issues from 1991
  Billboard Added all but 1 of the remaining missing issues from 1945.
10-11-16 Billboard Special Editions Added several editions of the Billboard "Spotlight on Record Programming" quarterly editions targeted at radio programmers. April 7, 1962, Sep 28, 1959, May 25, 1969
  Short Wave Magazine Added Jan 1973, June 1971, Apr 1955. Jul 1953, Nov, Oct and June, 1969, Jul and Aug, 1967, Mar, 1984
  Practical Wireless Added Jan 14 and Jan 21, 1939 and Mar 6, 1937.
  Manual of Modern Radio From the UK: the 1933 "Manual of Modern Radio" by John Scott-Taggart
  Wireless Constructor Added Sept 1932
  Billboard Special Editions Added Sep 12, 1970 Buyer Guide; Aug 30, 1969 Buyer Guide, Aug 17, 1968 World of Soul, Mar 29, 1969 Tape Guide; Sep 18, 1971 Buyer Guide; Aug 3, 1963 Buyer Guide; Aug 31, 1968 Buyer Guide; World of Country Oct 16, 1971; World of Country Oct 19 1968; World of Country, Oct 28, 1967, Tape Directory Oct 28, 1967; World of Country Oct 18, 1969
  Amateur Wireless Added Apr 26, 1930
10-08-16 Record World Added all the available issues from the years 1970 to 1981, This completes the publication of all the issues we have on hand. We will now look for the least costly way to ffind the missing issues.
10-06-16 Record World We have begun adding the many issues of Record World we obtained recently, with 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969 bein.g the first to go online. In total, we will be adding around 400 issues.from 1965 to 1982
10-05-16 Network 40 Added 81 issues from 1990 to 1996 of this radio industry music "action" magazine
  S9 Added over 40 issues of S9, a Citizens Band magazine first published in 1962.
10-4-16 Wireless Constructor Added April and May of 1931, August 1932 and November 1933.
  Bookshelf: Technical Added "The Boy's Second Book of Radio and Electronics" from 1957, our second book in this series of four that introduced many to technology in the 50's and 60's.
  Wireless Weekly Added Sept 17, 1924
  Short Wave Magazine Added Jan & Feb 1954 and Jan, Feb and Mar 1955
  Science & Invention Added Nov 1923 and Nov 1924
  Network 40 Added a new section with one issue of "Network 40", a "tip sheet" for radio programmers from the 1990's published by Steve Smith and Gerry Cagle.
  John Rider Bookshelf Added "Practical Radio Repairing Hints"
10-2-16 Gavin Report Added further issues from 1989 to 1992 and they are highlighted in red on the Gavin page.
  Modern Wireless Added May 1924
  Rider Manuals Added the NRI (Electronics training by home study) version of the RIder Trobuleshooting Manuals for 1949
  KMA Guide Added all issues from 1946 and August of 1947
  Electronics Added August, 1956
  Billboard Added nearly all the missing issues from 1942, 1943 and 1944. They are highlighted with underling and blue lettering on the Billboard page.
  Stevenson's Radio Bulletin Added the radio log and station listings for 1943 and 1944
  Short Wave Magazine Added Jan and Feb of 1952 and July to December of 1951 as well as Sept & November of 1984
9-29-16 The Hard Report Added a new section for The Hard Report, a radio station "tip sheet" showing airplay activity in the areas of rock, Alternative and AAA formats. Published by Bill Hard starting in 1989. Contains many ads from record companies promoting new releases.
  BRE Added four issues of Black Radio Exclusive from the period 2912 to 2016
  IBEW Technician / Engineer Added September 1954
9-28-16 Gavin Report Added 21 issues from 1989 to 1991. They are highlighted in red on the linked page.
  Bookshelf: Technical Added "40 Years of Radio Research" by Southworth from 1962.
  R&R Added 6 issues from 1981 to the Radio & Records collection
  Billboard Added MAy 28, 1938, Sep 16 1938 and July 13, 1940
  FCC Publications Added current EAS Operating Handbook
  FCC Good Engineering Added the 1939 edition of the FCC's "Standards of Good Engineering Practice" including charts of sunrise/sunset, ground conductivity, tower height and field strength by frequency.
  Modern Wireless Added July, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 1926
  Electronics Today (UK) Added  October 1989, Jan 1980, Jan 1973, Top Projects 1998.
  Radio World Added missing issues from 1936 to 1938, They are underlined and highlighted in blue.
  Electronics Added May 1953
  Science & Invention Added July of 1923 and August of 1928
  Early FM Applications Added three studies in support of applications to operate FM radio stations either on 47 mHz or 100 mHz in the Los Angeles market in the period of 1945 to 1948.
  Practical Television Added August 1968
  Bookshelf: Biographies Added "The Taste of Ashes" by Bill Stern and "This is Norman Brokenshire" from 1953 and "Tune in Tomorrow" by Mary Jane Higby
  Bookshelf: History Added The Great Radio Heroes by Harmon from 1967
  Handbook of Broadcasting Added the 3rd edtion from 1950 of Waldo Abott's famous textbook
  Radio Added "Television Interference: Causes and Cures from Radio Magazine (1948)
  Station Albums Added the 80'th Anniversay Album from WCCO Minneapolis / St. Paul with some of the best historical radio pictures in any such publication.
9-27-16 Cash Box Added all but two of the remaining issues from 1956. There are now only 22 total issues missing from the 900 issues published between 1942 and 1959.
9-26-16 Hobbyist Specials Addded the 1960 "Electronics Guide" from the publisher of Electronics Illustrated
  Cash Box Added all but one of the remaining issues of Cash Box from 1959 and 1955
  Radio TV Life Added Feb 15, 1952 issue of this Los Angeles area radio and TV program guide
  Bookself Added "History as You heard It" by Lowell Thomas from 1952.
Pulse Ratings Added a Booklet for WAIM and WCAC in Anderson, SC, from 1952 which contains the complete Pulse survey for a custom multi-county survey area. This is our oldest Pulse survey at this time.
9-25-16 Wireless World Added July, Augu and Sept of 1939 and March of 1934
  Radio World Added May to December of 1935.
  Short Wave Magazine Added Jan , Mar, Apr, May, June of 1951
  Modern Wireless Added Dec 1926
  Billboard Added the Sept 26 1952 Big Band Supplement with articles and ads from the bands of the era.
  The Boys Fourth Book ol Radio & Electronics Added this late-60's book for young hobbyists, part of a series many consider instrumental in encouraging students to make a career in electronics engineering.
  Station Albums Added two new albums today. One kis from HLKX, a missionary station beaming to China from South Korea and the other celebrating the 50th anniversary in 1976 of WWVA, "The friendly voice from out of the hills of West Virginia" and famous for the WWVA Jamboree radio show with country artists, which reached much of the eastern Seaboard from Wheeling, W. Va.
9-24-16 Tune In Added March 1946
  Short Wave Magazine Added March 1982 and July 1983
  Radio World Added 26 more issues from 1922 to 1924. All the recent additons in those years are underligned adn highlighted in blue.
9-23-16 Cash Box Added January to May of 1954. Also added the Nov 2 1963 Country World Supplement
9-20-16 Cash Box Added April, May and June of 1955 and July to December of 1945
  Cash Box Added July to December of 1945 and July to December of 1946
9-18-16 Radio World Added Jan 12, Jan 19, Jan 26, Feb 16, Feb 23 and Mar 8 of 1924
  Ratings Books Added our first example of a Conlan survey. It is dated June 1947 and is for the Gadsden, AL, market.
9-17-16 Radio & Records Added Feb 5, 1988, and Sep 16 1988
  Short Wave Magazine Added November 1950 and Nov, Dec 1963
  Amateur Wireless Added Feb 21
  Popular Wireless Added May 1, 1937
9-16-16 Short Wave Magazine Added April and May 1950 and June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Dec and Nov 1990
  Coast FM & FIne Arts Added November 1965 of this Los Angeles FM and arts magazine.
  Radio Age Added the July 1925 issue.
  Radio Merchandising Added two issues in a new section for this 1922 to 1928 magazine for the "radio trade"
  Wireless Age Added November 1924
  Radio Logbooks Added the Philco 1934 All Wave Log Book radio station list.
9-15-16 Ampex Added a technical presentation brochure for the Ampex Cue-Matic tape "disk" system for commercials, jingles and songs. Look in the right hand column in 1962
  FBIS FM & TV List Added the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (CIA) list of worldwide FM and TV stations from September 1961. Look under "1961" on master page for logs and lists.
  IRCA Mexican Log Added the 2013 edition of the IRCA listing of all Mexican AM stations.
9-14-16 Cash Box Added issues from Jan, Feb and March 1959 and all but one issue from the period of January to June of 1960.
  Communications Engineering Added Jan-Feb 1953 to Jan-Feb 1954 of this Milton Sleeper publication.
  Service Magazine Added October 1958
  Video Communications Journal Added the issues from July to December of 1963 of this magazine which was absorbed into TV and Communications when a fire destroyed its offices.
  Television Engineering Added August and November 1951 issues.
  IBEW Technician / Engineer Added April 1965 issue
  ElectronicServicing Added Jan, Feb, Dec 1969 and Jan 1972 (On PF Reporter page)
  Science & Invention Added June of 1930 issue.
  Radio Electronic Engineering Added the February 1955 issue
  TV Technical Revue Added Jan 1964
  Billboard Added the Oct 30 1965 Country Music supplement. Look for "Oct 30 II"
  BM/E Added July 1967 to the Broadcast Management/Engineering Magazine collection
  DX Horizons /
TV Horizons
Added Jan 1960 of predecessor title, DX Horizons
  International Broadcast Engineer Added Jan 1966
  SBE Journal Added issues from the first three years of the "Joural of the Society of Broadcast Engineers".
  Wireless World Added the special edition "High Fidelity Designs" from 1977. Find it in the left hand column by scrolling downwards.
  Electronic Industries Added 6 issues from 1956
  Radio Retailing Added 20 issues from the 60's (when the title had changed to Electronics Technician)
  Marconi Instrumentation Added a new page with issues of Marconi Instruments, Ltd. magazine.
9-12-16 Black Radio Exclusive Added a section for this music and radio trade magazine which started in 1976
9-11-16 Cash Box Added first half of 1946
  Video Handbook Added this special publication from the editors of "Radio Maintenance" magazine. This is the 6th edition of the books, which includes both video theory and servicing.
  Radio Service Dealer Added 21 issues from 1951 to 1956. They are highlighted in red on the listing page.
  Electronics Technician Added 17 issues from the 60's. These are the first 60's iussues on the site.
9-10-16 Claude Hall's Radio Report Added a new section with five issues of this radio and music publication from 1979
Machlett Cathode Press Added the 1962 edition featuring the line of vacuum tubes.
  Electronic Servicing Added April to December of 1986, Jan of 1987, Jan of 1988 and Jan of 1989
  Gavin Report Added 15 issues.1999: 1-22, 1-29, 1-08. 1998: 10-02, 9-25, 10-22. 12-18. 7-10. 4-03, 19989 Seminar Program, 4-24, 12-04, 4-10, 10-29 and 5-15
  Radio Electronic Engineering Added Jan, Nov, Feb of 1950, Dec 1949. Jan, Feb 1952 and July 1952 of this supplement to Radio News / Radio Television News for professionals on their mail list.
  Wireless World Valve Data Added a second edition of Radio Valve Data, the 8th from 1966. They are listed in the left-hand column part way down the page
9-9-16 Western Electric Pickups Added the November 1940 issue
  Service Added October 1967
  Fred Added the Feb 26, 1979 issue
  Science & Invention Added September 1927
  Radio Weekly Added a new section for this 1933-1939 radio dealer journal
  Cash Box Added all but 3 of the remaining issues from 1958 and also the second half of 1956
  Planning the Local UHF TV Station Added Finnegan's 1965 "Planning the local UHF TV Station" to the technical book section.
  Electronics Hobbyist Special Editions Added Electronics Theory Handbook Spring 1985, Budget Electronics 1980, Electronics Experimenter's Handbook 1980, 101 Electronics Projects 1981 and 1979, Electronis Hobbyist Fall 1979
  White's Radio Log Added the October 1936 issue
  Short Wave Magazine Added Nov & Dec 1949 and Jan & Feb 1950
9-8-16 Cash Box Added many issues from 1957 and 1958 as well as the full year of 1953
9-7-16 AM Radio Logs Added a number of editions of the National Radio Club AM Logbook for the US and Canada. These have always been the most complete and accurate logs over the last nearly 50 years with data on format, schedule and full facility details.
  Cash Box Added all but one of the issues from 1952.
  Cash Box Added Jan to June of 1945
  Broadcast Engineering Added the June, 1984 issue.
9-4-16 Cash Box Added a number of 1955 issues and the first half of 1956 (26 issues)
9-3-16 Science & Invention Added March 1923
  Short Wave Magazine Added 1975 Feb and Sept, Oct 1949
  Radio-Vision Added a new page for this Canadian radio program guide, published in two eras: the first starting 1924 and the second starting in 1946
  AM Pattern Book Added the National Radio Club directional antenna pattern book for 2006
  Amateur Wireless Added a section for this UK publication for amateur radio constructors and operators which began in 1922. Four issues are already available.
  Electronics Added May and Sept 1951, March and Sept 1954, and Sept 1956.
9/2/16 Radio Maintenance Added Nov 1949  and the first 7 issues from the 50's to this collection of radio service magazines.
  Radio Constructor Added March 1926.
  Site Computer Tonight we upgraded the main work computer for the site with a Samsung 850 EVO 4tb SSD. Along with another Samsung, an 859 EVO 2tb and two "live backup" WD 6 tb drives, the sytem updates new files also to our Synology NAS with 4 x 8 tb WD Red drives. This gives us extra capacity and processing speed using an Asus x99 Pro mother board with an i7 5280 with 64 gb of DDR4 memory.
9-1-16 IBEW Technician Engineer Added 144 monthly issues of this IBEW union member magazine from 1942 to 1965
  Gavin Report Added these issues (month and day) from 1997: Jan 10, Jan 24, Mar 21, Mar 28, Apr 25, May 9, May 23, Jun 6, Jun 20, Jul 4, Jul 11, Aug 8, Sept 5, Nov  21
  RCA Review Added the September, 1959 edition.
8-31-16 Wireless World Added issues from, July 13 and August 31 of 1931
  Billboard Replaced incomplete July 18, 1969 with a complete copy.
  Byte Replaced the October 1984 issue with one with all pages.
  Science & Invention Added July 1928 issue
  Short Wave Magazine Added Nov 1953. Mar 1953, Feb 1947, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep 1948 and July and Aug 1949
  Service Added Jun, Jul 1950, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sept 1951, Jan Feb, Apr 1952, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 1954, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Nov 1955 and Aug 1956
8-29-16 Cash Box Added most issues from May to December 1954
  KMA Guide Added 114 issues of the KMA Guide from 1947 to 1977. Also added the KMA / May Seed visitor guide and a picture brochure of Mayfair, the KMA auditorium. This station is an outstanding example of how farm programming was the base for many fine rural stations in Middle America fromt he 20's until even today.
8-27-16 R&R Added the Oct 20, 1989 issue completing the entire year.
  Wireless World Replaced all 1917 issues except April with new copies and new scans including much better reproductions of text, photos and the fullcolor covers.
  Station Books Added "Arkansas Airwaves" by Poindexter, a history of radio in Arkansas.
8-26-16 Cash Box Added entire year of 1944.
8-25-16 Radio & Records Added another 14 issues from 1989-1995 to the collection.
  Wireless Engineer Added the full year 1937
  Cash Box Added July, August and September issues from 1947
  Station Books Added "WDAE - Florida's Pioneer Radio Station"
  Radio Instructor Opened a new page for this 1922 construction and technology magazine.
8-24-16 Cash Box Added Cash Box from May to June of 1947
  Radio & Records Added Feb 7, 1992 and June 16. 1989
  Radio Maintenance Added Oct, 1945, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun-Jul, Aug, Sept 1946 and June 1947
  Wireless Magazine Added the June 1931 issue of this most interesting UK constructor and technology magazine
  Wireless Weekly Added Feb 4th and 25th and Sept 23rd and 30th 1925
8-23-16 Short Wave Magazine Added February, 1982
  Wireless Weekly Added Oct 14 and 21 and Dec 16 and 30 of 1925
8-22-16 Cash Box Added April to December of 1943 with just one issue missing from the entire second year of publication.
  Rider Manuals Added Home and Transistor Radio diagrams and index sets from 1924 to 1927
8-21-16 Electronics Installation Handbook Added 1969 and 1970 editions of Electronics Installation and Servicing Handbook (edited 8-27-16 to correct error in title)
  Audio Added multiple editions from the late 70's to 1999. Many are the October issues which were the annual directories of audio hardware which ran 300 to 400 pages each. They are market
8-20-16 Cash Box Added our first issues from 1942, 1943 and 1947
  Electronic Technician Added a batch of issues from the later 60's of this eventual sucessor to Radio Retailing.
  Wireless Weekly Added October 22, 1924 of this very rare UK hobbyist, experimenter and constructor magazine.
  Billboard Added five issues from 1938 and they are marked with a marker on the page.
8-19-16 PF Reporter Added 9 issues from 1971.
  Audio Added many issues from 1978 to 1984. They are highlighted in blue and underlined on the page.
8-18-16 Wireless World Added the Wireless World supplement "Radio Valve Data". Find it in the left margin.
8-17-16 Audio Added all but one issue from each year of 1976 and 1977
  Short Wave Magazine Added first issues from the 40's: Nov 1948, Feb, Mar, Apr, May 1939
  Billboard Added missing pages to Billboard 1969 issues of May 10, July 12 and July 26.
8-13-16 Wireless World Added May 1940
  Radio & Records Added 26 issues from 1990, 2 from 1991, 3 from 1992 and 3 from 1988. All are highlighted in blue to indicate they are the new additions.
  Audio Added August 54, Nov, Dec 69, and most issues from 1974 and 1975
  Service Magazine Added July, Aug, Sept, Dec 1950 and Jan, Feb, Mar 1951
  Radio Service Dealer Added Mar, May Dec, Sept, Jul 1945
  Radio Maintenance Added August, Oct, Nov, Dec of 1946 to this service magazine
  Modern Wireless Added 6 more issues of this UK title from the 1920's featuring construction and reception guidance and well illustrated articles. There are now 10 issues available.
  PF Reporter Added the Mar-Apr 1953 issue of PF Index, the original title of this service dealer magazine.
8-12-16 Service Added May 1937
  Rider Troubleshooting Manual Added volumes 22 and 23 from roughly 1951 and 1954
8-11-16 The Telsen Radiomag Added the first issue of this magazine from 1933
  Short Wave Magazine Added Feb, Apr, May, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 1953 of this British shortwave and amateur publication.
8-10-16 Radio Electronic Engineering Added 24 issues of this engineering supplement to Radio Television News. 1950; Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Sep, Aug, Oct, Dec, 1961; Jun, May, Aug, Nov, Sept, Dec , Feb, Mar, Jan, Oct 1952: Jun, May
8-9-16 Television & Short Wave World Added a new section for this UK construction and technology magazine from the late 29's and 30's. Just two issues have been found, but we will continue to look for more.
  The Telsen Radiomag Added a new section for this 1933 publication from the manufacturer of Telsen parts and radio. There were a total of 6 published, and issues 4 and 6 have been added.
  Television / Radio Age Added Sept 7, 1981 issue.
8-8-16 Bookshelf Added three titles: 1) Television Advertising and Production Handbook from 1953, 2) Selling and Promoting Radio & Television from 1954 and 3) Cable Television Business from 1983
8-7-16 Hobbyist Special Editions Added Electronics Hobbyist 1973 Spring/Summer, Experimenters Handbook 1990, 99 IC Projects 1982 and Electronics Hobbyist 1990.
  CRTC Proceedings Added these document collections from Canada's CRTC: "Broadcast Proceedings 1979-1988", "FM Application Procedure 1964", "CRTC Decisions 1975-1966"
8-6-16 Station Albums Added a brochure for KFKX in Hastings, NE, the 1923-1928 repeater for KDKA. It received KDKA by shortwave and rebroadcast it for middle America.
  Logbooks Added the 1934-35 Philco Atlas and Log with world station list as well as an interesting 1934 atlas with the borders of the time.
Also La Porte Herald-Argus log from 1928 and the Cunningham 1932 Map & Log.
  Billboard Replaced May 17, 1969 issue which was missing pages with a new and better copy.
  Radio Life / Radio Television Life Addedd March 30 1949, Sept 25 1949 and Jan 30 1949 and May 5, 1958
  FM-TV Magazine Added March of 1950 of this Milton Sleeper magazine
  Canadian Broadcaster Added full year of 1954
8-5-17 Rural Radio Added July 1938
  Cash Box Added 51 of 52 issues from 1948.
  Audio Magazine Added full years of 1969, 1970. 1971, 1972 and 1973. Replaced some poor copies of the few issues from 1971 and 1972 that we previously had. Thanks to Criss Onan for his help.
8-4-16 Short Wave Magazine Added April, May, Jun, Aug, Sept 1963 and Dec 1952
  Service Added Aug 1938 and Mae 1934
8-3-16 Zlotnick and the Polar Bear Added this promotional booklet from WTOP in Washington, DC, for the Arthur Godfrey Show and dated 1944 on a cover letter.
8-2-16 Canadian Broadcaster Added full year 1946
8-1-16 Modern Wireless Added a new page and four issues of this 1920's experimenter, constroctor and listener's magazine from the UK.
  Wireless Constructor Added September 1929 and September 1933 of this UK constructor's magazine.
  Wireless Magazine Added two more issues from 1929 and 1931
Popular Wireless Added 10 issues from 1923 to 1934.
  Wireless Weekly Added six issues of thise mid-20's to mid-30's UK constructionand technology magazine
7-31-16 Marconigraph Added August and November of 1912 of this magazine which became Wireless World in 1913  Also added 12 issues of the United States edition of the magazine from the same period (find the links in the left-hand sidebar)
  Cash Box Added January to June issues of 1950 as well as Oct 13, 1951.
Added all issues except one from 1949.
  General Radio Experimenter Updated page with missing issues and added a link to the IET Labs website where a wealth of additional General Radio publications can be found.
  Canadian Broadcaster Added full years of 1951 and 1952.
7-30-16 Electronics Added June 1950
  RCA Victor Service Notes Added the 1935 edition.
  Radio Logs and Lists Added National Radio Club AM station log from 2005-2006
  Tape Recording Added Sept 1960. Jan, May 1961 and Mar, Apr, May, Sept, Oct 1962
  Popular Electronics Replaced an incomplete copy of October 1975 with a complete edition.
  Rider Books Added "Television: How It Works" by John Rider. Link in the Books section at the bottom of the page.
7-27-16 Wireless Magazine Started a new page with one issue of this 1925-1936 publication from the UK. More issues have been purchased via eBay from the UK and should be here soon!
7-25-16 Record World In one day, Record World has become one of the top 5 pages on the site. I just acquired nearly 500 additional issues of the magazine and will start adding them as soon as they arrive over the course of several weeks.
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added March 1963 and September and October of 1952.
7-24-16 Electronics Added Jan, Jun, Nov of 1952 and May, Jun, July and Oct of 1949
  Canadian Broadcaster Added the entire year of 1950 to the collection. as well as all the issues from 1955
7-23-16 R&R Added 42 issues from the years 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1991. They are highlighted in blue on the R&R listing page.
  Record World A new section has been added for this record industry magazine which was the first to feature radio airplay reports. First issues available are 25 editions from 1968.
  Radio & Television Journal Added July 1946 with a delightful "centerfold" advertisement shoing the history of Nipper, the RCA Victor dog and the Victor brand.
  Science & Invention Added May 1927
  Practical Electronics Increased the total issues on the site to 36
  Canadian Broadcaster Added full year of 1949
7-22-16 Cash Box Added all issues except one from the year 1951.
7-21-16 Canadian Broadcaster Added the full years of 1947, 1948 and 1953, There are now 17 years of this title on the site with another 6 years still to come!
7-20-16 Scanning Updated the "How we scan" page to include the new Atiz BookDrive Mark 2 Lite scanner and a link to a brochure about this addition to our scanner array. We are using the first of this model installed anywhere in the world!
7-19-16 R&R Added two year-end special editions of Radio & Records. Dec 9, 1983 and Dec 14, 1984.
  Billboard Addedd the March 21 1970 Tape Directory special edition.
  Science & Invention Added September 1924 featuring "40 non-technical radio articles".
7-17-16 TV Technical Review Added a new section for this international TV engineering journal from the 1960's and added first two issues.
  Practical Electronics Added 15 issues of this UK electonics hobbyist and experimenter's magazine.
  FM Magazine Added July and November of 1945 of this Milton Sleeper publication.
7-16-16 Radio Varieties Added a special edition from June, 1940 featuring WSM in Nashville.
  Radio Maintenance Added Dec 1949, May 1950,
7-15-16 Station Albums
AFRS in India
Contributor Neal Simpson provided the most interesting station album we have in the collection. It is from VU2ZP, "Yank Radio Bangalore" from 1945. This AFRS station was operated by the US military in the India-Burma Theatre towards the end of W.W. II (begining in January, 1945)  and perhaps for a while the Japanese surrender. And note that on page 10, the upper left hand picture shows British entertainer George Formby on the banjo!
  Radio Station Verifications Added three sets of mostly 1920's letters and cards of verification ("QSL") including many famous early stations and others that no longer exist. You can see them by clicking these three links Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added July, 1980, May, 1981 and Apr, May, July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov of 1954.
  Harris Catalogs Added the 1986 manual for the FM 5 K transmitter
7-14-16 Broadcaster Canada Added entire year 1960 and Jan to March 1953
7-13-16 Rider's Manual Added four books by John Rider: "The Cathode Ray Tube at Work" (1935), "How to use Meters" (1954), "FM Transmission and Reception" (1949) and "FM: An Introduction to Frequency Modulation" (1940) to the book collection at the bottom of the page. Also added the 1941 "Record Changers" set of diagrams and guides and the Vol II of the 1929 predecessor to the "Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manual" series.
  RCA Victor Service Notes Added 6 more volumes, 1923-1928, 1929-1930, 1931-1932, 1934, 1936 and 1938-1942, to the RCA Victor Service Notes collection. More to come in the next few weeks.
  RCA Victor Service Notes Added the first volume, 1933, of hat will be the complete 12-volume set from 1923 to 1932
7-12-16 IBEW Technician Engineer Added 22 issues from the mid 60's of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Worker's magazine for its members in the areas of broadcasting.
  TV & Communications Added nearly all the issues of the predecessor publications DX Horizons, TV Horizons and Video Communications from 1960 to 1963. There are now 45 total issues in this chain of titles.
7-11-16 The Marconigraph Added 12 issues of "The Marconigraph" which was published from April 1911 to March, 2013 and was the predecessor of Wireless World. The magazine was issued by Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co., Ltd.
  Broadcast Engineering Added Jan & Feb of 1964
  Rider's Manual Added all the missing editions to complete the collection from 1931 through Vol 21 in 1951
7-10-16 Broadcaster Canada Added the full year of 1957.
7-9-16 TV & Communications Added a new page for this CATV and Television distribution systems journal which began in 1964.
  Wireless World Added June, July, Aug, Sept of 1942
  Rider's Manual Added a section at the bottom of the Troubleshooter's Manual page for the books of John Rider. We begin with "Inside the Vacuum Tube" and "Vacuum Tube Voltmeters".
  Collins Catalog Added Collins Broadcast Equipment catalog from 1969, #46.
  Bookshelf: History Added Cogley's 1954 "Report on Blacklisting II Radio & Television" with the history and analysis of media blacklisting in the McCarthy era.
  White's Radio Log Added the 5th edition of the log from early 1925, the earliest White's edition on the site as of this date.
  ETI Added the special editions of Electronics Projects 1 & 2, 3 and 4 (at bottom of page)
7-8-16 Broadcast Engineering Added all issues except for two from 1959 to mid 1966 including the May, 1959 first issue. A total of 48 issues have been added today.
7-7-16 Broadcaster Canada Added the full years of 1958 and 1969
  Radio Service Dealer Added May and August of 1940
  Radio & Television Journal Added Feb 1946
  Radio Logbooks Added a new version / edition of the 1926 Radio Index sponsored by a Chicago bank.
Added the Sylvania Station finder from March of 1941 with all the NARBA changes for the US, Canada and Cuba all on two sides of a large cardboard card!
  Station Albums Added a 1924 program schedule from KWIX in Independence, MO, owned by the LDS.
  IRE Broadcast Group Added 9 issues of the IRE's "Professional Group on Broadcasting" publication with papers by members on broadcast technology.
7-6-16 Rider's Manual Added 1942, 1943 and 1944 (Volumes 12 to 14)
  Short Wave Magazine Added Mar & Dec 1954 and Mar & Aug 1953
  Wireless World November and December of 1938 as well as April and May of 1942 were added.
7-5-16 Rider's Manual Added 1940 and 1941 as well as a set of index booklets covering single years and ranges of years. Some of the index booklets contain "How it Works" section explaining how different circuits and components work.
7-4-16 Rider's Manual Added 1932, 1933, 1934, 1936, and 1939
7-3-16 Rider's Manual Added 1948, 1949, 1937 and 1938 to the collection.
7-2-16 Rider's Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manual
We have just opened a page which will soon contain the entire collection of the Rider's Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manual with diagrams and service tips for nearly all production manual radios from the 30's to 1954. They will be searchable, as well. There will be a total of over 40,000 pages in this collection. We added 1935, Volume VI, today and it is searchable. Give it a view and let me know of any issues or suggestions.
  Wireless World June to October of 1938 have been added.
7-1-16 BM/E Broadcast Management / Engineering Added Jan, Feb, March, Apr, May, Jun, July, Sept and August of 1966. May , Nov, Jun, Apr, Jan, Feb, Oct, Nov of 1966 as well as the late 1954 Preview Issue.
  Audio Magazine Added Dec 1964. Oct 1966 and Jan, Feb. Mar, Apr. May, Jun Jul, Aug, Sept.
  Broadcast Engineering Added  Aug 1964, Dec 1967, Jan, Oct, May, Sept, Aug, June, April and March of 1969
6-27-16 Broadcaster Canada Added Jan to November, 1963. There are now 8 years of this chronicle of Canadian Broadcasting on the site... with much more on the way.
  Audio Record Added 1957 Oct
  Station Albums Added a late 40's album from WARD 1490 AM and its new FM staion. Lots of station photos as well as pictures of Johnstown.
  McCurdy audio gear Added a large collection of sales literature from 1968 to 1969 as well as price literature for boards and other studio and audio distribution gear. Look under "70's" in the listing.
6-26-16 Billboard Added Jan 28 and Feb 10, 1939 and July 20 and Sept 10 of 1938
  Short Wave Magazine Added Aug Dec and Sep 1980 and Dec 1987 and Jan 24 1970
  Collins Catalog Added a new catalog which may be from around 1961 (which is where it is listed)
6-24-16 Stars of the Radio Added this 1932 album of the stars of network radio from the publisher of Broadcast Weekly.
  Wireless World April May and June of 1939 have been added.
  Coast FM & FIne Arts Added May, 1971, edition of this Los Angeles, CA, radio and cultural magazine.
  Commerical & Government Radio Stations Added this 1930 Department of Commerce listing of all licensed radio operations.
  Electronics Hobbyist Special Editions Added Electronics Experimenterr's Handbook Spring 1974
  Electronics Austrialia Added a new section and the first two issues of this title from the 60's
  CONELRAD Added a 28-minute script for the 50's and very early 60's system to alert the public in the event of nuclear attack. The script describes what listeners should do in a real attack. Look for it under the year "1961"
6-23-16 Broadcast Management / Engineering (BME) Added June 1975
  Wireless World Dave Andrews has provided Feb and Mar 1939
  RCA Review Added July and October of 1939
  CRTC Annual Report Added the Canadian Radio Television Commission annual reports from 1968 to 1975
  Radio Guide Added Feb 25 1939
  Wireless Constructor Added a new page for this UK publication from the 20's and early 30's. Just one issue available, but looking for more.
  Wireless Engineer Added full year 1948 and its complete index for this sister publication to Wireless World
  RCA Publications Sheldon Rothman has prolvided "Pioneering in Television", a 1946 compilation of presentations by David Sarnoff. It is in the RCA book section.
  DX Verifications Added a collection of verifications of reception from Mexican stations from the 70's (Listed under "Mexico -2") from my personal collection
6-22-16 Broadcaster Canada Added the full year of 1966 issues and full year of 1965 issues.
  Radio & Records Added over 50 more issues mostly from 1982 and 1983. As with the issues described below, they are highlighted in blue lettering.
6-21-16 Post Cards Added 8 new cards to the Post Card section.
If you have any radio station picture postcards please send a 300 dpi full size scan of both front and back to us! Click CONTACT to send.
6-20-16 Radio & Records Addded 47 issues, mostly from 1983-1987; there are a few from the 90's and one form 2003. These issues are highlighted in blue for ease in locating them.
  Billboard Added Mar 23, 1959
  Short Wave Magazine Added 1952 July and 1980 May
  Studio Sound Added November 1980 courtesy of Christian Vander Hofstadt and also a number of issues of sister publication "What's New in Pro Audio" and "Live Sound"
  Wireless World January, 1924 has been added.
  Technical Bookshelf Added the duMont publication from 1941 "Pioneering the Television Arts" with a descriptions of advances in TV technology.
  Business Bookshelf Add Landry's "This Fascinating Radio Business" from 1946
  Biography Bookshelf Added "Father of Radio" by Lee de Forest from 1950
  Ratings Publications Added a Broadcast Ratings Council 70's era pamphlet with guidance for resolving radio station issues with ratings.
5-19-16 Short Wave Magazine Added June 1952, Mar 1978 and Aor 1980
  Broadcaster Canada Added the full year of 1945
  Tower Radio Added August and November 1934.
6-18-16 Wireless World Added the April 1974 issue courtesy of Dave Andrews. The Wireless World collection is complete from 1944 through the name change in 1986.
6-17-16 Shortwave Magazine Added Oct 1979 and Aug 1970 to the collection of this UK amateur and showrtwave publication.
  Broadcaster Canada Added the full set of 12 1943 issues and the 19 issues from 1944 when in July the magazine increased to twice a month.
6-16-16 Broadcaster Canada Added the first full year of this ´publicatiohn, January to December of 1942. Newsmagazine of the radio broadcasting business.
6-15-16 Ratings Publications Added 21 different reports and studies from Arbitron, Birch and Audits and Surveys as well as the Television Information Center about ratings procedures from the late 70's through the 80's. All new adds are listed in blue lettering.
6-13-16 Electronics Today Added Feb, Aug and Oct 1986
6-11-16 Station Promotions Added promotional booklets and brochures for WGN, WESR, Trans World Radio, SBS/CMQ Miami, Radio Santa Maria Dominican Republic, KNX and CHOO.
  Electronics Added 1946 Dec, 1950 Sep, 1951 Jul, Aug, 1953 Jul, Sept, Oct, June, 1954 Feb, Jan, 1944 Jun, Jul, 1956 Jun, May, 1957 Oct, Apr, Jun, Aug, Jul
  Coast FM & Fine Arts Added 3 issues of this Los Angeles FM Schedule and Fine Arts and entertainment magazine.
6-9-16 Wireless World Added October and November of 1936
6-8-16 Radioland Added November 1933 with several fascinating articles about how radio is done behind the scenes.
  Radio Daily Added the 25th anniversary edition of radio daily from 1962.
  Radio Added September 1931
6-7-16 Electronics Added June 1951, Dec 1957, Oct, Dec, May 1955, Oct 1950, July, Aug 1943, Apr 1947
6-6-16 Hobbyist Annuals and Specials Added Communications Handbook 1966, Stereo Review Tape Recorder Guide 1974, RCA Hobby Circuit Manual 1970, Electronics Projects You Can Make 1966, Experimenters Handbook Spring 1969 and Spring 1967. Make Your Own TV Repairs 1966, The New TV Repairs You Can Do 1968,
Service Added pver 20 issues from 1952 to 1956. The newest ones are underlined on the listing page.
  Weyrich Log The Weyrich Log was prepared for Medium Wave DXers and was a very complete listing of all stations in the Western Hemisphere. Added were the logbooks from 1948, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953
  Directory of Radio Stations Added an unusual 1951 logbook of non-USA stations in the Western Hemisphere in Country order.
  Foerester's Log Added four issues of this DXer's logbook from the 1945-1946 period. The editions, with listings by frequency, cover the US, Canada, Cuba, Haiti and Mexico
6-5-16 Electronics Added Apr 1947, March and Feb of 1943, Sept of 1946, and May of 1947 as well as June 1935 and May 1937
  Monitoring Times Added Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr and Jul/Aug of 1982
  LPTV Report Added November and December to the 1990 full year file, as well as many (but not all) issues from 1991 and 1992 in separate files.
  Radio World Added Dec 11, 1926
  Electronics Added Apr, May 1947, June 1935, May 1937, Feb, Mar 1943 and Sept 1946
6-4-16 Wireless World Added 3 of the 4 December 1923 issues as well as the August and September 1936 ones.
  Station Promotion Added 15 items to the station promotional material page. These range from first day of operation newspaper-size souvenirs from Desmoines and Kapuskasing (ON) to a 30's brochure for the Cleveland Plain Dealer's duopoly of WJAY and WHK in Cleveland. All are in the "New Additions" part of the page.
  Billboard Magazine Added Nov 29, 1941
  The Short Wave Magazine Added issues from 12 / 1979, 7 / 1978 and 12 / 1976
6-3-16 Practical Wireless Added April, Sept, Oct, Nov of 1943 and Sept of 1945
6-1-16 Radio Added Dec 1929, Feb, Mar, Apr, Jun, Apr, Nov, Dec 1938. Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Jun, Aug, Sep, Nov
  Station Albums Added the "Radio Personalities" album from KFDA, Amarillo, TX, from 1939
5-29-32 Practical Wireless Added three issues of "Hobbies and Practical Wireless" from January and February of 1932. The predecessor to "Practical Wireless" was a combined "Hobbies" with the PW supplement from Jan to Sept of 1932
5-28-16 Electronics Added Oct, Nov 1955, Jan, Mar 1957 and April 1956
  Practical Wireless Added the Jan, Feb, Mar, May, Jun, Jul, Aug
  Wireless World Added July 1936 and added July-Dec to that year's index. Courtesy of Dave Andrews.
5-27-16 Electronics Added Feb, Apr 1955; May, Feb, Nov 1957; Apr, Nov, Oct 1951 and Oct, Mar 1956, Jul 1950
  Gates Catalogs Added the 1950 Speech Input Equipment catalog and price list, including consoles, transcription equipment and early tape recorders.
  Radex "Radio Index" Rescanned 130 issues from better copies courtesy of the National Radio Club.
  Radio Constructor Added June and July 1962
  The Short Wave Magazine Added  July, Aug, Sept and Nov 1976 courtesy of Peter Merriman
5-26-16 Bookshelf Added the 1940 book by McGill "Radio Directing"
  Billboard Added the May 21, 1977 special issue "100 Years of Recorded Sound"
  Radio Added November and December of 1946
  Radio Constructor Added Jan, Feb, May, Jun, Jul and Aug/Sept issues from 1981, completing the entire span from 1963 to 1981 with much gratitude to Jim Jobe who has obtained and scanned all these issues.
5-25-16 Forecast FM Added Jun, Jul, Aug, Sept, Dec 1975 and Mar, Apr, May, Sept of 1974
5-23-16 Radio Maintenance Added all issues from Jan 1947 to Jan 1949 except June 1947.
5-22-16 Forecast FM Added June, August and September of 1974 courtesy of Bob Bell.
  Wireless World Added November, 1923 from Richard Tozer
  Audiocraft Added Nov 1955; Jan, Feb, Apr, Jun, Jul, Aug 1956 Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 1957
5-21-16 Radio Constructor Added October, November 1979 and March, April, August and October November of 1980 and March 1981.
  Broadcast Technology Added issues from 1965 to 1988
  Wireless World New: June 1936
5-20-16 Broadcast Technology Added important articles and features from Canadian publication Broadcast Tecnology / Broadcast Equipment Today from 1975 to 1985
5-19-16 Service Added June, July, August 1966
  Forecast FM Added a number of issues of this Washington DC FM guide which later evolved into a hi-fi and entertainment magazine. Many more issues are on hand and being scanned.
  Wireless World Added April and May of 1936
5-18-16 Radio Service Dealer Added March, May and Sept of 1941
  The Short Wave Magazine Added Jan to June of 1976
  PF Reporter Added Mar 1961, Jan, Feb, Mar, Jul 1962. Also added Electronic Servicing & Technology full year of 1982
  Radio Constructor Added August and September of 1979
5-17-16 NAB Publications Added the 1966 "Political Broadcast Catechism & The Fairness Doctrine"
  Technical Bookshelf Added the 1958 book "The Sound of High Fidelity" by Cuningham and Jordan
  Arbitron Added summary of Omaha Spring 1967 Arbitron
5-16-16 Television / Radio Age Added Oct 28, 1985; Jun 21 1976; Dec 6, 1965; July 26, 1982; Oct 19, 1981
  Radio Maintenance Dedicated tot he service professional. Added a new section with one issue of this publication which began in 1945 in the USA.
  Broadcaster Canada Added an issue ferom 1966
  Audiocraft Added 9 issues of this sister publication to High Fidelity, published from 1955 to 1958 for the do-it-yourself Hi-Fi enthusiast.
  Ampex Magnetic Tepe Glossary from around 1970
  Tectronics Added 1972 catalog
5-15-16 Radio Electronics Annuals Added the Radio-Electronics Annual editions from 1983 to 1986 with hobbyist and construction projects.
  Wireless World Added March, 1936
  Radio Service Dealer Added Feb, Apr, May, Jun, Sept 1950; Jun, Oct, Nov 1952; May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Oct 1956; Jan, Feb, May, Aug 1957.
  Hobbyist Annuals and Specials Added a variety of these special editions courtesy of Hue Miller. Electronics Illustrated Electronics Guide, Radio-TV Repair 1967, Radio Electronics Annual 1983, Popular Electronics Hi FI Yearbook 1957, Maco Hi Fi and Stereo Handbook 1956 and 1959, Electronics Illustrated Hi Fi Handbook 1959, Mechanix Illustrated Hi Fi Guide 1956, Fawcett Hi Fi Manual 1955, Electronics Illustrated Radio Repair 1970, Fawcett Hi Fi Tape Recording 1958, Fawcett Low Cost Hi Fi 1957. Electronics Experimenters Handbook 1996 and 1994, Electronics Handbook 1987 Fall, Electronics Handbook XVIII (1996) and XIX (1997), Radio-&-Television-News-Color-Television-Selection-Operation-Servicing-1957, Popular Electronics Communications Handbook 1977,
5-14-16 Wireless World Added the issues from January & February 1936 and the Jan to June index
  Practical Television Added May 1951
5-13-16 Gavin Report Added Oct 10 and Dec 16 1983, Dec 14, 1985, Dec 13. 1985, Dec 12. 1986, Dec 9, 1988
Service Added the complete years of 1948 and 1953 as well as a group of issues from 1943 and 1945 bringing the total issue count for this title to 238 on the site.
  DX Radio Log Added this listing of US and all international stations by location and frequency from May of 1935
  PF Reporter
Electronic Servicing & Technology
Added March 1997, Nov and Dec 1996,
5-12-16 Station Books Added "The W.G.N." a book for the 75th anniversary of The Worlds Greatest Newspaper in 1922 at the time that WGN radio was begun.
  Technical Bookshelf Added "Radio Electronics" by Seeley from Case University and dated 1956
  Short Wave Magazine Added Nov 1980 and April, Jul and Oct 1968
5-11-16 DX Almanac Added issue #1 of this 1944 logbook including US and most international stations.
  This is CBC Booklet published in 1946 on the 10th anniversary of the CBC with a layman's description of the operations of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  City Magazines Added the Portland, OR, Radio Television Guide from the early 50's
  Radio '49 Added a new section with 33 issues of this Montréal, Québec entertainment and radio guide called Radio '49, Radio '50, Radio '51 and Radio '52 during its publication run.
6-9-16 Service Added Jan-Dec 1940 and Jan-Oct 1941, Jan 1951 and May 1950. There are now 208 issues of this magazine on the site.
6-8-26 PF Reporter
Electronic Servicing & Technology
Added 65 issues of Electronic Servicing & Technology issues from the 80's to 2000.
  Short Wave Magazine Added Sep 1970, Jan 1971, June & Oct 1980 courtesy of Peter Merriman
  Wireless World Added October, 1923 coutesy of Richard Tozer.
6-5-16 Radio Progress Added Feb 1, and Feb 15 1925 and Sep 15 1925
5-4-16 PF Reporter Added June 1954, Oct 1965, June 1966, Jan, Feb, Mar 1967, Jan, Sept, Oct, Nov 1968, Feb, Jun 1954, Mar, May, Aug 1957, Mar 1958 all courtesy of Tom Kirkland
  Electronic Servicing Added 1975 Jun, Dec, Nov, Oct, Sept, Aug, Jul, Apr, May, Mar, Feb and Jan, 1976 Jun, Jan, Feb , 1974 Dec, Oct, Sept, Aug, Jun, Apr. This is the "new" title from 1969 on of PF Reporter. All issues from TOm Kirkland
  Technician Added a new magazine title with issues from 1954 to 1958. All courtesy of Tom Kirkland
  Cash Box Added June to September of 1973 and Jan to May of 1975.
5-3-16 Cash Box Added July to December 1972 and Jan to May of 1971 and fixed a half-dozen bad links reported by "Trebor" from the UK Mix forum.
5-2-16 Short Wave Magazine Added May, June and Oct of 1965 and Feb of 1966.
5-1-16 Radio Journal Added Aug, 1953, Nov 1948, Mar 1946, Dec 1948 and June 1923
  Electronic Age Added Spring of 1959 to the collection of RCA's consumer technology magazine.
  Bookshelf Added a booklet published in 1939 by RCA called "America's First Television Tour" which shows pictures of one of the earliest US television stations as well as shots of exhibits portraying the earliest equipment and examples of low resolution scans.
  Radio Best Added issues of this 1940's fan and program magazine Jan 1948, Feb 1949 and Apr 1949
4-30-16 Short Wave Magazine Added Nov and Oct 1970, Jan 1966 and April and May 1965 of this UK shortwave magazine. All issues in this collection courtesy of Peter Merriman
  Radio Constructor Added the issue from April of 1981 and Feb, Mar and May of 1979
  Practical Wireless Added Decenber 1943
  International Short Wave Adde 14 issues from 1935, 1936 and 1937
4-29-16 Popular Communications Added 21 more issues from 1988 to 1993. completing those years.
  All Wave Radio Added July 1936 to complete this collection.
4-28-16 Popular Communications Added 65 issues from 1982 to 1988, nearly completing those years (missing Dec 1985). Thanks to Al Quaglieri for all of these issues.
  Billboard Added Sep 7, 1968, Dec 24 1967 Talent Directory, 75th Anniversay Issue from 11-01-1969 and May 5, 1947 issue
  Hobbyist Annuals Added Electronic Experimenter's Handbook from 1991, replacing a bad scan with missing pages.
  Radio Retailing Added Sept and Oct of 1947
  Cash Box Added 65 issues from the four years between 1968 to 1971
4-23-17 Studio Sound David Isherwood kindly provided the January 1875 issue of Studio Sound, with just a handful of issue now missing from the 42 year history of this publication from the UK.
4-19-16 Radio Mirror Added the last missing issue of our 20 year span  of  Radio Mirrir from November 1933 to December 1953 by adding the February 1934 issue. This is the only complete collection from this range of years available on the Internet.
4-18-16 The Aerial Added two issues from 1919 of this employee magazine for the Marconi Companies, which by that year had over 8,000 employees.
  Radio Constructor Added August 1961
  Electronics Today Added Nat 1986 and Nov 1983
  Practical Wireless Added 1942, September
4-17-16 The Short Wave Magazine Added issues from May 1952, March 1968, March & June 1969, March and Nov of 1965 of this UK shortwave magazine.
4-16-16 Service Added 17 issues from 1942 and 1946
  Cash Box Added all issues from October and November of 1969 and all October 1970 issues
4-15-16 Radio Life Added the September 1, 1940 issue. This is the earliest edition of this Los Angles radio magazine and program guide.
4-14-16 FM Guide Added 12 issues of this 60's and 70's guide to FM stations and programming from New York City courtesy of Martin Brooks.
  Radio Electronics With the edition for December of 1951 completed the Radio Electronics set from October of 1948 to December of 1999. 615 issues in total.
4-12-16 Monitoring Times Added the Jan-Feb issue from 1983
  Wireless World Added December 1935
  Experimental Wireless Added all issues fro 1930 and 1931
4-11-16 Practical Wireless Added May 1943
  Radio Design Added Vol 1 No 2 from Winter 1927
  Radionics Added 9 issues of this professional supplement to Radio News during the 1940's
4-10-16 Wireless World Added November 1935
4-9-16 Radio at War Albums Added another in the series "Radio at War" from W.Wl II, This one is from WPAR in Parkersburg, WV and has many pictures of the staton staff and facilities.
  Wireless World September and October of 1935 were added from the collection of Dave Andrews.
  Practical Wireless Added February 1946
  PF Reporter Added PF Index for April, 1951
  Science and Invention Added March of 1930 and March of 1931
  Radio Doings Added Jan 22, 1928, Dec 18 1927. Ocy 19. 1929 and Sept 27, 1940
  Radio Journal Added Issues from May, June & Dec 1023 and August 1922 from this early radio technology magazine which had many features about stations and frequency listings.
  Radio Progress Added 7 issues of this 1924-25 magazine for constructors and those interested in news about radio stations and frequency assignments.
4-7-16 Radio Topics Added four issues of this early 20's constructor and technology magazine Radio Topics: Jan, May and June 1924 and Jan 1923.
  Radio Television
Added the December 1949 issue of this direct descendant of the 20's "Radio Journal".
  Radio Mechanics Added March and April of 1927 of this Milton Sleeper publication.
4-6-15 Cash Box Added five issues from July 1950 and the August 5 issue from that year as well as the issues from May to August of 1974
  Radio Life Added May 17, 1942
  Electronics Today Added March 1986
  Arbitron Added the Description of Methodology from 1987
4-5-16 Service Added 19 issues from 1947 and 1949
  Billboard Completed all 19 missing issues from 1971 to 1975. (1971) Oct 30, Sept 18, Nov 13, Apr 24, Jun 19. Sep 25. Oct 9, Kiñ 17, Aug 21, Aug 14, Jun 12, Jun 26, May 29 (1972) June 17, Feb 5 (1973) Dec 29, July 28 (1974) Feb 23 (1975) Feb 01
4-4-15 Modern Electrics Added the February, 1913 issue.
  Equipment Catalogs Added the 1936 "Catalog J" from General Radio
  RCA Theatre Added a new secton to preserve RCA public sound and theatre product catalogs and data. There are 8 items from 1936 to 1952.
  Bookshelf Pulp Fiction time: added the 1971 novel "DJ" about disk jockeys in New York City Top 40 radio and loosely modeled on Alan Freed and Pete "Mad Daddy" Myers. It's included here because it paints the popular picture of the DJ with extremely "vivid" colors.
  Wireless Engineer Added all issues and the Index from 1941
  RCA Catalogs Added the Third Edition full broadcast line catalog from 1957
  Radio Constructor Added Feb 1980
  Gates Manuals Added the 1955 M5214 Remote Contol system and the 1962 M6209 President Console manual.
  Electronics Today Added March, Oct, Dec 1985, Jan 1983 and Oct 1980 thanks to Peter Merriman
Also added two issues (1982 and 1984 Summer) of Electronics Digest from ETI.
  Radio Service Dealer Added May, Mar, Jun 1946 Oct, May, Sept 1954 Oct 1945 Sept,  Oct 1953 Feb, Mar 1949 Apr 1947, Feb 1956
  Radio World Added June 14 and July 26 1924, Feb 5 1827 and Oct 23 1926
4-3-16 Electronics Added Jan & Nov 1955, Oct 1954, Feb & Dec 1956
  Billboard Added these issues from 1969: Oct 4, Oct 11, Sep 27, May 10. All courtesy of Arie del Dulk
  Audio Record Added Nov-Dec 1954
  Electronics Experimenter's Handbook Added 1993 edition to the Hobbyist Special Editions page.
  National Radio News Added Feb-Mar 1948, Feb-Mar & Jun-Jul 1947
  Bookshelf Added Advertising by Radio by Orrin Dunlap frp, 1929 and a 1958 pictorial about work in television with the title Behind the Scenes in Television by Cooke.
  Bookshelf Also added "Construction of Radio Phone and Telegraph Receivers for Beginners" by Milton Sleeper, one of our earlier Sleeper publications, from 1922
  Radio News Added 1940 Radio & Television Data Book, a special edition.
4-2-15 Wireless World Added July & August of 1935
  Science & Invention Added June 1924 and Aug 1926
4-1-16 Electronics Added 9 of the huge (350 to 500 page) issues from the 50's, courtesy of Steve Rosenfeld. They are May and June 1954, Feb and Nov of 1953, Mar and Feb of 1951, Mar of 1050 and Nov of 1956. We have nearly 100 more issues from the 50s which will be added in the next few weeks.
  Popular Communications Added Jan, Mar, April, May & Dec, 1996
  Catalogs & Manuals Added the manual for the GE-BT-250-A 250 watt AM transmitter from 1948, complete with parts lists, schematics and a number of photographs.
3-31-16 Billboard Added Dec 20, Aug 30 and July 12 of 1969
  PF Reporter Completed all issues from 1956
  Practical Wireless Added March 1946
3-30-16 Studio Sound Courtesy of Jamie Gray, added Mar & Oct 1986, Nar 1983, Aug & Dec 1984, June 1982, July 2001, July 1979 to bring us within 13 issues to complete the collection. Please let us know if you have issues to scan, donate or sell.
Separately, Jean-Pierre Lafont contiributed July of 1970.
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3-24-16 Station Post Cards Added 27 more cards to the collection. Clicking on any card brings up a full-size high resolution view.
3-21-16 PF Reporter Added the full year 1970 of "Electronic Servicing" which was the changed name for PF reporter after the late 60'd.
  Wireless World Added all April and May and June 1935 issues.
  The Short Wave Magazine Added three issues of this UK shourt wave magazine and opened a new page on the site.
3-20-16 Billboard Added Sept 28 of 1940
  WHFS Program Guide Added a collection of 1963 monthly program guides from WHFS in the Washington, DC, market. This was one of the earlier stereo station, thus the name "Stereo Notes".
  Radio Constructor Added Feb and Aug 1971 and Jan and Oct of 1979
  Electronics Today Added June and Dec of 1982
  Monitoring TImes Added 28 issues from 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 to the collection. The collection is complete from 1984 to 1999 with only 5 issues missing from the first two years of publication.
  Television Quarterly Added Fall 1984 and Summer 1985
3-19-16 Wireless World Added three editions of the special editions called "Circuit Designs" or "Circards" from 1975, 1976 and 1978.  See listing part way down the page in the left-hand column.,
Added all issues from Jan, Feb and Marr of 1935
  Electronics Added March, 1953
  Radio Retailing Added May 1947 and September of 1948
3-18-16 Practical Wireless New additions are: June 1935, Apr, Oct, Nov 1946. Aug 1942, Dec 1941 and Feb 3, 1940
3-17-16 Cash Box Added May to June of 1972 and March to May of 1977
3-16-16 Billboard Added 6 missing issues between July and December of 1972 and replaced scans of all issues in those 6 months with new scans, This includes replacing 4 issues that were incomplete due to missing pages or cut-outs.
3-15-16 Wireless World Completed the years 1971, 1985, 1983 and 1986 and finished all but August of 1984 courtesy Cheryl Hill from New Zealand.
  Cash Box Added Jan to June of 1973, Oct and Nov of 1978 and Jan-Feb, May-June and Aug-Sept of 1979.
3-14-16 Popular Communications Added issues from the 1980's and 1990's
  PF Index Added all 5 issues from 1955
  Cash Box Added 13 issues between February and May of 1976 and October through December of 1971 as well as Jan to Mar 1972
3-13-16 Radio Today Added a new section for issues of Arbitron's "Radio Today" and Nielsen's "How America Listens" which are annual reviews of radio listening habits in America. Includes issues of Hispanic Radio today and Puerto Rico Radio Today as well. 1998-2016
  Billboard Added September 26, 1964 and partial (clip-outs or missing pages) of Nov 8 and Dec 13, 1969
3-12-16 Popular Electronics Replaced several Popular Electronics issues that had missing pages: Dec 1970, Feb 1955, Jan 1971. Jan 1974
  Practical Wireless Added July 1948 to complete that year
  Electronics Today Added May and Sept of 1980, Jan, Mar, Apr and Dec of 1981
3-10-16 Electronics Added all remaining missing issues from the 30's except for two and also added missing issues from 1941 and 1941.
3-9-16 Electronics Added all issues from Jul-Dec of 1939 and Jan, Feb, May, Sept and Dec of 1936
3/8/16 Electronics Added August-Dec 1930 and Jan-June 1939.
  Radio Constructor Added Sept 1974 and Jan to Mar of 1978
3/7/16 Wireless World Added Jan, Feb and Mar of 1934. Note: in the period when Wireless World was published weekly, we have combined each month's issues in a single file of 4 or 5 issues for convenience.
3-6-16 Hardware Upgrade We took the day off from scaning to upgrade our NAS system to 4 x 6tb WD red drives. In redundant RAID, that give 12 tb of total storage for our original jpg scans so they can be stored and accessed in the original unprocessed form. We also upgraded the 2 drive NAS we use to store the site backups to a pair of WD red 5 tb drives as well. The three computers used for scanning and processing also got drive upgrades, with all of them running with pairs of 1 and 2 tb Samsung EVO SSD drives.
3.5.16 Radio Lists - Canada Added a 1993 "mapbook" showing, by Province, the location of Canadian AM, FM, TV and cable systems including repeaters.
  Cash Box Added issues from 1950, 1970 and 1974
3-4-16 Wireless World Added June 1986 with huge wall chart of spectrum usage and also March of that year. From Dave Andrews.
  Broadcast Engineering Added 1966: Feb, Apr, 1965: Nov, Apr, May, Mar, July
  RCA Catalogs Added the 1962 RCA Transmitting Equipment 3rd Edition catalog and it includes the 50 kw Ampliphase and the Power Max positive peak enhancer.
3-3-14 Electronics Added April to July of 1930 and Jan-May and July and August of 1935.
  Radio Constructor Added Nov and Dec 1977 and September, 1981, which was the last issue published.
  Wireless Engineer Added the full year of 1938 to the collection of this "companion" publication to Wireless World.
3-2-16 Electronics Added 10 issues from September of 1935 through December, and January of 1934 to June of 1934.
  Billboard Added May 15, April 25, Nov 11 1970, the 'Focus on Nashville" from 1970, and June 14 and Oct 25 of 1969
  Radio Guide Added April 8, 1939 and replaced 11 other issues with cleaner scans.
3-01-16 FM Magazine Added these issues of Milton Sleeper's publication about the earliest era of FM broadcasting: Nov 1940 (First issue), Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct, Nov, Dec 1941 and Feb, Mar, Apr 1942. Great pics of early FM stations, transmitters, towers and antenna systems.
  Tape Recording Added  Apr, Dec, Mar, Oct 1957  Jan Jul, Oct, Dec 1958  Aug, Jul, Apr 1959
  Billboard Added April 6, 1940 with Lawrence Welk on the cover.
  Bookshelf Added the first edition from 1937 of Waldo Abbot's "Handbook of Broadcasting". We now have the 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions, spanning 3 decades. It is most interesting to see how future broadcasters were trained in each era and how the training changed.
  Wireless Constructor Added Jan, Feb and July, August and Sept-Oct of 1977
  Radio Retailing Added October 1948
  Wireless Engineer Added all monthly 1934, 1949 and 1950 issues.
  Radio World Added Nov 10 1923 and April 12 1924
2-29-16 Electronics Added 24 issues: 1932 Jan to June, 1933 all 12 issues and 1934 July to December.
  Studio Sound Added November and December of 2001 to the collection which began as 'The Tape Recorder" in 1959
2-28-16 WGAR License
Renewal 1950
We obtained the support documentation in the form of two 500-page volumes fpr tje 1050 license remewal amd transfer application of WGAR in Cleveland. It contains full descriptions of the staiton, its staff, programming, ratings and community activities and endorsements and shows to what extent a station would go to support its license renewal.
  Radio Design Added Vol 3 No 4 "The first 1931 Issue" but we placed it as "Winter of 1930"  Also added front and back covers to the previous issue which was missing same.
1-27-16 Byte Added the remaining missing issues between 1975 and 1984 which are April, November and December of 1984 and June of 1976 and June of 1978.
  Wireless World Added Sept and Dec 1971 and Feb 1982
  Radio Constructor Completed all issues from 1976 courtesy of Jim Jobe
  Cash Box Added 27 issues from 1980 and 1983
2-25-16 Radio Guide Added Nov 17, 1939 and July 28,  Oct 6, 1934
  Studio Sound Added March 1991, July, 1996, Sept and Dec 2001
  PF Reporter Jan, Feb, May,       July 1958
  Audio Added Jun 1947 and Feb 1949 as well as the Jan and Feb-Mar issues of "Radio" prior to the change in name and focus of the magazine.
  Radio Added Jan and Feb-Mar 1947 issues
  Billboard Added Nov 8, Oct 11, Sept 13, Sep 20, Aug 16, Aug 23, Aug 30 Feb 15 1941, Nov 14,Nov 21, Dec 5 and Dec 12 1942  Jan 8, Jan 1 1944
  Radio Constructor Added Feb, Mar, Apr of 1976
2-24-16 Bookshelf Added the 1941 2nd edition of Waldo Abbot's "Handbook of Broadcasting" which was the most widely used broadcast textbook in the era.
  Sponsor Aded the "40 Year Album of Radio Stations" with pictures of heritage stations from 1922 to 1962
  Radio Retailing Added August 1930 and December 1938
  Billboard Added 10-14-44, 2-8-41, 8-2-41, 4-13-40. 3-16-1940, 4-27-1940, 8-10-1940, 9-8-1945, 4-20-1940, 10-12-1949, 1-28-1939,5-6-1944
  Radio Added June and August 1932
  NAB Publications Added "Broadcast Lending" from 1984
  Radio World Added June 10. Jul 15, Aug 12, Aug 19, Jul 22,  1922
  Radio Dealer Added March of 1928
2-22-16 Electronics Added January to December of 1931 and July to December of 1932
  Station Albums Added the 1977 "Ten Years of Rock 'n Roll" celebrating the AOR stations of Century Broadcasting
  Radio Life Added Issues from Jan 1948 and Jan 1949
  PF Reporter Added PF Index for Nov-Dec 1952
  Radio World Added issue from May 30. 1925
  Radio Logs & Lists Added the late 20's Víctor Dial List and the Radio Index Log from 1926
  KWTO DIal From Springfield, MO, come 8 additional issues of The Dial, the monthly station publication. Thise issues are from 1950 and 1951
  Bookshelf Added Waldo Abbot's "Handbook of Broadcasting" in its1956 third edition. We will shortly have the 1937 First Edition as well for comparison. This was the rather standard textbook for broadcast and communications courses from the 30's to the 70's. And by odd coincidens, Prof. Abbot was this webmaster's neighbor for many a summemr!
2-20-16 Experimental Wireless / Wireless Engineer Added all issues from 1928, 1929, 1939. 1940 and 1935 of this companion publication to "Wireless World" which was described as being for the 'serious experimenter.'
Radio Constructor Added Aug to Dec 1975 and Jan 1976
  Wireless World Added June 1925
  Cash Box Added all issues from Dec 1977 and Jan 1978 and part of Feb 1978
2-19-16 Billboard Added another 13 issues from 1945 and 1946. We are now only 105 total issues away from having a complete collection from 1946 to 2009. Many thanks to our European contributors, particularly Arie den Dulk, who have scanned missing issues and sent them for inclusion.
2-18-16 Billboard Added 40 issues from 1943 to 1949, including the 1943 music yearbook issue. These additions appear in underlined blue text so they can be quickly identified.
  Cash Box Added issues from 1977, 1978 and 1979
2-16-16 Billboard Added 10-18-1969
2-15-16 Radio Constructor, ETI and Wireless World We are adding a few issues a day to each of these titles thanks to our friends in the UK Peter Merriman, Jim Jobe and Dave Andrews. Check the pages regularly and look for the underlined listings in blue text. Those are the newest additons.
  Billboard Added March 1, March 8 and May 31 from 1969
2-14-16 Cash Box Added 21 more issues from 1981 and 9 from 1982
2-12-16 Cash Box Added 13 issues including the 36th anniversay special from the period May 20 to July 29 1978. Also added 4 issues from Aug 8 to Aug 29 1981
  Radio Design Added Summer 1930
  International Television Almanac Added two more volumes in the collection from 1956 to 1999: 1964 and 1993
  Service Added the first 63 issues of a large collection of this radio, phonograph and television servicing magazine.
2-11-16 Western Electric
Added 1936 Feb, July, Nov, 1937 Feb, Jun, Sep, Dec, 1938 Feb, May, Sept, 1940 May, Aug, Nov, 
  Radio Constructor Added Aug & Sept 1964 and July, Feb, Aug, Oct, Nov 1974
  Wireless World Added Feb 1925 and Feb, Mar and Sept of 1982
Also added Jan to June of 1938
  Experimental Wireless Added all issues from 1925 and 1927 as well as Oct,Nov and Dec of 1924. Issues are now searchable. More full years will be coming in the next 60 days.
2-10-16 Audio Added Aug 1954, Jun 1950, Nov, Jul, Feb 1959, Jul, May 1955
Also added the full years of 1967 and 1968 and much of the years 1971 and 1972
  Radio Constructor April and March 1974 were added
2-9-16 Radio Added July 1943
  Wireless World Added January 1925
  Radio Design Added Summer of 1929 copurtesy of Bob Rydzewski
  Modern Electrics Added December 1910 and September 1911. of this amazing Century-old publication.
2-8-64 Radio Constructor Added Oct, Nov, Dec 1964
  Radio Industry Added April 1925
  Radio Guide Added March 11, 1939
3-5-16 Radio News Added the January 1959 issue to replace an inciomplete issue already on the site.
  Radio Design Aded search capability to the section.
  Broadcast Engineer's Journal Added 70 issues from the mid 40's into the early 50's of this magazine published for the members of NABET and friends. The 90 total issue are now searchable.
3-4-16 Radio Service Dealer In our effort to reflect the consumer side of broadcasting,we have added another retail and radio / tv service title. There are many more issues of this one coming in the next few months.
2-3-16 International Television Almanac Added the 1962 and 1974 issues bringing the total number of issues on the site to 23.
  Radio Constructor Added January to July of 1964
  Equipment Catalogs Added the Broadcasters General Store catalog from 1997
  Bookshelf Professional Added "THis is Your Announcer..." by Lent from 1945. This is a fictionalized account of a young man who begins at a little local station and makes his way to NBC, with background on job functions and even photographs of different radio operations.
  RCA Catalogs Added the 1933 41-B Amplifier brochure
  Electronic Industries Added Sept Oct Jun 1945, Sept 1946, Sept  Aug 1944
  Bookshelf Technical Added Fink's "Principles of Television Engineering" from 1940
  Bookshelf Technical Added an additional edition of Ennes' Broadcast Operations Handbook. This one is from 1940, and complements the 1947 edition already on the site.
  Modern Electronics Added 14 issues of Computer Craft, the new name of Modern Electronics starting in 1991
2-2-16 Popular Electronics Thanks to a contribution of the last remaining issues (from 1989) by Jay Perrin, the Popular Electronics collection is complete from October, 1955 to December 2002.
  NBC Radio In the Network Albums and Booklets section we added the new employee's manual from 1944 which takes the form of a "tour" of the network operations in a spirited description of all the different areas of work at NBC.
  Electronics Added May 1944 and new, complete scans of Jan and May of 1946
  Emergency Broadcast System The complete 1971 Texas EBS Operational Plan is on the FFC Documents page. Includes procedure and protocol, maps of operational areas with stations and lots more.
  FCC 1939 Station List Added the FCC list by city and state of standard broadcast (AM) radio stations from 1939.
  Science and Invention Added March 1926 issue
2-1-16 Wireless World Added January to April of 1949.
  Billboard Added the 1979 Country Sourcebook (annual) for 1979-1980
  Electronics Today Added November 1979 and July 1980
  Experimental Wireless Added a new section from this serious experimenter's magazine from the 1920's begun in October, 1923 in the UK. Added the first issue, Vol. 1 No. 1.
  NAB Syndicated Radio Program Directory Added the 1980 edition of this guide to long and short form programming providers.
1-31-16 Radio Industries Added a new section for this publication for radio set and parts manufacturers which was published from May, 1926 into the 30's.
  Radio World Added 22 issues from September 1922 to March 1923
  Popular Wireless Added two issues from 1922
1-30-16 Tele-Tech Added January, 1955
  Wireless World As a note to the recently added early 40's issues of Wireless World, the famous prediction by Sie Arthur C. Clarke about the use of satellites is on page 58 of the February 1945 issue of the magazine.
  Practical Wireless Added May, June and July of 1942
  Radio Constructor Added June, August and November 1973
1/29/16 Television Digest Added 1945 to 1963 of this TV industry newsletter
  Wireless World Added all the weekly issues from July to December, 1933
1/28/16 Radio Added January to December 1930 and January to August 1931
  Cash Box New Section for this 1942-1996 music and coin machine trade publication. 19 issues from 1979 and 1981 were added.
  Billboard Added 6 issues from 1969 and 1970. Issues are highlighted with blue letters and underlining.
  Radio Retailing Added August 1931
1-27-16 Wireless World Added July through November of 1944
1-26-16 Channels Added over 63 issues of this 1981 to 1990 in depth magazine about TV programming.including several special directory and NAPTE issues. All issues are now searchable.
1-25-16 Electronics Added Jan, Mar, jun 1944, Mar 1948, Dec, May, Jun 1945, Feb, Mar 1941
  Television Engineering Added Jan and Dec, 1950 and replaced the other issues from that year with better scans of cleaner originals.
1-24-16 RCA Broadcast News Added two of the remaining three missing issues: February, 1941 and December, 1947
The only needed issue now is #25 from mid-1937
  Broadcast Engineer's Journal Added 39 issues of this publication for radio station engineers that was published from 1933 to the mid-40's. All the issues are from 1941 to 1944.
1-23-16 Wireless World Added Dec 1945, March, July, Oct, Nov 1974
  Radio World Added 25 issues from 1930 courtesy of Hue Miller
  International Television Almanac Added editions from 1961, 1969 and 1971 of this directory of television shows, producers, stations and a "Who's Who" of persons in the industry.
1-22-16 Radio Topics Added 11 more issues of this very early 20's. May, Jun, Jul-Aug, Oct 1923 and May, June, Aug, Oct, Nov 1923 and March, Apr 1924
  Station Albums Added a 1945 album from KCNA in Tucson, AZ and a "Radio at War" from WMUR in Manchester, NH.
  Elementary Electronics Added Jul-Aug 1978 and Nov-Dec 1975
  Radio Constructor Added January to April 1964
  Radio Design Added Vol. 1 No 3 from September 1928. This is one of the issues edited by Milton Sleeper
  Wireless Age Added January 1924
  Science And Invention Added Oct, Nov, Dec 1922 and Jan 1923
  Electronics Added Oct 1942, Nov, Dec 1947 Mar 1945  Jan, Feb, Apr, May.June 1948
1-21-16 Radio Index Added 15 issues of Radex, from 1929 to 1942 completing the collection from 1929 until the end of the magazine. Issues courtesy of the National Radio Club.
  Wireless World Added the first 5 issues from 1944 courtesy of Dave Andrews
  Billboard Added issues from Jan 8, Sep 16, April 22,1972  May 22, Apr 17, Aug 28 1971 Sep 14 1968. Nov 1, Mar 22 1969
1-20-16 Station Albums Added the "Moving Forward with Radio" booklet from 1948 from WKOW in Madison, WI
1-18-16 Modern Electronics Added December 1990, completing the collection.
  Rural Radio Added July 1939
  ATE Journal New Section: 28 issues of this1934-1940's journal for radio engineers. Of particular interest is the August, 1940 issue featuring several articles about the construction of the new WEAF transmitter site in New York City.
  Radio Engineer's Digest Radio Engineeri's Digest was a "Reader's Digest" like magazine with reprints from radio, techcnical and engineering magazines. It was published from 1944 to 1957. We started a new section with 17 issues from 1944 to 1946
  Popular Electronics Added Feb and March 1989
11-16-16 Wireless World Added 8 issues from the year 1940 courtesy of David Andrews
  Billboard Added a number of incomplete issues; Aug 8, 1968, Mar 29. June 21, Nov 29, July 26,  May 10. 1969. Sep 18, 1971, Apr 22, Sep 2, Nov 11 1972
11-13-16 Radio Constructor Added March 1975
1-12-16 Wireless World Added 9 issues from 1941
  Tower Radio Added June 1934
  Radio World Added 50 issues from 1934.
  Radio Retailing Added December 1952, May 1952 and April and July of 1953.
1-10-16 Radio Design Added a new section with 7 issues of this 1927 to 1931 publication which featured some of Milton Sleeper's and David Grimes' designs.
  Gavin Report Added April 5 1985 and December 6 1991
  NAB Publications Added the historic "To American Music Lovers" open letter from the NAB explaining the intransegency of ASCAP and reaoning the formation of BMI
  NAB Publications Added the 1990 "Radio in the 90's" and "NAB Legal Guide - 3rd Edition"(1988) and the 1992 supplement to it, and "Developing and Effective Marketing Campaign" from 1989 and
1-9-16 Radioland Radioland. Added October 1933
  Radio World Added April 19, 1924 and April 22, 1922
1-8-16 PF Reporter Added 40 issues of the sucessor to the PF reporter title, "Electronic Servicing" from 1969 to 1977
  NAB Publications Added "Radio Subcarrier Servoces" frp, 1983 (how to profit from SCA), "Build Radio with Radio" (PSA campaign promoting radio) and ""Radio: In search of excellence" (Profiles of winning practices at successful stations)
  Billboard Added Oct 14, 1945, Nov 16, 1946, Nov 2, 1946, July 27, 1946, Oct 19. 1946, Jan 11, 1947
1-7-16 Wireless World Added 10 issues from 1943 as we "fill the forties" courtesy of David Andrews and his scanner.
  Billboard Added May 1, 1971
  National Radio Club Log Added the National Radio Club AM logbooks for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. These are the most accurate station listings for each year, including formats, slogans and networks for US and Canadian AM radio.
1-6-16 Billboard Added Jan 5, 1974 and Jan 25 1975
MDR Added 3 issues from 1994 of Studio Sound's "MDR" about mastering, duplication and replication.
  Music & Media Added furst few issues of this Euripean radio and record industry magazine.
  International Short Wave Added the February 1942 edition of the club magazine
  Hobbyist Special Editions Added the first edition of Fawcett's Practical Electronics from, 1957
  National Radio Institute Added the NRI Television Dictionary from 1943. This was part of early TV training courses.
  NAB Added the 8th Edition of the NAB Political Catechism
1-4-16 Gavin Report Added 6 issues from 1985, 1986 and 1992.They are highlighted in red on the page.
  NAB Financial Reports Obtained the annual NAB Financial Report for Radio for 1959, 1958, 1960, 1961 and 1962  This was an yearly compendium of typical revenues and expenses for 10 market sizes and 10 revenue levels and was intended as a tool to judge one's own station against the averages. One of my favorite finds of the whole year 2015!
1-3-16 Radio Topics New Section for this early twenties journal focusing on the technical development of radio.
  NAB Added a new section with publications of the National Association of Broadcasters. This included booklets, books and brochures from the NAB both for broadcaster members and for the general public.
  FCC Added booklet from the FCC "Law of Political Broadcasting" with regulations on advertising and other aspects of campaign regulation on the airwaves.
  Billboard With the assitance of site user Rodolfo Ovalle have added the June 14. 2008 and July 7, 1979 issues thus completing the collection from 1976 to 2009. Most of the recent additions have been added thanks to contributions of scans or actual issues by users of this site.
1-2-16 Bookshelf:  Commentary Added Eddy's book "Television The Eyes of Tomorrow" from 1945
  Science & Invention Added the April 1924 edition. This collection is difficult to complete because online sellers ask very high prices. So we wait for reasonable offers to come along and grab them, but that makes growing this collection slow.
  Bookshelf: History Added Mayer's 1972 book "About Television" which is commentary, analysis and a bit of history about the still-new mediumgoing into the 70's-
Added Aguilar's "La Radio Antes de la T.V" in Spanish from Puerto Rico with the story of artists and radio stations there before advent of television.
  International Television Almanac Added editions from 1965, 1972 and 1985. There are now 18 editions of this annual on the site.
  Hands On Electronics Added March-April 1986
  Radio Electronics Added the 1986 Annual Edition
  Powerful Radio Added the first three volumes of Valerie Geller's "Powerful Radio" series for talent development.
  Western Electric Added instruction manual for the 705 Speech Input Bay from 1938 and the 88-193 amplifier from 1935
  Hobbyist Special Editions Added 13 issues of vasrious titles. They are highlghted in red lettering on the page.
  Electrical Experimenter Added February, 1917
  Collins Equipment Added 1954 general catalog and a fold-out brochure for the 1977 5/10 kw transmitter and the price list for Catalog 44-A from about 1966
  Radio Retailing Added Apr, Jun and Dec of 1933
  Radio World Added Feb 27 1926
  Radio Ratings Added the ARB ratings for September, 1964 for Washington, DC.
1-1-16 Wireless World Added five issues from 1942
  Billboard Added the 1976 Country Music Annual
Added the September 2, 1978 supplement "The Bee Gees"
  Radio Today Added a special edition of the Radio Today Annual for 1937-38
  Radio Adde three issues from 1930 and 1931
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