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Date Title Description
6-30-18 Billboard Airplay Monitor Added the last months of 2004 and January to June of 2005 as well as the year end issues of 2001 and 2002 and the 2003 "Power Book" directory.
Record Mirror Added Jun 5, 1971
Everyday Electronics Added May, Sept, Oct and Dec 1991 and the 1989 Electronics Projects Book 1.
Country Airplay Monitor Added nearly all issues from 1999 to 2002: they are in bundles of the weekly issues from each month. More will be added in the next few days. This magazine, with several hundred issues available, is n ow a separate section of the Music area.
6-29-18 Stereo Review Added all issues from 1984 and the first 6 months of 1985
High Fidelity Added full years of 1979, 1980 and 1981
6-28-18 Electronic Technician / Dealer Added 89 issues from 1972 to 1977, and they are marked with ◄
Stereo Review Added January to July of 1986 and July to December of 1985
Record World Added April 18, 1981
ETI Electronics Today Added 19 issues from 1993, 1995 and 1996. They are highlighted with the ◄ symbol.
6-27-18 ETI Electronics Today Added Jan 1988 and Sept 1989
Electronic Technician / Dealer Added 23 issues from 1969, 1970 and 1971; this is the title used in many of the later years of what was originally Radio Retailing, which began in 1925.
ETI Electronics Today Canada Added August, 1982.
Short Wave Magazine UK Added April 04 of 1987
Everyday Electronics Added April and May of 1989
6-26-18 Amateur Wireless Added the January 19, 1935, issue. This was last issue prior to merger with Practical Wireless.
R&R Added July 21 2000 issue.
Billboard Magazine Added June 4, 1938
Everyday Electronics Added June and July of 1989
6-25-18 Record World Added complete issues of Oct 21 and Nov 25 of 1967
Billboard Airplay Monitor Added another 40 issues from 2003 and 2004.
ETI Electronics Today Added March, 1993 and replaced about 12 issues from the 70's and 80's that had missing or out of order pages.
Everyday Electronics Added August to December of 1989 and January of 1983
Wireless Engineer Added September to December 1933 and the 1933 index.
6-24-18 Wireless Engineer Added the 1932 index issue and May, June, July and August from 1933
Bookshelf: History Added Blum's Pictorial History of Television
Short Wave Magazine UK Added a fuller copy of February, 1997. It is still missing several pages, tholugh
Record Mirror Added May 27 1972. This site lets you view the magazine free; on eBay the framed cover is going for about £90!
Everyday Electronics Added issues from November 1971, July, 1978.
6-23-18 Billboard Airplay Monitor Added issues between September 2003 and April of 2004
6-22-18 Stereo Review Added remainder of 1998 and December of 1999,
Everyday Electronics Added December 1972
High Fidelity Added Jan, Feb, Mar 1971
6-21-18 Airplay Monitor Added the October 9 1998 6th anniversary issue with many special features and photos
Record World Added November 28 and December 5 1964
Radio Retailing Added June, July, August and December of 1948
Stereo Review Added 54 more issues from the late 80s through 1995.
Electronics Today Added May and August of 1987 from the UK edition.
Everyday Electronics Added January of 1972 and December of 1976
6-20-18 Stereo Review Added further issues from the 70's and 90's
6-19-18 Stereo Review Added Dec 1990 to April 1993 as well as August 1986 to August 1988 These 55 issues are the first of over 260 we will be adding in the next few weeks.
Ham Radio Today Added May and Sept of 1986
Record Mirror Added Feb 7, Feb 14, May 16 and Aug 1 of 1970
Everyday Electronics Added a new page with our first four issues of this magazine.
Record World Added Oct 24 and Nov 21, 1964
Practical Wireless Added 1996 to 1999
6-18-18 Practical Electronics Added Dec 1985, Jun, Jul 1990
Electronics Today Added February, 1993 (UK Edition)
Elektor Added September 1978, UK Edition
Maplin Electronics Added Mar-May, Jun-Aug and Sep-Nov of 1988
6-17-18 Practical Electronics Added April, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec of 1989 and Jan, Feb, Mar of 1990.
The Gramophone Added Jan of 1936
Ham Radio Today Added March 1992 and Jan 1993
6-16-18 Record Mirror Added Feb 13, Aug 14, Oct 14 from 1965 and Mar 1 from 1969 and April 6, Jun 8, Aug 17 and Oct 5 1968
6-15-18 Gavin Report Added Jan 9, 1987
Record World Added 6 issues from 1964 and they are marked with the usual red arrow. Also added complete, no-page-missing, issues from July 15 and July 29, 1967
6-14-18 Record World Added October 19, 1974, and the special "Goin' Up Country" section 2 for that edition, as well as October 12, 1974 and
Radio Doings Added July 10, 1927
Radio Retailing Added March, 1953
Record World Added the 1970 Country Music Who's Who with artist, label and management listings as well as a history of country music. I's listed in the sidebar to the left.
6-13-18 Short Wave Magazine UK Added all the missing issues from 1997.
Amateur Wireless Added June 24, 1922 which was the third issue published by this radio theory and practice magazine.
Billboard Magazine Added the full set of Section 1 and Section 2 of the September 28, 1940 issue. Added issues from 1936, 1937 and 1938. Added Dec 21, 1929  and 5 issues from January, 1921.They are marked with
6-12-18 Machlett Cathode Press Added the 1995 issue honoring the death of Raymond Machlett and the issue #2 from 1960
Maplin Projects Added 8 editions of the Maplin "Projects" series. They are listed in the left-hand sidebar and are numbers 4, 9. 11, 10. 19, 22, 23, 51.
Broadcasting Magazine Added Jan 17 2000
Maplin Electronics Added issue from Sept/Nov 1984
R&R Added Jan 18, 1991 issue of Radio & Records magazine
Radio at War Added the wartime album for KOL, Seattle. These albums have a patriotic section honoring our soldiers and they also have a station profile with staff pictures and studio views.
Electronics Digest UK Added Winter 1983 and Summer 1984
6-11-18 Practical Wireless Added issues from 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995
Practical Electronics Added May and Aug 1981, Jan, Feb Mar 1982, Jul 1988
Electronics Today (CA) Added March, 1978
6-8-18 The Infinite Dial Added the 2018 Edison Research study of listening habits in America
6-7-18 Audio Added June 1974
Radio Guide Added January 11, 1936. Also added second copies of February 24, 1940 and Feb 15, 1936 with different time zone/region program listings.
Short Wave Magazine UK Added February to December of 1994. . Also added April of 1997
Electronics Today (ETI) Added better copies of four issues from 1977 to 1979. They are highlighted with arrows Correction: these were in fact Canadian editions and the original UK issues have been restored.
HiFi Stereo Review Added issues from January to May of 1968
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6-6-18 Electronic Servicing & Technology Added all issues from 1990 and the month of March from 1919. Also added all of 2000, January to October of 2001 and five issues from 2002.
6-5-18 Electronic Servicing & Technology Added issues from 1991, 1992, 1993. 1994, 1995, 1996. 1997 and 1998
6-4-18 Disc Added June 8, 15, 22 and 29 from 1963
Radio Retailing Added the issue from April, 1943.
Short Wave Magazine UK Added December 1993 and January and February of 1994.
Record Mirror Added Feb 29, Apr 18, Apr 25 1964 and Aug 30 1969
6-3-18 RCA "Listen" Added 14 issues of RCA's "adverzine" (an ad supplement inserted into a major consumer magazine) from 1937 to 1939. These are a great look at both technology and marketing! All are marked with arrows ◄
Record Mirror Added August 21, 1965. This issue was just listed on eBay in the UK at £215. This site has saved you that expense!
Radio Retailing Radio Retailing. Added September issues for both 1925 and 1926. These are photographed images, not scans and the files are very large. But they are legible and well worth the viewing!
6-02-18 Radio Retailing Added December 1949
ATE Journal / Broadcast Engineers' Journal Consolidated the pages for these two publications into one page. The ATE Journal was the technical magazine for the engineers of NBC; in 1941 it became the Broadcast Engineer's Journal for the NABET engineers of all the networks and related companies. 
6-01-18 Elektor Added all but one of the 80s issues. Those from 1984 to 1989 are the India edition of the magazine. All others are from the UK
Practical Electronics Added 23 issues from 1981 to 1987 and they are marked with
Short Wave Magazine UK Added May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov 1993 and Feb 1997
June in the Golden Age A reminder that we have posted a link to June in the Golden Age, a day by day chronology of notable happenings in radio in the era of the big networks and the big stars!
5-31-18 Practical Wireless Added five issues from January to April of 1933. They are marked with red arrows.
Short Wave Magazine UK Added Feb, Mar, Apr of 1993
Radio Station Albums Added the circa 1940 "Personalities" pictorial profile of WTAG in Worcester, MA. Also replaced the 1922 KSD St Louis brochure with a much better scan.
5-29-18 Practical Wireless Added April 22 and May 6 1933.
Practical Wireless Added January 1993 and March 1997
5-28-18 Electronics Today UK Replaced 45 issues from 1988 to 1992 with better quality scans for greater legibility
Record Mirror Added four issues from 1964. They are highlighted with the usual red arrow.
Television & Short Wave World Replaced the April, 1940 issue with a better scan with the "missing" 36 pages included.
5-26-18 Elektor Added 30 issues from 1974 to 1977, including the first issue from December 1974. Added a further 22 issues covering 1978 and 1979 for a total added now of 52 editions
Added 5 issues from 1980 as well.
Eddystone Short Wave Manual Added the complete set of UK parts maker Eddystone's "Short Wave Manual" publication containing construction projects. 1932 to 1947, erratic publication dates.
Record Mirror Added July 25, 1964 and July 1, 1967 issues
R&R (Radio & Records) Added November 9, 1990
Short Wave Listener UK Added Sept, Oct, Nov 1947 and May, 1948
BBC Annual Added the edition for 1936.
Practical Wireless Added March 13 and Jun 10 and Jun 24, 1933
5-25-18 Radio and Hobbies AU Added November, 1951, the issue that was needed to complete this collection
5-24-18 R&R (Radio & Records) Added October 19, 1990
Hobbyist Specials Added Electronics Hobbyist 1980 and Spring/Summer 1979 and Electronics Experimenter's Handbook from Popular Electronics 1979 edition.
Sylvania News Added a more complete set of 1940, 1943 and 1944 issues
Modern Electronics Added December, 1978
Record World Added June 15, 1974 and September 4, 1976
Monday Morning Replay Added our first copy of this airplay monitor and radio publication from MediaBase. It is in the radio tip sheet section.
High Fidelity Added the August 1964 issue courtesy of the Pavek Museum
( http://www.pavekmuseum.org/ )
Machlett Cathode Press Added a section for the magazine published by the vacuum tube manufacturer, Machlett.
Short Wave Listener UK Added issues from Jan, July, Aug, Dec 1947 and April and June of 1948
Television UK Added issues from June, August, October and November of 1932, February of 1933 and January of 1934.
Electronics Today Canada Added an additional 20 issues, all from 1977 and 1978. Included is the first  ssue ever published from February, 1977
ITT Electrical Communication Added all issues from 1983 and the first issue from 1984
Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added "Radio Drama Production: A Handbook" by Krulevitch, Rome & Walter from 1946
Radio Families 1946 Broadcast Measurement Bureau's state-county-city radio household data for US and Canada. Full population data showing homes with radios.
Music Week Added February 7, 1981
5-23-18 Short Wave Magazine UK Added Jan and Dec, 1997 and Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr of 1998
Short Wave Listener UK Added the December, 1946 issue, which was Vol. 1 No. 2.
Billboard Added Oct 8, 1938 and Jan 11, 1930
Record World Replaced the 1974 annual directory issue of July 20 with a copy without the 18 missing pages. Also replaced October 3, 1970. Added October 31, 1964, July 11 and July 18, 1964
Hobbyist Specials Added the 1982 Popular Electronics "Invitation to Electronics". This was the first edition of what was supposed to be a regular publication for electronics for the home.
Electronics Today Canada Added 25 issues from the 70's and 80's of the Canadian edition of ETI.
Aerovox Research Worker Added 8 issues, all of which are marked with
Also added the Aerovox Condenser & Resistor catalogs from 1929-1930 and 1932
WIBW Roundup Added 25 issues of the WIBW Roundup between 1949 and 1954. This was a monthly publication from the big-coverage farm station at 580 AM.
Hits Added the third anniversary issue from 1989 and 18 single issues from 1987 to 1992
Radiocast Weekly Added our earliest edition of Radiocast Weekly (Later "Broadcast Weekly") from April 24 of 1926.
Elector Added our first issue of this UK and EU hobbyist and experimenter magazine. This one is from mid-1979
Bookshelf: Broadcast Education Added the first edition of Head's famous textbook, "Broadcasting in America" from 1954. Of particular interest is a table comparing the Movie, Radio and TV industry codes of conduct and standards.
Bookshelf: History Added the 1939 "Magic Dial" illustrated history of broadcasting and the underlying technology. The author is Lowell Thomas, the CBS and NBC news anchor and reporter who was also famed for his documentation of Lawrence of Arabia.
Bookshelf: Regulation Added "Fear in the Air: Broadcasting and the First Amendment - The Anatomy of a Constitutional Crisis" by Ashmore from 1973
Early Radio Miscellaneous Added two issues of Philco News from 1931
Added issues of The Voice of Majestic and Majestic Voice of the Air from the early 30's
Maplin Electronics Added the issues from July, 1994
Ham Radio Today Added March, 1996 and February, 1998
5-20-18 Broadcasting Magazine Added one of the missing issues, August 26. 1996
Early Radio Miscellaneous Added Popular Science Magazine's 1943 "Radio for the Millions"
Ham Radio Today Added June and August of 1986
Maplin Electronics Added the Sept-Oct-Nov 1986 issue
Billboard Added Oct 22 and Oct 29 of 1938 and Jan 4 of 1930. Also added Feb 1, 1936
Practical Wireless Added 4 issues from 1933; they are marked with
5-18-18 Record Mirror Added Jan 26, Jun 29, Jul 13 and Sep 28 of 1963
KMA Guide Added 23 issues of the KMA Guide from 1960 through 1972. They are listed in Blue and underscored.
Practical Wireless Added a complete copy of Practical Wireless for Feb 4, 1933 including the diagrams and missing pages.
5-17-18 Radio Electronics Replaced most of the 1990-1992 and 1960-1964 issues with new scans.
Added the 1973 "Radio Electronics Hobby Projects"
Fred Added the April 24, 1978 issue of this radio and music tip sheet
Sylvania News Added a number of missing pages and issues from 1947 and 1946
Electron (CA) Added the June, 1968 issue of the Canadian hobbyist magazine Electron. It's the only issue we have, so it is on the Canadian Miscellaneous page.
RCA Catalog Added a 1923 catalog / pamphlet describing RCA's receiver line.
Station Promotions: WNAX Added the 1944 program schedule for WNAX, Yankton, SD, the great upper-Midwestern farm station.
Canadian Miscellaneous Publications Added a section for one time or single issues of Canadian publications.  First addition: Canadian Sponsor magazine from 1961
Consumer Catalogs Added the catalog for the portable Channel Master 45 RPM record player from 1962 and a Canadian General Electric consumer radio and record player catalog from the 60's
Equipment Catalogs Added the 1960's manual for the Gates CB77 Turntable series. and for the 1973 Jampro antenna line.
Babani Books Added the Babani BP59 Second Book of CMOS IC Projects,. the BP76 Power Supply Projects and the BP121 How to Design and Make Your Own PCB
Barnard's Books Added 40 Circuits using Germanium Diodes
5-16-18 Television Quarterly Added Issue IV from 1987. This one features comedian Ernie Kovacs on the cover.
Music Week Added first four issues of a new collection of this UK music industry weekly.
Electronic Technician Added three issues (with the schematics) from 1959 to 1963 of this successor title to Radio Retailing.
IBA Television & Radio Added the Independent Broadcasting Authority annual from 1985 from the UK.
Practical Electronics Added May and June of 1991
Record World Added Oct 27, 1973 and a more complete copy of April 27, 1974
Record Mirror Added Dec 4, 1971 and Jun 1, 1963
FM Magazine Added March, 1946 issue
Disc Added 7 issues from 1960 and 1964; they are marked with
Billboard Added a complete copy of the April 11, 1964 issue.
T & R Bulletin Added a single issues of this UK experimenters' magazine from July of 1936
Radio Retailing Added the 1959 "Stereo 1959" from Electronic Technician (the later-years name for Radio Retailing)
5-15-18 BM/E Added 7 issues from 1990, when the magazine was renamed "Television Engineering".
Broadcast Engineering Added 13 of the Special Report or Product Source new product issues published in June during the 90's and 00's
5-14-18 Wireless Constructor Added four issues from 1926 and they are marked with
Broadcast Engineering Added the four missing issues from 1996. They are marked with There are now only 26 issues missing from this magazine's collection.
5-11-18 Broadcast Engineering Added another 103 issues of BE from the late 60's up to 1990, and there are very few issues now missing from the 54 year print run of this magazine. We still looking for those few missing issues, though, so if you find them, let us know!
5-9-18 BM/E
Broadcast Management / Engineering
Added 125 issues of this 1965-1989 broadcast engineering publication.
Altogether, between major additions to the BM/E, Broadcast Engineering and Audio collections, we have added a total of 70,000 new pages of content this month.
5-8-18 Broadcast Engineering Added another 78 issues, most of which bring to near completion the 2000 to 2013 period and the rest are from the 1990's. The 90's additions are marked with (the issues from 2000 onwards are not marked as essentially all of them are new additions)
5-7-18 Broadcast Engineering Added 64 issues from 2000 to 2013
Small Market Radio Newsletter Added issues spanning 1989 to 1996 of this weekly newsletter which targeted small market radio stations with information on sales, marketing, promotion and management.
More than 250 issues have been added courtesy of Rollye Bornstein.
Radiocast Weekly Added the August 1, 1926 issue of this magazine which would later in the year become Broadcast Weekly. This is a logbook with the program schedules for most Western US radio stations as well as a few articles about radio subjects.
5-6-18 Record Mirror Added four issues from 1962 and they are marked with
Amateur Wireless Added two issues from 1930 and they are marked with
Wireless Magazine Added July 1933 and Jan and May of 1934
5-3-18 High Fidelity Added the "Silver Anniversary Treasury" with selected articles from the first 25 years of the magazine.
Everybody's Radio Weekly Added a single copy of this Chicago based hobbyist journal. It's from November 1, 1924
Bookshelf: Business Added "The Advertising and Business Side of Radio" by Midgley from 1948, The Inside Story of the World Tomorrow Broadcast by Meredeth from 1963 and Radio Programming in Action by Taylor from 1967
Australian Miscellaneous Added a new page for single issues of magazines and one-time special editions and booklets.
Claude Hall's Radio Report Added December 14, 1978
Fred Added the 1980 Directory of Radio from the tip sheet called Fred.
Radio Logbooks & Lists Added the 1936 General Electric logbook, with Medium Wave and Shortwave station listings and also added the 1926 International Radio Log, one of the earlier listings on the site. Also Added the 1941 Zenith Log with the post-NARBA reassigned frequencies.
5-2-18 Billboard Added a full copy of December 20. 1969 and November 5, 12 and 19 of 1938
Ham Radio Today Added March, 1993
Record World Added June 27, September 12, 1970, March 13, 1971, November 21, 1971 and replaced arch 28, April 4 and Nov 28, 1970 with better copies
Amateur Wireless Added March 22 and December 12 of 1930
Disc Added three issues from April 1958 and one from June of 1964
Popular Wireless Added Feb 23, 1924
5-1-18 Amateur Wireless Added three issues from 1929. They are marked with
Audio Added 63 issues from the period between 1985 and 1996
Wireless Engineer Added January through April of 1933.
Record Mirror Added four issues from 1963 and two from 1961 and one from 1964 and they are marked with
Amateur Radio Added issues from January, April and May of 1984
4-30-18 Cash Box Added December 22, 1990 and November 1, 1986.
NAB TV Code Added the 1952 Television Code, issued just prior to the lifting of the FCC "Freeze".
4-24-18 Record Mirror Added Mar 22 and May 26 1969, and April 28, May 12, June 30, Jul 28 1962
Radio Craft Added the Electronics Reference Manual editions for 1943-44 and 1949
IBA Television & Radio Yearbook UK
IBA Annual Reports
Added the 1988 edition of the Independent Broadcasting yearbook.
Also added the IBA "Annual Report & Accounts" fo4r 1973, 1975 and 1976
Early Radio Miscellaneous Added one issue from December 1935 of R9, described as a magazine of Shortwave, Citizen and Experimental Radio.
Radio TV Training School Added the "Model Answers" set for the lesson exams from this course.
Stereo Review Added 55 issues from 1976 to 1980
UK Miscellaneous Added the second issue of the rare UK hobbyist magazine "Radio Contact" from 1935; It has a most whimsical cover in the art style popular in that era.
NAB Publications Added the 1938 "The ABC of Radio", a presentation of the medium in a style we use today in PowerPoint!
Added the 1943 American Federation of Musicians / James Petrillo update collection for NAB members about the critical situation of recorded music. 
TV Index Added the full year of 1958 as well as the final issue from 1957
Radio Shack Catalogs Added 12 catalogs from 1989 to 2002. (If you have any of the missing ones, please donate them!)
4-23-18 Science and Invention Added November 1925
NAB 1943 Bulletins Several sets of NAB bulletins from 1943 regarding the American Federation of Musicians, the War, legislation, taxes and sales. Listed consecutively under 1943.
NAB Broadcasters News Bulletin 1931 and 1932 issues of the NAB monthly update for radio station members.
NAB Reports 1933 to 1947. Most issues of the weekly industry news report for member stations with FCC actions, pending legislation, etc.
TV Index Finished year 1957 with the October to December issue.
Record Mirror Added Mar 31, 1962, Sept 13, 1969, Aug 7, 1971, Aug 8, 1966
Studio Sound Added February, 1977
Ham Radio Today Added April, May and September of 1998
4-22-18 What's On The Air Added January, 1930 issue of this program guide with feature articles about the state of radio and its future.
Station Albums: WCMB Added the 1948 album from WCMB, 960 AM in Lemoyne, PA. This booklet was issued shortly after the station went on the air.
4-20-18 Early Radio Miscellaneous Added an undated edition of General Electric's "ABCs of Radio" with a simple explanation of how radio sets work.
4-19-18 Radio Electronics Replaced the missing June 1990 issue with a recently acquired copy!
4-18-18 Science and Invention Added November of 1930 including the article "Will the rocket replace artillery?". Also added July and August of 1930
TV Index Added January to September of 1957
Wireless Weekly AU Added January 5, 1923
Wireless Engineer Added September to December of 1932
Radio Progress Added November 15, 1925 and the collection of this title is now complete!
Stereo Review Added 36 issues from 1971 to 1975 and one from 1981
Wireless World Added 23 issues of "Electronics World & Wireless World" from 1992, 1993 and 1994.
Short Wave Magazine UK Added September, October and November of 1996
Modern Wireless Added Feb, Mar, Apr, Jun, July and August from 1925. These are from a bound volume and have no covers.
4-17-18 Record Mirror Added 5 issues of Record Mirror from 1963 to 1973. They are marked with
Radio Progress Added December 15, 1924. Many thanks to Rhode Island radio historian Len Arzoomanian for obtaining these issues!
Radio Electronics Replaced 60 issues of Radio Electronics with new scans of issues that were better preserved than the ones originally used: there are about 250 more issues on hand and they will gradually replace nearly all issues of this magazine with better looking ones.
4-16-18 Early Radio Miscellaneous Added the Program for the 1924 Pacific Radio Expo and Canada's Personalities in Radioland from 1931
TV Index Added the rest of 1954, all issues from 1955 and 1956 of this TV industry weekly update newsletter.
Short Wave Magazine UK Added 1996 July and August.
Wireless Weekly AU Added the Best of 1937 Wireless Weekly, a 1985 reissue edition
Record World Added Sept 27, 1975 Merchandising Issue, July 25, 1970 regular issue and the annual directory issue, Sept 28 and Feb 2, 1974, Feb 6, 1971
Billboard Added the September 14, 1974 annual International Buyer's Guide supplement
UK Miscellaneous Added the first issue of the 1935 hobbyist and constructor magazine Radio Contact
Westinghouse Engineer Added all 6 issues form 1960
4-15-18 Record Mirror Added Jan 6, 1973, May 29 1971, September 3, 1966
4-13-18 Ham Radio Today Added June, August and December, 1998
Early Radio Miscellaneous Added the first issue we have found of the Wireless Review from the UK. This one is from January 5. 1924 and in number 6 from Volume II of the publication.
Radio Progress Added Jun 15, July 15, July 1, Aug 1 and Oct 15 of 1925
Record Mirror Added all issues from month of November, 1967. All these scans are courtesy of David Andrews.
National Schools Added the National Schools 1937 Electronics, radio and television complete course.
Short Wave Magazine UK Added June 1998, April and June 1996 and September 1995
4-12-18 Easy Course
in Home Radio
This is a 1992 course for the enjoyment and use of radio for the general public. It came in 7 individual booklet-style lessons of about 90 pages each, and was contained in a box. The artwork is classic 20's and we've added full size pictures you can individually see. This is a fun read, and really gives a picture of what getting a radio was like in 1922.
Record Mirror Added Aug 22, 1970 and July 14, 1973
Billboard Added a full copy of the issue from February 8, 1964
Early Radio Miscellaneous Added an issue of Radio Row from Fall, 1945. This was a pictorial album of network radio's stars.
Coyne Reference Set Coyne Electrical and Radio School reference set revised edition from 1934. "Practical Electricity Simplified"
Stereo Review Added 24 issues from 1968 to 1971. They are flagged with this symbol
High Fidelity Added all of 1980, as well as July to December of 1981 as well as July to December of 1979
Record Business UK Added 23 issues from 1981, 1982 and 1983
4-11-18 Short Wave Magazine UK Added December 1995 and Jan, Feb and Mar of 1996.
Record World Added July 4 1970 (complete) and October 28, 1978 (complete)
Practical Television UK Added 104 issues from 1980 to 1996, courtesy of  Ian Fajerman. That's more than 10,000 pages of new content!
4-7-18 Wireless Magazine Added a fuller copy of April  1929
Billboard Added November 19, 1938
Short Wave Magazine UK Added October and November of 1995
Record Mirror Added July 7, 1973
World Radio Added March 11, 1938
Wireless Constructor Added Nov, Dec 1925 and Jan 1926
4-6-18 Radio TV Training School Added lessons 64 to 75m completing the radio section of this 100 lesson course. Coming: the 25 lessons about television.
High Fidelity Added full year 1979 and Jan to June of 1981.
4-5-18 Wireless Weekly AU Added 46 issues from 1931 to 1938. Everything listed in red on the Wireless Weekly page is new to the site in the past two days.
Radio TV Training School Added lessons 60 to 63
Audio Record Added 63 issues of this Audio Devices company newsletter covering 1945 to 1952.
4-4-18 Record Mirror Added July to December of 1978
Wireless Weekly AU Added over 30 issues from 1922 to 1925, and they are marked with the red lettering- All issues courtesy of Andrew Wilson. 
4-3-18 Radio TV Training School Added lessons 54 to 59
Radio Station Albums Added the 1940 station picture album from WLLH Lowell,-Lawrence, MA, one of a few synchronized AM stations operating on the same frequency in adjacent towns
Also added the 1947 from WKZO in Kalamazoo, with station personalities and network stars.
And we added the 1936 station personality album from WDAY in Fargo, ND, which features new singer Peggy Lee.
Wireless Engineer Added May, June, July and August of 1932
Ham Radio Today UK Added November, 1998
Short Wave Magazine UK Added July and August, 1995 and
4-2-18 Record Mirror Added all issues from January, 1965
Maplin Electronics Added May 2001
4-1-18 Short Wave Magazine UK Added January and June of 1995 and December of 1992
Radio TV Training School Added lessons 47 to 53
3-31-18 Record World Added April 17, 1971 and October 31, 1981 and a complete copy of the March 27, 1971 issue
Modern Radio Obtained three copies of Modern Radio, which published from 1931 to 1933, featuring technical articles and material of interest to ham radio operators. Added a new page for this title
Maplin Electronics Added December, 2000
High Fidelity's special Stereo edition Added the 1964 stereo special edition.
IBA Independent Television UK Added 1978 IBA yearbook and directory.
Short Wave Magazine UK Added July, 1989 and May 1996
Stereo Review Added 18 issues from 1964 to 1969. And I'm expecting deliver next week of more than 75 additional issues of this magazine, mostly from the 70's.
3-30-18 Electronics World and Wireless World Added full years of 1990 and 1991 and Jan to Apr of 1992.
Practical Wireless Added a complete copy of the October, 1962 issue..
Short Wave Magazine UK Added the November, 1987 issue.
Amateur Radio UK Added October and November of 1983
Billboard Added a complete copy of the Feb 29, 1964 issue.
Added November 26, 1938 issue
Wireless Engineer Added February, March and April of 1932
3-29-18 Record Business UK Added 14 more issues from May to December of 1982.
Science and Invention Added the February 1925 issue of this Hugo Gernsback magazine which sat somewhere on the bridge between scientific advances and flights of fantasy. These issues are recommended as fascinating reads and a reflection of the times.
Radio Station Albums Added a nice batch of radio station promotional albums. Included are KSO Des Moines, WBNS Columbus, OH, WJPS Evansville, IN, WPAY Portsmouth, OH and WTAQ La Grange, IL. They are from the late 30's to the early 50's.
Radio TV Training School Lessons 41 to 46 are now added.
Record Mirror Added January to June of 1978
3-28-18 Record Business UK Added 12 issues from 1982 and 1983 of this UK music business journal which later merged with Music Week.
3-26-18 Early Radio Miscellaneous Added "The Radio Amateur's Handbook" from 1934
World Radio UK Added four of the year-end Christmas issues of this BBC publication. They are from 1934, 1935, 1936 and 1937
History of Wireless Added "History of Wireless" by Sarkar / Maillou / Oliner/ Salazar / Sengupta
Radio TV Training School Added lessons 37, 38, 39 and 40.
3-25-18 Maplin Electronics Added Dec, 1981 and Mar-May 1982
Short Wave Listener UK Added October, 1951
Stereo Review Added a section for this audiophile and music magazine which began in 1958
Early Radio "Strays" Added to examples of a series of coloring books produced by Philco for the March of Dimes for their fundraising.
Also added a June, 1948 example of an early TeleVision Guide with program listings for the New York City market
World Radio Added December 13, 1929
Midland Radio and Television School Added an extensive course in electronics, radio, early television and servicing from Midland Radio and Television Schools of Kansas City. There are over 3,000 pages in 7 sets of lessons.
Amateur Wireless Added the issue from July 22, 1922
Wireless World Added February and March of 1943, two of the missing issues.
Replaced missing pages in the February and March 1930 issues. They should be complete now.
Radio TV Training School Added lessons 32, 33, 34, 35, and 36
Electronics Today UK Added June 1975
Record Mirror Added Mar 28, Aug 29 and Oct 10 1964
3-24-18 Independent Broadcasting Authority Added 5 of the annual "Television & Radio" annual series from the IBA in the UK, detailing the broadcast year in review and containing a directory of IBA radio and TV stations. Beautifully illustrated with many color and black and white photos.
Record World Added April 3, 1971, October 4, 1979 (complete), June 20, 1970, Oct 21, 1978, Oct 4, 1980, Mar 7, 1970, Oct 23, 1965, December 11, 1965, Sep 3 and Jan 8 1966,
Cash Box Replaced the July 18, 1970 issue which was actually the issue from a different date. It is now the correct one.
International Television Almanac Added the 2010 issue, divided into the directory section and the extensive "Who's Who" listing of industry notables.
Also added the 1978 edition. We now have 53 of the 59 issues of this directory, first published in 1956
Westinghouse Engineer Created a separate section for this publication of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation with articles about all aspects of the company's technology in a beautifully designed and illustrated format.
Disc Added three issues from March of 1962 (marked with ) and March 7, 1959
Bookshelf: Education Created a separate Bookshelf section for books used for broadcast education. Includes Keith's "The Radio Station" as well as the Abbot and Chester series (with multiple editions available) as well as single volumes not part of a regularly revised title.
Radio TV Training School Added lessons 28 to 31
3-23-18 Record Mirror Added the second half of 1977... 27 additional issues.
Disc Added May 23 and May 30, 1964
3-22-18 R&R Added October 10 and September 21, 1990
Amateur Radio UK Added September 1983
TV Index Added all issues from February and June of 1954, completing the first half of that year.
Popular Wireless Added the issue from February 9, 1924
Short Wave Magazine UK Added the August, 1987 and the February, 1995 issues.
Record Mirror Added 9 issues between 1964 and 1971, and they are marked with
Record World Added complete copies of the July 2, 1966 and Aug 20, 1966 issues
3-20-18 Amateur Radio UK Added July and August of 1983.
Radio TV Training School Added lessons 24 to 27
Electronics Digest UK Added Spring 1983 issue
Short Wave Magazine Added March 1995
Communications World Added Spring/Summer 1972 and Spring/Summer 1974. These magazines included the well known White's radio log in each issue.
3-19-18 Record Mirror Added all issues from January to June of 1977.
Disc Added May 2 and May 9, 1964
3-17-18 Early Radio "Strays" Added 18 catalogs and booklets from as early as 1922 up to 1952.
Also added the "Blue Book of Radio Entertainers" from General Electric from 1935
Also added an October, 1947 issue of radio fan and listener magazine "Radio Row"
International Television Almanac Added the 1991 edition, including the thorough "Who's Who" section and the directory of programming sources, TV stations and additional features.
Electronics Today UK Added May 1974 and April 1973 and June 1993 and March 1987 and July 1983
Radio Fan Fare Added issue from September 22, 1944.
Record World Added Feb 16 and Mar 2, 1974 and Oct 20, 1973, Jan 30, June 5 1971, and Feb 13 1965
Billboard Added the three missing issues from 1940 and September 8, 1951. It appears that there is only one regular issue missing from 1939 to 2014.
Wireless World Completed the month of March, 1930 and combined the 4 issues into one file. That completes 1930. Now missing just one issue (October, 1939) from 1913 to 1986.
Modern Mechanics / The World's Advance Added 9 issues from 1915 of this successor to Popular Electricity. It published three issues as Modern Mechanics, and then changed to "The World's Advance"
Record Mirror Added March 9. 1968 and Feb 8, 1969 and Jan 4, 1964
3-16-18 Record Mirror Added 26 issues from July to December of 1976
3-15-18 Record Mirror Added one issue from 1969, one from 1968 and four from 1971
Early Radio "Strays" Added a variety of single issues, one time publications and small collections from the early days of radio through the end of the Golden Age. There are many new items.
Newer additions include a 1935 issue of Canada's Radio Weekly and "The New World of Radio Entertainment" from Stewart-Warner from 1934.
Gramophone UK Added the October, 1930 issue when the magazine was still called "The Radio Gramophone".
Disc Added two more from 1961 and one from 1962
Schematics & Diagrams Added what is believed to be the first and only edition of the Sams Radio Redbook, which took over the position occupied by the Mallory Service Encyclopedia series.
Station Albums Added two booklets to this section. One is for 3XN, the Bell Telephone experimental station in New Jersey and its 50 kw transmitter. It is dated 1928. The other is from 1927, and it is from WBAL in Baltimore and features the attractions of Baltimore.
Radio Craft Added another of the Radio Craft special publications, "Point to Point Resistance Measurement" from 1933. All of the "specials" are listed at the bottom of the page
Mallory Radio Service Encyclopedia Added all 6 editions of this title from 1937 to 1947, with years off during the War.
3-14-18 Popular Electronics Replaced most issues from 1963 to 1965 with new scans of cleaner copies of the magazine.
Radio Progress Added four more issues of this 1924 to 1926 Rhode Island-based magazine.
Disc Added February 28, 1959
Electronics Today (ETI) Added the 1978 "ETI Circuits #2".
Hits Added three issues to the collection of this radio and music industry tip sheet.
3-13-18 Record Mirror Added January to June of 1976
Catalogs Added the 1936 catalog from Hall Electric of St. Paul, MN. Courtesy of Mike Grant.
Gramophone Added a new page for Gramophone, a UK classical music magazine which included gramophones and sound reproduction equipment in its early years (The magazine itself has all issues available via subscription; we will only show a few that show gramophones and sound reproduction equipment of the 20's and 30's.
Wireless World Completed the month of February and combined all the issues in a single file. Also added the index for the July to December, 1931 issues.
Amateur Radio UK Added April, May and June, 1983
Amateur Wireless Added Oct 7 1922 and April 13 1929
Disc Added issues from 1958 and 1959 and the are marked with the arrow
Radio TV Training School Added lessons 20, 21, 22, 23
Schematics & Brochures Added a marvelous collection of circuits from a variety of local manufacturers in Argentina. It's called "Selección de Cirucuitos" by Vodovosoff and it is the 4th edition from 1954 Courtesy of Osvaldo de Garay.
3-11-18 Television & Radio Annual from ITV (UK) Added the 1982 annual featuring the shows on independent TV and radio in the UK
Journal of Broadcasting Added Summer, 1961
Bookshelf: Biography Added "My Father Marconi" by Degna Marconi, the inventor's daughter.
Early Radio: Miscellaneous Added the 50th Anniversary issue of "Westinghouse Engineer" with the story of Westinghouse and technology from 1900 to 1950.
Amateur Wireless Added the October 19, 1929 issue.
Catalogs: Consumer Added Heathkit 1984 catalog
Bookshelf: History Added RCA's "30 Years of Pioneering and Progress" from 1949 with lots of pictures from RCA and NBC's past.
Bookshelf: Technology Added Campbell's 1957 "TV Repair Manual" for the "home TV owner"
Catalogs & Manuals RCA Added the 1938 "Air Cooled Transmitter Tubes". Has a fantastic physical drawing of the insides of an 803 pentode!
Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added the 1950 textbook "Radio & Television" By Chester and Garrison and the 3rd edition of the same book, by Chester, Giraud and Willis, from 1963. By the 3rd edition, "Television" was placed before "Radio" in the title.
3-10-18 Cash Box Added one of the missing issues, March 23, 1968. It is missing the charts, but that was common in that era when the charts were a pull-out section.
Wireless Engineer Added the full year of 1955 of this sister publication to Wireless World which began in 1923 as Experimental Wireless.
Television & Short Wave World UK Added January 1938
Amateur Radio UK Added February and March of 1984
Popular Wireless Added Jan 15, Feb 5 and Mar 5 of 1927
Wireless World Added the issues from November, 1939
Radio TV Training School Added lessons 13 to 19.
Monitoring Times Added May-June of 1982, the only missing issue between 1982 and 1999
Wireless World Added 18 issues of "Electronic World and Wireless World" from 1988, 1989 and 1990
Science and Invention Added July of 1925
Short Wave Magazine UK Added June and October, 1987 and March 1988
3-9-18 Wireless & Television Review UK Added June, July and August of 1935
3-8-18 Disc Added four issues for dates between 1962 and 1964. They are marked with a
Electronics Illustrated Added new scans of Jan 1971, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May 1960, Dec 1959, May 1958, Nov 1970.
Hobbyist Annuals & Special Editions Added "Electronic Ideas" from 1960 and "Electrical Handbook" from 1964
High Fidelity Added October 1955,
Radio TV Training School Added lessons 10, 11 and 12 of this 100-lesson course
Radio & Records Added September 21, 1990
3-7-18 Electronic Technician Added September 1962 of this magazine, formerly Radio Retailing
Radio TV Experimenter Added 10 new scans of issues that had missing pages or were poorly scanned. We will soon be replacing hundreds of issues of Radio-Electronics to improve readability and the quality of images and diagrams.
Television Week Added April 19, 2004
Record World Added Nov 22, 1975 and Nov 15, Nov 22 1980, Dec 12, 1970, Dec 6, 1980, Dec 26 1981. Newest adds are marked with the red arrow . Issues with missing pages or charts are indicated with this symbol. (This site has a policy of "something is better than nothing", so magazine issues with missing pages, cut-outs and missing covers are made available until such time as a more complete replacement is found.)
3-6-18 Radio & Records Added August 10, 1990
Radio TV Training School Courtesy of Greg Overton, we have added 5 more lessons in the 1949 course from Radio Television Training School of Los Angeles.
3-5-18 Wireless World Added March 12 and March 26, 1930
Amateur Radio UK Added December 1983
Wireless Engineer (Formerly Experimental Wireless) Added June issue from 1933. This was a companion publication to Wireless World, with a deeper technology focus.
3-4-18 Popular Wireless Added Jun 5, 1926 and April 30, May 7, Jun 4, Aug 27, Sept 10, Dec 3 and Dec 10 of 1927.
Radio TV Training School Added the first 4 lessons in a 100-lesson course from 1949.
Radio & Records Added March 23 and May 18 of 1990
3-03-18 Record Mirror Added all 52 issues from 1980. There are now over 150 issues online.
3-02-18 Record Mirror Added all 52 issues from 1975. Now searchable.
3-01-18 Record Mirror Added all issues from 1974 of this UK pop music weekly with excellent charts.
Popular Wireless Added 7 issues from 1923 and 1926; they are marked with this symbol
2-28-18 Bookshelf: Technical Added Carl Smith's "Directional Antenna Patterns" 2nd Edition, from 1958. This is widely considered the definitive book on directional antenna theory and design, originally published in 1946.
Television UK Added the issue form October of 1930
Bookshelf: Technical Added The Radio Amateur's VHF Manual from 1972
Bernards Radio Manuals Added book 58, Circuits Using 7400 Series ICs and Book 202 IC Equivalents and Substitutes
History of Broadcasting Collection Added one of the two reaming missing books from this New York Times collection of early radio book reprints. This time it is "Radio Markets of the World" with four consecutive annual reports on the state of radio in nearly every nation of the world in the early 30's.
Bookshelf: UK Added volumes II and III of Asa Briggs "History of Broadcasting in the United Kingdom". They are "The Golden Age of Wireless" and "War of the Words" and are the earlier parts of the five-volume story of radio in England.
Radio & Records Added two more issues, Jan 5 and March 16 of 1990
2-27-18 Record Mirror Added a new section for this UK consumer music weekly and began the collection with 9 issues from 1973. More coming imminently!
2-26-18 Billboard Added December 3, 1938
Wireless Constructor Added December 1928
Radio Craft Fixed the links to the Radio Craft library booklets that I just could not get right since Saturday!
Modern Wireless Added November, 1925
Everyday Engineering Added two volumes of Everyday Engineering, a title which began in 1915 as Everyday Mechanics and which ended publication in November of 1920.
2-25-18 GE Ham News Added issues of GE Ham News, a publication of General Electric for radio amateurs which ran from 1947 to 1963 with 6 issues a year.
2-24-18 Wireless Magazine Added December of 1931
Electronics Today UK Added February, 1975
Radio Craft Library Added 5 volumes from the Technical Library from 1946 and 1947. They are highlighted with the red arrow
RCA Review Added all issues for 1971, 1977, 1978, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985
Bookshelf: Early Radio Technology Added "Radio for Everybody by Austin Lescarboura, the managing editor of Scientific American. Published in 1922
Record World Added July 25, 1981 (Annual Directory and Awards issue) and Dec 5, 1964, July 17, Jan 2, Oct 16,  1965, Feb 14, July 4 1981 and Nov 19, 1977
Station Albums Added a 1929 promotional album from WLBW in Oil City, PA.
Studio Sound Added July of 1992
2-23-18 Telecasting Yearbook Added the Telecasting Yearbook for 1956-1957. During the period from 1953 to 1958, Broadcasting  Magazine issued separate yearbooks for Radio and for Television.
This site began simply to make available the yearbooks; that was over 10 years ago. With this issue of the rare Telecasting volume, the entire collection from 1935 to 2010 is complete. This is a symbolic achievement for the site, and we are happy to present this issue.
Ham Tips from RCA After posting one issue earlier in the week, I was sent nearly 110 more. They are now on the site in a separate and new page.
FCC Ground Conductivity Maps Added color sectionalized FCC ground conductivity maps for the US.
2-22-18 IRC Servicer Added a new page for the customer magazine published starting in 1933 by the International Resistance Company
Electronic Engineering UK Added four more issues from 1951 and 1952 to this new collection which just was added to the site.-
Television Quarterly Added Issue II of 1989 of the Journal of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
Practical Electronics Added four issues from 1979, completing the set for that year. .
Amateur Radio UK Added one issue each from 1986 and 1987 from this UK ham radio magazine.
Disc Added two issues from 1964 and eight from 1963 to the collection of this UK pop music tabloid.
2-21-18 Ham Tips from RCA Added a single 1940 issue of this publication to our "miscellaneous" page. Looking for more of this interesting newsletter.
Electronics Digest (US) Added the July/August "Old Time Radio" supplement from 1972. This was a Radio Shack publication.
Cable Audience Measurement Added a 1983 study by Nielsen "Cable Audience Methodology Study" commissioned by the Cable Television Advertising Bureau and NCTA.
Catalogs Added a 1966 Tandberg tape recorder catalog from 1986... in Spanish!
Added a 1966 catalog from Fair Radio Sales.
2-20-18 Rave Added January 1968
IEEE Receiver Standards Radio and TV standards compilation from the early 50's, including FM.
Electronic Media Added three issues from 1996 to this publication which later became Television Week
The Radio Gramophone Added the October, 1930, issue (Number 89 in its own series) of this UK publication
Radio World No, not the 20's and 30's technical magazine. A new,  fan-oriented, title from sometime in 1946. Another addition to the "Early Radio Assortment" section.
Billboard Added a complete copy of the December 11, 1965 issue (which had been missing pages)
The Radio Herald Added and issue of this "Buyers Guide for Dealers and Set Builders" to our section for rare single issues and one-time publications, "Early Radio Assorted Editions".
The Westinghouse Engineer The latest addition to our Early Radio Miscellanea section is one issue of this Westinghouse employee magazine from 1946
2-19-18 Journal of Broadcasting New section opened for this scholarly quarterly publication. Added 5 issues from 1969 to 1971
Thanks! With the many recent additions, there have been inevitable errors. I wish to thank those site users who send notification of things that don't work. Those reports are invaluable!
Bookshelf: Technical Added FM Transmission & Reception by RIder and Uslan from 1954
Ratings: Puerto RIco Added the 1978 Strategy Research Description of Methodology for the San Juan radio survey that company ran through 1981.
World Radio (UK) Added July 30 and Sept 24, 1937 and June 19 and June 17 1938
2-18-18 RIM Monthly Added a new section, but with just one issue, of this Western USA media buying and selling magazine focused on advertising and marketing. Includes ad rates for all Western stations.
Miscellaneous Catalogs and Publications: Early Radio Added the April 1935 issue of Wireless and Television Review from the UK
Radio Guide Added 8 issues from 1934 and 1935; these are marked in red and are all Mountain West editions while the other copy for that date is NY-New England-Northeast
Radio 51 Added 5 issues from 1951 to this Montréal area radio and entertainment guide
Television Week Added a page for this management-targeted magazine for the Television industry. This magazine began as a section in Advertising Age, and became a separate title in 1982
TeleTech Added the "Second Section" to the April, 1950 issue
Bookshelf: Technical Added the Sony Teleproduction Glossary from 1990
Melody Maker Took first step and created a page for UK music newspaper "Melody Maker" and added the first issue we have been able to obtain over here in the colonies.
Bookshelf: Technical Added the 1976 Radio Shack publication "All About CB Two-Way Radio"
News and Digest Added a single issue, Vol. 1 No 2, from March, 1937. We have not been able to find anything more about this title which was published by the Institute of Radio Service Men, which also produces no significant search results.
Bookshelf: UK Added the 1982 single-edition magazine "Amateur Radio" with a detailed coverage of how to become a ham radio operator in the UK.
Your Webmaster For those who read Spanish (or want to practice) here is a chapter from "En La Misma Sintonía", a recently published book from  Mexico. This chapter is, of course, about the proprietor of this site and his voyage through the world of radio. (Small PDF)
Bookshelf: Technical Added Radio Shack's 1974 "From 5 watts to 1000 watts" guide for CB operators becoming ham radio licensees.
The Crypt We added to our page devoted to the preservation of FCC technical and licensing filings an interesting study conducted at Canada's CKUA in 1935 which used field strength readings of an operating station to demonstrate and validate the underlying mathematics.
Hobbyist Special Issues Added Jensen's 1956 "Build Your Own Hi Fi Speaker System" with plans for 18 systems.
Short Wave Craft Added the 1939 "Radio Amateur Course" to the special editions on the page.
ETD (Electronic Technician / Dealer) Added May, 1976
Record World Added April 10, 1982 which was the last issue published. Also added July 2, 1977
Bookshelf: Early Technical Added "The Super Heterodyne" from 1924
Miscellanous Catalogs and Publications: Early Radio Added early radio publications "Radio Montgomery Ward", Wireless & Electrical Cyclopedia", "Radio Sale" (1929) and Radiolek Broadcaster" and "100 Radio Hook-ups" (EICO, 1924), "Alemite is on the AIr" show promotion from 1935
Miscellaneous Publications: Programming Added "Chicago Radio Program" a 1929 guide to on air schedules in Chicago.
Correspondence Courses Added "Learn by Doing", a brochure promoting the study of electronic servicing.
Wireless World Added the index to the July through December, 1930, issues
TV-Radio Life Added Jan 21 1955, April 9 1954, Feb 20 1953, December 3 1954, July 1 1955, Dec 2 1955, Nov 25 1955.
Correspondence Courses Added the 1947 NRI Electronics Course, with over 1400 pages of lesson material
Radio Logs and Lists Added the National Radio Club 1978 edition of its "Pacific Log" with a listing of stations in the Pacific
Gernsback Collection Added the Hugo Gernsback "Wireless Course" with a copy from the 9th edition.
Radio Craft Added several Radio Craft special publications. The Superheterodyne Book (1932), How to Become a Service Man (1932), Superheterodyne Book (1932) and Radio Television Reference Manual (1940) and Modern Radio Hook-Ups (1932)
Music Business Added September 5, 1964
R&R Ratings Directories Added the full 476 page Ratings and Services Directory issues for Spring, 2005.
Forecast FM Added February, 1971 issue of this Washington DC FM and entertainment guide
Billboard Replaced the December 22, 1984 year-end issue with a scan that is not missing pages.
Electronic Servicing Added May, 1972 and October, 1971
Short Wave Magazine UK Added December 1989
Music Reporter Added May 19 and May 26, 1962 and November 2, 1963
Music Vendor Added the June 23, 1962 issue of this magazine which later became Record World.
2-17-18 Radio & Records Added 20 more issues of R&R from the 80's and 90's, including several issues of the "New Music" "Digital" and "Marketing" special editions.
Cash Box Added a complete copy of the November 19, 1960 issue.
World Radio (UK) Added April 19 and May 3 1935, Jan 24 1936 and July 16, 1937
2-16-18 Radio & Records Added 22 issues of R&R from the late 80's to the early 90's.These are listed in blue lettering. Also added several special editions, listed in the left margin of the issue listings.
Record World Added April 5 1981 and August 11, 1973
Bookshelf: Early Radio Technical Added "How to Pass US Government Radio License Examinations" by Duncan from 1929
Radio Craft Added "Home Made Radio Instruments" from 1941, This is #25 in the Radio Craft Library.
Radio Showmanship Added all 12 issues from 1944 of this local radio sales aid publication
PF Index Added first two issues of the publication, January and March of 1951. They were provided by Craig Huseboe WD0GAP. All PF Index and PF Reporter issues are now complete.
History of Broadcasting Added "Radio Today" by Huth from 1942, with just two more books needed to complete this collection of reprints created in 1971 by the New York Times and Arno Press
2-15-18 Disc Added five new issues, between 1961 and 1964
World Radio (UK) Added four issues from 1931 and 1932
2-14-18 RCA Radiotrons Added a section for the dealer magazine "Good News about RCA Radiotrons" published starting in 1930 by the RCA Radiotron Company, the tube division of RCA.
World Radio (UK) Added three issues from June, 1928
Short Wave Magazine UK Added November and December of 1989
Practical Television Added 8 issues from the 1960's, and each is marked with a red arrow
Billboard Added The World of Religious Music and The World of Country from 1965 and a full copy of the August 26, 1967 issue which was missing over 50 pages.
2-13-18 Short Wave Magazine UK Added August and September of 1989.
2-11-18 Electronic Engineering UK Added September, 1955 from this UK professional magazine
Cunningham Radio Log Added the 1930 edition of this station listing and logbook
Radio Caroline Added this "non-BBC" book by Venmore-Rowland to the BBC Books collection
2-9-18 Electronics Digest Added a section for this magazine published starting in 1967 by Radio Shack featuring educational and informational content. (Note the same magazine as the UK publication with the same name.
Retail Electronics Added a variety of catalogs from Radio Shack, Olson, G&G and Coast to Coast (1930's)
Klieglight Catalog Added what appears to be a 50's or 60's stage lighting catalog from Kliegel.
2-8-18 Encyclopedia of Radio Added a search-only option for the Encyclopedia of Radio allowing text queries, but not a download of the full set of books. For purchase of the Encyclopedia, see the Museum of Broadcast Communications site. Also available in a Kindle Edition from Amazon.
RCA "Listen" Added a collection of 7 issues of RCA "Listen" which was a monthly advertising insert in the form of a 4 to 6 page magazine placed in consumer magazines in the late 30's
Bookshelf: Biography Added Levine's 1964 "Electronics Pioneer: Lee DeForest" and New York radio columnist Ben Gross' 1954 "I Looked and Listened"
Bookshelf: Technical Added the 1974 "Stereo F.M. Radio Handbook" by Harvey and Bohlman.
The Experimenter Added the April, 1924 issue of the original title, Practical Electrics, as well as a sample of the successor, "Amazing Facts". These two issues show the change in focus of the magazine in its three distinct eras.
Electronic Servicing Added a "special report" from 1971 "Color TV Circuit Operation Guide" with a description of the state of the TV technology art at that time.
Billboard Added December 17, 1938
Practical Electronics Added February, 1981
The Boy's Wireless Annual Added the 1925 edition of this fascinating hobbyist and constructor's book. Very rare, but beware it is a big 80gb download.
BBC Books & Publications Created a separate section for books and magazines by or about the BBC and Broadcasting in the UK. Added four of the technical monographs from BBC Engineering, and an early booklet about the transmitter site at Droitwich.
2-7-18 Disc Added all five issues from March, 1958
Media Decisions Added a new page for Media Decisions
Media buying magazine, successor to Sponsor beginning in 1965
Rave Added November and December of 1964
2-6-18 Heathkit Canada Added the 1980 Heathkit catalog from Canada.
World Radio (UK) Added Mar 23, Apr 6 and Apr 16, 1928
CBC Radio Guide Added an assortment of the CBC Radio Guide from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, including articles and program schedules. Nov. 1986 is the 50th anniversary special issue.
RCA Catalogs Added the broadcast equipment price list from 1978
2-5-18 History of Broadcasting Added "Old Wires and New Wires" (The history of the Telegraph, Telephone and Wireless) by Harlow from 1936.
Added "Radio Censorship" by Summers from 1939
Added "Economics of the Radio Industry" by Jome from 1925
Electronics Today (ETI) Canada Added "Circuits File" from 1982
WTFDA FM Logbook Added 2010 edition of "Emisoras FM", the Mexico, Central America and Caribbean region FM logbook from the leading FM DX  club.
Hobbyist Annuals & Specials Added Radio Electronics "Electronics Experimenters Handbook" from 1987
Added Popular Electronics "Electronic Experimenters Handbook" from 1981
Electronics Now Replaced January 1994 with a copy with no missing pages.
The Horn Speaker Added a section for this 1970-1999 publication featuring early radio gear and reprints of articles from the first years of radio.
Programmer's Digest Added 23 issues of famed programmer Todd Wallaces programming newsletter, nearly completing the collection.
World Radio (UK) Added March 16, 1928 and Feb 24, 1928 and July 22, 1927
Practical Electronics Added Jan, Feb and Mar of 1989
Short Wave Magazine UK Added May and June of 1989
Billboard Added Jan 14, Jan 21 and Feb 11 of 1939, completing the full year.
Record World Added 9 issues from 1974, 1976 and 1980. They are highlighted with
NAB Publications Added the 70's era "Radio Program Department Handbook"
Tune In Added May and October of 1943 and January of 1945
2-3-18 Billboard Added Feb 25 and Mar 4 of 1939
Showmanship "Radio Showmanship" was a 1940's magazine aimed at advertisers and showing success stories of radio ad campaigns. It was sold exclusively to one station per market, and those stations distributed the publication to local advertisers and agencies. 75 issues added.
World Radio (UK) Added December 14, 1928
Rave Added June 1964
The Trapman Report Added a new section for this quarterly research compilation of radio airplay at a set of major radio stations, which changed with each report. The concept was to show airplay by title and artist in a variety of formats with precise monitors of the number of times each song played. This was a valuable resource in the ear before electronic airplay monitoring.
Practical Electronics Added November and December of 1988
Short Wave News Added May and July-August, 1950
1-30-18 History of Broadcasting Added the three volume set of the FCC Annual Reports covering 1934-1939, 1940-1949 and 1950-1955. Also added A History of Wireless Telegraphy by Fahie from 1901, A Thirty Year History of Programs by Summers from 1958, Big Business & Radio by Archer from 1939, Invention and Innovation in the Radio Industry by Maclauren from 1949, Radio and Its Future by Codel from 1930, Radio Markets of the World by Batson from 1930, Radio Selected APSS Surveys from 1929, Report on Blacklisting: II Radio & Television by Cogley from 1956, Studies in the Control of Radio No 1 to 6 and The Political Use of the Radio by Grandin from 1939
Practical Electronics Added July, August, September, October, November, December of 1991 and April, May, Jun of 1979
Electronics Today (ETI) UK Added August, 1972 and Jan, 1993
Short Wave Magazine UK Added October and November of 1922
1-28-18 Short Wave News Added October and November of 1949
1-27-18 Electronics Technician Added 6 issues from 1959 to 1962. They are highlighted with a red arrow
Practical Electronics Added April, 1979
Radio Added "Radio" magazine's Antenna Handbook from 1936. It's listed in the left-side column on the magazine's page.
Bookshelf: Early Radio Added "Marconi Wireless Technology" from the Marconi companies, published circa 1907. This is a brief history of Marconi Telegraphy with descriptions of significant milestones and current services at the time.
Electronics Australia Added the 1975/76 and 1976/77 Yearbook issues and the 1985 Holiday Projects issue
1-26-18 Billboard Added March 25, 1939
Radio Lists and Logbooks Added the November 1934 issue of the DX Radio Log of the World including Am and Short Wave stations.
International Television Almanac Added the 2007 editions, including the TV industry "Who's Who" section with "mini" biographies.
Coast FM & Fine Arts Added May, 1970, issue of this Los Angeles music and arts magazine.
Practical Electronics Added Jan, Feb and Mar of 1979
Popular Wireless Added October 21, 1933
History of Broadcasting Added three more volumes from this 1971 collection of reprints from Arno Press and the New York Times:
1) First Principles of Television by Dinsdale from 1932
2) Radio: Selected A.A.P.S.S Surveys from 1929 to 1941 (Articles on the state of broadcasting and its role in society)
3) Federal Radio Commission Annual Reports. One volume with 7 sections for the years 1927 to 1933 including regulations, actions of the FRC and station lists.
1-25-18 Short Wave News Added March, May and September of 1949
Radio Progress Added issues from Aug 1, Aug 15, Sept 1 and Sept 15 1924
1-24-18 History of Broadcasting Added Arnheim's "Radio" from 1936 and "A Thirty-Year History of Programs Carried on National Radio Networks in the United States:1926-1956" compiled by Summers in 1958. Over the next few weeks we will be adding nearly all the remaining volummes in the "History of Broadcasting" collection of reprints from 1971.
History of Broadcasting Added another "History of Broadcasting" book, "Electric Word, The: The Rise of Radio" by Schubert from 1928
Practical Electronics Added Nov and Dec of 1980 to the collection.
Bookshelf: Biography Added "But That's Not What I Called About", a memoire and bio by Hilly Rose and "Long John Nebel" by Bain from 1974
Farm Broadcasting Added the Out of Print "Farm Broadcasting: The First 60 Years" by Baker.
1-23-18 Wireless & Gramophone Trader UK Added 16 issues from 1930 and 1932 of this wireless set and phonograph retailer magazine from England.
Ham Radio Today Added the issue from October, 1991
RCA Picto-O-Guide Added Volume III from 1952, with pictures of common screen sysmptoms of specific TV set problems.
TV Factbook 2004 Added Station Section from Alabama to Ohio.
Practical Electronics Added October, 1980
Bookshelf: Business & Professional Added two books by John Floherty, author of many career books about different fields  First is "Behind the Microphone" from 1944 about radio and second is "Television Story" (6th Edition) from 1957 about the television industry as a career.
Bookshelf: History Added John Floherty's "Men Against Distance: The Story of Communications" from 1954.
Aerovox Researcher Added September 1953
1-22-18 Short Wave Magazine Added September, 1992
History of Broadcasting Added a separate section for the "History of Broadcasting" set of books from the 20's to the 50's. Assembled by Arno Press and the New York Times in 1970, the set covers a wide range of books relevant to the development of the industry. The reprints, except for the covers, were reproductions of the original works.
1-21-18 Talking Machine World Added correct issue for December 1926, thanks to an error report from a site user
Short Wave News Added April, 1949
Practical Electronics Added July, August and September of 1980.
Radio at War Added WCBM "Radio for Victory" album from WW. II for this Baltimore, MD station.
Practical Wireless Added the complete set of June, 1935 issues consolidated into a single PDF file.
Home Study Courses Added the NRI booklet "Rich Rewards in Radio" from 1935. This was a sales brochure showing the expanding need for electronic technicians and the "good money" to be had in the field.
Home Study Courses Added this complete 1946 National Schools of Los Angeles, CA, electronics and servicing course. There are over 1250 pages in this complete lesson set.
Station Albums Added the 1949 25th anniversary album for WBNS in Columbus, Ohio.
Practical Electronics Added February and May of 1980 and also added more complete copies of January and March issues.
Rave Added the February, 1965 issue of this fan magazine for UK pop artists of the 60's.
The Experimenter Added complete set of issues from November, 1914 to November, 1925. These had been in a bound volume, but are complete with their fantastic covers. A 12-page section on radio was a feature of each edition, which also covered other areas of science. The magazine gives a fine perspective on popular interests and attitudes towards science and progress. This was a Hugo Gernsback magazine.
Short Wave Magazine Added August 1992 of this UK short wave and amateur publication
Radio Doings Added the August 23, 1925 issue of this West Coast program guide magazine with many articles on receivers, radio broadcasting and even industry leader interviews about the state and future of radio. Issues averaged around 100 pages each in a "Reader's Digest" sized format..
International Television & Video Almanac Added 2009 issue of this TV directory. A notable part of each Almanac are the hundreds of thumbnail bios of industry and entertainment luminaries.
1-20-18 Short Wave Magazine Added July 1992
Radio Call Book Added 1931 "Service Schematics" special edition
Radio Retailing Added November, 1944
Billboard Added March 11, 1939 edition.
Radio and Hobbies AU Added some new issues between 1939 and 1949.
1-19-18 ETI Australia Added full set of issues from January 1987 to April of 1990. Also added 16 issues from 1971 to 1976.
1-18-18 Electronics Australia Added issues from 1991 to 2000
1-17-18 Electronics Australia Added all issues from 1976 to 1990.
ETI Australia Added the full years of 1977 and 1986 (as well as previously adding all issues in between)
1-15-18 Short Wave News Added Aug, Sept, Oct, Dec 1948 and Jan 1949
Billboard Added April 1 and April 8, 1939 and December 24, 1938 and Jan 25,1936 editions.
Popular Wireless Added the full month's set of issues for both March and May of 1930, each combined in a single file. Also added 7 of the weekly issues from 1926, and they are marked with
1-8-18 Audio Added 14 issues from 1982 to 1984. They have the usual symbol
Short Wave Craft Added another special edition, 1938 Short Wave Radio Quiz Book and Kinks
Popular Wireless Added Jan 17, Nov 7 and Dec 12 of 1925
Short Wave News Added August, 1948
Disc Added issues in 1960 and 1961, marked with the arrow symbol.
Bookshelf: Regulation Added the RCA 1953 filing with the FCC seeking approval of its color TV system. Nearly 700 pages, with photos, diagrams and considerable explanation of the system.
1-7-18 Short Wave Magazine Added February, March and April of 1989
Talking Machine World Added January 1926 and January, July and August (under changed title of Talking Machine World / Radio Music Merchant).
Modern Wireless UK Added March and April of 1924
Rave Added January 1967 and May, 1964
Short Wave Craft Added the 1933 logbook issue. It is listed in the left-hand margin.
Short Wave News Added June and July of 1948
1-4-18 Audio Added 48 issues fron the 80's and 90's, including two of the "Best of Audio" editions.
1-3-18 Billboard Added the April 13, 1968 "Campus Attractions supplement. Also added the three missing issues from 2013, completing that year.
RCA Review Added all four quarterly issues from 1973, 1974, 1979 and 1980
Short Wave News Added April and May of 1948
White's Radio Log Added the Fall, 1954 issue with a complete list of North American radio stations by city and state, frequency and by call letters.
Science and Invention Added March, 1925 to the collection of Hugo Gernsback's futuristic and scientific magazine, previously called "Electrical Experimenter". One article features how tornadoes are created for movies in the early 20's.
1-2-18 Modern Wireless Added October and November of 1923.
Radio Progress Added June 1, 1924 and June 1 and Oct 1 of 1925
1-1-18 Practical Television Added Jan, 1983, December 1986 and fixed several linking issues.
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