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Date (m/d/y) Title Description
12-30-18 Australasian Radio World Added June, July and August of 1947
  Televiser Added 19 issues of this very early television industry trade magazine.
  Electronic Servicing
(PF Reporter)
Added Nov and Dec 1972 of Electronic Servicing
  Radio News Amateurs' Handibook Added the first edition of this series of experiments and projects for hobbyists from Hugo Gernsback and his important Radio News Monthly Journal.. From 1924 We are looking for further special editions from this magazine now that we have all the regular monthly issues.
  Electronic Servicing
(Radio Service Dealer)
Added an issue of the "original" Electronic Servicing which was a later title of Radio Service Dealer just before it ceased publication. It's from Feb, 1958
  Television Added April, May, June and July/August of 1945 of this TV industry trade magazine.
12-26-18 Popular Electricity Added May and June of 1914 of "Popular Electricity and the World's Advance"
Tele-Tech / Electronic Industries Added November 1957 issue of Electronic Industries.
  Electronics Today UK Added November 1981 and June 1973
  Radio Retailing Added editions 106 (1963) 112 (1975) and 114 (1977) of the Electronic Technician Tekfax servicing schematic and repair guides.
  Billboard Added June 5, 12, 19 1920 and Jan 1 1932 and Jan 6 Dec 29 1934 and April 3 Dec 4 Dec 11 1937
12-25-18 Milestone At some time during the early morning today the site reached 20,000,000 page views. Many thanks to all the users and contributors to the site!
  Australasian Radio World Added January to May of 1947
  Radio News For the first time in several years, there is something new on the Radio News page: three special editions. Radio Data Book (1936), The Superheterodyne Book (1926) and The 4th Radio Amateurs' Handbook (1927) were added.
  New Musical Express Added Jan 26, Feb 2, 9, 16 Mar 16, June 15 of 1951, Dec 18 1953, Sep 18, 1969, Jul 20 1956
  Record Mirror Added Dec 15, 22, 1973, Feb 29, 1964
12-18-18 Record Mirror Added March 18, 1961, the first issue of the "new era" of Record Mirror.
Added April 21, Jun 23, Jul 21, Aug 18 1973 and a new copy of Oct 27 of that year.
  Melody Maker Added December 14
  Wireless World Added new copies of Jan, Jun/Jul and Aug of 1980
  Broadcasting Magazine Added August 31, 1981.
  New Musical Express Added Nov 30 1962 and Sept 18 1959
  Australasian Radio World Added July and October of 1940.
  Early Radio Collection Added a brochure for the 1937 Hallicrafters SX-16 Radio
  Modern Era Collection Added a Hammarlund receiver and transceiver catalog from (est) the 1950's.
12-17-18 Television Factbook Added the 1951 issue of the Factbook.
12-14-18 Television Digest Added first 15 (out of 19 years we have on hand) of this weekly TV and FM industry newsletter. Details on station licensing, programming, TV set sales, etc.
Of particular interest are the first years of TV, the licensing freeze and the lifting of the freeze.
  Australasian Radio World Added April, June, November and December of 1940
12-13-18 NBC Transmitter A full set of the NBC staff magazines published from 1935 on through the war through 1945
  Early Radio Collection Added a 1947 publication of the Catholic Information Society "Radio in Red" about communist infiltration of broadcasting.
  Practical Wireless Added Sept. 8, 15, 22  and Oct 13, 20 1934
  Disc Added three issues from June 1959 and June 16, 1962
  R&R Added February 8 1991 and May 30. 1997
  Short Wave Craft Added a booklet published by Gernsback's "Short Wave Craft" called "Short Wave Radio Manual" from 1934, including set building and a listing of all short wave radio manuals.
12-12-18 Practical Wireless Added issues from August and September, 1934.
  Wireless Weekly AU 1926 and all its issues have arrived, just 92 years after they were first published!
  Ham Radio Today Added September and December 1990
12-11-18 Everyday Electronics Added Jan, Feb, Jul and Oct of 1978
  Audio Amateur Removed all issues at the instruction of CircuitCellar.
  Australasian Radio World Added August and September 1940 and November and December 1945
  Practical Wireless Added All April 1934 in single PDF, Mar 4, Aug 12, Jan 21, Jan 28 and Apr 15 1922
Added Feb 3, May 5, May 12, May 19, Jun 9, Jan 13 of 1934
12-10-18 Wireless Weekly AU Added entire year of 1927. As with 1922-1924, courtesy of the National Library of Australia.
  Monitoring Times Added 2011 and 2012 courtesy of the Internet Archive
12-9-18 Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added Lorenzo Milam's "The Radio Papers: From KRAB to KCHU". This is a lesser known volume from the author of "Sex and Broadcasting".
  Sony Mini Disc Added the 1992 Sony "Mini DIsc Technology" booklet describing the theory of operation, including recording, playback and mastering of minidiscs.
  Record World Added a complete copy of the Nov 30 1968 issue
  RCA Broadcast Equipment Added a brochure for the RCA Victor Type OP-4 Remote Pickup Equipment line from the 30's
  Western Electric Oscillator Added issue #10, February, 1948, completing the collection of Pick-Ups and The Oscillator, two magazines published consecutively in the 30's and 40's for Western Electric's broadcast customers.
  Beitman Supreme Added the 1926-1966 index of all Beitman manuals for radio, tv and record players
  Australasian Radio World Added October and November of 1945
12-8-18 Electronics Today UK Added November, 1975 courtesy of Guy Drew.
  Ham Radio Today Added Apr 1999 and August 1990
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added Kempner's 1948 "Encyclopedia of Television" which catalogs the events, people and science behind the new medium of TV.
  Bookshelf: Technology Added Lee De Forest's 1942 book "Television Today and Tomorrow"
Added Dashiel's "A Popular Guide to Radio" which is a beginner-level explanation of radio's origins, technology and application in the home.
  Everyday Electronics Added July of 1993 and July of 1976
  Early Radio Collection Added 5 issues of the Hammarlund Short Wave Manual between 1929 and 1940, A Gernsback booklet about home-made short wave radios and "The 40 Year March of Radio", a 1943 Newcomen lecture series speech.
  Practical Wireless Added full month of May's issues from 1934 and Jan 21, Mar 4 and Aug 12 of 1933
  Electronic Industries Added January, 1946, Nov 1942, Jan, Jun, Nov 1943, Jun, Aug, Nov 1944 and Feb and Dec 1945
  RCA Review Added all four issues from 1970
  Musical Express Added issues from October and December of 1946 and one December issue from 1947
  Melody Maker Added Nov 30 and Dec 7 of 1968
  Webmaster's Note As this site has expanded to over 5 million pages and 1.5tb of online data, there have been many suggestions about organization and naming conventions. We proceed very cautiously in this area as any name change, file structure change or category change "breaks" hundreds if not thousands of external links. One of my analytics apps shows over 30,000 linked pages from Wikipedia alone (I sent a donation this week. Do you support them, too?). Keep the suggestions coming, and we will try to adapt a project that was supposed to cover just two publication to one that covers thousands of books and magazines!
12-7-18 Radio Life Added 19 issues from 1940 to 1943. Each is marked with
  Monitoring Times Added May to December of 2006 as well as all issues from 2007 to 2010 and missing issues from 1992 and 2001
  Short Wave Listener Added the December 1935 / January 1936 issue of the US edition of this Gernsback magazine. One of the best listings of shortwave stations in that period.
12-6-18 Wireless Weekly AU Added all missing issues from 1922, 1923, 1924. There are over 100 issues added, all courtesy of the National Library of Australia.
  Experimental Wireless Replaced the content-only copy we had with the full magazine with covers and ads for June, 1924
  Stereo Review Added the 1987 Compact Disc Buyers' Guide
  Musical Express Added 8 issues from October and November of 1946
12-5-18 Los Angeles Radio Guide Added what is believed to be the full run of Los Angeles' second magazine with the same title (the first ran in the 80's). There are 24 magazines in all, featuring  Howard Stern, Mark & Brian, Rick Dees, Casey Kasem, Art Laboe and many others as well as format guides, program schedules and radio news items.
  Practical Wireless Added April 15, 1933 and a better copy of January 28 of the same year
  Popular Wireless Added a single PDF with all 1922 June issues and also added the weekly issue for July 8
  Ham Radio Today Added Feb and June of 1990
  Audio Collection Added a section for booklets, pamphlets, books and catalogs related to hi-Fi, Stereo and quality audio reproduction. Added a variety of titles.
  Reference Data for Radio Engineers Added the 3rd edition of the Federal Telephone "Reference Data for Radio Engineers" from 1949. It joins the 1st edition and the 4th and 5th editions
Australian Radio World Added Jan, May, September and August, 1945
12-3-18 Electronics Australia Added 26 issues between 1965 and 1972. This set includes the first issue from April, 1965 following a name change from "Radio, Television and Hobbies".
  Western Electric
Added the very first issue of this magazine for radio broadcasters, dated November, 1935
  New Musical Express Added June 27, 1952, July 18, 1952 and August 1, 1952. Marked with
  Electronics Australia Note: Issues of EU from 1991 onwards are black & white and harder to read. I'd like to replace them and will pay shipping from anywhere for a donation of any of these (or any other) missing issues.
12-2-18 Western Electric Added the 1946 "Audio Facilities" catalog (this is also contained in the April, 1946 issue of "The Oscillator"
  New Musical Express Added 5 issues from 1952 and they are marked with red arrows.
12-1-18 Audio Magazine Added the 1955 and 1957 "Audio Anthology" collections, editions 3 and 4 in the series.
  Electronic Industries Added 8 issues from 1957 and 1958
11-30-18 Continental Electronics Added a complete 1975 317-C-1 50 kw Continental AM transmitter manual with schematics and even a list of all users up to that date of the current model 250 watt to 1 megawatt Continental transmitters.
  Everyday Electronics Added July, Aug, Sept, Oct and a complete copy of November of 1975
  Wireless World Replaced all 1979 issues with better quality scans with no removed pages.
  R&R Added Aug 4, 2000
  Ham Radio Today Added Oct and Dec, 1989 and June and May of 1987
11-27-18 Australian Radio World Added December, 1946
11-26-18 Modern Wireless Added August, September and November, 1927
  Disc (UK) Added remainder of issues from May 1961 and all issues from June of the same year.
  Musical Express Added Jan 19, 1951
  Recording Engineer / Producer Added the missing first 4 pages from August, 1989
11-25-18 Melody Maker Added all issues from November of 1968
  Disc (UK) Added May 6, 1961.
  Australian Radio World Added Mar, Apr, May 1946
  Ham Radio Today Added August and September of 1989
  Everyday Electronics Added June 1993
  Bookshelf: Business Added the RAB's "Programmer's Accreditation" course in sales and radio for programmers.
11-22-18 Bookshelf: History Added CBS: The First 50 Years
  Bookshelf: History Added Radio's Golden Years; An Encyclopedia of Radio Programs 1930-1960 by Terrace
  Radio Logs and Station Lists Added the 1923 Listen In Radio Record, a logbook with station listings, maps and Q-codes.
  Everyday Electronics Added Feb, Mar, May, June 1975
  Bookshelf: Technical Added "Vision by Radio" by Perkins from 1925. Early book about the prospects of facsimile.
  Bookshelf: History Added Masters of Space by Kellogg from 1917, featuring stories of Morse, Thompson, Bell, Marconi and Carty.
  Australian Radio World Added January 1946
11-21-18 Billboard Added Jan 2, 1926 and Jan 3 1927
  Early Radio Collection Added the 1945 "Radio Pioneers 1945" with a review of the innovators and benchmarks of early radio science.
  Wireless Magazine Added the issue from October 1926
  Modern Wireless Added May 1927
  Musical Express Added two issues from January of 1948 of this predecessor to New Musical Express.
11-20-18 Disc (UK) Added June 14, 21, 28 of 1958 and June 2, 9 1962
  Australian Radio & Electronics Added June/Jul, Aug, Sept and Oct 1951
  Billboard Added March 27 and December 18 of 1937 and January 17, 1920
  Ham Radio Today Added January 1986
  Musical Express Added two issues from 1951, the year before this became "New Musical Express" They are January 5 and 12.
  Modern Wireless Added issues from April 1927, April 1926, October 1925
  Electronics Today Added the 1988 special edition, "Guide to Making Music". DYI Studio, percussion and special projects.
  Everyday Electronics Added August 1981
11-19-18 UK Early Radio Collection Added a 1930's electronics catalog from "The Wireless Competitor" featuring sets and speakers as well as parts and batteries.
11-17-18 MRL Handbooks Added 15 "MRL Handbooks" by Elmer Osterhoudt. They are in the Hobbyist book section under the author's name.
Also added five editions of Ousterhoudt's "Radio Builder & Hobbyist"
  Australian Radio & Electronics Added March, April and May 1951
11-16-18 Bookshelf: Hobbyist Added Harry Zarchy's "Using Electronics" from 1958
  Early Radio Collection Added a single 1927 issue of Hugo Gernsback's "Radio Program Weekly"
  Billboard Added Jan 10 and Dec 25 1920
  Record Mirror Added Sept 26 1964 and Dec 7 1963
  New Musical Express Added the issue from November 11, 1966
11-15-18 db "The Sound Engineering Magazine" Added all issues from 1989, 1990 and one issue from 1994
  Australian Radio & Electronics Added Jan and Feb of 1951
  Modern Recording Added March, 1984 and February, 1986. Only one issue needed to complete this collection.
  Disc (UK) Added all 5 issues from July of 1960
  HiFi Stereo Review Added February 1953
11-14-18 Australian Radio & Electronics Added our first issue of the "new" title of Australasian Radio World and it is January, 1951 which is the first issue after Radio World "morphed" in the new title.
  Electronics Today Added August 1974 of the British edition.
  Television (Practical Television) Added the August 1993 issue
  Early Radio Collection Added an example of the "Chase & Sanborn Radio News" from the popular Red Network show.
  Bookshelf: Business Added Siepmann's 1946 book, "Radio's Second Chance" about the way radio should operate in the post-War years.
  Bookshelf: Broadcast Education Added "How Television Works" from 1951. This is a young person's introduction to how TV broadcasts work, both from the technical and programming aspects.
  Bookshelf: Business Added Enid Day's 1947 "Radio Broadcasting for Retailers". An advertising and radio professional describes how retailers can use different types of radio shows.
  Bookshelf: News Added "The American Radio: A Report on the Broadcasting Industry in the United States from The Commission on Freedom of the Press" from 1947 by Llewellyn White.
  Annual of Advertising Art Added 35th edition from 1956
11-13-18 Billboard Added Aug 15, 1931, March 6, 1937 and Dec 9 1939
  NAB Engineering Standards Added the 1964 and 1976 NAB Standards for Cartridge Tape recorders and playbacks, the 1965 Standards for Reel to Reel Magnetic Tape Recording and Playback and the 1965 Standards for Disk Recording and Playback.
  Gates / Harris Engineering Reports Added these reports; Quantitative Phasing System SpecificationsPower Dividers for Directional .Antenna Systems, Enhanced AM Signal Coverage Through Improved Modulation, Audio Units of Measurement in Equipment Performance, Audio Signal Processing by Limiters and AGC Amplifiers, The Pulse Duration Modulator. High Speed Automated Test Set, New Network Audio Systems Amplifiers. Preventing FM Over modulation, Phasing System Network Sensitivities. Diplexing AM Transmitters
  The History of Rock Added issues from 1974 and 1980 of this serial history of rock.
  Modern Wireless Added February 1927 issue
  Amateur Wireless Added Feb 14 1925
  Radio Hanbook Added the 1978 21st edition by Orr.
  Wireless Constructor Added July 1925
11-11-18 Australian Radio World Added November of 1950, completing that year.
  Wireless Magazine Added November 1932 and June 1928
  Practical Television Added Jan 1990 and Sept 1989
11-8-18 Australian Radio Word Added October 1950
  Record Mirror Added July 25 1970
11-7-18 Australian Radio World Added June, July, August, September and December of 1950
  Everyday Electronics Added August, October, November and December 1974
11-6-18 The History of Rock Added the 1973 and 1975 editions of this monthly serialized history of rock beginning in 1965 They are based on content from Melody Maker and New Musical Express
  Disc Added all 5 issues from May of 1959
  Popular Wireless Added the March 1930 issues in a single file including the Amateur's Guide and also added Oct 25, Nov 15 and Dec 27 of the same year.
  Billboard Added Jan 3, 1920 and Jan 5, 1924
  Wireless World's Guide to Broadcasting Added the 4th Edition from 1948 with listing of worldwide short wave stations.
  Ham Radio Today Added February 1995
  Bookshelf: Business Added the first edition from 1951 of Floherty's Television Story. It joins the 1957 Revised Edition already on the site.
  Bookshelf: Regulations Added the second edition of Kahn's "Documents of American Broadcasting" from 1973. It joins the 1st edition from 1978 and the 4th edition from 1984.
  Early Radio Collection Added the Chicago Tribune Radio Book from 1926/27 and the Chicago Tribune Picture Book of Radio from 1928. Articles about using radio, stations, programs.
Also added a single issue of NBC Digest, a consumer current affairs magazine, from 1947
  Everyday Electronics Added June, July, Aug and Nov 1973 and Jan, Feb, May, Jun, Jul of 1974
  Radio Doings Added March 21, 1929. "The Radio Authority of the Pacific Coast" had program listings and station information for the West Coast of the US.
  Radio Index From 1925 to 1942, Radex was among the leading lists or "logs" of radio stations in operation. Added today is the February, 1926 issue which is one of the first editions published and reflects data from a very early year of licensed broadcasting.
11-5-18 Disc Added June 7 1958
  New Musical Express Added the issue for January 6, 1961
11-4-18 Reddit Links If you want to post a comment or recommendation on Reddit about any page or item here that has the Reddit button, that is now a new feature of the site.
  Popular Wireless Added April 1930 and March and June of 1932 (all weekly issues for month bundled in one PDF.
  FBIS (CIA) Added two of the declassified volumes detailing the history of the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, a branch of the CIA. The first is for 1941-1947 and the second is for 1957-1967.
  Melody Maker Added issue from November 2 of 1968
  FCC Documents Added "The Battle over the FCC Blue Book" about the 1946 FCC booklet showing requirements for radio station community requirements. The booklet subtitle is "Determining the role of broadcast media in a democratic society,"
  Ham Radio Today Added Nov 1991 and April of 1989
11-3-18 Popular Wireless Added April issues from 1930 and also those from 1932
  Bookshelf: RCA Added a set of RCA technical books to the Technology section of the Bookshelf. Included are RCA's 6 book series from 1936 to 1950 "Television", two volumes of "Radio at Ultra High Frequencies", "Electron Tubes" in the 1931-1935 edition and the 1936 and on edition, "Technical Papers" in four volumes covering 1919 to 1960, "Radio Facsimile from 1938, and "Pioneering In Television" from 1946. (They are all together midway down the page)
11-2-18 Today in the Golden Age On November 2, 1945, the FCC granted 65 new conditional FM licenses, bringing its postwar total up to 129 with another 550 applications pending.  
  Music Week Added July 18, 1998
  Catalogs & Manuals Added "Video Images" catalogs from 1982, 1988, 1991, 1994. and 1997/98. These are "full line" catalogs with a huge array of video related products in them; some are about 600 pages.
  Annual of Advertising Art Added the 1948 edition of this review of advertising artwork.
  Bookshelf: Servicing Added "Domestic Videocassette Recorders: A servicing guide" by Beeching from 1983
  Bookshelf: Business Added "No Static: A Guide to Creative Radio Programming" by Quincy McCoy.
  Disc Added an issue from 1974, our first from that year.
11-1-18 Melody Maker Completed adding all issues from 1966 and all through October of 1967. Enjoy!
  HiFi Stereo Review Added Tape Recorder Annual editions from 1968 and 1969
  Disc Added April 15, 22 and 29 1961, all issues from June of 1960 and May 12, 19 and 26 of 1962
  Music Week Added three issues from 1998
  New Musical Express Added Jan 13, 1968, Sep 30 1967 and Nov 25 1967
Melody Maker
New Musical Express
Added to the page of each of of these magazines 12 editions of "The History of Rock", a monthly publication chronicling a year in the history of rock 'n roll starting in 1965
  Bookshelf: History Added "This is London..." by Hibbard from 1934. This is an extension of the author's diary during his several decades at the BBC.
  Practical Television Added Aug 1987, Jan & Feb 1989.
  Ham Radio Today Added Nov, Dec 1988, Feb 1989 and July 1998
10-31-18 Melody Maker Added 24 issues from 1967 and 1968 courtesy of Barry Monks and his deligtful Facebook group, "melodymakersays". Join it and take part in the discussions and comments as Barry adds an issue a week, documenting "the heady days of the mid to late 1960s" and the London music scene.
10-29-18 Australian Radio World Added issues from Jan, Feb, March and Dec of 1950, the last year of publication under this title.
  Wireless Magazine Added January 1926
  Ham Radio Today Added Oct 1988
10-28-18 Record Mirror Added May 26, 1973
  Australia: Miscellanea Collection Added a single issue of Radio and Television News from May of 1949. This is Volume 1 Number 1 of a new magazine.
  Bookshelf: The Enjoyment of Radio Added Skillcraft Book "The Fun of Shortwave Radio" from 1965 by Buckwalter.
  Radio Handbook Revised the page to correct some editions and errors, and added a complete copy of the 15th edition, which had been missing the final 300 pages.
  Bookshelf: Technical Added Sylvania Tube Complements from 1944 and Radio Valve Handbook VI from 1958
  Bookshelf: History Added the "Complete Encyclopedia of Television Programs 1947-1976" Vol 1 and Vol 2
  Catalogs & Manuals Added the manual for the 1958 Conalert II CONELRAD alert receiver.
  Bookshelf: Hobbyist Added Electrostatic Loudspeaker Design Cookbook by Sanders and Transistor Circuits for the Constructor #3 by Bradley and "Ballast Substitution Guide" and "Ballast Tube Handbook" by Jacobi.
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Aug 1988
  Ham Radio Today Added August 1988
  Wireless Magazine Added November 1926
10-27-18 Broadcast Equipment Distributors Added the Bradley catalogs for 1993, 1994 and 2003 and the Broadcasters' General Store catalogs for 2001 and 2002.
  Bookshelf: Regulation Added the first edition of Kahn's "Documents of American Broadcasting" from 1968. It has profiles of some of the most important regulations ranging from the Fairness Doctrine (Red Lion) to Profanity (Kingstree). This edition joins the later 3rd edition, already on the site.
  Radio Handbook Added the 1970 Radio Handbook by Wm. Orr. A site visitor noted we had the wrong edition listed for #18, and we found a beautiful copy to scan. There are now 18 editions of this book, going back all the way to 1931
  Television Factbook Added the Spring, 1957 edition. We now have both seasonal editions for 1957 available.
  Wireless Magazine Added August, 1925
  Billboard Added Feb 20, 1937
  Record Mirror Added Jul 3, 1965 and June 30, 1973
10-26-18 Bookshelf: History Added The Golden Years of Broadcasting by Campbell from 1976
  Audio Added April 1996
With recent additions, there are just three issues missing and needed to complete the collection. These are Oct 1966, July 1981 and June 1985. If you have any of these, please let us know!
  Broadcast Engineering Added July 1971 as well as special supplements to the additions of June 2011 and June 2012.
  Ham Radio Today Added November and December, 1985 and February 1988
  High Fidelity Added the March 1988 issue
10-25-18 Stereo Directory & Buying Guide from Stereo Review Added all special "Directory & Buyer Guide" issues from 1975 to 1999 except for 1985... 24 big 250 page issues from Stereo Review Magazine
  Amperex High Power Klystrons Added the 1986 Klystron catalog.
  Antique Radio Classified Added November 1987 and June 1990
  Australian Miscellaneous Collection Added an issue of The Radio Experimenter and Broadcaster from Melbourne, Australia and dated in November, 1924
  RCA UHF Antennas Added a collection of articles about RCA UHF antennas. It is listed under "50's"
  Wireless Magazine Added July, 1931 and March & May, 1932.
  Everyday Electronics Added May 1993
  Ham Radio Today Added August and September 1985
  Broadcast Equipment Distributors Added 16 full line catalogs from Broadcast Supply Worldwide from 1983 to 2001, 5 catalogs from Bradley from 1995 to 2000, one 1994 Harris Allied catalog, a Green List from 1985, A Professional Audio Supply from 1995, an American Media Service from 1993.
  Short Wave Magazine UK Added September, 2000
10-24-18 Annual of Advertising Art Added the 18th edition from 1939. While this site is focused on electronic media, we have selected a number of volumes from this series to demonstrate visually the characteristics of advertising in different years and eras. Our intent is to show the parallel development of marketing in all the media.
  PF Reporter / Electronic Servicing Added March 1978, Oct 1980 and July, April, September and May 1981
  Audio Magazine Added July and December 1984, September 1989, July 1986, January, February, March 1996, Feb 1991,
  Everyday Electronics Added March, Jun, Sept 1972 and Apr, May 1973 and August, 1996
Ham Radio Today Added Oct, July 1985
  Wireless Magazine Added April, 1931
10-23-18 Australian Miscellaneous Collection Added a November 1924 issue of "The Boy's Wireless News", a hobbyist publications
Added a 1924 issue of Experimental Radio & Broadcast News.
  RCA Consoles Added the manuals for the 40's 76-B2 and BC-3B consoles
  Wireless Weekly AU Added the "Radio Handbook" by Moyle, a special booklet edition with an unknown date.
  Bookshelf: History Added "RCA: A Historical Perspective 1919-1984"
10-22-18 Record Mirror Added March 9, April 27 and June 15 of 1963
Added Sep 11 and Dec 4, 1965; Oct 17 1964 and Sep 5 1970
They are marked with little red arrows like this
  Ham Radio Today Added May, 1985
  Maplin Electronics Added Mar-May and Jun-Aug of 1986
  Practical Television Added Jan 1982 and June 1977
Billboard Added editions from April 9, 16 and 30
  Antique Radio Classified Added Nov 1986, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Aug and Oct of 1987
  Wireless Weekly AU Added the June 1930 "AC Circuits Supplement" and the August 1931 "Modern Radio Circuits for AC". They are listed in the left-column sidebar.
10-21-18 Record Mirror Added November 27, 1965 issue
  Links A new page with broadcasting related links has been started. It is in very early stages, but this is a good moment to notify us of relevant sites we should include. Please give it a look and contribute your favorite sites!
  Thanks! With the help of site visitors and, particularly, for those who have contributed publications, today AmericanRadioHistory.com passed the 19,000,000 page view mark, with twenty million likely by the end of December". From modest beginnings as a page on my personal "ego site" the ARH collection has grown to over 5 million pages of broadcasting information and over 2tb of data
  New Musical Express Added Sept 7, 1956
  Bookshelf: Servicing Added Volume 1 (Of 4) of "Radio Servicing" by Patchett from 1956
10-20-18 BE Radio Added issues through 2010. There are now 183 issues available to peruse.
  Ham Radio Today Added April 1987
  Practical Television Added December 1975, March and January of 1976 courtesy of Frank Martínez.
10-19-18 Disc Added all issues from October, 1963
  Station Magazines Added 22 new issues of the KMA guide from the famous farm station in Shenandoah, Iowa. Included is the final issue from December, 1977
  Gates Catalog Added a new scan of Catalog #100 with a complete price list from 1973/74
  Practical Television Added August, September, November and December of 2001
10-18-18 Practical Television Added October, 1996 courtesy of Frank Martinez.
  BE Radio Expanded BE Radio (Later "Radio" to its own page and added more than 60 issues (with more to come in next few days). All these issues courtesy of Tom Smith.
  Bookshelf: Technical Added AM FM Broadcast Station Planning Guide by Etkin from 1970
  Broadcast Equipment Catalogs and Brochures Added two brochures for the Continental 317C 50 kw AM transmitter from 1966
Added 1874 technical paper "High Power Design Considerations"
Added Motorola's "Introduction to the C-Quam System" from 1982 with a 1985 revision.
Added Andrew 1977 complete (over 600 pages) catalog.
  Collins Catalogs Added the 1966 Catalog #44 with original price sheet and first revision.
  Bookshelf: History Added Radio Ink's 1995 "Radio's 75th Birthday" collector's edition.
10-17-18 Bookshelf: Biography Added "Playing in the FM Band" by Steve Post, a long-time Pac8ifica / WBAI contributor.
  Disc Added all of November and December, 1963, issues
  Billboard Began a long due project of folding the separate charts back into Billboard Magazine from 1989 to 2010. Our original source kept them separate, and we now will be gradually reconstructing the full editions. Already Jan to June of 1980 are available in the new format. Reconstruction courtesy of David Andrews.
  Bookshelf: History Added "Voices in the Air" by Downs & Harcourt, a history of broadcasting in New Zealand with many, many interesting photos.
10-16-18 Station Albums: WTAR Added a 1941 station pictorial album from WTAR in Norfolk, VA, from the collection of John Schneider .
  Billboard Added Jan 6, 1923
  Annual of Advertising Art Added annuals from 1972 and 1982
  The Audio Amateur Added an additional 98 issues and the collection covers 1970 to 1999.
  TV Factbook Added the 2008 Pocket Guide to TV Stations in Operation
  Byte Added the 1990 special IBM issue.
  Ham Radio Today Added July 1987
  Music Week Added September 3 and September 10, 1988
10-15-18 E-Z Radio Added a new page with four issues, including the very first, of this beginner's magazine for hobbyists stated in May of 1922.
  The Audio Amateur Added a new page for this audiophile and hobbyist magazine begun in 1970. There are currently 28 issues available. Many additional issues coming shortly.
  Radio Month UK Added a page for this UK radio industry business magazine starting in 1979
  Radio & Record News UK Added new page with a single issue of this UK radio and music industry trade publication
10-14-18 Ham Radio Today Added Mar, Apr 1985; Jul 1986
  Short Wave Magazine UK Added February 2000 issue
  National Radio News Added December, 1930 issue
  Bookshelf: Biography Added "Fessenden: Builder of Tomorrow" by Helen Fessenden from 1940
  Bookshelf: History Added "Remember Radio" with profiles of many Golden Age of Radio shows with photos of the stars and sample tidbits of scripts.
Added "On the Air: The Story of Radio" by Floherty from 1937
  Bookshelf: Regulation Added Kahn's compilation "Documents of American Broadcasting" 3rd Edition
  Practical Television Added Jan, May, June July of 2001
  Electronics Today Added August 1989 and August 1993
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Technology Added "Radiotron Designer's Handbook" from 1940 and "Radio Set Socket Layout 1921.1935" and the "Manual of the Marconi Institute" from 1918
  Early Radio Collection Added a 1029 booklet of blueprints (schematics and layouts) for radio receivers called Radio AC Hookups Blueprint Library.
  New Musical Express Added Dec 4 1953, Apr 23 1954, May 9 & Jun 6 1958 & Feb 9 1962 & Jul 12 1969
  Modern Wireless Added Aug & Sept & Oct 1924
  Everyday Electronics Added Jan & Nov 1992; Mar 1993
  Amateur Radio UK Added Feb 1983
10-12-18 Nielsen Market Map Added the 2018 PDF Nielsen market map showing the geography of all measured radio markets.
10-10-18 Ham Radio Today Added Jan & Feb 1985
  New Musical Express Added April 24, 1953 issue
  Early Radio Collection Added Powel Croxley, Jr's "Simplicity of Radio" by the owner of the famed radio set manufacturer and broadcaster.
  Electronic Engineering Added Sept 1941 and Feb, April, May of 1942.
  Amateur Radio UK Added March 1983
  Practical Television Added Nov 1997 and Jan and April 1998
  Everyday Electronics Added December 1999
10-7-18 Bernards Hobbyist Books Added the "Ham Notes" #1 to #4, and they are in a separate section of the page.
10-6-18 Disc Added April 1 and April 8, 1961 and May 21 and May 28, 1960
  Record World Added full copy of 1968'd May 18 issue without the missing pages.
  Bookshelf: History Added "Radiodifusion en la Mitad del Mundo" by San Félix from 1991.It's the story of radio in Quito and the immediate area. I particularly like the section that describes David Gleason's "radio empire" at the Núcleo Radión group in Quito. In Spanish.
  Radio Life Added Nov 15, 1942, Mar 22, 1942, Jun 6, 1943, Dec 21, 1941 and Jan 11, 1942
  Ham Radio Today Added Jan 1987 and April and October of 196.
10-5-18 Wireless Weekly AU Added the September 1931 supplement, Radio Circuits for Battery Operation.
  Everyday Electronics Added Feb 1993, Jan 1994; Mar, Jun, Aug, Sept 1999
10-4-18 Electronics Added July and August of 1954.
  Babani Hobbyist Books Added BP42 50 Simple L E D Circuits
  Billboard Added March 22 1969 supplement,  Campus Attractions
  Disc Added Mar 25, 1961
  New Musical Express Feb 21. 1958: 1957 Dec 20, Dec 27, Nov 14, Jul 25; 1957 Dec 13
  Radio Craft Library Added #24 Automobile Radio Principles and Practices.
  Ham Radio Today Added October 1986
  Commercial Radio / CQ Added June, 1931 to the collection
10-3-18 Science and Invention Added February, 1923 with an article on how wind could produce electricity when our supplies of coal run out. Also February 1926 with a feature about an optically controlled piano.
  Hi-Fi Stereo Buyers' Guide Added a new page for this consumer audio product review magazine.
  Elektor Added years of 1999, 1988, 1989 and 1985 of the UK edition.
1984, 1986 and 1987 have also been added. Search index will be complete shortly.
  Modern Wireless Added December, 1924
10-2-18 Electronics Today Added October 1975 and February 1976,
  Everyday Electronics Added 18 issues from the 70's and they are marked with the a red arrow.
  Audio Added September 1981
  Modern Wireless Replaced Feb, April, June, July and August of 1925 with better copies.
  Record Mirror Added Aug 29, 1970; July 24, 1971;  Jan 11 and Jan 25, 1964
  Practical Television Added July, September and October of 1997
10-1-18 Elektor Added most issues from 1991 to 1998
9-30-18 Electronics Added issue for June, 1943
9-29-18 Antique Radio Classified Added 97 issues from the 80's, 90's and the period between 2000 and 2006
9-28-18 Babani Hobbyist Books Added #225 "A Practical Introduction to Digital IC's" and #24 "52 Projects Using IC 741"
  Radio Retailing Added 30 issues of Electronic Technician, the later title for Radio Retailing, substantially filling in the years from 1953 to 1965. Out of over 670 issues published, we are now missing only 26.
9-27-18 Babani Hobbyist Books Added Babani #31 "Practical Electrical Re-Wiring" and #40 50 "Simple L.E.D. Circuits" and #30 "Two Transistor Electronic Projects"
  Disc Added all four issues from April of 1959
  Radio Logs and Station Lists Added the Ontario DX Association listing of all radio stations in Ontario from 1992
  File Cabinet Added a 1979 study for a potential AM station in East Lebanon with coverage of Beirut and fringe coverage of Jerusalem.
  Hobbyist Books by Author Added Newton Braga's "Fun Projects for Experimenters"
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added "Television: The Business Behind the Box" by Brown from 1971
  Bookshelf: Broadcasting History Added "It Sounds Impossible" by Slate & Cook from 1963 and "Radio's Golden Age" by Buxton & Owen from 1966.
  Early Radio Collection Added the Popular Wireless "Crystal Set Experimenter's Handbook from 1925
9-26-18 Disc Added all 5 issues from the month of May, 1958
  Billboard Added April 2, 1938; November 28, 1936; Jan 7 1922; Jan 7, 1928
  Maplin Electronics Added September 2001
  Amateur Wireless Added November 12, 1932
9-25-18 New Musical Express Added Feb 28 and April 18, 1958
  Gernsback Publications Added S. Gernsback's "Electronics Course in 20 Lessons" from 1912
  Maplin Electronics Added July and August of 2001
  Monitoring Times Added issues from 2000 to 2006; 74 issues in total.
  Station Magazines Added several issues of the KFWB "Hitline" from 1964 and issues of the KRLA "Beat" from 1965-1968
9-23-18 Bernards Hobbyist Books Added #166 Public Address Systems and #159 Realistic High Fidelity
9-22-18 Everyday Electronics Added the missing pages to the December 1992 issue
  Grundig Technische Informationen Added 24 issues of Grundig's "Technical Information" magazine with service information and product details on the Grundig consumer electronics line.
  Bookshelf: The Business of Broadcasting Added "An Introduction to Radio and Television" by Phillips et. al from 1954.
  Hobbyist Books and Booklets by Author Added Henry's Radio's "Practical Transistor Circuits #2"
  New Musical Express Added two issues from May, 1959
  Babani Hobbyist Books Added #549 Easy PC WiFI Networking and #701 An Introduction to Excel Spreadsheets.
  Amateur Wireless Added Aug 13, 27 and Sept 10 of 1932 and all the issues of Oct 1931 (in a single file).
9-21-18 Bernards Hobbyist Books Added #106 Radio Circuit Handbook and #178 A Comprehensive
Radio Valve Guide No. 5
  Electronics Today UK Added Nov 1974 and April, May 1975
  Electronic Servicing Added issues from July and September 1976 with all pages, replacing issues with some missing pages. (Electronic Servicing is the successor to PF Index / PF Reporter.
9-20-18 Site Page Search Added a new search function: page search. If you just want to find the page or pages with a particular name or type of content, enter your keywords and see all the site pages with matches. This won't find specific magazines or books, but will help to find the pages where those will be listed. The link is in the blue box in the middle of the page header.
This is not a text search within the magazines and books on the site.
  Byte Added Complete years of 1985 and 1986 and they are both smaller file size and globally searchable compared to other Internet sources. But, as these were often 400 to 500 page magazines, the files are 30 to 60 mb.
  Commercial Radio / CQ Added a new page for "Commercial Radio" which began as "CQ" in 1931 and gradually morphed into Commercial Radio, a journal for radio operators ranging from shipboard and police to commercial radio.
Many early "CQ" issues are from the Society of Wireless Pioneers - California Historical Radio Society which we endorse and support. We have 26 issues which were all added today.
9-19-18 Record Mirror Added two 1967 issues, Aug 12 and Dec 1
  Byte Added Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 1975, the first four issues of the magazine.
  Practical Television Added Apr, May, June of 1997
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Added #88 Wire Recorder Manual and #140 TV Servicing
9-18-18 Bernards Hobbyist Books Added B215 Shortwave Circuits Gear, #141 Radio Servicing for Amateurs, #207 Practical Electronics Science Projects, #133 Radio Controlled Models for Amateurs
  Elektor Added April 1986 of the UK edition
  Electronics Today UK Added the five missing issues from 1985- They are marked with a red arrow
  Everyday Electronics Added January 1998
  Wireless World Added 18 issues from 1988 and 1987.
  Babani Hobbyist Books Added #483 "Fun Web Pages with Java Script" and #433 Your Own Web Site on the Internet
  Billboard Added Sept 30, 1933 and May 7, 1938
9-17-18 FCC Documents Added an assortment of FCC Publications: The Public & Broadcasting, 1972; A short History of Electrical Communications, 1977; How to Apply for and FCC License, 1972; FCC: A Brief Explanation of Functions; Policy on AM Stereo Standards, 1988
  BE Radio Added our first issues of this radio-only publication from Broadcast Engineering, starting in 1995.
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Added #62 Car and Portable Radio Constructor's Manual and #139 Practical Radio for Beginners Book 2 and #161 the Radio, TV and Electronics Data Book
9-16-18 Bernards Hobbyist Books Added #124 "At a Glance Receiving Valves & TV Cathode Ray Tube Equivalents", #146 High Fidelity Loudspeaker Enclosures and #150 Practical Radio Inside Out
  Electronique Pratique Added issues from 2003 to 2008 of this French hobbyist magazine.
  Catalogs Added the Fall 1971 Heathkit catalog.
  Ham Radio Today Added December 1984
  Amateur Wireless Added five issues from 1928, 1929, 1930 and they are marked with a red arrow
  Record Mirror Added Mar 23 and May 11 1963 and June 20, 1964
9-15-18 Electronics Today New: Jan, July, September 1974
  Equipment Catalogs Added a 70's era Sparta general catalog
  Everyday Practical Electronics Added November, December 1992 and January 1993
  New Musical Express Added four more issues from the months of February and March of 1958
9-14-18 Ham Radio Today Added November 1984
  High Fidelity Added March 1987.. December 1986 and July 1987
  Conalert II Added the manual for the 1956 Conalert II CONELRAD monitor, used by station to comply with the early civil defense system that had every station sign off with certain stations operating on just 640 and 1240 AM to confuse tracking on Russian missiles.
  NAB Proceedings Added the 1982 collection of papers presented that year at the NAB engineering conference.
  UK Miscellaneous Collection Added editions for 1952, 1953, 1956 and 1961 of the UK Television Annual, leaving just one issue to complete the collection.
9-13-18 Bernards Hobbyist Books Added #95 Radio Data Book and #103 A Master Colour Index and #3 Services Signalling Manual
  New Musical Express Added Jan 17 and Jan 31, 1958
  Practical Television Added Jan, Feb, Mar 1997
  Electronics Today Added February and March of 1973.
  Ham Radio Today Added the October, 1984 issue.
9-12-18 73 Magazine Added all issues of this radio amateur magazine from 1960 to 2003 and they are fully searchable at the collection level and by decades. Originals courtesy of the Internet Archive. This magazine was also known as "73 Ham Radio Today".
  Record Mirror Added Aug 5, Aug 19 and Dec 9, 1967
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Added #98, Modern Valve Comparison Manual
  The Big Broadcast Added this guide to The Golden Age of Radio.
9-11-18 Science and Invention Added January 1931
  Record Mirror Added four issues from 1963. They are marked with red arrows.
  Disc Added May 14, 1960
  Babani Hobbyist and Computer Books Added 11 titles from this collection of nearly 400 different editions. These are numbers BP371, BP125, BP85, BP266, BP35, BP197, BP64, BP37, BP239, BP223 and BP 300. Newer additions to the Babani collection are shown in blue lettering.
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Added #74 Radio Valve Application Manual and #89 Television Servicing Manual.
  Radio Merchandising Added April of 1927
  The Television Annual UK Added editions from 1957, 1958 and 1960.
9-10-18 United Electronics Laboratory Course Added the fist 25 lesson set from the UEL home study course from 1967
9-9-18 Bookshelf UK Added volume IV of the Briggs history of radio in the UK, "Sound and Vision"
  Everyday Electronics Added November 1992
  Ham Radio Today Added September 1984
  Popular Wireless Added 6 more issues from 1929, bringing the year total to 14 issues.
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Added Bernards #87 Oscilloscope Design and Construction and #93 Power Pack Manual
  Telsen Radiomag Added the missing blueprint for issue #4
  The Theosophical Station What is a "Theosophical Broadcasting Station"? Look at this 1926 early Australian religious station, 2GB in Sydney, in the booklet just added to the site.
9-8-18 Hobbyist & Experimenters Annuals and Special Editions Added a dozen issues of various titles in the collection such as 101 Electronic Projects, Experimenters' Handbook, etc. They are all marked with a red arrow.
  Alchemists of the Air This is not a new book added to the collection but a recommendation for an interesting and informative read from friend Jim Ramsburg. It's the story of the development of radio leading up to the "Golden Age" of network radio. From Samuel Morse to  Bill Paley and David Sarnoff, here is a concise story of early radio.
  Electronics Today Added October and December of 1972
  Hobbyist Annuals & Specials Added 1978 and 1981 from "101 Electronics Projects"
  Practical Television Added April, November and December of 1996
  Practical Electronics Added the two featured blueprints to the March, 1974 edition.
  Maplin Electronics Added missing pages of the Sept-Dec 1988 issue.
9-7-18 Bernards Hobbyist Books Added Bernards 188 The B H High Fidelity 14. Added Babani #12 HiFi Guitar and PA Design, #14 2nd Transistor Equivalents, #145 25 Simple Tropical and MW Band Aerials, #184 An Introduction to 68000 Assembly Language, #312 An Introduction to Microwaves, #324 The Art of Soldering, #384 Practical Electronic Model Railway Projects
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Also added #219 Solid State Novelty Projects, #100, 121 and 143 Comprehensive Valve Guides 1 to 3.
  Babani Hobbyist Books  Added #87 Simple LED Circuits Book 2
  Byte Added Sept 1997 and Jan, Apr and May 1988
  The Television Annual UK Added four editions of the 50's series "The Television Annual" with the year in review: programs, talent, productions.
  Short Wave Magazine UK Added July, November and December of 1998
  Popular Wireless Added October 19, 1929 with "Radio Handbook" special supplement
Also added Feb 2, Feb 16, Mar 9 and Mar 40, s Aor 6 of 1929.
9-6-18 Bernards Hobbyist Books Added Bernards editions #92 Introduction to Ham Radio, #90 Wireless Amplifier Manual 2, #82 AC-DC Receiver Construction Manual, #8 Manual of Modern Automatic Guns and #79 The Radio Modernisation Manual.
9-5-18 Bookshelf: UK Added Radio Engineering by Norris from the 1920's
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Added #110 The Emperor Radio-Gram for Home Constructors and #70 The Loudspeaker Manual
9-4-18 Bernards Hobbyist Books Added Bernards editions #147, Practical Tape Recording Manual from 1958. An interesting short volume on tape technology in the late 50's.
Added #112 Electronic Multimeter Construction
  IRE Proceedings Added all issues from 1913, 1914, 1920, 1921, 1922
  FCC: Statistics Added the "Statistics of the Communications Industry" reports for 1943, 1944, 1946, 1944, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952.
  FCC Reports Added FCC Report #8 covering March 1940 to August, 1941. It is listed under "1941" on the FCC page.
  FCC Radio Financial Data Added the reports from 1943 to 1949 covering the finances of radio (and later FM and TV) including expenses and revenues by market size and station class. Includes networks, too.
  Early Radio Collection Added the 1938-39 and the 1939-1940 editions of Best Broadcast, a summary of each of the "best" radio shows of those two seasons.
Also added three editions, 1940, 1941 and 1950, of the program for the annual American Federation of Radio Artists, AFRA, Chicago chapter, AFRA Antics, a show and award ceremony.
  Bookshelf UK Added Risdon's "Wireless Really Explained". There were a number of editions of this title but our copy has no date. If you can identify it, let us know!
9-3-18 Bernards Hobbyist Books Added Bernards #12 and #13. Part of this series, which includes predominantly electronics titles, was issued during W.W. II, and covered wartime home front preparedness. That's why these two are far removed from the core of this website... as reading it will reveal.
Also added  #67 Radio Valve Equivalents, #60 Radio Repairs Manual #10, "Manual of Mathematical Tables" #30 Radio Valve Manual and #59 Television Constructors Manual
  Practical Television Added August, November and December of 1995
  Popular Wireless Added 8 issues from 1928, and they are marked with the red arrow symbol 
  KRLA Beat Added many issues of this listener magazine published from 1964 to 1968 at the height of the "British Invasion" music trend.
  Radio Retailing Added the issue from February, 1947
  Wireless Age Added a much improved copy of the October, 1923 issue.
  Maplin Electronics Added Project Book #50
  Electronics Today Added issues 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, and 13 from 1998. Also #1 from 1999 and July from 1972 In 1997 and 1998, ETI published 13 issues per year, numbered 1 to 13.
9-2-18 Station and Network Publication Search Revised and rebuilt the search function for all the publications from stations and networks and books about them. There is a single search for all related items, and within it options to limit the search to specific kinds of publications.
  Bookshelf Search The search for the main collection of books has been rebuilt, with a main page and checkbox options to include or exclude different subsets. Lots of books that were not in the search are now included.
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Added #182 "At a Glance Radio Valve and TV Tube Equivalents"
  Equipment Catalogs and Manuals Another search that has been rebuilt and improved covers equipment catalogs, brochures and manuals. There is a global search page, with options to include or exclude different manufacturers or categories.
  Radio Life Added September 5 and October 10 1948.
  New Musical Express Added our first issue from 1959.
9-1-18 Bernards Hobbyist Books Added #134 FM Tuner Construction, #68 Frequency Modulation Receiver Manual and #56 Radio Aerial Handbook
8-31-18 Record Mirror Added four issues from 1963; they are marked with red arrows
  Harlie Catalog In the UK Miscellaneous collection you will find a Harlie catalog of gramophone pickups, electrical gramophone motors and other parts and accessories.
8-30-18 Bernards Hobbyist Books Added #64, Sound Equipment Manual, #51 Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, #42 Short Wave Radio Handbook and #83 Radio Instruments and their Construction.
  Radio Merchandising Added a new issue of this journal for the radio set sales trade. It is for November, 1925 It joins the other three examples of this 1922-1928 publication.
8-29-18 Television Annual Added the edition from 1954. We have obtained 11 more, from 1950/51 to 1962 and will be presenting them shortly for your enjoyment and a bit of a trip down memory lane
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Added Bernards editions #32 and #49.
  Electronics Today Added Jan 1997 and May, June and July of 1998
  RCA Engineer Added special issues "25 Years At RCA Laboratories" "RCA Engineer 25 Year Index" "RCA Antenna Engineering" "Lancaster Plant Feature Issue" and "RCA - A Historical Perspective 1919-1984
Added missing RCA Engineer issues from 1975 to 1982
  White's Radio Log Added the edition for Fall, 1956
8-28-18 Network Publications Added issues of the NBC network, owned station and affiliate employee magazine "Transmitter" from 1935 to 1947. Reorganized the network publication page by net and program or publication.
  RCA Radio Equipment Added catalogs or sales brochures from the early 70's era for Racks & Speakers, AM Transmitters & Ampliphase Exciters, Digital Overshoot Clipper, AM Phasers & FSMs, FM Panel Antennas, FM Transmitters & Exciters, AM & FM Towers, and Coaxial Cable & Fittings.
  Wireless Engineer Added the 1936 index as well as September, October, November and December
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Added B39, B187 and B41 to the collection. Note that the Bernards and Babani books are almost all available thanks to contributions from site users and supporters.
  Network Publications Added the 1982-83 CBS listing of programs and production credits.
  Electronique Practique Added issues from 2000 and 2001
  Short Wave Magazine Added June and July 2000
8-27-18 Electronics Digest (US) Added two partial issues of this Radio Shack publication.
  FCC Annual Reports Added the compendium books of FCC actions for 1934-1939, 1940-1949 and 1950-1955.. The are listed under 1939, 1949 and 1955
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Added editions numbered 4, 11 and 35
8-26-18 Wireless World Added a 1933 booklet showing the construction of the Monodial A.C. Super 7-valve receiver. Beautiful illustrations.
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Added Bernards editions numbered 7, 19, 40, 37, 20, 16.  All the recent additions are in blue type, while the older ones are in red. Editions we don't have are in gray lettering.
  Modern Era Collection Added a section for otherwise unclassifiable documents, publications and single magazine issues from the 50's to the present. Included are items like the '85 Country Radio Seminar Program, a 1957 HiFi guide, a magazine with an extensive article on the LA Radio Wars and an issue of a Cuban movie, TV and radio yearbook from the first year of Castro's revolution, and a notebook full of memos to programmers from a noted program consultant... even an emplyee manual from the 90's for a large market group owned cluster.
  General Radio Today Added six issues of the renamed General Radio Experimenter for the years 1972 to 1974
  TV Radio Life Added 16 issues from 1957 of this Los Angeles local area radio and television guide with many features about artists and shows.
  Electro Voice Catalog Added catalog 165 for this microphone and related sound product manufacturer. It is listed as "79's" because it does not have a date; please let us know if you can identify the correct year!
  Broadcaster (Canada) Added March, 2009 issue
  Radio Station Magazines Added Classical Music WNCN, New York's "Keynote" program and cultural guide from October, 1980
  Bookshelf: Technical Added the RCA Laboratories "Transistors I" from 1956, courtesy of the Pavek Museum.
  Wireless Constructor Added November, 1926
  Billboard Added Jan 18, 1930
  Bookshelf: Technical Added the 2rd edition of Grob's "Basic Television" from 1954.This is a comprehensive course in television for technicians and servicemen. We now have both the 3rd and the 2nd editions on the site.
  Ham Radio Today Added August and January 1984
  Gernsback Library Added Elements of Tape Recorder Circuits (1957), Maintaining Hi-Fi Equipment (1956) and Transistor Techniques (1956) These additions complement the 12 editions added earlier this week along with a reorganization of the "Library" section.
  Radio Retailing Added April 1947, June and August 1946 and better copies of September and February 1946
8-25-18 Disc Added April 21 and 28, 1962
  File Cabinet Added a collection of construction notes, correspondence and telegrams about the building of KCBD TV in Lubbock, TX and its upgrade from a 2 kw to 10 kw transmitter. Includes some notes on its 1000 foot tower from Dresser-Ideco, too.
  Billboard Added the Section II Supplement to the March 29, 1947 issue "Outdoor Equipment Review". Also added a better version of the September 30, 1939 issue
  Television Quarterly Added Fall 1976
  Maplin Electronics Added Project Book #46 from approximately 1994
  New Musical Express Added new and improved copies of the issues from June 1, 8, 16 and 22 of 1968
  D.I.Y. Radio Added 10 more issues from 1992 to 1995.
  Ham Radio Today Added June and July 1984
  Electronics Today Added the 1997 late December 13th edition, the September issue #10 and the April, 1998 issue.
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Added numbers 1, 5, 6 and 9 from the Bernards library. Edition #1 bears the legend "Efficient production is the key to victory" as the early Bernards books were wartime issues.
8-24-18 Ham Radio Today Added March, April and May of 1984
  NAB Publications Added Troubleshooting Audience Research from 2000.
  Bookshelf: Technical Added the 3rd edition of Grob's "Basic Television" from 1964.This is a comprehensive course in color and b&w television for technicians and servicemen.
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Technology Added Radio for Everybody by Lescarboura from 1922. This is a discussion of radio from reception to transmission in a rather simplified form.
  Radio Station Promotional Material Added a promotional magazine style brochure for Dick Whittington of KGIL in San Fernando, CA (LA Market). Date is around 1968 or 1969.
  Short Wave Magazine UK Added September 1998
8-23-18 D.I.Y. Radio Added a new page for this UK magazine for beginning amateur radio operators and there are 6 issues from 1998 available to view.
  RCA Review Added the September / Fall issue fro 1965
  NAB Publications Added "A Picture Story of Radio" is an illustrated "tour of the things that radio does for the community and its listeners.
  Station Books Added the 1964 book "From Crystal to Color" from WFBM AM, FM and TV in Indianapolis with a well illustrated history of these Time Life stations
  Early Radio Collection Added a catalog from Kansas City radio manufacturer Trego from 1924. This manufacturer was quite popular in the area at the time.
  Early Radio Collection Added three station locator maps pinpointing station locations. One is from Radex from 1931, another from Morton Salt from 1927 and another, covering the whole world, from RCA in 1933
  Wireless Engineer Added July and August of 1936
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Added 17 editions from the Bernards and Babani series of technical books / booklets. All are shown in BLUE text to indicate a recent addition.
8-22-18 Electronique Practique Added this 1978-1999 French hobbyist and experimenter magazine. More issues coming this week.
  Disc Added all the September issues from both 1963 and 1964. This is fun reading as it covers the artists from the UK in the very earliest point of the "British Invasion" in the US.
  Wireless Weekly (UK) Added Oct 16 and 23, Sep 18 and 25, July 17 and 31 and June 19 of 1926
8-20-18 The Gavin Report Added March 7 1986 issue
  FM Forecast Added Feb 1981 issue of Washington DC's Forecast magazine, a guide to programming and culture
  NAB Publications Added the 1999 NAB survey of Television Employee Compensation
  City Magazines Page Added a set of two Seattle Radio Magazines from 1990
  Ham Radio Today Added February 1984
8-18-18 NAB Engineering Added the annual technical papers for 1971, 1972 and 1974
  Proceedings of the IRE Added all issues from 1915 to 1919, plus Nov, Dec 1928 and Jan to Jun 1930
  Disc Added 4 issues from August 1964
  Electronics Today ETI Added August, 1997 and February 1982 (better copy)
  UK Early Radio Collection Added 3 issues of Radio For the Million from 1929 and 1930, This was a consumer focused review of radio receivers with circuitry descriptions and photographs.
  Bernards Hobbyist Books Added #61, Amateur Transmitter Construction Manual and #58 Radio Hints Manual
  The File Cabinet 1943 directional antenna Proof of Performance from this 50,000 watt AM in Houston, TX.
8-17-18 Electronics Today ETI Added three issues from 1997 and they are marked with gray arrows.
  Early Radio Collection Added a collection of the Chicago Evening Post's "Radio Magazine" from November 1923 to February, 1924. Includes program schedules and lots of articles about stations, programs and performers. Note: this is a big download due to the processing necessary to make this legible.
  Early Radio Collection Added a KNX master control program log from 1944. It shows programs, sponsorships and station IDs and format elements.
  Practical Wireless Added full set of issues from October 1933
  Disc Added August 1, Oct 3 and Oct 10 1964
  New Musical Express Added April 6 and April 30, 1968 and July 13 and July 6 of 1968
  Ham Radio Today Added Feb, Nov, Dec 1983
8-15-18 Proceedings of the IRE Added issues from 1923, 1924 and 1927, 28 and 29 to our new page for the early proceedings publication.
  Radio Life Added September 27, 1942 of this LA area radio guide and artist fan magazine.
  Early Radio Collection Added some additional items from the California Radio Historical Society including a Hallicrafters Communications Receiver catalog, a "Radio Dealer's Guide" sales catalog from 1931, the 1906 Marconi Company initial public offering prospectus and a brochure for the Tom Thumb portable screen grid radio.
  Babani Books Added BP-55 Radio stations Guide and BP 155 International Radio Stations Guide
8-14-18 Journal of the AIEE Added Mar, Apr, May 1923
  Bookshelf: Textbooks Added the second edition of Head's "Broadcasting in America" from 1972. This and the 1st edition are the earliest editions of this very widely used text.  They are not updated and are intended as an historical reference only.
  Radio Ratings Added Beville's "Radio Ratings" to our section on ratings papers, books, studies and procedures.
  James Petrillo AFM Added a 1937 article from Esquire Magazine calling Petrillo "The Mussolini of Music" due to his control of the American Federation of Musicians.
  Television (UK) Added May 1935
  Technical Papers from NAB Proceedings 9of the annual technical conferences. Added 1967, 1968, 1978, 1970, 1973, 1975 and 1977. We now have 15 volumes of this annual
  Early Radio Collection Added an assortment of brochures and pamphlets from the Society of Wireless Pioneers via California Radio Historical Society and the first five contributions include an Airex microphone catalog, an RCA radio "apparatus" pamphlet, a tube and parts list and more. They are near the bottom of the page in their own section. This website is a proud member of the Bay Area Radio Museum and its organization.
  Cash Box Added complete copies of the June 10 and June 17, 1967 issues
  Record World Added complete issue for Jan 20, 1968, replacing the one with missing pages.
  Radio Club of America Added the 50th and the 100th Anniversary Albums of this group of distinguished radio and electronics professionals, ranging from Maj. Armstrong and Allen DuMont to R. A. Fessenden
8-13-18 Broadcast Equipment Added the 1993 American Media Service catalog.
Enjoyment of TV
Added a better scan of the Shulman / Youman 1966 pictorial history of the first two decades of TV.
Also added Roths's 1955 "The First Book of Television". This is a young reader's story of what it is like in an early TV station with live productions. Fun read.
  Short Wave Magazine Added November, 2000
  Consumer Catalogs Added the 1970 Manual for the Grundig TK1 portable transistorized tape deck.
  Early Radio Collection Added "Radio Amateur" with a single issue featuring a fully home made tape recorder and other DIY projects.
  Station Promotions Added about a dozen promotional brochures and publications to our collection of station promotion pieces. Recent or ancient, please send us yours!
  Billboard Added March 19, 1938
  High Fidelity Added June 1984, June 1987
  Babani Books Added #207, Practical Electronic Science Projects and reorganized the Bernards and Babani listing page for better ease of use.
  Ham Radio Today Added the October 1983 issue
8-12-18 NAB Publications Added NAB's publications "Megasales" from 1989 and "Radio Financing" from 1990.
  RCA Manuals Added the mid-70's manual for the RCA BC-7A stereo consolette. The manual is not dated, but I believe this was a revision to the BC-7 line made in 1974
  Billboard Added the International Buyer's Guide dated Sept 20, 1980.
  File Cabinet
The FCC File Cabinet
Renamed the section for examples of FCC filings and started a redesign. What was unfortunately called "The Crypt" is now simplyt "File Cabinet".

We just added two 1970 license renewal applications for stations in Pierre and Yankton, SD, courtesy of Dean Sorenson. These applications show the huge amount of work that had to be done in that era, including composite week logs, community ascertainment and programs / problems lists. Take a look at the section!
  Early Radio Collection Added the 1946 Stewart Warner catalog.
  Mid-Century Radio Collection Added a new page for single issues and other unclassifiable magazines, brochures, catalogs and the like from 1950 onwards. The first addition is the 1957 issue of "Hi-Fi", and independent buyer's guide and introduction to high fidelity.
  Radio News Added the special edition "Radio Trouble Finder" from 1930
  Gernsback Technical Library Added the two volume "Radio Servicing Made Easy" from 1961 and "Rapid Radio Repair" from 1959

Note: we are currently engaged in a search for all 100+ editions of the Gernsback Library editions. Let us know if you have any of the many that are still missing.
  Television Quarterly Added 6 issues from 1973 to 1975
8-8-18 Electronics Illustrated Added the "How-To Book of Electronics" with hobbyist projects and dated 1961
  Consumer Electronics Catalogs Added Allied from 1970, Lafayette from 1971 and 1972, Radio Shack 50th Anniversary from 1973
8-7-18 Broadcast Equipment Added the Ampex presentation of the design  and operation of the CueMatic magnetic disk system, which although a failure, led to both the floppy disk and the videodisc
  Babani Hobbyist Books Added edition BP57, "How to Build Your Own Solid State Oscilloscope" and BP01 "First Book of Transistor Equivalents"
  Broadcast Equipment Added Harris Allied 1994 catalog, Allied 1988 catalog, Bradley Broadcast 1998-99 and 1997-98 catalog, The Green List 1985. All catalogs just added are a courtesy of Dean Sorenson.
  Broadcast Equipment Added the 1979 full product catalog from McMartin. Also the Spring 2001, Summer 2001, 1991, 1995 and 1998 catalogs from BSW, Bradley Broadcast catalog from 1999 and 2000, Also added the 1979 catalog from BE.
  Station Books Added "Enterprise in Radio: WWL and the Business of Broadcasting in America" by Pusateri.
  Duncan American Radio Added the Fall, 1979 issue, one of the missing parts of the collection and Courtesy of Dean Sorensen. Also added new and better scans of issues from 1979 to 1984
  Ratings Summary Books Added the 2008 R&R Spring Directory, the 1989 Encyclomedia, and the 1981 Inside Radio Directory as well as the Blackburn Black Book from Winter 1990. All courtesy of Dean Sorenson
  Practical Wireless Added November 1933; all weekly issues are in a single file
  Electronics Today (ETI) Added Jun, Nov and Dec 1996 of the UK edition of this international magazine. Also added complete (no missing pages) issues for April 1996 and July, October and December of 1995
  Ham Radio Today Added Sept 1983
  Popular Wireless Added all November 1933 issues in a single file.
  Radio Retailing Added June 1946, Jan and June 1947
8-6-18 Billboard Added March 26, 1938. Also added all the issues from August 1920 plus Feb 5, 1921.
  Audio Added the October 1986 Annual Buyer's Guide
  AIEE Journal Added 38 issues of the journal from 1923 to 1930. These early issues are the most relevant to the new field of radio broadcasting.
  Stereo Review Added July 1981
8-5-18 DISC Added three issues from October of 1964
  Practical Wireless Added set of issues from September of 1933
  Ham Radio Today Added Dec 1986 and April, June, July and August 1983
8-2-18 Wireless Engineer Added Jan to Jun of 1936
  Westinghouse Engineer Added all issues from 1946 and 1947 and also added the 1941 to 1947 index issue.
  Practical Electronics Added Sept and Dec 1981
  Record World Added full copy of Oct 17, 1964 replacing incomplete issue.
  FM Magazine Added the Jul-Aug 1942 issue of this Milton Sleeper publication.
  Billboard Added March 12, 1938 as well as the first set of issues from the 1920's.
8-1-18 Ham Radio Today Added Mar and May 1983 and Mar 1987
  Audio Added several issues from the 80's and 90's, including the 1986 CD Special and the 1990 Surround Sound special.
  Stereo Review Added seven regular editions of the magazine and 6 Buyer's Guide issues.
  Byte Added the September 1985 10th Anniversary issue. 506 pages of the state of personal computing 33 years ago.
  High Fidelity Added 10 issues between 1978 and 1989, including one of the very last issues from 1989.
  High Fidelity Speaker Issue Added the 1976 and 1980 special editions.
  High Fidelity Components Issue Added the 1980 and 1981 special Stereo Components editions
  NAB Technical Papers Added 7 of the assembled papers presented at the annual NAB/NARTB technical conference. These are available courtesy of a donation from the Pavek Museum
7-31-18 Wireless Weekly Added all 4 issues from February, 1926
7-30-18 Cornell Dublier Capacitor Added 6 issues from 1952 to 1951 to the collection, and they are marked with
7-29-18 DISC Added issues from the month of March, 1959
  Radio Retailing Added the 4th edition of the Electronic Technician "104 Radio TV Schematics" from 1960. It is listed in the left-hand sidebar.
  Practical Electronics Added November, 1982
  Wireless Weekly Added January 27, 1926
  Short Wave Magazine UK Added July, 2004
  Ham Radio Today Added Jan, Feb 1983, Jun 1985 and Nov 1987
  Everyday Electronics Added November, 1979
7-28-18 NAB Publications Added the 1977 Proceedings of the Engineering Conference.
7-27-18 High Fidelity Added Sept 1975, May 1984, April and May 1974,
  Early Radio Collection Added the April, 1929 "Fada Sales", a magazine for Fada set dealers.
  Radio Craft Added a much cleaner copy of the 1946 Radio Craft 1946 Electronics Reference Manual
7-26-18 Record World Added May 7, 1977
  DISC Added issues from July and August, 1963 (total of 8)
  Practical Electronics Added Sept, Oct and Dec 1982
  Record Mirror Added Feb 12 1955, Mar 21, 1964, Nov 20, 1965 and Feb 10, 1973
  Everyday Electronics Added Oct, April and May of 1977
7-21-18 Bookshelf: Biography Added "David Sarnoff: Radio and TV Boy" by Myers from 1972. This is an adolescent level story of Sarnoff as a boy who became the head of RCA.
  Radio Logbooks Added April 1926 edition. Includes Canada, Mexico and Cuba, too.
  Practical Electronics Added August 1982
  Bernards / Babani Books Added #127 Amplifier Manual Number 3
  Early Radio Collection Added "CBS: Close Up" from 1949. This is an illustrated story of how a TV show was put together in the early days of TV.
7-20-18 Early Radio Collection Added "Philco: Autobiography of Progress" a 1954 compilation of notes and anecdotes about the history of the electronics company.
7-19-18 Practical Wireless Added Full month of September, 1938
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Technology Added the 1916 "Experimental Wireless Construction" book and "Crystal Receivers and Circuits by Risdon.
  Everyday Practical Electronics Added the 1999 "Basic Soldering Guide"
  General Electric Added the 1924 Publicity plan in book form.
  Everyday Electronics Added Nov 1976 and Jan 1977
  Electronics Added February, 1942.
  Ham Radio Today Added September 1987
  Television Quarterly Added Fall 1990 and Winter 2004
  Sound of High Fidelity Added this Popular Mechanics special edition from 1958
7-17-18 Practical Wireless Added May and June 1938
7-16-18 TV Factbook Added full set of 2002 edition including TV markets from Alabama to the US Territories, low power TV, group owners and suppliers.
Added Volume 2 of the 2006 book, stations from Ohio to the USVI and all other.
  Medios Publictarios Mexicanos Added a new page for examples of this Mexican media buyers' directory of radio.
  International Shortwave Club Added issue from October, 1936
  Philco News Added an issue from August, 1945
  RCA Dealer Campaign Added the 1935-1936 RCA Victor dealer promotion and sales campaign booklet.
  Annual of Advertising Art Added the 20th edition from 1941
  Radio Logbooks and Lists Added the 1969 SCOP list of all stations in Mexico
Added tube manufacturer Tung-Sol's Dial Location booklet.
  Billboard Airplay Monitor Added Sept 12 1997, the NAB Radio Convention "combined" issue.
  Science & Invention Added the August 1923 issue. This is not a perfect scan, but we remind site users that our philosophy is "something is better than nothing so some content may be less
  Bookshelf: Biography Added "Armstrong's Fight for FM Broadcasting" by Erickson from 1973.
Added "Good Evening"! a memoir by news commentator Raymond Swing.
  Electronic Servicing Added Jan, Feb and Mar, 1980
  Bookshelf: Bernards Added four Bernards books from the numbered technical series. #77 Walkie Talkie Construction Manual, #44 Bulgin Radio Service Manual, #65 Radio Designs Manual (1948) and #53 Radio Constructors Manual.
  Radio Television Journal Added April, May and July of 1943
  Radio Parade Added March, 1941 of this fan magazine about radio performers and programs.
  Billboard Added March 5, 1938
Added the Radio Programmers' supplement to the April 11, 1964 issue.
  Wireless Weekly Added August 5th 1927 issue.
  Practical Electronics Added June and July, 1982 issues
  Television Quarterly Added the Winter and Fall issues from 1964 of this journal of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
  Short Wave Magazine UK Added Sept 1988
  Practical Television Thanks to Malcolm Burrell, we have added December 1966 and February, 1967!
  Stereo Review Added September 1990.
7-15-18 High Fidelity Added 26 of the missing issues between 1971 and 1976
  Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits Added Volumes 1 to 6. These books contain mostly circuits that were published in consumer magazines like Popular Electronics and Electronics Now, but are interesting to look at today in compiled form.
Everyday Electronics Added Apr 1974, Feb 1977 and Aug 1978
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added Using Radio for Sales promotion by Felix from 1927. Interesting view of the potential of radio when most stations were hobbyist run or operated as promotions for the owner's newspaper, insurance company or radio set manufacturer. The author recommends against commercial advertising as it offends listeners!
  High Fidelity and Stereo Reviews additions All the contributed copies of these two magazines have been scanned and added. Those still listed in gray lettering are very much needed. If you have issues you would be willing to contribute to complete these collections, please contact us!
7-14-18 Stereo Review Added missing issues between 1972 and 1976 and between 1963 and 1966. They are marked with ◄ The collection is now only missing 26 issues out of 40 years and 492 total issues.
  Basic Radio Course Added the 1967 "Basic Radio Course" from Electronics Australia magazine.
7-13-18 Stereo Review Added 1981 issues except for July
Added 7 issues from 1966 and 11 issues from 1967
  Record World Added a complete copy of December 25, 1965 replacing the one with missing pages, and the full issue for December 4 of the same year.
7-12-18 Electronics Today UK Added Sept and Oct of 1994 of the UK edition.
  Electronic Technician Added January, April and March 1960, and January of 1959 of this successor to Radio Retailing.
  Amazing Facts Added six issues from 1926 and 1927 to this Gernsback magazine, successor to The Experimenter
  Record Mirror Added Feb 16, 1963
  Billboard Added Feb 5 and Feb 26 1938
  Everyday Electronics Added April 1978 and October 1987
  Practical Electronics Added May 1982
  Wireless Magazine Added November and December 1930
  Short Wave Magazine UK Added Jan, 1999
7-11-18 Stereo Review Added May 1982 through December, 1983 and September, 1988 through December, 1989
  Electronics Today UK Added November 1994 and a complete copy of December 1994
  Modern Electrics Added 7 issues between 1908 and 1912. Each is marked with a red arrow.
  Electrical Experimenter Added the May and June, 1913 and the February, 1914 issues of this Hugo Gernsback magazine which became Science And Invention in 1920
7-9-18 Radiokes Kit Added an early example of an assemble-it-yourself radio instruction sheet.
7-8-18 Elektor Added Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr 1990 of the India edition of Elektor.
  Record World Replaced 4 incomplete issues from 1965: Feb 13, Feb 20, Apr 24 and Jul 17
  Electronics Today UK Added the issue from April of 1986
  Billboard Added Jan 22, Jan 29 and May 21 of 1938 as well as Dec 19, 1936
7-7-18 Everyday Electronics Added August 1976 and October of 1977
  Wireless Magazine Added August 1930
  Electronics Today UK Added May and September, 1994
  Record World Added Aug 8 and July 25, 1964, June 5, 1976, Aug 13, 1977
  Record Mirror Added December 27, 1969,
7-6-18 High Fidelity Added 80 issues between April 1971 and 1985.
7-5-18 Elektor Added "Book 75" with projects from the first year of Elektor publication: Thanks to Ross Herbert for finding this rare book.
  Record Mirror Added 1971 Feb 6
  R&R Added July 28, 2000
  Wireless Magazine Added January 1930
  Everyday Electronics Added Nov, 1978 and Aug, 1976
7-04-18 Practical Electronics Added the "free supplement" logic design cards from the March, April, May and June 1984 issues, courtesy of Chryse Moore. The cards are inserted in the issue for those months at the very end.
7-03-18 ETI Electronics Today Added Oct, Nov 1993 and Jan 1994 to the UK Collection.
  Record World Added Oct 8, 1966, Mar 6 and Jan 9 1965, Dec 12, 1964
7-01-18 Record Mirror Added Mar 11, May 13, Jun 24 of 1972 and Oct 16 1971
  The Microphone Added three issues from September, November and December of 1934. They are highlighted in red lettering.
  Television International Added the Spring, 2000, commemorative issue honoring the magazine's co-founder, TV journalist Sam Donaldson
  DISC Added issues from 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963 and 1964. Each has the symbol.
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