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Jun 29 History of Rock Completed the collection with the 1984 edition. There are now all the issues from the one covering 1965 all the way to the 1988 edition... 24 in total.
  Bookshelf: Biography Added The General: David Sarnoff by Bilby from 1985
Added Tesla: The Modern Sorcerer by Stewart
  Bookshelf: History of Telecasting Added Beating the Odds (ABC TV) by Goldenson and Wolf
  Bookshelf: History of
Radio and Television
Added Radio Round the World by Haslett from 1934 (covers early TV, too)
Added Understanding Broadcasting, 2nd Edition by Foster from 1978
Added Radio! Radio! by Hill from 1986
  Bookshelf: Texts and Educational Added the 3rd Edition of Perspectives on Radio and Television by Smith from 1990
  Bookshelf: Radio Programming Added This Business of Radio Programming by Claude Hall from 1977. Mr. Hall was Billboard's radio editor for many years.
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added the 4th edition of Law of Mass Communication by Nelson and Teeter from 1982
Note: books about laws and regulations of broadcasting are presented for historical purposes and should not be considered as today's regulations and rules.
Added SRDS at 45 by Myers. This is the story of Standard Rate and Data Service, the publisher of media ad rate listing directories,
  Lafayette Catalogs Added the Holiday 1970 catalog, #701
Jun 28 July in the Golden Age Added the link to Jim Ramsburg's fascinating Radio in the Golden Age monthly lists of events from the era of great network radio and technical advances.
  Hobbies Weekly UK Added are better scan of June 22 1955, and added new issues for August 3 1955 and March 26 1958
  Radio Station Albums Added the 1947 WATL, Atlanta, GA "Going Forward with Radio" album
Added the 1941 WSOC Charlotte "Charlotte's Own Station" album.
This section has hundreds of radio station promotional booklets, a common practice from the late 20's well into the 1950's. They have station pictures with the building, talent, management, transmitters, network shows and other interesting features.
  Melody Maker UK Added May 21 1966
  History of Rock Added the 1986 "volume" leaving just one year to complete the series.
  Billboard Replaced 19 issues from 1952 with better or more complete scans. (When viewing old Billboard issues, keep in mind that in the 40's and 50's it was printed on extremely poor paper and the discoloration makes scans very difficult)
Added Jan 16 1932, 1933 Jan 21, 1934 Jan 20
Replaced January 3, 1953 with full copy
Replaced January 3, 10, 17 and 24 1970 with better scans with all pages.
Replaced all issues from January, February, March 1961 with better and more readable scans.
Replaced all issues from July, August, September of 1959 with better, more complete and readable ones.
Replaced April and May 1948 issues withe cleaner scans.
  Electronics Replaced March 6 1959 which had been corrupted
Jun 26 Disc & Music Echo Added May 25, June 1, Jun 22, Jun 28, July 13, Aug 3, Aug 17, Aug 24, Oct 12, Nov 2, Nov 9, Nov 30 of 1968
Jun 24 Radio Guide Added April 14 1934, February 18 1939, January 16 1937, February 16, 1940 (after which the dating system changed), October 31 1942
  Radio Log & Lore Added the November 1933 issue.
  Practical Mechanics UK Added September to December of 1945
  Musical Express UK Added all four issues from March 1949
  Rave  UK Added March 1966
  Disc  UK Added December 13, 1958
Jun 21 Hobbies Weekly UK Added April 6, April 13, May 11 1955
  Billboard Added January 19 1935
Replaced April 3, 1961 with a complete issue
  History of Rock Added the 1983 edition from the publishers of Melody Maker and New Musical Express
  Rave Added June and August 1965
  Broadcaster & Wireless Retailer UK Added improved copy of October 1932
  Practical Television UK Added May 1956
  Electronics Today UK Added the May 1973 issue of this magazine which later became better known as ETI
  Station Albums Added the 60th Anniversary "Radio to Remember" from Hartford's WTIC
  Stereo & HiFi Directory Added our earliest annual directory from 1961
  Short Wave Radio Replaced the November 1933 inaugural edition with a better copy.
  White's Radio Log Added November 1938.
  Melody Maker UK Added March 12 1966 and June 22 1963
  Radio Doings Added a better copy of the August 16 1924 issue
  Wireless Magazine UK Added October 1925
  Coyne School Added the three volume Electrical Reference Encyclopedia from 1942
Added the 1943 Radio Trouble Shooting Manual from 1956
Added the Electrical & Industrial Electronics Trouble Shooting Manual from 1943
Added the 1937 Electrical and Automotive Manual fro 1937
Added a large and descriptive prospective student brochure from 1945
Added a little 6 booklet course "Putting Yourself Over" to train students on entering a new career
Jun 19 Billboard Added January 7 1933 and July 25 1936
Jun 18 Wireless Magazine UK Added February 1925, the first issue of this publication which would continue on until 1935 when it changed its name.
  Practical Mechanics UK Added May, June, July, August 1945
  Musical Express UK Added all 5 December 1948 issues, completing the year.
  Wireless Weekly UK Added November 12 1924
Jun 15 Australia
Added the History of AM Radio in Australia, a free eBook
Jun 14 Billboard Added June 27 (Summer Edition), July 4 and July 11 1936
  Western Electric FM Added a catalog for Western Electric 503B FM transmitters along with several articles about them. Look under 1947 in the catalog section.
Added 1932 WE-15A Speech Input catalog.
  Modern Era
Added a single issue of the Northwest Electronic World magazine. It is from February, 1964 and can be found in the Catalogs, Manufacturers and Newsletters section.
  Hobbyist Special
Added the Radio Electronics Special Projects from Winter 1984 and the Radio Electronics Experimenter's Handbook from 1989
  Disc Added October 1 and October 8, 1960
  Early Radio Collection Added RCA's "America's First Television Tour" demonstrating and describing the art and science of seeing at a distance. Dated 1939.
Added an undated Western Radio mail order catalog from this Chicago dealer. Estimate to be 1928-1929
  Practical Wireless Added the fold-out diagram for the "beginner's radio" called The Tutor.
  HiFi Stereo Review Added Stereo Directory and Buyers Guide 1972
  Coyne Electrical School Created a separate page for the Coyne Electrical School with courses, books, brochures about this very prominent trade school.
Added an extensive brochure for prospective students from 1935
Added the Coyne Electricians Handbook from 1945
Jun 13 Billboard "Monitor" Added many issues of the Billboard Airplay Monitor and Billboard Radio Monitor and several issues to Billboard Country Monitor. These were Billboard publications for the radio industry covering airplay and radio specific information on music programming.
  NAB Publications Added the 1988 Record Retention Guide for Radio and Television Stations
Added the 1999 Tech Terms Second Edition
  Bookshelf: Television History Added Televi$ion: The Business Behind the Box by Brown from 1971
Added The Golden Age of Television by Marschall from 1987
  Station Books Added VOWR: The Unfolding Dream by Swain, the history of a Newfoundland radio station.
Added Broadcasting from the High Seas by Paul Harris, a history of pirate radio in the UK
  Bookshelf: Radio Engineering Added AM FM Broadcast Station Planning Guide by Etkin, 1970
Added FM Radio Stations Operations Handbook by Ray, 1966
  Bookshelf: Education
and Training
Added How to Break into Radio by DeHaven and Kahn from 1941
Added Opportunities in Broadcasting Careers by former WSB manager Elmo Ellis from 1998
Added The technique of radio Production by McLeish, 1978
  Bookshelf: The
Business of
Added a much improved copy of Waller's Radio; The Fifth Estate from 1946
Added Radio: The Forgotten Medium by Pease and Dennis, 1996
Added Religious Broadcast Management by Durfey and Ferrier from 1986
Added Issues in Broadcasting by Smythe and Mastroianni, 1975
Added Television and Radio compiled by Tyler from 1961
  Bookshelf: Biography
and Radio Careers
Added Hi.Ho Steverino by Steve Allen from 1992
Added Radio Waves on the FM Dial by Jim Ladd, 1991
Added The Last Great Days of Radio by Lynn Woolley from 1993
  Melody Maker UK Added August 3 1963, the first in our collection from that year.
  HiFi Stereo Review Added multiple annual buyer's guides from the 60's and 80's. They are listed in the left hand column with thumbnail pictures of the cover.
  Practical Mechanics UK Added January, February, March 1945 and the Index issues for 1944-45 and 1945-46
Jun 11 White's Radio Log Added Volume 14 #7 from December of 1937. Keep in mind that there are now more than 300 radio logbooks on the Log and List page, ranging from 1922 to 2017... nearly 100 years of North American logs.
  Electronics Added four issues from January and February 1959. They are marked with the red arrow.
  Bookshelf Sams Added the Sams First Class Radiotelephone Handbook from 1971 and the Sams Second Class Radiotelephone Handbook from 1974
Jun 9 Electronics Added 21 additional issues from 1963 and 1968.
Added the issue from January 3 1958
  Station Albums Added a small brochure from WSUI, Iowa City, IA
  Bookshelf: Gernsback Added a much better scan with an improved cover of #117, "How To Build Tiny Electronic Circuits"
  Home Study Courses Added three items from National Radio Institute: the 1943 Radio-Television Dictionary, a 1950 radio receiver course and a set of student guidance form letters and a booklet on how to charge for services at repair shops from around 1950
  Wireless Weekly UK Added 8 of the weekly issues from august to December of 1926 and completed the November 1926 issues which are all in a single file.
  Television & Short Wave World  UK Added August 1937 and the 1937 index.
Jun 8 Electronics Added March 6, 1959  (We still have nearly 200 issues remaining to scan from the 60's)
Radio Programming Profile Added our first issue of the Radio Programming Profile, a listing of the format, personalities, newscasts and more on all major US radio stations. Our debut issue is from Fall 1968 and it is a very fun read for those who remember those days. Take a look at WABC or WLS or KFI!
Help us find more of these.
Audio Collection Added the 1972 edition of Ziff-Davis' "Stereo Directory & Buying Guide"
  Bookshelf: Stations Added "Catch the Vision" the story of HCJB, World Radio Missionary Fellowship, The Voice of the Andes, Quito, Ecuado
  GE Techni-Talk Added 6 issues from the 60's.
  Billboard Added the 1990 International Talent & Touring Direcrtory
  Sylvania News Completed the sets for 1946 and 1947 of this publication for Sylvania dealers and service providers.
Jun 7 Wireless Weekly UK Added June 26, 1926
Jun 5 Television & Short Wave World UK Replaced September, October, November 1938 issues with more complete ones.
  WOW News Tower Added most of the issues from 1949 and 1950 of this Omaha, NE, station newspaper issued monthly from 1937 to 1953. This is one of the best of the station magazines from that period.
  Bookshelf: Coyne Technical Books Amplified the Coyne section of our bookshelf to include both the Coyne home study courses as well as the textbooks they published for on-site students in Chicago from the 30's to the 50's. We'll be adding more as Coyne presents a good example of radio and electronics training during those growth years of radio and TV.
  Courses Added 1961 Tele-Vue Trouble Shooter
Added NRI Fixing Radio s 1949
Added single issue of 1976 course covering Power Amplifiers and AM Modulation
Added NRI Course Lessons from 1952 with answers and promotional brochure.
  Early Radio Miscellanea Added Doubleday's 1928 "Radio Broadcast's Data Sheet"
Jun 4 Electronics Added 21 issues from 1960, 1961, 1962
Added 20 issues more from 1960, 1962 and 1966
  GE Techni Talk Added 33 issues of GE Techni-Talk from 1954 to 1960. This was a servicing newsletter for repair shops and technicians.
  Melody Maker Added March 7 1970
  Early Radio Miscellanea Added General Electric's "ABC's of Radio", a simplified introduction to technology.
Added the Bulgin Radio Progress #3 from 1937 featuring "Tested Circuits".
Added "Frequency Control with Quartz Crystals from Bliley Electric and dated 1940. Includes a personal letter to the contributor who sent this publication.
  Lafayette Concord Added the 1948 Christmas book form Lafayette Concord Radio
  Bookshelf: Radio Technology Added Drake's Electrical and Radio Dictionary from 1944
  Early Radio Collection
Added The ABC's of Radio from General Electric from 1945
Stereo Collection Added the 1962 Stereo HiFi Directory Buyers' Guide
  Bookshelf: Radio History Added "A History of Wireless Technology" by Fahie from 1899 and its second edition from 1901
  Radio Electronics Replaced December 1953 with a complete issue
  Service Management Added March 1953
  HiFi Stereo Review Added March, June 1966 and October 1968. With these issues, we complete the full collection of this magazine!
  Disc UK Added 10 issues from 1968
Jun 2 Electronics Added 22 issues from 1960, 1961 and 1967 and they are marked with the usual red arrow.
  We Are the Same...
But Different


We're now WorldRadioHistory.Com. The link is being updated, and should work shortly. The old domain will also work as an "alias".

The site has expanded well beyond the United States alone, and our name had become limiting and inappropriate.

So take your pick... both URLs will soon be working. And we are a little less xenophobic!
  Radio Life Added 22 issues from the 50's. They are marked with an underline and non-bold lettering.
  UK Miscellaneous UK Added the 1965 Radio Caroline annual
  Short Wave
Added the Shortwave Listening Guidebook, 2nd Edition, by Helms from 1993
  Disc UK Added four issues from 1968 and they are marked with red arrows.
Added four issues from 1958 and they are also marked with arrows.
  Station Albums Added the late WW II "
  Rave Added January and February of 1967
  Television UK UK  Added five issues from 1938 and the 1938 Index. Note that this magazine had a number of names during its long history
  Science & Invention Added May 1925. We are only missing April of 1925 to complete this collection from 1921 to 1931
  Hobbies UK Added February 29, 1956
  Amateur Wireless UK Added March 31 1923
  Audiocraft Added July and September of 1958, completing the collection of this Audio Magazine.
  Hobby Electronics UK Added complete issues of December 1981 and March, April 1982
Jun 1 Electronics Updated the search including all the recently added issues.
May 28 HiFi Stereo Review Added February 1958, the first issue. The magazine was then called HiFi and Music Review, changing by 1959 to HiFi and Stereo Review. We are missing only 3 issues so help us find them!
  Service Management Added a new section for this magazine directed at  the management aspects of radio service shops and dealers. It began in late 1951.
May 27 Electronics Added nearly 50 more issues from 1960, 1961, 1962 and 1964
  Early Radio Collection Added the "Coast to Coast Broadcast" 1932 radio and equipment and parts catalog.
  Rave UK Added May 1966
  Catalogs: Lafayette Added the Concord "Formerly Lafayette Radio" catalog #345 from 1945
  Station Books Added the second volume, 1945 to Today, of the History of Omaha Radio by Carl Mann who provided a copy for this site's readers to enjoy!
  Hobbies Weekly Added February 15 1956
May 26 Billboard Added March 1971 8th Annual Campus Attractions issue
Added June 1974 International Directory of Recording Studios
Replaced November 1 1952 with full copy
Replaced October 25  1952 with better and full copy
  Practical Radio UK Added a new page for this UK radio magazine featuring technology news and items about the enjoyment of radio, including short wave . Our first issue on this page is from February, 1932
  Annual of
Advertising Art
Added the 18th (1939), 26th (1947), 28th (1949), 34th (1955), 30th (1950) and 38th (1959). These annual editions featuring the "best" advertising art are intended to show the style and mood of the ad industry each year.
  Bookshelf: Biography Added "Hey Kemosabe: The Days (and Nights) of a Radio Idyll" By Chris Ingram, the son on legendary WABC DeeJay Dan Ingram. Many thanks to Chris for providing an autographed copy for this site!
  Bookshelf: Television Added Television Explained by Miller; 3rd Edition 1939 (A very early TV book with technical explanations)
Added The Technique of Special Effects in Television, Wilkie, 1971
Added The Television Years from "The Popular Library" from 1974. Illustrated viewer oriented story of TV in America
Added Watching TV by Castlemand & Podriazik from 1982. Another pictorial story of American TV
Added Please Stand By: A Prehistory of Television by Richie.
  Bookshelf: News Added the 2nd edition of Broadcast News by Stephens from 1986
  Electronics Added 81 more issues from 1960 to 1970
Included is the famous April 19 1965 with the first presentation of Moore's Law.
  Lafayette Added catalog 634 from 1963
May 24 Electronics Added about 70 issues between 1960 and 1971. We still have about 240 more issues to scan and add.
  Wireless Weekly UK Added September 26 1925 and completed January 1925
  HiFi and Audio Collection Added the 1959 HiFi Annual & Audio Handbook
  Communications World Added Spring-Summer 1975
May 23 Electronics Added 18 issues between 1962 and 1967. They appear in red lettering. We have more than 200 issues from the 60s that will be added in upcoming weeks and months... a total of over 70,000 pages!
  Hobbies Weekly Added issues from 1955 and they are marked with red arrowheads.
  Short Wave Collection Added six new books to the Sort Wave Collection: two different editions of the SAMS Short Wave Listener's Guide, Woodruff''s Questions and Answers on Short Wave Listening and Short Wave Listening by Belt, and Barden's 1987 Shortwave Listening Guide and ABC's of Shortwave Listening by Buckwalter from 1962.
  Lafayette Catalogs Added Catalog 82 from 1940 and Catalog 89 from 1949 and a better copy of Catalog 84 from 1944
  Drake's Cyclopedia of Radio Added four editions of Drake's Cyclopedia of Radio, including the first one from 1927. There are 4 others from the 30's and 40's and we will be looking for the remaining 11 through the late 50's.
  Wireless World UK Replaced all 1941 issues with the full editions including covers and advertisements. The previous issues were the "year end" compilation versions which only included the editorial content without covers and product ads.
  Billboard Replaced September 20 and 27, October 4 of 1952 with complete and better quality copies.
May 21 RPM (Canada) Added large group of missing issues and they are marked with
Added all November and December 1999 issues.
Added all year 2000 issues
Added March 1979
  HiFi Stereo Review Added June and July of 1963 as we try to complete this publication's collection.
  Radio Doings Added several issues from 1923 and 1924.
May 20 Everyday
Added 9 issues between 1982 and 1985 and they are marked with the usual red arrow pointer.
May 19 Wireless World UK Replaced January and February 1939 with better and complete scans.
Added index of January to June 1929}
Replaced "annual edition" issues for the months from July to December of 1927 with the real monthly editions including covers and ads.
Replaced July to December of 1929 with complete issues with ads
Replaced July to December of 1928 with complete issues with ads.
Replaced January to June of 1933 with complete issues with ads and most covers
  HiFi Stereo Review Added July 1972, one of the few missing issues.
Added July 1999 completing that year.
  Electronics Illustrated Added the Electronics Illustrated Guide to Radio Repair special edition from 1967
May 18 TV-Radio Life Added over 30 issues from 1953 to 1956. They appear in non-bold lettering and are underlined.
  Billboard Added improved and compete copies of four issues from August of 1952, and the first two of September 1952 and they are marked with red arrows.
May 17 WSM Radio News Added the WSM Radio News, a small booklet about the station for its parent insurance company customers.
  Electronics World UK Added 8 issues from 2002 to 2004 as we close in on completing the 98-year history of Wireless World / Electronics World.
  Wireless World UK Replaced the issue from September 1939 with an improved complete copy
  Record Mirror Added November 9 1968
  CMJ New Music Report Added May 1 1995
  Amateur Wireless UK Added November and December of 1922
  Gernsback Publications Added "Amateur Radio Builder's Guide" from the Radio Craft library.
Added May 1999
  Lafayette Catalogs Added Holiday 1960 catalog #601
  HiFi Stereo Review Added August 1964, one of the few missing issues needed to complete the collection
  Cornell Dublier
Added or replaced 8 issues from the early 50's. They are marked with a red arrow.
May 14 Everyday Electronics UK Added August, November 1998, January 1999
  Wireless World  UK
Electronics World
Added April 2002
  Billboard Replaced August 2, 1952 with a complete and better looking issue
May 13 Wireless World  UK
Electronics World
Added 16 Electronics World from 1999, 2001, 2002
  Record Mirror UK Added 28 issues from 1968 and 6 from 1969
  Hits Added 20 issues, marked with from 2000 to 2002
May 11 Television UK Added February 1938 and January 1939 and August, September 1935
  Wireless Magazine
separated from
Wireless / Wireless Weekly
To clarify and remove confusion (including ours!) we have split Wireless Magazine from Wireless Weekly (which became just "Wireless") into two separate pages
  Bookshelf: DX Shortwave and Amateur Radio Added a new Bookshelf section for content about Shortwave, DXing and Amateur radio. First addition is the The Manual of Short Wave Radio Vol. II by Bouk from 1932
  FRENDX Added 24 issues from 1979, 1982, 1983, 1984 of FRENDX, the magazine of the North American Shortwave Association.
May 10 Hitmakers Added October 6 1989 and January 6 and 19 from 1990  We are looking for more issues; if you know of any or have a friend or contact that has issues please let us know by clicking CONTACT
  Amateur Radio
Added all issues from 1933 to 2012. They are searchable within the entire library or by one or more decades. Thanks to Will VK6UU for allowing us to add this complete collection which he created.
  Radio Lists
and Logbooks
Added the Fall 1926 Andres Radio Directory and Log Book.
  Early Radio Collection Added a catalog from Western Radio of Chicago full of radios and parts and accessories.
  Short Wave Magazine Added March 1999
  Breakfast Club Replaced the Breakfast Club Family Album from 1942 with a superior scan
  Elektor UK Added the UK English language issue from April 2006. This is in addition to the German version already on the site
  Annual of Advertising Art Added the 1950 and 1959 editions. While these books have nothing to do directly with radio and TV, they demonstrate the mood of the underlying advertising industry in the USA which, of course, determined the success of electronic media.
  Radio Dealer Added October 1926
  Radio's Master Catalog Added 18th edition from 1953.  This publication is an all-encompassing listing of all products and all brands of electronic parts and components. We now have 9 of them from 1935 to 1958.
  International Collection Added a new page for single issues, books and booklets from nations that do not yet have their own separate page. The first publication is Rundfunk Jahrbuch, a1930 German radio Annual
  General Electric Added the 1941 pamphlet from GE "How to Plan and FM Station" with guidance about the use of the new FM service. Look under "1941" in the right hand column.
  Sylvania News Added 5 issues from 1934 and 1935
  Lafayette Catalogs Added catalog 73 from 1939
  Gernsback Library Added #46 Television Technotes
Added High Voltage Projects, volumes 1 and 2
  Sams Books Added Low Power Telecasting from 1957
  Record Mirror Added December 14 1968
  Billboard Replaced July 19 and 26 of 1952 with complete copies.
  Everyday Electronics UK Added June 1998
  Television UK Added February and March of 1934 in this very early publication about television (as the name obviously states)
May 8 Radio Review UK Added 5 more issues of this magazine with stories, commentary, opinion and features about radio programs and personalities beginning in late 1935. There are a number of US and UK publications with the same name, but in different eras or decades.
  Short Wave Magazine Added December 2002, January 2003 and May of 2004
  Tuned In Added a new section with 25 issues from 1996, 1997 and 1998. This magazine began in 1994 and targeted station managers and department managers. We are looking for more issues.
  Radio World Added a new section with 7 issues of Radio World from 1995 This was a radio management magazine covering sales, programming and general management starting in 1994  Let us know if you have missing issues!
May 7 Hits Added 37 issues from 1988, 1989, 1991 and 1990
  Everyday Electronics Replaced incomplete (missing pages, no cover, etc.) issues for July and August, 1972 and February,  December 1977 and March 1984, December 1999 with a data sheet, February 1999, February and April 1995
  Album Network Added four issues from 1994 and 1997
  Lafayette Catalogs Added catalog 87 from 1942 from the New York store. In this period, there were catalogs from various locations.
Added No. 642 from Winter-Spring 1964
Added the Lafayette Camera Catalog #81 from 1940
  Everyday Practical Electronics UK Added August 1991 and April 1997
  A.R.B. Television Added the Fall Washington DC TV report, the first Television survey ever issued by the American Research Bureau
  Record World Added February 21, January 31 (Elton John Special) and July 17 1976
  Disc UK Added November 8 1958
May 6 Wireless World
Electronics World
Added all issues from 2000
  Stereo Review
Buying Guide
Added the 1974 and 1979 Tape Recording & Buying Guide special editions.
Added 9 issues from 1969 and 1970
  Billboard Replaced these issues which had missing pages with compete issues: October 27, 1951 and May 3, July 5 and July 12 1952;
  Record Mirror UK Added Feb 17, Feb 24, March 2, April 13 1968
  Melody Maker UK Added 12 issues from 1964, 1966 to 1969
May 5 Wireless World
Electronics World
Added All issues from 1995
May 4 Everyday Practical Electronics UK Added February of 1999 and April, September, October, November and December of 1997
  FMQB Added March 26 1982
  Wireless World
Electronics World
Added the remaining 11 issues from the year 1998
May 3 Wireless World
Electronics World
Added July, October and December of 1999
  FMQB Added 26 issues from 1981 and 1982
  CMJ New Music Report Added 51 issues between 1994 and 1997
  Hobbyist Specials Added the Electronics Handbook 8th and 11th editions from 1990 and 1992
  Melody Maker Added December 24, 1966
  Wireless World
Electronics World
Added February 1999
  NAB Publications Added "The Franchise: Building Radio Brands" by former Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey
  History: Radio and TV Added Television and Radio by Tyler from 1961
  Bookshelf: SAMS Books Added How to Build Electronics Projects by Potter-Shields from 1973
Added From Tin Foil to Stereo by Read and Welch from 1976
  Bookshelf: History of Telecasting Added Experimental Television by Collins from 1932
Added How Sweet it Was by Shulman and Youman from 1966
Added Inside ABC by Quinlan from 1979
Added Milwaukee Television History: The Analog Years by Golemabiew
Added Television: The Eyes of Tomorrow by Eddy from 1945
Added Tube: The Invention of Television by Fisher & Fisher from 1996
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Technology Added A Pictorial Album of Wireless and Radio 1905-1928 by Greenwood from 1961
  Bookshelf: Biography Added: Radio's 100 Men of Science by Dunlap from 1946
Added: This Was Radio by Josephia Julan from 1975
  Bookshelf: International Added The History of Broadcasting in Japan from Nippon Hoso Kyokai, 1967
  Bookshelf:  Business and  Programming Added Techniques of Television Production by Bretz from 1953
Added But That's Not What I Called About by Rose from 1976
Added Don't Touch That Dial by McDonald from 1982
Added Fiasco at 1280 by Lonto from 1998
Added Hacia Una Radio Participativa by Vigil from Nicaragua from 1988
Added Public Broadcasting & The Public Turst by Horowitz et. al. from 1995
Added The Franchise: Building Radio Brands by Lou Dickey from 1994
Added The Television Commercial by McMahan from 1954
Added The Television Program, 5th Edition, by Stasheff et al from 1976
  Station Books Added WCFL Chicago's Voice of Labor
Added Dial 1979 The 3KZ Story by Walker from 1974
Added The Exacting Ear by McKinner from 1966
Added Pixies, Six-Packs and Supermen by Olszewski and Berg
  Bookshelf: Broadcast Education Added Please Stand By study Guide
Added Looking Forward to a Career in Radio and Television
Added Skills for Radio Broadcasters 3rd Edition by Holsipple
Added The Technique of the Television Cameraman by Jones from 1965
Added Writing for Television and Radio By Hilliard from 1962
  Bookshelf: Technology (General) Added Radio & Electronics Handbook by Boyce & Roche, 2nd Edition, 1950
Added A Beginners Guide to Radio by Camm from 1956
Added Radio Valve & Semiconductor Data by Ball 10th Edition 1975
  Bookshelf: Technology (Broadcasting) Added Principles of Television Engineering by Fink from 1940
Added Radio Transmitters by Gray and Graham from 1961
Added Radiotron Designer's Handbook by Smith from 1941
Added Visual Alignment Techniques for FM Servicing
Added Tech Tips from Radio Guide from 1993
  Technology: General Added Radio & Electronics Handbook by Boyce 2nd Edition 1950
  Bookshelf: Enjoyment
of Radio
Added The Voice of Experience (Radio Show) from 1933
Added Radio Art by Hawes from 1991
Added The Hucksters by Walkerman, a novel set in radio.
May 2 Bookshelf: Biography Added The House that Jack Built by Hal Jackson
Added Fifty Fabulous Years by H. V. Kaltenborn from 1950
Added This Was Radio by Joseph Julian
Added "Crosley" by McClure
  Bookshelf: History
Added Before Television by Taylor from 1979
Added Radio Miracle of the 20th Century by Drinker and Lewis from 1922
Added I Broadcast the Crisis by H.V. Kaltenborn from 1938
Added Raised On Radio by Nachman
Added On The Air by Floherty from 1937
Added Legendary Pioneers of Black Radio by Williams
Added I Looked And I Listened by Gross from 1970
Added Radio's Conquest of Space by McNicol from 1946
Added From Tin Foil to Stereo by Read and Welch from 1976; this is a history of recorded music.
  Bookshelf: History of Television Added Tube: The Invention of Television by Fisher & Fisher
Added Television: The Eyes of Tomorrow by Eddy from 1945
Added Please Stand By; A Prehistory of Television by Ritchie
Added Remember Television by Lackman from 1971
Added Experimental Television from 1932
  Billboard Replaced July 3 1937 with better scan and clearer resolution
Replaced issues from January, February, March, April, May and June of 1952 with complete and more readable issues.
For 1951, we replaced all of these with very improved scans that are clearer and with full page count:
Jan 13, May 5, June 9, July 14, 21, 28, Oct 27
A most appreciated collaborator did all the work ror these excellent replacements.
Added March 13 1920, July 3 1937 and replaced June 20, 1936
Added September 28 1963
  Wireless World
Electronics World
Added April through December of 1996
Apr 29 May in the Golden Age The "Headlines" from May in those wonderful years are now available via our link. There are 739 news items covering those several decades of historic radio! As always, our admiration goes out to Jim Ramsburg who is compiling this fascinating part of radio history.
  Wireless World
Electronics World
Added April, May 2003 and March, April, May, June 2004 and July 1998
  Hits Magazine Added over 100 issues between 1989 and 1998. They are marked with the arrow symbol
  Hobbies Weekly Added July 20, July 27 1955 and June 13 1956
  WOW News Tower Added all twelve issues from 1951 and January to July of 1953 of this important NBC affiliate in the Plains States from Omaha. Covering a huge area with its 5 kw at 590, it can be seen how important the station was from its very professional monthly newsletter magazine for listeners.
  Arbitron BTR Added a new page for Arbitron "BTR" which meant "Beyond the Ratings". We have three issues and would very music like to borrow or acquire more.
  Everyday Practical Electronics Added May 1995, June, July, August 1997
  About Missing Pages Since the website is built from old publications, we have to understand that most come from private or library collections. In both cases, pages may have been removed: at home to build a special project or in a library to avoid paying for a copy. Most of those magazines are very hard to find, and have taken up to a decade and a half to accumulate.
Of course, I’d love to fill in the missing pages. But there are complications. First, I can’t afford to buy the same magazine twice on the hopes that several missing pages will be included . Second is the fact that many titles have odd numbering systems, with the most confusing ones involving the numbering of tear-out response cards as if they were pages. 
I have to rely on site users for missing pages. For one or two pages, even a good, well-centered and dimensioned smartphone photo can be inserted into the issue.
Apr 26 Wireless World
Electronics World
Added June, July, October, November 2003 and April, May, June 1999. January, February 2003 and December 2004
This is the continuation of Wireless World under the Electronics World title that David Andrews is now working to fill in to complete the 1911 to 2006 library of this magazine.
  Hobby Electronics Added May 1981, December 1983 and July 1984
  Hobbies Weekly Added July 25 1956
Apr 22 FMQB Added nearly 40 issues from 1998, 1999 and 2000
  Bookshelf: Biography Added "In All His Glory", a bio of William Paley.
  Nielsen Added the Spring 2020 Red Book... the market definition and rank directory for US radio ratings.
Apr 20 Hobbyist Specials Added a "new and improved" copy of the Electronic Experimenter's Handbook from Spring, 1966
  Audiocraft Added April 1958
Apr 18 Popular Electronics A site user has told us that he has most (maybe all) Popular Electronics issues from 1990 through 1998 and will give them to the first person who would like to have them in their collection if they will pay the shipping. Write to ARH and I'll forward the email to the owner of the magazines. 
  Magnecord Tape Added the Manual for the PT 6 Tape Deck from 1949
  Hi Fi Stereo Review Added February 1970
  New Zealand Collection Added the 1950 - 1951 Lamphouse annual
  Modern Era Collection Added a single 1960 issue of Northwest Electronic World, a regional publication covering Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Several articles about early TV broadcasting.
  Lafayette Catalogs Added the 1960 Transistors Catalog
Radio Review UK Added the second issue of a new magazine from 1935, "Radio Review" dated November 16th.
  Wireless World UK Replace the "articles only" July, August, September, October, November and December 1929 sets of issues with the full editions with covers and advertising.
  Hobbies UK Added January 31 1960
Apr 17 Hobbies UK Added a new section for the UK publications called "Hobbies" which ran from 1895 until the 1960's. While not purely a radio publication, it has lots of radio and electronics related  subjects. And it is a fun view at what people did during several generations.
  The Hard Report Added 25 issues from 1995 of this album rock format tip sheet for radio stations with lots of record company ads for new releases.
  FMQB Added over 50 issues from 200o and 2001
  Hits Added issues from 1987, 1988, 1990. 1991. 1992. 1993, 1996. They are indicated with a red
NAB Books & Publications Added four publications from the USA National Association of Broadcasters
1993 Optimum Effective Scheduling
1987 Music & Programming Research
1966 Political Broadcast Catechism: The Fairness Doctrine
1990 Lotteries & Contests
  Record Mirror UK Added January 20 and 27, 1968
  Early Radio "Assorted" Added "Radio Foto Log" from National Union radio Corp. Contained talent pics and brief stories and a radio logbook section. Undated, around 1930. Even features early TV!
  Radio Doings Logs Added the three editions of the Radio Doings logbook from 1930. One features a young Wm. Paley of CBS
  Practical MechanicsUK Added October 1935 and October 1940
  Record Mirror Added December 10 1966
  Elektor UK Added December 2014 and June 2011
  Hi Fi Stereo Review Added January September October 1963, January 1964
  Station Albums Added the KSWI / KFMX Council Bluffs, Iowa album from around 1948 or 1949. KFMX was a very early FM station for a smaller market making this a rather unusual and interesting addition to the album collection.
  Electronics Today AU Added April 1973. Thanks for Michael Doncaster and Luis Claudio Grosso for identifying the origin of this issue.
  Everyday Practical Electronics UK Added January 1995 and October, December 1998
  Electronics Handbook Added 12 editions from the 80's and 90's. They are highlighted in blue in the Handbook subsection on the "Hobbyist Special Editions" page
  Disc UK Added September 23 1961 and February 1 1969
Management / Engineering
Added December 1966 and February 1967
  Audiocraft Added March 1958
Apr 12 Scanners This is the week that we add both a new sheet-feed document scanner with a synchronized flatbed from Panasonic and a new Image Access Bookeye 5 V3 book scanner. This is a good time to do work that does not involve going out of the home office and learning how to make this website even better.
  Musical Express UK Added all four issues from November of 1948
  Hobby Electronics Added May 1982 and February 1983
  Radio Pictorial Added July 21 and August 11 1939
  Everyday Practical Electronics UK Added February, March and April of 1995
  UK Miscellaneous Added a single issue of "Hobbies Weekly" from April of 1957
Apr 11 Radio Pictorial Added the February 24, 1939 issue to the dedicated page (it had been on the "single issue" page before)
Apr 9 CMJ New Music Report Added about 75 issues from 1988, 1990, 1991 and 2001 of this music "tip sheet" mostly directed at college and non-profit independent radio stations.
Apr 8 Hits Added dozens of issues of this radio & music industry weekly from the 80's and 90's. More are coming once our failed scanner is replaced. There are many waiting to be prepared for the site!
  FMQB Album Added issues from 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984. THis was edited by Bill Hard, who went on to publish The Hard Report, which we have just added to this site. See the link 7 items below this one
  Electronics Today UK Added the 1976 special issue "Top Projects #3". Find it in the left hand column with other special editions.
Hobby Electronics UK Added December 1982
Added March 1942
  Record Mirror  UK Added January 6 and 13 1968
  Disc UK Added Jnuary 13 and January 20 1968
Added November 1986
  Hard Report Added over 100 new issues of The Hard Report between 1987 and 1994. This was a radio and music "tip sheet" covering rock formats.
Apr 7 Update After 5 years of use, and several million pages scanned, we are replacing our Kodak Alaris i3250. The technology was getting old, and the annual maintenance fee had gone through the roof. Arriving soon, in the  middle of our sad pandemic, is a brand new Panasonic KV S5076 scanner.
You can see it for yourself at https://www.scantastik.com/hardware/panasonic-scanners/panasonic-kv-s5076h.html 
  Practical Mechanics Added January, April and July 1941 and February, April 1942
  Audio Collection Added a single issue  of the Fall 1961 "Better Listening" which appears to have been a dealer distributed audio magazine. It's to be found part way down the page in a new "small collection" heading.
  Radio Doings Added December 12 1923 issue of this early station and program guide.
  S 9 CB Magazine Added November 1962 which had been erroneously listed as a CB Horizons issue.
Added June 1995 and June and December of 1994
Apr 5 Billboard Replaced nearly all 1950 issues with more complete (added missing pages) issues.
Added the March 17 1951 Juke Box Poll
  Wireless World Replaced November 1935 with better copy.
Added December 1933
Apr 4 Elektor UK Added all issues from 2004 to 2015.
Thanks to a contribution made within an hour of posting the above issues, we are now adding 2001, 2002 and 2002!
  Grundig Added article listing for the 1977-1984
  Modern Wireless UK Added complete editions for November and December of 1929, replacing earlier incomplete ones
  Melody Maker UK Added April 16 1966 and March 21 1970
  Disc UK Added October 10, Oct 25 1958 and Jan 6 1968
  Hobby Electronics UK Added February, April and August 1980
Added April, July, August, September of 1939
Apr 1 BRE
Black Radio Exclusive
Added over 100 issues from 1985 to 1996. They will be appearing during the course of today.
New additions are underlined.
Mar 31 Hobby Electronics Added November 1982 and September 1979
Mechanics  UK
Added October and November of 1934
Mar 30 April in the Golden Age Added the home page link to April in the Golden Age from Jim Ramsburg's "GOld Time Radio" with 779 events in radio's history during the glory days of network radio!
Mar 27 Billboard Magazine Added remainder of the issues from 2016.
Mar 26 New Musical Express Added 13 issues from 1967
  Hits Added 13 issues from 1987, 1988 and 1989
  HiFi Stereo Review Added March 1961
Mar 25 Billboard Magazine Added 13 issues from the first months of 2016. Remember, by that time Billboard skipped publication many weeks, with the charts appearing only online. In those cases, they called the issues "Double" or "Two week" editions.
Mar 24 Wireless & Television Review Added September 1935
Mar 23 Practical Mechanics
Added August, September and November of 1940
  RCA Review Added all missing issues from 1968 and 1969. There is now a full collection from 1936 to 1965.
  RCA Review Added March 1968 of this RCA quarterly technical journal.
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Programming Added "Radio Personalities" by Rockwell from 1938. This is the nicest of the many publications we have on the site featuring little bios of radio personalities and performers along with photos.
  Hobbyist Specials and Annuals Added the 1991 Popular Electronics Hobbyist Handbook.
  Bookshelf: History Added "Inventing American Broadcasting: 1899-1922". This is the story of the invention and development of radio up to the year of the mass licensing of new radio stations.
  Popular Wireless UK Added October 1 1932 issue
  Broadcast Equipment Catalogs Added the 1967 Continental Electronics Broadcast Transmitters catalog.
  RCA Catalogs Added the "1967 First Edition" catalog
Added the 1966 "AM FM Equipment" catalog
  Radio Networks Added "Close-Up: A Picture of the Men and Methods that make CBS Television" from 1948
Added the "NBC Year Book" from 1937
Added "NBC and You" from 1948
  Wireless World UK Replaced August 1963 with a full copy (previous one was missing nearly 30 pages)
  Billboard Replaced 1950 issues from April 22 through October 14 with complete issues with all pages and charts.  NOTE: we are constantly on the lookout for replacements for bad scans or issues with missing pages or charts. If you have a collection, these "stay at home" days may be a chance to scan or loan those issues to us to improve the Billboard collection.
  Maplin Electronics & Beyond UK Added March-May 1983
Mar 22 Practical Mechanics
Added April and June of 1940
Mar 21 Electronic
Added the annual index issues for 18 years from the 40's to 1971. View them by clicking any year that appears with beige/ yellow lettering.
Added June, September and December 1966 and June, December 1967
Added Jan, Feb, Apr, August 1942 and June, July,, September 1941
  Everyday Electronics UK Added July 1988, October 1986
  Radiotron Serviceman's Guide Added a new and much improved scan of this publication. It is at the top of the Australian Miscellaneous Publication page.
  Practical Mechanics UK Added November 1935 and February 1941
  New Zealand Collection Added a new page featuring publications from New Zealand
Mar 20 Musical Express UK Added all five issues from October of 1948
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Programming Added "Great Radio Personalities" by Slide from 1982
  Electronics Today UK Added October 1986
  Early Radio Collection Added the 1924 Dunlap's Radio Manual with simplified explanations of all aspects of the "new" radio technology.
  Electronics Today
Added October 1974, leaving just one missing issue needed
  Electrical Experimenter Added July of 1916
Melody Maker UK Added November 10 1973
  Billboard Added January 13, 1934
Added 1981-82 Talent and Touring Directory
  Modern Wireless UK Added March 1926
  Disc UK Added December 3, 1960 and September 16 1961
Mar 19 FMQB
(Friday Morning Quarterback)
Added nearly 60 issues fro 1986 to 1989. This is Kal Rudman's very influential weekly radio tipsheet that showed song movements based on actual station airplay.
  Note on Searches New additions to the site are individually searchable on an issue by issue basis. But the global searches are done as we get time to process the accumulated issues. This may be a few days, or even a few months, later. It's very time consuming and manual, so please understand that new additions to the site are not part of the global search the very same day.
Mar 18 The Hard Report Added over 60 issues from 1993 and 1992 of this "tip sheet" for rock radio stations.
(Radio & Records)
Added one of the remaining few missing issues: April 8, 1983
Mar 17 Bookshelf: Encyclopedias Added the "Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound in the United States" by Marco
Added the "Encyclopedia of Radio And Television Broadcasting: The Man Behind the Microphone" by St John. This is the 1970 edition, which joins an earlier edition for comparison.
  CAUTION In an abundance of caution, we have suspended the purchase of new items for this stie in eBay and online book sellers. We wish to avoid any potential for illness, but will resume adding to the collection when the virus mitigates. In the meantime, we have a considerable backlog of material to process and some needed site reorganization to do as well.  May all our site visitors stay well and healthy.
Mar 16 Bookshelf: History of Television  vbn Added four books and created a separate category for Television history, as we gradually reorganize this section of the site.
Prime Time Television by Goldstein from 1983 
Broadcasting the Local News; The Early Years of KDKA TV by Hinds
The History of Television by Goldstein from 1991
Romance and Reality of Television from 1930
TV Trivia: 30 Years of Television published by Consumer Guide
  Record Mirror Replaced 14 issues of Record Mirror that had mysteriously disappeared from the site and my files. Many thanks to Dimitri for sending the originals back to us!
  Books Began a tedious and slow process of putting all books in one section, with total and specific searches. There will be two main sub-sections, "technical" and "broadcast business and content". Please let me know if you find any abnormalities, errors or problems.
Mar 15 Record Whirl Added two issues on a new page for Record Whirl, a music industry trade monthly published in 1955 and 1956 (Yes, it is "Record WHIRL" and not "Record World"). It was supposedly a reference to disks "whirling" around and around on a turntable. Okay...
  Early Radio Collection Added the 1925 "Radio Construction for the Amateur" covering antennas, batteries, construction of radio sets, etc.
  Practical Computing
Added February and March of 1980
  AudioFan Added January 1966
  Harris Catalogs Added replacements of the 1988 and 1982 general catalogs,
Added "Digital radio Catalog" from 1999
  RCA Review Added all issues from 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966 and 1967
Repaired the September 1981 edition which did not load. Our thanks to MK for letting us know of this error. Please report bad links and defective files by clicking the "CONTACT" above.
  Practical Mechanics Replaced the September 1938 copy with a complete-with-covers version.
  Radio Pictorial UK Added August 18 1939 of this marvelously and profusely illustrated listener's radio guide from the UK
  Cornell Dublier Capacitor Added 6 issues from 1943, completing the year of this publication from the noted capacitor manufacturer.
Collins Added Broadcast Transmitters & Accessories, Speech Equipment and Speech Input #113 from the 50's
(Date of publication not noted in catalogs. If any of our readers can give a more precise date, please click "CONTACT" at the header of this page.
  Radio News of Canada Added three issues form 1928 and 1929. They are on the "Canada Miscellaneous" page.
  Network Booklets and Albums Added the 1948 "NBC and You", a guide for new employees.
  Billboard Added Billboard's "Spotlight on Record Programming" from December 14 1959 and March 14 and May 19 1960
  Early Radio Collection Added "Radio Announcers" 1934 edition featuring NBC talent (we also have the 1933 CBS talent issue)
Added "Wireless & Electrical Cyclopedia" from the Electro Importing Company from 1918
  HiFi Stereo Review Added March 1960
  Bookshelf: Biography Added "Empire William Paley and the Making of CBS" by Paaper
  Broadcast Equipment Added a bound collection of Eimac catalogs from 1950 to approximately 1953
Mar 12 Bookshelf: Radio Engineering Added a new section with first addition, "Tech Tips from Radio Guide" by George Whitaker.
  Lafayette Catalogs Added Winter 1970 from 1972
Added Holiday from 1971
Mar 10 Maplin UK Added June-August of both 1982 and 1984
Added July and November 2000, January, March, June 2001
  Ambit International UK Added 5 catalogs from the early 80's from this UK electronics parts and component dealer.
  Musical Express UK Added all four issues from September 1948
  Electronic Engineering UK Added indexes to years and groups of years covering 1925 to 1949; they are listed in the left-hand column.
Mar 9 Broadcast Week Added over 30 issues from 1993 of this "business news and features weekly for the broadcast industry" which began in late 1992. Little is know n about this magazine, so details are welcome!
Mar 8 Bookshelf Search Technical Completely rebuilt and expanded the search of the "Technical" section of our book library. All technical books are now in the search and the accuracy of the search is improved.
Mar 7 Billboard Added March 22, 1930 and Jan 12, 1935.
  Radio TV Life Added 48 issues of Los Angeles "Radio TV Life" Magazine from 1952 to 1954. They are listed in noln-bold lettering to show which are new additions.
  Melody Maker UK Added Jan 17, Feb 7, 14 and 28 of 1970 and March 19, April 2, July 9 and 16 of 1966
  Radio Pictorial UK Added January 31 1936
  Modern Wireless UK Added November and December of 1929
  Practical Mechanics UK Added a more complete copy of December 1936 and November, December 1939 and February, March 1940
  Record Mirror UK Added April 8, 15 and 29 and May 6 1967
Mar 3 Bookshelf Search Brooadcast Industry Completely rebuilt and expanded the search of the "Broadcast" section of our book library. All non-technical books are now in the search and the accuracy of the search is improved.
Feb 29 Bookshelf Biography Added new scan of "David Sarnoff" by Lyons.
Added "Take it Away Sam; The story of Sam Hubbard" by Wing from 1938
Added better copy of "The Wisdom of Sarnoff" from 1968
Added alphabetical list of persons whose biographies are in our collection.
Feb 28 A Pause No new additions for a few days as we rebuild the main computer. Our conversion to the new Ryzen Threadripper 3960 came with a defective motherboard so we have to do some manual labor this weekend!
Update: The Gigabyte Aorus motherboard refuses new installs of Windows by corrupting them, too. Back to Asus with a new board arriving Tuesday. All the Aorus items (motherboard, liquid cooler, memory and video card)  we bought turned out to be horrible. Changing them all.
Feb 26 Radio Merchandising Added March 1925 and August 1926
  Radio Station Books Added "Let the Rocks Cry Out", the story of missionary station 4VEH in Haiti
  Disc Added December issues from 1962 of this UK music magazine
  Radio Pictorial UK Added January 18 February 8 and December 20 1935, March 12 1937
  Everyday Electronics UK Added May 1986
  Electronics World
(Wireless World)
Added September and November of 1999, November 2004 and April 2006
  Billboard Magazine Significantly improved the search function, with date range searches now showing in year order.
Old bookmarks users may have created will no longer work.
Feb 21 Lafayette Catalogs Added # 770 from 1977 and an undated 20's catalog from Wholesale Radio Company.
  General Radio Added the General Radio catalogs to the "Experimenter" magazine page.
  AudioFan Added 7 issues from 1966 of "The Magazine from the Audio Enthusiast"
  Practical Computing Added January 1980
  Audiocraft Magazine Added January and November 1958, the final year that this consumer audio magazine was published.
  Early Radio Gallery Added  the March 1925 issue of Radio Merchandising The magazine of the radio trade.
Added Local Station Policies at WMBD from the Federal Radio Education Committee, a display of local programming variety and public service.
  National Radio News Added September 1928, an issue from the first year of publication of this magazine from National Radio Institute, a popular home study education company that even trained your AmericanRadioHistory webmaster long ago.
  High Fidelity Magazine Added April 1958
Feb 20 Disk Added November 14 1959
  Equipment Manuals & Catalogs Added the 1949 manual for the Magnecord PT6 reel to reel tape recorder.
  Special Projects from Radio-Electronics Added Radio-Electronics "Special Projects" from Winter 1984
Feb 19 Radio Electronic Engineering Added April 1955
  Gernsback Books Added High Voltage Projects #1 and #2 from 1992
  Rhode Island Radio Fans Logbook Added the January 1924 Rhode Island Radio Fans Handbook Including White's January Directory of the RADIO INDUSTRY of RHODE ISLAND January, 1924 (Winter) This is one of our earliest logbooks and was the predecessor to White's Radio Log.
  Majestic Radio
Added a 1930's logbook from the Majestic Radio and Tube Company.
  Elementary Electronics Hobby Computer Handbook Added the 1979 issue of this electronics and computer hobbyist special edition.
  Amateur Wireless UK Added all issues from October 1922 combined in on PDF file
  Electronic Servicing
(Radio Service Dealer)
Added 8 issues from 1957 and 1958. They are marked with red arrows
  Monday Morning
Added a new title with 26 issues of this weekly airplay-based music chart magazine from 1988 to 1991. This was published by Mediabase. Covered were AC, Rock, CHR and "crossover" genres.
Feb 18 Everyday Electronics Added April 1986
  Electronics Today
Added December 1984
(Finally) Developed the correct process for searching and sorting Broadcasting by year. If this works correctly over the next few days, we will use the same process on Billboard, Broadcasting Yearbook and others of the most searched publications.
  Amateur Wireless UK Added August (all issues in one PDF) and September (also all issues).
  Philips Miniwatt
Digest AU
Added the first five monthly issues from 1963
Feb 17 Under Control Added first two issues of the cleverly named magazine of the Associated Columbia Broadcast Technicians which began in 1936. Let us know if you have copies we can borrow or which you can scan.
  Radio Topics Added April 1922
  Early Radio
Added single issues of Electrical Merchandising, Electrical Retailing, Radio Manual , all from the 1920's.
Silver Times
Added Our first three issues of the publication from McMurdo Silver´s radio manufacturing company.
Feb 16 Babani Books Added "6809 Companion" from 1982 (poor scan but manageable)
  Television UK
Electronic Engineering
Added all missing issues from 1951 and 1952, three issues from 1953, an issue from 1976 and two from 1977
  Melody Maker UK Added January 17 1980 and July 9 1966
  Bernards Books Added #14 "Manual of Small Arms" #23 "Manual of Grenades" (Remember, these were WW II editions) and #55 "Handbook of Radio Circuits #2#
Feb 15 Electronics Handbook Added the 1987 Spring edition to the "Hobbyist Special Editions" page.
  Amateur Radio With two issues from 1924 started a page for this early amateur radio magazine. It was listed as "Combined with Radio Relays". We have no further information on this magazine. Further information would be welcome and appreciated.
  Melody Maker Added February 14 1970
  Ham Radio Today UK Added March 1993
  Practical Mechanics Replaced April 1938  with a complete issue.
  Record Mirror Added April 1 1967
  RCA Service News Added February 1935 and July6 1936 for this RCA "newsletter" for service technicians and service shops.
  Modern Electrics Added May of 1913 of this early Gernsback magazine
  Everyday Electronics UK Added December 1971, May 1972, May 1978 and September 1977.
  Two Records
in One Day
On February 14, this site had a record day in two ways:
First, we had our first 20,000 plus page view day.
Second, we added more new publications and made more corrections than ever before.
Many of the new additions were site user contributions. Thanks!
Most of the corrections came from user email reports. Thanks again.
  Station Books Added "Puget Sounds" about Radio & TV in the Northwest, "Stay Tuned; Behind the Scenes at Channel 5", "Radio Free Europe" from 1958 and "Voice Under Every Palm" about  ELWA in Africa from 1968
  ABC Information & Entertainment Networks Added a manual that provided affiliates with a guide to how the networks operated.
Feb 14 Gernsback Library Added "The Sky Buddy Saga", "33 Bench Tested Circuits", "36 Time Tested Circuits", "#48 High Fidelity", "Electronics Comics", "Power Supplies", "Public Address Guide #41", TV and Tube Troubles" and "Unscrambling / Descrambling"
  Popular Electronics Replaced the incomplete July 1956 issue with a new scan with all the pages. Our thanks to one of our site visitors for letting us know if this problem.
  Radio Service Dealer Added February 1942
  Practical Mechanics Added June 1935
  Elector Added January 1986
  Electronics Added May of 1943, one of the very few missing issues of this important magazine.
  Philco Serviceman Monthly publication from 1930 into the late 50's for Philco service technicians and repair shops.
  Electronic Engineering UK  Added August 1952
  Electronics World Added August 1999 from this successor to Wireless World.
  Billboard Added the four missing pages for the April 15 1950 issue
  Over the Soldering Iron Added 20 issues of this mid 30's to early 40's newsletter for RCA Victor Distributor's Service Managers
  Audiocraft Added May 1958
  Electrical Experimenter Added December 1913 and August 1916
  Audio Record Added 6 issues between 1953 and 1959 from this AudioDisks and AudioTapes manufacturer. They are marked with the ◄ symbol
  Short Wave Listener
Added February 1949, November 1949 and August 1951
  Radio Electronic Engineering Added a complete and better scan of April 1955
  Wireless & Television Revue UK Added March 1935
  Electronics World
Formerly Wireless World
Added March 1999
  Electronics Today
Added issue #12 from the UK edition 1997, completing the issues for that year.
  Wireless Constructor Replaced November 1934 with a complete copy.
Billboard Rock Airplay Monitor Added 40 issues from the years 1994, 1995, 1999, 2000
  Broadcast Engineering Added January 1979 and August 1970
Added January, April, August, November, December 1969; August 1967 and October 1966
Broadcast Management Engineering
Added November 1967 and March, October and December 1968
  Everyday Electronics Replaced incomplete June 1977 issue with full copy
Radio & Records
Added complete copies of July 13, 2001 and January 3, 2003 and May 12, 2006
  Record World Added a complete copy of October 4, 1980
for your error reports
In the 10 days since I first thanked site users who found errors for taking the time to report them. Since then, more than half of my time has been dedicated to fixing errors... some more than 10 years old. These contributions make the site better (and prove that I can't see my own mistakes!). Keep them coming. I appreciate every single one.
  Communications Replaced July 1949 with a better copy.
  Electronic Engineering UK 
(Formerly "Television")
Added missing issues through June 1945 and all missing issues to complete 1944
Added full year of 1964
Added July of 1943, June of 1946 and the index for July of 1944 to December of 1945
  Television UK Added December 1931 and January 1932
  Practical Mechanics Replaced May 1937 with a full copy.
Feb 13 Billboard Added March 15 1930; February 29 1936: July7 24 1937
Repaired or added missing pages to 1950: Jan 14 and 21, Feb 4 and 18, Mar 4, 11 and 18, Mar 11 and 18, March 4, 11 and 18 and 1969 May 17 and June 21
  Radio Pictorial UK Added a new page and  issues of Radio Pictorial, a UK radio logbook, program listing and artist picture publication begun in 1934. We have a total of 6 issues from 1938.
  Radio Pictorial US Added a single copy from 1931 to the Early Radio Miscellaneous collection
Feb 12 Contribute
Publications you want
to share
There are three ways of contributing.
1. Donate magazines, books and publications; we pay postage or shipping if needed.
2. Loan them. Get shipping both ways paid for should you wish.
3. Scan them yourself in JPG or TIFF format. Let us know for further specifications. 
Feb 11 New Musical Express Added all issues from February 1949 and August 1948
Feb 10 RCA Radio Service News Added 28 issues from 1934 to 1957. They are marked with the red arrow symbol  
  Radio Life
TV-Radio Life
Added 39 issues from 1949 to 1958. They are displayed with non-bold numbers.
  Studio Sound Added August 1983
  Electronic Engineering UK Added February and November, 1943; November and December 1944; May, June and December 1945. (This magazine was also titled "Television" and "Television and Shortwave" and several variants.)
Added January, February, March and May 1946 and September 1947
Note that several issues are missing pages. Our policy  on rare magazines is always to post what we can find and then replace or supplement if we can. We have been trying to complete some titles for nearly 20 years now!
Feb 5 Philips Miniwatt Digest Added October, November and December from 1962 of this Australian magazine from Philips
  Station Albums Added "The Story of WMAQ", the Chicago station, from 1931.
Electronics Today Canada Added ETI Canada for May and December 1990
  Everyday Electronics Added April, May, June 1990 and Feb 1972, June, July, September 1977, January, Mar 1990. May 1991 (replaced with complete issue) August 1985 and January 1986
  Disc & Music Echo Added October 15 1966
Feb 4 Thanks!
for your error reports
In the last 10 days I have received more error reports than in the last six months. Some are reports of problems that have existed for five or more years.
Having a many error-checkers is welcome. It takes a team to make a perfect site, so keep the reports coming and I will try to keep the quality improving with your help.
Feb 2 GOld Time Radio Added a synopsis of the events of the 1948-1949 season from our favorite site, GOld Time Radio. Read the brief headline items, and then visit Jim Ramsburg's site for "the rest of the story" and lots more golden era of radio narratives.
  NAB Publications Added "Troubleshooting Audience Research" by Walter McDowell.
Feb 1 Record Mirror UK Added July 30, all August issues and October 15 and 29 of 1966
  Service & Sales Collection Added the Tele-Vue Troubleshooter AM-FM-Transistor service guide.
  Record Mirror UK Added August 26 1967
Jan 31 Short Wave UK Corrected a bad link for the June 1998 issue. The issue is not available. Many thanks to one of our most loyal data checkers for notification of my error. And I invite everyone to let me know if they find anything wrong... bad links, inaccurate descriptions, etc.
  Practical Mechanics UK Added December 1934, August and September 1935 and December 1938
  Vacuum Tube Valley Added all 20 issues of this audio magazine from 1996 to 2003, and made them globally searchable.
Jan 30 Radio Sales & Service Added October 15 of this early 30's magazine for radio retailers and service shops.
  Record World Added March 8 1980, complete copy of November 1 1980 and better copy of February 17, 1979
  Musical Express Added August 6 1948
  Billboard Added January 8 1927
  Disc & Music Echo Added Oct 8 1966
  RCA Radio Service News Added August 1957
  Practical Mechanics Added complete issues with covers from February, 1937, March 1935 and March 1938
Added New issues October, November, December 1944
  Bookshelf: Rider Books Added "Aligning Philco Receivers" Vol 1, 1937 and Vol 2, 1941
  Bookshelf: Servicing Added Allied Transistor Substitution Handbook, Basic Television Principles, Complete Guide to Reading Schematics, Domestic Videocassette Recorders, Elementary Radio Servicing, Elements of Radio Servicing, GE Electronic Tube Ratings and Characteristics, GE Essential Characteristics, GE Transistor Manual, GE Essential Characteristics 14th Edition, GE Transistor Manual 2nd Edition
  RCA Company Service News Added 69 issues from 1947 to 1964
  RCA Service Company News Added April, 1947
  Rider Manual Added the 5 volumes of Rider's Basic Electricity, a short course in electricity.
  Wireless Constructor Added January 1928 and January 1931
  February in the
Golden Age
Added our link to the expanded and even more detailed February in the Golden Age. See every important detail of radio during the thrilling years of big network radio. From historian Jim Ramsburg.
  Philips Miniwatt Digest Added 8 issues from 1961 and 1962 of this Australian publication by Philips
  Rider Books Added the 5 volumes of Rider's Basic Electronics from 1955,
  Philco News Added our first issue of Philco News from June of 1932. This single issue of this retailer-based magazine joins our collection of the Philco TechRep Bulletin, aimed at service pros
  Everyday Electronics Added March 1983
  Practical Mechanics Added April to September of 1944 and the Index for Volume 11.
  Wireless World Replaced March 1935 with a more complete version.
  Radio Merchandising Added November 1925 issue, and now we have 6 total issues of this very rare magazine which was directed at the "Radio Trade" of retailers and manufacturers.
  Practical Computing Added October, November and December of 1979
Jan 29 Disc Added all 4 issues from November 1962
  Rave Added September and October of 1964
  Electronics Today Added June 1974 from the UK edition.
  Musical Express Added January 14, 21, 28 1949
Jan 23 Ham Radio Horizons Added all issues from 1980
  Record Mirror Added September 9 and September 16 1967
  Early Radio Assorted Added March 1925 and August 1926 issues of Radio Merchandising, "The Magazine of the Radio Trade" which targeted radio retailers.
  Ham Radio & DX We have had nothing but difficulties with many publications related to amateur radio and DXing. It appears that most of the organizations related to these fields do not want their activities more broadly known and recognized. To avoid legal issues and ongoing irritations, we will be gradually removing many publications related to ham radio, SWL and DXing.
Jan 23 RadCon
We are sorry to report that the Radio Society of Great Britain has ordered the removal of all of its publications, calling them "pirated".

This site believes that in an era of reduced interest in radio hobbies such as amateur radio, DX listening and construction projects, that broadening the exposure of publications from the past can encourage new interests.
Particularly, the RSGB publications were unfamiliar to many in "the rest of the world" and they contained information that goes beyond amateur radio in areas such as developing technologies.

It's interesting to note that we have only received a few removal requests in the nearly 20 years that this site has existed; all have been in the area of amateur radio and DXing... declining hobbies that desperately need wider exposure going into the future.

Most unfortunately, there is no longer the ability to search for words, phrases and terms in the entire range of RSGB publications.
Jan 18 QST Added improved pictures and covers to the May, 1917 issue of QST.
Jan 16 Radio's Master Catalog Added volumes from 1942, 1943, 1945, 1935, 1950, 1951 and 1958. We will divide these by section per the index, but for the moment only the full volumes are available. They are between 50 and 120gb and between 570 and 1800 pages.
  Everyday Engineering
Everyday Mechanics
Added 15 issues from 1916 and 1917
  RCA Service News Added 6 more issues of Radio Service News: April 1942, November and December 1943, February and Nov/Dec of 1945
Jan 15 Television Factbook Added Volume 1 of the TV station directory covering Alabama to New Mexico. We continue to search for the missing editions of this publication. 
  Electronic Media
Television Week
Added September 2 2002
  RCA Service News Added 13 issues between the years 1952 and 1967. They have the red arrow highlight
  UK Collection Added the 4th edition of Radio Luxembourg's "Record Stars" from 1965, a promotional book by this high power station that targeted England before commercial radio began in the UK.
  Bookshelf: UK Added "The Sinclair Story" by Dales; the life of Clive Sinclair.
  International Broadcast Engineer Added December 1965 issue.
  Station Magazines Added an example of a 1947 WKBK, Keene, NH, "Listeners Guide" and a copy of the WBMD, Baltimore, MD, "Jamboree" country music event program.
  Cash Box Added the supplement to the February 27, 1982 "Country Music"
  Radiotrtonics AU Added Radiotron Receiving Valves for AM FM and TV. Around 1950
  CREI Course Added  missing lesson 303 from the course
  Early Radio Collection Added a 1923 Sears, Roebuck & Company catalog of its radio offerings, ranging from sets to kits including antenna, loudspeaker and the radio. With prices.
  Television /
Television & Short Wave
Added issues from November, December 1934 and January of 1935 of this early UK TV magazine.
  Melody Maker Added April 2, 1966
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added "How to Audition for Radio" by Cott from 1946
Added "Modern Radio Programming" by Gaines from 1973
  Bookshelf: Enjoyment of Radio Added Gerry Cagle's novel "Payola"  A fun read by a major market programmer!
  Bookshelf: Regulation Added Volumes 2 and 3 of TAB Books' "Interpreting FCC Rules and Regulations".
  Bookshelf: Broadcast Education Added "Radio, TV & Cable" by Smith, a college level textbook.
  Bookshelf: History of Broadcasting Added Herron's "Miracle of the Airwaves" from 1969
  Personal Computer World Added the 412 page October 1983 edition.
  Practical Computing UK Added August and September of 1979
  Western Electric
Oscillator / Pick-Ups
Added the May 1941 issue of Pick-Ups
  Everyday Engineering
Everyday Mechanics
Added Volume 1 Number 1 from December 1915. This is a beautiful copy of a 105 year old magazine.
  TV Technology Added 24 issues of the international edition dated from 1992 to 1996
  Billboard Added the September 15, 1979 supplement "International Talent Directory"
Added March 6 1920 issue
Added July 17, 1937
Jan 14 New Musical Express Added July 9, 16, 23 and 30 of 1940
Added October 14 1967
  RCA Service Tips Added a new group to the RCA Service News page for the RCA "Radio & Victrola" and TV" Service Tips publication. The radio collection includes 1965, 1967, 1970, 1971 and 1972 while TV has 1962, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1970 and 1971
  Short Wave Collection Added the 1978 Short Wave Listener's Guide from Radio Shack
  Lafayette Catalogs Added the 1930 Catalog #53, an undated 1920s catalog from Wholesale Radio Service and the 1966 catalog #661, the "holiday" issue. Also added Flyer C-26 from 1941
  Disc Added August 6 and September 17 1966
National Radio Institute Added the 1932 promotional booklet "Rich Rewards in Radio" showing the well-paid careers in the field.
  Record Mirror Added September 2 and October 28 1967
Jan 10 Record Mirror Added July 23, 1966
  Radiotronics Added the 1940 Index and the Radiotron Characteristics Chart.
  Radio Added October and November 1931, February and August of 1934
  Bernard's Books Added #17 (of more than 500) "Manual of Rifles" (Produced in 1943 or 1942 during WW II
  Disc UK Added November 19 1966
  Audio Collection Added "Thrilling New Sounds: High Fidelity" to the Audio collection.,
  Practical Computing Added July 1979
Jan 9 Record World Added new, complete scans of January 8 and January 22, 1966
  Station Albums Added a 1920's booklet fro WOK, Homewood, IL (Chicago Suburb) with photos of early equipment.
  Disc Added October 18 1958 issue
  Bell Laboratories Replaced the partial copy with a full copy of "Principles of Electricity Applied to Telephone & Telegraph Work" from 1952
  F.C.C. Publications Added "How to Identify Radio TV Interference Problems" with descriptions of different kinds of interference to radio and TV reception.
  Altec Catalog One-Sheets Added a collection of 1957 Altec brochures for consoles and related products.
  GO-SET Added the remaining March, 1966 issues.
  Billboard Added July 10, 1937 issue.
  Equipment Catalogs Added Broadcast Electronics Catalog 104 from 1980 with price list.
  RCA Service News Added February 1937 and January 1938
  Westinghouse Engineer Added April 19966 issue
Jan 8 Ham Radio Horizons Added all the issues from 1977 to 1979 of this amateur radio "beginner's" magazine from t he publisher of Ham Radio
  Wireless Magazine Added December 1933
  Melody Maker Added March 5 1966
  New Musical Express Added July 8, 1966, August 19 1967, April 20 and May 25 1968 and September 8, 1961
  Record Mirror Added November 26 1966 and January 21, February 11 1967
  Practical Wireless Added February 1942, February 1943, January and February 1944
  Practical Mechanics Added November 1943, January, February, March 1944
  Early Radio Collection Made entire collection searchable.
Jan 7 Radio Life Added 46 more issues of this Los Angeles radio (and later TV) program guide with many feature articles about local and network programming.
Jan 6 Radio Digest Added January and December of 1939.
  Experimental Electricity Course Added Hugo Gernsback and H.W. Secor's 20 lessons (in a small book) electrical course from 1916. It is a marvelous perspective on the state of technology 104 years ago.
  Billboard Added the August 15 1964 International Buyer's Guide supplement
  Australian Collection Added the Radiotron Serviceman's Guide. It has no discernable date, but the tube types appear to be late 50's and 60's. If anyone can pin down the date, please contact us.
  Practical Wireless Added January, 1942 and April 1944
  FM Magazine Added the August 1948 issue
  Lafayette Catalogs Added the Concord (Lafayette "partner/affiliate") catalog from 1948
Added Lafayette seasonal catalogs 651 (1965), 733 (1973) and 692 (1969)
Jan 5 Practical Television
Added 39 issues from 2001 to 2005. They are marked with a red arrow.
  Short Wave Collection Added an issue of the "Official" Short Wave Log & Call Magazine" from Winter, 1934. This was a Hugo Gernsback magazine affiliated with Short Wave Craft, but only containing station lists.
Added Fallon's 1972 "Short Wave Listener's Handbook".
  Early Radio Collection Added our fist issue of Northwest Radio Weekly, a program guide published in Seattle for the Northwest beginning in 1930. This copy is from April 1931 and is the first in Volume 2 of the magazine.
We'd very much like to get more copies, so if you know where to find them let us know by clicking the "Contact Link" above.
  Hitmakers Added April 6, August 10, December 7, 1990 and March 22 1991
  Electronics Today (ETI) Australian Edition Added 9 more issues, including the first two published when the magazine was founded in Australia in 1971.
  Record World Replaced incomplete issues for Jan 22, 1966 and Nov 4 and Dec 23 of 1967
  Bookshelf: Sams Books Added DC-1, DC-3, DC-4 and DC-5 in the Sam's Radio Dialcord Stringing Guide series. We no have #1 to #6 all available.
Also added a complete version of "Troubleshooting with the Oscilloscope".
Jan 3 Musical Express Added the four issues from January 1952
  Bookshelf: Technology Added Throdarson Meissner's How to Build "Instruction Manual"
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Technology Added Jones Antenna Handbook from 1937,
Basic Radio by Hoad from 1942,
Fundamentals of Radio by Jordan from 1942,
Electronics and Electron Tubes by MacArthur from 1942,
GE Frequency Modulation Primer from 1941,
Radio A Study of First Principles by Burns, 1942
Modern Radio Essentials, MacArthur 1942
Modern Radio Servicing by Girhardi from 1935
The Superhet Manual by Camm from 1942
The Superheterodyne Receiver Witts 1936
The Outline of radio by Hogan from 1923 (1st Edition) [Third is also on site]
  Gernsback Library Replaced Gernsback Library #3 and #20 with better scans.
  Sylvania Technical Books Added five books by Sylvania, "Tube Substitution Manual", "Servicing Radio & Television with a VTM", "How to Service Radios with an Oscilloscope", "Crystal Diode Circuit Kinks", and "28 Uses for Junction Transistors"
Audio Collection Added Sam's' Hi-Fi Stereo Handbook and Hi-Fi Servicing Guide
Added High Fidelity Home Music Systems from 1955
Added the second edition of Tremaine's Audio Cyclopedia from 1969 (8th Printing)
  Sams Books Added 13 new titles. They are highlighted in red lettering.
Jan 1 Practical Mechanics Added June, July,, August and September of 1943
  Rider Books Added 37 books and courses. They hare highlighted with red lettering in the description.
  Audio Collection Added several books about Hi-Fi and audio: General Electric "Hi Fi Components", and Gernsback's "High Fidelity Techniques", High Fidelity Circuit Design", Understanding Hi Fi Circuits" and "Designing and Building Hi Fi Furniture" "
  Radio's Master Catalogs Added the first issue dated 1935-1936 of this listing of all electronics parts from every supplier.
  Practical Wireless Added the supplement chart to the December 1970 issue. The pages are located at the very tail end of the magazine.
  Handbooks Added the 1933 RCA Radiotron Manual, a handbook to RCA tubes.
  Practical Radio Course (AU) Added 9 lesions from the Practical Radio Course from the Australian Radio & Television Pty. Ltd. school.
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