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Dec 30 Bookshelf-Technical Added "Applied Mathematics" by Carl Smith. This is a significant radio industry publication as Smith was the leading technology expert for directional AM antenna systems as well as the founder of the Cleveland Institute of Electronics, known for its broadcast engineering home study course.
  Bookshelf Coyne Added the 1961 Television Servicing Cyclopedia
Added Pin-Point Transistor Troubles in 12 Minutes by Garner from 1959
Added Transistor Circuit Handbook from 1956
Added Transistors and their Applications in Television, Radio And Electronics from 1953
Added the 1951 edition of the Coyne Television Cyclopedia
Communications Engineering Digest
Added May 1990 to June 1990, completing our collection from 1975 to 1995
Dec 29 Music Week UK Added all four issues from August 1979
  Wireless Constructor UK Added 11 issues from 1930, 1931, 1932 and 1933. They are underlined to indicate recent additons.
Dec 28 Thanks!  In the past several days I have received a number of corrections and clarifications about publishing dates, countries of origin and the like. Your publisher spends up to 12 hours a day on the site, and often does not have the time or the specific knowledge to correctly describe or attribute some publications.
I appreciate all corrections and suggestions. Keep them coming as we go into a new (and hopefully healthier) year!
Dec 27 Music Week UK Added all four issues from July of 1979
  Melody Maker UK Added complete years from 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1952, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958 and 1959
These are issues restored from old microfilm and are generally readable. Coming soon: 1926-1930 and 1932
Dec 26 Music Week UK Added four of the five issues from June 1979
  IRE Convention Notes Added 1955 notes on "Electron Devices"
  Babani Books UK Added #96 "CB Projects" by Penfold and #74 Electronic Music Projects also by Penfold.
  Melody Maker UK Added four of the five August 1959 issues
Dec 25 Amateur Radio Defense Added the final missing issue, February 1941. This was a magazine supporting ham radio collaboration with the War effort, ending publication when it
Dec 24 Music Week UK Added four issues from April and May of 1979
Communications Engineering Digest
Added July to December of 1979 and January of 1980 to June of 1984, or 48 total issues of this CATV engineering magazine.
  Billboard Added four issues from August and September of 1936
Dec 23 Radio Pictorial UK Added five issues from 1938 and 1939 of this illustrated program guide from the UK. It was independent of the BBC and featured program listings for Radio Luxembourg, Radio Lyons, Radio Normandy, Poste Parisien and others as well as articles about shows and personalities.
  Television UK Added September and October 1978
  Early Radio Hobbyist Collection Added Arts & Sciences #6 "Experimental Wireless Construction" from 1916
  Disc UK Added two issues from December 1960
  Music Week UK Added issues from February and March of 1979; 9 total issues
Dec 22 Broadcast Engineering Added the March, 2006 special convention issue (which had been "hidden" in the April edition).
Added the June and December 2012 issues.
Fixed the Supplement issues for 2005 and 2006.
Dec 21 Music Week UK Added three of the four January 1979 issues as we move on to an additional year of this excellent UK music magazine provided by Mark Jennings from the collection of Dave McAleer.
Cornell-Dublier "Capacitor" Added 11 of the 12 1942 issues of this small publication which targeted manufacturers, engineers and users of capacitors.
  Gates Manuals Added a large number of Gates manuals. They are in blue lettering with an underscore. Note that there is a very interesting set of 1944 product brochures for studio and transmitter gear.
  Station Books Added "Friends we all Grew U With", the 1999 pictorial story of WSAZ in Huntington, West Virginia
  Concord Catalog Added the 1945 Concord "Formerly Lafayette" catalog.
  Electronic Hobbyist Special Editions Added the Popular Science Television and Radio Manual from 1951
  Radio Pictorial UK Added August 24 1934
  Ratings Added the Nielsen "Red Book" for Fall, 2020 with market ranks and populations
Dec 20 Music Week UK Added three issues from December 1978 and four issues from November 1978
  Station Albums & Booklets Added "A Trip Through the Janesville Gazette and Radio Station WCLO" from Janesville, WI.
  CBC Times CA Began adding nearly 200 issues of the Prairie Edition of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's CBC Times listener program guide and magazine. This edition principally served Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Dec 19 Hi Fi Music At Home Added a new page for this 50's home stereo and music publication from Milton Sleeper. They are searchable, too.
  Babani Books UK Added #173, Computer Music Projects
  Radio Doings Added five issues of this West Coast listener's guide from the period between October and December of 1937
  Radio Pictorial UK Added July 23 1937
  Billboard Added August 22, 1936
Dec 18 Billboard Added September through December issues from 1923; 18 total new additions.
Dec 16 Billboard Added October, November and December of 1925
  Australian Broadcasting Authority Added the Annual Reports from 1992 to 2004
  Music Week UK Added three issues from October, 1978
Dec 14 New Musical Express UK Added issues from 1965 and 1969
Note:  these are scanned from microfilm and do not have superior quality. However, given the importance of the era in the field of pop music, we feel they are a valuable contribution to the site. Enjoy!
  Melody Maker UK Added February 15 1964
Dec 13 Billboard Added October, November and December of 1924
  Music Week UK Added most issues from July to September of 1978
Dec 12 Billboard Add all issues from September 1924
Dec 11 Melody Maker UK Added February 1 1964
Dec 10 Music Week UK Added all four issues from May of 1978
Added June 1978
  Early Radio Assorted Added the "Official Program" of the Pacific Radio Exposition from 1924
  Popular Wireless Added the fourth issue from March, 1923 and folded them all into one file for that month.
  Everyday Electronics UK Added August, November and December of 1987
  Billboard Added September issues from 1925 and July, August 1924
  Early Radio Hobbyist Added the ARRL Handbook from 1934
  Radio Courses Added a brochure for the Los Angles "Radio & TV Training School" with lots of pictures of students learning radio and TV.
  Billboard Added the 1980 Billboard Country Music Sourcebook
Added all July and August 1923 issues
Dec 9 Music Week UK Added January, February and April of 1978
  Bookshelf: General Technology Added 62 books to this new category, These are general electronics volumes not directly related to radio and TV, but which may be of interest!
  Bookshelf: RCA Added 7 new additions to the RCA technical book section: RCA Transistor Manual 1964, Transistor, Thyristor and Diode Manual 1971, Tunnel Diodes 1963, Vacuum Tube Design 1940, Receiving Tube Manual 1947, Radiotron Designer's Handbook 3rd Edition, and Frequency Modulation Vol 1 from 1940
  Bookshelf: Early Technical Added two new books
  Bookshelf: SAMS Books Added three new books, FM Multiplexing for Stereo, Image Tubes and Transistor Specification Manual
  Bookshelf: Rider Added three titles to the collection: FM Transmission and Reception, Getting Started in Amateur Radio and The Cathode Ray Tube at Work.
  Bookshelf: General Electric Added 8 GE books and booklets in a new section on the site.
  Bookshelf: TAB Books Added 4 Channel Stereo Sessions from 1973
  Bookshelf: Biography
 & Personal Stories
Added: Tune in Tomorrow by Mary Jane Higby 1968
Added: Clearing the Air by Tom Joyner 1995
Added: David Sarnoff: Radio and TV Boy by Myers 1972
Added: Dorothy Stimson Bullitt: An Uncommon Life by Haley 1995
Broadcasting Business
Added: Economics of the Radio Industry by Jome 1926 
Added: Radio in the Television Age by Fornatale & Mills 1980 
Added: Broadcast Advertising by Arnold 1933 Edition 
Added: Citizens' Groups and Broadcasting by Guimary 1975
Commentary about
Radio and TV
Added: Turn That Damned Thing Off by Klaven 1972 (Courtesy of Jerry Clegg)
Added: Radio Television and Society by Siepmann 1959
Added: Fear in the Air: Broadcasting & The First Amendment by Ashmore 1973
Education & Training
Added: Audio Control Handbook by Oringel 1956
Added: Radio: A Practical Manual with Questions and Answers by Irwin 1924
  Bookshelf: History of Television Added: Television 1971 (Small illustrated booklet)
Added: The Invention of Television by Shelton 1988
Added: Television an International History and Smith 1995
History of Broadcasting
Added: Voice Over: The Making of Black Radio by Voice Over: The Making of Black Radio Barlow 1999
              Note that this is very relevant today in the U.S.
Added: The Story of Broadcasting  by Burrows 1924
Added: The Continuous Wav: Technology & American Radio by Aitken 1985
Added: 2RN and the Origins of Irish Radio by Pine 2002
Added: Hitler's Irish Voices by O'Donoghue 1988
  Bookshelf: News Added: Media Unbound by Lesher 1982
Added: Media Events by Dayan & Katz 1982
Added: Air Time: The Inside Story of CBS Newsby Gates 1978
  Bookshelf: Radio Programming Added: Broadcasting Music by LaPrde 1947
Added: Dimensions of Broadcast Editorializing by Routt 1974
Added: FM: The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio by Neer 2001
Added: Radio Comedy: 1938-1968 by Foster & Furst 1996
  New Musical Express UK Added March 16 1968 and December 16 1967
Dec 8 NRI Home Study Added a huge set of random 1950 home study lessons totaling 1426 pages.
Added the Complete Course in Practical Radio from National Radio Institute dated 1929-1930. Over 1300 pages, this is a great example of technology written for beginners.
  Gates Manuals Added the manual for the BC-5P 5/2.5 kw AM transmitter from 1958
Added the manual for the FM-1H FM transmitter with the M6424 Exciter from around 1973.
  GE Tele-Clues Added a large number of issues of Tele-Clues, a General Electric set of service hints and aids from the 60's
  Billboard Added May and June issues from 1923.
  Early Radio Catalogs Added Harry Alter's Radio Book 1927 Catalog
Added Radio Setbuilder's Wholesale Catalog 1929
  Record Mirror  UK Added September 6, 13 and 20 from 1986
Added July 26 1986, All August issues from 1986
  Music Week UK Added March 18 and 25, 1978
  Wireless & Wireless Weekly  UK Added the June 5 1926 issue
  Radio Doings Added issues from November 17 and November 24, 1923. This is a Pacific Coast listener magazine with program schedules and articles about radios and radio listening.
  Radio Ratings Added the Strategic Radio Research Columbus Ohio survey for Summer 1993
Added the Birch report for Winter 1989 for Lexington, KY.
  Electronic Industries
Completed 1957 and replaced older scans with new ones that are cleaner.
  Coyne Technical School Added the student recruitment brochure from 1940
Added Electronics for Radio Men & Electricians from 1945
Dec 7 Personal Computer
Added September, October and November of 1981
Dec 6 Billboard Added issues from August, September, October, November and December of 1922. They are indicated by underlining.
  Melody Maker Added most issues from 1955 and 1959.
We received a contribution of 20 full year microfilms of Melody Maker from the early years. The first two have been processed and are now on the site. More coming in the next week or two as we had to send the films off to a service bureau.
Dec 5 GE Techni-Talk Added 69 issues from 1949 to 1973. New additions are underlined.
Also added issues of GE Porta-Fax from 1967 to 1970
Also Added issues of GE Service Talk from 1960 to 1971
Added GE Service Parts guide from 1960
  Radio Miscellaneous Added: In the Groove A single copy of the 1940's RCA record buyer's promotional magazine 
Added: Associated Press News Style Book 1972
Added: Conalert Manual CONELRAD alert receiver from the Cold War era: 1955 
Added: FCC Broadcast Services Background 1977 "explanation of broadcasting" 
Added: FEMA Broadcast Station Protection Program  1984
Dec 4 C-ED Magazine Added January to July of 1995
  RCA Manuals
& Catalogs
Added 13 manuals and related materials. They are listed with blue lettering.
  Billboard Competed the year 1921
Added May to July of 1922
  Radio Added December 1935 and October 1945
  Radio Doings Added December 23, 1928 of this very hard to find West Coast (USA) radio listener's guide.
  Personal Computer
Added January to August as well as December, 1981
  Music Week UK Added issues from August to November of 1977
Dec 2 Billboard Added the July, 1921 issues
Added August, September, October 1921
Added August 1925 issues
Added January 23 1926
Added July 8 1922
Dec 1 Billboard Added issues from January 24 to July 25 of 1925 as we build out the 1920's.
  Radio Logs & Lists Added a 20's era RCA Radiotron promotional logbook. Pamphlets like this were a popular promotional item for radio dealers and servicers when there were few stations and a guide was needed to find them.
  Station Albums & Brochures Added the 1969 KSFO San Francisco News Style Book. Intended for newsroom staff, it defines the style, descriptive language and policies of the KSFO new operation 50 years ago.
  Music Week UK Added 5 issues from 1977: all the July issues.
  UK Miscellaneous Added a single issue of BBC Engineering from 1972, celebrating 50 years of the BBC.
  Canada: Miscellaneous Added the Royal Commission on Broadcasting Commission Report Station listing from 1957
  Practical Computing UK Added May, July, August of 1987
  Wireless World UK Added complete copy of December of 1961 with nearly 200 pages of ads!
Nov 29 Amateur Wireless UK Added  November 26 1927
  Melody Maker Added April 9 1966
Nov 28 Billboard Added 24 issues from 1921, 1922 and 1924
Rebuilt  the search index including several hundred new additions to the Billboard page.
  Practical Computing UK Added February, March and April of 1987
  Music Week  UK Added 11 issues from 1977
Nov 26 Billboard Added January to March of 1922
Added January to April of 1923
  Music Week  UK Added 11 issues from 1976
BE Radio
Added the issue from February 2010
  SRDS "Spot Radio" Added January 1979. Spot radio, for many decades, was the primary source ad agencies had for rates and station information to assist them in the ad buying process. It listed station data, including facilities, format, address and phone numbers, management and ad rates. Listings were by market.
Nov 25 Music Week  UK Added 17 issues from 1975
  Practical Computing UK Added April to December of 1986
  Go Set AU Added issues from May to August of 1968
  C-ED Magazine Added over 100 issues from 1975 to 2005 of this cable and TV industry publication.
Nov 23 Go Set AU Added January to April 1968
  Personal Computer
Completed 1980 with the addition of the 9 issues from April to December
  Billboard Added April of 1921
Nov 21 Country Radio Seminar Added a new page for the convention guide and directory from the Country Radio Seminar, founded 50 years ago in 1970. If you have any of the 53 missing ones, please let us know!
BE Radio
Added July, 2006 edition of Radio (previously "BE Radio") the radio-only engineering magazine.
  Radio Station Literature Added five items sent by a site contributor including brochures for several Canadian stations, a brief  story of Canadian group owner MacLean-Hunter and a Top 300 chart from WVOR in Rochester.
  Bookshelf Audels Added the 1969 Radiomans Guide and the Television Service Manual, 5th edition, from 1984
  Ham Radio Today Added August 1991 (Missing cover, however)
Electronics  UK
Replaced the thoroughly scrambled November 1984 issue with a fresh scan of much better quality.
  Coyne Books Added the 1940 promotional brochure for prospective students for this large Chicago based technical school and publisher. This collection gives a good profile of technical education from the 20's through the 1960's.
  Personal Computer
Replaced three issues from 1979 with complete copies and added two issues from 1980
  Tape Recording Added July of 1957 completing the collection through 1962
  Billboard Added all missing issues and completed the year 1920... a full 100 years ago!  Also added February and March of 1921
  GE Techni-Talk Added Feb-Mar 1949 and March 1962
Station Picture Albums Added a booklet from WJR in Detroit. It is undated, but seems to be from around 1939.
  Wireless World  UK
Electronics World
Added a full copy of January 1956, including the ads.
  Record Retailer
(Music Week)
Added two issues from 1969, our first under the Record Retailer title
  Melody Maker UK Added July 23 1966
  Music Week UK Added May 26 and July 21 1973
Added May 25, September 14 and 21, November 2 and 11 of 1974
  BBC Radio Times Added a link to the BBC Genome Project, which includes the BBC Radio Times magazine and program schedule from the 1920s to 2009.
Nov 20 On the 16th of November, the Society of Broadcast Engineers featured your webmaster and this web page on their monthly "Web Xtra" show. There is a video on YouTube and you can see it by clicking SBE show logo to the left.
I'm also a proud member of the SBE, first having joined in the mid-70's! 
Nov 19 Communications Technology Added issues between October 1995 and September 1997
Nov 18 Record Business UK Added 28 issues from 1981, bringing total to 37
Nov 17 Go Set AU Added January to June 1967 issues.
Added July to December of 1967
These scans are a bit hard to read, but this is a very rare magazine and we have welcomed the many issues that have been provided. Try going to about 200% sizing and it starts to look quite readable.
  Radio Pictorial UK Added April 13 1934
Added October 21 1938
  Westinghouse Engineer Added issues from 1950
  Record Business UK Added most issues from January to December of 1980.
Note that some issues in this collection have missing pages (common among old magazines) and we have marked those with a read i for "incomplete"
Added most October to December 1979 issues
  Wireless World  UK
Electronics World
Added full copies of March, October, November and December of 1956 including covers, advertisements and full contents.
Nov 15 Record Business UK Added 7 issues from 1978 and 11 from 1979
  Radio & Record News UK Added four issues from July, August, September and October 1979
  Broadcast Equipment Added catalogs by 360 systems, Allied, Aphex, Dorrough, Gentner, IGM, Inovonics, JBL, M W Persons, Magnecord, Modulation Sciences, Orban (over 150 pages), Revox, Symetrix, Telex,Viking.
Nov 14 Radio Digest Added the 1924 special edition "Radio Receivers: How to Make and Operate". This is a large tabloid style 132 page hard-cover book with technical  discussions of electronics, radio circuits, components, antennas and individual receivers and their construction.
  Radio Syndicators Added the station manual for subscribers to Bonneville's music program service. Courtesy of Marlin Taylor, the world's best Beautiful Music programmer.
  Record Business UK Added 10 issues from 1978 and 1979
  Go Set AU Added the issues from August to December of 1966
  Billboard Added Country Music Sourcebooks for 1980 (August 9) and 1979
  Radio Pictorial Added January 19, 1934. This is the first issue of this magazine
Added March 28 1934 and June 21 1935
  Popular Wireless UK Added full sets of January and February 1923 weekly editions, combined in a single monthly file.
  Practical Computing UK Added February and March 1986
  Practical Mechanics UK Added all issues from 1947
  Everyday Electronics UK Replaced March, November 1979 and September 1980 with better, complete copies.
Nov 13 Record Business UK Added 15 issues from 1978
Nov 9 Go Set AU Added nearly all issues from April through August of 1966. While this is a consumer fanzine, it has lots of radio station charts and general artist & music news.
Nov 8 Radio Life
TV/Radio Life
Added December 19, 1952
  Radio & Record News UK Added April 13, June 29, May 11, June 22 1979
  Bookshelf: Ratings Added: Introduction to Mass Communications Research by Nafziger & White from 1963
  Bookshelf: Radio & TV Stations Added: Radio Free Europe by Holt from 1958
Added: Ptarmigan Telegraph Story of KICY Nome, Alaska by Asimakoupoulos
Broadcasting Business
Added: Modern Advertising by Goode 1937
Added: Handbook of Radio Advertising by Murphy 1980
Added: Anatomy of Local Radio TV Copy by Peck 4th Edition 1976
Legal and Regulation
Added: Telecommunications Structure and Management 1900-1970 by Will1970
Added: Obscenity and Freedom of Expression by Bosmajian 1976
Added: Mass Media Law by Pember 2nd 1981
Commentary about
Radio and TV
Added: The First Freedom by Ernst 1946
Added: Make Room for TV by Spigel 1992
Added: Listening: A collection of Critical Articles by Williams 1948
Added: Freedom of the Press for Whom? by Barron
Added: Freedom and Communications by Lacy 1961
  Bookshelf: History of Television Added: The Miracle of Television by Gable 1949
Added: The Box: An Oral History of Television by Kisseloff 1995
Added: Television Status and Trends by Goldsmith 1949 by
Added: CNN: The Inside Story by Whittemore 1990
  Bookshelf: Broadcast History Added: The Struggle for National Broadcasting in Canada by Weir 1965
Added: Talking Radio by Keith 2001
  Bookshelf: Biography
 & Personal Stories
Added: Vision Warrior: The hidden achievement of John Logie Baird by McArthur 1986
Added: On The Air: Pioneers of American Broadcasting by Henderson 1988
Added: On the Air in World War II by MacVane 1979
Added: John Logie Baird and Television by Hallett 1978
Added: Fridays With Red (Red Barber) by Edwards 1993
  Bookshelf: News Added: Foreign Affairs News & the Broadcast Journalist by Batscha 1975
Added: Don't Blame the People by Cirino 1971
Added: Broadcast Newswriting from the RTNDA Reference Guide series by Block 1994
Added: Among Those Present :A Reporter's View by Dickerson 1976
Added: Writing News for Broadcast by Bliss 1st Edition 1971
Added: Writing News for Broadcast by Bliss 3rd Edition 1994
Added: The Information Machines by Bagdikian 1971
Added: Television and Radio News by Siller 1960
Added: News for Everyman by Culbert 1976
Nov 7 Radio & Record
Added 4 issues from February and March of 1979
  Billboard Added the 1982 Country Music Sourcebook
Added the 1979 Country Music Sourcebook
  Westinghouse Engineer Added the 1986 "Centennial Edition" of this company journal.
  Bookshelf: Audels Added "Radiomans Guide" editions from 1948, 1955, 1961
  Melody Maker UK Added April 30 1966
  Disc UK Added three issues from November 1960
  Popular Wireless UK Added all issues from February 1925 in a single file, replacing the single issue formerly available.
  Hobbies UK Added February 1 and 8, 1956
Nov 6 Eico Catalogs Added a batch of 90 pages of Eico catalogs and brochures from the 80's
  Sales & Service Miscellaneous Added a number of issues of Rider's "Successful Servicing" from the late 40's
  Equipment Catalogs Added the 1948 General Electric Transcription Arm / EQ / Amplifier brochure
Added the Leader Instruments 1981 Catalog
Added the 1973 Potomac Instruments test equipment brochures
Added the 1986-1987 Tektronix Television Products catalog
  Radio & Record News Added six issues from 1978 and two from 1979
  Communications Technology Added 24 issues between July 1994 and December 1997
Nov 5 Record World Added 10 full issues today. Will also added missing pages to about that many additional issues. The full issue additions are underlined and marked with  The completed issues just have the arrow and are not underlined
  Bookshelf: Audels Added the Radiomans Guide editions from 1942 and 1944
  Hobbies UK Added an issue from 1956 and one from 1960
  Music Week UK Replaced October 29 1988 with better copy
Added Oct 1 1988
  Station Albums Added the Albany New York "Radio Centre" brochure for WOKO and WABY, the Blue and CBS affiliates in 1939
  Bookshelf: Coyne Added the 1929 student recruitment brochure.
  Wireless World UK Added March and April 1950, replacing incomplete issues.
  Popular Wireless UK Added complete sets of the issues from November and December of 1922
Added all issues from January in a single file
  Electronic Engineering UK Added 12 issues from 1956. These are from an "annual library volume" without the covers or advertising.
Replaced April and August 1951 with better copies.
  Hobby Electronics UK Added 4 issues from 1979
Nov 3 Everyday Engineering UK Added September 1919
Nov 2 DX Horizons Added many more issues of DX Horizons, TV Horizons, Video Communications Journal, and TV Communications  from 1960 to 1973 (All titles for the same publication over the years.
Nov 1 Music Week UK Added November and December 1990 issues
  Search: UK Publications We are in the final 24 hour wrap-up of the rebuilding of the search functions of all the publications from the UK. Everything except the "Early Technical" and "Modern Era Technical" are already revised with all issues now included. The rest will be done by tomorrow. Then we move on to rebuilding the US publications, starting with the Music industry and Broadcast industry journals.
Oct 31 World Radio Added December 22 1933
Added 9 issues from 1954; these are from a bound volume and do not have covers or advertisements.
Oct 30 Equipment Catalogs
and Literature
Redesigned the page to show manufacturers individually in alphabetical order
Added collections of manuals by Ampro, Aphex, Arakis, ATI, AUdicord, Austin Insulators, Autogram consoles and gear, Broadcast Audio, CCA, Cetec, Crown Amps, Delta, Elcom-Bauer, Gates and Harris from the 70's, Jampro antennas, LPB consoles, Marti Compressor and remote gear, McCurdy consoles, McMartin, Micro-Trak, QRK, QUE monitors and test gear, Rek-O-Kut, Shure, Sparta, Stanton, UREI and Wilkinson. The new additions are in red and underlined.
  Music Week UK Added August, September and October of 1990
Oct 29 Tele-Tech
Electronic Industries
Added all issues from January to June of 1959, completing that year.
  Stereophile Added issues from 1968, 1971, 1981, 1982. They are underlined.
  Machlett Cathode Press Added Issue #2 from 1965
  Radio Guide Added March 3rd, 1934 issue, completing the year.
  Hobbies Weekly UK Added January 19 1956
  Everyday Electronics UK Added August 1987
  Bookshelf: Coyne Electrical School Added the 1957 edition of the Television Servicing Cyclopedia
Added a new student recruiting brochure from 1926
Added a recruitment brochure celebrating 50 years of operation from 1949
Added the 1946 Radioman's Handbook
Added the 1955 Technical Dictionary
  Radio-TV Experimenter Replaced Edition 562 from 1959 with a better copy with all pages.
  Music Week UK Added June, July 1990 issues
Oct 28 Site Search Added a global site search.
Because we are way behind with the individual publication searches we added a site-wide global search. It is slow as it is going through millions of pages on a single server. But it works and should help you find publications you want to open.
This will be updated every few days.
Oct 27 Practical Computing UK Added January, February and March of 1985
Added July to December of 1985
  Popular Wireless UK Added full sets of the September and October 1922 weekly editions.
  Music Week UK Added April and May of 1990
Oct 26 Music Week UK Added issues from February 1990
Added all issues from March 1990
  Bookshelf: Audels Added the 1944 (1945 reprinting) of the Audels Radioman's Guide.
  Australia Collection Added an earlier Australian Radio & Television College 18-lesson training course in basic electricity and electronics.
  Practical Computing UK Added April and June 1985
Oct 25 Radio Life Added November 3rd 1956
Added October 7, 1955 with cover "Disney's New Mouse"
  Radio Electronics Replaced October 1979 with a complete issue.
  Radio Broadcast Replaced May 1922 with much improved scan. Includes maps of earliest licensed radio stations in the US.
Oct 24 Station Albums and Booklets Added a 1942 station album from WLOF, Orlando, FL when it was a 250 watter on 1230
Added a 1948 WVET Rochester, NY, station album. Both have pictures of the station, studios and staff.
  Wireless World  UK
Electronics World
Added 11 issues from 1999 t0 2005. We are now down to just 7 missing issues from 1911 to 2005
  Hobbies UK Added the 1968 Annual special edition.
  Amateur Wireless  UK Added January 27, 1923
  New Musical Express UK Added April 24 1964
Added 4 issue from 1961 and they are marked with red arrows.
  Music Week UK Added October, November and December issues from 1989
Added January issues from 1990
  Melody Maker UK Added three issues from January and February of 1966
  Record Mirror UK Added three issues from 1963 and two issues from 1989
Added August 4 1962
Added March 25  April 8, May 27 1989
Oct 21 Call Letter Completed 43 of the 45 years of the magazine of the Northwest Vintage Radio Society. 512 total issues, and all are searchable! Our thanks to the directors of this group for making the issues available.
Oct 20 Television &
Short Wave World UK
Added or replaced February, March, April, May, October, November and December of 1939.
Added the 1939 Index, listed in the left-hand column with the other index sets.

And this is a good time to note that when Dave Andrews and I obtain ex libris bound volumes of magazines, they often have been stripped of the covers, and sometimes of the ads as well. Just as with missing pages, we give our site users whatever we can obtain and hope that better copies or a user contribution of scans will later make the offering even better.
Oct 18 Wireless World  UK
Electronics World
Replaced 24 issues from 2000 to 2004 which had numerous missing pages. If you had looked for an article and it was missing or incomplete, please revisit those issues.
Gernsback Publications
Added Radio Craft Library #18 Point To Point Resistance Measurement
Added Radio Craft Library # 22 New Radio Questions and Answers
Added Radio Craft Library # 23 Practical Public Address
Broadcasting Business
Added the 1975 UNESCO "World Communications" a 200 country survey of mass media. Very inaccurate on most details, some countries even misspelled like "Columbia".
Education & Training
Added: Reading in Mass Communication by Emery & Smythe 1974
Added: Radio The Assistant Teacher by Darrow 1932
Added: Mass Media: An Introduction by Heibert et. al. 1974
Added: Mass Media and the National Experience by Farrar & Stevens 1871
Added: Broadcasting: An Introduction  to Radio and Television by Hybels & Ulloty 1978
Added: Television and Radio by Chester et. al. 4th edition 1971
Added: See/Hear An Introduction to Broadcasting by Gross 1979
Legal and Regulation
Added: Reluctant Regulators by Cole & Oettinger 1978
Added: Fair Use and Free Inquiry by Lawrence & Timberg 1980
Added. The Information Process World News Reporting by Desmond 1979
History of Broadcasting
Added Empire of the Air The Men Who Made Radio by Lewis 1991
Added Handbook of Radio and TV Broadcasting by Fletcher 1981
Added: Winchell: His Life and Times by Klurfeld 1976
Commentary about
Radio and TV
Added: Who Owns the Media by Compaine et. al from 1982
Oct 17 Record Mirror UK Added 10 issues from 1964 and 1965
  RCA Catalogs Added the (estimate) 1961 "New Bright Sound" summary catalog for FM gear.
Added the two volume "Electron Tubes" from 1949
Added 1980 catalog sheets with prices
Added the pocket guide to Audio and Radio Equipment from 1979
  TV Radio Life Added September 18 1953 from this Southern California radio and TV program guide with many articles about programs, stations and stars.
  Communications Technology Added All issues for 1998 including the extra June 15 issue.
  RCA Catalogs & Manuals Added the two volumes of the RCA Electron Tubes from 1949
Added a collection of 1980 catalog sheets with prices for 1980
  TAB Books Added The Master IC Cookbook
  Radio Electronics &
Electronics Now
Added a collection of all the index pages from 1948 to 1999. Look in the left-hand column
  Babani Publication UK Added #81, Electronic Synthesizer Projects
Added #393 Practical Oscillator Circuits
Oct 16 Bookshelf: Broadcast History Added. American Entertainment by A Unique History of Popular Show Business by Csida 1978
Added: The Mighty Music Box the Golden Age of Musical Radio by DeLong 1980
Added: Understanding Broadcasting by Foster - 1978
Added: The Networks by Reel -1979
Added: The Communications Revolution by Gordon 1977
Added: Radio Comedy by Wertheim - 1979
Added: One Nation Under Television by MacDonald 2nd 1990
Added: Look Now, Pay Later The Rise of Network Broadcasting by Bergreen 1980
Added: Hollywood & Broadcasting From Radio To Cable by Hilmes 1990
Added: From Spark to Satellite A History of Radio Communication by Leinwoll 1979
Added: Behind the Tube: A History of Broadcasting Technology & Business by Inglis 1990
Added: A History of the Marconi Company by Baker 1971
  Bookshelf: Legal and Regulation Added: Regulation of Broadcasting Law & Policy by Ginsburg 1979
Added: NAB Legal Guide to Broadcast Law by 1966
  Bookshelf: Biographies Added:Treadmill to Oblivion by Fred Allen 1954
Added: R. J. McElroy by Neymyer 1997
Added: Of Mikes and Men by Woodfin 1951
Added: Father Coughlin of the Shrine of the Little Flower by Mugglebee 1933
  Bookshelf: Ratings & Research Added Milestones In Mass Communication Research by Lowery & De Fleur from 1972
Added Broadcasting Research Methods by Domenich & Fletcher 1985
Added Rules of the Ratings Game by Balon NAB 1988
Added Radio Audience Measurement by C. E. Hooper and Matthew Chappell1944 (This is co-authored by Hooper of the Hooperatings)
  Bookshelf: Broadcasting Business Added: Successful Television and Radio Advertising by Seehafer & Laemmar 1959
Added: Radio Station Operations by O'Donnell et. al. 1989
Added: Radio in the Television Age by Fornatale & Mills 1980
Added: Broadcasting Around the World by McCavitt 1981
Added: Broadcast Copywriting by Orlik 1978
Added: Confessions of an Advertising Man by Ogilvy 1963
  Bookshelf: Commentary about Radio and TV Added: The People look at Television by Steiner 1963
Added: Mass Communications vby Lineberry 1969
  Bookshelf: Education & Training Added: The Magic Medium An Introduction to Radio by Whetmore 1981
Added: Radio Broadcasting 1st Edition by Hilliard 1967
Added: Radio Broadcasting 2nd Edition by Hilliard 1974
Added: Programming for Radio and Television Revised by Smith 1983
Added: Modern Radio Station Practices 2nd by  Johnson & Stone 1978
Added: Hermes Bound: The Policy of Telecommunications 1978
Added: Mikes Don't Bite by Sioussat 1943
Added: Mediameria 3rd by Whetmore 1982
Added: Media Messages and Men by Merrill & Lowenstein 1971
Added: Mass Communication An Introduction 2nd by Bittner 1980
Added: Electronic Media Management 3rd by Pringle et. al. 1995
Added: Air Time by Seidle 1977
Added: Communications Theories by Severing - Tankard 1979
  Bookshelf: Commentary and Opinion Added: The People Look at Television by Steiner 1963
Added: Mass Communications by Lineberry from 1969
Oct 15 T&R Bulletin UK Added all issues from 1926 to 1929 of this publication of the Transmitter and Relay section of the Radio Society of Great Britain.
  DXing Horizons An early 60's TV and FM long distance DXing publication.
  Popular Wireless UK Added complete sets of all issues from November and December of 1924
Added Feb 28 1925 and October 11, 1924
Oct 14 Record Mirror UK Added 8 issues from 1964
Added three issues from May 1989
Oct 11 Bookshelf: Regulation Added the two volumes of "Hearings on Payola and Other Deceptive Practices" before the Interstate Commerce Committee of the U. S. House of Representatives in 1960. Testimony by Dick Clark, Alan Freed and many others from radio and record industries.
Added: Broadcasting and the Bill of Rights (Communications Act Amendment) 1947
Added: Mass Communication Law by Gillmor et. al. 5th Edition 1984
Added: Mass Communication Law by Carter et. al 1983 5th Editio
Added: Media Access: Your Rights by Shapiro 1976
Added: Privacy and the Press: Law, Mass Media and the First Amendment by Pember 1972
Added: The First Freedom by Rucker 1968
  Wireless World UK Added a new copy of August 1932, complete with covers and nearly 200 pages of period ads.
  Popular Electronics Added a complete set of the "contents" page for every issue in a single PDF file. You can see the full contents of each issue from 1954 to 2003. A different way to find articles of interest.
  Electronics Illustrated Added a complete set of the "contents" page for every issue in a single PDF file. You can see the full contents of each issue from 1958 to 1972. .
Added a complete set of the "contents" page for every issue in a single PDF file. You can see the full contents of each issue from 1982 to 2013. .
  73 Magazine Added a complete set of the "contents" page for every issue in a single PDF file. You can see the full contents of each issue from 1960 to 2003. .
  Bookshelf: Commentary and Opinion Added: Theories of Mass Communication by DeFleur & Ball 5th 1989
Added: Theories of Mass Communication by DeFleur & Ball 4th 1982
Added: The Future of the Mass Audience by Neuman 1991
Added: Mas Communications: A World View by Wells 1974
Added: Impact of Mass Media by Heiber & Reuss 2nd Edition 1988
Added: Four Theories of the Press by Sieber et. al. 1956
Added: Foundations of Communications Theory by Sereno & Mortensen 1970
Oct 10 Billboard Replaced 25 issues from 1994. They have complete charts in each issue.
Oct 9 Radio News
Special Editions
Added the 1926 edition of Radio News' "1001 Radio Questions and Answers"  Look at the special edition section at the bottom of the page.
  Miscellaneous Technical
Modern Era
Added the 1962 Collins "Standards for Assembly" for technical employees showing proper assembly techniques.
  Radio Lists and Logbooks Added the 1926 edition of the Dustin Radio Call Book, joining the 1925 and 1927 editions. These span the Federal Radio Commission "before and after" years.
  Electrical Experimenter Added May 1916, completing that year.
  White's Radio Log Added a better copy of the December 1937 issue.
  ¨Practical Wireless UK Added all the issues from August 1935 combined in one PDF file
  Wireless World UK Replaced January 1950 with a better, complete edition.
Added the book "Wireless Waves and the Ionosphere" from 1943
  Hobby Electronics UK Added August 1979
  Amateur Wireless UK Replaced August 27 1932 and November 22 1924 with complete editions.
  Record Mirror Added four issues from April of 1989
  Practical Computing UK Replaced September and December 1980 with complete issues
Oct 7 Everyday Electronics UK Added April 1984
  Billboard Added October 31 and November 21 1936
  RadioWare Music Scheduler Added the full manual for Radio Ware from 1988, an early computer music scheduling software system. Look for it at the bottom of the page. We are going to create a separate new page for radio software and for radio syndication in the 70's and 80's. Please contribute. This manual courtesy of Joe Knapp of MusicMaster, our favorite scheduler for radio today!
  Wireless World UK Added the 3rd edition from 1946 of the Wireless World Radio Laboratory Handbook. It joins the 2nd edition already in the collection. Look for it in the left-hand column of special publications.
  Melody Maker UK Added January 22 1966
  Hobbies UK Added February 15 1961
Oct 6 Music Week UK Added June to September of 1989
  Disc  UK Added December issues from 1959, completing the year!
  Record Mirror UK Added October 17 1970
  Coyne Electrical School Added what appears to be a complete electrical course from the Coyne School from the 30's. Includes a number of student design and note pages.
  Westinghouse Engineer Added July 1944
  Television Magazine Added May 1968 and  May 1965  to the collection,  The 1965 issue includes a fold-out of the 1965-66 TV season.
  Music Week UK Replaced October 17 1992 with a complete edition
  Antique Radio Classified Added the July 1986 sample edition promoting the upcoming regular issues.
  Studio Sound Added November 1972, completing that decade.
Added April, 1980 , completing that decade. Both courtesy of Martin Kay.
American radio
Added the 1998 "Share to Revenue Conversion Radios and Format Performance Analysis from 1997 data.
Added 1982 Winter supplement
Added a 2000 sales presentation with rates and sample market report.
  Hobbies UK Added February 22 1961
Oct 5 Music Week UK Added weekly issues April and May of 1989
Oct 3 Network & Syndication Publications Added a 70's era brochure from Bonneville Broadcast Consultants, a leading syndicator of Beautiful Music and Adult Contemporary formats
  Practical Computing UK Added March 1983 and July, September, October, November and December of 1984. There was no August issue due to an industrial dispute.
  Music Week UK Added February and March of 1989 and completed 1988.
  KWTO Dial From the Missouri Ozarks, KWTO published the "Dial" in the 40's and 50's. We added four issues from 1949
  City Radio Guides What was FM like in a big city in 1961? We just added the inaugural copy of the FM Guide from Philadelphia from 1961 with complete programming lists and articles about all the local FM stations.,
  Media Decisions Added our oldest issue of ad agency media department magazine "Media Decisions". In 15 years we have only found 3 of these and really, really want more! Help us find them. Added: July 1970
Oct 2 Music Week UK Added final issues from 1988 and all of January 1989. Corrected some missing pages in 1988
  Radio Logbook Added a typical radio service and retail dealer "promotional" radio log used to promote radio use and purchase in the 20's. It's in the "20's" section of logs not specifically attributed to one year.
  Wireless Weekly UK Replaced October and November of 1923 with improved versions.
  Billboard Replaced a number of 1992 and 1993 issues with complete copies including charts and better scans. They are underlined and in blue lettering. There will be many hundreds of replacements over the next few months as we rebuild the Billboard collection from the 90's to 2010
  Bookshelf: Stations and Companies Added Antenna Country by Landers from 1972 (HCJB, Quito, Ecuador)
Added the WNYC Television Manual for 1967-68
  Bookshelf: Radio & TV Stations Added Antenna Country by Landers from 1972
Added WNYC 1967-68 Television Manual
and Opinion
Added: Communications Control: Motives and Structures of Censorship by Phelan 1969
Added: The Popular Arts in America by Hammel 1972
Added: The Manipulators: America in the Media Age by Sobel 1976
Added: Selling the Air by Streeter 1996
Added: Mass Media Systems & Effects by Davison et. al. 1976
Added: Getting Elected: From Radio & Roosevelt to Television & Reagan by Reinsch 1988
Added: Communications in the World of the Future by Hellman 1969
Business of Broadcasting
Added: Successful Radio Advertising by Garner 1949
Added: The Story of Advertising by Wood 1958
Added: Modern Radio Advertising Wolfe by 1953
Added: Managing Today's Radio Station by  Hoffer 1968
Added: Advertising in the Broadcast and Cable Media by Heighton Cunningham 1976
Added: Case Studies in Broadcast Management by Coleman 1982
Added: Broadcasting & Bargaining  by Koenig 1970
  Bookshelf: News Added: Air Time: The Inside Story of CBS News by Gates 1978
Added: Mass Media and the National Experience by Farrar & Stevens 1971
  Bookshelf: Legal and Regulatory Added: The First Amendment and the Fourth Estate Franklin 1977
Added: Mass Communications Law Cases & Comments by Gillmore 2nd
Added: Broadcast Monographs BEA 1974
  Bookshelf: Biography & Personal Stories Added: Edward R Morrow by Edwards 2004
Added: Shrine of the Silver Dollar: Father Coughlin by Spivak 1940
Added: Radio Priest: Charles Coughlin by Warren 1966
Added: The Morrow Boys by Cloud & Olson 1996
Added: Ten Years Before the Mike by Husing 1935
Added: Broadcasting by Guest 1935
Added: Cousin Brucie by Bruce Morrow 1987
  Bookshelf: Education Added: Reference Books in the Mass Media Blum 1963
Added: Radio Continuity Types  by Lawton 1938
Added: The Modern Broadcaster by Lawton 1961
Added: Radio & Television A Selected Bibliography by McCavitt 1977
Added: Radio & Television Bibliography Supplement by McCavitt 1981
Added: How to Become a Disk Jockey by Fisher 1971
Added: Listen In: An American Manual of Radio by Lowell 1937
Added: Mass Media An Introduction to Modern Communications by Heibert 1974
  Music Week UK Added November 1988 and made all the available issues searchable.
  Practical Computing UK Added January, February, March of 1984 and May (better compacted) of 1985
Sep 29 Music Week UK Added all issues from December 1992 completing that year
Added January, February and March of 1988
Added April through October of 1988
  CB  Radio Magazine Added March to September 1996 as well as the 1996 Buyer's Guide and the letter to subscribers announcing the end of the magazine after the August 1996 issue
  CB Radio Miscellaneous Added AMECO's 1976 CB Rules and Regulations
Added the FCC's 1967 How to Use CB Radio
  Hobby Electronics UK Added July and November 1981 and January 1983
  Radio Pictorial  UK Added five issues from 1939; they are marked with the usual red arrow.
Sep 28 Electronics Added 14 issues. One is from 1974 and 10 from 1979. The rest are from 1980 and 1981 and they are marked with bold, underlined print.
  UK Miscellaneous Added "Life on the Ocean Waves" the story of Radio 270
  Westinghouse Engineer Added 5 issues from 1941, 1945 and 1944 The August 1941 issue is the second one published; the magazine began in July 1941
Rebuilt the pages which had many incorrect listings and made the set of all FMQB issues searchable. f
  Practical Wireless UK Replaced July 1979 with complete copy; the previous copy was missing most pages.
  Wireless Weekly UK Added missing issues from July 1923 and combined all in one file
Added All issues from October 1923
Added covers and advertisements from September 17, 1924
Added missing issues and combined all of October 1924
  Hobby Electronics UK Added March, May, June, September 1984
Sep 27 Music Week UK Added January,  September, October and November of 1992
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Sep 26 Radio Ratings Added the Nielsen Descriptions of Methodology for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020
  Beat Instrumental Added June 1965
  Melody Maker Added January 15, 1966
  Bookshelf: Biography Added "Marconi and the Discovery of Wireless" by Reade 1963
  Music Week UK Added June to mid-September of 1992.  Many thanks to the group in the UK working on this project..
  Bookshelf: Coyne Added the Coyne Electrical Radio-TV School Applied Practical Radio Television from 1957
  Radio Stars Replaced February 1936 with a much better copy.
  Early Radio Hobbyist Collection Added the Popular Science special edition "The Standard Radio Guide" from 1922
  R&R Added December 19,1986. Only five issues missing to compete the 80's. The 90's are complete, but 11 are needed from the 00's and 31 are missing from the 70's.
Added May of 1942, now our oldest magazine in the collection.
  Hobby Electronics UK Added May, September, October, November of 1983
Sep 25 Radio Lists and Logs Added one  of our earliest station listings, the Alter Radio Directory and Trouble Finder from 1923. It has a station list and some hints about radios and antennas.
Added a November, 1924 issue of The Boys' Wireless News and resized the Boys' Wireless Annual.
  Gates Catalog Added the 1957 General Catalog.
  NAB Publications Added the NAB Television Code booklet from 1969
  Modern Era Miscellaneous Added the CONELRAD Alerting Manual for all radio stations except Standard, FM and TV and dated 1957
Sep 24 Music Week UK Added issues from February to May of 1992
Added Keller's Radio Call Book and Log from 1929,
  SAMS Books Completed the collection of 17 editions of Sams Tube Substitution Handbook editions, #1 to #17. They are listed below the "T" in the Alphabetical Sams book listings.
  New Musical
Express UK
Added remaining 3 January 1950 issues
  Practical Wireless UK Added a complete copy of December 1962
Added all July 1940 issues combined in a single PDF
Replaced May and June of 1964
Replaced November and December of 1964
Replaced October, November and December of 1962
Sep 22 Music Week UK Added to the year 1991 with all issues now available.
  Disk  UK Added October 2 and November 13 1965
Added September 12 and 19, 1970
  Electronics Added 24 ssues; they are underlined and in blue and are from the 70's and early 80's
  Record Mirror UK Added May 15 1965 UK
  New Musical
Express UK
Added March 23, 1968
  Practical Wireless UK Added  the missing issue from June, 1940 and combined all of them from that month in one file.
Added complete copy of June, 1962
  Modern Wireless UK Added April through September of 1933. These are from the annual summary, so they don't include covers and advertisements.
Sep 21 Music Week UK Added all issues from January 5 to June 22, 1991. We'll be adding more of these quite constantly incoming weeks and months.
Sep 20 Short Wave Listener UK Added December 1948, January, March, April 1949; May 1951
  Popular Wireless  UK Added a complete copy of October 18, 1930 replacing the incomplete one
  Bookshelf: Handbooks Added the 3rd Edition (1949) of the Federal Telephone Reference Data for Radio Engineers.
  Early Radio Catalogs Added a brief brochure for the "Radio Surprise of 1926",  a new receiver from Cunningham.
  Practical Wireless UK Replaced January 1964 with a complete version.
  PF Reporter / Electronic Servicing Magazine Added the 1969 Special Edition "Practical Stereo FM Servicing Guide" from 1969
Sep 18 Modern Wireless Added June, July, September 1929; December 1931; August, November 1932
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added: Radio as an Advertising Medium by Dygert from 1939
  Bookshelf: Commentary and Opinion Added: Structure & Performance of the U. S. Communications Industry by Borchardt 1979
Added: Responsibility in Mass Communications by Schramm 1957
Added: The Judges and the Junged by Miller 1952
Added: Only Victims: A Study of Show Business Blacklisting by Robert Vaughn 1972 (The author who went on to get a doctorate degree was "The Man from U.N.C.L.E. on TV)
Added: Pressure Group: The Campaign for Commercial TV in England by Wilson from 1961
Added: Freedom of Speech by Radio and Television by Smead 1959
  Bookshelf: Education  & Textbooks Added: The Process and Effects of Mass Communimcation by Schramm and Roberts from 1971. Revised edition. (We also have the 1961 original edition)
Added: Both Sides of the Microphone by Hayes & Gardner from 1938 
  Bookshelf: Regulatory
& Legal
Added: Broadcast Regulation and Joint Ownership of Media by Levin 1960 
Added: Mass Media and the Supreme Court by Devol 4th Edition 1990 
Added: Mass Communication Law: Cases & Comment by Gillmore & Barron 1984, 4th edition. We have the First and Third editions on the way to us
  Record Mirror Added 5 issues from 1989 and they are marked with a red arrow
Sep 17 Modern Era
Added the 1962 Delco brochure "Something New to Listen To" about advances in car radio technology.
  Communication Technology Added all issues from January 1990 to June 1994
  Electronics Added 17 issues from the late 70's and 1980
  Beat Instrumental UK Added April and May 1965
  Sams Books Added the Tube Substitution Handbooks numbers 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 from the 60's (many reprint dates)
Added Volumes 1, 10, 16 and 17
  Network Publications Added the NBC comments from 1941 on the new FCC rules on chain Brodcasting
Added the NBC 1941 booklet about Mary Margret McBride's WEAF show in 1941
Sep 16 Practical Wireless Added the "blueprints" (schematic with explanations) from these issues from the 60's:
December, April, October, November 1961; May, June, November, January, December 1964; June, October, November, December 1962; May, June 1965
  Tele-Tech Added April 1950 (Part 1)
  Station Albums
& Booklets
Added a 1928 WBBM Chicago promotional booklet
  Bookshelf: Education  & Textbooks Added Mass Media Systems & Effects by Davison 1976
Added Broadcasting and the Public 2nd Edition by  Summers 1978
  Bookshelf: Radio Programming Added: Monitor: The Last Great Morning Show by Hart 2002
Added: Radio Programming in Action by Taylor 1967
  Bookshelf: Commentary and Opinion Added: Broadcasting and the Public by Churches of Christ 1938
Added: Radio Television and American Politics by Chester 1969
Added: You and Media by Clark & Blankenburg 1973
Added: Equal Time by former FCC Commissioner Newton Minnow from 1964
  Bookshelf: Regulatory
& Legal
Greatly expanded our reference volumes about broadcast regulations and the law as it affects broadcasting.
Added: The Good Guys, The Bad Guys and the First Amendment by Fred Friendly 1975
Added: Television Station Ownership by Cherington et. al. 1971
Added: Documents in American Telecommunications Policy by Arno 1977 Vol 1
Added: Documents in American Telecommunications Policy by Arno 1977 Vol 2
Added: Electronic Mass Media by Cases & Materials Jones - 2nd - 1979
Added: Legal Problems in Broadcasting by Toohey et. al. 1974 
Added: Mass Media and the Law by Hutchison from 1970
Added: Mass Media Law and Regulation by Francois from 1975 
Added: Newspaper-Television Station Cross Owership from the Rand Corporation 1974 
Added: Say it Safely: Legal Limits in Publishing, Radio, TV by Asley 1966 
Added:  Broadcasting & Government by Emery from 1971 2nd Edition
Added:  Broadcasting & Government by Emery from 1961 1st Edition 
  Bookshelf: History of Broadcasting Added Armstrong's Fight for FM broadcasting by Erickson from 1973
Added Brief History of Radio in Mexico (Spanish) from 2007 by Mejía
Added Show Biz from Variety to Video by Greeb & Laurie from 1951
Added: Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound by Hoffman. Vol 1 A to L from 1993
Sep 15 BE Radio Added May 1994 of this "radio only" publication from Broadcast Engineering magazine.
  Stereophile Added 87 issues between 1996 and 2003... nearly 20,000 pages of high end stereo commentary, reviews and ads.
  Radio Station Lists & Logbooks Added a little radio dealer hand-out called "Dialog" with selected station listings and features. Intended as a promotion for retail sellers of radios.
  Grand Ole Opry Added the undated Official WSM Grand Ole Opry Picture History Book
  Westinghouse Engineer Added February 1943, the earliest issue in our collection.
  International Musician Added October 1955 of this member magazine for the Musician's union. Includes a piece entitled "The Musician's Fight by James Petrillo talking about his fight against the recording industry and payments to musicians.
  Electrician & Mechanic Added 7 issues from 1908 of this early "technology" magazine.
  Record Mirror UK Added 6 issues from 1989
  Melody Maker UK Added June 4, 1966
  Disc UK Added December 30, 1961
  Wireless World UK Added the full issue from December 1968
  Musical Express UK Added all 5 issues from July 1949
  Practical Wireless UK Added February 1936 with all issues in one PDF file.
Added the fold-out chart to the November 1968 issue.
  Modern Wireless UK Added June 1927, April 1928, June, July, September 1931
Sep 12 Practical Wireless UK With thanks to contributor John, we added the February 22, 1936 edition.
Sep 11 Beat Instrumental UK Added January to March of 1965
  Wireless Weekly Replaced January 1924 with a superior scan with full pages.
  Broadcaster and
Wireless Retailer UK
Added the issue from April 20, 1935
  Electronics Added 39 issues between 1973 and 1983. They are underlined and in blue lettering
  Radio Pictorial UK Added three new issues and replaced the February 24 1939 one with a better and complete issue.
  Coyne Publications Added the 1951 Coyne Television Encyclopedia from the earlier years of TV
  Wireless World UK Added complete copy of June 1939 with covers and advertisements.
  Bookshelf Sams Books Added ABC's of Transformers and Coils 1968
Added Low Power Telecasting 1957
Added Photofact CB Radio #4 1963
Added Photofact CB Radio #5 1964
Added Scanner Monitor Servicing Data
Added Transistor Radio Servicing Course
Added Citizens Band Manual 1962 Vol 2 
  Canada Miscellaneous Added a 1927 Canadian National Railways "Radio Programmes" from the era when the CNR operated 11 radio stations across Canada and was North Americas first national radio network. The group later was transferred and became the CBC.
  Electrician & Mechanic Added a complete edition of the January 1912 issue, including the cover and advertisements.
  Modern Era Collection Added a 1982 booklet from Motorola "The Answer to the Marketplace Decision" regarding AM stereo and the FCC's "decision" to let the marketplace decide which system to adopt.
  Stereophile Added 35 issues from the late 90's and early 2000's
Sep 9 Beat Instrumental UK Added November and December of 1966
  Bookshelf: Rider Books Added Basic Audio by Crowhurst from 1960, Volumes 1 to 3
Added Conductance Curve Design Manual from 1958
  Practical Electronics Added the blueprints for the June, 1965 issue.
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Technology Added Radio Servicing Course by Ghirardi from 1932
Added Ultra High Frequency Radio Engineering by Emery from 1944
Added Mercury Arc Rectifier Practice by Orchard 1936
Added The Technique of Radio Design by Zepler 1943
Added The Radio Amateur's Handbook editions from 1936 and 1941
  Home Study Courses Added a batch of Cleveland Institute course booklets from 1985
Added NRI miscellaneous course booklets from 1949 and 1950
  BBC Publications Added Sound Broadcasting: Its Engineering Development 1962
Added Engineering Training Manual 1942
Added Leevers-Rich Transportable Tape Recorder manual 1960
Added ENG INF, the BBC tech staff magazine, Royal Wedding special issue, 1981 Broadcast viewed by 1,000 million people
  Rave  UK Added September 1965
  RCA Catalogs Added a 1956 folder with various RCA TV Station brochures
  Bookshelf Bernards & Babani Added Bernards book #26, Tanks at War. While Bernards was a technical publisher, during WW II they released a series of wartime editions.
Added Babani #329 "Electronic Music Learning Projects"
  Early Radio Collection Added H.R. 9971 establishing the Federal Radio Commission in the US with the purpose of better regulating radio broadcasting and the use of the radio spectrum.
Added a 12-month collection of Radio Review, from the Women's National Radio Committee, an Early advocacy group that questioned content and audience measurement and popularity. 1935 to 1936
  Hobbies UK Added November 22 1961
  Early Radio Technology Added the 1930 "Radio Tubes and Antennas" by Beverage and Dart; this is Beverage's dissertation about antenna characteristics which was the definitive perspective at the time.
  Arbitron Ratings Books Added the October/November 1978 Orlando book
Added the Spring 1986 Minneapolis Book
  Radio Logs and Lists Added a 1930 edition of Radio Dial (not the Cincinnati weekly) with station lists and a distance map
Added the 1920-21 IRCA Mexican AM log. With all the changes in Mexico, this list shows what happened!
Added the 1929 Victor Dial List; this was issued just prior to Victor's purchase by RCA.
  Wireless World UK Replaced April and May 1939 with better and more complete issues.
Added "Vintage Crystal Sets" by Bussey from 1976. Find it at bottom or left column
Sep 7 Cincinnati Radio Dial Added 47 issues of Radio Daily, a weekly radio program guide from Cincinnati with station schedules and articles about stations, programs and radio stars The issues added cover May of 1937 to December of 1938 The listings included the local stations, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Nashville, Chicago and Detroit. These issued covered the last 2 years of WLW's 500,000 watt operation.
  Wireless World UK Added a new copy of the March 1939 issue, complete with ads and cover.
  Beat Instrumental UK Added October 1966
  Amateur Wireless UK Added completed the editions for December 1929. They are all in a single December PDF.
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added An Introduction to Radio and Television by Phillips, Grogan and Ryan from 1954
  Bookshelf History of Broadcasting Added It Sounds Impossible by Slate & Cook 1963
Added Cavalcade of Broadcasting by Mitchell 197'0
Added The Airwaves of Zion: Radio and Religion in Appalachia by Dorgan 1993
  Bookshelf: Broadcast News Added On the Spot Reporting: Radio Records History by Gordon from 1967
  Bookshelf: Biography Added The Broadcasters, a biographical book of anecdotes by Red Barber from 1970
  Bookshelf: Broadcast Education Added The Process and Effects of Mass Communications by Schramm from 1960
Added Radio and Television Communication by Lindsey from 1952
Added Mass Communications: A Book of Readings by Schramm from 1960
Added Media: An Introductory Analysis by Sandman from 1972
Added Broadcasting: Radio and Television by Ewbank & Lawton from 1952
  Bookshelf: Regulation Added The Good Guys, The Bad Guys and the First Amendment by Fred Friendly from 1975. Friendly was the famous CBS executive and Columbia University professor
Added Theories of Mass Comm by de Fleur from 1966
Added The American Radio by White from 1947
Added Responsibility in Mass Communication by Schramm from 1957
Added Is American Radio Democratic by Frost from 1937
Sep 6 Bookshelf: History of Broadcasting Added First Quarter Century of American Broadcasting by Shurick from 1946
Added American Broadcasting: A Source Book by Lichty from 1975
Added History of Broadcasting Radio and Television by Summers from1971
Added Magic Dials The Story of Radio and Television by Lowell Thomas
  Home Study Courses Added what appears to be the complete basic electronics course from DeVry Technical Institute from 1956
  Rider Books Added Test Scope Traces from 1954
  Proceeding of the IRE Added full copies of January to April of 1953 with all ads and supplements. Also added the Volume I 1953 Index
  Beat Instrumental UK Added June, July, August, September 1966
  Station Albums and Booklets Added an illustrated "station tour" and program guide from CKOM in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
  Grand Ole Opry Added "The Grand Ole Opry: The Early Years 1915-1935" from 1973. This is a history of the first years of the WSM show.
  Musical Express Added June 17 and 24, 1949 for this magazine which later became New Musical Express
  Early Radio Catalog Collection Added Radio Enters the Home from RCA. This is a 131 page promotional, book with "how to use radio" pages and a full catalog of equipment from 1922 Since RCA did not enter consumer electronics until after the famous live Jack Dempsey fight in 1921, this is one of the first RCA catalogs.
  Electrician & Mechanic Added 6 issues from 1911 of this early technology magazine.
  Record World Replaced February 10 1973 with complete issue
Added the November 1945 edition, the oldest issue in our collection.
  Disk UK Added November 21 and 28, 1959
  Amateur Wireless UK Added issues to complete June, September, October and November 1929 and consolidated all for each month in one set.
  Bookshelf: Biography Added Guglielmo Marconi and Radio by Parker from 1994
  Bookshelf: Broadcast News Added Sandman, Rubin and Sachsman's 1972 "Media Casebook; An Introductory Reader in American Mass Communications
Radio Stations
Added The Prairie Farmer and WLS: The Burrige Butler Years from 1959
  Bookshelf History of Telecasting Added Felix' 1931 Television Its Methods and Use. This book is part technical, part business and part the history of TV development
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added Intro to Mass Communications by Emery,  Ault &  Agee 2nd edition from1967
Added Out of the Blue by Crosby from 1952
Added People Society and Mass Communications by Emery ,3rd edition,1977 
Added Radio Television and Society by Siepmann from 1950
Added  Readings in Mass Communication by Emery, 3rd edition, 1977
Added Chains of Gold by Buzzard from 1990
Added The True Road to Radio by Ferranti from 1933
  Bookshelf: Broadcast Education Added Broadcasting in America by Head 4th Edition 1982
Added Broadcasting in America by Head 3rd Edition 1976
Added Foundations in Broadcasting by Willis from 1961
Added Television & Radio by Chester & Garrison 2nd Edition- 1956
Added Hilliard's "Radio Broadcasting; An Introduction to the Sound Medium" fro 1969
Added Broadcasting by Summers from 1966
Added Radio's Second chance from 1946 by Siepomann
Sep 4 Electronics Replaced June 1942 with a complete, 158 page Reference & Directory issue.
Sep 3 Bookshelf Sams Books Added 24 Sams and Sams Photofact books.
  Bookshelf: TAB Books Added two TAB technical books. In nearly all cases, the new books are listed on the top of the publication listings.
  Bookshelf: Rider Books Added three Rider books. They are at the top of the Rider page. One is the "Resonance and Alignment" one from 1936.
Sept 1 Practical Mechanics UK Added all remaining issues of 1946, completing this year.
Aug 31 Practical Mechanics UK Replaced January 1936 with a new scan with the full covers.
  Walrus! Added a new page for the mid to late 80's rock and radio music publication. Not the same as the more recent Canadian magazine with the same title.
  Network Publication Added the 1959 CBS annual report to shareholders.
  Modern Wireless UK Added  January and March 1932 and May 1931
Aug 30 Search: Bookshelf
Business of
 Rebuilt search for all "Business of Broadcasting" The entire collection is searchable as well as subsets by subject matter. Hundreds more books are now included in the search.
Aug 29 Our Hardware
& Software
Every so often I get an influx of inquiries about the hardware and software used for the site. There is a page we update every time we change equipment and the link is posted here.
  Electrician & Mechanic Added new page for this magazine starting in 1890 to 1914.
  Station Books Added "On Air", a history of radio in Saskatchewan
  Bookshelf: Biography Added the 1958 issue of Wisdom Magazine with and extensive article entitled "The Universe of David Sarnoff"
  Station Magazines - Miscellaneous Added an issue of CFUV, Victoria, BC, "Off Beat" from 1986
Added an issue of CHRW London, ON "Airshift" from March 1982
Added the 6th Anniversary album from KROQ in Long Beach / Los Angeles from 1992
Added an issue of the syndicated "GO" magazine from WFUN Miami from 1968
Added the 1983 edition of the WGMA Forest City, NC, Music Awards program magazine
  Proceedings of the IRE Added January 1953, the UHF Television issue.
  Station Magazines Added an issue of the CHRW, London, Ontario "Airshift" magazine.
Aug 28 Bookshelf: Early Radio Technology Added 25 books to the Early Technology section. They are in the top "new additions" section of the redesigned page with alphabetic title organization.
  The Radio Collector Added a page for this 90's magazine for old radio collectors and restorers.
  Early Radio Catalogs Added the Reed Radio Parts from Joplin, MO, 1941 parts catalog.
Added Atwater Kent 1929 catalog and price list.
  Radio Logs & Lists Added the 30's era Cunningham Radio Tours Map. It's a US map with all the radio stations plotted on them along with listings of all stations and some ads for Cunningham tubes.
  Bookshelf: History of Radio Added The Axis on the Air by Ettlinger from 1943; German propaganda and WW II
  Network Publications Added the April to December CBS radio network listings of sponsored and sustaining programs.
  Radio Club of America Added the Fall, 1960 Golden Jubilee issue.
  Short Wave & DXing Miscellaneous Added the Sams 1971 Short Wave Listener's Guide
  KWTO Dial Added the October 1950 issue of this local Springfield, MO, station magazine. There is a large collection of other station magazines on the site, too. They give a good view of local radio in the 30's though the beginning of the 50's.
  Billboard Added January 30 and January 23 1932
  Everyday Electronics UK Added September 1979- The first 12 years of publication of this magazine are now complete.
  Practical Computing UK Added January, May, June, July of 1983
  Radio Business Report Added January 22 2001
  Everybody's Radio Added November 1 1924
  Radio Logs & Lists Added the 1935 Radio Guide Mikeroscope Album and Logbook. A station list with illustrated bios of the biggest radio stars.
  Hobbyist Special Editions Added Electronics Projects You Can Make from 1958 from Fawcett
Added Electronics Illustrated Electronics Ideas from 1963
  Modern Era Collection Added the Collins Quality Standards book for equipment manufacturing
Aug 27 Everyday Electronics UK Added December 1982 and June, September, October and December of 1985
  Communications Technology CA Completed all but one issue of 1988 and 1989
  Radio Magazine Handbooks Added the 1935 first edition of the Radio Magazine Handbook edition.
  UK Collection Added the 1960, 1962 and 1963 issues of Top Pop Stars, an annual magazine about music luminaries.
  Canadian Collection Added five issues from 1981 of Canadian Data Systems
Added December 1981 issue of Audio Canada
  Arbitron Local Ratings Added 13 Philadelphia books from 1997 to 2000 and one New York City one from 1998
  Record Mirror UK Added January 21 and June 10, 1989
  Radio Life Added November 23, 1943
  Station Albums and Booklets Added a small souvenir booklet from WHK & WJAY in Cleveland dating before ownership of more than one AM station in a market or city was prohibited. While undated, it appears to be from the mid-30s.
  Television Factbook Added the Cable section Volume I from 2007
Added the Services Volume from 1968
Added the Services Volume from 1972
Added the 1979 Services Volume
Added full 2006 Station Volumes including LPTV services.
  Practical Computing UK Added May, June, July September and October of 1982
Aug 26 Radio Lists & Logs Added the 7th Edition of National Radio Club AM pattern book for 2013 showing on maps the directional pattern of North American AM radio stations.
  Everyday Engineering Added October and November of 1920 (October was the last issue published) and added new complete scans of September 1917, March, April and August of 1920
  Lafayette Catalogs Added #603 and #606 from 1960
  History: Radio & TV Added American Broadcasting "A Source Book on the History of Radio and Television" by Lichty and Topping from 1975
Added Radio Voices by Hilmes from 1997
  Broadcast Education Added the 1st edition of Hilliard's Writing for Television & Radio, and there are now five different editions available for comparison.
Added the 3rd edition of Radio Production by McLeish from 1994
  Bookshelf: Radio Programming Added Rockin' Down the Dial by Carson from 2000 about Detroit radio.
  History of Telecasting Added In the Storm of the Eye by Leonard from 1987
Added Who Killed CBS by Boyer from 1988
Added The Decade that Shaped Television News by Mickelson from 1998
Added The History of Television by Nardo
  BE Radio Added January 1994
  SAMS Books Added a group of SAMS technical books
ABC's of Vector Analysis 1963
Low Power Telecasting 1957
ABC's of Mobile Radio 1962
101 Ways to use your VOM and VTVM 1959
RF Interference Control Handbook 1957
Servicing AGC Systems 1956
Photofact Television Course from 1949
Fundamentals of Computer Math 1964
Technical Speller & Definition finder from 1955
Modern Dictionary of Electronics 2nd Edition 1963
  Beat Instrumental UK Added May 1965
Aug 25 Record World Added 29 issues from 1965 to 1975. They are marked with the red arrow.
  Proceedings of the IRE Added the huge December 1956 issue and 9 issues from 1953
  International Television Almanac Added the 1979 edition, We are now only missing 5 of the 59 editions of this TV directory which also has an extensive listing of TV and related field leaders.
  Ham Radio Today UK Added September and December of 1993
  Hobbies UK Added March 15 1961
  Hobby Electronics UK Added August 1982 and August 1983
  Practical Computing UK Added 11 issues from 1981 and 1982
Aug 23 Hobby Electronics UK Added June, July, August 1983 and January, February, April and August of 1984
Beat Instrumental UK Added January, February, March, April of 1966
  Bookshelf: Biography Added a July 1951 issue of Time Magazine with a cover story about David Sarnoff
  International Musician Added October 1948
  BE Radio Added September-October 1995 of this radio-only "sister" journal to BE.
  Wireless World UK Added the full set of "cards" for Series 16 of the Circard 1976 set.. They have been inserted at the beginning of Series 16 in the 1976 Circard Collection.
  Musical Express UK Added June 3 and June 10 1949
Aug 22

Early Radio Miscellanea
Early Radio Catalogs
Early Radio Hobbyist
Early Radio Programming

Divided all the miscellaneous, one time and short-run magazine listings into three sets as listed to the left. Also added a miscellaneous sub-menu on in the home page left-side alphabetical contents listing.

There were so many such publications that it was hard to find them.
  Technical Handbooks Consolidated a confusing set of four technical handbook publication pages into one single page with annual, periodic and one-time publications
  Tab Books Added How to Troubleshoot and Repair Electronic Circuits
Added Troubleshooting Microprocessors and Digital Logic
Added Impedence by Turner from 1976
  Early Radio Collection Added an undated descriptive brochure with a coverage map about a plan to build a national radio network using a system of repeaters and no leased lines.
  Bookshelf: Radio Programming Added the Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound in the United Sates by Marco from 1993
  Bookshelf: History of Broadcasting Added RCA's Why America Leads in Radio from 1922, a booklet describing the development of radio.
  Canadian Collection  CA Added our first issue of Radio Canada, dated April 1923. This was Volume 6, Number One, so the magazine likely began either 3 or 6 years before (6 month volumes were common then).
  Radio Pictorial UK Added July 1 1938 and May 26 1939 of this early Canadian radio hobbyist magazine.
  Radio Lists
and Logbooks
Added Hoff's Radio Trouble Finder and Station Book. A logbook with basic technology and an electrical and electronics dictionary.
Added the Buffalo Evening News radio log from 1935
Added a short radio log given as a customer reward by a cleaner in New York City; approximately 1926
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Added Gilbert Radiotelephone and Broadcasting by Tuska from 1922
  Hobby Electronics UK Added April 1983
  WSM Grand Ole Opry Added "Nashville's Grand Ole Opry from 1975
Added WSM Grand Ole Opry History Picture Book from 1964
  Sams Books Added Modern Dictionary of Electronics Second Edition} 1953
Added How to Read Schematic Diagrams 1967
Added ABC's of Varactors
Added ABC's of Boolean Algebra 1964
Added Citizens Band Radio 2nd Edition
Added Practical Transistor Theory 1964
Added Tube Substitution Handbook #3 from 1961
Aug 21 Hewlett Packard
Added all but a few of the printed HP / Hewlett Packard Journal from 1949 to 1998
There are over 450 issues. Please let us know if any do not download or there are other errors.
  Beat Instrumental UK Added all issues from 1967
Aug 20 WWJ Today is the 100th anniversary of the first broadcast of WWJ in Detroit. Here is a book covering its earliest history.
  Wireless Constructor UK Added February, March, May, June, July, August and October 1931 and April 1933
  Beat Instrumental UK Added a new section for this UK music magazine which began in 1963. 13 issues are now listed.
  Everyday Electronics UK Added 6 issues from 1991 and 1992
Aug 18 Wireless
Constructor UK
Added four issues from 1930 and two from 1932 as we rapidly expand the collection of this magazine.
Aug 16 Wireless
Constructor UK
Added 12 issues from 1928 and 1929; several of these are replacements for less complete issues (and several still have missing pages).
  Lafayette Catalogs Added Catalog 55D from 1934 from 1963
  Bookshelf: Radio Programming Added "Radio Broadcasts of Will Rogers"
  Grand Ole Opry Added the 1979 Picture History Book
Added the 1957 Souvenir Program (Col 1 No 2)
Added the book The Grand Ole Opry by Krishef frm 1978
  Bookshelf: Biography Added Marconi: Wireless on Cape Cod by Whatley
  RCA Manuals Added 6 manuals from the 30's, 40's and 50s for RCA Receiving Tubes
  Proceeding of the IRE Added the 1962 50th Anniversary commemorative issue with over 1100 pages of information and reports from the half-century of the IRE.
Aug 14 Stereophile Added the July/October 1963 issue
  Modern Era Radio Collection Added a number of "Selling Smarter" from sales consultant Irwin Pollack.
  Early Radio Collection Added the NBC report on its 1940 early FM field tests.
Added the RCA 1921 "Radio Apparatus for Amateur and Experimental Use"
  Ham Radio Today UK Added March, 1988
  Wireless Magazine UK Added May 1933
  Network Publication Added the 1933 NBC Study of the Network Advertising of Automotive.
Aug 13 Wireless
Constructor UK
Added 5 issues from 1927 and they are marked with the usual red arrow
  Short Wave Collection Added a new section with miscellaneous booklets, publications, catalogs and club journals about short wave listening and DX in general. We welcome contributions to this section.
Includes 39 issues of the BBC's London Calling and 13 other publications and magazines.
  Canadian Collection Added several issues of Radio News of Canada from the 1920's as well as consolidating a number of Canadian publications on this page.
  Radio Pictorial UK Added September 25 1936
  Disc UK Added November 5 1960
  Musical Express UK Added all issues from May 1949
  Practical Computing UK Added 6 issues: 3 from 1980, and one each from 1982 and 1989
Aug 9 Radio Club of America Added two collections of the Proceedings of the Radio Club of America, 1931-1933 and 1934-1937. The Radio Club of America had some of the profession's best engineers and inventors such as Armstrong, Fressenden, DuMont, Hazeltine, Sarnoff, Link (the first portable phone)and many others.
  Annual of
Advertising Art
Added the 40th edition from 1961 with the "best" print ads from the prior year.
Added the 33rd edition from 1954
We include these to show the state of advertising in many of the the various years and decades this site covers.
  Bookshelf: Rider Added the 1937 edition "Aligning Philco Receivers"
  Hobbyist Special
Added Electronics Illustrated Radio Repair annuals for 1967 and 1970
  Radio Logbooks Added the 1962 Winegard Station finder, a big map of FM stations and, on the other side, a list of all licensed US FM stations.
  Radio & Electronics Courses Added the 1995 NRI Computer course, the 1970 NRI Radio & Electronics course and the 1965 NRI Radio, Television & Electronics Dictionary.
Added three volumes of the NRI Radio & Television Technical Data for Graduates
Added NRI Journal 50th anniversary issue from 1964
Added NRI late 90's sales brochure for computer training.
  Early Radio
Programming Collection
Added The Story of Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen. This is a "Big Little Book" and it measures about 3" square. The original was in F- shape, but we restored much of it. It's a listener-targeted period piece and shows how important radio shows were in The Golden Age.
  Sylvania News Added most 1953-1954 "Sylvania News Technical Section" from 1953 and 1954. These were 4 to 6 page technology publications, not the same as the regular Sylvania News. (Look in left column for a link)
  Stereophile Added the 1971-1983 Synopsis
Added 10 issues from 1983 to 1985 and they are marked with the usual red arrow.
  Practical Wireless UK Added one week from April 1940 and combined all the other April issues into a single month file
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added Sposa's Television Primer of Production and Direction from 1947
Added Siegel's Air You Can Sell from 1999
  Bookshelf: Education and Training Added a short introduction to radio by Bill Balcziak from 1989 "Radio: Communication Today and Tomorrow"
  Network Publications Added NBC's 1937 "NBC: 35 Hours a Day"
Added NBC's late 40's "Measuring Network Sales Power"
Added the 1933 and 1935 editions of "Automotive Industry and Network Broadcast Advertising"
Added the 1922 "Building Industry and Network Broadcast Advertising" from 1933
Aug 8 NAB Publications Added the 1988 second edition of "Buying or Building a Broadcast Station". A guide to getting into station ownership from the National Association of Broadcasters.
  Record Mirror  UK Added December 21 1963
  Grand Ole Opry Added "A Story of the Grand Ole Opry" from 1953
Added a 1974 souvenir program from an actual Opry show in July.
  Arbitron Added the 1987 Description of Methodology for the diary radio ratings.
  Lafayette Catalogs Added #654 from 1965
  Communications Technology Added October 1987 to October 1988, and 3 issues from 1989. Added Jan, March, April and June 1999 and July 2000
  Billboard Added August 1 1936
  Everyday Electronics Added January 1991, October 1992, February and December 1987
Aug 7 Early Radio
New Sections
Divided the "miscellaneous" Early Radio section into four parts:
Catalogs covering sales literature, catalogs and promotional flyers for radio gear
Programming with publications about program schedules, stars and stations
Hobbyist with magazines and booklets for constructors and experimenters
Assorted for everything else that does not fit in the above categories.
  CB Radio Magazines Added 21 issues of CB Radio
Added  3 issues of CB World
Added 3 issues of CB Citizens Band
Added 1 issue of UK publication "Breaker on the Side"
Added 12 booklets, annual guides and even a couple of CB magazines from France!
  Wireless World Added 30 sets of the Wireless World Circards, which were descriptive resumes of common circuits with typical data and a schematic.
  Bookshelf Biography Added a 1941 printing of Coe's Marconi Pioneer of Radio
  Bookshelf Education Added Writing for Radio and Television, 4th and 5th editions. There are now 4 of these books, from 1962 to 1991 and they can be compared to show the changes over three decades.
  Grand Ole Opry Added two more souvenir editions of the Grand Ole Opry picture and history book.
  Broadcast Weekly Added 10 issues from late 1935, shortly before this Pacific Coast station schedule magazine ceased publication. This magazine was notable due to its coverage of shortwave as well as area AM stations.
  Wireless Magazine UK Added August, October and November of 1934
  Everyday Electronics UK Added September 1995
Aug 6 Broadcast Engineering Added March, 1965 which had been improperly labeled. Now it can be viewed.
  Stereophile Added Spring 1966 and 12 issues from 1984 to 1986
  Lafayette Catalogs Added catalogs 664 from 1966, 652 from 1965 and 663 from 1966
  Broadcaster Canada Added 5 issues from 2010 and 2014
Aug 5 Musical Express UK Added all five issues from April of 1949
  Practical Computing UK Added November 1981, August and November 1982, October 1983 and the Index from January 1984 to December 1985
Aug 3 Catalogs and Manuals Added Eimac 1951 Care and Feeding of Power Tetrodes
Added Eimac Broadcast Tubes 1952
Added Eimac Power Grid Tubes 1969 Quick Reference
Added Eimac Power Grid Tubes 1975 Quick Reference
Added Eimac Transmitting Tube Manual Vol 1 1965
Added Eimac Tube Manual for Pentodes and Tetrodes 1975
Added Eimac Tube Manual Vol. 2 1966
Added Eimac Tubes 1948
Added Eimac Tubes 1950
Added Eimac Tubes 1955
  Disc  UK Added August 22 and 29 1959 and the "Emergency Lists" published in June and July of 1959 during a printer strike in the UK.
  Practical Wireless Added the fold-out schematics and diagrams for the following (They are now pages 2 and 3 of each issue):
June 1962 Troubador Radio and Everest Tuner
October 1962 Strand Amplifier and Signal Generator
November 1962 Savoy VHF Tuner and Mayfair Preamp
December 1962 Berkley Bass Reflex Loudspeaker and Luxembourg Tuner
May 1965 Empire Seven Radio
June 1965 Electronic Hawaiian Gutar
  Early Radio Assorted Added a single issue of "the other" Radio Digest from May, 1922. Note that the cover is definitely not a correct image today, but this magazine is 98 years old and reflects the times. This magazine appears not to have endured as the very significant Radio Digest went on well into the 30's.
  Disc  UK Added December 20 and December 27 1958. This completes the year 1958, from the very first issue of the magazine up to the last one for the year.
Aug 2 Everyday Electronics UK Added 18 issues from the 80's and 90's. They are marked with red arrows
  Ham Radio Today UK Added November 1989 and March, 1983
  SAMS Books Added Getting the Most out of Vacuum Tubes from 1959
Added the Photofact CB Radios set from 1978
Added Solid State Power Supplies and Converters by Lytel from 1974
Added The Recording and Reproduction of Sound by Read from 1953
  Practical Computing UK Added April 1983
  Practical Mechanics Added July and December 1940, March 1941, May 1942 and May 1949.
  Bookshelf: Rider Added Vacuum Tube Rectifiers by Schure from 1958
Added Automatic Frequency Control Systems from 1937
Added FM Transmission and Reception, 2nd Edition, 1954
Added How to Use Meters from 1960
Added Rider Index Vol 23 from 1954
Added Inside the Vacuum Tube from 1945
Added The Cathode Tube at Work from 1935
  Bookshelf:: Business of Broadcasting Added Selling Radio: 1920-1934 by Smulyan
Added Introduction to Radio by Massey from 1995
  RCA Catalogs Added a collection of video tube data sheets from 1940 to 1952
Added the 1935 Radiotron Chart
Added the 1941 Phototubes brochure
Added 1959 RCA 7199 Triode Tube data sheet
Added 1938 Air Cooled Transmitting Tubes data sheets and manual
Added 1935 All New Radio Metal Tubes
Added the 1972 BTF 5D FM transmitter brochure
Added the RCA Industrial Receiving Tubes from 1959
Added the 1960 Interchangeability Directory
Added the 1960 Manual de Válvulas de Recepción
Added 1970 MOS FET Biasing Techniques
Added 1963 Nuvistor Tubes technical brochure
Added 1964 Nuvistor Reference Guide
Added 1967 Nuvistors for Industry and Military
Added 1975 Picture Tube Product Guide
Added 1937 Receiving Tube Manual
Added 1948 Special Red Tubes brochure and tech sheets
Added RCA Stereo FM Signal Simulator WR-51 data sheet
  RCA Plain Talk Added April and May of 1966
  RCA Books Added Vacuum Tube Design from 1940
Added Electron Tube Design from 1962
Added Electron Tubes 1935-1941
Added Electron Tube 1942-1948
Added Guide for Transmitting Tubes from 1942
Added Radiotron Designer's Handbook 4th Edition, 1953
Added Radiotron Manual R-10 from 1932
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Added Volumes I to 4 of Everyman's Guide to Radio from Popular Radio from 1926
Added Complete Edition from 1927
  Grand Ole Opry Added the 1952 and 1957 souvenir booklets to the collection; we have obtained several more of these booklets and several books on the history of America's longest running radio show and they will appear shortly.
  Communications Technology Added July 1989
  Melody Maker  UK Added July 31 and August 14, 1971
  Electronics Illustrated Replaced January 1972 with an issue with no missing pages.
  Sales & Service
Added large-format books with late-40's to early 50's schematics for TV sets by Du Mont, Admiral, Philco, General Electric and RCA Victor
  Stereophile Added Spring-Summer 1967 and January 1987
  Practical Computing UK Added February, August (better copy) and September of 1983
  Bookshelf: Business of Radio Added "Radio Salesmanship" by Palmer, 4th edition, 1943.(This is the Palmer of WOC and WHO and the Palmer Chiropractic school in Iowa).
  Bookshelf: Gernsback Added Library 42 High Fidelity Techniques
Added Library 65 Servicing Color TV
Added A to Z Audio by Biggs from 1961
Added Designing and Building HiFi Furniture by Markell from 1959
Added Marine Radio for Pleasure Craft from 1960
Added Transistors and How to Test Them from 1961
  Lafayette Catalogs Added #644 from 1964, #663 from 1966 and 652 from 1965
  Early Radio Catalogs Added a new page for catalogs and sales brochures up to WW II.
Added the 1941 Graybar catalog, with over 1000 pages of electronic and electrical supplies and parts as well as radio sets. Graybar was a major supplier, particularly in the 30's and 40's.
  Wireless World UK Replaced compilation issues with full issues with ads and covers from February, April and May 1982 and July 1960
Aug 1 Bookshelf: Technical Added volumes 1,2,3 and 5 of Reference Data for Radio Engineers from Federal Telephone ad Radio, later IT&T.
Jul 31 Stereophile Added over 60 issues from the late 80's and early 90's.
All the issues in the collection so far are searchable.
Jul 30 National Radio Club Added DX News from the NRC from 1960 to 2010. This club is the oldest and largest North American AM radio DX club.
Jul 29 Bookshelf: Technical Reorganized entire page with Alphabetical-by-Title listings to make perusing and finding easier.
  Communications Technology Added a new section for this cable TV industry magazine Our first batch consists of most issues from 1984 to 1987.
 Also added issues from 1999 and 2000 and a single issue from 2001
  Billboard Added January 23, 1932 and April 11 1936
  Hobbies UK Added February 8 1962
  Wireless World UK Added a full edition with ads of the December 1959 issue
Jul 28 Wireless World UK Added these sets of issues including the many (MANY!) pages of fascinating advertisements: May 1955, April 1956, July 1961, October 1967
Added Indices fro 1938 for Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec
  Electronics Added our first issues from 1972 and 1973
Jul 26 Practical Wireless UK Added the "Datacard System" from 1973-1974. These cards were inserts to the magazine and are very hard to find. One of the site users made a kind contribution of these nice scans.
  Popular Electricity Added May 1911
  Proceedings: Radio Club of America Added a number of 1920's issues of the Radio Club of America, the oldest radio association which included some of the industry's foremost inventors and pioneers.
  Popular Electronics Replaced all except July and December of 1971 with much better copies
  Hobbies UK Added June 1 1960, May 30, 1962 and March 1 1961
  Wireless World UK Added a complete copy, with all ads, of the October 1965 issue
  Practical Mechanics UK Added December 1935
  Hobby Electronics UK Added the first issue of this magazine from November of 1978
  Electronics Digest UK Added Winter 1980
  Grundig Tecnische Informationen Added 19 issues to this German-language technical magazine from Grundig.
Jul 25 Bookshelf: Early Radio Technology Redesigned this page to have all books listed alphabetically by title. This should make finding  the one you want to inspect a bit more convenient. Let us know if you like this layout and it will be applied to all the other book pages (gradually... this was a 6-hour project for just one page!)
  Call Letter Added the publications of the Northwest Vintage Radio Society and they are searchable!
Jul 24 Australia:
Added the Australian Broadcasting Authority 1992 AM Channel Assignments
Added the Australian Broadcasting Authority Commercial Radio Inquiry
Added 13 Annual ABA reports from 1992 to 2004
  Bookshelf: RCA Books Added a new section with books from RCA. These include many that were on various other pages on this site, but also includes these new ones:
Added a series of 10 RCA Handbooks from 1969 to 1971 about different classes of tubes.
Added the 1968 RCA Hobby Circuits Manual
  Practical Computing Added three issues from 1980
  Ratings & Research Collection Added Goldsmith's 1949 presentation to national advertisers "Television Status and Trends"
  WSM Grand Ole Opry Added a separate section for publications about WSM-Nashville's legendary radio show.
Rider Technical Books
Replaced the Rider Receiving Tube Substitution Guide and its 3 supplements with better scans.
  Bookshelf:  Technology Added Benrey's Electronics for Everybody from 1970
Added Audel's Radiomans Guide from 1948
Added Radio and Television Engineer's Reference Book by Molloy from 1954 (1700 pages!)
Added Television Receiver Design by Uitjens from 1953
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Technology Added Radio Physics Course by Ghirardi from 1933
NOTE: See item on July 25 changes regarding page redesign.
  Ratings & Research Collection Added a new section with miscellaneous brochures, flyers, research reports and other documents about audience measurement of radio & TV.
Added A Study of the Television Viewing Behavior of Favorites "TVQ" from 1965
Added Automotive Industry & Network Behaviour 1935 and 1936
Added Nielsen Television '67
  Cablecasting Added a new section for the Journal of the Society of Cable Television Engineers and included the first 8 issues, all from the early 70's.
  Melody Maker  UK Added January 10, March 14, April 11 and April 18 1970 and June 5 1971
  James Petrillo Replaced the July 1937 article from Esquire magazine with a better scan. This article was written before Petrillo took national control of the AFM. A fascinating read!
  Amateur Wireless  UK Added November 22, 1924 and completed February and March of 1925 (they are now in a single file for each month containing all of that month's issues)
  Lafayette Catalogs Added the Concord (formerly Lafayette) 1948 catalog and the Lafayette 9-54 from 1954
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added four volumes of the TM Century "Master Plan" sales aid materials. This service was intended to make sales and commercial production more effective, particularly for smaller market US radio stations.
  Home Study Courses Added the Industrial Training Institute Radio and TV Service course from 1956
  Radio Logbooks Added "Around the World with Tung-Sol Radio Log" from 1935
  Arbitron Added the 1983 ADI Market Rank listing
  Stereophile Added November 1988, completing the year. We have a package of nearly 50 more Stereophile issues on their way so check back if you like this high-end audio magazine.
  Billboard Added January 27, 1934. January 26, 1935
Jul 23 Practical Mechanics Added January 1946
  Short Wave  UK Added January 1988
  Electronics Today  UK Added several of the long-missing issues: two from 1973 and three from 1974, leaving only three issues needed to complete the collection.
  Electronics Today CA Added three issues from the Canadian ETI from 1985, 1986 and 1987
  Stereophile Added 6 issues from 1962, 1963 and 1964 which were the magazine's first three years as a high-end audio publication.
  Coyne Electrical School Added the 1942 "Electricity: Gateway to Opportunity" promotion book and registration forms, course schedules and other associated enrollment materials (at end of brochure) These brochures were "immense" tabloid size and very attractive.
Added the 1951 "Electricity Television and Radio" recruitment brochure.
  Heathkit Catalogs Added Christmas issues for 1975, 1980 and 1982 and Fall 1984, Spring 1976 and Winter for 1970 and 1971
History of Radio
Added Radio and Television in Cuba Pre-Castro by Salwin from 1994
Added The Annals: Radio The Fifth Estate from 1935 (periodical issue dedicated to radio topics)
Added The Sound and the Story by Looker from 1995
Added Hogan's The Outline of Radio" from 1925, and early "how it works and how it is done" book.
  Bookshelf: United Kingdom Added Predy's Radio 270 Life on the Ocean Waves (Yorkshire pirate radio) from 2002
Added 25 Years on TV by Joseph from 1980
Added the Daily Mail TV handbook from 1952
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added Law of Mass Communications by Nelson & Teeter, 5th Edition from 1986. We also have the 4th Edition available.
Added Radio Advertising by Schulberg from 1989
Added American Broadcasting and the First Ammendment by Powe from 1987
Added Cutting Through Strategies by Ed Shane from 1991
Added Radio Airplay by Hustwit from 1992
Added Broadcast Lawe and Regulation by Bittner from 1982
  Bookshelf: Education Added Television Explained by Miller from 1947
Added Music on the Air by Kinscella from 1934
Added Hilliard's Writing for Television and Radio, 3rd edition from 1976
Note: We attempt to provide multiple editions of textbooks so that the changes in the radio and TV industries can be reviewed.
  Bookshelf: Biography Added Tebbel's "David Sarnoff: Putting Electrons to Work" from 1963
Jul 22 Practical Mechanics UK Replaced March 1937, January 1936, January 1935, May 1941 with complete copies including covers.
  Hobby Electronics Added February 1979, May and July 1979, May 1980 and April 1981
  Practical Wireless UK Added September 1935, November 1940
Jul 18 Stereophile Added 11 issues from 1988
  Broadcast Equipment Catalogs and Brochures Added a collection of one-sheets and catalogs from AEL from around 1976.
Added a set of Belar one-sheets from around 1985
Added a set of Collins consoles and transmitters from the70's
Added a set of catalogs from Delta from 1986 and a CQuam brochure from the same year.
Added Auditronics catalogs from 1982
Added McCurdy catalogs, likely from 70's.
Added Wheatsonte Console brochures from, possibly the 80's.
Added Techniques SP 25 turntable brochure
Added Mid-80's TFT catalogs and one sheets
Added McMartin one-sheets from around 1976
Added  Motorola CQuam brochures from 1984
  Collins Equipment Added the 1964-65 Communications equipment catalog.
  Billboard Added January 28 1933and March 20 1920
  Hobbies Added 16 issues from 1953 to 1962
  Practical Wireless UK Added July 1935
Jul 16 Electronics Added two issues from 1971
  Service Added a new section for the publication of the Australian Radio College with 10 issues from 1945 to 1948: "A Digest of Electronic News and Views" is its self-description.
  Writers and
If you have written a paper, thesis, dissertation or produced a video or audio presentation based on early radio content and would like to share it, let us know!
Jul 15 Popular Electronics
Special Editions
Added all the ´"Electronics Experimenter's Handbook" editions from 1957 to 1996 to the bottom of the Popular Electronics page with thumbnail illustrations of the cover of each. We are looking for the missing ones.
Jul 14 An Improvement As we edit each magazine or book page, we will be changing the conventions to assist persons who are color blind or have difficulty discerning shades of colors. In the future, we will try to list all missing issues in italics as well as in a light color. New additions will be noted with a red triangle symbol and incomplete issues (missing pages) with a dark square ■. 
July 11 Electronics Added 19 more issues from the 60's thanks to a site user contribution! they are all marked with a red arrow
All issues are now searchable including the ability to just search one decade.
Jul 10 Scanners I am often asked how I pick scanners for this website. I have a dealer who carries all brands and models from small home office ones to giant devices for banks, insurance companies and the like.
The company is cleverly named Scantastik! and you can click on the "Scanner" word to the left to see their array of offerings. Good prices, good people. Of course, I recommend Kodak Alaris products.
  Electronics Added issues from 1962, 1963, 1970 and 1971. We finished the "big batch" that was donated (17 boxes and several hundred pounds) so any that are missing from the list are needed.
  Nikola Tesla Today is the birthday of Nikola Tesla, born in 1856. We have several biographies and other books about him at the Biography bookshelf section.
Jul 9 Bookshelf: History of Television Added MacDonald's 1982 "Black and White: Afro Americans in TV since 1948". We made an effort to obtain publications relevant to US broadcasting and racial issues and this is the first we have received. It gives an interesting historical perspective to our current issues.
  Electronics Added the April 17, 1980 issue. At nearly 600 pages, it is a commemoration of the first 50 years of the magazine with very interesting articles and retrospectives. It's listed on the left-hand sidebar
Added 17 issues from 1968 and 1969. We still have another 15 or so issues to scan, completing the major collection given to the site.
  Stereophile Added 7 issues from the 70's. They are marked with red arrows.
  Studio Sound Added March 1972. This leaves only 12 issues missing over the 1959-2002 history of the magazine.
  SRDS Spot Radio Added the oldest Spot Radio Rates & Data, from March of 1945. This publication, issued monthly, had information on every commercial US radio station as well as the current rate card.
  Bookshelf: Biography Added "The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century" by Lomas from 1999
Coyne School
Added the large and highly illustrated recruitment brochure from 1933 and also a flyer and student letter for the Chicago World's Fair from 1933
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added "What About Radio" by Goode from 1937. A discussion of the use of radio for advertising.
Jul 8 Amateur Wireless UK Added September 24 1932
  Hobbies UK Added January 19, 25 1961
  Television UK Added "Television and Short Wave" for April and July of 1936, completing that year
  Practical Computing UK Added May, September and December of 1980
Jul 6 Wireless Magazine UK Added July 1934
  Radio Logbooks Added the 1933 Answers World Radio Atlas Gazetteer and Logbook. Little book, long name!
  Bookshelf: Gernsback Added the 1927 "Numbered Edition" Radio Encyclopedia
  Gavin Report Added a much better scan of "On the Air" from 1998, an album with the subtitle of "Forty Years that Shaped the Sound of America" with the story of contemporary music radio.
  Billboard Added January 14, 1933
  Billboard Airplay Monitor Added March 31 2006
  Hobbies Added Feb 1, 1961
  Bookshelf: Regulations Added Mass Communications Law, 2nd Edition by Gillmor and Barron from 1974
  Bookshelf: History of Television Added CBS: Reflections in a Bloodshot Eye by Metz from 1975
  Bookshelf: Listening to Radio Added "Tune In Tomorrow" by Mary Jane Higby from 1966
  Bookshelf: Commentary Added "Media Events: Live Broadcasting of History" by Katz and Dayan from 1992
  Bookshelf: Radio History Added "Farm Broadcasting: The First 60 Years", by Baker from 1981
  Wireless World Added complete copies of the issues from January to June of 1926 and included the index for that period.
  Popular Wireless UK Added January 1937, September 1930, April 1936
  Everyday Electronics UK Replaced July 1977 and March 1979 with complete copies.
Jul 5 Popular Electronics Fixed the 1981 year where issues from a decade prior were coming up. Links now show the correct year and month.
Jul 4 Electronics Added 45 issues from the 60's and 1970. They are highlighted with an arrow
  Coyne School Added "Gateway To Opportunity" 1927 potential student recruitment brochure.
Added the 3 volume Reference Set from 1943
Added "Electronics for Electricians and Radio men"
Added the 1950 Student Manual for Industrial Electronics from 1950
  R&R Anniversary
Replaced the 20th, 25th and 30th anniversary issues with better scans from a better original.
This is a reminder that our scans can only be as good as our originals. If you have a better or more complete copy of a publication, let us know!
  Bookshelf: Biography Added: Looking Ahead The Papers of David Sarnoff from 1968
Added: Marconi's Battle for Radio by Birch & Cornfield from 1996
Added: Tesla: Man Out of Time by Heney from 1981
Added Whisper in the Air: Marconi the Canada Years by MacLeod from 1996
Added Nikola Tesla; Inventions Researches and Writings by Martin from 1995
Added Two Princes of Science: Edison and Marconi by Hudson from early 20th Century
Added: Guglielmo Marconi The Great Nobel Prizes by Gunston from 1970
Added "Marconi! by Jolly from 1972
Added Tesla by Cawthorne
Added Tesla the Modern Sorcerer by Stewart
Repaired missing links
  HiFi Stereo Review Added the first issue from February 1958 when it was called "HiFi Music Review"
Added May 1951
  Stereophile Added three issues from 1973
  Logs & Station Lists Added the U.S Department of Commerce "Commercial and Government Radio Stations" for 1929 and 1930.
Jul 2 Television UK Added June. July, November and December of 1928, completing the first year of this magazine
  Coyne School Added "10 Shop Prints and Wiring Diagrams" from 1955 and three 1950 sets of lessons: Alternating Current, Basic Electricity and Wiring and Repair.
  Stereophile Added a new section for Stereophile, a high-end audio magazine which started in 1962. We will only cover the first 3 decades since this title continues to be published.
  Wireless UK Added July 1926
  Practical Computing UK Added December 1981
  Ham Radio Added index for content of all issues from 1968 to 1990. Look for the link in the left-hand column.
Jul 1 Television Added December 1935, February 1929 and August and September of 1931
Added April August, September, October 1928. The April issue is the UK edition. The US edition is now linked separately right underneath.
  Popular Wireless UK Added May 1935  and December 1936 issues (each file has all of that month's weekly issues)
  Disc UK Added October 15, 22 and 29 1960
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