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Dec 30 Mix Magazine Added the 20th Anniversary issue which is listed in the left hand column
Added all issues from 1997 including the annual directory.
  Early Radio Catalogs Added 13 different radio and radio parts suppliers and vendors from the late 1919's, 1920's and early 1930's. These show consumer radios, parts, antennas and other radio and electronics items.
Dec 28 General Radio Added four books / booklets about General Radio, three anniversary brochures, several years of the General Radio News, the employee magazine,  and several miscellaneous publications. They are listed in the left column.
  Handbooks: ARRL Radio Amateur Handbook Added the 1929 and 1940 editions
  R&R HotFax
Added issues from 2003 to 2009. There are nearly 300 issues in this new section.
  Hamilton Report Added 4 issues from 1972 and 1973
  Tele-Tech Added improved copy of June 1947
  db Magazine Added Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr and Jul-Aug of 1992. There are now just 5 issues needed to complete this collection..
  Practical Wireless  UK Added 3 issues from 1034 and one from 1935
  Canada: Miscellaneous Added the September 1925 issue of Radio News of Canada
  Mix Magazine Added all issues from 1996
Added October 1979. April 1981, June and December 1984, August to November of 1996 , November 1993,
All issues are searchable now.
Dec 26 Radio Pictorial  UK Added 5 issues from 1938
  Radio Logs and Lists Added 11 issues of the Department of Commerce "Radio Stations in the United States" from 1913 to 1921. The DoC regulated U.s. radio prior to the Federal Radio Commission and the FCC.
  Bookshelf: Tubes and Tube technology Added a new Bookshelf category for publications specifically about tubes (valves) and "hollow state" technology. Nearly 90 books have been added.
  Practical Wireless  UK Added five complete months from 1939. Each file contains all four or five issues from that month of this weekly magazine
Dec 24 Station Albums and Booklets Added a 1947 promotional booklet from KXLW in Clayton, Missouri. If you are not familiar with the practice, from the 1920's well into the 1950's, stations often did promotional booklets like this one which profiles the station, its personalities and staff and its programming. We have hundreds of booklets covering the first half-century of radio.
  Downbeat Magazine Consolidated a group of Down Beat issues that were on the "Music-Miscellaneous" page with the full Down Beat page.
  Mix Magazine Added December 1982
Added all issues from 1995
Added a variety of special issues; they are listed in the left-hand column.
  Radio Life Added October 24 from 1948 from this Southern California radio and TV magazine with artist and show features and program schedules. This one features "Bob Hope and his Tenth".
Dec 23 Practical Wireless Added full issues for April and August of 1939. As always, when a complete month of a smaller sized publication is obtained, we put all biweekly or weekly issues in one PDF
  Radio World Added Most issues from 1998.
Added most issues from 2001
Added most issues from 2013
Added most issues from 2006
Added many issues from 2009
Added all but one issues from 2011
Added all but one issue from 2012
Added all but one issues from 2014
Added all but one issue from 2015
Added all but one issue from 2016
And more are coming!
  Nothing New? It may appear that there is very little new in the last several weeks.

Precisely the opposite is true. We have received an immense quantity of donations and our "office" and much of the garage is filling up. So we've done some intense scanning work to restore things to "normalcy".

As we get to the point where we can see the office floor again we will add lots of great new things, ranging from two decades of Mix to several decades more of "Hobbies" from the UK and many more years of the radio technical and management magazine Radio World from the 90's and 00's
  Help Us Grow Much of the growth of this site comes from contributions. Please let us have scans or original copies of missing magazines. We will provide prepaid shipping labels in the US and shipping assistance in the UK, so let us know if you want to help..
  FM Magazine Added September 1942
  Gavin Report Added one issue from 1975 and full years of 1976, 1977  and 1978 from this radio industry "tip sheet" showing station song adds, moves and drops each week.
When we have a complete month, they are consolidated into one PDF on this site.
  Handbooks: ARRL Radio Amateur Handbook Added Handbooks from 1975. 1941 and 1927s
Dec 17 Music Technology
(Electronics & Music Maker)
Added 10 issues from 1986 to 1992. This was the "second generation" of the magazine that began as Electronics and Music Maker, now separated from electronics kit manufacturer Maplin
Dec 15 Mix Magazine Added all issues from 1994
Dec 14 Handbooks: ARRL Radio Amateur Handbook Created a new and separate page just for the ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbooks.
  Mix Magazine Added 8 issues from 1992
Added all issues from 1991
Added 10 issues from 1993
Dec 12 Handbooks: ARRL Radio Amateur Handbook Added the 9th edition of the ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook from 1932
Added the 10th edition of the ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook from 1933
Added the 48h edition of the ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook from 1971s
  Mix Magazine Added all issues from 1988, 1989 and 1990.
Lafayette Catalogs Added Catalog #56 from 1935
  Hobbies UK Added July 24 1909
Added March 28 1931
  Electronics & Music Maker Added issue from October 1981 and February of 1984
  Early Radio Programming Added "Stars of the Radio" from "Broadcast Weekly" magazine from 1932. Network and local station artist pictures and biographies.
Dec 10 Mix Magazine Added 12 issues from 1985 and the TEC Awards special publication.
Added January to April of 1986
Added 12 issues from 1987
  Bookshelf: Regulation and Legal Added The Politics of Canadian Broadcasting 1920-1951 by Peers from 1969
  Bookshelf: History Added: Broadcast and Be Damned The ABC's First Two Decades Thomas 1980
Added: Prairie Farmer and WLS Butler Years Evans 1969
  Bookshelf: Biography Added: Fessenden Builder of Tomorrow by Fessenden from 1940
Added: My First 10,000,000 Sponsors Edwards 1956
  Bookshelf: Radio Programming Added: Adam 'n' Henry by Correll & Gosden 1924 (Caution: offensive racially offensive content)
Added: The Great Radio Comedians Harmon 1970
Added: The Great Radio Heroes Harmon 1967
Added: The Life and Death of Tin Pan Alley Ewen 1964
Dec 9 Amateur Wireless UK Added 7 issues from 1931. They are underlined.
  Catalogs: Radio's Master Added Radio Electronic Master, 27th edition form 1963. These publications are a listing of ever manufacturers parts, components and products.
  Handbooks: ARRL Radio Amateur Handbook Added the ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook from 1972
  NAB Engineering Handbook Added the 9th Edition of the NAB Engineering Handbook from 1999
Note: this collection is provided for historical reference. The latest edition is recommended for accurate and current data.
  Early Radio Catalogs Added the 1948 National Radio Products catalog and various one-sheets. National made ham and shortwave receivers as well as precision components.
  City and State Radio & TV Magazines Added a single issue of the Maine TV Radio News Guide from September |953. Articles about local radio and new TV stations opening in the post-freeze year.
  Broadcast Engineering Added May and June of 1989. Just 6 issues needed to complete this magazine.
Dec 7 Mix Magazine Added 67 issues from the 1980's of Mix and 4 issues of "M.I", a sister publication, from 1980
We will be adding several year's of Mix at two to three day intervals during December.
  Hobbies UK Added three issues from 1960. They are underlined
Dec 6 Bookshelf; History of Radio & TV Added: Air of Salvation by Ward 1994 
Added: Broadcasting in India Aswathy 1965 
Added: Clear Vision by Bunzel (A positive view published by Clear Channel)
Added: History of Television by Marschall from 1986 
Added: I Looked and I Listened by Gross 1970 
Added: Radio Nation by Hayes 2000 (Radio and Politics in Mexico)
Added: Total Television Programming 1948 1991 by McNeil
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added: Gateway to Radio by Firth & Erskine from 1934
  Bookshelf: Legal and Regulatory Added;; The Law of Mass Communication by Davis 1927
  Bookshelf: Biography and Personal Stories Added: The Early Days of Wheeler and Hazeltine Corp by Wheeler 1982
Added: As It Happened by William Paley 1979
Added: Americans Hail Rush Limbaugh By King & Morris 1994
  Bookshelf: Radio Programming Added: Radio Round Up's by Gurman & Slager from 1932
Dec 5 Amateur Wireless UK Added 8 issues from 1931
  Radio World
(Modern Era Edition)
Added all issues from 1988
Added all issues from 1994
Added all issues from 1995
Note: in 1994 and 1995, there was a monthly "magazine" in addition to the fortnightly Radio World; we have 6 of them from 1995.
  Short Wave Magazine UK Added the June 1946 issue. With this edition, the collection is complete from 1937 through
Dec 3 Radio's Master Added issues from 1947, 1962, 1965. 1965 and 1969
  Amateur Wireless UK Added five issues from 1930 and 1931
  Breakfast Club Added the 1950 Yearbook from Don McNeil's Breakfast Club network radio show.
  Record Mirror UK Added 3 issues from 1988
Added 1 issue from 1987
Dec 2 Record Mirror UK Added two issues from 1985
Added five from 1987
Added one from 1986
  Bookshelf: Handbooks Added the ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook from 1952
  Radio's Master Added the Radio Electronic Master 20th edition from 1956
Added the Radio Electronic Master 27th edition from 1963
Note: these are larger files of over 100mb and will be a slow download.
  Amateur Wireless UK Added 7 issues from 1930
Nov 30 Record Mirror UK Added 13 issues from August through December of 1985
Nov 29 Record Mirror UK Added five issues from August and one from December of 1985
  Station Albums & Booklets Added a 1949 booklet from KEYD in Minneapolis-St. Paul
  Down beat Added 6 issues from 1968
Added 3 issues from 1969
Added 8 issues from 1970
Added 1 issues from 1982
Added 3 issues from 1983
Added 8 issues from 1984
Added 11 issues from 1985
Added 5 issues from 1986
Nov 28 Radio World
(Modern Era Edition)
Added all issues from 1991
Added all issues from 1992
   Modern Sets Australia Added issue of Modern Sets magazine from August 1932; This was a magazine for set builders and experimenters begun in mid-1932.
  Listener In Australia  
  The Broadcaster Trade Annual UK Added the 1933 edition of this annual for the radio and gramophone trade published by "The Broadcaster and Wireless Retailer" magazine.
  Radio Life Added the January 28, 1955 issue.
  Record Mirror UK Added 1 issue from 1984 and 6 from 1969
  Coyne Electrical School Added the 1948 "Gateway to Opportunity" student recruitment brochure, complete with registration forms, cover letter and other supplemental materials. Coyne was a large on-site training institute started in1899, specializing in electricity, electronics and related fields. Brochures have many pictures of the training laboratories and classrooms.
Nov 27 Radio World
(Modern Era Edition)
Added all issues from 1987
Added all issues and the January Sourcebook from 2002
Added all issues from 1993
Added all issues from 2018
  Broadcast Engineering Added July  2005, leaving just 9 issues needed to complete this collection.
  Bookshelf: Babani Publications UK Added #114, The Art of Programming the 16K ZX81 from 1982
Added #374  Practical Fiber Optic Projects by Penfold
Added # 313 Practical Remote Control Projects by Bishop
  Talking Machine World Added April 1930
  Radio's Master Catalog Added the 13th edition from 1948 of this all-brand catalog of radio and electronics parts.
Added the 21st edition from 1957
Note: these catalogs are generally over 1,000 pages and are a large download.
Nov 26 Amateur Radio UK Added June and July of 1989
  Marconi Service News Added missing 1918 issues of this Marconi employee magazine.
  Melody Maker UK Added one issue from 1943, 5 from 1951, 1 from 1957 and one from 1958
  Record Mirror UK Added two issues from 1985 and one from 1986
  Billboard Magazine Added the three December 2018 issues.
  Electronics and Communications (Canada) Added a nearly complete set  through 1962 of this Canadian trade magazine which began in 1963.
Nov 22 Bookshelf: Stations Added the 25th Anniversary book from Venezuela's Radio Caracas Television, 1953-1978. This was one of Latin America's first TV stations.
  Cash Box Added May 4, 1996 completing that year and leaving just 11 needed issues from 1942 to 1996.
Nov 21 Billboard Added the 1998 Billboard Buyer's Guide issue.
  Early Radio Programming Added the July 1935 issue of Who's Who in Radio, a talent directory with information on local and national radio stars.
  High Frequency
Amateur and DX
Added sets of multiple issues of these UHF, TV, Microwave and High Frequency amateur magazines:
6 UP, VHF Amateur, VHF Comm, VHF Horizons, VHFER. Look part way down the page for the TV & UHF section.
  Radio & Entertainment St. Louis Added two issues of "Radio and Entertainment in and around St. Louis" from 1932. This is a city entertainment and radio schedule magazine.
  Electronic Design Added the 1963 11th Annual Transistor Data issue
Added the 1965 Relay Applications Issue
  Radio Pictorial UK Added 4 issues from 1934 and one from 1935; they are underlined!
  Seattle Radio Guide Added 6 issues of this Seattle early 1990's local listener magazine
  Melody Maker UK Added January 6 1940 and April 4 1942
  Amateur Radio UK Added January, February and March 1989 and December 1988
  Network Publications Added "25 Years of Radio Progress with RCA" from 1944.
Added "NBC and You" a 1948 NBC network and station employee handbook.
Added NBC's 1935 "On The Air" booklet showing consumers how the radio industry and RCA work.
  Station Albums & Booklets Added a 1940-41 era booklet from WELI in New Haven, CT. Note the mentions in it of the extensive Italian language programming on this station.
  Handbooks: ARRL Radio Amateur Handbook Added the ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook from 1965 and from 1967
Nov 20 Electronic Design Added all 25 issues from 1961 of this electronics industry magazine.
  Radio's Master Added the 32nd Edition from 1968 of this listing of all electronic parts and components by manuyfacturer.
  Rave UK Added November 1965
  Radio Pictorial UK Added Feb 16 1934 issue.
Nov 19 Record Mirror UK Added 7 issues from 1969
  Smash Hits UK Added 6 issues from 1983
Nov 17 Amateur Radio UK Added September, October and November of 1988
  No 1 UK
(Number One)
Added all four issues from November 1984
  Record Mirror UK Added 10 issues from 1965
Added 4 issues from 1968
Added 4 issues from 1969
Added 1 issue from 1970
Added 5 issues from 1972
Added 4 issues from 1984
  Disc  UK Added two issues from 1972
  Popular Wireless  UK Added three issues from 1927. They are underlined.
  Melody Maker UK Added December 1926 and January 1927
Nov 15 Record Mirror UK Added 6 issues from 1965
Added 3 issues from 1972
Added 3 issues from 1986 Newly added issues are underlined.
  New Musical Express Added all issues of "Musical Express" from August, 1951
Replaced January 25 1963 with more complete edition; still missing pages.
Nov 14 Record Mirror UK Added 9 issues from 1963
Added 3 issues from 1964
Added all four June 1986 issues
  Radio World Added full years for 1989, 1990, 2003
Completed  the 2004 year by adding January to June
SEARCHABLE! All issues are searchable by decade or all issues.
Collection courtesy of Barry Mishkind (
  Amateur Radio UK Added August 1988
  Popular Wireless UK Added May 28 1927
Nov 13 Reminder
About Errors
If you are using this site, you are a proofreader! If you find and error, please take a moment to email us at the link above telling us the page where the error occurs and a brief description or page capture. Thanks!
  Disc  UK Added May 6 1972
Added July 3 1971
  New Musical
Added the issue from January 25 1963. Note: missing pages.
  Radio World Added 2 issues from 1999
Added 26 issues from 2000
Added 15 issues from 2004
Added 26 issues from 2005
  Radio Life Added the June 28 1958 issue. By that date, the magazine was named Television / Radio Life
  Amateur Radio UK Added July 1988 issue
Nov 12 RCA World Wide Wireless Added all 12 issues from 1922 of this RCA employee publication.
  Record Mirror UK Added 6 issues from 1963. They are underlined.
Added 8 issued from 1962. They are also underlined.
Added 5 issues from 1986. Also underlined.
Nov 11 Radio World Added all issues from January through November of 1999
  Broadcast Equipment Distributors Added the SAMS Broadcast Industry Buyers Guide from 1967
  Record Mirror UK Added All August 1983 issues, completed September set and added all October issues
  Disc  UK Added the April 8 1972 issue
Added January 15, March 4, March 25 1972 and October 13 1973
  Lafayette Catalogs Added an un-numbered 1956 "Money Savers" catalog.
  FM Atlas Added the 1971/72 First Edition and also the 1972 Second Edition "Revised". This is the late Bruce Elving's directory of North American FM stations, with a unique presentation of locations on a map for each frequency.
  ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook Added the 1946 edition
  Record World Added September 24 of 1977
  Melody Maker UK Added  January to November issues from 1926
  Amateur Radio UK Added March, May and June of 1988
Nov 10 Record Mirror UK Added May 6, Jun 3, July 22 and Aug 12 1961
Replaced issues from 1958 and 1959 (they are underlined) with complete issues.
Added 9 issues from 1961 (Incomplete issues marked with "I")
Added March 24 1962
Added 8 issues form 1962. They are underlined.
Added 4 issues from 1984.
  Music Week  UK Added January 5, 19 2008
Added March 29 2008
Added May 17, 24 2008
Nov 8 Record Mirror UK Added May 24 1958
Added August 15th and 22nd, 1959
Added May 6 1961
Added December 9 1972
Nov 7 Radio Pictorial UK Added April 29 and June 30 1939
  Machlett Cathode
Added issue #1 from 1968, Machlett was a high power vacuum tube producer.
  Bookshelf: Electronics for Radio & TV Added: Handbook for Radio Engineering Managers by Ross 1980
Added: Principles of Radio by Henney 5th Edition 1945
Added: Radio for the Beginner from1922
Added: Radio Electronics Made Simple by Schwartz 1956
Added: Radio and Television Reference Data by Hawker 1963
Added: Magnetic Recording and the Broadcasting Industry USA 1967
Added: Image Quality Comparison of Photography ic & Television by Schade
Added: Elementary Manual of Radio Propagation Menzel 1948
Added: How to Get Ahead in the Television And Radio Servicing Business by Marcus 1967
  UK Miscellaneous Added a single issue of Sound Wave - Wireless Times from January 1932
Added "When Buying Valves... Remember" from Marconi from around 1930
  Technical Miscellanea Added Brans' Vade-Mecum 1950 edition of this international European-published guide to tubes.
  Bookshelf: Education Added "Radio Operators' License Guide from 1940
  Melody Maker UK Added March 31 1951
Nov 6 EIMAC Publications Added the 1984 special publication "EIMAC 1934-1984 50 Years of Excellence"
  Music Week  UK Added all five September 2007 issues. Added October to December 2007 and many issues from 2008 and 2009
  Marconi Service News Added issues from 1916 to 1919 of the Marconi Service News, the Marconi telegraph Company employee publication.
  Bookshelf: Biography Added: "Cincinnati's Powel Crosley Jr." by Joseph Rice, self published in 1976
  Bookshelf: Research & Ratings Added: Television Audiences & Cultural Studies by Morley from 1992
Nov 5 Music Week  UK Added issues from July and August of 2007
  Radio & Appliance Journal
(Radio Retailing)
Added 15 issues from 1947  to 1949 when the magazine was called Radio & Television Retailing.. This publication is interesting as it has many pages of ads for the "newest" models or radios and TVs that are hard to find elsewhere. The late 40's issues contain a good picture of America's early adoption of television.
  Amateur Radio UK Added February 1988
  Radio Pictorial UK Added June 14 1936 and January 13 1939
  Melody Maker UK Added June 1932. This is our first early era issue of this UK music magazine.
Nov 4 International Musician Added all issues from 1930 to 1962. This includes the very influential era from the later 30's to the early 50's when James Caesar Petrillo headed the union and had radical and extreme influence over radio and the music played on the air.
This section is now searchable..
  Radio Pictorial UK Added January 24 1936 issue
Electronic Industries
Added all missing issues from 1942 to 1962
Added annual article index for each year through 1965. The index can be opened by clicking the yellow year in the left margin for that year.
Please let us know if any link does not work. This project was particularly "intense" and I'd be surprised if there were not a few mistakes (like the "prize" in Cracker Jack back in the day)
The search function has been updated with the new content.
Nov 3 Station Albums & Booklets Added the 1948 "Going Forward With Radio" from KOMA in Oklahoma City, OK
  Music Week  UK Added all five June 2007 issues
  RCA Books Added RCA Guide for Transmitting Tubes from 1943. We now have both the 1942 and 1943 editions.
  RCA Manuals Added the full manual for the 1973 BT-15-A FM Exciter from 1973
  Broadcast Equipment Distributors Added the Broadcast Equipment Buyers Guide from 1967
Nov 2 Record World Added the "Record World Buyers' Guide" from September 1979. This is a consumer monthly that was briefly published for free distribution in record stores.
  Satellite Times Added a nearly complete collection of this 1994 to 1999 magazine dedicated to the reception of signals on the satellite bands and frequencies.
  Shortwave Radio Manual Added the 1934 "Short Waver Radio Manual" from the Short Wave Craft magazine. Check the first page which is signed by Hugo Gernsback
  Gates Catalogs Added the FM-1C  1000 watt transmitter manual from 1962
Added the BC-500K 500 watt AM transmitter manual from 1955
Added manual for Gates-M4791-FM-RF-Amplifier from 1953
  Amateur Radio UK Added April and December of 1987
  Byte Added issues from 1987, 1988 and 1989. We are now missing only one issue from 1975 to 1993.
  Electronic Industries / Tele-Tech Added March, April, May, June and July 1946 and November 1945
  Billboard Added the 1973 Campus Attractions issue from March 31
  Broadcast Engineering Added June 1969
The Radio Luxembourg Magazine
Added December 1956 iasue
  Radio Pictorial UK Added February 9 and December 21 of 1934
  Melody Maker UK Added January 23 and March 26 1960
Added March 3 1962
  Music Week  UK Added al issues from May of 2007
Nov 1 Music Week  UK Added issues from March and April of 2007.
  CBC Times Added nearly 100 issues (underlined) and replaced many more (also underlined) with better scans
These are mostly the Manitoba/Alberta/Saskatchewan editions.
  Gramophone Added the Gramophone Jubilee Book, 1923-1973.
  UK Miscellaneous Added our first issue of the Cossor Courier, a magazine for dealers and partners of this UK electronics company. Date. February 1937 and it's from year 5 of the magazine.
The Radio Luxembourg Magazine
Added anew section and the first four issues of "208", the listener magazine for the UK of Radio Luxembourg, the high-power medium wave station on 1439 kcs. which was the commercial radio choice for many in England in the 50's and 60's.
  FMQB Added two issues from 1995 "Friday Morning Quarter Back" was a radio station "tip sheet" showing station music adds and moves along with industry news.
  Record Mirror UK Added three issues from February of 1988
  Hazeltine Reports Added the 1938-39 reports from the Hazeltine Service Corporation, developer of NTSC color television.
Oct 31 Hard Report Added 23 issues from 1989, 12 from 1990, 1 from 1992 and 1 from 1994
  Music Week  UK Added January and February 2007
  Record Mirror UK Added 3 issues from 1982, two from 1990 and one from 1985
  Broadcast Equipment Distributors Added the Video Equipment Buyer's Guide for 1988-1989 and the Broadcast Equipment Buyer's Guide for 1985-1986
  Aerovox Research Worker Added the first three issues from December 1927, January and February of 1928. This was the company publication of a radio set manufacturer which became the major capacitor maker. Our collection is nearly complete from 1927 to 1967. Only three more issues are needed.
Oct 30 Amateur Radio UK Added August, September and October of 1987. Still need April 1987 which was mistakenly listed yesterday.
  Amateur Wireless UK Added a complete revised scan of the January 20, 1923 issue.
Oct 28 Music Week  UK Added December 2006 issues.
  November in the Golden Age of Radio Added the monthly listing of all the events in the radio industry in the month of November in the Golden Age of radio.
Oct 27 Music Week  UK Added October and November issues from 2006
  Eimac News Added 12 months of the weekly Eimac News, an employee weekly publication from June 1944 to June 1945. Also added several Eimac tube catalogs and brochures.
  Record Mirror UK Added 9 issues between June and August of 1985
  Broadcast Engineering Added one issue from 2001 and 4 from 2009. There are now just 6 issues needed to complete this magazine's collection.
  Radio Varieties Added the special WSM editions of Radio Varieties from May and June of 1940
  Amateur Radio UK Added June and July of 1987
  Lafayette Catalogs Added a 1959 "Bargain Parade" catalog.
  Amateur Wireless UK Added two issues from 1933 and one from 1934. As usual, they are underlined and have a red arrow indicating "new add".
Oct 25 Music Week  UK Added 12 issues from 2007, 35 issues from 2008 and 52 issues from 2009
Oct 24 Electronic Engineering UK Added July and December of 1951
Added August of 1952 (Replacement with added pages)
  Amateur Wireless UK Added September 1932 editions combined in a single file, replacing the two existing single issues and adding two new ones. Note: with early 20th Century weekly publications that had a small page count, we combine all issues of each month in a single PDF file.
  Music Week  UK Added all issues from August and September of 2006
  Record Mirror UK Added remaining September 1984 issues and all the October ones.
  No 1 UK
(Number One)
Added all four October 1984 issues
  Bookshelf: History Added: Nothing on the Radio by Murray from 2002
Added: Listening In by Douglass  from1999
Added: Legendary Pioneers of Black Radio by Williams 1998
Added: Broadcasting Television and Radio by Kingson Cowgill & Levy 1955 
Added: A Tower in Babylon Radio to 1933 by Barnouw 1966 
Added: A History of Public Broadcasting by Behrens 2000 
  RCA Books & Manuals Added: RCA Radio Tube Manual #11 1933
Added: RCA Radio Tube Manual #12 1934
  Bookshelf: Biography Added: Sketches of Life by Barnes 1932
Added: Microphone Memoirs by Harris 1937
  Radio: Business of Broadcasting Added: Radio Advertising for Retailers by Sandage from 1945
  Bookshelf: Programming Added: Process and Practice of Radio Programming Lynch & Gillispie 1998
Added: One Man's Family Looks at Life (from the characters of the radio show)
Added: The Old Fashioned Revival Hour by Wright 1940
Oct 23 Modern Era Miscellaneous Added a 1957 CONELRAD pamphlet instructing the public on what to do in the event of "enemy bombers approaching our country". Features the emergency radio system on 640 and 1240 AM.
  Electronic Engineering UK Added November and December 1952 (From annual compendium with no ads or covers)
Added March to May and July to December (Also from compendium) This completes both years.
  RCA Books & Manuals Added the RCA Radiotron Radio Set Socket Layout 1921-1935
  Music Week  UK Added issues from July of 2006
  Broadcast Equipment Distributors Added a new section for "full line" broadcast equipment suppliers such as Broadcast Supply West, Broadcasters' General Store, Allied and others.
Added the 1988-1989 Broadcast Equipment Buyer's Guide. Over 1300 pages of broadcast and electronics gear
Added the 1985-1986 Video Equipment Buyer's Guide 1334 pages of parts and equipment lines
Oct 22 Early Radio Miscellanea Added a 1932 student recruitment brochure from the National Broadcasting Studios, a very professional appearing broadcast school in Los Angeles established by J.A. Rosencrantz who also established National Schools, a technical training institute.
  Byte Added 4 issues from 1988 and 6 from 1989
  Radio Parade Added the first issue dated January of 1941 of this new magazine about the inside stories of the shows America enjoyed on the radio. Or, as they said, "the wheels within the wheels".
Added the May issue from 1941
  UK Miscellaneous  UK Added The World Radio and Television Annual from 1946 with articles about BBC radio and early TV
  Network  Publications Added "What the New Radio Rules Mean" a CBS publication from 1941 with a position on new FCC rules that were felt to affect network operations.
  FM Magazine Added issues from August and September of 1941 of Milton Sleeper's "FM Magazine"
  Bookshelf: TAB Books Added The Complete Broadcast Antenna Handbook  by Cunningham from 1977
  Everyday Electronics
Added September 1988 and January 1989
  Electronic Engineering   UK Replaced November and December 1944 and May 1945 with better & compete issues.
  Hobbies Weekly UK Added December 2 1959
  Record Mirror UK Added three issues from February 1986 and all issues from March 1986
  Music Week  UK Added all issues from June of 2006
  Gates & Harris Manuals & Catalogs Added the manual for the Gates BC-500K 500 watt AM transmitter from 1955
Added the manual for the BC-250T 250 watt AM transmitter from 1958
Added the manual for the BC1G 100/250 watt AM transmitter from 1962
Oct 21 Music Week  UK Added April and May of 2006
  Byte Added 12 issues from 1987, one issue from 1988 and two issues from 1992
  Everyday Electronics
Added replacement for February 1989 with complete pages.
  Electronic Engineering   UK Added new or completed (missing pages found!) for January, February, October and November 1943
Oct 19 Station Sales
Added the station brochures for potential advertisers prepared by Blair, the sales rep firm in 1973. Stations featured: WABC-New York, KPOL-Los Angeles and WGAR-Cleveland
  Amateur Wireless UK Added January 5 1935 (complete issue) and January 12 1935
Added September (replaced with complete issue) 24 1932 and December 3 1932
  Music Week  UK Added all February and March issues from 2006
  Amateur Radio UK Added April 1988 and May 1987
  Downbeat Added July 24 1969
  Broadcast Weekly Added the February 25 1928 issue. This magazine had full West Coast program schedules ass well as articles about stations and shows and ads for radios, antennas, repairs and the like.
Oct 17 Music Week  UK Added October, November, December 2005 and January 2006
  UK Catalogs Added Rapid Electronics April to September 1989 Catalog
  UK Miscellaneous Added the June 1932 issue of The Gramophone, a music and recording publication
  Amateur Radio UK Added February and March of 1987
  Disc UK Added February 12 1972 issue
  Practical Mechanics  UK Replaced the January 1961 issue with complete edition.
  Radio Logs and Lists Added the National Radio Club Trans Atlantic log from 1973
  Wireless World  UK Added complete issue from May 1965 including ads and covers.
Oct 16 Les Ondes Added a complete set of "Les Ondes" which was the French radio program guide and artist magazine published by the German occupational administration during the German occupation of France, 1941 to 1944.
Oct 13 Bookshelf RCA Added 1942-1967 Twenty-Five Years at RCA Laboratories
  Music Week  UK Added August and September issues from 2005
  Radio News Replaced the August 1949 issue with a complete edition of better quality.
NOTE: this issue and the Electronic Servicing replacements have been provided by site users who scanned missing pages or damaged pages and recompiled the issue for us all to enjoy. We welcome such contributions with great enthusiasm!
  PF Reporter /
Electronic  Servicing
Replaced issues from March, May, June and September of 1977 with corrected missing or incomplete pages.
  Personal Computer World UK Added March, May, June, August of 1983
  Amateur Wireless UK Added January 14 1928 and October 13 1934 editions
Oct 11 Personal Computer World UK Added the first five issues from 1982 and the first two issues from 1983
  Music Week  UK Added all issues from May, June and July of 2005
Oct 8 Amateur Wireless UK Added 7 issues from 1928,
  Amateur Radio UK Added December 1986
  NAB Publications Added the Second Edition of the NAB Legal Guide from 1984
  Radio Logs and Lists Added the 1971 National Radio Club Latin American Log.
  RPM (Canada) Added over 80 issues from 1977 to 1983
  Music Week  UK Added March and April 2005 issues
Oct 7 Electronics & Music Maker  UK Added May, June, July and August of 1981
  Bookshelf: Biography Added: Tinker in Television by Tinker and Rukeyser from 1994
Added Fifty Years Behind the Microphone by Les Keiter 1991
  Bookshelf: Radio & TV History Added: Lum & Abner Hall 2007
Added: The Story of Radio by Dunlap 1927 Edition
  Byte Added five issues from 1993 and three from 1992
  Billboard Replaced the May 9 1964 with a copy with all pages complete
  CBC Radio-TV Added June July 1963
  Radio Logs and
 Station Lists
Added the Lefax Radio Section radio station listing. This was part of the Lefax Radio Handbook, a loose-leaf "perpetually up to date" technical sourcebook.
  Amateur Radio UK Added August and November 1986
Oct 6 Marconi Valves  UK Added a 1932 valve ("tubes" for us colonials) specification booklet from Marconi courtesy of Barry Smith,G4IAT.
  CBC Radio Added 21 issues of "CBC Radio" (Later CBC Radio & Television), the employee and staff magazine of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
  Bookshelf: Business of Radio Added a booklet: Radio as an Advertising Medium A service to clients of Met Life from 1929
  Music Week  UK Added all November and December 2004 issues
Added all January and February 2005 Issues.
  Amateur Wireless UK Added the October 20 1928 issue
  Electronics Today ETI  UK Added the August 1973 issue; we now are just one issue short of completing this collection.
  NEW: Electronics & Music Maker  UK Added a new section for this companion to the Maplin magazine featuring music and music related electronics. Thanks to Paul Harding for contributing the first issues ever published!
  Record Mirror UK Added remaining three issues from January 1986
Oct 4 RPM (Canada) Added 21 issues from the missing years between 1978 and 1980. We have another 80 issues on their way from Canada as we continue to work on completing this collection.
  NAB Proceedings Added the 1970 set of the technical papers published in annual volumes called Proceedings. We now have 25 of these editions.
  Drake's Cyclopedia Added the 1928 edition.
  Amateur Radio UK Added September and October of 1986
  Practical Mechanics  UK Added March through July of 1962 as well as October and December of that year
Oct 3 ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook Added ARRL Amateur's Handbooks from 1941, 1954, 1960 and 1978
  Gates Manuals & Catalogs Added the Cartritape N5844 Manuals for two models from 1961 and 1962. These were Gates' first try at cartridge equipment.
Added the Manual for the GTM-88-F FM frequency monitor. Date uncertain; late 50's.
Added the Manual for the M6588 FM Frequency monitor from the 60's
Added the Gates BC-5P 5000 Watt AM Transmitter module from 1958
  Equipment Manuals Added Marti Electronics 1989 General Catalog
Oct 2 Practical Mechanics  UK Added January and February of 1962 and February through June of 1963 and August of 1953
  Record Mirror UK Added first three September 1984 issues
  Melody Maker UK Added April 15 and Jun 3 from 1961
  Music Week  UK Added five issues from October 2004
Oct 1 October in the
Golden Age
Added the October listing of things that happened in radio's Golden Age from the late Jim Ramsburg
Sep 29 Billboard Added first 6 months of 1902 as well as first two issues from 1903
Added first 18 editions from 1918 covering most of January to April.
Added issues from 2018. Note: in this era, issues were not on a regular weekly schedule.
  Amateur Wireless UK Added February 1, 1930 issue.
Sep 28 Billboard Added all 52 issues from 1921
Sep 27 Smash Hits UK Added 9 issues from January, February, March and April of 1983
  Billboard Added February 6 1926
  Amateur Wireless UK Added full sets of the October and November 1930 editions
  No 1 UK Added five issues from September 1984
Sep 25 Wireless World UK Replaced all 1915 issues with higher resolution scans.
Sep 24 Music Week  UK Added issues from August and September of 2004
  Lafayette Catalogs Added #593 from 1959, #611 from 1961, # 623, 624, 625, 626 from 1962, #631 and 632 from 1963
  Gernsback Books Added the 1921 "Wireless Course" from Hugo Gernsback. This joins the 1918 edition we already had. This is a 20 lesson book, beginning with basic electricity as understood exactly 100 years ago!
  Stereophile Added a single volume with all the articles from issues 1 through 12 from start in 1962 to Spring of 1966
  ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook Added the 1958 Handbook.
  Amateur Radio UK Added May, June, July 1986
Sep 21 Music Week  UK Added issues from June and July 2004
Updated the search function for this title to include all the recent additions.
  Search Tech Books
Search Business Books
Spent the last three days updating and rebuilding the search function for all the "Bookshelf" contents. every book currently on the site is searchable. One section has business, music and programming books, the other has technical, electronics and engineering books. And you can specify a search area by type of content, too.
Sep 20 Note to Users
about date-based searching
I have been asked about date-based searches There are no publication dates on most items on the site. The only date is the scan or PDF creation date, which is not relevant to the document history. I have eliminated the “sort by date” as it is really not possible to do so without editing all the files (nearly 10,000,000 of them in the searches) with the date in YY-MM format ahead of the document title

If I had a few volunteers, I’d do that. As it is I have thousands of documents piled up waiting to be scanned!  .(Hint, Hint)
Sep 18 Record World Replaced August 1, 1970 with complete copy, including charts. As mentioned before, it is usual to find music industry magazines without the charts as many retailers removed them to post in their locations and many record company offices would post the charts when they had a it happening.
  Music Week  UK Added April and May issues from 2004
  Byte Added three issues from 1992 and three from 1993  They are underlined.
  Note to Users I depend on site users to "double check" my work.. From the original scan to placing the completed and processed PDF on the site, there are nearly 50 individual steps, all of which can produce errors... from missing links to inverted pages to erroneous links. Please let us know if you find a mistake!

Thanks to the dozens of users who have responded and allowed me to fix broken links, non-responding links and other errors.
Sep 17 Bookshelf:
Added: The Psychology of Radio by Cantril & Allport from 1935
Added: Not to be Broadcast by Brindze from 1974
Added: Media and the American Mind by Czitrom from 1982
  ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook Added the 1931 edition, the 8th published since its inception in the 1920's
  Bookshelf: Gernsback Added: Gernsback Basic TV Course by Kravits 1962
  Smash Hits UK Addded three issues from September of 1982
  No 1 UK Added 8 issues from June to August of 1984. Note that after June 16 and until August 4, there were no issues due to a postal strike.
  Music Week  UK Added all issues from March 2004
  Fred Added May 7, 1979 of this Top 40 focused tip sheet and radio magazine from Buzz Bennett and C.C. Courtney
  Australia: Books and Documents Added Radio Broadcast Technology: 75 Years of Development in Australia 1923-1998 by Ross.
  Bookshelf: Radio & TV Technical Added "Handbook for Radio Engineering Managers" by Ross from 1980
Added: Ionospheric Radio Propagation by Davies from 1965
Added: Practical Television Engineering by Helt 1951
Added: Radio and Television Mathematics Fischer 1949
Added: RDS  The Radio Data System Kopitz Marks 1999
Added: Hewlett-Packard-Frequency-and-Time-Standards-1965
  Rider Technical
Added: Rider Auto Repair Manual Vol 1 from 1933
Added: Rider Auto Repair Manual Vol 2 from 1933
Note: Although the titles say "auto repair" these are about automobile radios and electrical connections.
  Bookshelf: UK Added: Laughter in the Air by Took 1976
Added: British Broadcasting In Transition by Paulu 1961
Added: Behind the Screen Lord Hill of Luton by 1974
Added: Broadcasting a Life Shapley by 1996
  Service and Sates Collection Added: Television and Radio Repairing Markus 1953
Added: Repairing Record Changers Ecklund 1955
Added: Profitable Television Trouble-shooting Anthony 1957
Added: Profitable Radio Troubleshooting Marcus Levy 1956_21 09 11
Education & Training
Added: The Age of Television by Bogart 1st Edition1956
Added: The Age of Television by Bogart 3rd Edition 1972
Bookshelf: Radio & TV History Added: The Fabulous Phonograph from 1877 to 1977 by Gelatt from 1954
Added: Syntony and Spark: The Origins of Radio by Aitken from 1976
  Bookshelf: Programming Added: Radio Music Live 1920 1950 by Young from 1999
Added: Just Plain Bill His Story (Aboout a 30's radio program)  from 1935
Added: Great Radio Personalities in Photos by Slide from 1982
  Bookshelf: Biography Added: The Rise of The Goldbergs by Berg  from 1931
Added Molly and Me by Gertrude Berg from 1961
Added: Don't Let Them Scare You Elmer by Davis Burlingame from 1961
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added: The Radio Industry The Story (A collection of articles) from 1928
Sep 16 ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook Added the Radio Amateur's Handbooks from 1943, 1947, 1961 and 1966
  RCA's In the Groove A December 1946 issue complete with Santa Claus showering a  home with phonograph records on the cover.
  Wireless World UK Added the Wireless World and BBC book, Sound Recording and Reproduction by Godfrey & Amos from 1950
  Radio Life Added the December 23, 1949 issue. This is when LA-Based Radio Life was transitioning to be Radio-Television Life, featuring early TV information.
  High Fidelity Added January 1976. This collection is complete from 1951 to 1989
  NAB Publications Added a four-page news release from the NAB News Bureau featuring the text of a speech to the "NAB Executives War Conference" on August 31, 1944 about post- World War II radio and TV broadcasting by Paul Chamberlain of General Electric,. Featured are remarks about FM and television

Among other things, this document talks about the collaboration between Maj. Armstrong and GE to build the first FM receivers in years prior to WW II.

NOTE: This significant document was bought on eBay and comes from the NAB library (It is stamped "NAB Library" at the top). This fact shows the importance of acquiring and scanning documents that picture the history of radio and television since not even our largest trade association is maintaining a deep library.
  Music Week  UK Added January and February issues from 2004
  Record Mirror UK Added July 7, 14, 18 and August 4, 11, 18 and 25 from 1984  and July 22, 1989
  Melody Maker UK Added December 28 1940
  Amateur Radio UK Added January. March and April of 1986, January 1987, January 1988 and April 1989
Sep 14 Music Week  UK Added all four issues from December 2003
  Record Mirror UK Added all five June 1984 issues
  Smash Hits UK Added 8 issues from May to August of1982
Sep 13 Record Mirror UK Added issues from April and May of 1984
  Music Week  UK Added all five issues from November 2003
  Bookshelf: History Added: A Pictorial History of Radio In Canada by Stewart 1975
Added: Out of the Bakelite Box by Kent 1983 Australia
Added: Magic Dials The Story of Radio and TV by Lowell Thomas 1939
Added  Radio Warfare L Soley 1989
Added: The Old Fashioned Revival Hour Wright 1940
Added: The Pipers of Rock n Roll Smith 1989
Added  Wartime Censorship of Press and Radio Summers 1942
Added: History of Radio in South Australia 1897-1977 by Ross from 1978
  Bookshelf: Legal and Regulation Added: "Anti -Indecency Groups and the FCC", ,a doctoral dissertation by Dalianis from 1998
Added: Television Technology and Cultural Form by Williams from 1975
  Bookshelf: Biography Added: Edward R. Morrow by Vonier from 1989
  Bookshelf: Radio Programming Added: National-Public-Radio-Cast-of-Characters-Collins-1993
Sep 12 Proceedings of the IRE Added Proceedings from May, June, August and October and the Wescon Computer supplement from 1954
  Collins Brochures Added the sales brochure for the Collins FGM 732 1kw FM broadcast transmitter from 1947
  La Semaine à Radio-Canada We have added many issues from the volumes covering 1955 to 1965. They are in sets by the volume number with volumes covering October to September
  Wireless World UK Added the Four Volume set of Television Engineering published in conjunction with the BBC. Find the links in the left-hand column.
  Record Mirror UK Added all November 1982 issues
Added All March 1984 issues
Added two new January 1990 issues
  Amateur Wireless UK Added all August 1926 in a single PDF
  Smash Hits UK Added three issues from April of 1982
  Music Week UK Added October 2003 issues
Sep 11 Country Radio Seminar added the 1988 Seminar Program Book and Directory. Includes a listing of all Country Music radio stations at that time, including key staff members.
  TAB Books Added: Electronic Circuit Design Handbook 1975 
Added: Build a Personal Earth Station 1982
Added: Color TV Troubles and Solutions  1972
Early Radio Technology
Added: Wireless Telegraphy Its History Collins 1905
Added: The A B C of Electricity Kaempffert
Added: Newnes Television Manual Camm 5th 1945
Added: War Department Radio Fundamentals 1944
Added: Radio Physics Course Ghirardi 2nd Ed 1930
Added: Allied's Radio Circuit Handbook 1943
Added: Allied A Dictionary Of Radio Terms 1944
Added: Allied Manual Of Simplified Radio Servicing Major J. G. Tutison
Added: Capacitors Their Use In Electronic Circuits Brotherton 1946
  Bookshelf: Handbooks Added: Handbook of Electronic Circuits Markus 1948
Added: Radiotron Designer's Handbook 4th 1952
Added: Radiotron Designer's Handbook 3rd Edition Australia
Added: Handbook of Power Resistors Ward & Leonard 1952
Added: Radio Engineering Handbook Henney 2nd 1935
  SAMS Books Added: ABC's of Radio & TV Broadcasting by Waters from 1967
  Bookshelf: Encyclopedias Added The Encyclopedia of Radio and Television from 1950 by Odham.
Note; Our "Encyclopedia" and "Handbook" sections are different. Encyclopedias are collections of brief descriptions while Handbooks are training and guidance materials.
  La Semaine à Radio-Canada Added the weekly publication of the French service of the CBC beginning in 1950. We have 250 "virgin" issues we have scanned and will add others from library scans. The first two volumes were added today.
Early Radio Hobbyist Added Radio Receivers and How to Build them from 1924; "...all the latest circuits". Published by the Wisconsin News and Milwaukee Telegram for its subscribers.
  No 1 UK Added the four May issues from1984
  Record Mirror UK Added October 20 1979
Added all issues from February 1984
  Hi Fi News  UK Added 33 issues from 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1989. They are underlined.
Added one issue from 1993. It is underlined.
  Music Week UK Added the four issues from September 2003
  Byte Added March, April and September of 1990
  Lafayette Catalogs Added #672 from 1967 and the Spring-Summer 1978 catalog.
  Rip It Up NZ Added April to December issues from 1979 of this New Zealand music magazine.
  Early Radio Catalogs Added the Robertson Cataract Electric Catalog from Buffalo, NY, for 1922-1923
  ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook Added handbook editions from 1947, 1950 and 1955
  Amateur Wireless UK Added the July 1926 issues in a single PDF.
Sep 8 Electronic Design Added 1958-1960 and 1966 to 1978. This magazine section is now searchable.
Sep 7 Music Week UK Added July and August from 2003
  Practical Electronics Added the "Display Device Identichart" fold-out from May of 1973
  Melody Maker UK Added September 3 and October 10 from 1960
  Practical Mechanics UK Added November and December of 1960
  Electronic Engineering UK Replaced February 1951 with better and complete version.
  Record Mirror UK Added November 4 1989, May 20 1972 and January 6 1990
Sep 6 Electronic Design Added a new section for this electronics industry trade magazine which began in 1963 and continues to publish today. We have added the first five years, and will add most years up to 1979 in coming days.
  Electronics Added 6 issues from 1975 and replaced three more which were incomplete.
Added Electronics Business Edition from December 26 1958. It includes an article about broadcaster interest in multiplexing, with about 90 stations already providing some kind of SCA service.
  ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook Added 1934, 1962, 1964, 1968, 1970, 1976. 1977 editions
Sep 5 ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook Added five editions from the years 1948, 1955, 1959, 1962 and 1964. These books make an excellent way to track the changes in general radio technology, not just amateur radio alone.
  UK Miscellaneous Added the Ambit catalog from Spring 1982
  Early Radio Collection Added the second issue from 1908 of The Collins Bulletin, an early newsletter from the Collins company.
  Sales and Service Collection Added Cisn's TV Radio Tube Substitution Guide Vol 12 from 1964
  Record World Replaced November 11 1967 with complete edition with chart.
  Electronics Hobbyist Specials Added the 1955 Popular Mechanics Television Manual
  Billboard Added the 1988-89 Country Music Sourcebook from Billboard.
  Amateur Wireless UK Added April 1930 issues combined in a single PDF for the month.
  Amateur Radio UK Added November and December of 1985
  Record Mirror UK Added January 13 and 20 1990
Added March 2 1985 and October 28 1989
  Music Week UK Added May and June 2003 issues
  Hi Fi News  UK Added 34 more issues from the 1990's
  Modern Electrics Added the 1910 special edition "How to Make Wireless Instruments" from this Hugo Gernsback magazine.
Sep 3 Philips Technical Revue Added 13 individual month issues between 1983 and 1989. These are the full editions, not the combined annual volumes.
  Music Week UK Added April 2003 issues
  Short Wave Collection Added the 25th Anniversary Voice Of America Greenville booklet
  Amateur Wireless UK Added June 1926 issues combined in a single PDF
Sep 2 Home Page We spent the last 20 hours or so totally rebuilding the home page to make it cleaner and faster loading. We'd never done this before and after over 18 years of editing and revising, it was full of dead code and other impediments to better performance.. Let us know if anything does not work correctly.
  Music Week UK Added issues from February and March of 2003
  Amateur Wireless UK Added May 1926 issues in single file
Sep 1 Hi Fi News  UK Added first 34 issues from 1989 to 1993 of this UK hi fidelity and stereo publication which was also sold in the US We have at least 75 more issues to add this week.
Aug 31 Music Week UK Added December 2002 and January 2003
  Amateur Wireless UK Added the April 1926 edition.
  Amateur Radio UK Added October 1985
Aug 30 Bookshelf: Biographies and Careers Added: The Camera Never Blinks Twice by Rather  1994
Added: Did You Whittinghill This Morning by Dick Whittinghill 1976
  Bookshelf: Radio Programming Added "War of the Worlds 50th Anniversary short book. Includes script for original 1938 broadcast.
  NAB Books and Publications Added "Buying or Building a Broadcast Station in the 1990s" Third Edition from 1991 by Krasnow et. al.
  Bookshelf: Enjoyment of Radio & TV Added: Television's Greatest Year 1954 by Heldenfles from 1994
Aug 29 HiFi Stereo Review Added the 1972 Stereo Review Taper Recording Buyer Guide. Features reel-to-reel, cassette and even 8-track tape gear.
  Electronics Experimenter's Handbook Added the 1989 edition from the publisher of Radio Electronics Magazine
  Station Albums Added WELI New Haven, CT pre-WW II promotional booklet
Added WLW Booklet "Seeing Crosley Square"
Added WMLO Milwaukee 1937 booklet "Going Forward with Radio"
Added WKZO Kalamazoo 1937 "Going Forward with Radio" from 1937
Added WHO Des Moines picture book including a portrait of Dr Palmer, the founder.
Added WHA Madison, WI, 50th Anniversary booklet from 1969
Added KFAB Omaha October Stars brochure for fall programming.
  Rip It Up (NZ) Added our first issues of Rip It Up, a New Zealand music publication which began in 1977 and published through 2015
  Amateur Radio UK Added September 1985
  Hits Added July 1 1996
Added the 1987 First Anniversary special edition issue.
  Radio News UK Added a new section for this radio industry newsletter published in the early 90's, beginning in late 1991.
  The Broadcaster (AU) Added a new page for The Broadcaster, the staff newsletter of the Broadcasting Directorate of Australia.
  Billboard Added the Recording Studio special editions and directories from 1970 and 1971. Find them in May of each year.
  Talking Machine Radio News Added an issue of Phonograph & Talking Machine from 1927. This title was the predecessor to Talking Machine Radio News.
  Network Publications Added NBC and RCA's "Rip Discovers Radio", a fantasy which presents RCA's advances to the returned mythical Rip Van Winkle around 1940. Pictures of radio sets, radio broadcasts and even early TV.  Find it part way down the page under "Other NBC Publications"
Added "Memory Book - The Barbours" an NBC publication about the characters in One Man's Family, the longest running uninterrupted serial in American Radio. For more on this show CLICK this link.
  Television / Radio Age Added two issues from 1983.
  Wireless World UK Added new complete scans of October and November of 1980
   Radio Club of America Added the 1984 Diamond Jubilee edition with over 300 pages of selected radio history.
  E-Z Radio Added 6 issues from 1922 and 1923 of this "beginners guide" to radio. monthly magazine.
  Electronic Servicing Added November and December 1981 for this magazine which began as PF Index and PF Reporter from the Sams publishing group. This completes this collection. Nolte: publication in the last 2 years was irregular, with many issue dates skipped.
  Music Week UK Added issues from October and November of 2002
Aug 28 Early Radio Catalogs Added: Radio & Short Wave Treatise Radio Trading Co Catalog #27
  Radio Doings Added September 20 1930, November 1 1930 and October 25
  International Musician Added March of 1951
Aug 27 Proceedings of the IRE Added issues from January to June of 1956 and the 1955 Convention Record published January 1956
  Record Mirror UK Added 15 issues from 1985
  Amateur Radio UK Added July and August of 1987
  Popular Wireless  UK Added four issues from 1927
  Music Week UK Added Issues from August and September 2002
Aug 25 Music Week UK Added May, June and July of 2002 and repaired the March 23 issue.
  Wireless World UK Added New complete and optimally sized scans for January through June-July of 1980
  Amateur Radio UK Added May and June of 1985
  Record Mirror UK Added five issues from 1998, one from 1989a and one from 1991
Aug 23 Wireless World UK Added full and improved copies of the issues from August through December of 1980
  International Musician Added April to December 1980 and February to December of 1981 and February of 1982 of this member publication of the American Federation of Musicians
  Amateur Radio UK Added April 1985
  c Added the two issues from December 1982 and November 11 1982
  Music Week UK Added issue from March and April of 2002
Aug 22 Modern Electrics Added November of 1911 to the collection of this early Gernsback publication. Also created separate search for just this magazine.
Aug 21 Legacies of Edwin Howard Armstrong Added the 1990 special edition of the Radio Club of America "Proceedings" with numerous articles about Major Armstrong, his death and his inventions and creations. It's listed in the left-hand sidebar.
Aug 20 Radio & Electronics World Completed collection with the April 1989 issue
  Broadcast Communications Added February 1979
  Downbeat Magazine Added the 1968 Yearbook annual edition
Added the August 11, 1948 issue
  Music Week UK Added the December 2001 issues
Added January and February 2002 issues
  Record Mirror UK Added September 24, 1983
  Smash Hits UK Added three issues from October and November 1982
  Byte Added October to December 1990 as well as the December IBM special edition.
Added January, February, April, May and June 1991
  Amateur Radio UK Added August 1984 and January and February of 1986
  Moore's Law The famous 1965 prediction about the growth of components per IC by Gordon Moore is available is an extract from the April 19 1965 edition of "Electronics". Click to read it.
Aug 18 Bookshelf: Drake's Cyclopedia Added the 1928, 1939 and 1950 editions of this comprehensive encyclopedia of all things electronic.
  Radio & Electronics World UK Added improved copy of January 1989.
  RCA Cherry Hill Observer Added 18 issues of the RCA Cherry Hill Observer, the employee magazine for the various RCA divisions located in Cherry Hill, NJ. There is also an introductory brochure detailing the facility.
  RCA Service Company Added 17 issues from 1954 to 1957 of this magazine
  Amateur Radio UK Added February 1985
  Short Wave UK Added August 1998. We have included the August supplement with this edition. so it is no longer listed separately.
  Radio's Master Added the 1952 and 1954 editions of this series of electronics catalogs covering all manufacturers and suppliers beginning in 1935.
  Practical Mechanics UK Added October 1960
  Radio World Added the Sourcebook issues from 1992 and 2002 and the issue from February 20 1991
  Broadcast Management / Engineering Added 5 issues from 1967, 1968 and 1969. That magazine began in 1965 and covered radio and TV technical issues.
  Downbeat Magazine Added the 1970 and 1963 editions of the Down Beat yearbook.
Aug 17 Bookshelf: History of Broadcasting Added: This is Berlin by Shirer 1999
Added  The History of Broadcasting in Maine by Thompson 1990
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added Television Status and Trends by Goldsmith from 1949
  Bookshelf: Education Added Production and Direction of Radio Programs by
  Bookshelf: Biography Added: Quivers A Life by Robin Quivers 1995
  Music Week UK Added issues from November 2001
Aug 16 Music Week UK Added issues from September, October and August of 2001. New adds are underlined.
  Ham Radio Added the 1973 "Ham Notebook" from the editors of Ham radio: construction  projects and design data.
  Radio Network Publications Added "A Thirty Year History of Programs Carried on National Radio Networks in the United States 1926 - 1956"
  Modern Electrics Added the 1910 special edition "The Wireless Telephone"
  Electronics Added September 7 1964
  Downbeat Magazine Added the 1967 Yearbook Edition
  Amateur Radio UK Added December 1984
  Wireless World UK Added the Index publications for Volumes II, III, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII from 1914 to 1919
Aug 15 Handbooks Added the 1936 ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook.
  Byte Added 8 issues from 1992, including the December predictions for 1992 special edition.
  Electronics Added the two issues from January of 1970
  Proceedings of the IRE Added the 1962 50th Anniversary edition of the "Proceedings" with 1182 pages of "the past, the present and the future"
Added a reproduction of the 1945 "Radio Pioneers" special edition.
Aug 14 Edison Phonograph Monthly Added the monthly publication of the National Phonograph Company, issued from 1903 to 1916 "for the trade" to advise dealers of new music releases.
  Electronics Added October 14 1960 and October 14 1968
  Thanks! We've added more than 700,000 pages of new content so far this year. It's hard to avoid errors with so many manual steps to each addition and the users of this site have marvelously responded to mistakes by pointing out in detail the problem via email. I welcome this marvelous assistance!
Aug 13 Music Week UK Added Issues from April through July of 2001
  Wireless World UK Added the index issue covering April 1915 to March 1916
  No 1 UK Added two issues from April 1984
  Record Mirror UK Added April 7 1984. June 27 and July 18 from 1987 and July 15 from 1989
  Amateur Radio UK Added the 1984 Year Book edition.
  Radiocast Weekly Added two issues from 1926 of this San Francisco and West Coast program guide, amateur technical and log publication.
  Practical Mechanics Added March 1952
  Short Wave UK Added the 1998 August supplement and issues from June and October
  Hobbies UK Added an issue each from 1906, 1907 and two from 1959
  Record Mail  UK Added an issue from 1962 and three from 1964
  Electronics Added ssues from April 3 and 17 and monthly issues May and June 1975
Aug 11 Electronics Added January 11 and December 27 1965
Aug 10 Drake's Cyclopedia Added the 1929 3rd edition of this large (often over 1000 pages) publication that can be seen as a record of the progress of electronics technology from the late 20's to the 50's.
  Spot Radio Rates
& Data - SRDS
Added the September issues of "Spot Radio Rates and Data". This was the media buyer's guide to radio stations with each station listed with format, address, key staff, facilities, network affiliation, ad rates and even special programs. There was population data for every market and county as well.
  Electronics Added issues from January, February and March of 1986 and July to December of 1986
Aug 9 Audio Added the book "The Best of Audio" from 1959
  Proceedings of the IRE Added the special February 1959 issue featuring the Ionosphere.
  Drake's Cyclopedia Added the 1933 and 1955 editions of Drake's Cyclopedia of Radio and Electronics.
  Downbeat Magazine Added August 20, 1970
  Early Radio Catalogs Added Barwick Radio Buyer's Guide from 1927 full of Radios, tubes, parts, batteries and other components.
  Short Wave UK Added the September 1987 issue, filling in the last hole for a complete run from 1937 to 1997.
We still need many issues from 1998 to 2005.
  Music Week UK Added all 5 issues from March 2001
  Wireless Encyclopedia I've noticed on eBay and online booksellers that the bound volumes of "Harmsworth's Wireless, Encyclopedia are going for over $1,000 now. We have the original version, issued in serial fashion in 1923 and 1924 on the site and ready to view. This is a very complete and interesting view of radio and electronics in the early 20's. Oh, and it's free!
  Electronics In the last 24 hours since adding hundreds of issues, the "Electronics" page has become the second most viewed content page on the site! If you have any of the missing issues, help us complete the collection.  Thanks to Wesley Iversen for all the latest addtions!
  Record Mirror UK Added most issues from January and February of 1991
Added December 12 1987
  Amateur Radio UK Added October and November from 1984
  Billboard Replaced June 1 1940 issue with complete copy
  Cash Box Added July 12 1986
Aug 8 Electronics Added two issues from December 1981
Added three issues from September, October and November 1978
Added 3 issues from 1977, 3 from 1979, three from 1980, 18 from 1981, 25 from 1986, 11 from 1987,  6 from 1988
Added all issues from March 1990 to March 1992
We have another 30 issues waiting to be scanned and processed.
  Music Week UK Added issues from January and February of 2001
  Hobbies UK Added four issues from 1907.
Aug 7 Electronics Added issues from January to June of 1978
Added almost issues from October 1987 to March 1988
Aug 6 Music Week UK Added October, November and December of 2000
  Record Mirror UK Added all issues from March, 1991
  Practical Mechanics UK Added 7 issues from 1952
Aug 3 The Beatles Book UK Added all but three issues from number 30 to 75 and two in 1967 nearly completing the collection. This is the "fanzine" published by the Beatles themselves!
  Music Week UK Added August and September of  2000
Aug 1 Music Week UK Added March, April, May, June and July of 2000
  Bookshelf: Biography Added Work in Progress by Michael Eisner (Disney CEO) from 1998
Regulatory & Legal
Added Television Standards and Practice by Fink from 1943
Education & Training
Added: The Technique of the Television Cameraman by Jones 1965
Added: Video as a Second Language by Harwood 1982 Revised 
Added: The Television Manual by Hodapp 1953
Added: Television Works Like This by Bendick 1959
Added: Television Program Production by O'Meara 1955
Added: Techniques of Television Production by Bretz 1962 
Added: Grierson on Documentary by Hardy 1947 
  Bookshelf: Business & ¨Professional Added: This Business of Television by Blumenthal Goodenough 1991
Added: The Radio Station  by Sill 1946
Added: Television Techniques  by Bettinger 1947
Added: Radio The Fifth Estate  by Waller 1946
Added: Radio Markets of the World 1928 19 by Gould 1958
Added: Here is Television  by Hu by tchinson 1950
Added: Dictionary of Teleliteracy Bianculli 1996
Added: Close Up CBS Television 1949
  Billboard Added complete copy of the 1941 March 1 issue.
  Wireless World UK Added full copy of June 1970 edition with covers and ads.
  Practical Mechanics UK Added January February, April and June of 1952
  Amateur Radio UK Added September 1984 as well as August and September of 1989
Jul 31 The Tape Recorder UK Added remaining missing issues. Now only 2 total issues are missing. Now searchable
Jul 29 Bookshelf: Radio Programming Added: The Jingle Man by Karman 1980
Added: Through the Jingle Jungle by Karman 1989
  Practical Wireless UK Added all issues from September 1936 in a single PDF file.
  NASWA Journal Added five issues from late 1991 and early 1992 from the North American Short Wave Association, a DX club
  Amateur Radio UK Added July 1984
Bookshelf: Radio & TV History Added: The Best in Television by 50 Years of Emmys Gelman 1998
Added: In the Public Interest: Hoosier Broadcasting by Weintraut & Nolan
Added: Encyclopedia of Daytime Television by Hyatt 1997
Added: Berlin Calling (Americans in Service to the Third Reich) by Edwards 1991
  Bookshelf: FCC & Regulatory Added: Television's Guardians The FCC 1958-1967 by Baughman 1985
Added: Law of Mass Communication by Nelson & Teter from 1978 3rd Edition
  Bookshelf: Radio & TV News Added: Sound Reporting: NPR by Rosenbaum & Dinges 1992
Added: Broadcasting Realities by Lindner 1999
  Bookshelf: Commentary Added: American Media Wilson Quarterly by Cook from 1989
  Bookshelf: Biography and Careers Added: On the Radio with Harden and Weaver 1983
Added Clark Weber's Rock & Roll 1995-1975
  Bookshelf: Education & Textbooks Added: Broadcast Journalism 2nd Edition by Boye from 1993
Jul 28 DownBeat Added yearbook issues from 1969 and 1872
  Music Week UK Added issues from March of 2000
  Coyne Books Replaced the Coyne 1955 Electrical Dictionary with a better copy
  Wireless World UK Added complete issues with ads and covers from March through May of 1970
  Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers Added Index and January to December 1958 Proceedings
Added Index and January to June 1957 Proceedings
  Handbooks: ARRL Radio Amateur Handbook Added the 1937 and 1945 editions of the ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook
Jul 27 Music Week UK Added January and February issues from 2000
  Wireless World UK Replaced issues from January, February, August, September of 1970 with full issues and added the annual Index Issue
Replaced the December 1950 issue with a complete one.
Jul 25 RCA World Wide Wireless Added a new section for the RCA employee magazine begun in 1922. Added all 1922 editions. Of interest is the page in the October issue with notice of the naming of David Sarnoff as Vice President and General Manager of RCA, with all department heads reporting to him.
Jul 24 SRDS Spot Radio Added the January issues from both 1944 and 1945 of this directory of stations with ad rates for advertisers and ad agencies.
  Bookshelf: Bernards and Babani UK Added Babani BP 53 Practical Electronic Calculations and Formulae
  Bookshelf: Handbooks Added the 1945 ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook
  Music Week UK Added all issues from November and December 1999
  Radio Guide Added February 4 1939. This completes the 1939 collection.
  Coyne Brochures Added the 1937 and 1938 student recruitment brochure. These oversized booklets are full of photos illustrating the school with its shops and classrooms and a prediction of prosperity for its students.
  Westinghouse Engineer Added January and March 1951, September 1948 and November 1949. This is one of the most graphically attractive magazines of the period and covers many areas of technology.
  DownBeat Added Downbeat yearbooks for 1965 and 1966. The yearbooks will be listed in the left-hand column by year.
Added an issue from December 1970.
  Heathkit Catalogs Added 9 catalogs to the collection. They are Test Equipment 1959, Catalog 1959, Catalog Fall 1977
Catalog Spring 1978, Catalog Christmas 1978, Catalog Christmas 1979, Catalog 848 and 849 from 1980 and Catalog 863 from 1983
  Electronics Magazine Added the December 1948 issues, leaving just two missing editions from 1930 to 1957 when the magazine was a monthly publication.
Also added July 28 1961 (missing covers)
  Station Albums Added a pictorial album from WELI in New Haven, CT which appears to be from the pre-WW II period.
  Popular Wireless UK Added January, February 1927 complete month's editions in combined monthly PDFs.
Added March 26 single issue from 1927
Jul 23 Music Week UK Added September and October 1999 issues
  Amateur Radio UK Added issue #3 from late 1982
  Popular Wireless UK Added six issues from 1927
Jul 21 Music Week UK Added Added June, July and August of 1999
  Radio & Electronics World UK Added January to June issues from 1988
Jul 20 DownBeat * Completed phase 1 or this magazine, with all the issues we have from the 30's to 1961 available
* Search enabled. All issues are searchable, and decade specific searches are also available.
  Practical Wireless UK Added 6 issues from October, November and December of 1935
Jul 18 Music Week UK Added issues from March to May of 1999. This includes the special March 4 Awards issue
  DownBeat Added most issues from 1940 to 1949.
Jul 16 DownBeat Added the first of over 400 issues of DownBeat from 1937 through through the early 60's which we will be adding in future weeks. We will also be adding the annual "Yearbook" issues as we acquired them.
  Electronic Engineering UK Added 11 complete issues from 1955 to complete the year. January to August and October to December
  Popular Wireless UK Added one issue from August 1930 and combined it with the other four to create a single August PDF
Jul 15 Music Week UK Added issues from December 1998 and January, February of 1999
  Record Mirror UK Added November 11 1984
  Billboard Added the 2009 Audarena venue special edition.
  Byte Added March 1991. We still have many, many issues to scan, but this is a very hard magazine to process due to the very thin paper and its coating which slips, misfeeds and clogs the scanner rollers.
  Modern Era Collection Added "Television - Today and Tomorrow", the complete report of the five "Television Talks" clinics of 1957 conducted by BMI, the music licensing organization in the US.
  Radio & Electronics World UK Added five  issues from 1988 and three from 1987
  The Tape Recorder UK Added a new section with 40 issues of The Tape Recorder, a UK consumer tape magazine begun in 1959
  No 1 UK Add3ed issues from February and March of 1984
  FM Magzine Added November 1942 from this Milton Sleeper publication.|
  Amateur Wireless UK Added 7 issues from 1927
Jul 12 Record Mirror UK Added all issues from July 1983
  Amateur Wireless UK Added all issues from February 1927 in one PDF.
  Wireless Weekly UK Added all issues of August 1923 in single file that now includes previously missing pages and cover.
  Everyday Electronics UK Added issues from 2006 and 2007. These are no longer sold online by the publisher.
  Byte Added four issues from 1989 and six from 1990
  Modern Era Technical Miscellaneous Added a new page with single issues, pamphlets, brochures and other publications about radio technology and electronics from the Post WW II era to the early 2000's.
  Modern Era Collection Added "Twenty-Two Television Talks transcribed from BMI TV Clinics" from Broadcast Music,  Inc. 1953
  Music Week UK Added the final 3 weeks of August of 1998 and all issues from November
Jul 11 Duncan's American Radio Added the multi-year analysis and ratings report "Radio in the United States 1976-1982"
  CMJ "New Music Report" Added 22 issues from 1999 and one from 1998
  New Musical
Added September 22 1973
  Radio & Electronics World UK Added January, February and March of 1989
  Melody Maker UK Added July 23 and 30, 1960
Record Mirror UK Added July 15 and 22,from 1984
Added all August 1989 issues
Added February 12, April 2, 9 and 16,, May 7, 14 and 21 of 1983
  Music Week UK Added July 4, August 8, September 5, 12, 19 and Oct 31 1998
  No 1 UK Added the January 1984 issues of this fan magazine fro British pop.
  Westinghouse Engineer Added March and September of 1949
Jul 8 Smash Hits Added issues from January through March of 1982 from this UK bi-weekly fan mangazine
  Radio & Electronics World UK Added November 1988
  The Beatles Book Added all issues from 1965 of this fan magazine published by the Beatles themselves.
  Hobbies UK Added February 5 1958
  Record Mirror UK Added all issues from January 1984
  Down Beat Added May 30 1957 and May 19 1977
  Wireless Weekly Added A complete set of April 1924, replacing issues with missing pages.
  Melody Maker UK Added all issues from November  and Deceember 1947
  Radio Pictorial UK Added May 14 1937
Jul 7 RCA In the Groove Added September 1946 and September 1948 courtesy of Neal Simpson
  Bookshelf: Biography Added Of Mikes and Men by Smith from 1948
Added The Storytellers by Smith from 1995
  Bookshelf: Education Added Radio Announcing by Gilmore and Middleton from 1946
Added Television and Radio Announcing by Hyde 8th edition 1998
Bookshelf: Regulation and Legal Added: Radio and Television Rights by Warner 1953
Added: The Politics of Broadcast by 1971-1972 Barrett
  Bookshelf: News Added: Writing Broadcast News by Block from 1987
  Bookshelf: History of Telecasting Added TV Mania by Pavese & Henry 1998
  Bookshelf: History of Radio Added: Rebels on the Air by Walker from 1999
Added: Encyclopedia of Television News by Murray 1999
  Bookshelf: Ratings Added Ratings Analysis by Webber &  Lichty from 1991
Jul 6 The Experimenter Added the February, 1925 issue of this early Hugo Gernsback publication.
Jul 5 CMJ "New Music Report" Added more issues from 1998, 1999, 2000.
  Record Mirror UK Added three issues from January 1988
Jul 3 Melody Maker UK Added issues from September and October 1947
  Hobbies UK Added December 23 1959 and
  Music Week UK Added All issues from June 1998
Jul 2 CMJ "New Music Report" Added issues from January to July 2001 of this college radio music magazine
Added 26 issues from 2000
Added 4 issues from 1999
Jul 1 Gernsback Books NOTE: these are listed towards the bottom of the page under "Later Publications"
Added: Color TV Repair Clifford 1965 
Added: Fundamentals of Semiconductors Scroggie 1960 
Added: Horizontal Sweep Servicing Handbook Darr 1963 
Added: How to Get the Most Out of Your VOM Jaski 1960 
Added: II New Shortcuts to TV Servicing Lane 1958 
Added: Industrial Electronics Made Easy Jaski 1961 
Added: New Shortcuts to TV Servicing Lane 1958 
Added: New Skill Building Transistor Projects 1966 
Added: Oscilloscope Techniques Haas 1958. 
Added: Practical Auto Radio Service Greenfield 1960 
Added: Printed Circuits Moses 1959 
Added: Rapid Radio Repair Heath 1959 
Added: Rapid TV Repair Heath 1956 
Added: Servicing Color TV Middleton 1957 
Added: Servicing Record Changers Mileaf 1956 
Added: Servicing Transistor Radio D'Airg 1958 
Added: The VTVM Samuel 1956. 
Added: TV and Radio Tube Troubles Heller 1958 
Added: TV Trouble Analysis 1961 
Added: How to Fix Transistor Radios & Printed Circuits Vol 1 
Added: How to Fix Transistor Radios & Printed Circuits Vol 2 
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