A few useful radio links.

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Clik Name of Site Description
FCC Rules site from Halikainen.com FCC rules today and from past years, FCC rule message board, pending changes
FCC AM & FM Page AM and FM search, rules, changes, publications, LPFM
Radio-locator AM and FM coverage maps. Coverage maps for all US AM and FM stations. Shows primary, secondary and DX coverage.
Radio World Magazine The technical side of radio. Many articles on technology, new and old.
Radio Technical and licensing History links Hundreds of Links about radio history; many equipment manuals and pics.
Barry Mishkind's
radio history site
A great engineering blog and a site filled with historical facts and documents.
Dallas Fort Worth Radio Archives Ratings going back decades and decades. From ratings guru Chris Huff. History and information
Scott Fybush's Northeast Radio Watch Up to date news and background on New England and the NE.
Tower site of the week and great link page. Another Scott Fybush page with excellent and entertaining content. (Buy the calendar!)
Beautiful Music: history and sources In the 70's FM surged and this format was part of the reason. Here's the best page about the format. Good likks.
V-Soft FM signal strength at any ZIP code Find the field strengths of AM day, AM Night and FM stations within U.S. postal zip codes throughout the U.S.
Mexican Radio & TV directory Fred CantĂș lists every station by state and city with coverage maps, website links and format data
Texhoma. TX and OK Wichita Falls & Lawton area
Spokane, WA Spokane radio history.
Canadian Communications Foundation History of broadcasting in Canada including a detailed timeline and lots of reference material 
Chicago Radio Timeline Timeline of Chicago area radio stations
Milwaukee Milwaukee Radio History and message board. Extensive ratings data for the area.
Alabama History page of Alabama Broadcasters Association with always-updated history links... and lots of them.
Texas & San Antonio San Antonio Radio Memories
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