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1. Television-1954-Oct-Page-0050 [Television Magazine]
... Advertisement T. I story board A column sponsored by one of the leading film producers in television SARRA N E W YORK: 200 EAST 56TH STREET C H I C A G O : 16 EAST O N T A R I O STREET An entertaining jingle tells the viewers to "Have A Storz" in these highly imaginative commer- cials by SARRA. Animation and stop-motion techniques are used to emphasize calorie control and the satisfying bitter-free taste of Storz Beer. The reminder to buy Storz in bottles, cans or a convenient 6-Pack ends the sell. Produced by SARRA for Storz Brewing Company through Bozell & Jacobs, Inc. SARRA ...
2. Television-1957-May-OCR-Page-0090 [Television Magazine]
... pick The Music Goes Round and Round. Why this the music-news formula must meet the m 1 ^ - . should be, I don't know. But I saw waitresses do this housewife, the most important part of the fludifmci' time after time." PERSONALITIES Some of the older music-and-news practitioners c riti- cize Storz for poor program balance, holding that not If the logic of the Storz station isi ts Top 40 t u: . . enough attention i s given to such matters as musical heart i s the disk jockey, or personality. He pr n :h |> pace within the individual program, sequencing of ...
3. Television-1957-May-OCR-Page-0089 [Television Magazine]
... Asking price was $75.000, which included an F M affiliate, KOAD. The senior Storz put up $30,000. Todd mortgaged a farm he owned in Iowa's Webster County, got $20,000. A bank lent father and son $25,000. Todd became v.p. and general manager of the new Mid- Continent Broadcasting Co. his father, president. By 1950, says Storz, "the general character" of K O W H had been pretty well established. I t was the music-and-news formula described elsewhere i n this study. At the end of i tsfirstyear — the station went under Storz ownership in 1949 K O ...
4. Television-1957-May-OCR-Page-0088 [Television Magazine]
... t to the caprice or personal A sharp rejoinder to the critics comes from another taste of individual programmers or personalities For young broadcaster who has built a three-station empire this reason, centralized program control i s a marked in his state through an aggressive operation that re- feature of the music-and-news group operations The sembles that of Storz. Says outspoken Gordon McLendon degree of control, however, varies with the company "I'm sick to death of hearing the network stations It i s important that whatever i s done be done cor complain of what i s nothing more than their own inef- nislently. To Todd Storz, "a more consistent ...
5. Television-1957-May-OCR-Page-0087 [Television Magazine]
... young Todd Storz, some see merely a rewd give-away specialist, others a vital and peful new force in radio. His influence on the dium, already considerable, continues to grow THE STORZ BOMBSHELL Here are the facts on today's most controversial station operation By HERMAN LAND, Executive Editor Violent passions are aroused i n otherwise gentle- the medium, strikingly different from the pre-TV days, 7 manly broadcasters when the name "Storz" i s men- when the rating relationships tended toward stability aced. To many, R. (for Robert) Todd Storz i s cynicism rather than abrupt and frequent change.-mate, a ...
6. Television-1957-May-OCR-Page-0092 [Television Magazine]
... Mediterranean port, of the over-all station sound. Singing station i. ip Saudi Arabian warning to Israel on Gulf of Aqaba, introductions, and sign-offs are used for • . , | - L Israeli report on Jordan crisis. jockey and newscast. Long used in radio, the,• jj Here i s how Todd Storz describes his news policy: introduction is by now almost universal. "We try to lead off with a local item. Our view i s PROMOTION that the average person i s more concerned with the auto accident that happens around the corner than with The most controversial part of the Storz form- . JIM. ...
7. Television-1957-May-OCR-Page-0094 [Television Magazine]
... Storz: "The days of 50% to 60% share of audience are limited" To McLendon, this "newspaper of the air" approach to "wcco," comments Labunski, "has long understood t he radio is the greatest of all of his many promotions. "The local approach " best promotions are the occasional big lotíal news stories Starting from a base of unusually strong acceptance that come our way. W e promote 52 weeks of the year, in i t s area, and a brace of top-notch personalities Ufo not just during a rating period " Cedric Adams, wcco has been able to maintainfirstpla^ ...
8. Television-1957-May-OCR-Page-0093 [Television Magazine]
... i s that the audience t a station that i s near the bottom, then promotion wants to hear the hit tunes, the weather, time signals erribly important to l et people know about you." and get a fast news wrap-up; i t does not want to hear n Minneapolis, for example, Storz took over WDGY disk jockey "dribble." January of 1956. In order to sign up f all business The programming i s viewed as a service of music time, i t was necessary to show results by spring, and useful information available to the listener at any- en buying i s at its ...
9. Television-1957-May-OCR-Page-0085 [Television Magazine]
... THE STORZ BOMBSHELL Few events of recent years have generated such excitement and discussion in the field of radio as has the sensational rise of the Todd Storz stations. H e r e is a detailed analysis of the Storz operation. I t describes his p r o v o c a t i v e p r o g r a m "formula" , reveals the thinking behind the controversial promotions, and reviews the competitive struggle in the various Storz markets. ...
10. Television-1957-Dec-OCR-Page-0022 [Television Magazine]
... the Burtons. The Kate Smith Show r e t u r n s to Mutual J a n u a r y 6 on weekday mornings (10:05-10:30 a.m.) . Half of the DISC J O C K E Y CONVENTION program will be available f o r national sponsorship, the The Storz chain (WDGY, Minneapolis; W H B , Kansas City; other half given over to the stations f o r local advertisers. W T I X , New Orleans; and W Q A M , Miami) has enlisted the Format will include interviews and reviews. . . . General participation of 30 ...
11. Television-1957-Apr-OCR-Page-0108 [Television Magazine]
... able f o r live program origination. Fortunately, many Crosle.v's Bob Dunville, Time Inc. s Ben Larsen, broadcasters have risen to the occasion, concentrating Sanger of WQXR, H a r r y Novik of WLEV, Don T on their news and special events departments. burgh, president of WCAU, and Todd Storz, of Some stations feel so strongly the need f o r local iden- Storz stations. tification and community service t h a t they have resisted Here were busy men t a k i n g off valuable time to the trend to f e a t u r e and even syndicated film. The ...
12. Television-1957-May-OCR-Page-0025 [Television Magazine]
... t h i s i s s u e : obert K i n t n e r in " T h e Kinetic Mr. K i n t n e r " P a r k e r McComas in "McComas of P h i l i p M o r r i s ' obert Todd Storz in " R a d i o S t u d y " ROBERT TODD STORZ ElEVISION M A G A Z I N E • MAY 1957 23 ...
13. Television-1957-Apr-OCR-Page-0004 [Television Magazine]
... , Deodorants anil Gasoline p l e t t . and successful, transforma- tion of a long-established public H o w A Stxtiov Justifies Hh.hek Kates 70 i m a g e — t h e story of Blue Dutch The actual thinking behind a revised rate structure Cleanser. . . . An analysis of the controversial Storz "bombshell'r K adio S t u d y : National SI'o'I 81 and i t s impact on radio today. / ' has becomt flic focal point of radio's resurgence II DEPARTMENTS Frederick A . K u g e l , E d i i o r and Publisher H e r m a n W l ...
14. Television-1957-Aug-OCR-Page-0190 [Television Magazine]
... , pace-setting market Treutlen 592 5.7 1l.4 Ware 5,035 J4.1 9.0 6. NATIONAL SPOT Wayne 1,187 14.2 3.5 Wheeler 731 S.9 1,4 The "who," "how" and "why" of spot radio today Patterns of leading advertisers South Carolina* 1 Beaufort 3,705 2V.7 6.9 3fc Hampton 3.249 18.6 4.4 m 7. THE STORZ BOMBSHELL Jasper 1,566 10 26 734 Total 95 068 577 a 1J1 4 V I The facts on radio's most controversial station operation and the thinking behind it SCHENECTADY ALBANY TROY NEW YORK Massachusetts: 8. J. WALTER T H O M P S O N LOOKS AT RADIO 1 I Berkshire 3 Í 890 138.6 41.6 ...
15. Television-1957-May-OCR-Page-0006 [Television Magazine]
... changing U.S. business communication comment by William H. Whyte, a thor of "The Organization Man." D o Vo u R E M E M B E R YOUR COMMERCIALS? 7 9 flanks, breads, deodorants, gasolines, in Chicago liviiio ^TUDY: H I E STOKZ BOMBSHELL 8 3 Todd Storz: Cynicism incarnate or a bright new force? Frederick A K u g e l , Editor and Publisher Herman W. Land, Executive Edi' A b b y Rand, Senior Editor John Watson, Managing Ed, Barton H i c k m a n , Associate Editor D E P A R T ...
16. Television-1957-Oct-OCR-Page-0087 [Television Magazine]
... 8:30 p.m. are Local C o n t r o v e r s y : A m o n g the p r o p o n e n t s of this priced at two-thirds of the pre-8:30 level. Base rates f o r iroach is W Q A M , the Storz station in Miami. Its Alan newscasts are $750 in the morning, $500 a f t e r 8:30 p.m. nirtney Program is primarily a discussion program, and $1,000 when delivered by Gabriel Heatter, regardless . ivoted to hometown issues. Listeners can phone in and of day-part. ate ...
17. Television-1958-Jan-OCR-Page-0065 [Television Magazine]
... e m ; they give-away promotions, has been highly successful. T h e pat- must learn to think in show terms, to work with all kinds tern has been rapidly spreading a r o u n d the country. (See of people and talent; suddenly they are doing big-style " T h e Storz Bombshell," M a y issue of T E L E V I S I O N M A G A Z I N E . ) p r o g r a m m i n g or at least trying to, on a so-called music- Those who are familiar with the exciting sounds that ...
18. Television-1958-Apr-OCR-Page-0035 [Television Magazine]
... j o c k e v c o n v e n t i o n in G r e y h o u n d : 12 a n n o u n c e m e n t s per week per m a r k e t f o r feii) , T o d d Storz, p r e s i d e n t of the S t o r z S t a t i o n s , which I reyhound's Southeastern and Pacific Lines. j ed the first K a n s a s City c o m e n t i o n , told TELEVISION ^ elch's ...
19. Television-1958-Apr-OCR-Page-0065 [Television Magazine]
... m i n a t e r e g u l a r KOHY newscasts. h o u r or h a l f - h o u r s o m e t i m e s b o t h ) . S e c o n d , t h e r e ir the Te Storz s t a t i o n s h a v e d o n e a p a r t i c u l a r l y elfective job m o r e t r a d i t i o n a l o p e r a t i o n of the n e ...
20. Television-1958-Jan-OCR-Page-0067 [Television Magazine]
... • how, and the like. His utterances are rigidly controlled. The Independent can be the news station in its m a r k e t lough f o r m u l a has had a considerable measure of success Westinghouse is out to build itself as the "news station" See " T h e Storz B o m b s h e l l " ) . It is a Plough thesis that the in every market. I'hat this can be done bv an independent lisc jockey can be switched at will, without affecting the radio station has already been demonstrated, a notable case ludience one way or the other. ...
21. Television-1958-Jun-OCR-Page-0083 [Television Magazine]
... o , " " h o w " a n d " w n y " of spot r a d i o t o d a y . J ' - t i e r n s of l e a d i n g a i h ^ r t i s e r , 7. THE STORZ BOMBSHELL T h e f a c t s o n r a d i o ' s m o s t c o n t r o \ e r s i a ' s t a t i o n o p e r a t i o n a n d the t h i n ...
22. Television-1958-Mar-OCR-Page-0219 [Television Magazine]
... o d a y . • • P a t t e r n s of l e a d i n g a d v e r t i s e r s ' X E X TV (N ) ncludes Richmond, Va.) or ranking purposes, consider this market Btersburg-Richmond) 7. THE STORZ BOMBSHELL T h e fact; on r a d i o ' s m o s t c o n t r o \ e r s i a l PLADELPHIA, P a . - W I L M I N G T O N , station operation and the thinking behind it 89.0 1.752.682 CAU TV ...
23. Television-1958-Mar-OCR-Page-0136 [Television Magazine]
... 6 . NATIONAL SPOT T h e " w h o , " " h o w " a n d "why" ' of spol r a d i o l o d a y . . . P a t t e r n s of l e a d i n g advertisers 7. THE STORZ BOMBSHELL T h e facts o n r a d i o ' s m o s t c o n t r o v e r s i a l s t a t i o n o p e r a t i o n a n d t h e t h i n k i ...
24. Television-1958-Nov-OCR-Page-0073 [Television Magazine]
... , b u t we c a n ' t get excited a b o u t it. itself. END Reprints of this study are available at 2~><j - each. Hulk rates on request. RECENT R A D I O STUDIES: The New York Radio Market Nighttime Radio National Spot The Storz Bombshell How Leo Burnett Buys Radio News — Radio's Basic Strength Pulse Reports on the Out-of-Home Audience Reprints of these studies are available at 25<f each. Bulk rates on request. Television Magazine 422 Madison Ave. New York 17, N.Y. ...
25. Television-1958-Sep-OCR-Page-0071 [Television Magazine]
... nited States owned by major station groups have been invited to join as part of a research project for the American Civilization the tape network. Depai tment of Brou n hniversity. Reprints of this study are available at 25 each. Bulk rates on request. RECENT RADIO STUDIES: The New York Radio Market National Spot The Storz Bombshell Believ ability: Network vs Independent The Westinghouse Radio Study News — Radio's Basic Strength Pulse Reports on the Out-of-Home Audience Reprints of these studies are available at 25$ each. Bulk rates on request. Television Magazine 422 Madison Ave. New York 17, N . f . ...
26. Television-1959-Jan-OCR-Page-0047 [Television Magazine]
... radio, whether held by advertisers, closely. If, for example, the station that leads the market does well in the key morning and afternoon segments, the network programmed portions of the schedule ill tend to do agencies or the medium itself. as well. One such event is the step taken by the Todd Storz Broad- Radio p r o g r a m m i n g for e v e r y taste casting Company to affiliate with a network in an important market. Storz, who has been one of the industry's outstand- Over and above the question of station versus network is ing "young Turks. ...
27. Television-1959-Jan-OCR-Page-0090 [Television Magazine]
... in \ iew of the situation in their persuasion. Findings in the sciences place greater responsibility than ever markets. And highly successful opera- which deal with human perception and on the advertiser to assess his proper- tors of independent radio will follow behavior will be applied to radio and lies and to seek efficiency. the Storz lead and become network af- will add new interest and excitement All of us must become increasingly filiates because in their markets it to the medium. critical of how and where we spend makes the best business sense. A new audience measurement serv- our money. We sincerely hope that the ice will be developed ...
28. Television-1960-Apr-OCR-Page-0075 [Television Magazine]
... . of course. leluatecl tlnooghout the (LI, .we refined the pattern of "modern radio" still further. Within the rigidity and saneness of the inototype hour.. Fey have evolved a product which started with the tech - t.t%vtt created diversity. It is that (incrsii\ which has at- tiues of Storz and McLendon, and the WNEW concept, tracted its listeners in greater numbers. + t to which much that is unique has been added. Not only In a typical "prototype hour" at Kt wit. there are 13 rec- ,their product polished and perfected, but it is much ords played, 16 ...
29. Television-1963-Jan-OCR-Page-0072 [Television Magazine]
... , which marked a startling de- passing years. and buzzing into prominence came a parture l'rom existing nenrnrk radio 11 1\FW was also an innovator in news. group of so-called "young Turks," of policies, included revisions of rates and Radio, since the 30s, had been active in whom Todd Storz, Gerald Bartell and network option time and offered adver- this area, especially in the use of com- Gordon \fcLenc\on were, perhaps, most tisers a complete freedom of choice as mentators, but the importance of news outstanding. t.o how many or how few markets to use. was never ...
30. Television-1963-Jan-OCR-Page-0073 [Television Magazine]
... Lhing from a st uru LO a giveaway. Broad- ping or soothing (depending on whether works news was the lifesaver. For the caxt ers st i l l Lalk about the more than you were a Storz or \< \/ right man) tarn- networks, programming to a wide swath SI00,000 treasure hunts th.u SLOrz pro- alizing recipe, could not be mass-pro- o[ stations, had to steer clear of extreme mot ed in Omaha and i\finneapolis-St. duced. formulas. Paul. Daily clues were given 011 the air But station owners by the dozens, ABC Radio's vice president Robert and frarnic ...
31. Television-1965-Oct-OCR-Page-0052 [Television Magazine]
... , but things are going the new station in town without going things just for the sake of doing some- to be different. Fifteen years ago, who broke paying for that reason. thing. was aware and sharp enough to think Where the pressure from the com- that Gordon McLendon and T o d d Storz mission to activate a CP is particularly would come along and knock the tar out intense yet the current chances for ac- of the network O&O radio stations with ceptance in that market particularly 5 kw and 15-man organizations? W h o bleak, a U — not willing to lose what ONE MAN'S MONEY ...
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