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1. CB-1965-08-14-OCR-Page-0242.pdf [Channels Magazine]
... Schack Berlin 30 Tel: 450777 SOLAMI MUSIKVERLAG PoMstrasse 58 Munich 9 13 46 58 Ravenna Str. 48 produced by EDITION INSELTON Munich 2 Karlsplatz 19/20 Tel: 497297 SONG EDITION Herr Heino Gaze Gustav Freytag Str. 9 MICHAEL JARY MUSIKVERLAG Berlin-W. Hamburg 13 Tel: 893971 Kurt Feltz Harvestehuderweg OTTO KUHL MUSIKVERLAGE 6 ERICH STORZ MUSIKVERLAGE Osterrode /Reiheit Mr. Jack Joseph Haupt Str. 61 Cologne Am Hof 34/36 TELSTAR MUSIKVERLAG GMBH Musikproduktion Tel: 212276 (Westton Music) Frau Ann Busse Munich 23 Martins Strasse 6 WILL MEISEL MUSIKVERLAGE 34 55 49 Herr Rudolph Schroeder KOLN, Drususgasse TRANSATLANTIK MUSIKVERLAG 7-11/ Phone: 215723 Berlin-W. Wittelsbacher ...
21 Feb 2017  -  142k
2. CB-1965-08-14-OCR-Page-0298.pdf [Channels Magazine]
... Erato) , Jazz Philips, Riverside, Swingville, Vee Jay, World Collector, Jazz Selection, Kangourou (Vogue) , Pacific, Melodicon, Olympia land and in Austria by their own in Switzerland of two German labels King Hazz, Majestic, Mode, Nixa, Orfeon, Pas- mpany, Austrian Columbia. Storz (who release Pick in Germany) torale et Musique, Piccadilly, Pingouin Jecklin & Co. of Zurich continues and Regina. Pick is also released in (Vogue) , Pop, Pye, Reprise, Roulette, Royal, RCA INTERNATIONAL LTD. Somerset, Sonet, Sprint, Storyville, Studio Rue de Mont-Blanc ...
21 Feb 2017  -  167k
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