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1. PD-23-24-OCR-Page-0006.pdf [Programmers Digest]
... On music playlists - emergence of FM, the bringing science to the art, adding research to creativity. I'm a huge fan of the people like "Next thing you know, you're playing 43 records. Wait a minute the room - Todd Wallace is in that'd be long for you, wouldn't it? - Todd Storz and Gordon McLendon and people who really made our business fun. And you look back at their accomplishments, you know you Your list has never been 43, has it ?" On encouraging participation by talent "An effective method I've used is explaining - look at Bill Drake, mean these guys were running 5 ...
16 Jul 2016  -  140k
2. PD-46-OCR-Page-0004.pdf [Programmers Digest]
... More BLORE Continued from page 1 - because KF was still an echo of McLendon and a little bit of Storz. KITS was my baby my dream Sealed With A Arils station. The essence of the KITS format has at its core the fact that had always, and still do, think of I radio as an entertainment medium, not simply a grew up to be the first Top music service. Today, when ask PDs about their I 40 station to become #1 in format, they tell me what kind of music they play Los Angeles. and only rarely, if ever, what it is about their station Now ...
16 Jul 2016  -  96k
3. PD-13-OCR-Page-0011.pdf [Programmers Digest]
... the Bobby Ocean Cartoon Gallery. THE HEARTBREAK OF HIGT-11 Programming LEVEL SHOW CRITIQUE ore! Ba5K5 MOrnin9 Prep Pacing Spontaneity Originally scheduled for this week will appear in the July 27th issue of Fí00 UMBAUGH-611. "What we do for a living is a privilege!" - Jimmy Steal, PD, KDMX/Dallas The names Todd Storz and Gordon McLendon are generally credited with giving birth to Top 40 Radio in the 1950's. Not to take anything away from these legendary pioneers, perhaps its time we salute a less-famous name who was the real "father of Top 40" .. The : ' the late Bill Stewart REAL.. The celebrated story ...
05 Feb 2018  -  121k
4. PD-31-OCR-Page-0009.pdf [Programmers Digest]
... gentlemen.." Brucie" Morrow, Ron Jacobs, Scott Shannon, ID for any radio geeks who bought the book. Cool! and Buzz Bennett (among dozens of others) and chronicles the achievements of Top 40 pioneers like Available at a 30% discount ($ 19.57) from Gordon McLendon, Todd Storz, Chuck Blore, TW Tip #21029 and #7185 Nasty Rock NewsTaIk television and he openly complained that his station's (Continued - from page 8) great phone response, but is boring as bat -shit to most of your audience audience was not comprised of "quality" listeners because there were too many " ...
05 Feb 2018  -  82k
5. PD-48b-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Programmers Digest]
... Programming Life-lessons e, 70s. Competitors whispered the five syllables with fear, envy, and enmity. "Gordon McLendon." Creator (with Editor's Note: Many of the basic truths of Todd Storz and Bill Stewart) of "Top radio liltening, that are the very backbone; 40" radio, originator of the all -news of modem-day programming theory, were format, architect of EZ listening, and conceived, introduced, and Perfected ty the genius behind all the amusing, off the forward -thinking practitioners of format the wall, and incredibly effective radio during its forma-ive years. Chief promotional stunts that vaulted his among themnwas Gordon ...
05 Feb 2018  -  118k
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