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601. BC-1979-01-08-OCR-Page-0028 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... deductible. you carefully review it: Members of thé committee in addition "Reporting of trade deals: In report- "1 . Stations having a split format con- to Chairman Church are George W. ing to ASCAP, stations may now use the sisting of all talk or all news for most of Armstrong, Storz Broadcasting Corp. same figures for trade deals as used for the broadcast day and musical programs in Omaha; Kenneth R. Frankl, RKO Gener- FCC Form 324, and ASCAP has given up nonprime hours. Examples of this kind of al, New York; Rbbert E. Henley, WGN of its right to ...
01 Jan 1979  -  52k
602. RR-1978-11-03 [R&R]
... matic pilot up through the McLendon chain; had blamed e Korean War on Ben Fong -Torres, and had written his first screenplay, "The Eyes Of Marty Fel an. : ' Despite the fact that it was long, no one seemed to care for it. Today, we find G.O. saying: Todd Storz (who created Top 40 radio) and his famo s national programs er Bill Stewart were at KOWH in Omaha and (I found out later) got me a job ffer in Denver at K MN and the Mutual Intermountain Network. (It's always been common pr etice to get competit rs out of the market ...
01 Jan 1978  -  267k
603. RR-1978-11-03 [R&R]
... on auto- matic pilot up through the McLendon chain; had blamed the Korean War on Ben Fong -Torres, and had written his first screenplay, "The Eyes Of Marty Feldman. Despite the fact that it was long, no one seemed to care for it. Today, we find G.O. saying: Todd Storz (who created Top 40 radio) and his famous national programmer Bill Stewart were rionimina at KOWH in Omaha and (I found out later) got me a job offer in Denver at KIMN and the Mutual ..+ arF lumm arer. Intermountain Network. (It's always been common practice to get competitors out of the ...
01 Jan 1978  -  263k
604. 1978-11-20-BC-OCR-Page-0056 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... Carlson of Susquehanna Broadcasting, Big -brother style cases where sellers and manufacturers are York, Pa. George Duncan, Metromedia Radio, named chairman of executive not likely to be worried about harming of regulation their reputations, he said -when con- sumers can't discover they have a problem committee, and George W. Armstrong, Storz Broadcasting, designated finance giving way to (insulation nursing homes) , if consumers can't trace their distress to a particular pro- committee chairman. Following were elected new members of board: Sal little brother? duct (tires, drugs, etc.) or if the seller doesn't need a buyer's business in the ...
01 Jan 1978  -  37k
605. TVRA-1977-08-15-OCR-Page-0015 [TV Radio Age]
... sepa- rately." Besides Bonneville's KMBZ and KMBR(FM) , other participating Kansas City radio stations are KBEQ(FM) , Meredith's KCMO and KCEZ(FM) , KCKN- AM-FM, owned by Kaye- Smith, Starr's KCNW and KUDL(FM) , Taft's WDAF and KYYS(FM) and Storz' WHB. CBS' NetAlert system CBS Radio's NetAlert system, set up in 1961 as a round -the -clock network - to expand capacity affiliate contact for urgent news and other program purposes, is now being converted to all solid state and is increasing its signal capacity from nine to 15 alerts. Target date for ...
01 Jan 1977  -  30k
606. BC-1977-02-14-OCR-Page-0088 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... is being decided. Director of Engineering ASCAP sources, in turn, said the commit- Members of the all- industry committee 1293 Center Street tee wanted to cut the rate to 1.3 % . in addition to Chairman Sanger are Ashland, Ohio 44805 Although he did not specify the size of George W. Armstrong, Storz Broadcasting (419) 289-2766 the proposed cut, Mr. Sanger said the com- Corp.; Abiah A. Church, Storer Broadcast- mittee also asked for elimination of sus- ing Co.; Robert R. Hilker,SuiburbanRadio taining fees, the adoption of an incremen- Group; J. Allen Jensen, ...
01 Jan 1977  -  71k
607. BC-1977-11-14-OCR-Page-0044 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... costs for New York, newsletter speculates that payers. advertising containing "consumer infor- NBC -TV is offering exclusive product pro- Commissioner Fogarty continued to dis- mation." tection to advertisers making $10- million News that refreshes. The Radio Advertising Bureau's board of direc- casters; George W. Armstrong, Storz Broadcasting; Don N. Nelson, Mid tors meeting in Phoenix, which ended Oct. 29, was enlivened by a report America Radio; Donald A. Pels, LIN Broadcasting; Carl J. Wagner, Taft from Ralph Countryman Jr. director of media services, Coca -Cola U.S.A. Broadcasting; Richard J. Monahan ...
01 Jan 1977  -  76k
608. 1976-11-08-BC-OCR-Page-0048 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... in Palm Springs, Calif. Oct. 26 -29. Broadcasting; James P. Arcara, Capital Cities; Sam Cook Digges, CBS Front row (l -r): David Morris, KNUZ(AM) Houston; Lee Allen Smith, Radio; John T. Murphy, Avco Broadcasting; George W. Armstrong, Storz WKY(AM) Oklahoma City; Richard W. Chapin, Stuart Enterprises; Thomas Broadcasting; Marvin L. Shapiro, Group W; Roger G. Berk, Group One Glynn, N.W. Ayer (agency for U.S. Army); Major John Burke, U.S. Army; Broadcasting; George Duncan, ...
01 Jan 1976  -  68k
609. 1975-09-22-BC-OCR-Page-0031 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... license proposition that such a broadcast did, in renewal applications of 21 New Orleans fact, occur." radio stations appears, finally, to have had no basis in fact. At least, an FCC adminis- trative law judge could find no basis after a hearing held to help the commission decide whether to designate Storz Broad- Star transfer casting Co. s renewal application for wT)x (AM) for hearing. moves into The allegation was made after a sniper had terrorized New Orleans from the roof FCC arena of a Howard Johnson's motel, on Jan, 7, Commission to hold prehearing 1973. A New Orleans resident, ...
01 Jan 1975  -  54k
610. 1975-03-17-BC-OCR-Page-0056 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... authorization Includes off-air licenses Gross's ability to operate broadcast station in pù lic interest. Action Feb. I8. FCC decisions 27.5 kw horiz, 11.6 kw vert. Ann. March 6. Rapid City and Lead, S.D. TV proceeding: WTIX(AM) New Orleans, renewal proceedirr Western Television Co. and Dakota Broadcasting Storz Broadcasting Co. (Doc. 20200) -FCC stay: FM actions Co. competing for ch. 7 at Rapid City and satel- hearing on application of Storz Broadcasting Cc lite on ch. 5 at Lead (Dots. 20093 -6) -AU John for renewal of license. Application was designate KALW San ...
01 Jan 1975  -  52k
611. 1975-05-26-BC-OCR-Page-0054 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... Radio Billings is owned by The Peoria Journal Star (BP- 18878) . Action May 16. Storz Broadcasting Co. (Doc. 20200) -Chief ALJ Inc.; Henry P. Slane, pres. et al. (BAL- 8359) . Action Arthur A. Gladstone scheduled further hearing ses- May 9. FM applications sion for May 21 in New Orleans. Action May 7. KGRT- AM- KGRD -FM Las Cruces, N.M. (AM: WNAS New Albany, Ind. -Seeks CP to install Southport, N.C. FM proceeding: Thorns Broad- 570 khz, 6 kw -D; FM: 103.9 mhz ...
01 Jan 1975  -  43k
612. 1975-03-17-BC-OCR-Page-0052 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... Steve April, account executive, KxoK- director, WQAM(AM) Miami, named prc lion, the estate will be sold by the (AM) St. Louis, named local sales man- gram director, Kxmc(AM) St. Louis. Bot university, which hasn't forgotten its ager. are Storz Broadcasting Co. stations. famed son either, to help create the Bill Bee, senior VP, Petry Television, Phillip de Marne, music director an Lowell Thomas Law Center adjoining named executive VP, The Meeker Co. assistant program manager, WMAL-FI the Denver campus. Both Mr. Thomas and his wife, the ...
01 Jan 1975  -  42k
613. 1975-11-24-BC-OCR-Page-0030 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... :30 pm average) WWTV/WWUP-TV Station 02 Station 93 the "zone of reasonableness" as to over- Total Adults 23,000' 10,000 2,000 all minorities with the exception of Total Women 18,000* 8,000 2,000 women. However, the commission said Total Men Total Homes 5,000* 15.000* 2.000 8.000 - 3,000 the Storz station's employment of women in top -level jobs was outside that zone of Early Fringe (4 :30 -7:30 pm) reasonableness, and therefore conditioned Total Adults 48,000' 30,000 5,000 Total Women 27,000* 17,000 3,000 the renewal on the licensee's efforts to Total Men 22,000' 13.000 2,000 recruit, hire and promote ...
01 Jan 1975  -  61k
614. 1975-11-24-BC-OCR-Page-0027 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... ) to Chronicle Walton to Tarrant Broadcasting Inc. for female employment status Broadcasting for $9,158,000 (BROADCAST- $800,000 cash. Mr. Walton owns 100% of ING, July 14) . Roy H. Park is sole owner of KBUY -FM Fort Worth; KDJW -AM -FM The FCC has renewed the license of Storz buyer which also owns seven AM's, five Amarillo, Tex.; KAVE -TV Carlsbad, N.M. Broadcasting Co. s KXOK(AM) St. Louis to FM's and seven TV's in Birmingham, and, with family memers, KIRX(AM) Feb. 1, 1977, conditioned on the station Ala.; ...
01 Jan 1975  -  59k
615. 1975-12-08-BC-OCR-Page-0028 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... Charlotte Reid, also favoring renewal, was submitted to the commission several Mutschmann have been detained, incommunicado, in Angola for two weeks. weeks ago. It was then that the members CBS protests to Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola have been began having second thoughts. unavailing, FCC has granted license renewal to Storz Broadcasting's wTlx(AM) Several felt that the arguments made in New Orleans, determining there was no substantial basis to complaint station favor of Cowles were not as persuasive as has urged armed citizens to help police catch sniper in 1973. Women's Com- they had seemed immediately after the mitteefor Equal Employment Opportunity and 16 ...
01 Jan 1975  -  40k
616. 1975-07-07-BC-OCR-Page-0029 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... Jack S. Sampson (51 %) and Rounsberg and Tony A. Kehl and owns buyer and currently has 19.9% in- wife, Arvilla (49 %) . Mr. Sampson was VP terest in WDMT. Mr. Beasley also has in- Leonard V. Kehl, brothers. Mr. Kath of Storz Broadcasting Co. group owner, terests in WMOO(AM) - WBLX(FM) Mobile, owns KGOS(AM) Torrington, and 47% of and Mrs. Sampson is housewife. They Ala.; WGAC(AM) Augusta, Ga.; WFAI(AM) KWOR(AM) Worland, ...
01 Jan 1975  -  55k
617. 1975-12-15-BC-OCR-Page-0070 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... cable systems and Action Nov. 21. Cable granted objections of Rust Craft Broadcasting Co. WTIX New Orleans -FCC rescinded its designation (CAC -05530 -05541) . Action Nov. 28. order, terminated all further hearings, and granted Pasadena, Tex. Pasadena CATV Ltd. -Cable renewal of license for WTIX, licensed to Storz Broad- Applications Bureau granted application for certificate of compliance casting Co. FCC said there was insufficient evidence Following operators of cable TV systems requested cer- and request for special relief to permit temporary car- on which to designate hearing based on allegations by tificates of compliance, FCC announced Dec. 5 (sta- ...
01 Jan 1975  -  44k
618. 1975-01-27-BC-OCR-Page-0076 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... . 10. Action Jan. 13. cation by Pacific Western Broadcasters, licensee of KYNG, for mitigation or remission of $1,000 for- Following stations were authorized program oper- WTIX(AM) New Orleans, renewal proceeding: feiture. Pacific Western alleged station's repeated ating authority for changed facilities on date shown: Storz Broadcasting Co. (Doc. 20200) -Chief AU excessive daytime power resulted in no interfer- WGER -FM Bay City Mich. (BPH- 9168) , Jan. 2; Arthur A. Gladstone advanced hearing from March ence. FCC responded that it is also concerned with WPAP -FM Panama City, Fla ...
01 Jan 1975  -  53k
619. 1974-01-07-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... of renewal challenges. Black groups claim waukee Journal Co. stations - and commission intention there's something remiss in operations of three St. Louis to come to grips with proposal to force multimedia own- stations; finger again points at Newhouse and Pulitzer, as ers to reduce holdings within individual markets to one or well as Storz. Page 17. more newspapers, one television station or one AM -FM combination. Treading in the Tropics. There'll be more than gamboling "Quite clearly, the commission is going to have to bring on the sun -drenched beach at St. Maarten next week when home the rulemaking we have on this," ...
01 Jan 1974  -  36k
620. 1974-01-28-BC-OCR-Page-0029 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... sincerity and duct an inquiry into what NCCB suggests concern in serving their community of is an effort on the part of 1974 television license." renewal applicants to have it both ways Honored at home. J. Leonard The petitions to deny that the groups so far as their news and public affairs filed were aimed at Storz Broadcasting Reinsch (r ) , chairman of Cox Cable programing are concerned. Communications and retired presi- Co. s Kxox(AM) , Newhouse Broadcast- And if the inquiry indicates that the dent of Cox Broadcasting Corp. was ing Co. s KTVt(TV) and Pulitzer Publish- applicants have not been candid with ...
01 Jan 1974  -  47k
621. 1974-02-25-BC-OCR-Page-0071 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... soon after the McLendon and One, 1964 -present; m. Marilyn Miller, June ice was in a stage of precarious adoles- cence. He has built a television station and a UHF at that-during an era when - 25, 1950; children: Roger Jr. 19; Ellen, 17; Robert, 15. Storz interests started tinkering with that format. Among its list of coveted alumni is a fast- talking announcer from the Ohio his fellow radio operators looked on that countryside named Alan Freed. The late medium as either an alien threat or a one of his biggest headaches is "trying Mr. Freed got his break at ...
01 Jan 1974  -  50k
622. 1974-10-07-BC-OCR-Page-0074 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... hearing amend his application to transform application WSMJ Greenfield, Ind -Broadcast Bureau granted from sole proprietorship to general partnership CP to change tram. location to West Main St. WTIX(AM) New Orleans, renewal proceeding: consisting of Harry R. Peyton (70 %) and Ben Greenfield; operate by remote control from studio Storz Broadcasting Co. (Doc. 20200) -Commission Peyton, his son (30 %) . Action Sept. 19. site at 640 W. 9th St. Greenfield; install new ant.; designated for hearing application of Storz Broad- make change in ant. system; ERP 50 kw; ant. ...
01 Jan 1974  -  59k
623. 1974-09-30-BC-OCR-Page-0009 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... Affil- black college all-American football team broadcast in news iates Association for 1974 -75. He succeeds Odin Rams- packages (Broadcasting, May 13) . land, president, KDAL -AM -TV Duluth, Minn. who be- comes ex officio board member. Gene Ellerman; WWAM- To hearing. License renewal application of Storz Broadcast- (AM) Cadillac, Mich. elected vice chairman. ing's WTIX (AM) New Orleans has been set for hearing, be- cause FCC could not resolve conflict of affidavits on wheth- Melvin Laird, former secretary of defense and presidential er station had broadcast unauthorized announcement on Jan. counselor for domestic ...
01 Jan 1974  -  62k
624. 1973-01-29-BC-OCR-Page-0046 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... AM) San Diego or WMYO- porary radio. The problem, he says, is radio station strictly according to record (FM) Miami and the other stations in the people on the air. sales is self -annihilating. town. We all play the same music. It's "Back when I was working for Storz," "This station, and most good stations execution that makes the difference. I says Bill Stewart, who was head of pro- I know, programs according to what types don't care if there are only ten records graming for the Storz group of stations of music we are lacking at the moment, ...
01 Jan 1973  -  54k
625. 1973-01-29-BC-OCR-Page-0054 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... ) top 40's rated number one over-all in its in the past three years, KHJ stumbled New Orleans. Validating the concept he market. last year, and Bill Watson returned as had proved in Omaha at xowH(AM) , Coming down the Pacific Coast, KFRC- keeper of the format. the late Todd Storz found major- market (AM) San Francisco should begin to In the town Buck Owens and Merle success with an idea he got sitting in an come on strong just as the traveler Haggard turned into "Nashville West," Omaha bar listening to the same songs crosses the California- Oregon border. the husband ...
01 Jan 1973  -  39k
626. 1973-01-01-BC-OCR-Page-0034 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... is so uniquely capable of affording." deductible for the first time. Dannett and Bernard Buchholz, New There was also a relaxation of re- York attorneys, as counsel. Members quirements for accounting for the sale with Mr. Sanger arc George W. Arm- of time to barter companies, payments strong, Storz stations: J. Allen Jensen, Screen Gems' call and receipts for sports and other pro- KID -AM -FM Idaho Falls, Idaho: Abiah A. grams furnished by networks not licensed Church, Storer Broadcasting: Roger B. for help turned down by ASCAP, in -store promotion trade Read, Taft Broadcasting ...
01 Jan 1973  -  40k
627. 1973-02-26-BC-OCR-Page-0015 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... other advertisers are wondering stations you listed as dominating the dial Larry G. Kingen, sales manager; Stan Soifer, sales what useful purpose can be served by in markets coast -to- coast. manager -programing; Susan Yang, Harriette Weinberg, advertising assistants. used commercial tapes. -W. Judd Wyatt, Surely a Storz station, KOMA(AM) director of advertising, MFA Insurance Oklahoma City, has to rank as a highly HOLLYWOOD: 1680 North Vine influential signal if for no other reason Street, 90028. Phone: 213-463 -3148. Cos. Columbia, Mo. Earl B. Abrams, senior editor. than that the station ...
01 Jan 1973  -  47k
628. 1973-02-19-BC-OCR-Page-0034 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... ing. He noted that the fairness doctrine The allegation that Mr. Burden do- a state -operated radio network's presen- nated $1,000 to Senator Hatfield in 1966 does not require that a particular issue was based entirely on the testimony of tation of institutional advertising for the be balanced equally within a given pro- Dorothy Storz, then the bookkeeper of coal- mining industry has been denied by gram. the Star stations. Judge Naumowicz said the FCC. The commission's action high- Mr. Ray also referred to a commission Senator Hatfield and the staff aide who lighted a busy week for the agency in action last month, in which ...
01 Jan 1973  -  41k
629. 1973-01-29-BC-OCR-Page-0052 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... as of the few successful major- market top lenges in his years at WOKY and cannot awesome. It not only dominates Detroit 40's that will break records. Much of that be easily taken. from Canada, but has been known to credit goes to Rosalie Trombley, respect- In Omaha, the city where Todd Storz rate high in the Toledo and Cleveland ed for owning two of the best ears in first saw the potential for top-40 radio, Gary Martin has recently come to pro- gram KOIL(AM) . And in Denver, KTLK- (AM) , another John Rook- consulted sta- DRAKE -CHENAULT ENTERPRISES INC ...
01 Jan 1973  -  40k
630. 1973-01-29-BC-OCR-Page-0042 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... in- be young, but are still no different from dustry as a whole and to the press. album cuts was a means, most program- ers thought, of keeping the 18 -to -24 male the public that bought singles years ago. Rick Sklar became a radio programer Bill Stewart, a veteran of the Storz through sheer audacity, he says. He was audience that was beginning to tune to working at wINs(AM) New York as progressive-rock FM stations in the late station group and now operations man- sixties. "At the time," Mel Phillips, pro- ager of wroo(AM) Minneapolis: ...
01 Jan 1973  -  35k
631. 1972-10-16-BC-OCR-Page-0034 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... N.Y. WFBL Syracuse, N.Y. WSYR Syracuse, N.Y. WHAZ Troy, N.Y. WBT Charlotte, N.C. WDAY Fargo, N.D. WLW Cincinnati WHK Cleveland WKYC Cleveland WCOL Columbus, Ohio `WOSU Columbus, Ohio WING Dayton, Ohio pedia. The family in its cozy parlor. (It is Mr. Storz started the idea at xowx- it be added that all ages do much the always wintertime in these photographs.) (Am) Omaha and broke it loose at WTIX- same thing. The new "national" influ- Father in his business clothes, Sis in (AM) New Orleans. One story ...
01 Jan 1972  -  38k
632. 1972-04-10-BC-OCR-Page-0098 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... % of WGAR's playlist is of quality controlled test group," Mr. nearly 100 miles away. WJW(AM) and the "oldies" category, the rest contem- Thayer continued, "was that songs wIxY(AM) , both Cleveland, had be- porary) but to the kind of Todd Storz- automatically triggered a response from Gordon McLendon radio that swept all them. They would hear a song and say, of America in the fifties. (The switch- Oh, that reminded me of when I board operator sings to callers, "This is graduated from high school. This hap- WGAR, where ...
01 Jan 1972  -  41k
633. 1972-11-27-BC-OCR-Page-0039 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... department of Michael's College, Toronto. squelched by the WHBF-TV "Rumor Burden denied that a $1,000 contribution A panel on "A Business Response to Control Center," a service recognized was made or received. Star also said that Consumerism," also at the Tuesday meet- by Mayor Haymaker as contributing Mrs. Storz cannot be believed "because ing, will include Roland P. Campbell, of the overt hostility and bias she held director of creative services for General significantly to the successful with respect to Don Burden." Foods, and three executives of the Coun- cooling of threatened racial violence. The Broadcast Bureau, in ...
01 Jan 1972  -  59k
634. 1971-07-05-BC-OCR-Page-0010 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... the morning and Orna- edited by Yale Roe best -written thing of its type I've ever ha in the evening, but some tribute besides the imitative should be paid seen. You really got a hold on the Seventeen prominent broadcasters draw upon business. Well done, etc. I expect re- Messrs. McLendon and Storz. Frank Proctor, program director, WATI(AM) thetr extensive experi- prints of the whole issue to be in circu- ence to present a com- Indianapolis. lation for a long time to come.* prehensive view of the practical aspects of television. Examines, in detail, the realities It's ...
01 Jan 1971  -  62k
635. 1971-08-16-BC-OCR-Page-0030 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... Miami AM strike such conservative groups as "Texas oil under common law principle it is settled The American Federation of Television interests" be among the beneficiaries that there is an inherent value in the and Radio Artists has asked sponsors to of the court's opinion. license and that it is alienable. That pull their commercials off Storz Broad- It was in the area of the broadcaster's whole concept seems to be up for grabs casting's WQAM(AM) Miami as a strike role that the chairman indicated being at the moment." by nine newsmen and disk jockeys en- most troubled, particularly regarding Commenting upon the commission's tered its second month ...
01 Jan 1971  -  41k
636. 1971-07-05-BC-OCR-Page-0011 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... Taishoff, president. Maury Long. vice president. Available NOW! .S ;tvit KABL(AM) San Francisco. Edwin H. James, vice president. Joanne T. Cowan, secretary. (BROADCASTING meant no slight to the contri- Irving C. Miller, treasurer. butions of Messrs. McLendon and Storz by omitting reference to them in its special report on Radio 71. Their impact, and that of the top - 40 formats they pioneered, was probably the most significant single radio development of the 1950's. It does not detract from them or from the history bracken's world of that period to say that the current ...
01 Jan 1971  -  76k
637. 1971-07-12-BC-OCR-Page-0054 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... executive, Marketing & Adver- re-elected chairman of All-Industry munications Corp. (TVC) , CATV group tising Associates, Philadelphia. Radio Music License Committee. owner and operator, New York, ap- George W. Armstrong, executive VP, pointed director of TVC's newly formed William Row, account executive and re- Storz Stations, Omaha, and A. A. tail sales coordinator, KNXT(TV) Los national systems group. Church, assistant secretary, Storer Angeles, joins KRON -TV San Francisco Broadcasting, New York, named vice Robert M. Carano, news director, as research analyst. chairmen; Roger B. ...
01 Jan 1971  -  36k
638. 1971-09-06-BC-OCR-Page-0037 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... the station with the FCC and the Equal sure" vote. Employment Opportunity Commission The survey put television 8% ahead (BROADCASTING, Aug. 16) . The 27- of the Supreme Court and 17% above item FCC complaint, challenging the the Congress among a list of 12 institu- right of WQAM licensee Storz Broadcast- tions in the "really care" column. News- ing to hold the license, is for "the papers and the Nixon administration stated purpose of trying to pressure the were judged to be relatively indifferent company into signing a collective bar- or hostile to black aspirations, placing gaining agreement," ...
01 Jan 1971  -  43k
639. 1971-10-18-BC-OCR-Page-0030 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... " Miss Judis paused. "I saw every- attend a 1959 convention of disk jockeys. Fitz was sent to find out about radio. one," she said with an indulgent sigh. The convention, sponsored by the Todd in Detroit he studied wwj, the radio "He said: You're having trouble with Storz stations, was among the biggest operation of the Detroit News. In New your music, I have some ideas'" bashes in broadcast history. It featured York he delved into the technical back- The ideas included a program format an all -night show with the biggest names ground of radio, assisted by the people ...
01 Jan 1971  -  52k
640. 1970-11-02-BC-OCR-Page-0133 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... mounting on radio from inside and out- (Am ) Omaha, a daytimer then owned by side: Storz, it was a well- studied and planned Internally, the 1945 radio population step. The late Todd Storz, Mr. Arm- of 1,000 stations (about 800 network strong and other Storz executives stipu- affiliates) had exploded by 1949 to lated a policy that selections to be pro- 2,600 outlets (with no gain in network gramed would be based on the popu- stations) . The demand was growing for larity indicators, but that final choices better and more workable local pro- would b3 management -controlled ...
01 Jan 1970  -  56k
641. 1970-11-02-BC-OCR-Page-0079 [Broadcasting Magazine]
01 Jan 1970  -  146k
642. 1970-02-23-BC-OCR-Page-0090 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... experience, am PD top 40 in over half million market. We license. Experienced studio operations. TR -70, TR- pleasant voice, tight board, multi -lingual. Not just time and temp. Seek permanency in medium mar- I are It. Looking for move up, Top 40 or MOR. Ex Storz, Box B -311, BROADCASTING. 27 and TR -42 or equivalent. Salary commensurate with experience. Apply G. S. Driscoll, Engineering ket. MOR. Not south or midwest. Rene Canonica, Manager, WOKR, 17 Clinton Avenue South, Roch- 2749 Steiner, San Francisco 94123, 415- ...
01 Jan 1970  -  56k
643. 1970-01-26-BC-OCR-Page-0093 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... ) Chicago, appointed Nicholas Hoogs, with publicity staff sponsible for newspicture coverage for of KHJ -TV Los Angeles, named to new- program director. both Canadian and foreign use. Willis ly created position of publicity coordina- Bill Stewart, formerly national program Evans, UPI regional executive, Colum- tor. director for Storz Stations, Omaha- bus, Ohio, appointed to same capacity based group owner, joins KNEW(AM) in Minneapolis succeeding Ronald A. Oakland, Calif. as program director. Wills, who takes Mr. Evans' Columbus Equipment & engineering Pepe Pena, with KwKw(AM) Los An- position. ...
01 Jan 1970  -  48k
644. 1970-01-12-BC-OCR-Page-0081 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... ** ** ** ** ** ** *ant* ** BOB COLE AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 1 * $SALES RESULTS$ * SALES TIGERS ONLY! ! Talk hest. A proreis track record both In local Currently NBC, Cleveland 3 years. & national sales. Experienced 0.M. Nat. Sales Formerly STORZ 6 years. KABC, An executive fireball under 35 with burning Star. rte. Proven results in training men. Pro- gram ing, ratings and profits go with an aggres- le * KRLA, McLendon. DJ or Programing * desire to move up to management and higher earnings. Must have dynamic sales ...
01 Jan 1970  -  93k
645. 1970-02-09-BC-OCR-Page-0085 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... Boston, then managed years is very pleasing, important and Co. bought out the partners in 1961, KYW (AM) Philadelphia, 1965, gratifying," he declared. "Even small, WIND(AM) Chicago, 1966, and local stations have become a more in- Mr. Harris returned to Storz at wmY- iceux(Tv) San Francisco, 1967- (AM) Minneapolis. 69; named president, RAR, 1969; tegral part of the community- they're Another ** wee years passed with Mr. "Tarr' neral manager; then he .ghouse as general man - 1955; children - ...
01 Jan 1970  -  44k
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