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1. 1971-04-10-Billboard-Page-0027.pdf [The 1970's] [1971]
... ap10 615- 895 -5240. ap17 UPTEMPO, MOR WITH SPORTS & hits per hour. TOP PERSONALITIES SEEKING FULLY You name it, I've done it! 5 years' The format change was preceded QUALIFIED PROGRAM DIRECTOR. Experienced News Director wishes experience in the area of contem- Established, professional MOR. sta- by a teaser campaign in suburban to join professional news- minded porary and 1 at Countrypolitan, plus tion in community of 40,000 near papers within the station's lis- CANDIDATES SHOULD HAVE HAD station. Current employer put news sales, programming and management Atlanta has immediate opening for SUCCESSFUL ADMINISTRATIVE AND in the background. Family man, ten experience. Currently Operations afternoon DJ shift. Good salary and tener radius. Surveys throughout years in radio, prefer West, Top 50 Manager of Countrypolitan Station ...
2. 1971-04-17-Billboard-Page-0026.pdf [The 1970's] [1971]
... in radio, prefer West, Top 50 ap24 33 Bobby Vinton, Epic 5-10711 (Screen Gems - You name it, I've done it! 5 years' market. Action news is my bag. experience in the area of contem- Box 379, Billboard, Radio-TV Job 34 - Columbia, BMI) 300 WATT MUSIC BOX Michaelangelo, Columbia 4-45328 (Tempi, ASCAP) porary and 1 at Countrypolitan, plus sales, programming and management experience. Currently Operations Manager of Countrypolitan Station Mart, 165 W. 46 St. New York, N.Y. 10036. ap17 Announcer Sports Play-by -Play Man needed by Pennsylvania Contempo 33 COME INTO MY LIFE 6 and I'm looking for a good gig in a rary. Must be able to double with 33 30 major medium market in contem- air shift and play-by-play ...
... Gen. Birdseye Music Co. (BMI) , Boldex Ents. Inc. Counterpoint & Publ'g (BMI) , see Century City. Country Gentlemen Music Inc. (BMI) , see Big Seven. Mgr.: James M. Brown, (SMI) , Bomac Publ'g Co. (BMI) , Broadway Music Corp. (ASCAP) , By -Town Music (BMI) , Calua Countrypolitan Music (ASCAP) , see Stringberg. Prod'ns (BMI) , Cap -Quist Music (BMI) , Country Soul Music (ASCAP) , see Country Sound Co. Casserole Music Corp. (BMI) , Cellamar Music Music. D (BMI) , Cesta Music (SMI) , Chatawa Music Co. Country Sound Music (ASCAP) , 1819 Broadway, Nashville, Tenn. 37203 ...
... . & Gen. Suva Music, see Pacific Islands. Stage Door Music Publ'g (BMI) , see Platinum. Mgr.: Lou Stringer; Gen. Prof. Mgr.: Carolyn Suwal Music Co. Inc. (BMI) , see Copyright Serv. Stainless Music (BMI) , see Alouette Prod'ns. Stringer. Bureau. Stairway Music Publ'g (BMI) , 1316-18 Dauphin Affiliate: Countrypolitan Music (ASCAP) . Swamp Music (ASCAP) , see Crazy Cajun Music. Island Pkwy. Mobile, Ala. 36605. Tel: (205) Strong Arm Music (ASCAP) , see Fourth Floor. Sweedie Music Publ'g Co. (BMI) , 810 Dickerson Rd. 473-6000. Owner: Jimmie 0. Rogers; Mgr.: Stuckey Publ'g Co. (BMI) , PO Box ...
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