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1. 1972-02-19-Billboard-Page-0018.pdf [The 1970's] [1972]
... , owned by UNICOM Inc. a subsidiary of Tracy -Locke so- called nostalgia mood that has taken place. Other Pittsburgh) , a year stint at WLS in 68, and before Advertising, was first in the market with the "new" country sound stations, including ours, may not have been as com- that KOIL, Omaha; WIGY, Minneapolis; and KAAY, which they call Countrypolitan. KCNW began their programming petitive in their programming. I think (WIND's show- (Little Rock) , claims WLS' secret is consistency. slightly over three years ago when they bought KOME. ing) is a very temporary thing." However, said McCormick: "The biggest problem Countrypolitan is described by operations director Dick Fain as, in contemporary radio today is the sterility of ...
2. 1972-03-11-Billboard-Page-0061.pdf [The 1970's] [1972]
... 8 years 7 Smith (Odeon) OH ME OH MY-B. J. Thomas (Top Tape) 29 25 BABY I'M -A WANT YOU Bread (Elektra) -David - at small and medium markets, and is now ready for yours. His sense of timing is unsurpassed by Charlie Send complete resume, recent photo, audition tape and salary require- ments to Box 467 Radio -TV Job Mart, countrypolitan and gospeteSend res- ume and tape to Forrest Eddy, Pres- ident, KXOW, P.O. Box 579, Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901. 3/18 8 BELLO BUDDY-The Tremeloes Gates {Screen Gems/ Tuna; his vibrance unequalled by the Billboard, 165 West 46th St. New Real Don Steele; his frantic wit is un- York, N.Y. 10036. 3/11 ( ...
3. 1972-03-18-Billboard-Page-0029.pdf [The 1970's] [1972]
... W. 46th Street, New York, New man . .news production. Modern facil- ities. Permanent with advancement. .. Expanding New York City recording studios. Looking for top Executive need aggressive sales orient adminis- - into trying to forget he saw his returning-soldier father kill mom's York 10036 or call Harry Kalish col- lect at 212 -7182 -1582. 3/25 Youthful energetic. Programmed countrypolitan and gospel. Send res- trator witn strong background in re- WANTED TO BUY lover. cording and record industry. Salary ume and tape to Forrest Eddy, Pres- ident, KXOW, P.O. Box 579, Hot negotiable. Box 470, Radio -TV Job 2,000 LP's, 45's, TAPES WANTED. CASH Some explanatory dialog between Springs, Arkansas 71901. 3/18 Mart, ...
4. 1972-04-08-Billboard-Page-0018.pdf [The 1970's] [1972]
... -FM, KZAP -FM, KMET -FM, WKTK -FM, WHCN- exciting things happening Cuts: All. FM, WMMR -FM, KINK -FM, 45 rpm RECORDS Stations: WZMF -FM KSAN -FM oldies by mail at the pam's suite 1605 -06 conrad hilton Country Airer Jingle on TV OLDIES TULSA -KCNW has announced a new phase in the race for coun- fore the package is integrated into the KCNW countrypolitan format. from try music ratings here. Dick Fain, program director, said that begin- Fain says the rock package is something he has wanted to use 1955 ning April 3 KCNW will be using a rock jingle package. for sometime. "I've played the jingles with to Fain contends that since three stations in the market are pro- every country record we're using and they don't do ...
5. 1972-05-20-Billboard-Page-0042.pdf [The 1970's] [1972]
... Joe Mac- is necessary, including radio and and kicking off "Buck Owens visitors. . Jim Foglesong has . lean, Union Beach, N.J. was television appearances. Month" at Knaggs Berry Town in produced a Dale Ward session for named Top Male Vocalist, and will She plans to travel in a limou- Studio City. The festivities in- Dot.. The Geezinslaw Brothers cut a single on Countrypolitan cluded a special award presenta- have made a visit to Nashville and sine with a telephone so she can tion to Buck from Bhaskar Menon, made several TV appearances.. . Records. Best Female Vocalist was contact stations as she approaches Sue Smith, of Woodcliff Lake, N.J. Capitol president. A lot of VIP's Donna Fargo has just completed a booking. were on hand for the occasion. ...
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