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1. Billboard 1973-07-14-OCR-Page-0029 [The 1970's] [1973]
... from some of the top artists on hand was cut, and will be released would be forthcoming announce- ments concerning new recording soon on the Illini Label (see separate studios here. and new night clubs first recording studio, geared almost Montana. trip for recording sessions. Studio story) . Mn. Hart said there was such featuring country music. exclusively for country music, will Called the Countrypolitan costs are $40.00 per hour. Recording Studio, the studio also Acree also will join Hurley in open here Aug. 4. The structure also will house Illini Records and a group of publishing will provide an in -house band which Hurley describes as "top caliber." some of the production. The building contains three of- Hank Snow Listed as Pre. companies. Operated by Glen ...
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