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... new kit calculators. Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry electronics technology in recent years, scientific calculators Systems, Inc. has been selling kit desk calculators since 1971 have led to the next logical development -the programmable and now offers a line of machines ranging from a miniature calculator. With the operating ease of a calculator and the machine to full function scientific calculator. Heathkit power of a small computer, programmable calculators fill brought out a kit calculator in 1972, and the May 1972 issue an important gap between scientific calculators and . of Radio -Electronics featured a construction article on a kit minicomputers. pocket calculator manufactured by Alpha Research Corpora- It's important to understand the difference between ...
29 Jun 2014  -  107k
... eluding statistics, electrical engineer- ing, solutions to four simultaneous equations, amplifier gain and phase 9.099 calculations, simple filter designs, con- 1. 3,14159265 versions from S- parameters to other 1.206 parameters, and so on. A good example is an RC timing or trigger-circuit design program written x 881818118118 by one user. This program can calcu- late either capacitor value, resistor val- 1f y ue, critical voltage, or delay time. Giv- .MN en any three values, the calculator finds the fourth. Then the program al- lows the operator to change any of the four values and note the effect on any of the other ...
25 Oct 2014  -  52k
... dicated that its customers feel that an average of 58 percent using. One doesn't just walk up to a computer and ask what of all the calculating they had to do could be done on their (1 -e06) is. One doesn't look at a computer or time -share programmable calculators; while 16 percent reported that terminal and get the anwers; the user must program it to 90 percent of their work could be handled on a programm- present the answers on one of the many output devices. able calculator. The basic calculator system costs less than But, once a person understands how to use the computer, $4000 but can be enlarged to ...
25 Oct 2014  -  86k
... calculator. These are the terminals Finally, mount the jack tit) the top which connect to the = key on its cover of the calculator, just beneath the MARK TIME INDICATOR keyboard. AC power jack (as shown in the top I If you have a Radio Shack EC -220 right-hand corner of the photo) by lators do) . MTI finds many uses in the calculator you can follow these modifi- drilling a 5 /32 -in. hole in the top cover darkroom, at sporting events, for tim- cation steps exactly. If you are adding and bolting it on with the nut provided ing long distance calls, cooking eggs, or ...
02 Aug 2014  -  115k
... The Sinclair Scientific Calculator for only X37.95 (Special for new subscribers to Radio-Electronics) There are a number of calculators Second, Sinclair's exclusive that call themselves "scientific'' But, by keyboard has only four function keys. Sinclair's standards, most don't All of which provide "triple- action" by measure up. B.6629 -D 1 changing from standard to upper or What makes a scientific lower case mode. calculator scientific? Old hands at small miracles. To be a really valuable tool for Sinclair has been an innovator in engineers, scientists, technicians and calculator miniaturization right from students, a calculator must provide all the start of the following: lrad 572958' ...
03 Dec 2014  -  62k
... CALCULATOR Amp CARPENTRY Build our calculator stand and don't take weak batteries lying down! by John Boyer How WOULD YOU LIKE to turn your one thing that makes it such a "fun" small hand held calculator into a desk project! Build a wooden box that is big model that can operate for a long time enough to hold the number of "D " cells for very little cash? You won't need to it would take to run your calculator. replace batteries very often nor will you Connect them in series. Each "D " cell have the nuisance of the AC adapter's is 1% volts. Build the box, which dou- line cord ...
27 Jan 2016  -  93k
7. Poptronics-1975-12-OCR-Page-0083.pdf [[ Popular Electronics ]]
... extract any root of a number-while to buy all the calculator he can possi- one, and you can do register doing all the things an advanced basic bly afford. That way he won't outgrow arithmetic-" calculator will do. Be warned, how- it as he goes through college. Once he "Hold it!" Barney interrupted. ever, that 'Slide Rule Calculator' is a has become thoroughly familiar with it "What does all that mean ?" very loose term. You can buy slide and has learned to trust it, it will save "It means the calculator has several rules that have six to more than twenty much precious ...
13 Feb 2018  -  66k
... PPUT[1 READOUTby Norman Myers, Computers Editor Ols a pocket calculator a kind of micro- most of the scientific functions you could desirable feature to have in calculators; computer? What can a microcomputer do want and it is programmable. By pro- once you write and test a program you that a programmable calculator cannot? grammable we mean that a sequence of can use it many times over with confi- Which should I buy? These are some of key strokes can be stored in the calculator dence. Writing a program one day, then re- the questions you've mailed me. This and used repeatedly to solve problems. entering it a keystroke ...
11 Jul 2015  -  115k
9. Poptronics-1979-12-OCR-Page-0083.pdf [[ Popular Electronics ]]
... jJÇ]:Experimenter's Corner By Forrest M. Mims MODIFYING CALCULATORS NOW THAT "four- banger" electronic calculators are so inex- A standard npn transistor can also be used as a switch. For pensive, modifying them for special -purpose applications is example, to determine the maximum count rate for a TI -1200 an attractive and cost -effective possibility. This month, we'll ex- calculator, connected a 2N2222 across the " =" key and ap- I amine several ways of adding external features to a four -function plied pulses from a variable -rate pulse generator as shown in calculator incorporating an automatic constant. To determine if a Fig. 2. calculator ...
02 Jul 2014  -  51k
10. Radio-Electronics-1972-12-OCR-Page-0043.pdf [[ Radio-Electronics ]]
... desk calculators employ solid -state memories for the same the first vacuum -tube calculator, the ENIAC, is truly impres- purpose. sive. Where the ENIAC required an entire room to house its In 1951 Eckart and Mauchly completed work on the fa- racks of 18,000 vacuum tubes, a miniature LSI calculator con- mous UNIVAC, the first modern digital computer. The origi- taining the equivalent of 30,000 transistors will easily slip into nal version of this machine was purchased by the United a shirt pocket. States Census Bureau and was used until 1963 when it was re- Continued developments in LSI technology have dra- placed by more modern equipment. The first ...
29 Jun 2014  -  104k
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