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Coyne School Books

Early Radio


General Electric Tech

Hobbyist &


Hugo Gernsback

 DX Shortwave

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Shortwave & DXing

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Technical Books
 BOOKSHELF: BUSINESS Books: Management & Operations  Search Broadcast Business Books Search 
Bookshelf: Biography Biography & Careers
The stories of the people who created and built the broadcast industry
History of Television
Books about TV's history from the 30's to the new Millennium
Bookshelf: Books about Radio's History History of Radio
Books about the history of programming, operations and engineering
Radio Programming
(And Operations)
Books about  station programming and operations.
The business side of broadcasting: Including  management and sales
Opinions, critiques, forecasts and
theories about broadcasting
Bookshelf: Ratings  Ratings and research
Books and publications about radio and TV research and ratings 
The Enjoyment of Radio And Television
Books about understanding and enjoying electronic media
Bookshelf: The Listener Experience The Listener Experience
How to listen, understanding technology, stars of radio and programs
Books: Textbooks for Broadcasting Courses Education & Training
Books for students of radio & TV as a career and for professional development of those employed in the field.
<center><h2>WLW</h2><hr><h3>The Nation's Station</h3><hr><img src="Archive-Station-Albums/Covers/WLW.jpg"> Radio & TV Stations
Books about the history of stations and broadcasting groups.
Regulation & Legal
Government regulation, FCC rules and general outside factors affecting broadcasting.
Short Wave Radio
Books and booklets about shortwave and listener hobbies about this service.
Radio Research
and Ratings

Books about radio and media research.
News & Editorializing
Books about news gathering and reporting in the electronic media.
Directory Collection
Directories from the 1930's to today
RBR, Inside Radio, Kagan, Keyes, Data World
 BOOKSHELF: TECHNICAL Books :  Technical and Engineering books   Search
Technical Books
Early Radio Technology
Anything about the tech side of radio from 1900 to the end of WW II
Drake's Encyclopedia
Various editions of this electronic directory going back to
Bernards and Babani Books Bernard's & Babani
Hobbyist & Technical books from the UK.
from the field's
leading publisher.
Radio Engineering
Mid 40's to the 90's
Books about radio related technology and electronics
Bookshelf: Technical and Engineering Modern Era Radio Tech Books
Broadcast Engineering and related technical books.
Drake's Cyclopedia of Radio & Electronics Drake's Cyclopedia of Radio & Electronics
Many editions available.
Rider Library
Some of the more than 125 books published by Rider
SAMS Library
A collection of technical books from Howard Sams
TAB Books
Technical books from this publisher
Hobbyist and Constructor Books Hobbyist Books
Hundreds of theory and construction books and publications listed by Author
Hugo Gernsback Publications Gernsback Publications
Hugo Gernsback's  publications  including the Gernsback Library editions
Books about radio and TV servicing and service equipment
Skillfact Library
Technical books from Skillfact
RCA Technical Books
Collection of RCA consumer and professional books and directories.
Radio Engineering Handbooks
Technical reference books from the 20's onwards.
Guides and Manuals from the late 30's to the 50's
General Electric
Books and Booklets
 BOOKSHELF: BOOKLETS: Catalogs Brochures Handbooks and Magazine Single issues,

 Broadcast & Music Industries

Radio & TV Stations
Booklets and brochures from radio and TV  stations and group owners
Early Radio Programming Collection
Fan magazines, program and listener publications.
Music Industry Collection
One-time and single copy publications about music.
Early Radio Collection Early Radio

All the rest of the miscellanea collection from "the early years" (Up to WW II)
Modern Era Broadcasting
Sales, programming, technology, regulation and management
1940's to present
Directory Collection
(Broadcast Industry)

Miscellaneous directories from the 1930's to recent times.
Network Albums from CBS NBS ABC and Mutual Network booklets
and promotional literature 
  Electronic Supplier Catalogs
American and European parts and component catalogs and guidebooks 

   Electronics (Consumer and Professional)

Service & Sales Collection
Publications, brochures, catalogs and the like that are not part of a collection.
Electronics Collection
Single publications and one-time editions related to electronics.
Early Radio Catalog Collection. Manufacturer and vendor catalogs & manuals for both consumers and the trade.


Early Hobbyist Collection.
Booklets and single publications for builders and experimenters
Hobbyist Special Editions Hobbyist Special Editions.
One-time or annual publications for electronics hobbyists.
Amateur and Ham Radio - Short Wave - DXing DX Bookshelf
Amateur / Ham Radio, DXing and Short Wave
Books and miscellaneous
Short Wave Collection
Books specifically about Short Wave radio


Australian Radio Collection Australia Miscellaneous
Publications and booklets from Australia.
All eras.
Canadian Radio Collection Canada Miscellaneous
Publications, brochures, catalogs and the like that are not part of a collection. All eras.
UK Radio Collection UK Miscellaneous Publications and other  Items that "don't fit" on any other page of the site. All eras
Individual books and magazines from all over the world.  International Miscellaneous Collection
Publications from nations that don't have a specific collection yet. 
  Encyclopedias & Dictionaries 
Encyclopedia of Radio Encyclopedia
of Radio
Encyclopedia of Television Encyclopedia of Television
Encyclopedia of Radio, Encyclopedia of Television, Encyclopedia of Communications, Amateur Radio Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of Music and Others Encyclopedias & Dictionaries
Broadcast-related book done in topical encyclopedia style
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