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   A Radio Management Magazine beginning in 1986

Radio Ink is a radio broadcasting industry trade magazine owned by Streamline Publishing. Radio Ink serves the management community of the radio industry in the United States and in 43 countries worldwide. The focus of the bi-weekly magazine is radio management and operations challenges facing commercial radio broadcasters.

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Story of Radio Ink
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Radio Ink Magazine is a radio-industry trade publication that is published 12x a year for the radio management sector of the radio broadcasting industry. Its mission is to provide relevant management information, tips, and ideas for those operating radio stations. Radio Ink also produces free daily headlines, which are emailed Monday-Friday, and radio conferences, including Forecast and the Hispanic Radio Conference.

Radio Ink has become known for its industry leadership, controversial editorials, and its annual list issues, such as the “40 Most Powerful People in Radio” and “The Most Influential Women in Radio.” Radio Ink prides itself on creating change within the radio industry through the exposure of fresh ideas and leadership.

The history of Radio Ink dates back to 1986 at which time Eric Rhoads was operating a company that sold mobile broadcast studios to the radio industry. While marketing this company, he tried advertising in a little-known publication called The Pulse of Broadcasting.

Following a substantial campaign with the magazine, Rhoads decided to meet with the publisher to discuss why he had seen no measurable results. During the meeting, he learned that the publication was floundering and not mailing the number of issues it claimed.

After finding that the owners of the company were no longer committed to the publication, Rhoads met with the owners and negotiated an agreement to take ownership of the magazine. He immediately decided to reimage the publication, and it was renamed The Pulse of RADIO. But this effort was unsuccessful, as the reputation of the publication had been seriously tarnished by its past. So he renamed the magazine once again, using a name developed by mentor Dwight Case.

Radio Ink was born

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