Monday Morning Replay

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 Mediabase's Weekly airplay-based radio and music industry magazine. 
Monday Morning Replay, published by Mediabase, was a radio station and music industry weekly based on Mediabase airplay monitors . It began in January 1988.
In their own description, they said "A revolutionary concept that reported on what radio stat"
Help us find more issues!
We'd like to increase the representation on this site of the many and various publications that radio stations used to pick new songs and determine which were "working" and which were not. The Hard Report is one of a number of these magazines.
We'd like to see as many issues as possible of this one as well as The Hamilton Report, BME, R&R, The Gavin Report, FMQB, Fred and others.
If you have one issue or several hundred that you can donate or loan, we can expand this project which will show "how the radio sausage was made" by means of the publications we all consulted each week before making music decision. We'll even pay the postage or shipping!
Monday Morning Replay
Monday Morning Replay
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