City Guides, Program Guides and Local Radio Magazines 

 Magazines about local radio from cities around the US and the world.
City Magazines: a collection of single issues  of small collections of radio and TV guides for a single city or area.
The larger collections of city publications are listed individually on the home page.
City Radio & TV Guides
Radio & Entertainment
St Louis
Maine TV Radio News Guide
Single issue from 1953
San Franciscco "FM & The Arts" magazine
Two issues from the 60's
FM Stereo Guide
radio program guide. 1st issue from 1961
Radio Waves
Boston, MA
Broadcast News Nashville 1933
Seattle Radio Guide
Six total issues 1990-1991
Die Súrag
Pre-War German program guide and propaganda magazine April 1938
Radio Weekly
Radio Luxembourg
Portland, OR
TV Radio Guide
Radio 45
French program guide
Radio Guide
New York
July, 1978
Maine Radio TV Guide
Seattle Radio Guide
Various issues
from 1990 in single
The Biggest Show on Earth
San Diego Radio Log
1939 & 1940
Chicago Airwaves
Chicago, IL
Broadcast News Nashville 1932  I Love Radio
San Francisco AM FM Guide 1976