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  Radio engineering practice and theory annual from editors of "Radio" Magazine

The origin of the Handbook series was 1934's "5 Meter Radio Telegraphy" by Frank Jones.
The second edition was labeled "West Coast Handbook" and published by Pacific Radio publications, editors of "Radio".
The 1937 3rd edition was labeled as the Jones Radio Handbook, as was the supplement issued later that year. By 1838, the title had stabilized as, simply, "Radio Handbook"
Frank Jones compiled the first editions, and then W.W. Smith took over in 1938, followed by R.L. Dawley, with William Orr being the editor from 1959 on.

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<center><h3>-*-    NAB Engineering Handbooks    -*-</h3><hr>Earlier editions show technical aspects<br> of radio, TV and regulation<br>Many charts and conversion tables<br>
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