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  Market Maps and Population Data for measured markets  
Large expandable maps of the USA showing each MSA and its included counties for the indicated year.
Many maps from collection of Rollye James
Other Ratings Publications
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<center><h2>Duncan's American Radio</h2><hr><h3> 28 years of Arbitron Ratings </h3><hr>70 editions 1975 - 2004<hr>Market by Market Arbitron rankers<br>Station formats and facilities<br>A complete profile of every rated market.<BR>Several special editions</center>
Duncan's American Radio Ratings Summaries Books about Ratings from their inception to the present era
<center><h2>R&R Ratings Editions</h2><hr><h1>1980 -2009</h1> <hR> Ratings summaries from Fall and Spring.<BR>Share trending and demo rankers<br>Formats and ownership data</center>
R&R Ratings Directory Nielsen Arbitron Radio Market Maps
<center><h2>Hooperatings<br>Crossley Ratings</h2><hR><h3>National Network Ratings</h3><hR>1946-1948<hR>Also:<br>Early Arbitron Pulse Hooper<br>Local market ratings<br>And a 1950 Hooper Radio-TV Comparison<br></center>
Duncan's 1975-2002 Ratings History Hooper, Crossley, Pulse, ARB
<center><h3>Puerto Rico radio ratings</h3><hr>Birch, Pulse, Asesores<br>1970's annd 1980's<br></center>
Puerto Rico Ratings
Pulse and others
The Diary based Arbitron / Nielsen Survey
Metro Survey Areas - National Maps
Nielsen/Arbitron Metro Survey areas are not the same as
OMB definitions of Metropolitan Statistical Areas
Metro Map 1987
Metro Map 1988
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These are PDF format maps which can be zoomed down to the county level
Census Metropolitan Areas
OMB definitions of Metropolitan Statistical Areas
2000 Office of Management & Budget (OMB) Metro Area definitions
Updated Census Metropolitan Statistical Areas Website
PDF National MSA & CMSA Map 2015
PDF National MSA & CMSA Map 2009
Blue Book and Red Book editions
These are the semi-annual details on market rank.
They include details on population, ethnicity and survey frequency and methodology
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Descriptions of Methodology
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Statements Of Policy
MSA Definition and Modification
Creating New MSA Guidelines Cancelling MSA Procedure
Ethnic and MSA Procedures Redefining MSA Procedure
Split County MSA Guidelines  
Sample Size
Diary Quotas Released in Spring - PPM Quotas Released in Fall
  2019 Diary Sample Size by Market
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