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   Books about the the early operation, management and programming of radio prior to WW II
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Bookshelf: Biography
Biography & Careers
The stories of the people who created and built the broadcast industry
History of Television
Books about TV's history from the 30's to the new Millennium
Bookshelf: Books about Radio's History
History of Radio
Books about the history of programming, operations and engineering
Radio Programming
(And Operations)
Books about  station programming and operations.
The business side of broadcasting:: management, sales and  programming
Opinions, critiques, forecasts and
theories about broadcasting
Bookshelf: Ratings
Ratings and research
Books and publications about radio and TV research and ratings 
The Enjoyment of Radio And Television
Books about understanding and enjoying electronic media
Bookshelf: The Listener Experience
The Listener Experience
How to listen, understanding technology, stars of radio and programs
Books: Textbooks for Broadcasting Courses
Education & Training
Books for students of radio & TV as a career.
Regulation & Legal
Government regulation, FCC rules and general outside factors affecting broadcasting.
Radio Research
and Ratings

Books about radio and media research.
News & Editorializing
Books about news gathering and reporting in the electronic media.
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Radio & TV Stations
Books about the history of stations and broadcasting groups.
Short Wave Radio
Books and booklets about shortwave and listener hobbies about this service.
Directory Collection
Directories from the 1930's to today
RBR, Inside Radio, Kagan, Keyes, Data World
 Radio Programming and Management
Only out of print and unavailable books are included
National-Public-Radio-Cast-of-Characters-Collins-1993 Radio Music Live 1920 1950
Young 1999
Just Plain Bill His Story 1935 Great Radio Personalities in Photos
Slide 1982
The Beat Heat Alan Freed and the Early Years of Rock & Roll
Jackson 1991
Don't Touch That Dial
MacDonald 1979
The Jingle Man
Karman 1980
Through the Jingle Jungle
Karman 1989
War of the Worlds 50th Anniversary
Speaking of Soap Operas
Allen 1985 
Elevator Music
Lanza 1994 
Nightline Ted Koppel
Kyle Gibson 1996
The Great Gilderselve
Stumf Ohmart 2002
MTM: Quality Televison
by Feuer, Kerr, Vahimagi - 1984
Broadcasting Music
LaPrde 1947
FM: The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio
Neer 2001
Radio Comedy: 1938-1968
Foster & Furst 1996
Radio Programming
Tactics and Strategy
Norberg 1996
The Deejays
The Technique of Radio Production 2nd Edition
McLeish .1988
Rockin' Down the Dial
Carson 2000
Monitor: The Last Great Morning Show
Hart 2002
Radio Programming in Action
Taylor 1967
Dimensions of Broadcast Editorializing
Routt 1974
This Business of Radio Programming
Hall - 1977
Stranger than Fiction
"The Voice of Experience"
Radio Personalities
Radio Broadcasts of Will Rogers
Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound
Marco 1993
A Flick of the Switch
The Outline of Radio
Hogan (1st Edition) 1923
Buffalo Evening News Radio Guide
La Radio Antes de la TV
Great Radio
Slide - 1982
Early Radio Programming and Management