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 Books related to radio and TV ratings, survey techniques and ratings usage / reliability
  Qualitative Analysis of Radio Listening
University of Illinois 
Greater Prosperity through Marketing Research 1964

An address by Arthur C. Nielsen for the Newcomen Society
Radio Research

Frank Stanton and Paul Lazarsfeld on the state of radio research
Radio Research 1942-1943

Second volume of the Stanton / Lazarsfeld collaboration on the state of radio research.
The People Look at Radio

An  analysis of a National Association of Broadcasters study of radio listening in America
Communications Research 1948-1949

A further examination of the state of media research and part of the 40's publications by  Lazarsfeld and CBS's Frank Stanton
The People Look at Radio... Again

Paul Lazarsfield analyzes another study of radio listening two years after the first one.
Hoop of Hooperatings

Biography of ratings pioneer C E Hooper
 ARB Ratings Report

San Francisco ratings as sample of early 70's ratings report
Nielsen Seattle TV

Example of 1970's TV ratings
ARB Replication Study 1974

Verification of sample size and reliability
Nielsen TV Questions

Brochure with answers to common questions about TV ratings.
Arbitron Programmers Guide

How to use ratings
Arbitron Replication
Study II

Update to 1974 Replication and Reliability study
Nielsen Television

An explanation of TV ratings for the layman.
Radio and the Printed Page

Paul Lazersfeld's book on evaluation of the radio medium vs. print media