Modern Era Technical Miscellanea

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Modern Era non-technical Collection 
  All kinds of  technically-related catalogs, booklets and brochures from the Post-WW II era
Short run journals, one-of-a-kind catalogs, and single issues of magazines about technology.. All are from Post-WW II to the beginning of the new Millennium (1945-2010)
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Popular Science Radio Annual
Note: Although Called an "Annual" we find that they were issued irregularly
Popular Science
3rd Radio Make It  Fix It Annual from 1942
Popular Science Radio Annual
from 1944
Popular Science Radio TV Annual
Engineering Miscellanea
Webster Wire Recorder
Service Instructions
 with recording
Electronic Industries' Sound Fundamentals
Chart of representative decibel levels
Paper on FM radio
Extending Transmitter Tube Life
IEEE Transactions on Audio
August 1964
Characteristics of Sylvania Tubes
1954 data booklet
Sylvania Tubes
"A New Era"
1959 booklet
Standards for Assembly

1962 Employee Publication
Brans' Vade-Mecum
1950 edition of this international European-published guide to tubes.
50 Years of Excelence

Parts Catalogs
Walter Ashe
1955 catalog from this St. Louis supplier.
Technology: Circuits, devices and construction
    FM Stereo Multiplex
NRI School bulletin about new FM stereo
Something New to Listen To
New tech in Car radios from Delco
Motorola AM Stereo
"The Answer to the Marketplace Decision"
Seleccion de Circuitos (Argentina)
RCA Picto-O-Guide
TV Trouble Shooting
Volume III - 1952
Brochures and Newsletters from Manufacturers
Cannon Plugs
1955 Catalog
Many obsolete plug types
Radiolab News
Newletter & Catalog from 1947
Motorola TV
1952 Brochure
TV Replacement
Parts Guide
Northwestern Electronic World
Single issue from 1964
Northwest Electronic World
Single issue from 1950
Motorola TV
Reference Catalog 1952
Characteristics of Sylvania Tubes
1954 data booklet
Simpson 260
Multimeter VOM
Sales brochure.1951 
Precision 120
Circuit Tester
Simpson Roto Ranger
Scan of a 24" by 36" fold-out giant brochure.