Radio's Master Encyclopedia

  Official Manual and Buying Guide of Electronic and Radio Equipment
Radio's Master catalogs were issued beginning in 1935 and covered every field of radio and electronics parts with data/catalog sheets from every manufacturer.
The publication self-described itself as "Official Manual And Buying Guide Of Electronic And Radio Equipment"
Radio's Master Sections
We have endeavored to scan these issues at higher than usual resolution to preserve parts details such as tube socket numbering. The originals were in 5" by 7" format, so they were small to begin with; we want to avoid further deterioration; the file is large.
Each book has been divided into the parts corresponding to the index for convenience.
Use the Index as a guide.
Publisher's Statement
RADIO'S MASTER is compiled with the approval of and in cooperation with the Association of Electronic Parts and Equipment Manufacturers and the Sales Managers Club, Eastern Division. It is the official buying guide and reference book of radio parts and electronic equipment for the industry.
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30s 1935-36        
  1940 1941 1942 1943 1944
40's     9th Edition 10th Edition  
  1945 1946 1947 1948 1949
40s 11th Edition       14th Edition
A Tubes
B Amplifiers
C Speakers
D Microphones
E Recorders
F Test Gear
G Lights
H Books
J Amateur
K Kits
L Switches
M Batteries
N Transformers
P Capacitors
R Resistors
S Wire
T Connectors
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50s       22nd Edition  
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Radio's Master