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    Books from the TAB Library in the areas of Broadcasting and Electronics

TAB Books was originally based in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania, TAB was founded by Verne M. Ray and Malcolm Parks Jr. in 1964 to publish technically oriented magazines; TAB is an acronym for Technical Author's Bureau. It became TAB Books Inc. in 1980 and published books in a wide variety of mostly technical fields. It was acquired by McGraw-Hill in 1990, at which time it published books in 12 fields including computing, electronics, aviation, engineering, maritime, and several how-to subjects
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199 Test & Alignment Procedures Principles and Practice of Impedance      
Audio Systems Handbook  Basic Color Television  Impedance
How to Troubleshoot & Repair Electronic Circuits  Troubleshooting Microprocessors & Digital Logic 
Basic Transistor Course Oscilloscope Techniques How to Design & Build Your Own Custom TV Games Radio Communications Receivers Understanding Electronics
Master Handbook of Electronic Tables  Giant Handbook of Electronic Circuits  Electronic Databook
3rd Edition
Electronic Components Digital Interfacing with an Analog World
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Service Manual
Supp. 1