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   An assortment of publications and booklets from radio's earlier years: 1900 to 1945
Short run journals, one-of-a-kind local program schedules and single issues of magazines can be found on this page. All are from the early days of radio from the 20's to the end of the Golden Age.
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Early Radio Programming
Early Radio Miscellanea

Newest Addtions
Radio Photo Log
National Union Radio
Promotional booklet from radio parts manufacturer
Program of Westinghouse Radiophone Station for Week of June 26 1922 for KYW Chicago America's Band Leaders
1942 Edition
Profiles of all the famous band leaders.
Band Leaders Magazine
May 1946 issue
Monthly magazine about big bands and many features about radio shows.
W53PH Philadelphia
 45. on your FM Dial
1942 program guide
"Philadelphia's First FM"
New World of Radio Entertainment
1934 fan and listener magazine with world wide radio log.
Lum & Abner's 1936 Family Almanac and Helpful Hints.
NBC Blue network show.
Business & Regulation of Broadcasting
A Thirty Year History of Programs
National Networks
Broadcast Reporter
Broadcast Management magazine from
July 1932
Continental Broadcasting
Plan to do national synchronized radio network on one frequency.
How Far Should Government Control Radio?
1946 publication
Programming & General Radio Topics
A Day With Charlie McCarthy
A story about
Edgar Bergen and his ventriloquist dummy from 1938
Broadcast Listener
Radio program magazine from September of 1926
RCA's 1937
America's First Television Tour
Stars of the Radio from Broadcast Weekly. 1932
Artist pictures.& bios.
Voice of the Air
from Majestic.
Station guide from 1930 with many radio entertainer pictures.
Vol 2 No 15
Radio Foto Log
from National Union Radio Corp
Radio Personalities and station log
Fall 1939
Radio Digest
May 1922
(At the time there were two magazines with the same title. This one did not last.)
The Story of Charlie McCartney
"Big Little Book"
Radio Topics
April 1922
Technical magazine
April 1923
Radio Pictorial
First Edition from
Who's Who on the Air
A directory of talent by furniture and radio store Ludwig-Baldwin in NYC
Majestic "Voice of the Air"
Several undated issues from the early 30's
Northwest Radio Weekly
Issue from April 1931
Experimental Electricity Course
The Story of Radio
From the publisher of RaDex,
Popular Science
June, 1946
Cover story about advances in television
Radiocast Weekly
Pacific Coast program and station guide. February, 1926
People's Television Survey
1946 An analysis of TV use and technology
Alice in Philcoland
Coloring Book for March of Dimes 
Professor Quiz
Radio Game

Inspired by his Radio Show.
Philco Political Radio Atlas
Broadcasting for the Home
WCFL Chicago
The Voice of Farmer-Labor
Spring 1929 magazine
Chase & Sanborn Radio News
Publication of the popular NBC Red Network
Radio Program Weekly
A Hugo Gernsback magazine from 1927
Radio in Red
Communists in broadcasting
Chicago Tribune Radio Book
1926/1927 edition.
Chicago Tribune Picture Book of Radio
1928 edition
NBC Digest
Vol. 1 #4
Listener current affairs magazine
Best Broadcasts of 1939-40
Details on best radio shows
Best Broadcasts
of 1938-39
Details on best radio shows
German Radio Illustrated
A 1934 issue of this monthly program guide.
AFRA Antics 1940.
Chicago chapter of American Federation of Radio  Announcers.
AFRA Antics 1941
Chicago chapter of American Federation of Radio  Announcers.
AFRA Antics 1950
Chicago chapter of American Federation of Radio  Announcers.
CBS: Close Up

The story of how a TV show is created.
KNX Los Angeles
1944 Program log from the studio.
Chicago Evening Post Radio Magazine
November 1923 to February 1924
Chicago Radio Program
1927 Chicago radio schedules and information
Radio World
October, 1944 (Not the "old" 1922 to 1939 magazine with same name)
Radio Issue
November 1926 
On the Air

CBS Radio Network Show.
Broadcast World
Labor's perspective on radio. 1940 issue.
The New World of Radio Entertainment. 1934 shortwave promotion from a set maker.
Radio Weekly
Canadian listener magazine form 1935
Radio News of Canada.
A single 1927 issue
Westinghouse "Radio Salutes Cotton"
RCA Shortwave Journey of Discovery
Annie Laurie's Philco Story
for March of Dimes 
Local Station Policies
at station WMBD in Peoria and from the Federal Radio Education Committee.
Radio Stars and the Fans
Stars of Radio
Artist and Program
Late 1937 to early 1938
Station list and star album  1932
Radio Stars and Stations
Stations and artists of radio in 1933
Who's Who in Radio
July 1935 edition of this radio talent album.
Everyday Book of Radio Stars
Photo Album of network radio artists.
Early 1933
Radio Album
Portraits and Stories of the Stars
Radio Stars of Today or Behind the Scenes in Broadcasting
Radio Announcers
1934 Edition
Featuring the talent on NBC Networks
Radio Announcers
1933 Annual
Profiles of network radio talent
Eveready Book of Radio Stars
Pictures and bios of radio stars.
Colgate's Radio Stars
Stories about the talents and programs sponsored by Colgate
of Canada.
Stars of Radio
Undated booklet from Golden Age of Radio.
Blue Book of Radio Entertainers
from General Electric - 1935
Radio Stars of Today or Behind the Scenes in Broadcasting
Personalities in Radioland
1932 edition of Who's Who on the radio from retailer Ludwig Baumann Radio Stars of Today or Behind the Scenes in Broadcasting
Radio Stars of Today with radio log from National Union Tubes
Radio Row Fan Magazine
Radio Row
Fall 1945 issue
of this "fanzine" with pictures of the stars.
Radio Row
October,1947, issue of this fan and listener magazine