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Early Radio Collection

Modern Era


Books Featuring Radio
Record Stars
1965 4th Edition
From Radio Luxembourg
Annuals and Yearbooks
Short Wave Manual 1932/33
Life on the Ocean Waves
Radio 270 which operated 1966 to 1967 for Yorkshire
Radio Caroline
Radio Caroline
The story of the first British off -shore radio station
by Rowland / 1967
SOS: 10 Days in the Life of a Lady
Radio Caroline withstands a Force 10 Gale
Station Lists and Directories
Radio Listener's Guide
1999 Edition
Radio Listener's Guide
1996 Edition
Radio Listener's Guide
1998 Edition
Catalogs and Sales Brochures
Harlie Catalog
Gramophone pickups, Radio Gramophones, Gramophone motors and Loudspeakers.
The Wireless Competitor
1930s set and parts dealer.
Ambit International
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Catalog 1
Catalog 2
Catalog 3
Catalog 4
Catalog 5 1982
Music Special Editions
Top Pop Stars
Top Pop Stars
Top Pop Stars
Single Issues of Magazines or Series
Hobbies Weekly
1957 issue

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Radio Review
Second edition of a new magazine in 1935
Now there are more issues. Click for the magazine listing.
The Boys' Wireless News
One issue from November, 1924
Electronics Monthly
April 1985
Radio Pictorial
(No longer a single issue... click for full collection)
Sound and Vision Broadcasting
Added the Summer 1965 edition.  
Wireless Review
January 5 1924
Construction & Hobbyist magazine
Programming and Stations
Happy Birthday Radio 1
Ten Years 1967-1977
Music Week
50 years of BBC Radio 1
The story of the BBC's Pop music station.
40 Years Commercial Radio Music Week
40 years of commercial radio in the UK
Radio Times
Coronation Issue 1953 
London Calling
February, 1988 
London Calling
October, 1990 
"Your Radio and Television:
How to make the most of them"
Breakthrough Magazine.
Various issues 1968-1970
Pirate and independent radio
Hablando al Mundo
Publication for Latin America.
Engineering - Construction - Hobbyist
BBC Engineering
Single Issue celebrating 50 years of the BBC
Marconi's Beam Wireless Station at Dorchester
A descriptive booklet
Personal Receivers
1942 book about design, maintenance and use of radio sets.
Homebuilt Wireless Components
A booklet with radio projects
Radio Contact
Second issue of a 1935 constructor and Enthusiast's magazine
Radio Contact
Second issue of a 1935 constructor and Enthusiast's magazine
Mullard Reference Manual of Transistor Circuits
The History of Roberts Radio
Story of quality radio manufacturer
Hobbies & Practical Wireless
A 1932 edition.
Mullard: Transistor Radios Circuitry and Servicing
Radio Contact
First issue of a 1935 constructor and Enthusiast's magazine
BBC Monograph
A mobile laboratory for UHF and VHF television surveys 
The Story of Pye Wireless  
The Manual of Modern Radio
Scott-Taggart, 1933
CB Citizens' Band
July 1985 issue
 Nicam stereo TV specs from 1990. From analogue era, ending (c) 2010.
Talent and Programming Annuals from England
World Radio & Television Annual
Talent and programmes  BBC 1946
25 Years of Television
British TV history 1961
Pittman's Radio Year Book
1926 from England
Pittman's Radio Year Book
1927 from England
  Radio Year Book