Modern Era Broadcasting Collection

  All kinds of broadcasting catalogs, brochures, one-time publications and single issues from the Post-WW II era
Short run journals, one-of-a-kind catalogs, local program schedules and single issues of magazines about broadcasting and broadcast related subjects such as legislation, technology and labor.. All are from Post-WW II to the beginning of the new Millennium (1945-2010)
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New Additions
Standard Broadcast Allocations Maps
A map for each frequency with day and night patter for US and NARBA countries
RCA Radio News
A complimentary service dealer magazine. One issue from 1948
AM Maps

AM day and night maps from 1996 showing one map per frequency
RCA TV Tape Sytems
An explanation of video tape for non technical TV staff.
How to Break Into Broadcasting
A booklet by Hawthorne from 1963
Educational Broadcasting
Issue from November 1971
947 booklet detailing RCA international telegraph, photo and phone communications
Electronic Industries' Sound Fundamentals
Chart of representative decibel levels
The Electronics Collector
January 2001 edition of this vintage electronics collector's magazine
Station Sales Brochures
WABC New York
Blair Radio Market report for sales presentations
KPOL Los Angeles
Blair Radio Market report for sales presentations
WGAR Cleveland
Blair Radio Market report for sales presentation
Industry Associations and Groups other than NAB
National Association of FM Broadcasters
1968 Convention
AFRA (American Federation of Radio Artists) Antics
4th Annual Chicago Awards 1941
AFRA (American Federation of Radio Artists) Antics
3th Annual Chicago Awards 1940
AFRA (American Federation of Radio Artists) Antics
12th Annual Chicago Awards 1950
Industry Data
Pocket Directory of Television Stations
Frequency Spectrum
Chart of the spectrum
from Electronic Industries magazine
Programming & News
Associated Press News Style Book
How Far Should Government Control Radio
American Historical Society 1945
Country Radio Seminar
15th Annual event program from 1984
Wonderful World of FM Radio
St. Louis Post Dispatch section 1969
Empire State Broadcasting
A presentation of the building owner from 2014
Blair Radio Market Detail
Buffalo, Philly, P'burgh, Seattle.
2014 book from EMF about this format and Air1
2014 book from EMF about this format and K-Love
Country Radio Seminar
1985 convention program book
Music Connection
"LA Radio Wars" issue
Example of a collection of memos from a noted program consultant
Generation II music scheduling from Radio Ware
Autoselect Computer music scheduling by Jefferson Pilot
Twenty Years of Television
Chicago Tribune special supplement.
Other Industry Topics
Television Talks
From Broadcast Music, Inc. TV clinics in 1957
Twenty-Two Television Talks
From Broadcast Music, Inc. TV clinics in 1955
What is the Future of Television?
Armed Forces 1945 publication.
BMI 1940 to 1960. Music licensing organization formed by broadcast interests. Music in the Air
RCA publication from 1930 about educational use of radio
Radio War Guide 1942 publication with protocols for radio's war coverage. 
Telecast Magazine
November, 1949
Early TV industry magazine.
RCA Journey of Discovery. Listening to exotic radio stations Daytime Broadcasters Discussion of fulltime operation with 9 kHz spacing 
AM Stereo
A collection of articles and documents
National Cable Television Association
1971 Convention transcript
Programming & Syndication
RKO's Breakthrough Course of Radio
Sales training from 1974 
Rick Sklar and ABC's Superradio satellite Top 40 format operations manual  NBC's 1975  syndicated all news format. Full presentation. 
Selector Ver. 12 Manual
Radio computer music scheduling
1978 promotional brochure for syndication service.
Century 21 Syndicated radio formats 1980 Generation II music scheduling from Radio Ware
Autoselect music scheduling software
manual from Jefferson Pilot
Selling Smarter
Irwin Pollack's
Sales training publication. Several issues.
Technology: Circuits, devices and construction
Motorola AM Stereo
"The Answer to the Marketplace Decision"
FM Stereo Multiplex
NRI School bulletin about new FM stereo
Something New to Listen To
New tech in Car radios from Delco
Post-War Early Commercial Television
TeleVision Guide
Example of an early program listing; NY June 1948 
People's Television Survey
1946 An analysis of TV use and technology
Engineering that Enhanced Programming
FM: A Simple Explanation
A late 50's to early 60's booklet from Zenith
CBC Engineering Practices. Standards for recording 1962    
General Electric's 1941
"50.000 Watts of FM" 
General Electric's 1941
"How to Plan an FM Station" 
General Electric's 1941
"How W47A Did It" 
Regulation and Safety
Conelrad Pamphlet
Instructions for the public in the event of enemy attack. 1957
CONELRAD alert receiver from the Cold War era: 1955 
Conalert II CONELRAD monitor from the height of the cold war. Full Manual FEMA Broadcast Station Protection Program  1984
Alerting Manual for all classes of radio stations except AM, FM & TV
Emergency procedures booklet
FCC Broadcast Services Background
1977 "explanation of broadcasting"
test broadcast recording from the 1950s
MP3 player required
test broadcast recorded off the air in 1961 national test.
MP3 player required
National Bureau of Standards
WWV Annual report for various years 1970-2002
Management - Legislation - Labor - Sales
The Brain
Small Market newsletter and sales aid publication from the late 60's. Many Issues in one file.
National Radio Institute
Sample lesson of a typical home study school.
Video Communications Guide
A 1963 issue
Radio Service of the U.S. Information Agency (1970)
A group operator's 1998 market employee guide. RKO Radio
Course of Radio

Training for radio sales and management.
AM Stereo proceedings from late 70's into the 80's.
Kahn et. al.
Daytime Broadcasters Association.
Newsletter, correspondence
The Pulse of Broadcasting
Management magazine
Two issues from 1988
AM/FM and Chancellor
1999 "interactive" internet strategy
Rick Sklar and ABC's Superradio satellite Top 40 format operations manual   NBC's 1975  syndicated all news format. Full sales presentation.   Century 21 Syndicated radio formats 1980
Anuario Cinematogr√°fico y Tele Radial Cubano
1960 Cuban Radio, TV, Film Guide
Radio Free Europe
Portugal transmission project 1952