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Today Contributions   We welcome donations, scans, and loans. Help us expand and complete the collection!
Mar 15 Popular Wireless  Added all issues from these years and months with covers and advertisements
June, July 1933 and  January, February 1934
Mar 13 New Musical Express Added January 3, 1987. Look for many more NME additions in coming weeks.
Mar 11 Swiss Sound   Added a complete set of "Swiss Sound", the dealer and user magazine from Studer-Revox from 1982 to 2008
Also added two different editions of the book "From Prototype to World Export", a history of Studer and its products.
  Billboard   Added February 27 2016
  Country Music   Added 14 more issues. They are underlined.
Mar 10 Modern Wireless Added October 1928, September 1933
Added supplement to February 1032 issue.
  BBC Books Added Television Stereo Sound Operations - Ray Angel (1989) 
Added BBC-Engineering-Edward-Pauley-1922-1972
Added BBC Daventry 1925-1992
Added Sound And Television Broadcasting - General Principles
Added BBC-Skelton- Penrith-And-The-World- Davies-1943-1993
Added HQ Sound Production & Reproduction
Added Eckersley's Areas 1929
Added Eckersley Aerial Design 1929
Added BBC-Comm-Games-1986
Added BBC Recording Training Manual
Added: BBC Engineering Training Manual - Microphones (WW)
Added: BBC Engineering Training Manual - Microphones (Robertson)
Added 1942 Engineering Training Manual A
Added Television-Story-BBC-1949
Added BBC Engineering Training Manual - Radio Wave Propagation Above 30MHz
  Bookshelf; Gernsback   Added: Gernsback How to Make Money Operating Your Own Radio and TV Service Business Lane 1960
  Bookshelf: Allied / Radio Shack   Added: Allied's Using Your Tape Recorder 1967
  Bookshelf: Bernards & Babani UK Added: Babani BP275 Simple Short Wave Receiver Construction
  Bookshelf: Radio & TV Technology   Added: Frequency Modulation Engineering Tibbs 2nd 1956
Long Wave And Medium Wave Propagation
Added: Microwave Transmission Design Data 1944
Added: Practical Radio Telegraphy Nilson 1928
Added: Radio and Television Engineers' Reference Book Hawker 1961
Added: Radio Engineering Handbook Henney 1959 Ver 1
Added: Radio Simplified Kendal Koehler

Added: Television Simplified Kiver 6th Edition 1962
  Bookshelf: United Kingdom Added: Forty Years of Television: Story of ATN 7 1996 
Added: Here's Looking At You British television 1908 1939 Norman 
Added: Inside the BBC Miall 1994 

Added: Reith The BBC Years Milner 1983 22 07 10 
Added: The Art of Radio McWhinnie 1959 
Added: The Early British Radio Industry Pocock 1988 
  Bookshelf: General Technology   Added : Electronics Installation And Maintenance Book  from the Naval Engineering Center 1965 
Music Row  Added November, 1982, our earliest issue.
  Ratings Reports   Added a 1965 Pulse custom qualitative report for Top 40 station WKNR
  BBC ENG INF  Added the complete run of 54 issues of the BBC "ENG-INF", a publication for the engineering and technical staff of the "Beeb" from 1980 to 1993
  Popular Wireless  Combined all issues of December 1927 and November 1926  
Combined all May issues in one file and added the missing week.
  Wireless World Replaced incomplete issues, adding covers and ads for February  and May 1958
Replaced June  and September 1958 and January 1959 complete with covers and ads.
Mar 7 Popular Wireless Added January 12 and 19, 1929 and August 17 and 31 1929
Added Blueprint to October 29, 1929 issue
  Wireless World Books   Added Studio Engineering for Sound Broadcasting from 9954. This was published in association with the BBC. Find the link in the left column towards the bottom of the page.
  Early Radio Programming   Added Blue Book of Radio Entertainers from 1935 by General Electric
  Early Radio Catalogs   Added the 1938 Modell's Catalog with every major national brand of radios pictured and described. RCA, GE, Philco, Zenith, Crosley, Kadette, Grunow and more.
  Bookshelf: Gernsback Publications   Added #91 Radio Control Manual
Added #101 TV Trouble Analysis.
  Melody Maker Posted Improved scan for January 12 1957 and July 18 1964
Added two issues from 1963
Mar 4 Wireless World Replaced August through December 1957 issues with "newsstand" versions with covers and advertisements
  Radio Pictorial   Added6 more issues of this British radio listener magazine from 1934(4 issues) 1935 (1) and 1936 (1)
Mar 3 Wireless World Replaced January through July 1957 issues with "newsstand" versions with covers and advertisements. A number of publishers issued year-end "content only" editions; when we get the full versions we always replace the "condensed" editions.
Mar 1 Atwater Kent   Added a complete set of the Atwater Kent service manuals published from 1931 to 1933 covering all present and past models.
  Hoffman Transmitter   Added a new page for the Hoffman Transmitter from the maker of Hoffman Easy Vision Television sets and home appliances. 5 issues are there as we search for more.
  Station Albums and Picture Booklets   Added a 1941 "Radio Personalities" booklet from WBCM in Bay City, Michigan.
  Practical Wireless Replaced  January and February 1938, December 1937 with more complete issues but still missing pages.
Added November 19 1938 issue
  Electronics And Television & Short Wave World   Added February and March of 1941
Feb 28 Radio Pictorial Added January 26, 1934. This is the second issue of this interesting British radio listener magazine- While it is independent of the BBC, it covers BBC programming along with commentary on shows and interviews with BBC executives and talent. More early issues coming soon.
Feb 26 Ham Radio Today Added all issues from 1994 and completed the collection for 1995
Band Leaders Added My 1945 edition
  Country Music   Added 20 issues from the 80s, 90's and 2000's
New additions are underlined.
  Electronics & Music Maker Added May, July and December 1982
  Radio News   Added the 1929 Short Wave Manual special edition. It is listed at the bottom of the page in the special edition section
  Hobbies Added August 3, 1912
  Station Lists and Logbooks   Added the 1953 Motorola Travelolg, a Mapbook and national station listing fro traveleers
  Don McNeil's
Breakfast Club
  Added the 1954 Breakfast Club Yearbook
  RCA Catalogs   Added: RCA Trans Vista 100 Color. TV Chassis 1970 22 06 23
Added: RCA 1964 AM FM Transmitter Price List
Added: RCA 1961 11 Audio Price List
Added: RCA 1961 AM FM Transmitter Price List
Added: RCA 1953 Transmission Line Price List
Added: RCA Radio Equipment AM FM 1973
Added: RCA Transmitting Equipment AM FM Radio 3rd 1962
Added: RCA Transmitting Equipment 1967
Added: RCA Broadcast Audio Equipment 1974
Added: RCA Audio Equipment Second Edition 1955 w prices
Added: RCA Broadcast Audio Equipment 1967
Added: RCA Type 100 E 100 Watt AM Transmitter
Added: RCA FM Transmitting Equipment 1966
Added: RCA FM Transmitting Equipment 1970
Added: RCA AM FM Radio Equipment Catalog 1973
Added: RCA Radio Equipment AM FM 1973 (1)
Added: RCA AM FM Radio Equipment 1967
Added: RCA AM FM Transmitting Equipment 1955
Added: RCA High Power Circular FM Antenna
Added: RCA AM Transmitters 1967
  Shure Catalogs & Manuals   Added: Sure M232 236 Tone Arm from 1960
Added  Shure Model 55 Microphones
Added: Shure M64 Preamp  from1970
Added: Shure Microphones from 1990
  Catalogs and Manuals   Added Revox A-77 Service Manual
Added Tapecaster Cart Machine Schematics
Added Aphex Compellor 300 manual
  Ampex Catalogs   Added 1959 Ampex 351 complete manual
Added 1977 ATR 700 Recorder Manual
Feb 25 Electronics & Music Maker   Added January, March and April of 1982
  Heathkit Manuals   Added construction manuals for the Audio Load, Audio Generator and Intrusion Alarm as well as the 1950 booklet of specifications and schematics
  Ham Radio Today Added all 1994 issues and all the missing 995 ones!
  FMQB   Added August 10 and August 17 2001 of Kal Rudman's famous radio programming
  RCA Laboratories News   Added almost all the 1944 and 1945 issues of the RCA Laboratories News, a publication of the research division of RCA.
Feb 21 Personal Computer World Added September 1984 and four issues from 1985
  Allied Radio Shack Books   Added the 1939 edition of the Allied Radio Builder's Handbook
  Country Music   Added 13 issues from the 90's of this country music fan magazine.
  GE Electric
The Monogram
  Added a new page with 6 issues of this General Electric employee magazine which began in 1953
  Record Mirror Added two issues from December 1957
  Short Wave & Television   Added the 1932 book "How to Build and Operate Short Wave Receivers" from Hugo Gernsback.
  Popular Wireless Replaced the January 26 199 edition with a better copy
  Television / Practical Television Added the September 2006 issue. We are now compete from 1950 to 2006 and are just missing 11 issues from 2007 to have a complete "Modern Era" set of this publication.
  Drake's Cyclopedia of Radio Collection   Added the 1958 14th edition of this electronics encyclopedia. Note that we have three different 14th editions, each from a different year 1951, 1955 and 1958
  BMI Music World   Added the Fall 1993 issue
Feb 20 Electronics & Music Maker Added September and December issues from 1981
Feb 19 Hobbies Added12 issues from 1961
Added 6 issues from 1962
  CMJ New Music Monthly    Added 2 issues from 2002 and 4 from 2003
  Radio Album / Radio & TV Album    Added issues from 1958, 1959 and 1970. These are fan magazines featuring the most popular artists on radio and TV.
  Short Wave Listener   Added March and April May of 1935 of this Gernsback magazine.
  Radio Lists and Logbooks Added a 1933 European station logbook and listing published by "Les 3 Grandes de la Radio", publisher of three important French radio magazines.
Feb 16 Television / Practical Television Added three issues from 2006, each with pages missing. Our policy is "something is better than nothing" so we add incomplete issues and hope to later find full editions later.
  WSM Gran Ole Opry   Added an undated program from 1950 which mentions 25 years of the Opry.
Added an Opry program from July 12 1973
  IRE Proceedings   Added February 1955
  Broadcast Engineering   Replaced February 1970 with much better copy / scan.
  Music Publications / Miscellaneous   Added our first issue of Music Maker from September of 1940. As we find additional issues, we will open a full page for this publication.
Feb 12 Hobbies Added 7 issues from 1962
Added 1 issue from 1961
  Hi Fi World Hi Fi World: Added issues from 1998, 2002, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2016
Hi Fi World Supplement: Added issues from 1994, 2000, 2001
New additions are underlined.
  Billboard   Added the 2021 Billboard MRC Yearend Report. Analysis of music sales and information for the year: "a deep dive on all the year’s biggest trends in music consumption"
  WSM Gran Ole Opry   Added 1963 WSM Gran Ole Opry Picture Book of the Stars
  BBC Publications   Added "The BBC Presents Television Story" by Tilsley. This is an undated story about the development and early years of TV in the UK.
Feb 11 Radio Ink   Added 6 issues from 2010 to 2016
  AGL / Above Ground Level   Added 5 issues from 2010 to 2016- They are underlined.
  Crosley Radio Weekly   Added January 12 1924 from this major early radio manufacturing company and operator of WLW in Cincinnati.
  RCA Annual Reports   Added most RCA Annual Reports to Shareholders from 1921 to 1945. There are 18 in total.
  Hobbies Added three issues from 1958
Added one issue from 1959
Added one issue from 1961
Added 6 issues from 1962
  Short Wave and DX Collection   Added Short Wave Hints and Helps from the International Shortwave Club published in the Mid-1930's
  Radio Album /  Television Radio Album   Added Radio TV Album from 1965.
  Radio World   Added 2015 special edition "HD Radio Evolves" , 2014 Source Book, 2016 Source Book, 2018 Source Book, 2019 Source Book
Feb 10 Television / Practical Television Added December June, July, August, December of 2006 with missing pages as well as January 2007 also with missing pages.
  Antique Radio Classified   Added September of 1997
  BE Radio / Radio   Added nearly 50 issues from 2011 to 2017 courtesy of Barry Mishkind "the Eclectic Engineer"
Feb 7 Practical Television / Television Added February 2006
Feb 6 Practical Electronics Replaced:  October 1973  Audio IC Identichart added
Replaced:  December 1974 Transistor Lead Identichart added
  New Musical Express Added November 4 1967
  Personal Computer World    Added September 2000 and April, May 1988
  International Television Almanac   Added the 1976 edition. It is listed in two parts: the general industry data and the alphabetical listing of television industry people. We are now only missing 4 editions out of a total of 59 that were published.
  Country Music Magazine   Added the 1979 Illustrated History of Country Music.
  The Radio Amateur / Short Wave News Added July through November of 1953, completing that year!
  Practical Wireless Replaced:  October 1971 Circuit Building Bricks Chart adde
Replaced:  October 1972 Aerial Data Chart added
Replaced March 1972 with supplement
Replaced March 1975 with supplement
Feb 3 DownBeat   We have been told by the publisher  to remove DownBeat magazine within 30 days or we will be contacted by attorneys. So within a few days we will  close the DownBeat page. This is the only music magazine in the world that has prohibited the use of older issues on this site, and we had hoped to include their in-depth jazz coverage... a genre not generally covered in depth in other publications.
Feb 2 The Radio Amateur / Short Wave News Added February, March, April, May and June 1953
  Early Radio Collection   Added the Radio Corporation of America's "Radio Apparatus for Amateur and Experimental Use" from November, 1921 (6th Edition)  and the same publication from April of 1922, 7th edition.
  Bookshelf: History   Added: Age of Broadcasting Radio 1997
Added: Air Wars West 1993 1st Edition
Added: Air Wars West 1998 2nd Edition
Added: CBS The First 50 Years 1998
Added: Communications and Broadcasting Henderson 1997
Added: Televisa Presenta 2006
Added: Five Seconds to Air Losure 1998
Added: Television Today and Tomorrow Moseley 1933
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting   Added: Advertising and Selling And Credits 1911
Added: Advertising and Selling Hollingworth 1913
  Bookshelf: Programming   Added: The Radio Format Conundrum Routt 1978
Added: Manual of Gospel Broadcasting Loveless 1946
Added: The Encyclopedia of American Television Lackman 2002
  Added: The Man Behind the Mike Fisher 1967
Added: Off Mike Radio Writing Lawrence 1944
Added: Radio Writing Wylie 1930
  Radio Dealer   Added June 1928 issue
  New Studio Booklet
from Radio World
  Radio World has  a new eBook that gives you a peek inside 15 new or recent studio projects. It's free, but you need to register to get it.
  CMJ New Music Monthly
New Music Report
  New Music Monthly
Added all 12 issues from 1998
Added two issues from 2001
Added 4 issues from 2002
Added 5 issues from 2003
New Music Report
Added November 28 2005
Added two issues from 2006
Added one issue from 2997
  Station Albums   Added the 1939 KOY, Phoenix, Arizona "Family Album"
Added KFRC San Francisco Radio Defense Manual "How to Survive the Atom Bomb" from 1950
Added the WWVA Wheeling, WV 1973 "40th Anniversary" Jamboree music program brochure
Added the 1927 WIBO Chicago, IL, booklet and hymnal for Sunday morning Swedish church service..
  Country Music   Added the 1994 Country Music Encyclopedia... over 450 pages of information on the music and its artists. ,
Feb 1 Radio Guide   Here at WorldRadioHistory, we are saddened to hear of the passing of Ray Topp, publisher of Radio Guide. See Radio Word for the report.
  Radio World   A reminder that Radio World has consistently done some interesting articles on radio history subjects. Click to see that page.
Jan 30 Common Point   Added 7 issues from the early 1990's of th9is broadcast engineering newsletter.
  Maplin Added Project Book 12 from 1984
  Personal Computer World    Added December 1984, March 1996 and November, December 1995
  Ham Radio Today Added 22 issues from 1991, 1992 and 1993
  Down Beat   Added the 1971 Yearbook
Added October 26 1972,, February 28 1963
  The Radio Amateur / Short Wave News Added December 1952 and January 1953
  Modern Era Collection   Added Philco annual shareholder reports from 1959 and 1960
  Radio Album /  Television Radio Album   Added annual issues from 1957 and 1962
  Personal Computer World    Added August 1995 of this self-proclaimed first personal computer magazine in Europe.
  Collins Manuals and Catalogs   Added the 1959 General Catalog covering all Collins lines.
Added five manuals from 1967 for phone amp, phono EQ, monitor amp and program amplifiers as well as the 212 series consoles
  Broadcast Sound Added a new section for this broadcast industry professional magazine begun in the fall of 1982. We added three issues.
  Drake's Cyclopedia of Radio Collection   Added the 8th Edition of the Cyclopedia of Radio And Electronics dated 1937
  Melody Maker Replaced September 2 1961 with better copy.
  Television / Practical Television Added May of 2006.
  Electronics Today /ETI Added July 1973. This appears to be the last missing issue in our collection of the UK edition of ETI, making the set complete.
Replaced July 1981 issue with a better copy.
Jan 29 Hobbies Added 6 issues of Hobbies from 1958
Jan 28 The Radio Amateur / Short Wave News Added August, September, October and November of 1952 of "The Radio Amateur"
Added April 1952
  FM / FM and Television   Added October 1948 and December 1946
  Billboard   Added 1980-1981 International Recording Equipment and Studio Directory.
Added 1981 International Videotape Directory
Added 1979 Disco Sourcebook
  Country Music   Added 5 issues from the 80's and two from the 90's.
  Radio Station Albums and Booklets   Added an undated station booklet from XEVA in Villahermosa, México
Added rue 1933 WWVA, Wheeling, WV, "Jamboree" promotional brochure / album
Added the 1944 WNAX, Yankton, SD, program schedule
Added WSAZ Huntington, WV Friends We All Grew Up With 1999 book
Added the KGW, Portland, Oregon "Picture Parade of Favorite Radio Stars"
Jan 26 Philco News   Added 77 issues between 1931 and 1962.
  Short Wave and DX Collection   Added Skip Arey's Radio Monitoring: A How To Guide from 2010 with permission of the author.
  Hobbies Added 4 issues from 1956
Added 14 issues from 1958
Added 1 issue from 1957
  Personal Computer World    Added September 1995
  Practical Wireless Added 6 issues from 1936
  Wireless World Replaced July, August and September  issues from 1956 with complete copies
  Early Radio Collection   Added: Radio Trading Company Catalog 1928
Added: Randolph Radio Corp 1927
Added: Wireless & Electircal Cyclopedia Catalog 22
Added: Airy Tales by Temple 1929
Added: Pilot Radio Products
Added: Radio Surplus Corporation Catalog 1932
  Melody Maker Added September 3 1961
  New Musical Express Added June 19 1964 and May 6 1967
Jan 25 FM / FM and Television   Added or replaced with better copies 3 issues of this Milton Sleeper magazine: April, June, July 1946, May, June, July, Aug, Septemeber 1950, January, August, October 1949, January, March, June, April, May February, August, September, November 1948, January, October 1947, March, April, June, August, December 1945
Jan 23 Hi Fi World Added one issue from 1992, 6 from 2003, 11 from 2004 (year now complete), 2 from 2005.
Jan 22 Advertising & Selling   Added a new page for one of the earliest magazines about the advertising industry. We have found some of 1919, all of 1920 and most of the 1924 to 1928 years. This includes issues about the earliest years of advertiser supported radio.
  Short-Wave Miscellaneous Collection   Added Short Wave Journey of Discovery from RCA Victor Radio from 1939. A description of all the interesting stations and programs that could be heard... on an RCA Radio, of course.
  Radio Logbooks and Station Lists   Replaced the 1929 RCA Radiotron Broadcast Station Directory with an improved scan. This logbook has pages for 19 popular RCA receiving tubes.
  Practical Television / Television Added January and April of 2006
  Practical Wireless Added 7 issues from 1936
Jan 20 Radio Lists and Logbooks   Added the Spring 1932 issue of The Radio Pictorial, a station list with artist pictures and profiles. Stations listed by state and also by frequency..
  Everyday Electronics Added July and November 1987 and May 1988
  New Musical Express Added December 9 1967 and replaced February 8, 1969 with improved copy.
  BMI Music World   Added the Fall 2008 edition of BMI's Music World magazine
  Music Row   Added August 8, 1997, May 23 1997, May 8 1997, April 8 1997, December 8 1991, May 1983, April 23, 1996
  Down Beat   Added the 1975 and 1976 Music Handbook special editions.
Jan 19 A Review of this Site   Click this like to read a nice review of this website on "Making it Up", itself a fascinating and very readable site
  Missing Pages  

The publications on the site are “what you see is what you get”. Old magazines, whether contributed or purchased online, are sometimes missing pages or articles or photos. The one you want is, unfortunately, one of those “challenged” issues. Sorry. But if you come across missing pages, scan them and send them as it is an easy task to incorporate them in the incomplete PDF.

Jan 16 AGL (Above Ground Level)   Added June 2019 issue of this magazine about communications towers and equipment.
  Country Music   Added a new section for "Country Music", a 1973 to 2003 country music fan magazine noted for being more objective than typical fanzines. 18 early issues are in the first set of additions.
Jan 15 UK Search Databases Rebuilt the searches for all UK publications as well as the multi-publication searches. All publications added up to last week are now part of the search function.
Jan 12 Hobbies Added one issue from 1931, two from 1955, four from 1958, 13 from 1959, one each from 1956 and 1958 and
  Stereophile   This publication, has been ordered removed from this site by the same rights holder as Hi-Fi News. We are sorry, as this was a valuable source of historical data on North American stereo and hi-fi gear, techniques and technology.
  SRDS Spot Radio   Added October 1974 edition of this media buyer's publication
  Early Radio   Added the June 1927 issue of The Talking Machine Journal
  Radio Life   Added March 21, 1943... our fist issue from that month.
  Radio Ink   Added 21 issues from 2010 to 2012. They are underlined. s
  Science & Invention / Electrical Experimenter   Added April 1923 issue of Science & Invention, the successor to Hugo Gernsback's Electrical Experimenter. We now have a complete set of Science and Invention, and are missing only 8 of the Electrical Experimenter.
  Practical Wireless Added November 17 1934
  Popular Wireless Added August 14 1937
  Radio Logs and
Station Lists
  Added an improved and corrected version of "Answers World Radio Atlas Gazetteer and Log Book" from 1934
  Arbitron   Added the 1974 "Inside the Arbitron Television Report" with a detailed explanation of how to read TV ratings.
  Radio for the Millions Replaced September 1927 with complete issue.
  Radio   Added 20 issues from 2010 to 2017. This magazine was first known as "BE Radio" from parent Broadcast Engineering.
Added the Broadcast Engineering & BE Radio "Supplement from March 1994
  Melody Maker Replaced the October 23 1954 issue with a much better version. It is inside the "October" file which was created from microfilm; the new issue is a direct scan of an original.
Als0o replaced October 29 issue in the October file as well as October 26 1957.
Added 1964 July 25 issue
  ARRL Handbooks   Added the 1984 edition.
Jan 4 Hi Fi News
(no working link)
  Notice: We have been requested to remove this publication by the current publisher.
Jan 3 Hi Fi World Added all 2017 issues and repaired several from 2018 that had "confusing page attributes"
Added 4 issues from 1999
Added 1 issue from 2000
Added 1 issue from 2004
Added 5 issues from 2005
Added 3 issues from 2006
Added 2 issues from 2007
Bookshelf: History Added: The Telephone Hour A Retrospective from the Museum of Broadcasting 
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting   Added: Paying for Broadcasting  (Collection of Articles) 1992
  Bookshelf: Biography   Added: "Jack Benny" from Museum of Television and Radio 1991
  Byte Magazine   Added the 1979 byte "Book of Computer Music"
Early Radio Technology
  Added: Dunlap´s Radio Manual 1924 Dunlap
Added: Experimental Radio 3rd Edition Ramsey 1928
Added: Letters of a Radio Engineer to His Son Mills 1922
Added: Radio Operating Questions & Answers Nilson 1929
Added:Tips for the Radio Amateur Constructor Church 1924
Added: Year Book of Wireless Technology Telegraphy and Telegraphy 1915
Technology Modern Era
  Added: Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems Jordan 1950 
Added: Everybody's Radio Manual Popular Science 1942 
Added: Handbook of Noise Management Peterson 9th 1980 
Added: Handbook of Noise Measurement General Radio
Added: Popular Science Everybody's Television and Radio Handbook 1951 
Added: Technique of the Sound Studio 3rd Nesbett 1974
Added: The Technique of the Sound Studio Nesbett 2nd 1974
  Television / Practical Television Added the annual index supplements for all years 1999 to 2005
  Personal Computer World    Added October 1995 and January 1996
  Ratings   Added there A.R.B. New York Local Market Weekly reports from 1963
Jan 2 Down Beat   Added May 23, 1974 issue
Added 1960 Yearbook
Added 1959 Yearbook
Added 1995 "60 Years of Jazz" by Hal Leonard
Added 1961 Yearbook edition
  National Radio Club   Added AM radio logbooks (complete AM station listings) from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Added Night Pattern Map Books from 1975 to 2018
Added Getting Started in Medium Wave DXing from 1978
Added N.R.C. Antenna Reference Manual from 1978
Added  N.R.C. Receiver Manual from 1978
  Television Digest   Added the 1952 AM / FM Directory
Added the July Television Factbook including billing information, expenses, ownership, program sources, sets in use, FCC data and set manufacturer information.
  Hobbies  Added 6 issues from 1956
  Personal Computer World    Added February 1996 and February 1998
  Music Magazine Collection   Added our first issue of The Baton from October 1943 featuring Orchestra, Radioo, records and Music news.
  Gernsback Publications   Added the 1938 edition of the Radio Reference Annual
  Station Pictorial Albums   Added the 1974 KFDI, Wichita, Kansas booklet "KFDI Through the Years".
  Canada Miscellaneous Collection   Added the CBC 1969 listing of radio and TV stations including network map.
  Band Leaders   Added August 1946, August 1943 and November 1944. We now have 14 issues of this early to mid 40's music magazine.
  RCA Communicate   Added a new page for RCA Communicate, a 70's RCA employee magazine about which there is very little background information.
  Radio Only   Added February 1990
  Wireless World Replaced June 1956 issue with complete cover & ads edition
  NBC Radio Network   Added the 1934 edition of  "On the Air", a booklet for visitors to RCA's Radio City in New York with studio pictures, a brief explanation of radio and even an ad for RCA Victor records.
Dec 31 Hi Fi World Fixed link routing errors for 2018 to 2022 issues
Dec 29 Hi Fi World Added all issues from 2018 to mid- 2022
Dec 26 Early Radio Technology   Replaced "Radio Hook-Ups" by Sleeper with a better copy, assembling scanned pages from a variety of sources to find a complete set.
  Hi Fi World Added 1 Supplement from 1991
Added 4 Supplements from 1994
Added 3 Supplements from 1995
Added 8 Supplements from 1998
Added 8 supplements from 1997
Added 8 Supplements from 1998 as well as the August full issue
Added 4 Supplements fro 1999 as well as 6 regular monthly issues
Added 3 Supplements from 2000 and 3 regular issues
  Down Beat   Added April 5 1979
  Radio Pictorial    Added December 3 1937
New Musical Express     Added October 21 and 28 1955
Dec 22 WGY   We recommend Radio World's just-published article by John Schneider covering the history o9f WGY at its 100 year anniversary mark. Beautiful photos from John's collection and a good read, too!
  Amateur Wireless Added January 30 and February 28 of 1931
  Short Wave Digest   Added the 1991-1992 issues of this short-wave newsletter / bulletin.
  Down Beat   Replaced the 1939 Down Beat's Yearbook of Swing with an improved and clearer scan.
  Billboard   Added 1971 Tape Directory
Replaced July 10 1965 issue with a complete copy with charts.
  Maplin Electronics Replaced February and April 1999  and April and August of 2000 with better scans
  Short Wave Added September to November 2001, March, April September October 2003 and March, August and September 2005
Added February, April, May, June, September and October 1999 and September 1998
  Added: Radio's Golden Years 1998 Bobb Lynes
Added: Radio and Religion Southern Baptist Convention 1983
Added: Television The First Fifty Years Greenfield 1977
Added: The Big Broadcast 1920 1950 Buxton Owen 1997
  Added. Out of The Blue Crosby 1951
Added. That Lucky Old Son Autobiography Laine 1993
Added. All The Sincerity in Hollywood Fred Allen 2001
Added. Great Radio Personalities Slide 1982 (1)

Added. Making Waves 50 Greatest Women Duncan AWRT 2002
Added. Maynard Maynard Speece 1981
  Bookshelf: Programming   Added. Hi Yo Silver Away Lone Ranger Scrapbook Felbinger 1988
Added. I've Heard Those Songs Before Brooks 1987
Added. I Love A Mystery Grams 2003 
Added. Music of the Golden Age 1900 1950 Iger 1998 
Added. Same Time Same Station Lackman 1996
Added. Sunday Nights At Seven Jack Benny Benny 1990
Added. The Book of Golden Discs Murrells 2nd 1978
Added. Tin Pan Alley Jasen 1988 
Added. Who Wrote That Song Jacobs 1988 
Opinion and Commentary
  Added: The Television Audience Goodhardt et al 1975
Dec 20 Hi Fi World   Added January, February, March 1995
Added November and December with each one's Supplement from 1994
Added September through December 1996
Added Supplement February 1995
Added March, April, May, Jun, December of 1998
  Station Booklets   Added a pamphlet from the mid-1930's from WLW Cincinnati promoting its farm program and its very own farm in Ohio
Added an undated WHHO Des Moines fold-out pamphlet with pictures of local and network artists.
  Radio Shack Catalogs   Added 1982, 1984 and 1987 and an improved scan of 1996
  Hobbies  Added August 8 1956, Nov 11 1959, Jan 27 1960, June 21 1961
  Modern Era Miscellaneous
  Added the second issue of ON Radio The United Stations magazine  from June 1987
Dec 19 Home Study
1953 Coyne
TV Course
  Added the 1953/54 Coyne TV course. There are 100 lessons in 2 large PDFs. Lots of diagrams and illustrations in this large 8 1/2 x 11 format course.
  Television Replaced September 1930 with a corrected version.
  Broadcasting Magazine   Added the 30th Anniversary issue of the successor to "Broadcasting",
"Broadcasting + Cable" from April 2022 with the B+C Hall of Fame.
  Amateur Wireless Added the 1925 Booklet "Loud Speaker Crystal Sets"
  Wireless World Replaced May 1956 issue with more complete edition (we have many UK publications extracted from "annual" editions which usually had no ads or covers. When we can get the full original we replace these "content only" issues)
David Andrews in the UK is constantly monitoring sources for the best possible copy of every publication.
  Australia Miscellaneous Added the Television, FM and Facsimile course from the Australian Radio College. Content appears to be Post-WW II from the late 40's.
  Radio  Daily   Added annual "Shows" editions from 1956, 1954 and 1958. This was an annual listing of available radio and TV syndicated shows.
  Radio   (Formerly BE Radio) Added August 2013 and July 2016
  Early Radio
  Added several editions of The Pittsburgh Post and the New York Herald Tribune 1924 to 1926 radio sections.
"London Calling"
Added April 1972 issue of this publication for international service listeners outside of England.
Added a set of July to December 1956 issues
Added May 29 1941 issue
Modern Era Miscellaneous
Added Fred Waring Presents Later 1940's booklet about the renowned bandleader
  Modern Era
  Added several issues of Equipment Guide Magazine for broadcast engineers from early 1990's.
Added Everybody's Radio Manual  from Popular Science 1942 2nd Edition
Added General Cement 1948 catalog of radio chemicals and products
General Cement 1941 catalog of radio chemicals and products
  NBC Radio   Added a 1932 booklet "On The Air" about radio, the NBC network and Radio City studios in New York City.
  Early Radio
  Added "Television - The Crystal Ball of Radio" A booklet projecting the future of TV by Lehrbach from 1939: "an attempt to present a non-technical explanation of that much mentioned but little understood new art—Television."
  Early Radio Hobbyist   Added the Service Notes for the Grunow 901 and 902 "9-A!" models from 1937
  Record World   Added October 15 1977 World of Country Music supplement
Billboard   Added June 7 1980 Disco Sourcebook
Added August 23 1980 International Talent Directory
Added April 26 1980 Tape Audio Video Directory
  Personal Computer World    Added January 1997 and July 1998
  Short Wave Added July 1997 (with a fabulous fold-out UK Radio Spectrum Chart)
Added May 2000
  Popular Wireless Added July 10 1937
  Down Beat   Added 2nd annual Yearbook issue from 1957
Added the Music Handbook from 1976.
Added Music Yearbooks from 1962 and 1973
Added issues from March 2, 1972 and February 14, 1974 We are now only missing five  issues between 1940 and 1999.
Dec 15 Ratings / Radio   Added A Study of Listening Habits in Olympia, WA, an early local market survey from 1949
Added The-Barrometer-of-Program-Popularity-Olympia-WA, a-May-1958 electronic radio listening survey from 64 years ago
Added a 1947 ad for early A. C. Nielsen radio ratings from Variety Magazine promoting the Nielsen methodology
  Short Wave
Added January, March, October and December of 2000
  Radio Station Lists and Logbooks   Added the November 1929 International Radio Atlas. This is one of the more interesting and "fun" early station listings due to its assortment of maps showing where stations of different power levels as well as international stations were located.
  Television Added the September 1930 issue of this very early magazine about television.
  Early Radio Catalogs   Added the 1936 Radiolek catalog and the 1941 "Radio Profit Guide" (a wholesale catalog) from this Chicago supplier to radio service shops and service departments of stores.
  Contact Radio and Television  Added a single issue of this monthly magazine which began in July 1935. It's in the "miscellaneous" section until we find more issues... if, indeed, there are any!
  Billboard   Added the 1981 International Recording Directory special edition.
  BMI   Broadcast Music Inc. Added the "All Time Pin-Up Tunes 1940-1957" publication.
  Early Radio Catalogs   Added the 1925 Kresge's Radio Catalog And Buyer's Guide. Kresge's was an early "Five and Dime" store that later evolved into K-mart.
Dec 14 Hi Fi World Added 5 issues to 1991
Added 7 issues to 1992
Added 12 editions to 1993
Added 10 editions to 1994
Added 11 editions to  1995
Added 8 editions to 1996
Added 10 issues to 1997
Added 8 issues tp 1998
  Station Booklets   Added the WTIC, Hartford, CT, 60th anniversary photo album from 1985. This is a 65 page history of the station from 1925 to 1985, including may photos in color.
  Wireless World Replaced incomplete March 1960 issue with full edition with covers and advertisements.
  Billboard   Added the September 20, 1933 issue with a special section about the launch of the Amalgamated Broadcasting System, ABS, with stations in New England and the Atlantic Seaboard. This was the "long awaited "third chain" adding to CBS and NBC (which had both Red and Blue networks).
Dec 13 Cash Box   Added the sections I and II of the October 17 1964 edition.
  World Radio  Added November 22, 1929, issue of the official foreign and technical journal of the BBC.
  New Musical
Added May 18 and June 8 1962
Added March 27 1964
  DownBeat   Added 1965 July 1.
Also corrected listings for July, August and September of 1971 to 1974 when there was just a single issue in each of those months, rather than two issues as in the other 9 months of the year. As of now., there appear to only be 7 issues missing from 1940 to the year 1999.
Dec 12 DownBeat   Added additional issues. We are now missing only around 20 issues from the "modern era" as well as all from 1934 to 1936, one fro 1937 and all of 1938. Please contact us if you have any of those
Dec 10 DownBeat   Added 12 issues from 1975
Added 22 issues from 1977
Added All Monthly Issues from 1980
Added 21 issues from 1963
Added 6 issues from 1978
Added 16 issues from 1974
Added 12 issues from 1979
Added 9 issues from 1971
Added 6 issues from 1972
Added 13 issues from 1973
Added 4 issues from 1984
Added 8 issues from 1983
Added 8 issues from 1982
Added 12 issues from 1981 and 1980
Replaced all 1960 issues with better full color scans
Replaced all 1961 issues with better full color scans
Added 3 issues from 1986
Added July 1985
Added 3 issues from 1987
Added 7 issues from 1988
Added all 1989 issues, including the September "First 55 Years" edition
Added all issues from 1990 to 1999, a total of 120 for the decade
All issues are now searchable. Click "search" near the upper right, then deselect "All" and check DownBeat only for just that magazine.
  All Music Publications
  Updated the music magazine search to include everything on the site as of today.
Dec 7 "Radio At War" Station Albums   Added a WW II "Radio At War" album from WEW in St. Loluis
  Bookshelf: Radio and Music Programming   Added: A Dictionary of Musical Themes 1948 Barlow Morgenstern 
Added: Book of Bad Songs Barry 1997
Added: On The Air Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio Dunning 1998
  Bookshelf: Biography   Added "Bix; the Leon Biederbecke Story" by Evans 1998
  Bookshelf: History   Added: Ma Perkins Orphan Annie Hi Ho Silver by Stumpf 1971
Added: The Big Bands Simon 3rd Edition 1974
  Early Radio Hobbyist   Added "Amateur Radio", a short book by Grainger from 1922 by Maurice Granger, formerly with the Navy and Westinghouse. At that time, "Amateur" meant any radio hobbyist who made their own radios and antennas and not today's "Ham Radio" connotation.
  Personal Computer World    Added May 2004
  Bookshelf: Ratings   Added "Recommended Standards for Radio and TV Program Audience Research " by the American Research Foundation from1954
  Wireless World    Replaced November 1966 issue with a new scan with covers and advertisements.
  NAB Publications   Added the 1947 National Association of Broadcasters "Broadcasting and the Bill of Rights" booklet.
  Early Radio Catalogs   Added an undated catalog for Slagle radio sets.
  Radio Album
TV Radio Album
  Added editions from 1961, 1968 and 1969
  Radio Best   Added the August 1950 issue of this radio listener and TV viewer program and fan magazine
  Music Technology
Added April 1990 edition
  Music Technology   Added the 1999 Buyer's Guide from the US edition of this UK magazine
  Station Booklets   Added a 1922 booklet from General Electric describing its new radio station, KGO in San Francisco.
Added an undated small picture booklet from WIRE in Indianapolis celebrating new studios for this NBC affiliate
Added "This is WIRE Indianapolis" a 1940 detailed photo album about this NBC station.
Dec 6 Electronics & Music Maker   Added issues from 1981, 1983 and 1985. They are underlined
Dec 3 Radio & Electronics Handbooks   Added the General Radio Handbook of Noise Measurement from 1960 (4th) to 1974 (7th)
  Bookshelf: RCA Books and Manuals   Added: RCA Electron Tube Handbook HB 3 1951 Vol 5 6
Added: RCA Electron Tube Handbook HB 3 Cathode Ray Storage
Added: RCA Electron Tube Handbook HB 3 Cathode Ray Storage
Added: RCA Electron Tube Handbook HB 3 General Section
Added: RCA Electron Tube Handbook HB 3 Photosensitive Device
Added: RCA Electron Tube Handbook HB 3 Receiving Tube Part 1
Added: RCA Electron Tube Handbook HB 3 Receiving Tube Part 2
Added: RCA Electron Tube Handbook HB 3 Thyratron
Added: Television Future of the New Art RCA 1936
Dec 2 New Musical Express     Added two issues from 1961, one from 1964, one from 1966 (As usual, new additions are underlined.
  Hobbies Added two issues from 1957
  CB Radio   Added the 1976 book, "The Best Book on CB" by Herbert.
  Station Picture Albums and Brochures   Added the 1946 WIBC Indianapolis, Indiana "Going Forward with Radio" booklet from the Indianapolis News radio voice.
Added the 1947 WMBI station profile booklet from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL.
  Hits   Added February 27 1989
  Bookshelf: Ratings   Added  C E Hooper Day Part Recall vs Coincidental  1941. A comparison of radio ratings methodologies.
  Radio Album
TV Radio Album
  Added 1963 Album, featuring photos and information on leading electronic media stars. From the publishers of TV Radio Mirror magazine.
  Personal Computer World    Added October 1982, July 1983 and July 1986
Added December 1982 and April 1984
  Drake's Cyclopedias   Added the 10th edition form 1942. We now offer 11 edition out of the 15 published.
Added Australian Radio Achievements from Amalgamated Wireless.
Added Radiotron Circuits for Experimenters.
  Hi Fi World Added 18 more issues to this new collection just added to worldradiohistory.com
  Band Leaders   Added March, July and September 1945
Nov 26 Hi Fi World Added new section for this high-end UK audio magazine, begun in 1991 and ending in September, 2022. 15 issues have been added as a start to this new collection.
Nov 25 DownBeat   Added October 15, 1970
Nov 23 Hi Fi News Added 11 issues from 1960, completing the year. This is a UK publication that was also distributed during most years in the US and Canada.
Also added the June 1959 to May 1960 Index.
  Bookshelf: General Technical Subjects   Replaced 110 IC Timer Projects by Gilder 1970 with a PDF that has pages in correct order.
  Australian Miscellaneous Added "The Cathamplifier" a booklet with a complete construction project from around 1950.
Replaced September 1991 with better copy.
Nov 21 Band Leaders   Added May, July and September issues from 1944.
  Added December 1969
  Added: Encyclopedia of the Cavalcade of America DuPont Grams 1998
Added: RCA Robert Sobel 1986
Added: The Big Broadcast 1920 1950 Buxton & Owen 1972
  BOOKSHELF; Education   Added: The Art and Science of Radio Busby Parker 1984
  Bookshelf: Regulatory and FCC   Added: Broadcasting the New Law Butterworths 1991
  BOOKSHELF: Programming   Added: American Popular Songs 1900 1950 Wilder 1972
Added: Billboard American Singing Groups 1940 1990 Warner 1992 
Added: Billboard Book of Number One Hits 1988  2
Added: Biographical Dictionary of American Music Claghorn 1973
Added: Canned Laughter Hay 1992
Added: Complete Encyclopedia of Popular Music By Year 1900 1950
Added: Ma Perkins Little Orphan Annie Stumpf 1971
Added: Music in the Air 1920 1980 Eberly 1982
Added: Oxford Dictionary of Music 2nd 1964 Rev 1978
Added: Popular Music Annotated Index 1950 1959 Vol 1
Added: The Bickersons Scripts Rapp 2002
Added: The Book of World Famous Music Fuld 3rd 1985
Added: The Great Song Thesaurus Lax Smith 1989
Added: The Green Book of Songs by Subject Green 4th 1995
Added: The Laugh Crafters Young 1999
Added: TV Stars The Complete Directory to Prime Time 1964 Present
Added: Variety Music Cavalcade 1620- 1961 Mattfeld 1962
  Bookshelf: Biography   Added: Glenn Miller & His Orchestra Simon 1974
Added: J Scott Smart The Fat Man by Laughlin 1994 
  BOOKSHELF: Early Technology   Added: Look for the Dog Baumbach 1990
  FCC Publications   Added the 1986 FCC "Interference Handbook2, a consumer guide for people who encounter interference when listening to the radio or watching TV.
  RCA Record Radio News   Added the February 1945 issue of the RCA Record Radio Review, one of a series of RCA magazines promoting its records, recording artists and record players. The titles include Record Radio News, In the Groove and Record Review and ran from the late 30's into the early 50's.
  Westinghouse Engineer   Added March and July 1948 and January 1949
  Hi Fi News   Added 8 more issues from 1959
  Audels Books and Electronics Guides   Added the Hawkins Electrical Guide in 10 volumes and 2,700 pages. This was the predecessor to the Audels guides, written in 1917 and printed in 1923. It gives an ample perspective of the technology at that time and has many illustrations and photos of electrical devices and components.
Nov 20 Crosley Broadcaster   Added over 100 issues between 1925 and 1937. Crosley was a major manufacturer of radios and operated WLW in Cincinnati. It later expanded into refrigerators and other electrical appliances. It's magazines were primarily intended for dealers and distributors and included articles on new models, retail suggestions and sales meetings and conventions. WLW was frequently featured in articles.
Nov 18 India Calling Added most issues between 1980 and 1986 of this magazine which was the monthly program journal of the External Services division of All India Radio  Look for them under "India" in international section.
  Beat Instrumental   Added February 1973
  NAB Publications   Added the 1966 "Dimensions of Television" booklet.
  BMI Music World    Added the Fall 1990 Music World "BMI 50th Anniversary" edition.
  Home Study Courses   Added the RCA Home Study Television Servicing Course, a 1480 page home study course
  Early Radio Catalogs   Added Harry Alter's Radio Book December 1928 Wholesale radio supply catalog.
  Personal Computer World      Added March 1988 and August 2009
Nov 14 Personal Computer World      Added June, July, September and November 1987
Nov 13 RF Expo   Papers from the Electronic Design magazine RF Expo seminars, 1985-1997
  Hobbies      Added three issues from 1920 and one from 1934
  Personal Computer World      Added five issues from the 1990's. They are underlined.
Nov 12 Wireless World    Replaced 73 issues between 1942 and 1949 with scans that include the covers and all advertisements.
Nov 10 Graybar Catalogs   Added the "Condensed" catalog from 1970 from this former division of Western Union formed in 1969.
  Citizen's Band Radio   Added the 190 page "Citizen's Band Radio Digest" by Bradley et. al. from 1976
Added the 220 page "The Complete CB Radio" by Nichols from 1981
Nov 9 Melody Maker      Added October 29 1938
  Wireless World   Replaced September through December 1954 to include covers and advertisement.
Also replaced February of 1956 with complete issue.
Nov 8 Electronics   Added all issues from September and October of 1959
  NAB Publications   Added the 1984 "AM Technical Improvement" 91 page plan for the future of the AM band.
  Melody Maker  Added January 18 and October 31 (Better scan) 1964
  Radio Pictorial      Added September 7 1934
  Harris Broadcast Communiqué   Added Fall 1992 and NAB issue from 1993 of this Harris company magazine for broadcasters
  Radio & Appliance Journal   Added May and August 1948
  ETI Australia   Added October 1988. We believe that we now have a complete collection of this edition of ETI
Nov 7 Record Mirror      Replaced "October 23 1965" (which has a wrong date on the cover) with a complete October 21 1965.
Added September 30, October 7, October 30 and November 6 of 1965
  Bell Laboratories Record   Replaced March 1933 with complete issue with better scan quality
  Billboard   Added the June10th 1972 International Directory of Recording Studios supplement.
Nov 2 Sounds      Added May 12 1990
  New Musical Express     Replaced April 1 1966 with more complete edition.
  Melody Maker    Added December 14 1957
Added October 22 1960
Nov 1 Practical Wireless    Added June 1962. issue.
Oct 31 New Musical Express       Added May 17 1963
Added Jan 10, Jan 24, Nov 13 1964
  Added: Fidel en Radio Rebelde 1979
Added: Radio in the Golden Age Buxton Owen 1966
Added: Radio in the Golden Age Buxton Owen 1966
Added: Worlds Without End Museum of Radio & TV
  BOOKSHELF: Programming   Added: The-Adventures-of-Amos-'n' Andy-Ely-1991
Note: The nature and content of this program is unacceptable in modern times. This is presented for historical purposes.
  BOOKSHELF; Education   Added: Radio and-Education  by Tyson 1932
  BOOKSHELF: Biography   Added:  Did You Whittinghill This Morning 1976
Added: Imus America's Cowboy by Tracy 1999 
Added: Radio's First Voice Fressenden by Raby 1970 
  Added: Audience Ratings A Primer for Non Commercial Radio 1986
  Radio Ink   Added one from 1996, one from 1997, four from 2005, four from 2010
  Early Radio Hobbyist   Added two issues from 1930 of The Radiobuilder, a short newsletter-style publication for construction hobbyists
  Record Mirror      Added May 30 1964
  FCC Reports   Added August 18, 1972
  Early Radio
  Added the 1932 Radio Stars Album with portraits and life stories of the stars of radio.
  Broadcast Equipment Sales Catalogs   Added the BSW 2023 catalog (Yes, the brand new one to dream and drool over)
Added the Bradley 1987 catalog. Yesterday's prices and technology.
  Broadcast Equipment Manufacturers   Added a batch of Tapecaster brochures and price lists from the 70's. Tapecaster was the econ0omy line of cart machines, but from my own experience over many years they worked and were easy to service.
  Radio Pictorial      Added November 9 1934 and October 16 1936
  World Radio   Added five issues from April, May and June 1932
  FCC Documents   Added the transcript of the proposed finding of the FCC on the renewal applications for WGAR-Cleveland. WJR-Detroit and KMPC Los Angeles from 1948

Added the 1984 booklet "A Political Primer: The Law of Political Broadcasting & Cablecasting"
  Melody Maker      Added April 9 1938
  Lafayette Catalogs   Added Catalog 6-55 from 1955
  Broadcaster Canada   Added May 2003
Oct 30 Band Leaders   Added March 1944 issue of this magazine about big band artists and their radio shows.
  AGL (Above Ground Level)   Added two issues. They are underlined.
  Drake's Cyclopedia or Radio   Added 6 editions of this book, published from 1927 to the 15th edition in 1958. We now have 11 of those editions.
  BMI Music World    Added the 2014 Book "75 Years of American Music" (I had to stop scanning and read this one from start to finish. It is fascinating and beautifully written.
Added three issues from 1967, five issues from the 70's, One from the 80's, four from the 00's and one from the 2010's.
  Early Radio Catalogs   Added the 1928 catalog and descriptive brochure from Atwater Kent, a leading maker of home radio sets.
  Billboard   Replaced May 31 1969 with a complete issue including charts.
Oct 26 Radio Pictorial      Added August 31, 1934
  Disc      Added September 24, 1966 issue
  Phonoscope   Added all issues from the first four years of this magazine devoted to Scientific and Amusement Inventions Appertaining to Sound and Sight. It began in 1896. We can not determine if it continued beyond 1899.
  Early Radio Miscellaneous   Added a single issue of the Victor phonograph recording catalog from May of 1914
  Radio Network Publications   Added the June 1938 NBC Network Programs schedule with sponsor and ad agency listing for both Red and Blue networks. Many programs have brief descriptions as well.
  Heathkit Catalogs   Added 17 catalogs and flyers from 1948 to 1952
  Melody Maker      Added three issues from 1964
  LINK: History of WRVR   Here is a link to a fascinating audio archive of WRVR accompanied by pictures and texts. We occasionally provide links to audio collections that complement our collection of books and magazines.
Oct 24 BBC Annual Reports   Added all reports from 2000 to 2022. Some years are divided into two sections and both are included.
  Early Radio Catalogs & Manuals   Added the Grebe Synchrophase manual from 1925. It includes several pages about WAHG, the predecessor of WCBS radio in New York.
Added The Story of the Mercury Super 10 radio from the H M Kipp Company from 1928
  RCA Review   Added the 1950 "Collected Television Papers" special edition book with over 450 pages on the subject.
  New Musical Express       Added July 3 and December 11 1964
  Melody Maker    Added October 15, 1938 edition.
  Wireless World   Added a revised and complete with covers version of March 1963 and of the November 1963 editions.
As regular users of this site know, when we find a better copy of a publication we
replace our older version that may be missing the covers, the advertisements or other pages.
For items from the UK, David Andrews catalogs all issues with defects and is constantly seeking better copies.
Oct 20 Popular Wireless      Added January and April of 1935
Oct 18  Record World    Added complete copies of April 13 and April 20 1968 including full chart.
  Elektor UK   We have been asked by the publisher to remove this title. Our hope was that the unique search function would benefit the publisher by enhancing interest in current offerings, but they prefer to only make the issues available on tier own site. As always, we respect changing attitudes in this regard.
  FCC / Radio Ratings   Transcript of the 1963 U.S. Senate hearings on The Methodology, Accuracy and Use of Ratings in Broadcasting. 970 Pages.
  Listeners Official Radio Log   Added this 1929 logbook. It includes many "foreign" stations and has anticipated operating schedules of many stations.
  RCA In The Groove   Added May 1947
  RCA Victor Picture   Added October 1949 and June 1950
  Station Albums|   Added the 1988 6th anniversary album from KNAC in Los Angeles.
  Practical Wireless    Replaced the April, June and July 1933 sets of Popular Wireless with the missing pages and advertisements.
  Popular Wireless      Added all issues from August 1928 in a single PDF.
  BMI Music World    Added Summer 2010,  Winter-Spring 2007-2008, Summer 2004
  Music Row   Added March 1984 and April, October 2004
  CMA Close Up   Added three more issues, and they are underlined.
  IRE Proceedings    Added July and August 1960. These are huge issues with over 300 pages each!
Oct 17  Grebe Synchrophase
Early Radio & WCBS
  Added the instruction manual for the 1925 Grebe radio. The brochure describes many aspects of the radio and includes views of the company factory and its two radio stations, WAHG and WBOQ at Richmond Hill, New York. WAHG became WCBS after Wm. Paley bought it.
This is very definitely the most fascinating instruction manual I have ever seen!
  Early Radio Hobbyist    Added the "Radio Servicing Course" from Radio Technical Institute from 1938. While most courses were in little home study lesson booklets, this is a hobbyist focused book for people wishing to do their own set maintenance and even construction.
  Radio Ink    Added three books from 1995: Management and Sales Management, Programming and Promotion and Sales and Marketing.
Oct 16  Popular Wireless     Added full month's issues of November and December of 1928 
  Sylvania News    Added December to the 1935 collection
  Modern Era Collection    Added Associated Artists promotional booklet / catalog of movies available for TV syndication from Warner Brothers.
Added "Radio Who's Who" by Andrews from 1947
  Early Radio     Added two issues of The Phono Gram "for those interested in phones, graphs, grams and scopes"  and to the arts of recording and reproducing sound.  
  Music Miscellaneous    Added two 1975 sample editions of the "LA Survey of Hits" which was a magazine that reproduced multiple Los Angeles radio station hit charts
  Hobbies       Added July 10 and July 24 1957 
  Everyday Electronics    Added June 1997
Oct 14   Bookshelf: Novels about Radio    Added a section in the "Enjoyment of Radio" book section for novels involving radio. Most are 1920's and 1930's stories for teen readers, but they show how significant a part of life early radio was. 15 representative titles have been chosen out of hundreds of stories involving radio in that era.
  New Musical Express       Added November 7, 1970
  Hobbies       Replaced three defective PDFs each from 1956 and 1957 and they are underlined..
Popular Wireless   Replaced November 1935 with more complete edition with formerly missing pages.
Oct 11 IEEE Spectrum   Added all issues from 1974 and 1975 and 4 issues from 1977
  Melody Maker    Added September 24 1949. This is a much better copy of the issue than the one in the full September file which was taken from old microfilms.
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting   Added:Latin American Television:  A Global View-by Sinclair 1999
Added: What About-Advertising by Goode and Powel 1927
  Bookshelf: History of Radio & TV   Added: Voices in the Big Sky Montana by McDonald 1992
Added: Broadcast from the Front by Powley 1975
Added: Primetime Canada 1952 1967 by Rutherford 1992
Added: The American Radio Industry And Its Latin American Activities 1900 1939 by Schwoch 1990
Added: The History of Broadcasting in the U S by Davis 1928
Added: The Story of Cheerio by Himself 1936
  Bookshelf: Biography   Added: George Burns the First 100 Years
Added: Great Radio Personalities by Slide 1982
Added: Rush Hour by Seib 1993
  Bookshelf: Education   Added: A View of Educational Television by Singer 1969
Added: Audio Craft  by Tohm 1989
Added: Radio A Guide to Broadcasting Techniques by  Evans 1977
Added: Radio Writing  by Dixon 1931
  RCA Books   Added the 1947 booklet "Phototubes & Cathode Ray"
  Practical Wireless    Replaced October 1933 with complete and corrected issue
  Wireless World   Replaced February 1983 with complete and corrected issue
Oct 10 Music Row   Added 19 more issues
  IEEE Spectrum   Added all but 2 issues from 1968 and 1969
Oct 9 ARRL Handbooks   Added the 60th edition from 1983
  Music Row   Added 23 issues from the 1990's through 2019
  CMA Close Up   Added 26 issues. They appear with an underlined date.
  British Radio & Television   Added 6 editions from the 1950's.
  Melody Maker    Added November 7 1942 and November 2 1946
  Disc   Added August 4 1973
Oct 8 Radio's Master   Added the 1966 Radio Electronics Master  30th edition. Note: Patience required as this is a 124mb download and over 1800 pages.
  IEEE Spectrum   Added the 1978 issue which contains a detailed description and analysis  of the five proposed and competing AM stereo systems.with 9 pages of description and analisys.
Oct 5 IEEE Spectrum   Added issues of Spectrum from 1964 to 1967 and 1970 to 1971. While they are missing covers and advertising, the articles are complete. Help us find complete issues and expand the collection to cover the first decades of the IEEE.
Oct 4 Early Radio Catalogs and Brochures   Reorganized the page for easier use. Created categories for major manufacturers and alphabetized everything else. This page covers parts makers and resellers from the early 1900's up to WW II.
  Melody Maker 
  Added four issues from 1951 and two from 1945
  Disc   Added August 19 1973
Oct 3 CMA Close Up   Added a new page with 28 issues of the member magazine of the Country Music Association, "Close Up"  The closeness of Country Radio and the CMA makes this magazine a valuable and fascinating addition to this website. . The issues are not searchable.
  Music Row   Added 20 more issues from the 1984  to 2010. The issues are now searchable.
  Music Maker   Added the December 1940 issue of this fan magazine to the Early Radio Programming collection.
  Station Booklets & Albums   Added the early 30's "Personally Conducted Tour" booklet of WOC Davenport, IA "World of Chiropractic" station owned by  the founder of chiropractic medicine.
  Popular Wireless  Added October 1929 and October 1928 sets of all of each month's issues in a single PDF
  Melody Maker  Added may 5 and May 19 1951
  RCA In The Groove   Added the June 1945 issue
Oct 2 Electronics Today (ETI)  Replaced December 1982 issue which had scrambled pages with an "orderly" version.
  Early Radio Collection   Added a single issue of National Technician, "A publication devoted to the radio service industry and its problems". January, 1936 edition.
  Early Radio Programming   Added a book published in 1982 with photos and stories about the "Golden Age" of radio personalities "Great Radio personalities" by Slide
  Band Leaders   Added January 1944 (with a young Frank Sinatra on the back cover) and September-October 1946
  Television Factbook   Added the Services Volume from 1977
Oct 1 The Spartan   Added 23 issues of The Spartan, a magazine from broadcast equipment manufacturer Sparta Electronics and which began publication in 1972. Like all company publications in the fields we cover, we are always looking for additional issues and new titles.
  Electrician & Mechanic   Added January 1908 issue
Sep 29 Television / Practical Television Added the 6 issues from 2008. These were the last ones published under this title,
  Station Albums:
Radio at War
  Added the "Radio at War" booklet from WCHS in Charleston, WV.
  Popular Wireless Added July 1928 issues all in one file
Sep 26 WTAR Norfolk, VA   Added as station booklet for WTAR AM FM and TV in Norfolk from around 1951
  Music Row   Added a new page for "Music Row" magazine, a radio and record industry monthly which began in 1981 focusing on Country.
  Nielsen   Added the semi-annual market statistics and rank "Red" and "Blue" books for 2021 and 2022
Added the 2022 Description of Methool9ogy for radio ratings.
Added 2020 to 2022 Back and Hispanic Metro market ranks
Added 2021 Metro Radio Market maps
  CBC Radio Added 7 issues of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation employee magazine, "Radio", from 1947 and 1948
  Modern Era Collection: Radio    Added "Guide to Talk Radio Programming" from Winter 1996.
Sep 25 Personal Computer World  Added January 1998
  Philco "Little Logs"   Added Philco station logbooks from 1932, 1933, 1934 (Fall and Spring), 1935, 1941
  Grunow Log Book   Added Grunow log book from 1938
  Canadian Miscellanea Added the 1927-1928 program guide from the Canadian National Railways, precursor to the CBC
  Catalogs   Added Audio Services (UK) catalog from 1985
Added General Electric Plunger Relays from 1937
Added a description of 1940 installation of a 50-G2 at KDKA
Added the instructions for the 50-HG-2 from 1953
Added a transmitters brochure for the HG transmitters from early 50's
Added manual for 1948 FM-3 FM Transmitter
  Bernards Books   Added No 76, Radio Anti-Interference Manual from 1948
  Bookshelf: Gernsback   Added 1932 Official Radio Service Manual (290 pages)
  Early Radio Stars    Added a booklet for "One Man's Family", a major network radio show  from 1932 to 1959
  Early Radio (and TV) Technical    Added a short version aimed at the less technically inclined of RCA's "Practical Television" from 1939 
  Elementary Electronics   Added six special editions and they are  listed in the left-hand column in a dedicated box.
  Modern Era Collection: Radio    Added a single January 1991 edition of Radio Manager magazine  
Added a single mailing piece of the Cardinalgram from The Cardinal Company from 1946 promoting the sale of non-network radio shows it had available.
Added a collection of Radio Japan News from the early 70's.
Added a 2001 issue of Radio Shopper, classified ads for radio broadcast equipment
  Melody Maker  Added the January 13 1940 issue (missing several pages)
  Electronics Today International ETI   Added ETI Test Gear No 2 from 1983
  Hobby Electronics Added January and March of  1981. We believe that we are now missing just one issue to complete the full collection of this magazine.
  Popular Electronics   Added the 1967 Experimenter's Handbook. See a whole collection of these special editions at the bottom of the Popular Electronics page
   CB Radio   Added the November / December 1980 issue of this UK Citizens Band magazine.
  CB Radio Added 19 issues of QSO from 1988 to 1991. This was a French Citizen's Band radio magazine.
  Hobbies Added 7 issues from 1960. They are underlined
Added March 13, 1957 and two issues from March and April of 1959
  NEW MENU   We have received a few reports of users unable to navigate the new left-side menu system. The system depends on user activation of "cookies" to maintain placement. No data is captured by the site administration, though. So, if you wish to use the alphabetical site menu please accept cookies.

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Sep 24 Radio Merchandising   Added 8 issues of this radio retail trade magazine from the early to mid 1920's
  Radio Club of America   Added "Proceedings" for October 1962, December 1955 and January 1952 as well as the Yearbooks from 1984 and 1959
  BOOKSHELF: Radio Shack   Added Radio Shack 50 Easy to Build Projects 1962
  Radiocast / Broadcast Weekly   Activated All issues from August to December 1935 (they had bad links) as well as  May 26 1935, March 9 1930, Jan 28, and Feb 18 1934 and February 17 1927
  Early Radio Stars   Added the 1932 edition of "Radio Round-Ups" with profiles on over 100 radio stars
Sep 23 Band Leaders   Added the May 1946 edition. This is a magazine about the Big Bands of the later 40's, but covers many aspects of their role in network radio in that era.
  Record World   Added May 22, 1976
  Popular Science Radio Annual    Added 1942 and 1944 editions of the "Radio Annual". Despite the name, this publication was issued very irregularly from the late 30's to early 50's.
  Amateur Wireless Added May 21, 1927
  DownBeat   Added 25 issues between 1972 and 1977
  Practical Wireless Replaced April 1936 with a more complete copy.
  Radiocast / Broadcast Weekly   Added February 6 1926 of this West Coast program guide.
Sep 21 Everyday
Added April 1987
  Proceedings of the IRE   Added the November 1956 issue of the Proceedings of the Institute o9f Radio Engineers.
  Wireless World Added a more complete version of the September 1939 edition
  Radio   Replaced November 1938 with better scan of a less deteriorated original.
Wireless & television Review Added five issues from 1936 from January to May
  Audels Books and Manuals   Added the 1951 edition of Audels Handy Book of Practical Electricity with Wiring Diagrams.
  Melody Maker Added January 4 1941 and March 11 1944
Sep 16 Home Page
  We have completed the major revision of the home page, the menus and the site organization. Please let us know if something does not work!
Sep 14 Wireless World   Added complete August 1954 with covers and advertisements.
Sep 12 Radio Age   Added 142 more issues of  "The Vintage Radio Journal of the Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club"- We are almost complete from 1995 to 2021, but still need issues from the 80's to the mid-90's  There are now 344 issues available to read.
Sep 11 Electrical Experimenter / Science & Invention  
Added a special edition from 1927 with 114 pages of explanation, pictures and schematics of how television worked. It shows the mechanical cameras, transmission and reception systems with full details. This is one of the most fascinating early technology publications I have ever added to the site! (Look for link under "1927")
  Harris Communiqué   Added the Winter 1992 issue of this promotional magazine from Harris which began in 1992
  Harris Gates   Added the instruction manual for the 1958 SA-39B limiting amplifier. We also have a sales piece for this limiter, added previously.
  Station "Odds & Ends"   Added the Fall 1992 edition of WLUO's "Loop Scoop" listener magazine.
Added a 1989 set of promotional pieces for Scott Shannon's launch of Pirate Radio on KQLZ in LA.
  Record Mail   Added February 1959, July 1965 and November 1964 of this promotional magazine from EMI
  Everyday Practical Electronics   Added a 2005  small booklet "Getting the Most of your Test Equipment"
  FCC Documents   Added a little document on the procedures of the FRC
  DownBeat   Added the 1970 "Music '70" annual directory, December 9 and  23 , November 11, May 27, April 29, Apr 15,, May 13, March 4 , February 18,  October 28, January 7, October 14, June 241971,
  UK Miscellaneous  Added the October 1992 issue of Communicate to the UK collection.
  Popular Wireless  Added the issue from March 23, 1929
  Billboard   Replaced the March 27 1971 Campus Attractions issue with a better copy and scan.
Pulse of Broadcasting (Radio Ink)   Added two issue from the third year of publication of this magazine which became Radio Ink.
  Modern Era Miscellaneous   Added the 1973 and 1974 "Highlights from the ANA/RAB Radio Workshop" sessions. from the Radio Advertising Bureau.
  Music Vendor   Added June 22 1957 and October 14 1957 from this predecessor to Record World.
  Electronic Industries / TeleTech   Added January and February of 1966
  Modern Era Technical Miscellaneous   Added the 1940 American Institute of Electrical Engineers paper on Frequency Modulation.
  Catalogs and Manuals   Added the 1986 manual for the Audio Metrics 1000A Programmable CD Player.
Added EIMAC's article "Extending Transmitter Tube Life from 1982
Added the Broadcast Supply West 1989 Catalog.
Added the 1948 Signal Generator G1 manual
Added Philips Broadcasting Catalog from 1963
  Melody Maker Added two issues from 1951, one from 1943 and one from 1953
  BMI Magazine   Added October 1971 and January 1972
Added Winter 1997
Sep 4 Everyday Practical Electronics   Replaced "electronic" versions of all issues from 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006 with scans of the printed versions (more pages, additional ads) A total of 60 new scans of complete issues!
  Popular Wireless  Added missing March |928 issues and combined all in a single PDF
  Radio Only   Added the April 1983 issue of Jerry Del Colliano's Radio Only magazine, featuring Beautiful Music syndicator SRP's Jim Shulke and Bonneville's John Patton on the ccver.
Sep 3 Popular Wireless  Added missing February 1928 issue and combined all February issues in one PDF.
  Radio Guide   Added "Year End" 1992
  RCA Catalogs   Added a large fold-out brochure from either the late 40's or early 50's promoting RCA equipment for new radio stations in period when several thousand new stations went on the air.
  Modern Era Miscellaneous Collection   Added a collection in one PDF of documents, technical data, etc. about facsimile broadcasting in the post-WW II years.
  Radio Ink   Added October 4 2010 and September 6 (incomplete)
  RCA Tube Tips   Added 26 issues of this RCA newsletter for broadcast vacuum tube users. They are from between 1946 and 1965. The issues discuss new tubes, extending tube life, applications and user experiences,
Sep 2 Popular Wireless  Added 3 issues from January 1928 and combined them with the one we already had in a single monthly set.
  Radio Life   Added the August 28, 1949 issue
  Modern Era Miscellaneous Collection   Added set of articles about the practices which led to the revocation of licenses fro WINB in Red Lion, PA.
Added Catalog, Brochure and prices from 1978 of Radio Shack TRS-80 personal computers
  RCA Catalogs and Manuals   Added RCA-BTF-40E1-FM-40,000 watt FM Trnsmitter-1978 Manual
  Collins Catalogs and Manuals   Added Collins-General-Catalog-1960
Added Collins-212Z-1-Remote-Amplifier-Instruction-Book-1956
  Hewlett Packard Manuals   Added HP-1220-A-Ocilloscope-1976
Added HP-400-H-L-Vacuum-Tube-Voltmeter-1961
Added HP-Model-606A-High-Frequency-Signal-Generator-1961
Added HP-Digital-Multimeter-3476-A-1977
  Continental Catalogs and Manuals   Added:212 P Audio Console Manual
Added: Type 316/315-F A; Broadcast Transmitter
Added: Type 315R-1-AM Transmitter
  EIMAC Catalogs & Spec Sheets   Added: EIMAC-Radio-and-TV-Broadcasters'-Catalog-1950s-This is a set of One-Sheet product specs
Added: Eimac-4CX10000-Tube spec sheet
Added: Eimac-4CX150000-Tube Spec Sheet 1973
Added: EIMAC Tech Paper on-Extending-Transmitter-Tube-Life-1982
Added: EIMAC-3CX-3000-A7-F7-Triodes spec sheet
  Gates/Harris  Manuals and Catalogs   Added Gates Instruction M 6035 Cue Intercom Amplifier from 1965
Added Harris FM 2.5K FM Transmitter 1985
Aug 31 Crosley Broadcaster   Added 18 issues from 1935, 1936 and 1937 of this dealer magazine for retailers of Crosley radio and appliances.  Each issue has an introduction by Powel Crosley Jr. and has a schedule for Crosley's 500,000 watt WLW radio in Cincinnati. Plenty of pictures of mid-30's appliances and the latest radios.
  Personal Computer World  Added June 1995
Aug 30 CMJ New Music Report   Added nearly all issues from 2001 to 2004 and a couple from 2005. We had been sitting on these all along, but never got them posted until a site user discovered them and gave us a "heads up".
Aug 29 Indiana Historical Radio Society   Added 107 issues of the Indiana Historical Radio Society "Bulletin". This old radio preservation group began publishing this magazine in 1971 and continues to preserve antique radios and related equipment today.
  Early Radio Miscellaneous   Added an envelope and 1923 letter from CYL radio in Mexico City, a station founded by the Azcárraga family. Some years later, Emilia Azcárraga would found XEW radio, starting a dynasty that became Televisa today.
  Sounds Added January 28, April 15 and May 13 1989.
Aug 28 Sounds Added January 4, July 19 and December 20/27 issues. The December one is missing 4 pages.
  UK Miscellaneous   Added two9 1995 issues of Internet Today, a very early Internet magazine.
  DXing: Miscellaneous   Added the  1981 National Radio Club Loop Design and Theory
  Modern Era (Post WWII) Collection   Added the ASCAP "40 Years of Hit Tunes" from 1955n and "50th Anniversary Hit Tunes" from 1966
These are listings of the biggest ASCAP composer and author songs from each year in those two periods.
  RCA Manuals & Catalogs   Added RCA BTA 5 F Transmitter 1947 (5 kw AM)
Added RCA BTF 20E1 FM Transmitter 1976
Added RCA Transmitter 2 x 892 Finals
Added RCA BPA 10 Antenna Tuning Unit
Added RCA Transmitter Control Desk
(The final three are undated. Advisee us if you know the date)
  Personal Computer World  Added May 1998 issue.
  Society of Broadcast Engineers   Added the Membership Directories for 1995, 2002 and 2007 and the Directory & Buyer Guide for 2009 and 2012
Aug 26 Radio Maintenance   Added the September 1951 edition of Radio and Television Maintenance.
  IRE Institute of Radio Engineers "Proceedings"   Added February 1961 issue
Replaced the May 1958 copy with a complete issue with covers and advertisements.
Added May 1955 issue
  Amateur Wireless Added three issues from December 1934
  Early Radio Consumer Miscellanea   Added Atwater Kent Open style radio receiving sets. Instructions from 1929
Added How to Get the Most out of your Victrola From the Victor Talking Machine Co 1923
  Billboard   Added the March 27 1965 "Music on Campus" supplement
  BMI Music World   Added issues from 2008, 2012, 2009, 2011 as we continue to build our collection of this publication.
Aug 24 Amateur Wireless Added three issues from September and November of 1934
  Modern Era (Post WWII) Collection   Added a small brochure from the Ohio Agricultural Business Network from c. 1983
Added Zenith's Simple Explanation of FM
  Popular Electronics   Replaced July and August 1967 with better quality scans.
  Early Radio Hobbyist   Added a single issue of R/9, a ham and hobbyist magazine from 1933
Aug 22 Amateur Wireless Added August 11, 18 and 25 from 1934
  Bookshelf: Commentary and Opinion   Added Make Room for TV bby Spigel 1992
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting   Added None of Your Business by Carroll 1970
  Bookshelf: Ratings   Added: Television Audiences & Cultural Studies Morley 1992
  Bookshelf: Education   Added: Radio Writing by Dixon 1931
  Bookshelf: History of Radio & TV   Added The Developmentby  of the Television Market RCA 1943
Added On and off the Air Schoenbrun 1989
  Bookshelf: Programming   Added The Record Industry Book by Hurst 1978
  Bookshelf: Biography   Added The PD Chronicles James 2001
  BMI Music World   Added 5 issues from the 80's and 90's
  GE Catalogs   Added a collection of GE Test Equipment brochures believed to be from 1952
  Collins Manuals   Added manuals for:
Collins 21F M Transmitter 1958
Collins AM Broadcast Transmitter 20V 3 1962
Collins 212Z 1 Remote Amplifier 1964
  Harris Gates   Added manuals for:
Gates Sta Level Amplifier M5167 1956
Gates FM 20B 20kw FM Transmitter 1961
Gates FM 7H FM Transmitter 1975
Gates Model 52 CS Studioette 1949
  Hobbies Added December 28 1960
  Personal Computer World  Added April 1997
  Radio Luxembourg's "208"  Added February and March of 1952
  Record World   Added the Music News / Buyer's Guide consumer issue for June 1979 The "Music News / Buyer's Guide" was a separate publication and distributed free at record stores to promote purchases of new records.
Aug 21 Radio News   Replaced the 1937 Radio News Radio Data Book with a much better scan. There are now 6 editions of the Radio Data book on the Radio News page, and all are listed at the very bottom of the page.
  IRE Institute of Radio Engineers   Added December 1961 issue
Aug 20 IRE Institute of Radio Engineers    Added December 1962 "Proceedings"
Added December 1962 Supplement
Added 1962 Annual Index
Added 1955 April
Added 1955 April Abstracts
  Billboard   Added the 1975 Tape Audio Market Sourcebook
  Radio Luxembourg  Added the December 1951 issue of the "208" or "Two O Eight" magazine. The title is a reference to the Radio Luxembourg Medium Wave frequency, also known as 1439 kHz.
  Philco Service   Added the 1954 and 1955 Philco Radio TV and Appliance service guides
  Radio Maintenance   Added the July 1957 issue of "Radio and Television Maintenance.
  Radio World   Added five "Source Book" annual supplements from 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993
  FCC Rules   Added FCC Rules & Regulations Part 73 from 1958
  Radio News   Added the Radio News Amateur's Handibook edition #2 from 1926
  Radio Station Booklets and Picture Albums   Added a late 20's or very early 30's "Station Tour" from WRC in Washington, DC
Added "Going Forward with Radio" from 1948 from WCCC in Hartford, CT
Added "Going Forward with Radio" from 1948 from WFIL in Philadelphia, PA
  SAMS Books   Added the 1967 Broadcast Industry Buyers Guide prepared with collaboration of Broadcast Engineering. Magazine
Aug 19 Audio   Replaced August 1980 issue with a cleaner, better and complete scan.
Reminder: "used" magazines often arrive with missing or damaged pages. We include whatever we can get until a better copy becomes available. Sometimes we do not notice missing pages as magazines can have bizarre page numbering... so let us know if pages are missing or damaged and we'll note it on the listing.
  BMI Music World   Added Fall 1996, November Dece3mber 1968, Winter 1989, Summer 1969, #2 1974, #4 1979, Special Edition 1940 1960 20 Years of Service, December 1966, July 1966
  Early Radio Programming   Added Philco Radio Personalities and Radio Log from 1940
Harris-Gates   Added the 2000 brochure for the Z5CD 5 kw AM transmitter
  CRL Manuals   Added manuals for the SEC800 Spectral Energy Compressor (1987), the SMP900 Stereo Matrix Processor (1986) and the SMP900A Stereo Matrix Processor (1987)
  Allied Broadcast   Added 1981 Broadcast Equipment catalog
  Continental Manuals   Added the 1962 technical paper on high power AM transmitters (250 kw and over) including a discussion of Doherty circuits).
Added Continental Electronics Commercial Catalog 1964
Added Continental AM Broadcast Transmitting Equipment 1962
Added Continental Radio Frequency Circuit and Modulation High Power AM
  Collins Manuals   Added: Collins Radio Broadcast Equipment 1981
Added: Collins training Fundamentals of Semiconductors 1963
Added: Collins Training Manual Single Sideband 1959
Added: Collins Broadcast Equipment 1966
Added: Collins Instructions KWM &  KWM 2A Transceivers 1966
Added: Collins Instruction Book 54Z 1 AM Frequency Monitor 1968
Added: Collins Manual 26U 2 Stereo Peak Limiter 1963
Added: Collins Manual Peak Limiting Amplifier 26U 1 1958
Added: Collins Instructions 550A 1 AM Transmitter 1957
Added: Collins Instructions 212G 1 Console 1969
Added: Collins Instructions Broadcast Consoled 212G 1 1960
Added: Collins Instructions 212V 1 Audio Console 1969
Added: Collins Instructions 212J 1 Broadcast Audio Console 1969
Added: Collins Instructions 26J 3 Auto Level Amplifier 1969
Added: Collins Instructions 26U 3 Auto Limiting Amplifier 1969
Added: Collins Instructions 30L 1 RF Linear Amplifier 1962
Added: Collins 75A 4 Amateur Receiver Manual 1955
Aug 16 Funkschau Added over 800 issues and 30 thousand pages of Funkschau, the major German technical and hobbyist magazine, from 1928 to 1974. These issues will be searchable (in German) within next 24 hours.
  Popular Wireless  Added November 6 and November 20 1926
  Personal Computer World   Added November 1998
Aug 14 Proceedings of the IRE   Added all 12 issues of the 1959 Proceedings well as the 1959 Index and the Constitution of the Institute of Radio Engineers. These are from the year-end compilation and don't include the ads and covers found in the monthly editions. However, January and December are both full issues.
  TV Factbook   Added the Cable section of the 2018 TV Factbook
  Hobbies Added three issues from 1961 and four from 1960. They are underlined.
Aug 13 Billboard   Added an improved copy of the March 20 1961 issue.
Added better scans of the issues from June to December of 2001
  Added our first issue of the Westinghouse Magazine, a publication by and for the staff of Westinghouse Electric begun in 1928. Help us find more issues of this interesting publication.
  BMI Music World   New collection: Added our first set of 11 issues of the Broadcast Music, Inc. membership magazine. First just called "BMI" it later became BMI Music World and it focused on the authors and composers who were the members of this performance rights organization. 
Aug 11 Scanning: How we build this site.   Updated our page which details all the equipment we use to create this website.
Aug 10 Popular Wireless  Added 7 more issues from 1937, these being from July, August and September.
Aug 9 Popular Wireless  Added 12 issues from 1937 between the months of March and June. Each is underlined for simple location.
Aug 8 Early Radio Miscellaneous   Added General Electric Instruments: Principles of Operation
Added Emerson's "Small Radio" a description of radio during war and peace.
  Early Radio Programming   Added a 1930's "Radio Foto Log" from manufacturer National Union Radio Corporation
  Stereophile   Added November of 2011
  Modern Era Miscellaneous   Added WFMT Chicago's "Classical Radio Guide for FM users
Added The FCC's How to Identify and Resolve Radio / TV Interference from 1977
Added What You Should Know About FM Stereo Multiplex
  Westinghouse Engineer   Added tie January to April1956 edition of El Ingeniero Westinghouse" which was the Spanish version of Westinghouse Engineer
  Bookshelf: Commentary and Opinion   Added: Radio as a Cultural Agency by Tyler 1934
Added African Broadcast Cultures Fardon Furniss 200
Added Selected Radio and Television Criticism Slide 1987
  Bookshelf: Biography   Added Touching the Stars by Hickman 1986
Added His Master's Voice Was Eldridge R Johnson by Johnson 1974
  Bookshelf: Education   Added Radio A Guide to Broadcasting Techniques Evans 1977
Added A View of Educational Television Singer 1969
  Bookshelf: History of Radio & TV   Added The History of the House of Siemens Vol 1 Siemens 1957
Added The History of the House of Siemens Vol 2 Siemens 1977
Norman Corwin and Radio the Golden Years Bannerman 1986
Added Radio Scrap Book Prayer Period 1946
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting   Added Gospel Radio from Back to the Bible Siedell 1971
  Bookshelf: Regulation:   Added: Media Law 3rd Robertson Nicol 1992
Aug 7 Schools and Courses   Added Complete Course in Radio Telegraphy & Telephony National Radio Institute 1924
Added Pictures On The Air, a sales brochure from First National Television School in Kansas City from 1936
  Electronics   Added July to November of 1988 and February to July of 1989. These were issues from the months following a change to monthly publication from a twice a month schedule.
  Catalogs   Added the HP Test Oscillator 654A manual from 1974
Added a collection of one sheets and brochures for GPLL Television equipment.
Added Collins-75A-4-Amateur-Receiver-Manual-1955
Added Collins-479U-I-Signal-Generator-1950-
Added Collins-75A-1-Amateur-Receiver-1949
Added Collins-Guidebook-and-Notes-1994
Added Collins-30L-1-RF-Linear-Amplifier-1961
Added Collins-479-S-Signal-Generator-1952
Added Collins-51-X-Receiver-1959
Added Collins-75A-4-Receiver-1957
  Practical Computing Added October 1981
  Record World   Added December 21, 1981, January 23, 1982 and March 20 1982
Aug 6 Hit Music Added 7 issues from 1992, 1994, 1999 and 2000. This leaves just the early 1992 issues as still needed.
  Hobbies Added 13 issues as early as 1919 and up to 1962. They are underlined.
  Radio Station Booklets and Picture Albums   Added a new scan of the 1937 WHO Des Moines Barn Dance booklet. This includes an early picture of "Dutch" Reagan who we know better as just "Ronald".
  Canadian Collection Added an October 1932 issue of "Canadian Radio", with program schedules of many stations in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta as well as major US stations.
  ABC Radio & TV Networks   Added a page dedicated to publications by the ABC networks. New to the collection are 30 ABC ?Paramount Theaters Annual Reports to Shareholders from 1945 to 1975
Aug 3 Disc Added June 10 1972
  Lafayette Catalogs   Added Catalog 308 from 1958
  Stereophile   Added nearly all issues from 2010 and 2011
  Record World   Added February 13 1982, one of the last issues before the magazine closed.
Added the April, September and October "Buyer's Guide" monthly publications. This was a consumer publication distributed at record stores to encourage record buyers.
  Early Radio Catalogs   Added 1926 McGraw Hill Radio Trade Catalog, a listing of radio parts and supplies from "all" manufacturers.
  Early Radio Hobbyist   Added Ghirardi Home Radio Pocket Troubleshooter 1937 (Note: some pages stuck together and could not be scanned)
Added The Wireless Experimenters Manual from 1920
Aug 2 Practical Computing   Added June 1987 issue
  Westinghouse Engineer   Added March 1958
  Music Technology Added August 1987 and September 1991
  British Radio & Television Added August and December of 1955
  Station Albums   Added a 1930 short brochure, schedule and letter from WIOD Miami Beach, FL.
  RCA Record Review   This publication "took over" from "In the Groove", the RCA recording and record player promotional magazine, in April of 1949. We added a collection of i6 issues  from April to September
Aug 1 Philco Radio Logbooks and Station Lists   Added the 1936 Philco Political Atlas, 1935 Philco Radio Atlas of the World, Second edition of the 1935 Radio Atlas, Radio Log 1937 and Radio Log 1938.
  Walrus!   Added September to December 1976 issues and March 6, 1978
  Wireless Magazine    Added October, November and December of 1925 (October is a corrected version of previous listing)
Jul 31 Billboard   Completed all 2018 issues
Completed all 2019 issues
Rebuilt Search index to cover most recent years and editions.
Jul 29 Billboard   Added October 20 2018
Added 16 issues from 2019
  Proceedings of
the IRE
  Added May 1960 and December 1959
  Wireless Magazine     Added June, July and September of 1925  The June issue contains an article by Marconi himself on the subject of short-wave radio.
  Jones Log    Added Edition 3 from 1961. This is a rare edition prior to 1963 when publication and distribution was taken over by SAMS. This was the favorite AM logbook of AM DXers.
  Music Technology (US)    Added February 1987 issue
Added the SOS Smart Guide "Basics and Beyond" covering studio setup, computers, etc. (2011)
  Electronics Digest    Added July-August 1972 edition
  Station Lists and Logbooks    Added the 1935 "Atwater Kent Station Directory" with domestic and international station lists and promotion for Atwater Kent radios.
  Courses (Home Study)    Added two DeVry 1953 courses: Technical Radio and Modern Television
  ETI Australia Special Editions Added ETI 30 Audio Projects,
Added ETI Test Gear No 1,
Added ETI Circuit Techniques Vol 2,
Added ETI How To Build Gold Detectors,
Added ETI Project Electronics 4th,
Added ETI Electronics Projects for Cars,
Added ETI Top Projects Vol 3, 
Added ETI Circuit ETI Audio Projects 1982,
Added ETI Cook Book No 5, ETI Circuit Cook Book No 6,
Added ETI Test Gear No 4, ETI Test Gear No 3,
Added ETI Circuits No 4, ETI Circuits No 3, ETI Circuits No 2, ETI Circuits No 1,
Added ETI Top Projects Vol 11, ETI Top Projects Vol 8, ETI Top Projects Vol 7,
Added ETI Top Projects Vol  6, ETI Top Projects 1988 Vol 5
Added ETI Circuit Techniques Vol 4, ETI Circuit Techniques Vol 3
Added ETI Electronics It's Easy Vol 1, ETI Electronics It's Easy Vol 2
Added ETI Lab Notes and Data
Added ETI Circuit Techniques Vol 1
Jul 28 Walrus!   Added over 150 issues of Walrus!, a publication for album rock and college radio stations which was published from 1969 to the early 80s. Until 1979, the magazine accepted no record label ads and only published airplay information about station music adds, moves and drops.
All issues are now searchable.
Jul 26 Practical Wireless Added the last of four issues from January 1934 and combined them in a single January file.
  Personal Computer World Added June 1996
Jul 25 Practical Computing Added the first issue of Practical Computing from July/August of 1978
  Electronics Today Added ETI's Electronic Circuit Design book #3  It is listed in the Special Editions box in the left hand column
Jul 24 Volunteer Wanted!   We have received several requests or a brief description of each book in our Bookshelf section. This would take the form of a pop-up short paragraph for each title describing the nature of the content (not a book review; just a little description).
Neither the USA David nor the UK David who provide our content have the time to take on this task so we are looking for contributors, perhaps one person for the technical books and one for the radio industry titles. Contact us if you are interested!
Jul 22 Edison Phonograph   Totally reprocessed the 14 annual sets of the Edison Phonograph to remove faded paper problems.
Jul 21 Billboard   Added Billboard's December 25 1961 special section called "Who's Who"
  Wireless Magazine Added May 1925 issue
  Practical Computing Added November 1983
  Music Technology   Added the February 1990 issue.
  Station Albums and Booklets   Added the 1937 booklet from WFIL in Philadelphia showing staff, studios and transmitter.
  IRE Convention Record   Added the 5 sections of the 1958 Convention Record: Radar, Antennas, Audio, Broadcasting and Circuit Theory
  Short Wave Magazine  Added the first issue of the first period of this magazine from August 1935. It apparently ceased publication and reappeared in 1937.Note: this publication may, in fact, have no relationship with the same title appearing two years later.
Jul 20 Station Albums and Booklets   Added the 1955 25th Anniversary album for WFAA-Dallas' "Early Bird" radio show. "The oldest breakfast variety show in the nation"
Jul 17 Record World   Added April 3 1982. This was the next-to-the-last issue published by this magazine.
  British Radio & Television Added a new section for this radio and TV set manufacturer and seller publication which began in 1946. We have only obtained three total issues but hope to now find more.
  Stereophile   Added all issues from 2005 and from 2006 and 2007.
Added all issues from 2008 and 2009
  Broadcast Equipment Catalogs   Added the 1969 manual for the Standard Electronics Type 930 Multiplex FM Transmitter
  Electronics & Music Maker Added September 1983
  Radio-TV Experimenter   Replaced Volume 1 and Volume 2 from 1950 and 1951 with new scans of less aged copies.
We regularly replace poor scans or scans of deteriorated copies if we find a better original.
  Graybar Catalogs   Added the Fall 1951 "Estimator" "Everything Electrical"
  * Statistics *   For those who have asked: we began counting page views 10 years ago in 2012. We now have 42,295,000 page views since then and average around 20 thousand a day and a half-million a month this year.
  Hobbies Added May 17 1961 June 13 1962 September 7 and December 14 1955 and April 11 1956
  Hi-Fi Music at Home   Added the May 1959 issue of this Milton Sleeper publication
  Popular Wireless   Added three issues from December 1932
  Electronic Technician   Added a more complete copy of the February 1968 issue which includes the schematic attachments.
Added a single file with the circuit diagrams from most issues between 1959 and 1961. (Many of of the issues we have are missing the diagrams as they were intended to be removed and saved by radio repair shops)
  Equipment Catalogs   Added the August 2021 and 2022 BSW catalogs
Jul 16 Stereophile   Added 19 issues and directories. All are underlined.
  Billboard   Added the 1981 and 1984 Country Music Sourcebook supplements.
  NAB Proceedings
  Added the Proceedings of the NAB Engineering Conferences for 1992 1994 and 1998. This completes the collection for the 1990's.
  Electronics   Added May 6 1960 completing that year's issues
  Sounds Added January 3 1976 and May 10 1980
  Popular Wireless   Added three issues from November of 1932
Jul 15 Practical Wireless Added the 1932-1933 Data sheets. These are for the first two years of publication.
  Network Publications   Added The American System of Broadcasting by William Paley of CBS from 1937
Added NBC's Broadcasting in the Public Interest from 1939
Added a 1987 issue of United Broadcasting's "On Radio" magazine. Look near bottom of the page
  Bookshelf: RCA   Added: RCA Television Equipment Theory and Operation 1953. 400 pages of detailed information on building a TV station with RCA gear .Studios tape equipment, cameras, transmitters antennas and test gear are all described. One of the most fascinating additions we have made recently.
  Modern Era Collection   Added Radio Broadcasting - A Profession  an address to NAB by Justin Miller from 1948
Added FCC Interference Handbook  1990 Edition
  Mix   Added  August 2008 issue
  Smash Hits Added March 11 1987 completing the set for that year.
July 14 NBC Staff Publications   Added the issues from 1935 and 1936 of the NBC New York Reception Staff Review.
Jul 13 Sounds Added four issues from 1991
Added September 17 1977
  RCA "In The Groove"   Added the January 1948 issue featuring a very young Desi Arnaz.
  Station Books   Added: The WGN Handbook of newspaper administration 1922
  Early Radio Programming   Added the May 1946 issue of Band Leaders magazine featuring the popular big bands of the era.
Jul 11 Smash Hits    Added over 250 issues of Smash Hits, a UK pop music magazine from 1978 to 2006. We have nearly all issues from the first one through 1987 and a number from 1888 and 1989  Full collection is searchable.
July 10 Bookshelf: Babani Publications Added BP246-Musical-Apps-of-the-Atari-ST
Added BP191-Simple-applications-of-the-AMSTRAD-CPCs-for-writers
Added BP183-An-introduction-to-CPM
Added BP177-An-introduction-to-computer-communications
Added BP153-An-introduction-to-programming-the-AMSTRAD-CPC46
Added BP129-Bernard-Babani-Publishing-An-Introduction-to-Programming-the-ORIC-1
Added BP124-Easy-add-on-projects-for-Spectrum-ZX81
Added BP112-A-Z-80-Workshop-Manual
  Wireless Magazine Added March 1925. This is Volume 1, #2 of this publication and is part a the acquisition of ten issues we recently made.
Added April 1925
  Music Technology Added September 1992
Jul 8 Sounds Added three issues from 1975: May 3, April 12 and December 13
  Hi Fi News Added the first two issues of this magazine, dated June and July of 1956
Added  February 1986, January 1989
Jul 7 Fabulous Added 9 issues of this "Fanzine" from 1964.
Jul 3 Amateur  Wireless Added three issues from June 1934 and replaced an incomplete edition with a better version.
  The Technician   Added issues from 1933 to 1935 (26 in total) of this Los Angeles, California area radio serviceman's magazine covering technical and business matters for radio repair shop´s.
Jul 2 Amateur  Wireless Added July 21 1934
  Short Wave & Communications Receivers   Added 17 manuals and brochures from Hammarlund, National, Drake and Hallicrafters
  Modern Era Collection   Added the manual for the Precision 120 V.O.M. Circuit Tester 1954
Added: Gould Battery News Single issue from February 1953
Added: Webster Wire Recorder
Service Instructions from 1947. Includes bibliography on recording.
Added and issue of the General Electric Traffic Builder publication promoting its lines or radios, TVs and appliances.
  Radio Shack   Added three books from the 1970's-1980's Basic electricity Series: DC Circuits II, TV Tube Symptoms and Troubles and Using Your Meter
  Bookshelf: UK Added The Mass Media Radio & Television by Heath  from 1969
  Bookshelf: History of Radio & TV   Added: Radio-Goes-To-War-The-Fourth-Front-Rolo-1942
Added: Broadcasting From Within BBC Lewis 1924
Added: Golden Throats and Silver Tongues Poindexter 1978
Added: Mission of the Head Hunters Drown 1961
Added: Radio Goes To War The Fourth Front Rolo 1942
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting   Added: Radio as an Advertising Medium Dygbert 1939
Added: Successful Radio Advertising Garver 1949
Added: The Broadcaster's Survival Guide Whitley Skall 1988
  Bookshelf: Regulatory and FCC   Added: Radio Networks and the Federal Government Robinson 1943
  Bookshelf: Education   Added Broadcasting and Telecommunication Bittner 1985 2nd
  Bookshelf: Biography   Added: John Baird Moseley
Added: The Education of a Broadcaster Bannister 1964
Added: The Secret Life of John Logie Baird 1986
Added: The Vanishing Evangelist Thomas 1960
Added: Vision Warrior John Logie Baird McArthur 1986
  Audio Collection   Added: Catalogue of High Fidelity Equipment 1964 UK
Added: Catalogue of High Fidelity Equipment 1965 UK
"The University Technilog" on Loudspeakers from 1958
  Station Photo Albums and Brochures   Added the 1948 promotional booklet fro WHIM in Providence, RI.
  FCC Publications   Added: 1976 Petition on sports blackouts
Added: 150 Filing on Editorializing by  stations licensees
Added: 1985 "Fairness" report
Added: 1973 FCC Reports from July 27, Volume 42
Added 1994 HR-4522 Amend the Communications Act.
  Stereophile   Added Spring 1977, two issues from 1981 and 5 issues from 1982
Added one issue of an undated  "Interim" (between the issues) report from 1975
  Television & Short-Wave World Replaced May 1935 and March, May 1937 with better and complete copies.
  Gernsback Publications   Added Volume 1 of the Supplements to the Gernsback Official Radio Service Manual
  Station Magazines / KFI's "The Limb"   Added five issues (in one file) of the KFI / Ben Hunter magazine "The Limb" from the mid-1950's.
  Hobbies   Added June 24, 1959 issue
  Electronics Digest Added Autumn 1980
  Popular Wireless   Added August 1926
Hobby Electronics Added October 1981 issue
  Electronics & Music Maker   Added May of 1986
  Mix Magazine   Added June 2005, completing that year
Added October and December of 2000
  Beat Instrumental Added June, July, August of 1970
  Bookshelf: TAB Books   Added: TAB-72-Oscilloscope-Techniques-1958 
  Bookshelf: Rider Books   Added: Rider 166 Vacuum Tube Rectifiers 1958
Rider Metallic rectifiers and Crystal Diodes Conti 1958
The Cathode Ray Tube at Work Rider 1935
Added: How to-Use-Meters-Rider-1954
  Bookshelf: SAMS Books   Added: Getting the Most out of Vacuum Tubes Tomer 1960
  Bookshelf: General Electric   Added: The Testing of Transformers 1930
  Bookshelf: RCA Books   Added: Vacuum Tube Design RCA 1940 
  Bookshelf: Technical Radio & TV   Added: Handbook of Noise Measurement Peterson 7th 1972
Added: All About Frequency Modulation Radcraft 1941
Added: Directional Broadcast Antennas Layton 1974
Added: Directional Antenna Patterns Smith 1946
Added: Ladybird Making a Transistor Radio 1972
Added: Magnetic Recording Lowman 1972
Added: Mobile Radio Handbook Sleeper FM TV 1950
Added: NRI Radio Television Dictionary 1943
Added: Practical Radio Kinks and Short Cuts Bryant 1939
Added: The Radio Experimenter's Handbook Sleeper 1920
Added: The Radio Engineering Handbook Henney 1935 
Added: Theory Design and Operation of Crystal Receivers Kott 1953 
Added: An Introduction to Television Hylander Harding 1941 
  Bookshelf: General Technical Subjects   Added: Wireless Really Explained Risdon UK
Added: Practical Test Equipment 1976
Added: 110 IC Timer Projects
Added: Active Filter Cookbook Lancaster
Added: Allied Data Handbook 1966
Added: Allied Understanding Transistors 1960
Added: Ameco 11 Transistor Theory And Circuits Made Simple Harvey Pollack
Added: EEE Magazine Electronic Circuit Design Handbook 1975
Added: Fairchild TTL Applications Handbook 1973
Added: Hayden Transistor Basics A Short Course 1975 Stanley, Jr
Added: HP Power Supply Handbook 1970
Added: Mullard Data Book 1965 66
Added: Philco Everyday Electronics Reference Manual
Added: Raytheon Receiving Tube Data 1957
Added: Sarkes Tarzian Selenium Rectifier Handbook 1950
Added: The Algebra Of Electronics Page 1958
Added: Transistor Circuits for the Constructor No. 2 1957 OCR
Added: Transistor Circuits for the Constructor No. 2 OCR
Added: Transistors Theory And Applications Coblenz Owens 1955
Understanding Electronic Circuits Ian Sinclair 1973
Jul 1 Mix   Added the first issue date October 1986 Note: this is the UK magazine, and it is about recording artists. The US edition is a recording studio and musician's technical publication.
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