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  Radio transmitting and studio equipment.


Catalogs, brochures, manuals and diagrams from manufacturers of broadcast equipment from the 1930's to recent years.
Note that the larger manufacturers have their own pages as listed below.

Separate pages for larger manufacturers
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Equipment Site Links
Shafer 900
Oldie but goodie; Schaefer 903 manual courtesy Dave Stewart.
Old Microphones
A site with featuring microphones, microphones and more microphones.
Gates Harris Newsletters:
A site with the manufacturer's own newsletter from 1935 on.
Hallikainen And Friends

Harold Hallikainen has an extensive collection of manuals and catalogs of all kinds of equipment

Orban Optimod
A collection of all the manuals for the Optimod
The Eclectic Engineer
Barry Mishkind's fantastic chronology of each brand and its models with pictures of most of them
Steam Powered Radio
A large and well organized collection of manuals, catalogs and even some station photos!
  General Product Lines
10 General Radio Catalog J
1938 Allied Electronics Catalog
General Radio Catalog K
1940 REL FM Transmitter Booklet
1942 Allied Electronics
1946 Western Electric "Audio Facilities"
1948 Eimac Tubes
1949 Ampex 201 Tape Recorder
EIMAC tube catalog
Allied Electronics
1950-1953 Eimac catalogs in a bound collection
1950 Eimac Tubes
1955 Eimac Tubes
1957 Alford TV Transmitting Equipment
1959 Gotham Audio Catalog
60's Spotmaster 60's Collection
1962 General Electric Audio Catalog
1963 General Radio Company
64-71 Shure catalog one sheets and brochures
1964 Example of a Heathkit Assembly manual for an Intercom
Rust Autolog 1964 catalog Au
1966 Gotham Audio Catalog
1967 Continental Broadcast Transmitters
1969 Allied Electronics
70's McCurdy: large collection of studio gear catalog pages and price lists from 1968 to 1979,
Sparta General Catalog
1970 Magnetic Tape Glossary - Ampex
1972 Tectronics Catalog
1974 Olson Electronics Catalog
1976 AEL Transmitter Catalog
1976 McMartin Broadcast Catalog
AEL RF / Transmitters
1977 Broadcast Electronics
Dorrough DAP 320 Multi Band Processor
UREI Catalog
1978 Continental High Power Transmitters
McMartin Broadcasting Catalog
1979 McMartin General Catalog
1980 Sparta Electronics Catalog
Broadcast Electronics #104
1981 Continental Electronics
Shure Catalog
McMartin BA-1-K 1kw / 500 / 250 w.
1984 Dorrough DAP-610 Multi Band Processor
1985 Crouse-Kinzey
1985 Lauderdale Electronics Labs
Green List Catalog / David Green
1986 Continental Electronics 1986-1987
1988 Broadcast Electronics Cat. 105
Allied General Catalog
Bradley Broadcast 1998-99
1989 Spotmaster Catalog #102
Marti Electronics Catalog
Broadcast Supply West Catalog
Varian Continental Catalog
1990 Marti Electronics catalog
1991 Bradley
1993 Continental Electronics
1994 Harris Allied General Catalog
1995 PAS Professional Audio Supply
1997 Broadcasters General Store
Bradley 1997-1998 Catalog
2000 BSW Catalog
2001 Andrew Catalog 38
?? Sennheiser
  Ampex Tape Equipment
1960 Ampex Tape Deck Catalog
1967 AG 300 Brochure
  AG 400 Brochure
  AG 440-8 8 track Brochure
  AG 400 Prices
  FCC Documents
1964 EBS Manual 1964
70's FCC Station Checklist
  Cart Machines &  Audio Tape
1968 Spotmaster 500c & 505c Cart Manual
70's Spotmaster Early 70's
  Tapecaster Series 700 Manual and Catalog
70's Spotmaster 303 & 305 Cart Manual 1971 to 1975 revisions
75' Spotmaster Late 70's
1974 Spotmaster Cart Machines and Audio
1975 Spotmaster 303 & 305 Multi Deck
  Spotmaster Catalog
  ITC 750 Series Reel to Reel
  ITC SP & WP Cart Reproducers
  ITC Triple Deck Cart Reproducer
1976 Tapecaster 700
  ITC ESL Splice Finder & Eraser
  Ampro Cart Machines 2500 & 3500
1977 Spotmaster 3000 Series Cart Machine
1978 McMartin full Product Line
80's ITC Series 99 Cart Machine manual
1980 Spotmaster 4000 cart manual
1981 ITC 770 Series Reel to Reel
1984 Otari 5050B Tape Deck
1985 Spotmaster 2000 cart manual 1985 revision
-- Ampex Early Days
-- Ampex Story
-- Ampex Nashville Studio Case
  Distributor Catalogs
1982 Video Images
1983 Broadcast Supply Worldwide
  Allied Broadcast
1985 Broadcast Supply Worldwide
  Green List
  Allied Broadcast
1986 Broadcast Supply Worldwide
  Allied Broadcast Catalog
1987 Broadcast Supply Worldwide
  Allied Broadcast Catalog
1988 Video Images
1990 Broadcast Supply Worldwide
1991 Broadcast Supply Worldwide
  Video Images
1992 Broadcast Supply Worldwide
1993 Broadcast Supply Worldwide
  American Media Service
1994 Broadcast Supply Worldwide
  Harris Allied
  Video Images
1995 Broadcast Supply Worldwide
  Professional Audio Supply
1996 Broadcast Supply Worldwide
1997 Broadcast Supply Worldwide
  Video Images
1998 Broadcast Supply Worldwide
1999 Broadcast Supply Worldwide
2000 Bradley
2001 Broadcast Supply Worldwide Spring
  Broadcast Supply Worldwide Summer
  Broadcasters General Store
2002 Broadcasters General Store
2003 Bradley
Specific Products
1933 Blaw Knox Towers
1934 Western Electric 15A Speech Input equipment
1938 Allied Radio parts and radios
  Dublier Catalog 161
1939 Dublier Catalog
1941 How to Plan and FM Station from GE
1944 Ampex VR 1000 Manual
  Allied Dictionary of Radio Terms
1946 Raytheon RA250 Transmitter Brochure
1947 Radio Engineering Labs-518-D-FM
  Western Electric 503-B FM with articles
  DuMont Master Series TV Transmitter
1949 Magnecord PT6 Tape Recorder
40's Federal 1 kw and 3 kw FM transmitters
  REL 518 1 kw FM transmitter
  REL 600 FM Modulation & Frequency Monitor
1946 Triplet Radio Test Equipment
1948 Raytheon 1948 Price List
  Raytheon BF250 Brochure
  Raytheon BF250 Manual
  Raytheon RA1000 Brochure
  Raytheon RA1000 Manual
  Raytheon Studio Console
1949 Magnecord PT 6 Tape Recorder
50's Klieglight Stage Lighting Catalog
1951 EIMAC Care and Feeding of Power Tetrodes
1952 Eimac Broadcast Tubes
1954 Continental 105C Megawatt Transmitter
  Rust one-sheet for remote control
1955 Heathkit Signal Generator - Example of assembly manual
1956 DuMont Color Pac
  DuMont mobile Vitascan
1957 General Radio 650 Impedance Bridge
  Altec Collection of Brochures
1958 Conalert II CONELRAD alert receiver manual and schematic.
  Ampex 351 Manual
1959 Added Hewlett Packard Standards Calibrations Procedures book.
Era 60's and 70s Sparta and Cetec catalog collection
60's Meltron modulation monitor
  Dumont TV Station Planner
  Ampex VR 1000 Manual
  Hammarlund HQ-180 Service Manual
  Ampex Cue-Matic tape "disk"
  Fairchild 705 Passive Equalizer
1962 CBS Volumax 400 
  Magnecord PT6-6 Tape Recorder
Machelette Cathode Press
  Digitech Synchronous Pattern Distortion Generator DT-120
1963 Miller Coils
  Machelette Cathode Press 1
Machelette Cathode Press 2
Machelette Cathode Press 3
  Rust Autolog
1964 Example of a Heathkit Assembly manual for an Intercom
  Ampex CueMatic description for NAB Engineering Conference
  Machelette Cathode Press 1
Machelette Cathode Press 2
Machelette Cathode Press 3
1965 Machelette Cathode Press 1
Machelette Cathode Press 3
  Eimac Transmitting Tube Manual Vol 1
1966 Bauer 707 1 Kw AM
  Eimac Tube Manual Volume 2
  Continental 317C 50 kw Transmitter brochures
  CBS FM Volumax manual
1967 CBS Audimax III 444
  Continental Broadcast Transmitters
  Ampex MR 70 Manual
1969 Eimac catalog
  Eimac Power Grid Tube Quick Reference
  Sonomag Carrousel 250 Manual
  Andrew Catalog 26
Era 70s & 80s Schafer and Cetec automation catalog collection
70's Edit-All Tape Splicer Manual
70's Schaefer 903 Automation
Era Collins consoles & Transmitters 70's
  Siemens 5 kw 20 kw 50 kw 100 kw MW and SW transmitter brochures
  McCurdy Catalogs
  Tapecaster 700 Manual
  Electro-Voice Catalog 165
  UMAC Infernal Anode data sheet
  Rockwell Retro Encabulator (spoof)
  CBS Program Monitor
  McMartin SCA Technology
  McMartin FM Clinic Presentation
  AEL 2213 Stereo Generator
1971 Tectronix
  Marti Electronics Catalog
1972 Signentics Write Only Memory
  CBS Audimax 4440A
  Orban Page for CRL Manuals
1973 AEL 12.5 & 25 kw manuals
  Jampro Antenna Catalog
1974 Ampex AVR-1
  Continental High Power Design Considerations
1975 Continental 317.C 50 kw AM manual
  AEL FM-20E FM Exciter manual
  Eimac Power Grid Tube Quick Reference
  AEL FM-15QE SG Stereo Generator
1975 EIMAC Catalog 175
  EIMAC 5CX1500A data sheet
  Eimac Tube Manual Tetrodes & Pentodes
  Gray Research one-sheets
1976 SMC Carrousel manual
  McMartin One-sheets and brochures
Era 1976-1980's Spotmaster cart machines
Era AEL One sheets and catalogs
Era Broadcast Electronics and Spotmaster 1976 to 1988 Prices lists
1976 Cablewave Broadcasters Guide to Transmission Line
1977 Delta Operating Impedance Bridge
  AEL FM-15QE Exciter
1978 McMartin Company Profile Brochure
  Sono-Mag 790.721-710 Manual
  Sono Mag SMC 590 Record Center
1978 AEG-Telefunken High Power AM
80's Broadcast Electronics technical paper "The Composite Signal: Key to Quality FM
Era Crown Microphones Set of Brochures
Era Wilkinson Electronics brochures
Era TFT one-sheets and catalogs
Era Wheatstone A-50 Console
Era Techniques SP 25 Turntable
Era Kahn Laboratories. Various technical papers and product descriptions. PowerSide, AM Stereo, etc.
Era 80s and 90s Continental FM Transmitters
Era 80s and 90's Continental AM Transmitters
Era 80s and 90's Continental Audio, antennas and other.
Era 80's and 90's Broadcast Electronics Transmitters
Era 80's and 90's Broadcast Electronics Stereo Generators AM & FM
Era 80's and 90's Broadcast Electronics Consoles
Era 80's and 90's Broadcast Electronics BE Cart Machines
Era Moseley 80's catalogs
Era Otari tape equipment brochures
Era IGM Automation, Go Carts and InstaCarts
Era SMC automation and Carousel
Era Tascam tape and audio
Era ITC Cart machines, Scotch carts and related gear.
1980 LPB Model AM-5 AM Transmitter
  Varian Klystron Brochures from 1979 and 1981
  LPB S-2 Limiter-Compresser
1981 Continental General Catalog
  McMartin One-Sheet brochures
1982 Tascam 122 Cassette Brochure
  Auditronics Catalogs & One Sheets
  Motorola Introduction to the C-Quam System (1982 and 1985 revision)
  Tascam 122 Cassette Manual
  Marconi high power short wave xmtrs
  Ellason Color Radar for broadcasters
1983 Compellor 300 Audio Processor
1984 Sono-Mag 250 Carrousel manual
  AEL FM 12KD FM Transmitter
  Motorola CQuam brochures
1985 UREI 535 Equalizer Manual
Era Belar one-sheets
1986 Delta CQuam AM Stereo Exciter
  Delta Electronics Test Gear
  Delta CQuam
  Amperex High Power Klystrons
  TFT Television Audio PoP guide and documents
1987 Continental General Catalog & Prices
  3M HCDATM-3000-Digital-Audio-System
1988 LPB TIS AM Transmitter manual
  TFT 8300-SL Studio Transmitter Link
1989 Tectronix
  Continental FM Transmitter brochures
1990 Channel Master Antennas
1992 Motorola AM Stereo Brochure
  Sony Mini Disc Technology
  Continental 802B FM Exciter
  Continental 816R 25 kw FM transmitter
1992 Professional Audio Supply
1993 American Media Service catalog
  Dynamax Consoles
  Dynamax Digital Cart Machines
  Sony Professional Video
1995 Continental Full Line Catalog
1997 Andrew Complete 600 page catalog
1998 Nautel "Transmitter Site Preparations"
  Jampro DTV / TV antennas
2006 LPB ATU 30 TIS Antenna Tuning Unit
LPB ATU 20 Antenna Coupler
2009 SBE "50th Anniversary of the Cart Machine" - Lots of pictures -
2012 Telos Alliance Catalog
2013 STORQ install manual