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Feb 28 Music Week UK Added February and March of 1986
  Record Mirror UK Added remaining issue from May, 1981 as well as all June issues and the first two July ones from that year.
  Disc  UK Added November 11, 18 and 25 and December 30 1961
  Melody Maker UK Added individual issues for April 1958
  New Musical Express UK Added all issues from November 1949
Feb 26 Music Week UK Added October, November and December 1985 and January 1986
(Modern Era)
Added March of 1962 of this TV business magazine published by the owners of Broadcasting.
  Lafayette Catalogs Added 1977-78 Fall/Winter catalog
Added Volume 1 Number 3 of the short-lived US edition of this UK early TV magazine. It's listed on the UK edition's page in a separate line for the US edition in 1928
Feb 21 Music Week UK Added August and September of 1985
  Bookshelf: RCA Added RCA Reference Books for 1951, 1958, 1960 and 1963
Added an undated booklet, The Story of Panelray Lighting
Added the Annual Meeting report for 1984
Added 1994 "Changing Entertainment Again"
  Billboard Added March 23 1935
Added the 1982 World of Country Music dated October 16
  Radio Logbooks Added the 1930 RCA Radiotron Broadcast Station Directory
  Popular Wireless UK Added the 1925 Valve Experimenter's Handbook, a special publication included with the October 10 issue as an additional benefit.
Feb 19 Melody Maker UK Added all issues from January, February and March of 1958
  Record Mirror UK Added May 16 and 23 of 1981
  Music Week UK Added issues from June and July of 1985
Feb 18 Onda Quadra Added a new page for Onda Quadra, an Italian hobbyist and technical magazine beginning in or around 1973. This is part of our expansion into more European magazines. Contributions of additional titles or missing issues is most welcome!
  Music Week UK Added issues from March, April and May of 1985
  Radiorama Added 295 issues of the Italian radio and electronics magazine published from 1956 to 1992
Feb 17 Megahertz FR Added over 300 issues of Megahertz, the French two-way and amateur magazine from 1982 to 2008.
  Television & Short Wave World  UK Added December 1940.
  Billboard Added March 16, 1935
  Lafayette Catalogs Added #713 from Sring of 1971
Feb 16 Music Week UK Added all four issues from February of 1985
  Short Wave
Added July 1987
  CQ Elettronica Added 320 issues of this Italian 2-way communication magazine
  Popular Wireless UK All December 1926 issues now in a single file.
All October 1924 issues now in single file.
  Record Mirror UK Added last two issues from April 1981 and first two May editions.
  Melody Maker UK Added 3rd and 4th weeks of November 1959 and all December 1959 issues
Feb 15 Broadcast Engineering Added November 1966 and
  Record Mirror UK Added two issues from November 1986 and One from April 1981
  International Musician Added the February 1948 issue of this member magazine for the American Federation of Musicians. There is a lengthy article by union president Petrillo explaining why no new recordings are being made or allowed as a strategy to force greater employment and fees by radio, juke box location and other "sources" of musician unemployment.
  Radio Station Promotional Booklets Added the 1939 WTIC Hartford "Radio Personalities" album with staff, studio and transmitter photos
  RCA's In The Groove Added 4 new issues and replaced the May 1946 issue that was a bad copy.
Feb 14 Bookshelf: Radio Electronics Added: The Practical Hi Fi Handbook 1959 King. 
Added: Radio Operator's License Q & A Manual 6th Kaufman 1957 
Added: Principles of Radio Henney 5th 1945 
Added: Principles of Radio Henney 3rd 1938 
Added: Hayden Repairing Transistor Radios Sol Libes
Added: F M Simplified 3rd Edition Kiver 
Added: Fields and Waves in Modern Radio Ramo Whninnery 1944 
Added: Essentials Of Radio Morris Slurzberg William Osterheld 
Added: Essentials Of Electricity For Radio And Television Slurzberg Osterheld 1950 
Added: Elements Of Radio 5th Edition Abraham Marcus 
Added: Beginners Story of Radio Radex 1935 
Added: Applied Mathematics Carl Smith 1945 
Added: A Beginner's Guide To Radio Newnes 1955 
  Music Week UK Added all January 1985 issues and October 20 1984
Feb 13 Tecnica Pratica & Radiopratica IT Added issues from first one in April of 1962 to May of 1972 of this Italian hobbyist magazine.
  Bookshelf: Education Added: Modern Radio Production by O'Donnell et. al 1990 2nd Edition
  Bookshelf: RCA Added brochure about the David Sarnoff Library in Princeton, New Jersey
Added; RCA Cunningham Radiotron 1934
Added: RCA Linear Integrated Circuits
Added: RCA Receiving Tube Manual 1937
Added: RCA Receiving Tube Manual 1940
Added: RCA Transistor Manual 1964
Added: RCA Transistor Servicing Guide
Added: RCA Tube Substitution Guide
Added: RCA TV  Servicing 1951
Added: David Sarnoff Library Booklet
Added: RCA Air Cooled Transmitting Tubes 1938
  Bookshelf: SAMS Added: TV Antennas & Signal Distribution 1959
Added: 101 Ways to Use Signal Generator 1959
Added: 101 Ways to Use VOM & VTVM 1959
  Bookshelf: Bernards & Babani UK Added Bernards 155 Portable Transistor Radio & Radiogram
Added Bernards 211 First Book of Diode Characteristics Equivalents and Substitutes
  Bookshelf: Rider Added: Alternating Currents in Radio Receivers 1937
Added:  Basic Television Vol 2  Schure 1958
  Bookshelf: Radio Programming Added: The Deejays by Passman from 1971
  Bookshelf: Commentary Added a novel about broadcasting: The Hucksters by Wakeman from 1946
  Bookshelf: History Added Charleston on the Air by Donehue from 1999
  Bookshelf: Biography Added: Marconi My Beloved by Maria Cristina Marconi 1999
  Bookshelf: Stations and Group Owners Added: 32,000 Hours a Year, the story of The Time-Life owned TV stations
  Record Mirror UK Added April 4 and 11 from 1981
  BBC Monographs &
BBC Engineering
Added a large set of the 1955 to 1969 "BBC Monographs" which are single subject technical papers by BBC engineers.
Added 34 issues of BBC Engineering from 1970 to 1980. This was a magazine format publication with technical news, topics and papers.
  Electronic Engineering Added August 1950 August 1948 July 1945 July 1946 November 1948
  New Musical Express UK Added four issues from October 1949
  Music Week UK Added 8 issues from November and December of 1984
Added October 27 1984
  Costruire Diverte /CD IT Added 90 issues from September of 1959 to December of 1967 of this Italian hobbyist magazin
Feb 12 Call Letter Added first two issues of 2020 and February to October of 1976 to the collection.
  Electronic Technician / Dealer Added January 1973, including the fold-out schematics.
Added January 1982
  Lafayette Catalogs Added catalog 7-53 from 1953.
  Modern Era Collection Added a small booklet from Zenith "FM: A Simple Explanation" from the late 50's or early 60's.
  Bookshelf: Coyne Added the 1954  book, "150 Picture Patterns Explained"
  RCA's In the Groove Added May, 1946
Feb 11 Melody Maker UK Added 9 issues from 1959. They are marked with underlining. They replace less legible microfilm captures.
  Broadcast Engineering Added July and December of 1968, reducing further the short list of missing issues in this nearly complete collection.
  Radio Life Added the April 14, 1950 issue of this West Coast (US) TV and Radio guide which featured schedules as well as articles about shows, stars and radio / TV programming.
  Wireless World UK Replaced January 1958 with a very clean copy with all ads and covers. This is one of the first scans processed with new "cleansing" software that reconstructs aged, faded and discolored pages.
  Radio Logbooks Added the 1930 Cunningham Radio Log with maps
Radio Index Log
Added the First and Second editions from 1925 of the Radex logbook. The Radex was the most accurate of the logbooks, and the favorite of better DXers until it ceased publication at the onset of WW II.
  Popular Wireless UK Added four issues from 1926
  Billboard Added March 9 1935
  Music Week UK Added three issues from October of 1984
Feb 10 Radio Elettronica IT Added February, March, April, July 1984, March & April 1985, April 1987
  Early Radio Hobbyist Added the QST May 1917 "War Number" announcing the end of Amateur Radio during "The Great War"
  Early Radio Assorted Added the prospectus for investors for the Continental Wireless Telephone & Telegraph Company from 1919
  Equipment Catalogs Added Eico Catalogs from 1968 and 1974
Added 1975 Eimac Tube Manual for Tetrodes and Pentodes.
Added B&K Model 501 Semiconductor Curve Tracer and 1801 Frequency Counter
Added Laboratory Standards 1949 Catalog
Added the 1955 manual for the Concertone 20-20 reel tape recorder
Added the Tektronix 1975 Telequipment Oscilloscopes catalog
Added the 1952 UTC Transformer terminal arrengements guide.
  Billboard Added March 2, 1935
  Record Mirror UK Added March 21 and 28 from 1981
  Music Week UK Added September 1984 issues
Feb 9 Manitoba Calling CKY Added November 1937 and December 1940
  Music Week UK Added issues from May, June, July, August 1984
  Billboard Added February 16 and 23 1935
Replaced defective March 28, 1942 and its supplement with new scans.
  Record Mirror UK Added issues from November and December of 1979, 6 in total.
  Hobby Electronics UK Added 7 issues from 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1982
Feb 7 Radio Elettronica Added 76 more issues from 1976 to 1984
Feb 5 Manitoba Calling CKY Added December 1939 and replaced January 1940 with a better copy.
  Radio Elettronica Opened new page for this Italian radio and hobbyist magazine and added 45 issues from 1975 to 1981
  Music Week Added all four issues from May of 1984
Feb 5 High Fidelity Trade News Added a new page for this audio and hi-fi dealer magazine which began in 1957.
  International Musician Added the December 1949 issue of this membership magazine of the American Federation of Musicians. We are particularly interested in obtaining issues during the "Petrillo Period" from the late 30's to the 50's because of the AFM's considerable influence over radio in that era.
  Television & Short Wave World Replaced July 1938 and May 1939 with complete editions with covers.
  Disc Added November 4 1961
  RCA's In the Groove Added three issues from 1947 and 1948 of this booklet-format music magazine from RCA Records
  Hobbies Added April 2 1958.
  Personal Computer
Added April of 1986 and April of 1987
  BM/E & TVE Added Broadcast Management / Engineering for January 1990, the 25th anniversary issue
Added Television Engineering for May of 1990 after the name had changed to TV/E and the focus turned to TV only.
  Music Week Added all four April issues.
  Billboard Added February 2 and February 9, 1935
  Hi-Fi Music at Home Added September-October 1956, September 1057 and April 1958 of Milton Sleeper's "do it yourself" audio hobbyist magazine.
  Lafayette Catalogs Added catalog 607 from late 1960
  National Radio Club AM Logbook Added the 39th edition from 2018. We recommend the new 20th edition for 1920-21 now on sale at the NRC website with literally thousands of changes in facilities, networks, station names and more.
  Broadcast Engineering Added February and April of 1967, completing that year.
  Early Radio Hobbyist and Experimenters Added the Radio Experimenter's Library "How To Tune Your Radio Set" by Muhleman from 1925
Added the Radio Experimenter's Library "All About Radio Parts" from 1924
Added the Gernsback wireless course, 6th edition, from 1915
Added a five volume early textbook (1920's I believe) from the Radio Library International. (Also added to Early Radio Technology under the Book section)
Feb 4 Music Week UK Added January to March 1984 issues. As usual, any with missing pages is marked with an i for Incomplete. Again, our policy is that "some is better than none" and many older publication will have missing pages or cut-outs.
  Record Mirror UK Added 4 issues from February and March of 1981
Added 2 issues from October and November of 1979
  Amateur Wireless UK Added four issues from 1924
Feb 1 Billboard Added October 17, 1936, completing the year.
  Eimac Catalogs Added Tube Manuals from 1965 and 1966, Eimac Catalogs from 1948, 1950, 1952 and 1955 and the Quick-Ref publications from 1969 and 1975
  Bookshelf: Regulation and Law Added "AM Stereo and the FCC: A Case Study of a Marketplace Shibboleth by Braun  1994. This covers the procedures, litigation and delays in trying to get an AM Stereo standard approved.
  Modern Era Collection Added: National Association of FM Broadcasters 1968 Convention agenda
Added: RCA: What it Is and What it Does 1949 A booklet describing RCA's range of businesses.
Added: Drake-Chenault 1970's promotional brochure for syndication service
Added: National Cable Television Association 1971 Convention transcript
Added: How Far Should Government Control Radio from the American Historical Society 1945
Added: Pocket Directory of Television Stations from 1967
  Radio Logs &
Station Lists
Added the June 1941 edition. This one is interesting as it immediately follows the NARBA reassignments a few months prior in 1941.
  Record Mirror UK Added two issues from October of 1979
  Radio Doings Added June 5 of 1927. This was a program guide for the West Coast, USA, with articles about shows and artists.
  Practical Electronics Added the 2014 50th Anniversary special edition electronic booklet.
  Modern Wireless UK Added July and Decmeber of 1930
  Music Week UK Added all issues from November and December of 1983
Jan 31 Record Mirror UK Added two more issues from 1979. They are marked with red arrows.
  Hobbies  UK Added two issues from  1953
  Billboard Added October 10, 1936
Jan 30 Practical Mechanics UK Added all 12 issues from 1948
  February in the
Golden Age
Jim Ramsburg's February in the Golden Age is ready to view. See hundreds of events, day by day, over those "thrilling days of yesteryear" when radio was in it's true Golden Age!
  Station Picture Albums Added a 1948 WSLS Roanoke, VA station album.
Added WSLS Roanoke VA Radio & TV booklet from 1954
Added WJJD Chicago 1940 booklet "Nation's Largest Independent Radio Station"
For those unfamiliar with the practice, from the late 20's into the 50's stations produced "picture tour" albums with photos of personalities, studios, newsroom facilities and even the transmitter sites. There were several companies that specialized in preparing these booklets for stations that did not want to do it on their own.
  Melody Maker UK Added issues from May, June and September 1959
  Music Week UK Added September and October issues of 1
Jan 28 Melody Maker UK Added better quality single issues from April and May of 1959
  Manitoba Calling CKY Added September, October and November of 1939
  Music Week UK Added issues from July and August of 1983
Jan 26 Music Week UK Added issues from August, September, October and November of 1981
Jan 25 Mix Magazine Added a new section for this pro audio magazine.
  Radio Pictorial UK Added three issues from 1938 and 1939.
  Billboard Added Issues between October 7 and December 30, 2017
Jan 24 Manitoba Calling CKY Added 6 more issues from 1938 and 1939 of this early Manitoba broadcast station.
  Billboard Added September 19 and October 3 1936
  Melody Maker UK Added May 30 1964
  Bookshelf: Commentary Added: Stay Tuned Behind the Scenes at Channel 5 Lamson 1988
  Bookshelf: Biography Added: On the Radio: Harden & Weaver by Harden and Weaver 1993
Added: Big Beat Heat by Jackson 1991
  Music Week UK Added all four issues from July 1981
  Bookshelf: History of Radio Added : Sounds in the Air by Finkelstein 1993
Added : Those Radio Commentators by Fang 1977
Added : The Great Radio Comedians by Harmon 1970
Added : Everybody's Guide to Broadcast Music by Scholes 1925
  Bookshelf: Education & Training Added: Radio Announcing by Gilmore & Middleton 1946
Added: Television Production Handbook by 3rd Edition Zetti 1976
  Bookshelf: Radio Programming Added: Radio Programming: Tactics and Strategy by Norberg 1996
  Bookshelf: News Added: News From Nowhere by Gates 1978
Added: Air Time: The Inside Story of CBS News by Gates from 1978
  Record Mirror UK Added all five issues from January 1981 and two from February
  Bookshelf: Regulatory Added: Telecommunications Economics and Regulation by Herring & Gross from 1936
Jan 23 Hobby Electronics UK Added six issues from 1979 to 1983. They are marked with a red arrow.
  Music Week UK Added three issues from June 1981
  Radio World Added all 53 issues from 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938 and 1939. Radio World became a monthly after March, 1935 and ceased publication following the January 1939 issue.
  Early Radio Catalogs Added the 1925-26 >Van-Ashe Radio Co. catalog.
  Early Radio Collection Added two King Radio Instruction booklets from (apparently) late 20's.
  Manitoba Calling Added the first five issues from 1939 (January to May) of the Manitoba Telephone System's CKY and CKX monthly magazine for listeners. The first issues were just four pages, but the May one was the first 16 page edition. These are a very kind contribution of Cam Timlick.
  Radio Station Booklets & Photo Albums Added a six-page fold-out brochure from WGN radio and television from the 60's.
  PF Reporter
Electronic Servicing
Added October 1969, leaving only two missing issues between 1951 and 2000. (And a site contributor has offered to scan those as well!)
  International Musician Added four issues from the early 1950's. They are marked with the customary red arrow.
Electronic Industries
Added July to December of 1960 of Electronic Industries, the later title of Tele-Tech
  Lafayette Catalogs Added the 1941 Sound Systems specialty product catalog.
  RCA's In The Groove Began a new page for this RCA Records publication that ran from 1946 to 1949 and featured the recording artists of that label. Added first Four issues.
  Radio Logs &
Station Lists
Added the 1932 Radio Log of the Air, a typical radio dealer hand-out that promoted radio usage by showing all the stations that could be heard.
  Billboard Added the 1971, 1970 and 1975 Billboard special Japan supplements.
Jan 22 Music Week UK Added April and May 1981 issue
  Disc UK Added the remaining three issues from October 1961
  Amateur Wireless UK Added four issues from November and December of 1924
  Record Mirror UK Added October 18 and 26 1986
Jan 20 Disc UK Added two issues from 1973 and one from 1968.
  Everyday Electronics UK  Added June 1987
  Music Week UK Added two issues from March 1981
  Melody Maker UK Added new scans of the single issues fro January, February and March of 1959
Jan 19 C-ED
Communications Engineering Digest
Added issues from January 1996 to June 1997
  Music Week UK Added 7 issues from August, November and December of 1980
Added  6 issues from 1981 and replaced one with a better scan.
Radio Logs &
Station Lists
Added the Andrews Radio Log from 1926
  Electronics Added  November 20 and October 23, 1972, February 1 1979, December 2 1977, February 2, January 5,  August 7 and 31, March 2, June 22, March 16 July 6 1978
  Billboard Added January 30 1926
  Disc UK Added December 26, 1964
  Record Mirror UK Added  September 15, 29 1979
  Popular Wireless UK Added the missing January 1926 issues and combined them all in one file.
  New Musical Express UK Added August 26, 1949 and all five issues from September of that year.
Jan 18 Sad News Today Jim Ramsburg, creator and writer of GOldtime Radio, passed away. Jim was a friend and a believer in preserving the history and heritage of radio. Please visit his site at GOldtime Radio
Jan 16 New Musical Express UK Added 27 issues from 1969 with improved reproductions from microfilm.
Jan 15 Music Week UK Added 16 issues from July to October of 1980
Popular Wireless UK Added two single issues from 1923 and added full month of August in a consolidated single file.
Jan 12 Record Mirror UK Added 10 issues from 1982
  Electronics In
Action UK
Added a new section for this UK electronics magazine published only briefly in 1993 and 1994. This is a complete set of all issues.
Jan 11 Music Week UK Added four issues from May 1980 and two from June.
  C-ED Added 14 issues from July 1997 to March 1998 of this cable industry publication
  Popular Wireless UK Added all issues from June in a single file.
Jan 10 Radio Retailing Replaced the single-page September 1946 issue with a full edition.
Added the 1940/1941 Radio Retailing "Service Shortcuts" with hints on repairing most major radio product lines of recent years.
  Record Mirror UK Added September 27 and October 4, 1986
Jan 9 New Musical Express UK Added April, May and June 1969 plus the "Summer Special" edition
Added April 13, June 22 and 29 and all July 1951 issues.
  Melody Maker UK Added an issue each from 1984 and 1985; these are our first Melody Maker issues from the 80's.
  Disc UK Added September 30 and October 7 1961
  Gavin's "Top Hits" Added a special Gavin Report compilation of the top 100 songs in AC, Top 40, Black and Country for each year from 1961 to 1986. Each annual chart includes rank, artist, title and the label.
  Electronics Added July and August, 1959 (9 issues)
  Billboard Added September 12, 1936
  Popular Wireless UK Added three issues from April 1924 and consolidated them with the single other issue in one file.
Added three issues from May 9923 and combined them with the one we had in a single file.,
Jan 7 Billboard Added complete (no missing pages) December 26, 1970
Added 2010 International Talent Guide
  High Fidelity Trade News Added April of 1970 of this dealer's magazine. It's on the "Audio Miscellaneous" page until such time as we obtain more issues.
  Bookshelf: Audels Added the 1952 edition of the Radioman's Guide
  Beitman Manuals Added the 1960 Television Diagrams collection.
  Electronic Engineering Replaced February 1952 with complete issue with pages in proper order.
  Bookshelf. Encyclopedias & Dictionaries Added Godfrey & Leigh's Historical Dictionary of American Radio
  Bookshelf: Hugo Gernsback Added Radio Craft Library #21 Breaking Into radio Servicing
  Bookshelf: Handbooks Added the 1956 Radio Amateur's Handbook
Added the 1942 Radio Amateur's Handbook
  Ratings Books Added Spring 1987 Arbitron ratings for Lexington, KY and Raleigh/Durham, NC.
  CB Magazine Added two issues from 1977
  PF Index
Electronic Servicing
Added February 1973 to this Howard Sams publication for electronic service professionals
  Hobbies Added June 15 1929
  Heathkit Catalogs Added 23 catalogs from the 70's and 80's
  Electronics Added issues from 1971, 1972,1973, 1974, 1975. They are marked by blue (instead of black) numerals
  Radio Station Booklets and Albums Added a 1939 booklet full of station staff and facilities from WOWO in Ft. Wayne, IN.
Added a 1952 booklet from the Milwaukee Journal which includes WTMJ radio and TV
  Music at Home Added September/October of 1954 of this Milton Sleeper audio magazine.
Added the 1959 Yearbook issue
  Hobby Electronics UK Added January and September of 1980
  Music Week UK Added three issues from March, 1980
Added all issues from April 1980
  Antique Radio Classified Added all 5 issues from 1984, including the June "Sample" issue and September through December.
  Radio World Added September 2 1933, May 20 1933, April 22 1933, September 1932, April 1, 1933
Jan 6 New Musical Express UK Added better copies of the issues from January to June of 1965.
Added better copies of January to March, 1969
Jan 5 Music Week UK Added All four issues from February 1980
Jan 4 Home Page Rebuilt home page for faster loading. It should load faster, and has more menu items and a new color scheme that is not as cluttered. Let us know if anything is missing or does not work.
  Early Radio Assorted Added a beautiful 82 page Western Radio (Chicago was "in the West" in the 20's?) catalog full of radio sets, antennas, battery "eliminators" and various parts and components.
Added the 1973 "The Story of Nipper" in a privately published short book about the RCA dog. Many early Nipper photos and artworks.
  Communications Technology Added December 1989 and all 12 issues from 1990, completing our set of 1984 to 2000 issues of this Cable TV industry tech magazine.
  Music Week UK Added the remaining months of 1979 as well as 3 issues from January 1980
  All Wave Radio Replaced April, September, October, November and December of 1937 and February of 1938 with better quality scans from much nicer originals.
  Home Study Courses Added a late-60's DeVry Institute course that is one of the more complete sets of lessons we have seen from correspondence schools.
  Wireless World UK Replaced February 1950 with a full "newsstand" copy with all ads and covers.
Replaced July, October and November of 1970 with full copies with ads.
  New Musical Express UK Replaced the less legible New Musical Express issues from July to December 1965 with better microfilm-to-digital copies from one of our most prolific site contibutors.
Jan 2 Music Week UK Added issues from October, November and September of 1979
  Disc UK Added December 24 and December 30 1960
  Personal Computer World  UK Added 6 Issues from 1982 and 1983
  New Musical Express UK Added June 10, August 12, November 18 1967 as well as January 11 and July 26 1969
Also added  Musical Express August 5, 12, 19 and26 of 1049
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